5 Reasons John McAfee’s Death is Likely a Hoax #mcafee

  1. If he died today, then who dressed him in a suit? Suit in jail? Seems odd.
  2. Dressed and prepared pre-autopsy? Nope. Or was he wearing this at the time of his death? If not then someone dressed him up, but for what reason, considering he has not been autopsied yet.
  3. Who sewed his mouth shut? A mortician would have to place plastic eyelid inserts to keep the eyes closed. He’s been “prepped” for a private viewing at best. Again, no way a corpses eyes and mouth would be closed until AFTER the autopsy when the mortician has “prepped” them for viewing.
  4. There’s no way he has been embalmed since there has not been an autopsy yet.
  5. To publicly display a corpse, it would have to be embalmed for health and sanitation reasons.

For these reasons, I suspect it’s a fake death and a world stage exit.

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