Qanon Believers Think JFK Jr. Is The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and His Miraculous Return is Imminent

Also: Q is JFK. R is JFK Jr. Q+ is Donald Trump.

JFK was Jesus Christ. He was resurrected four days after Oswald shot him. Apparently, he’s the King of the world, of the Davidic Bloodline, his head-wound marks him as the Antichrist, but the term Antichrist is an inversion by the Elite that manipulated the Bible. Meaning? He’s the Christ. It may also be, more likely in my opinion, that JFK Jr. is the Son and Savior of the world, than a 100+ year old zombie. Anyway, read the comments below and you’ll see that we have a large group of Qanoners who have equated the Kennedy’s with the blood of Jesus!

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