Canada faces ‘unsophisticated’ attacks using everyday weapons, government threat report says – National |

The new threat is now unsophisticated domestic terrorists as opposed to sophisticated alien threats.  Also not the term “Incel” gaining prevalence. The Incel is a reiteration of the Islamic suicide bomber, a sexually repressed martyr, dying to take down Western society and feminism. Also, the White Nationalist group “The Base” is literally a white Al-Qaeda, which means “The Base.” — Tim Ozman, IPR

“It cited right-wing extremist groups such as The Base, as well as Incels, and the QAnon conspiracy theory, which the report noted had been classified by the FBI as a domestic terrorist threat.”

The report warns of small-scale attacks using ‘readily available objects (knives, hammers, vehicles, etc.), in a hasty or indiscriminate way, with little planning done beforehand.’…

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