Flat Earther “Ewaranon” Exposed

Dear Ewaranon sheep – this is why HE deleted HIS OWN channel, he was caught buying views, subs and comments and his excuses were LAUGHABLE when we asked why hes ripping a lot of other peoples work off, he said he made them for his ma, he started crediting people AFTER we engaged him and he panicked. Elijah had learned i had decoded the Milky Way as alternating current and he blurted this out a few days after in his video, thats how i knew who he was as that came from a hangout with One Conscience, Elijah and myself. I decoded this last year and informed the APM team – of course unknown to Elijah – as ive never trusted him as all he ever asks is about my research and what im working on, always trying to guess the outcome or pre-empt my research instead of doing his own, this guy is an infiltrator using the same script as Spacebusters. We engaged this Ewaranon channel as we recognised the same pattern used previously that tried to steal our content, a pop up copy/paste/waffler using others works, we engaged this channel to expose it as fraudulent to the community, same pattern, same style and same sponsor it seems. Ewaranon removed his own Instagram account as well trying to pretend it was taken down, outside of mentioning two channels in his video’s he hadn’t linked anyone till after we commented, fraudulent behaviour from the moment he was rumbled. He also made several other accounts and then deleted the videos trying to pretend it was either us doing it or the authorities, this is still ongoing, sock account central these people, his latest rip off is of the No Trees In FE topic – watch out people, they want YOUR content that THEY will try to take credit for! He then made a hit piece on myself / APM Research which was quite childish and you will find him all over the place trying to send trolls to my stream, the hit piece is actually quite embarrassing for him as it shows he has no computer skills whatsoever except copy/paste – and thats badly executed! He tried to turn the FE Community against us with this hit piece and encouraged trolling of my stream and videos, pathetic really – the only ones that turned up of course are him and his sock accounts and the odd simpleton that bought his nonsense. You will even find him supporting Spacebusters behaviour and even lying about Sandra in his own comments, these clowns are all from the same group of frauds milking FE dry with their debunkable pizza map garbage. This hit piece was just a tantrum after he deleted his channel, we have more evidence than this but i think our standing in FE is enough, we HAVE done the research, we HAVE progressed, we HAVE the decodings – which theyre trying to steal, and we have 5 years worth of history and direction here on my channel, not a pop up 6 month old sponsored copy/paste/waffle series by scammers and frauds who just waffle over OTHER PEOPLES CONCLUSIONS like it was their own work. You will find research in his copy/paste/waffle videos from many channels including ours which Globebusters was crediting him for – some work he stole from our Angels Decoded video made by Sandra and released in March 2020. The Blue also said he took his research and butchered it, so he hasnt actually decoded ANYTHING, just muted and redressed other peoples clips and waffled over them, this is how they operate and try to take credit for YOUR research! Beware pop up channels a few months old buying subs (14,000) / views (75,000 on one video alone) / and comments – none were from ANYONE known in FE, all sock accounts and comments that you can tell didnt even watch the video. No one gets that many subs in 6 months sorry, all bought and fake and none of the research in the videos is his either, it is many other peoples, this is how they steal YOUR content to gatekeep it – using pop up channels like this buying subs, views and comments that try to redress your work and bolt it all to a debunkable pizza map and model, the SAME as Spacebusters did (Same pop up copy/paste/waffle script) This has happened TWICE previously to us – sponsored by Globebusters – who credited him for OUR work. Everyone who listens to Ewar tells me this is Elijah trying to disguise his voice – which i already know from what he blurted out about the Milky Way being alternating current as there was NOTHING in that video that remotely lead up to that nor after, he just couldnt wait to get it out there and is definately NOT working alone, copy/paste/waffle isnt research sorry. This Ewar is an operation that tries to put ALL the best FE content into one pizza pie package, it is sponsored FE Society copy/paste/waffle trying to compete and cash in, go and sub the REAL channels that did the research theyre muting and waffling over, thieves, frauds, liars and shills is what these people are, maggots cashing in on others works!!!

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FPV Angel1 month ago (edited)E – Elijah Castle – Infiltrator, thief, maggot and the mouthpiece for Ewaranon videos. W – Weiss/David – Promoter. A – Adam Filz – Tehuti the Alchemist – Public typing for Elijah/Ewar). R – Ross – Spacebusters – another pop up copy/paste/waffler/ video editing/scripts. All sponsored by Globebusters – Which was also revamped 6 months ago and in sync with its release, all scripted. He even credited this thief with research taken from our Angels Decoded video presented by Sandra, released March 2020. Bob the fraud is now exposed! * Ewar Is a TEAM of plagiarist shills. * Actors and typists may change depending on who is available / exposed This is called Karma … https://postimg.cc/zyQmsFYh This IS Elijahs typing – evidence they are desperately trying to hide … Ooh a new typist that can spell … https://postimg.cc/2qpm4Pn9 Still trying to hide Elijahs mess. Did Ewaranon steal YOUR research? They are a TEAM of copy/paste scammers trying to earn money from YOUR discoveries! EWAR is a TEAM of mass plagiarists, content thieves who try to deflect/attack/smooth things over when caught, they even use infiltration methods to obtain content, sponsored by Globebusters, evidence below… FlatFact: I appear to be banned as well (From DVD sales guys channel).. Thing is, it is a legal matter. You can’t sell DVDs with peoples work on it without permission. You can’t even play 3 seconds of a song on youtube without issues. For Ewar and Ryan Zehm … https://postimg.cc/1nYYznvb Permission DENIED!!! Ryan offered no remedy, he is in dishonour. It appears he has no understanding of law. Ryan said I have no claim, called me a liar and said it was ego. Hmmm, you hear my channel/brand name cited. The above is how they try to fob you off whilst stealing your content to cash in on as FlatFact found out, we have had the same excuses thrown at us too when we confronted them, this is how they try to justify the theft, their excuses are pathetic, we were called assholes for asking one why they removed our names, avatars and APM logo from our own clips, a sponsored pop up fraud called Spacebusters did this to our End Times 400 Year Reset videos. They will send sock accounts to your channel to troll it and call you a cult, call it ego, even label you a racist like i just got, this is to pressure you to let them carry on, a tantrum. Ban them on sight is my advice, the most important thing to notice also is the misdirection – they want you to adopt a debunkable map and model. Who is sponsoring this? This is big and has been going on for some time, its a cash cow for some, it is VERY political from my point of view, it seems more like desperate attempts at damage control to me from controlled opposition, who goes out of their way to take others content on this scale and misrepresent it? Even gatekeeping it. Our research alone is groundbreaking and this latest pop up seems to be here to take/counter and misrepresent it, and not just ours. Try not to get too caught up in their polished versions of this obvious behaviour and see what is going on in the background, sponsored pop up channels that just take your content and try to redress it as their own research which certain channels promote to remain relevant and gatekeep, it seems they are more and more scripted the deeper you look. Our research definately has a lot of people in a panic and im not surprised, i anticipated all of this and predicted it and we watched it unfold and intercepted it so we can expose it to you – the researcher, the viewer and the people being herded around looking for truth – which usually comes with a price and misdirection from these people. Cue another plagiarist running the same script … https://postimg.cc/WdKR2Cq8 This is another pop up copy/paste/ bought subs/views/dishonest waffler who pulled the same stunt with some of our research, this one was sponsored by Globebusters who didnt want to mirror our videos, but rather promoted a cheap rip off of it by this guy whom popped up the same as Ewar, bought subs, views and comments, some copy/pastes from other channels then used our reset information to pretend he had made a reset series. Globebusters also gave this guy full credit… for work he knows our research team had done … https://postimg.cc/PCSCqKyx Lying rats exposed … https://postimg.cc/F1P3Pjw0 More lies exposed … https://postimg.cc/kB44pWqP Meet the mouthpiece and content thief here … https://postimg.cc/qNNJ4QT7 Are we seeing a pattern yet E-Wart sheepies? Sponsored Pop Up Copy/Paste/Waffle/Misdirect shills. These people are not researchers, they have just been copy/pasting a lot of other peoples works and trying to take credit for it. We are getting sick of these frauds popping up and im sure others are, if it looks dodgy – you deserve to know, although there is more to these lot than just money it seems, they are desperate to push those pizza maps they know dont work, their shows are scripted. Ask them for a list of the channels they have stolen from and go sub the REAL researchers of that content. They are thieves, liars and manipulators, they will troll your channel with liars to protect their scams. They understand the law perfectly yet try to brush you aside with excuses and trolling and use an army of sock accounts to comment with, they build their channels up using bought subs, views and comments as this video shows, this is how you spot them – and their sponsors, you are being herded around like sheep and bled dry, theyre selling you a debunkable map and model, most of the comments below their rip off videos are bought or sock accounts, these channels dont do any research, they just steal others … so try not to get caught up in the copy/paste/waffle they output, it is the works of many others they have stolen, and beware fake comments, even the DVD buying frenzy commenters are fake. If you promote Ewar you are promoting pop up KNOWN sponsored shills, thieves, bullies and con artists that are here to cash in and misdirect, it is a big kick in the teeth to honest, genuine researchers, these frauds have been bleeding Flat Earth dry for some time. Shame on you! More lies … https://postimg.cc/SX1HzPsj Question: When did you find out about the Ewaranon videos? They were uploaded in October last year when they knew our new video was nearly ready for release – yet no one had heard of them, there was also a 6 month gap in them uploading more – this is when One Conscience and myself were out of action due to real life situations, Elijah kept asking me when is the release, their release was a timed event to try and take the thunder from our new video as well as running off with my Milky Way discovery … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3DFk1Xnq70 When did you find out about Ewaranon channel? Were you messaged on the sheep herder pizza map app? Comment below please. Elijah voice changer trials … https://postimg.cc/7bwv9K66 What has he been doing during this 6 month gap i wonder? How did Elijah also know about the release times i wonder? … https://postimg.cc/Bt1HnCsq Elijah said how did FPV find out about Ewars videos being released within hours …Why werent these released last october when they were uploaded??? Because they were unlisted and the link was being given to a site buying subs, views and comments. This IS political, these people are fake truthers and their copy/paste operations have been exposed. This maggot tried to infiltrate APM Research and ran off with part of my Milky Way decode which he blurted out in an Ewar video thus blowing his cover. https://postimg.cc/Mf6ZytCc They spent a lot of money buying views and comments it seems. Attacking the accuser/s is a sign you cant actually debunk the claim, its an old glober tactic, something people in Flat Earth should recognise. 🙂 Dont be taken in by the sock accounts in their comments either people, same person using most of them, mostly unknowns in FE apart from a few real people falling for it. Make a note of the names also, they were used to troll my channel and others. One even porn bombed One Conscience and myself in a Discord chat, his name is in our Discord to add to your ban list. This maggot is a total disgrace and embarrassment, look at his behaviour, go watch his videos and meet the real E-LIE-jah Castle AKA Ewar. And heres his weakest excuse of all … “Is FPV some kind of Closet “Bigot/Racist” … by Elijah Castle – the Mr E of shill team EWAR, an infiltrator and thief who cant seem to keep his thieving hands off our content! I studied politicians for a reason princess, so i could learn their game and you are playing it, go and have a laugh at his idiotic excuses, these people are NOT here for the truth. This person was caught stealing discoveries i had made and blurting them out in an EWAR video thus blowing his cover, he is the mouthpiece for the EWAR videos – of which none of that research is his/theirs, it is many other channels they stole it from including ours. If you want to play identity politics you have already lost princess, i see human beings, my research is for the world, for free, not sold on a DVD. These people tried to defraud the FE Community and stole others content and hid their identities, its a disgrace, these people and their behaviour disgusts me and the rest of this team! All the above inflitration, sabotage and gatekeeping aside – there is only 1 working map and model of this world and we have it … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3DFk1Xnq70 This is where your attention needs to be and where Elijah stole my Milky Way information from. These maggots are even telling you a rocket hit a dome, more unresearched pizza map stupidity that makes FE look bad – Google Anti-yoyo device and do some REAL research, what we have here are group of shills, frauds and disinfo agents running off with our research and yours and attaching it to complete IDIOCY!!!”

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