“Today’s ZeroHedge article also links to a Twitter account (@The_Real_Fly) that posted a script for “Community Health Ambassadors” to use when visiting seniors in a county north of Chicago, Illinois. Called the “Door Knocking Project to Increase COVID Vaccine Acceptance,” the four-page document from the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center instructs volunteers on how to carry out the Biden regime’s plans, including: Ignore no soliciting signs.

You’re not soliciting! You’re offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal…. Use your script. This will give you the basics. Once you get comfortable with it, feel free to make it sound more like you as long as all the key information is there.

Make clear up front that the building has let you in and you’re from the health department. Leave a flyer even if they’re already vaccinated. They may want to share it with a friend or neighbor. Do NOT leave anything in a mailbox, that is illegal if you’re not a mail carrier.

Attitude of a golden retriever, memory of a goldfish. If someone is angry or rude try to not take it personally. They may just be having a bad day.

Onto the next door! Brush it off and on to the next door! Report on your work!

Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on!…”

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