The Flat Earth Report 11/16/2020


The Flat Earth Report 11/16/2020


What if we lived in a world without nukes or pandemics or earth killing asteroids?

Welcome to flat earth, where none of the big fears are even real. the globe being fake is just the beginning.

This is the Flat Earth Report for 11-16-2020.  11/16, btw, is a very 9/11y number if you flip it upside down.


0) A new trend is to link lockdown protesters and anti-vaxers as “flat earthers”, which the public takes to mean “anti-science”, which is paradoxically countered with demands to “believe the experts”, as though appeals to authority and other logical fallacies should be required to prove a fact-based proposition.

Recently Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago had a bad dream that the world went flat because nobody believed the science anymore:

“Thank God, science is back baby,” she said with her hand on her forehand. The music becomes more upbeat and Lightfoot pats a globe of the Earth, saying “And the Earth is round, not flat.”  

Spain’s Health Minister criticized anti-vaxxers and coronavirus deniers. “If someone wants to keep insisting that the Earth is flat or that humans did not get to the Moon, go ahead, but anti-scientific attitudes are intolerable because they lie,” he said. “Vaccines save lives, this has been widely proven. Vaccination is nothing new in Spain, every year 10 million people get immunized.”

1)  The Deftones guitarist continues to be attacked for his non-belief in establishment science. which is what flat earthers are guilty of. not believing partisan science or unscientific claims dressed up as science.

“Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter outs himself as a flat-earther” By Metal Hammer

Vaccines don’t work, space doesn’t exist and there are no nuclear weapons – Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter reveals some ‘interesting’ theories

Stephen Carpenter is many things: guitarist and co-founder of Deftones, unorthodox riff machine, a committed weed smoker. And, it turns out, a flat-earther.

Carpenter unveiled his ‘maverick’ worldview in a remarkable interview on the Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli podcast (the clue’s in the title). In it, the guitarist opted to fly in the face of decades, if not centuries, of scientific fact, claiming that space doesn‘t exist, there are no such things as nuclear weapons here’s a trigger warning to those threatened by good news..he also said vaccines don’t work but he doesn’t seem to believe in covid so….

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