FE REPORT 1/20/21 “New Zookeeper, Same Zoo”


This is the Flat Earth Report for January 20, 2021. The zoo may have new keepers but it’s still a zoo.

Have you noticed that the world never ends? I was expecting the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to result in a plasma apocalypse. That didn’t happen. Qanon followers were expecting the greatest clandestine military operation of all time to unveil the bad guys and bring about a new age of peace and prosperity. That didn’t happen.

The Flat Earth vs Round Earth debate is fallacious and premature, as nobody on the flat side has been to the supposed edge, but it does reveal how two worlds can coexist in the same place at the same time.

For the World Stagers, Earth is a spinning ball on a collision course with inevitable doom. Those who exit the world stage and cease to believe in the televised version of reality aren’t feeling the same pressures or anxieties with no need to run for the hills, no need to wear a helmet to protect them from asteroids.

The world outside your Home FEMA Camp is flat, stationary, and ostensibly never-ending in terms of time and space.

But first, about the Inauguration:

Space Forces Guardian’s were there with the Star Trek Flag. Lady Gaga was there in a Hunger Games wardrobe, and Joe Biden made an appearance as the Crypt Keeper.

Pizzagaters were well represented: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, and many alleged babyeating politicians were all a part of this, seemingly to taunt the Qanoners.

Melania Trump wore a dress covered in bright orange hexagrams in a pattern surely intended to trigger an MK Ultra assassin.

FREE JACK MA— I heard he was stuffed into a Wayfair cabinet and is being shipped to Comet Pizza.


Remember that meme that makes fun of Flat Earth–has the asteroid flip the disc, sending dinosaurs into space?


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