Live Notes for 6/28/21

We’ll be discussing these live shortly:

Tucker: Brace yourselves, climate lockdowns are coming – YouTube

Tucker: Brace yourselves, climate lockdowns are coming – YouTube

gaslighting — they will say conspiracy theories make you crazy, but never too much MSM.

One way to think about this is to picture a globe, and imagine that you are a creature that can move only on the surface. If you start walking any direction, east for example, and just keep going, eventually you would come back to where you began. If this were the case for the universe, it would mean it is not infinitely big – although it would still be bigger than you can imagine.
In either case, you could never get to the end of the universe or space. Scientists now consider it unlikely the universe has an end – a region where the galaxies stop or where there would be a barrier of some kind marking the end of space.
But nobody knows for sure. How to answer this question will need to be figured out by a future scientist.


Despite having had a UN treaty on the peaceful uses of outer space since 1967, you could say we haven’t yet learnt how to be peaceful in outer space.
Alice Gorman, Dr Space Junk vs The Universe: Archaeology and the Future
As one can see, many authors and scientists have been condemning humans’ irresponsible behavior and trying to bring into the spotlight the importance of an early act in such a matter, fearing things happen again inside out. We don’t want history to repeat itself; we doubtlessly don’t crave a space as dirty as our Earth while we never wish science to stop advancing nor aerospace companies to launch new satellites solely to replace the broken, exploded older ones because there is too much debris that they can’t function properly. It’s high time we thought about radical solutions to this dilemma.

This month, climate change celebrates its 33rd birthday. On June 23, 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen testified that the greenhouse effect had been detected. “Global Warming Has Begun,” The New York Times declared the next day. Indeed, it had. A year older than Alexander the Great when he died, climate change took less than one-third of a century to conquer the West.


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