Hannah Reed From Rust “Predicted” Her Fall From Grace Before Shooting

On 9/29/21 Hannah Reed, the armorer that handed Alec Baldwin the loaded gun posted this on her Facebook:

“How fucked up is it that life’s been so good lately I can’t help but feel like I’m about to fall from grace?” –Hannah Reed predicting her own downfall.

  • Also note the connection between her spider tattoo and a crew member being bitten by a spider and subsequently losing an arm.
  • “Fall From Grace” ties into her “Always a Sinner” shirt with the upside-down cross and demon hand clutching the heart.
  • Crossed Guns:

This is the sign of OSIRIS. Also, she is 24, which = X, or a cross. 24 and 42 both connect to Saturn, Death, The cross, and cube. Halna Hutchins was 42.

  • Also, Joel Souza has teh same birthday as Donald Trump. Significance? The #1 most affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome is clearly Alex Baldwin.

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