The way this is being framed echoes 1969 in most respects.

But there’s a new angle here to focus on: how space is for the rich. This is why BILLIONAIRES is trending after Branson’s high-altitude flight.


This is a key component to what will bring down international cooperation in space. This is what will cause the space wars.

I suspect this all leads to the dissolution and disintegration of the Tower of Babel.

Author: Tim Ozman

Host of Infinite Plane Radio and Dark Matter After Midnight. Author of THE METASCRIPT DECODED : The Great Reset, World Revolution, And The Age Of Mars. Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017. As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has been the project manager for a number of publicity stunts, performance art events, and a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

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