Ingersoll Lockwood (August 2, 1841 – September 30, 1918) was an American lawyer and writer. As a writer, he is particularly known today for his Baron Trump​.


The following message is hidden on the page as white font on a white background:

When traveling through time, sometimes, you cannot command the destination, hence arriving in the Oregon Dunes near Florence, Oregon, without even a flask of water, was not well planned.  I was fortunate that it was the right moment in time, however, early in May, the year 1959, as I recall.  Franklin Patrick Herbert Jr. happened upon me, as expected, and became my prodigy.  I shared with him all that I could, some in metaphor, before departing for my next destination in the timeline.  I reminded him that when asked, his inspiration for Dune, a codification of the Great Awakening, must be attributed to his experiences with psilocybin and his hobby of cultivating mushrooms.  Franklin agreed.  Before I left his company, I imparted my final words of wisdom, regarding one of the 2030 timelines which I briefly experienced. 

I warned Franklin that all governments suffer a recurring problem:  Power attracts pathological personalities.  It is not that power corrupts, I warned, but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.  Such people do tend to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted. 

Hence the outcome of the 2020 election, one which Franklin most appreciatively, did not live to see.

The sleeper must awaken.

his is Ingersoll Lockwood’s “secret” message today. (Again, under News: Copy the entire blank space and paste it elsewhere:) https://ingersolllockwood.com/news-resources/


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Author: Tim Ozman

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