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First, 8chan returned to the internet as 8kun. Now, 8kun.org redirects to George.

8kun.org was purchased by Marcus Goldfinch, a White House reporter and personal shoe-shiner for Donald J Trump. Goldfinch is the CEO of “GEORGE”, JFK Jr’s magazine. JFK Jr, if you didn’t know is believed to be alive by Qanoners.

Marcus Goldfinch is a big-league Qanon-er and the MSM has yet to find out about him. He travels with Donald J Trump and has since 2017.

Goto 8kun org and see where it leads. Yes, it takes you to George.

Here’s some history on the matter:

“8kun, an anonymous forum, is home to the user ‘Q Clearance Patriot’ —  known to followers as ‘Q’ —  who is the progenitor of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory. The user’s posts, known as ‘Q drops’ were first posted in late 2017 on the anonymous imageboard 4chan, and later moved to 8chan. 8chan, however, was forced offline in August 2019, after the website was linked to a mass shooting in El Paso.” —


I have revealed the identity of “Q” via an unrelated trademark dispute. I only knew him as a “black hat” hacker that was attempting to drive me off the Internet. One of his tactics was (and still is) buying up web domains related to his targets in order to spread misinformation.

My legal dispute with this individual started with a civil suit for cyberstalking and evolved into a trademark suit. A subpoena revealed the identity of the individual who was responsible for taking down dozens of my Youtube channels with false copyright claims.

I learned he was the CO of a magazine owned by the late JFK Jr., who Qanon believers maintain is still alive and leading a clandestine military operation against the supposed “deep state.”

Youtube channel Youtube.com/AnonymousQ was repurposed in 2017 as George News. The channel owner, Marcus Goldfinch, works for or with Youtube in some capacity. In 2018, he made headlines when his channel “MGTV” went viral after he promulgated the theory that school shooting survivor David Hogg was a “crisis actor”:


Q is a real person and this person is very close to Donald J Trump. This person has an immense audience and reaches them daily with radical Qanon inspired messages. He’s encouraged the notion that Trump will be reinstated in 2021.

It is imperative that this person be looked at before we give the former president plausible deniability with regard to the Capitol Hill insurrection.

Who is Q-Anon?

Right now, Q-Anon, AnonymousQ, FBI-Anon is known to Trump loyalists as GEORGE NEWS. His public front is this news website and affiliated social media accounts. He purposefully leads Qanon believers to think they are JFK Jr’s magazine resurrected:


John Kennedy Cover George: Not Just Politics as Usual Magazine Farewell Issue 2001 Vol 6 No1 Single Issue Magazine – January 1, 2001″

This is the banner for GEORGE.NEWS (above) and a key to the White House given to

George News live-streamed President Trump’s news conferences and provided a lot of behind-the-scenes videos and photography. 

This is an extensive organization with unprecedented access to military operations and training facilities. That is what got the attention of the posters on 4chan. They recorded footage from inside the military hospital ships as well as other military quarantine outposts. 

VP Mike Pence even gave George News a personalized set of suit cuff links.

He was part of “Anonymous” collective of hackers since at least 2008. Marcus Goldfinch was  “AnonymousQ”  and “FBIanon”  and “Qanon” before simply GEORGE NEWS. Somehow they remain under the MSM’s radar.

The Q drops were done by  Q – Anon.

  • Marcus Goldfinch works with RFK Jr  and the Trumps. He’s a frequent guest at Mar-a-lago.
  • He’s independently wealthy as a result of a business deal in 2005 in which he was part owner of EAS-Myoplex when it sold to Abbot Labs; he walked with a large share of 300 million dollars.
  • He’s an actor and stuntman credited with films such as Fast and the Furious, The Power Rangers, Xena the Warrior Princess, and many more. In 2018, he had a Youtube channel called MGTV. As MGTV, he started the “David Hogg is a crisis actor” theory after releasing a video accusing him of being an actor from California.
  • Among his twitter accounts was TheCollectiveQ. Originally a Flat Earther account, it was suddenly repurposed as GEORGE. His email address AnonymousCharity@gmail.com turned up as the manager for the White House Communication’s Office dropbox.
  • Marcus Goldfinch is well-known among MMA fighters. He’s personal friends with Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo.
  • Marcus Goldfinch is friends with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and appeared on episode #911 of Joe Rogan’s podcast on which Jones and Bravo were guests. He’s mentioned in the opening and at 25 minutes in Alex Jones mentions “Q”‘s travel’s in the UAE.
  • Flat Earther Eric Dubay also knows Marcus Goldfinch and they produced “The Awakening” together. This sounds like Trump’s “Great Awakening”. Marcus Goldfinch is MGTV World.
  • Telegram — Drops his locations.  Oval Office. Mar a Lago , and all over the world. He has had access to and traveled with President Trump since 2016. His telegram is https://t.me/georgenews/1952
  • Youtube Access– Works as “Google Administrator” at Google. Manages  “YOUTUBETV LIVE”
  • He sent 400+ Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Notices in an effort to shut me down.
  • He is cybersquatting on TimOzman.com and has been sued for it. I’m re-filing my lawsuit at this time adding George News as a co-defendant https://www.trademarksandbrandsonline.com/news/author-files-trademark-suit-against-unnamed-cybersquatter-5395
  • He admits to cybersquatting and stalking on Eric Dubay’s website:
  • Marcus Goldfinch managing White House Communications Office Drop Box https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15jcNgYfRnik1s3do1STWynWOso2KIcJe
  • Here is a leaked email where he discussing stalking me and his relationship to Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo:
  • Marcus Goldfinch’s proximity to the former first family has been revealed in screenshots of email exchanges with Ivanka Trump
  • He is the CLOSEST Q-Anoner to the President, since 2016 and the MSM has not made this connection.
  • Marcus Goldfinch IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2828783/
  • My claim: I believe that this is “the” Qanon source for 2500 postings in 3+ years. He’s an actor, journalist, filmmaker, and propagandist for Trump. More: he is THE person that started the “crisis actor” conspiracy theories, beginning with David Hogg and Parkland.
  • His brother David works for CBN and Pat Robertson directly. Far-right, very Christian, believers in Q-anon assumptions about celebrities and democrats as being “satanic”.


White House Correspondents’ Association
George Magazine (JFK Jr) & The ‘Anonymous Charity’

STILL Work/Travel Exclusively With T45 > All Day > Every Day > Since 2016

STILL Carry Official White House Press Credentials > Since 2016

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Where To Watch For Q Posts


George News
Web https://georgenews.org/
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