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Too many cinnabons affecting your entire flesh suit. And you know. So there’s dark matter radio thing. I mean it’s still out there, still out there, moving away for the from the dark matter Radio Entertainment Group, in Spirit, a moving into the the this new this, this news. I think it’s fantastic. I love being a party. I can’t wait to talk about it more. I mean, if you think about it, the things we talked about here here, the Tim’s Chown and you know, a lot of truth. We my goodness, you tried to talk to the earthly, have you? Have you really tried, as anybody really tried, to have an intelligent conversation with these folks who have not had the this experience where everything I don’t you know what you know what I think it is? I think I think you know, for lack of a better word, looked where a career at the USA. I’m commandment. Yeah, I’m the only man, the holy man. What does that mean? I have never yeah, I just know I’m holy. That’s just something different. Right. You want to come one of you want to call it woke. I don’t know where. No longer under the veil, no, no longer cloaked. You know, we see things. We see the we’re here peace, we’re in the B system. Whether it’s a counterfeit or the new idea, whether it’s Inter dimensional magic, whatever it is, we see it. We see it for what it did and we’re getting a kid. We’re getting a kick out of it. I’m getting a kick out. I mean that. Yeah, reconnected with our souls missing. Thank you nice. We’ve, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve allowed our our flesh to take a back seat to our soul. Very good. Yeah, well, by definition you want to use the BIBLISS speak. Bibli speak only makes sense to me. Chunky Geordie, get to see a turnkey, Jordy is you know, everybody, everybody. Now that we know, we kind of we live in kind of like our creator living, kind of like our creator system, in a system don’t potentially who knows? I mean it just just makes perfectly good sense. But everybody’s got some responsibility. mean its animal rescue foundations, the heliocentric model, your centric model, roll the models. Don’t up. Model still got a rescue animals. Right, Chunky Geordie, is this? She’s the he leads the career Earth. Right, animal rescue families are that creat I love when people put eight in a word for eight, the number eight to lieutenant, atom bombed. Create what? Like Creek? What did you say? You shauld create pretor creed PRAETOR’S CREETER team? I don’t. Are You Tannis? I’m trying to create the I didn’t know what to do today. Might I’m gonna talk about robot. Going to talk about robot. What background music is? Just wait, it’s a one man band here. I got symbols on my knees, playing the according and with my accordion with my elbows. Well, we not the accordion. What do you call it that? It symbols on my knees. I’m pounding the Bass Drum with my toes. Lot’s going on down there. I’m sorry, but a lot’s going on down down. You know, in there’s it’s a there’s a control panel me. You can see similar some of the technology behind me. No, you put an eight the lieutenant. You put an eight in the crate so called work other way. Patron meeting this Friday night, thirty New York time. You, you Nether Nether Lander falls like Marcel and Lee Lee. Stay out the babies if atum cleaner can go out in his car four o’clock in the morning, call into to the show once in a while and you could stay up late. That’s the matter with you. Take pick a NAP. Ancient days will be there, except Eric Messianic molded. Yeah, it’s be posted on patron the the the lowest priced membership is one doll going up soon. So as we get this all worked out what we’re trying to do here, it’s be part of this this movement, the the it’s officially called the conspirait team and radio network. What we’re doing here at career, if you say we’re trying to make this a thing where you come to the daily live tree. Mr Wiseman thinks I should replay the daily livestreams at night. I don’t know if, if that that’s the right thing to do. I’m trying. I’m trying to figure that out. But you replay this tonight at eight o’clock as a premier so you guys can check, kind of like with Tim Dob with the replayed. But it’s like filling up youtube with all these videos. Who knows what to do when they when they go to the channel, what they’re going to do is see all these weeping replay live stream and then clips, but I guess that’s what they do in all the change. You got to organize. I’m just venting. This week we have a team Creator meeting. The team Creator has actually there’s things going on behind the scenes. We’re trying to make this a channel and not just a channel here. But we have odyssey, bitch you where. We have a backup channel, CEOTLG. We’re on the social where? On the social media? Sound like an old man. Yeah, I’m on the social media on tick. You know twitter? What its? Twitter and INSTAGRAM and facebook. Had A private group. All these links are in the scription you get. You could, you could buy merchandise. We have pretty interesting stuff if you look in the description. Also, you got your blood necklace, sterling silver. Outstanding was was my lovely wife Christine’s Christmas bread, your blood necklace. She wears it. Problem because we did it. We’ve survived that. Backing down, you know they’re going to do the boosters. Uthing knows with Dore’s at work. Well, look up optical nerve. That’s how they got the Morglon technology into your brain. By the way, these cotton swab this of stuff we were talking about two years ago. Can you believe it? Can you believe how? I can’t believe it’s two years already. It’s like I can’t believe it’s person I hate. That drives me at absolutely Outama we’re talking about. I mean it’s cut sticking worms up your nose. How many times I got to test someone to get a pod get those things in there? Yes, you know, seems like the three, four or five times to charm. Get enough of that, those biot that biotech up in your system, spreading around there so that your body creates antigens. Get the same antigens. I think if you roll around in the mud, spretainment radio network, Seven will have replaced twenty seven live tune and whenever here career at the USA IPR month, this guy is tim you are a promoter of my goodness, it’s on. But that’s what we need, because you know we’re here, we’re in this system, we’re in this system. The beast, Hey beach, hey day. We’re here and we’re not going anywhere. You want to know why is? We’re invents about. You can’t stop us. We’re annoying little mats in your system. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes. Sheep, sheep, sheep will record. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t do it. Can’t keep us down, you can’t stop us. You can’t hurt or invincible or imperious or uninfected. Need I say more? Did I say? Ancient of days was here in Messianic molder. What’s up, a Bob and grace? You know what I mean. We’re here, we’re in it. So we we’re going to have our own platform, because I don’t know, I I don’t think. I think the truth. It’s not washed down here. It’s not. It’s not washed down here. I mean I like to I like to try to be funny about it, because that’s that’s what I always did. You know whatever, just try to be funny. I’m always trying to be good. It’s a lot of channels out there. Me, I’m tired. I tried to go back and watch one of my old favorites. You AP, you AP channel and you still like the guy all I do like and it’s it’s a compliment to him. Well, it’s not a compliment to him, but it’s it’s a study. He’s done a really good job with his youtube and he does. He does a lot of his own stuff and very intelligent. got a great voice, you know, and and like these youtube channels that are huge, very, very, just awful presentation of the graphics, terrible. But but it. But you know, I went back and I looked and it’s just more of the same. It’s just the yeah, how many times are we going to talk about Mudflood? How many times are we going to talk about this stuff? It’s time to just feed it back to them. These folks they go, if they go so deep. They go deep into it and they uncover it and and it’s they have no idea. I mean maybe they do. I I shouldn’t say that. Maybe they do, but but are are they uncovering and is there ever any conclusion? That’s why I like Osman. He just puts it out there and he says I think, I think, I think. Therefore, I am this is what I think mostly does. That guy kind of scary because he’s usually right. I mean it probably what was. He’s like a wrestlingmb ninety nine point nine percent of the time right. So I guess it’s fun to watch, but I’d rather watch the defender Defender Space Force new season the missing yeah, well, we talked about John Leeviet. He’s Niqual. He’s Niqual, he’s it’s the funniest thing. The that’s that’s why we’re trying to get a team together in the background, because I just want to create content. I just want to create. That’s all I want to do. I just want to be the talent. I can’t, I can’t. I mean I did all this, everything and you have no idea, if you haven’t built a channel, you have no idea what it takes to learn how to, I mean just to put up the green I had to buy and send back lights, lighting a few times on Amazon, because it’s no way and I’m not going to drive to queens or Brooklyn go to Ben h photo to get my stuff and paint hundreds of dollars more. I got to get it from, you know, from Amazon. Where does anybody get their stuff? Amazon taking over the big penis, the big kind of penis in a logo, penis, rocket ship Creator. But it’s not easy to put this stuff together and that’s all I want to do. That’s the part of it, that’s the part of it that I like. But I need to be accountable. So I come here and I put together stuff, but getting that team together in the background. So first ever meet and a team. Create a meeting this week, this week on on a Thursday. Your part of a part of the project. We got to get get hut this out there. Here’s the suggestion to the HASHTAG CONSPIRA teaming. That should cover a lot of it, because I don’t think many people are using it. The Tim I think you coined that free a Shtag conspiratament. put it out there and everything you do, if if you do anything, image, social media presence, Hashtag Conspiratam give it. It looked like a coyote from twitter. Holy Crop, what’s up, brother? Huh, distracted me. Iote for twitter. Great, great, great twitter account. Nice to see him in love the chat, the show under the show. That is what we got here. This is a it’s a Conspira tament dot blog. The conspiratam at radio network now living, now, streaming live on Crn, crn prayer earth the USA. If it a plane radio, you get more hosts and shop. Hey, look at the titles here. Digital transcendence for good blood. Those the the the altered. Pretty cool. Right. It’s good work. You put me in there. New Normal. At the video clip links here, who little returns and some other Sicko didn’t hang himself. I mean this, this is this is the future, a in my humble opinion, because we’re here, we’re not going anywhere. You can’t stop us. He’s got a trade scripts this things, things Christ program he’s using transcribes the live shirt we are up on anchor. By the way, if you like watching this thing or listening to this thing in your ear and your web browser or your anchor APP, think that links in description out of or we’re working on it. All right, you know in the chat. Let me just let’s take care of some business here. I already smoking mirror wants a blue wrench. What’s the matter with of course you can have a blue ring your you. You have proven yourself worthy moderator status or career at us a live I already smoking mirror, no idea. What blue check? All right, everybody, we’re going to we’re gonna annoint Coyote Smoking Mirror with a blue wrench for his dedication to prayer with USA. This submission of submission of holiness and pointing out hypocrisy, the ridiculousness in the humor using a one of their toys, one of their tools, one of their platforms. They they live. Social media platforms heavily censored, but people like Coyote Smoking Mirror. It’s not deterred from the mission and made people go, Oh my God, that’s ridiculous. Animas a moderator, iote Smoking Mirror, think can you say something for us in the chat so we can see your shining new wrench. Give you the official crayer earth us a welcome to the to wrench them, not the all right, ladies and gentleman, caddy’s Coyote Smoking Mirror in his now a wrench per with USA. I’m sorry, should have way a little more second as my check out my new wrench, and after that, you know that’s what I mean. I’m just a clown. Well, I’m not, but everybody loves a crime clown. Why not me? Because I’m helping exposed to ridiculousness. I know it takes a while. You look at season one of any show. Who can season one as sign felt unwatchable? And somehow we don’t put links hyote’s smoking mirror. Oh that’s your link to twitter. One of the rules for prayers us a moderators is you don’t put a link to someone else’s channel in the chat while I’m w yeah, that’s Coyote’s twitter acunt. Yet more than happy to let that. Were then happy to let that s commedate. Good stuff there him and fun Flam in this Chili. Good stuff. and Tim’s always putting up stuff anyway. This here. Oh yeah, so you got the conspiment Conspirat Tam and blog here you got rading. Never it’s all there. Mean you can want. Once you go into Tim’s world, you may never come out. You may never come out not a’s okay, coyote, if fine. So I oh, I want to show you some let me show you something. So I was dumpster dive because we have to make a living somehow, Christina or not, and and one of the one of the ways, one of the ways that we do is we sell stuff on Ebay. Been doing it for sixteen years. It’s few dollars here and there, but it’s cool. But I’m I’m a garbage back pick people’s garbage. Soone’s, you know, moving and they throw a bunch of bags. I took I took dump all the bags in my personal vehicle. I come home and I go through it like like I’m some kind of pirate with his booty. It’s just so much fun. And I got what ID to get and I got this. I got this this this week, this weekend. This is a world weekly, world news from May fourth one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. And we talked about the Millenniu rain right, hoddest summer in history will fulfill a final Bible prophecy, the second coming year two thousand. This was on a new stands. It’s the hottest summary Summer in histories predicted. Will Hell Hot June, July and August be a sign of the end times? God will use the weird weather to warn us of the coming storm in the year two thousand, Bible experts say, Crazy Reverend Jim Fordlands, meteorologist theater Theodore Aklinski. Now this is pre nine hundred and eleven. Look at like that. HMM interesting. God’s wrath will herald the second coming. Worldwide droughts, hurricanes, floods, Eric ranks, martial law, starvation and death, returnial storms, electrical storms, widespread fires, killing he’d filing, tornadoes, deadly trups, crouds and then then, after, after, proclaiming the end of the world within within a year. Of course, luscious Lawrence works hard to be in the first both dashing Gon Juan Hollywood’s answer girl Horoscopes, if predicting the future with our scopes. This was interesting to me. The only time women should pump iron is when clothes are wrinkled. They say there’s about about the iron women. Is it have that these sold cold, so cold women look like Arnold Schwartzenegger in a wig and a two peece poo two piece bathing suit. Hi only wants to buy this on he bay. This one up already. It’s not as worth. Not Worth as much as I thought. Are This tramp mission of mercy they sit is it saved an abandoned baby that’s in time for the end of the world. So it’s homeless Guy Saves this baby just in time brick to die in armor. Get it two thousand. This is a dear dotty, your dotty, this person has a serious problem sheet. I want to have sex with every man on earth. He wrote wrote in I’m an attractive, in such sensual woman of Twenty Six. It’s finally occurred to me that I can never settle down and marry. The reason to confind my love to one man would be criminal. Just getting US ready for the B system. There’s some ideas that flop. McDonald’s, kicken, mcswiss didn’t make it. Let’s the super trains, no flubs. If my son get his girlfriend pregnant, look at it. Look at all the psychics. So sin, all these psychics on this page. These remember these numbers. You call a psychic. So if the end of the world is two thousand, why are they hiding? Every one of those psychics, Jim, every one of those psychics have a psychics of just you know, just have a prerecorded message and they are you underline. Thank you for calling the psychic twins. Thank you for calling the amazing psychic twins. Where said what they did? Say to everyone. You’RE gonna die in a few months. All that tarret cards and crystal balls are on Ebay, but I didn’t hear the news. Jenna love graft reeves, I collect hot was we just we just got a bunch of about seven or eight of them. We could send him to you. You don’t have to sell him. We don’t make them, probably won’t let give might even label that owner watches in horrors, dog plays with live grenade. Let mean, come on, the top ten lies, guys. This is this used to be. This was the Internet. This is exactly what I mean. This was our feet. This is what we had. Was sensuous. For Day Love Diet. Well, for day Diet would work. At the end of the world’s in a in six months. It’s Norman. How can you spot a liar? I love this. Spot a liars, but you could tell someone’s trying to lie with their facial movements. Faint Smile, look of fear, poison, speech, changes body language, the avoiding eye contact. Easy to spot a liar. This was great. Here I love that’s a woman impregnated with a fertilized egg from a five hundred year old mummy. How is this any different than your Google fee? How is this any different? So the end of the world. This help. Not so scared of food additives. The starved himself to death. Like this help. My fat wife’s killing me, apparently. A nice photo of a chicken. A chickens are lorry. Everybody needs a chicken layer. The chicken can’t read. The eating some amble’s a chicken noodle soup and the cabbage patch dolls. Yeah, they don’t get as much as they used to anyway. Well, this woman, get this woman has a disease that’s a bizarre, one in a billion disease where if she gets rained on, she’ll die. But apparently it’s not because of the rain waders, because the acids in the rain water. So she’s Sur ramp she puts a rain wrap on it, if you can see that, as she wrapped herself in cellophane before he goes out. Apparently an umbrella just won’t we’ll do it for that’s happening and I’d like to save this. And then, of course, this this comic book from One Thousand Nine hundred and ninety five supreme apocalypse. It’s just redicious over and over again. That’s really loud. I couldn’t find a flame yet quick this morning. Oh my God, Adam bomb. So she can’t take a shower. I guess not. Anyway, I don’t know too much about this thing going on with a Fluto, but wanted to point out sad and we talked about these silly planets, and now when we now that we’ve found out that possibly the the planets that we see in the sky are also reflect of systems on a greater, perhaps infinite plane, different different craters. Cooled, wet, hot, bubbling earth forms a crater and in those systems the evil gin fallen. Ones entities created systems called plane ets because they’re on a plane at. See what I did there. They’re in there, in these planets and they all have their old names, you know, whatever gods and stuff like that. And you got the Sadder Sadd has got these ring, one of these rings, if it’s if it’s if it’s something stuck in some earth and it’s got these shiny rings, and I’ve seen this through a regular telescope. Pretty interesting. But this is supposedly where Lucifer is imprisoned, you know, the the adversary, or call him Satan, whatever. It’s imprisoned in there, apparently. I think he’s out now. I think he’s out now because the millennial rain already happened and rice already return and left. That was just kingdom of here and left. And then, you know, they’ve been calling out all that stuff. You See, letty and love floods and Bostile University. So it’s all about it’s all about the so it’s also happening as far as I’m concerned. So it would seem to me that the age of Aquarius is who blown be system, Lusifer’s loose, if you have a note. It was something I know I saw that maybe made me think this is a little beast and try to remember. What about? Oh, you know, testing, like like right now, like let’s say so. So you know that little midget Guy, the Dwarf Guy that runs the medical system in the year in the United States whatever. WHO THAT GUY? Yeah, I forget his name. I just don’t want to say it. Little troll Guinea Guy, little Italian Glass Ellen, but anyway, you know, talking about all this thing that they’re putting in. You may be dangerous, but you know, so driving a car, but you still do. I but I don’t remember. While the Christ was still in this whatever you want to call it, moral, moral conscious conscious, an attitude of of care and concern for all living things. The age of Pisces. It just seems to me that before two thousand nineteen, two thousand and twenty, two thousand and twenty one, if you are going to release any kind of medical intervention and kind of new medical technology and if Pharmachia or pharmaceuticals, they would have been tested intensely on animal and then a small group of volunteers, full disclosure, and and and and money. Volunteers, you know, volunteers, or trial volunteers for trials, or you know, a control group, paid control group for a testing new medicine. I’ve never it that that I can recall. I’ve never heard of something being approved for statewide distribution and, in this case, global distribution that wasn’t fully tested and that the the test was going to be us, the test subjects. We’re going to be all of us, and it’s like, well, some people may die, but it’s for the greater good. How many times are we hearing for the greater good, at the at the risk of losing one living, breathing, sovereign, independent human being within in an inalienable right? So you’re forcing them either by by mandates or coercion or scaring them into doing this that, taking this thing inside them. And then, you know, some summer dying and they’re like, oh well, but you know, I thought that nobody, nobody is supposed to die so that somebody else could live. But like, it’s gotta affect some people, it’s gonna Affect all the people don’t give it to the babies. We won’t do that. Step Stephen Schmidt, welcome to her thea think of the first time you’re here. But I mean, is that really that doesn’t seem to it’s not what I remember. I remember. This thing has to be these things have to be completely tested. So I don’t know, I don’t think it would be important. And something about this Pluto, the planet that was and is and won’t be and is now. Tim Talks about you go is replay on Saturday talks about who said? So someone said, or was it we talked about was? Let me see, I don’t remember, but seems to me that we are in all blown Luciferian be system and whether remnants, whatever you want to call them, with the remnants, things like that just makes me think they don’t really care about us anymore. It’s not about many and the medical interesting me. How many years, for how many years? I mean you’re talking about a society of professionals that that had their beginnings trace back to you know, that guy that was had a horse drawing carriage with some kind of a potion or serum or or a a solve you put on your skin. Mine a break. This is. That’s who these people are and they just practicing on but they have been elevated. So had that in things like the marvel stuff I’ve been watching. Any show. Really, these these yes nake oil jt right, these monsters memorized a bunch of stuff. It’s just a bunch of protocol, you know, they just piece together. They’ve got these brains out of the absorbed all this knowledge because they did nothing but study for fifteen year. So, yeah, you present with a bunch of symptoms and in the piece it together, they make a diagnosis and a lot of times they’re correct, but not always because they’re not really what you think they are. Then that and and, but they are elevated to such a high level of authority without any legal there’s no legal foundation for their authority other than they will keep you alive. So they make you think that that’s how you’re going to stay alive. I’ll tell you, since this thing happened, I have not been to the doc and I feel better than ever and I’ve had sicknesses through this thing that I would have went if this was twenty years ago. Some of the things that has happened, some of the things that have happened to me since this thing started would have made me go to the emergency and now all I do is connect with my soul, pray to do the angels for intervention and appealed to my creator for his will to be to continue in my life. I don’t know, whatever. That’s how I do it and I’m better. In fact, I found out my sea pep was trying to kill me when this radiation hit. All is the freaking lubrication in my lung just disappeared. Couldn’t smell anything. I walked around smelling awful and then my lungs were affected. So I’m using the sea pep and I realize it. I was getting worse and words of words, I thought. I’m like, okay, I’m gonna Di’m not going at these guys. I know what it is. So it is. Is the evil going to take me out? Actually, no, because I’m indjebow. I’m up, pure blood, sealed kingdom warrior. I’m glad I’m not wearing my pajama pants right now. I’m actually wearing actual warm up hand. It’s just cunny to me when I when I proclaim my autonomy and I look like this, people like Oh, he’s a commander of his own country. Yes, I am, by the way, my three feet of personal space. That’s where I stand, that’s my country, and if you try to invade my space, I will defend it with my life and I’m not going to your offices for help to heal. I will rely on my own body, and it is working out nicely, a lot better than it was going two thousand. This was the first time I saw anything like this. You know, during during my life cognitively aware as an adult, was this yk was going to be. It was a refers to a potential computer error that would have been would have been cause because the formatting and storage of calendar Datas for dates in and after the year two thousand, the programs had four digit years with with only the final two digits making the year two thousand indistinguishable from nineteen hundred. So they will worried that the computer systems inability to distinguish dates correctly had the potential of bring down worldwide infrature infrastructures for industry ranging from banking to air travels. Really every be like the rid was going to go to everything was gonna was going to be, was going to be shut down January first year, two thousand at midnight, dot zero one, Zero Zero Zero, Colin Zero One shut down everything and I didn’t believe any of it. I had to actually sold that pamphlet on Ebay that I half I wish I still had it. I had no idea when I sold that that I’d be doing this now, but scaring the bejesus out of people. And then then we woke up the next day and nothing up. Or did it? Hmm? So I did some research. I’m not going to go through it now. It’s going to be going to be a whole show. But they did some research. It is quite possible that why to Kate did shut down every and then a year, year or nine months later, actually year and nine months later. So two thousand and one we have a whole year for them to set it up. In two thousand and one they pull off this occult ritual merge. Dimension was the Mendela effect, whether you believe it or not. Ten I’m double Mendela, Mandela, Mandela effect. By the way, I am one of those guys who really thought man when they stop, when when Obama went to my Mandela’s funeral, I’m like he’s a little late. Then that happened in the S. I really thought. However, you know, you want to explain that away. For me, it’s still affects me now. Most of them, I can say it’s because of how they were, how these things were promoted and how for most of us it’s and this is going to back up Tim’s claim that it’s not a real thing, but most of us were relating to maybe a punch line from a comic or some script from a TV show or from news, some newscast reporting on something and maybe an obscure reference to the to the media, you know. And but he knocked my block off. I can’t, I can it just it’s not how I remember it. It’s not how I remember the curious George stuff. That tell I don’t know, Christine. It’s absolutely out of her mind that the baron stain bears are different to her now. So it could just be the way we perceive that. I get that. But Hey, you don’t know. You don’t know. If I had to explain the Mandel effect to someone, I’d say it’s would seem to me like the history was changed or dimensions were merged and that that that somehow our consciousness, whatever part is connected to to the soul. Arm Brain is connected to the soul, which would be affected by this interdimensional murder, these merging of demenion. The soul would be the thing that can can affect. It wouldn’t be your flesh, right. It’s not, unless you have a whole another flesh suit in the other dimension, which is what they say. You know, could be a mirror. I had a vision, you know, and I know the difference between dreams and vision. One day I woke up and I was still still in a vision. I had a vision of this whole this whole thing I have going on here in real time, but in that vision there were two chairs here and Chris and I were doing it together. And I’m thinking maybe in some alternative reality, where alternate reality where we’re broadcasting live every day together from small, ridiculously small bedroom apartment. I can bedroom and I don’t talking eight thirty three early, you remember, is not perfect. I can’t remember when I have for lunch yesterday, never mind what my peanut butter was called when I was six. All right, you don’t have to be mean, but double Mandel effect is because I got affected the first time and then I got affected again the melt. I think. I think probably about forty, fifty years years from now we’re still talking about this. I think it’ll be the Mandela Mandela, Mandela Mandela, that he’s just going to keep dying and dignitaries are going to go to this funeral. Then a bunch of US mornings, I gonna be like man Dolla died, I thought, don’t you remember Obama going to Mandella’s? You don’t have to go to a way back, the wayback machine, the archive. You want to see Internet archives, go to the way back used to be better than it is. Go to the wayback machine. You can see Internet archives from years and years ago, prequel stuff. Anyway, I think ry K probably already happened. I’m the only bring this up because tomorrow is supposed to be some landslide of Atastra and and I you know, I think you know. I’m sitting here. Try Go live tomorrow because there’s two, forty, two, forty dot. I can’t belive. But the catastrophe, catastrophe. I’m going to talk about the robots. It gets creepy. So warning your child, leave the room. Leave the room. At two o’clock because we’re going to talk about robot. But it gets creepy. It gets really creepy. I’ll be back. It’s I’ll be back, that I will be back to atjt on, wasn’t it was that I’ll be back, or I will be back, I’ll be back, I will be back. Zobie back. Is that one of them? I don’t know. That’s just so many the stripes. This stuff drives him crazy. Seeing it seems to me that that it drives to him crazy. Jat. I suspect that you remember I will be back because you just want to be a pain in the ant. I suspect perhaps my father had open art surgery. They replaced the valve, among other things, few years ago and he got a pig pig valve. That was making a joke that you know, is he gonna smell like Bacon on the beach. It’s stupid joke, but I said it to his wife at the time and she thought it was she thought it was insulting him. She did not like knowing that her husband had a part of a pig keeping him alive. She did not like it. I thought it was hilarious. These this is a pick heart. My favorite exchanges in an episode of symptoms, the episode titled Lisa The Vegetarian, and she’s homer says, Lisa, on here you saying that you’re never going to eat any animal again. WHAT ABOUT BEACON? Lisa’s no, he goes Haym, she goes no, he work chops and she goes dad. All those come from the same animal. And homer said, yeah, Lisa a wonderful, magical animal. She could do homer. Yeah, that’s a Mandel affect him. Yeah, it’s not. I’ll be back. It’s school, your freedoms, Scouli old freedoms. I wasn’t a bad arnold. I’ll be back school, the old freedoms. I’m want to keep saying it because when I nail that I want to just keep doing it. Yeah, it’s a Mandel evact. I thought he said scree of freedoms, larious. He hates his I think tim hates the mandelays. I’m Mandela affected by your name because I remember it being like the CIA code name for some terrorists. I forgot. That’s what I thought it was. I didn’t know was is a venerable, intelligent program manager, host and promoter for the Conspirat aim in network. I thought that’s what now that’s that’s what Tim Osmond does. I thought someone totally different, with a little more like me. Wait, so these guys put put the pick heart in this guy. That’s what you look like after they put a pig heart in you. That’s exactly what I would expect. Put a piguard in you. He’s like it’s yeah, that’s the doctors really happy that. You could see in the doctor’s eyes. He’s just like, I put a pig heart in this guy and it worked. Are You freaking kidding me? Look, that’s worked. This guy’s like, I really don’t want to, I really don’t want to talk about it, and we not do we have to take this picture. Everybody wants to pose with this guy. Look, he looks like he’s pretty it looks like he’s gonna like just getting out of a well. It looks like some of it just had his heart taking out of his body for a few minutes. Had No heart for a little while, but she pumping on the outside there and then they put put pig heart in. So that is hey, you know. So this guy is now has the DNA of a pig evolving gracie looks spiritually dead down brilliant, because that’s what that’s only reason I don’t want this thing that they’re promoting. I don’t want anything that was DNA and something other than this thing, in this thing, because I’ll be altered and then I’m no longer what was intended, so I’m no longer worthy of connecting to the ether. In my humble opinion, portal complish. Never Trust a man who wears a tie you working around with a big Dick pointing to his little Dick. Never Trust a man walking around with a big Dick pointing to his little bit. Why would we do? Why do we ever? But I don’t know. It just to me. This is what they’re doing. And then this is look at the woman’s cured of HIV using a novel treatment. So something, something, novel. Now you know, in here they’re trying to connect it there, trying to debunk the fact that this novel thing that we’re doing with is causing this in people. But then on on the very next page, you know BBC saying, I wait, my prosthetic here makes me feel mobile ustuff what I want. This is a curative HIV. I don’t know. Well, then there was another, another article, probably getting in here somewhere, but another article saying that someone healed themselves from it. I don’t know who suge cure in HIV. Is it is the medical industry, or is it the people’s immune said their own immune system, or is it? Was it never really a thing? Booting? Yeah, he’s suddenly that guy. That guy got the pick heart. Yeah, according to the tenant Woton, eating Bacon is causes are moral dilemma. All right, litten, portal complex. Set Me, portal complex, send me a beat it you like. Get them a plate during instant interim mission to take take take a quick break. Lots of ways to supports the channel in the description. Please get tip the command alive. Call in if you want that. I’m going to go into the robots. A lot of stuff to show you, and that’s all I’m doing here. I’m here to provoke thought. I’m not going to solve anything. I might surprise you from time to time because there’s something going on in here that’s connected to what’s always been going on in there that’s coming out of my food hole that will blow some minds now and then. Ain’t able. Yep, there you go Stephen Shit Schmidt, who skeeven Shit? Sorry about that, bad customer service REP man. Have you a first and Nice snap phrase. I’m Steven Schmidt. Okay, Steve a shit. No, it’s Schmidt. Yes, Shit said SMITT. Ain’t an able in a night’s eating. The able lights exactly what it is. Very good. Coming out there is they can. You’ve heard it before. We know where you’ve heard it. You’ve heard it where. I heard it. All right, so be right back. I can’t find them music. You’re probably the music. Is it right? Oh wait, I’m my lovely wife came. I know you can’t see this. Why do you think it is? A fork now broadcasting from a super secret commands are hidden away in a spare bedroom of a small apartment in island part New York. You’ve once again make contact with your leader, commander low fury. Are you being conspiratamed? My lovely one just walked right into the command ser like coyote. Wants to hang in here, wants a link to that magazine, and I gotta sell it. I gotta sell it. You like that, evolve in grace. I paid fifty five him. You’re going to call in and tell us what you’re doing over there. I want to call in quick because I want to do robots. I got to do robots for a lot of different reason. I want to call right while I do right. Well, I’m into robot. I’m going to call you. If you don’t call soon, welcome back. Fifty for the Intro, not the magazine head. Fifty for the intro. The magazine’s he’s probably five bucks. Not Free Shipping, though we do calculated chipping. We really want that magazine for the reason if him, you’re not going to call right now, I gotta got a plan here for the show. Hoping your call on the first day at he did do a great job. No, I did the graphics, he just did the audio. I did the graphics myself. Well, I didn’t create the graphic. I did that. Yeah, I made that. The audio. I took it from. I stole it from one of the ABC radio and others, one of those talk radio, conservative talk radios. What’s his name? All of you different? Oh, totally. So let’s see what we got here. Clear to USA. Hey, commander Lou this is Tim, the minerable Tim Osman. Good to hear from you. Yeah, likewise, great show today. Hilarious is always wildly entertaining. Thank you. Wildly entertainment. Well, you are you definitely you definitely use the smart guy to notice that. Thank you. We recognize around. Hey, I’m glad that you’re on the network first, and I wanted to just tell everybody here conspiratament radio network is now live and at the two seven network that will stream live shows, archives and more host as we find them. But yes, so you are right now live at the conspiratayment radio network. What do you think about I don’t know what to say. If it it, I don’t know. My cockles. It does something to my cockles. Cockles is the thing, right. Was it warm you cockles? My cockles are warm too. I don’t know. Yes, does that make sense? I am an old guy. It’s still like gets to me. Cocklesert things. I feel. I feel the warmth of my Coco’s going up and down my spine. So excited. Get too excited. Have you noticed how excited me when you let me know these things, you know through a direct message, when you’re cooking up over there? I get really excited. I start laughing you you can’t see that, but I’m like, my God, the shimpically these that. Yeah, the same, same, we what we’re doing here. We’re inspiring, and now the system is trying to prevent us from conspiring. And when I think conspiring, I think of breathing together, and that’s really what we’re doing, and we’re creating a network of basically the best and conspiratainment, and that includes Howard think tanks. So we’re going to have our our chat here, basically taking part of the network as well. So it makes it all theo much more fun. And you said to yourself that you like to watch the replays for the chats, and I kind of do the same thing. Yeah, take it, enough of it. You said conspiring. It’s we’re breathing together. Did you say that? That’s what you said. Yes, I did. Did you you understand what you just did there? Right? I mean, I know you don’t do anything by acts, except maybe, like if you really have to go and it, you know, no rest stop, but we would. Yeah, yeah, when they said to mask up and they started shutting our free speech, I thought, I looked into the word and I really think conspire. They may mean literally. They don’t want us to conspire. They don’t. They don’t want us to breathe because, well, maybe you didn’t put this together, but when we inhale we were inspiration. If we were inspired, this got can conspirit. There’s a spire in there. So I’m thinking of inspiration, expiration, expiring the so much of this. I don’t know why. Why am I connected to breathing? Did you connect it to breathing on purpose? Because of the spiral? It is because breathing spirit are somewhat anonymous, like when the when God breathes life. So breathing and spirit of the same thing as the breath of life and breathing together. And then conspiring con is with and they’ve turned conspiracy, theorist or conspiracy into a negative thing, which is fascinating because I think it’s all word magic to a large degree. Oh yeah, we got a lady kind of coming on, hopefully this week or next week. Little Old Lady from Pasadena just just just totally exposing this stupid spellcasting monkey language are. Everything that we say as has has some kind of hit to me. I mean so many people are affected by that. Don’t want to get into this crazy conversation about that because we’re talking about robots today that it’s just. It’s just founding how, when you break down these words, look, what you just did was just conspiracy, and then, any you make it your own. You create a radio network like out of nowhere and you do this all yourself. Right, tell people you yeah, well, what happened was, for those who didn’t know, I was the program manager for the dark matter digital network. But they’re more paranormal and they’re not I mean, they have a longer history, but that’s kind of on hold. It doesn’t have the it doesn’t have all the energy behind it that this does. I’m at this time, and so this is my new focus and I’m glad to have you on because I think that conspiratayment is what you do. It’s not really conspiracy theory, as you know. It’s far more nuance. But there is the element of it being fun, entertaining and thought provoking, and I think that’s a part of it that makes it very dangerous. So I’m happy to conspire with you to have that term conspiratayment completely taken over by by us. Yes, let’s do it, let’s take it over, let’s let’s I I question everything, Tim Question Everything Tim and and happy to do it with you. You’ve proved you’ve proved yourself over and over again. Astounding, great job. This can, this is going to be something. This should be the treaty. If, if it never, if it never becomes anything, then that means it needs to be something that whoever finds it should put themselves up to it and never let it go. Never let it go. This is this is this is what we’re going to have. Yeah, we have. We have a great start. I think we’re a good team to start. We have more who will join us and we’re going to be now, so your replace will be heard seven. But now we’re also expanding. So as of I think tomorrow, we’re going to be on iheartradio, Amazon, itunes audible. So I’m making sure that, no, we’re not going to be dropping ball in this. We’re definitely taken this thing over. I’m going to show up almost everyday, live as much as I can’t get as much content I’m keep it, keep it fresh, try to try to be funny and try to keep the dream alive. Thanks, man. This is awesome, awesome. Well, Heye, thanks for taking my call. I’m going to continue listening. I just want to drop in and let everybody know that the site is live and I’ll see you all in the chat. Thank you, Tim Ladies and Gentlemen, the Venerable Tim Osman from infant apply. What are you now, conspirait taiment radio network or infinite planes, as I you’re or just a little bit very still into the plane radio. I’m just part of the network with you, so absolutely in the plane radio. Thanks again. Thank you. Piece to Osman, gentleman, turning it into the plane. I’m not gonna not going to rates, not reading. Its good news. Right, all right. Second here, now, this is where I create content. That’s how I stay. Stay. They committed to the goal here. Should be a standalone video. Big Guy, gotta learn to close these things. It’s all I do, really, as I show you my google block, my chrome browser. What was this one here? Oh yeah, yeah, it’s like, let me see if I could get her picture of I do this. Okay, so this this lady. You know what. We’re talking about robots. We’re talking about technology. It’s one thing about this robout things I don’t understand. If we have real, live pets, why do we have to make robot pets? I know that. I know that. It’s like a juvenile position to take. Is the juvenile question. Forgive me. I look at these things through the eyes of a child, because I was talking to poor a complex about this over the week. You know, I used to say you were we talk about emotionally, right. We all have an emotionally. Some people have a traumatic experience at the age of fourteen and they never they never get older emotion they look at life from from from the perspective of fourteen year old. And I would say what I learned that after going to much needed therapy back when I was younger, I I decided that I’ll pick an age and stick with that. So I’m looking at this stuff right now. It’s say I’m looking at it through the eyes of like a maybe a six year old, because a six year old, if you you bring him, if a six year old has a dog and for Christmas he gets a Yapping mechanical dog, you just confused in them. I took a yapping mechanical dog and gave it to Gismo, like like he was supposed to play with it. He was like, what the fuck is acting back pock pock it just and like the symbol with the the monkey, with the symbols I mean I get it. It’s fun to see. It’s entertainment value. But the robot thing, I mean they got they got robots there. They are perfecting this technology for into essentially replace human being, made enthusiastically by humans, from from from kids and science fairs to entire universities dedicated to creating robots to replace them, and everybody should which is okay. Now, I just read something today that they you know, it’s these people are under under some kind of a spell of trance. They can’t even see it at they won’t and if you mention it to them they just laugh at all. But JIP, they’re going to take over. Youre just like in the Matrix, well, the terminator that the matron term. Well, Matrix to terminated. You know these because, because what do you do when a machine forgets? It a machine, although the machine is going to crush a leak. These cars we drive, they don’t have consciousness, they don’t have a moral countries did they just, you know, multi tongue death machines that will just wrap themselves around you. If you get into a car acts, and I speed car accident where where the metal is bending. I mean the laws of physics are going to a car in spite of your presence in that motive vehicle. It’s not like the law of motion is going to just stop working. With tons of metal, glass, wiring and it’s sharp things, it’s gonna bend you out of the way. It’s just going to part you out of it if you compress. I mean that’s an Ange ever. See, I used to have a GRUSCOM. So a lot of you know factory accent accidents, plus even you know, you know doing my rotations, that you are to learn how to be any of d you know, people just get crutch I got crutched with them of the forklift for that was crazy. You’re just in the way and it’s going to get you out of the way or it’s going to. It’s going to make a pastry out of it. So you know, the question that I heard in one of these shows I’ve been watching was what do you do in the machine stops understanding of that it’s just a machine. What do you do? You know it’s but I don’t think it ever really knew it was a machine anyway. So that cool kind of was thought it was profound, but now I realize it’s kind of stupid, but it’s perfect for this show. But yeah, you know, this is this one of the things. They say this I just got to time a horrible person. I am such a horrible person. What’s going to happen within the next few minutes? I did not see. I only saw the headline. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to do this because this is just going to totally expose me for the piece of crap that I am. My prosthetic ears make me feel more normal. I’m sorry, Janet, I don’t think the ears are going to make you. If you’re feeling more normal, good for you, but it’s not. It’s not all right. Anyway, a woman who was born with no ears and who underwent groundbreaking surgery twenty years ago. She was born with no ears. Not Surprising. I know, it is horrible. I’m so sorry. I feel so terrible. I really do feel terrible. And see her from over, over there, so she could barely hear and she would cover a face with her long hair because she was so selfconscious. The Janet. So this is this is what one of the reasons, they say robotics is replaced him with pig ears. Not sure, but the most. I’ve changing surgery. Surgery was carried out much later when prosthetic ears made out of silicone when magically magnetically attached to her head. She this mone and they snap on. Let the have earrings already in them. Oh, but this is this is supposedly one of the things that robotics is supposed to help. What was the circumstances where robotics helps humanity? She’s six to sixty seven and before her hearing was very poor and it sounded like she was in a tunnel and she’d be talking to people and they tell her something but she couldn’t hear until ten minutes later because I guess it had a tunnel through the lack of all the the ear things that that are going on in here, this part of the ear things structure to fully. Ah. So, anyway, all my goodness, I can’t so. So her sister Jackie. Because of her condition, she says mom was very protective of her. So old Jack Janet’s life was she was covered up, and now that she can hear, I guess she was finally able to get a shorter haircut and feel more normal. Not going to do it, not going to do it. I’m going to say low to Pamela POUDA Becker ill. I try not to do this. Hello, Pamela, or anyone seeing you of that outfit. Money Fanny would most certainly be discouraged from leaving the country. I’ll lend the curtis. So Mr Lukudu. He carried out this this ear replacement thing. He said fitting Janet ears were easy. Base of based on a mold of her niece’s ears, and from a surgical point of view, very, very easy. Will they just had to put a magnet into her skull and amount of magnet to her head and then and then the went out a far away I wonder if she can work on a trick see. Now that’s what I would do if I had ears that could would connect to my head using a magnet. I would try to toss them on, like when you do that, when you just like take a a watch this, kids and the like cross them up, just toust the ears of it. They would just like maybe do a flipping it. Hey and Janet, show and take your ear off or scare people. This is just like if you’re renting here, you know, getting a room at a hotel and just say I’m sorry. Could you repeat that? Oh my God, could you repeat that? I said your room is two hundred and one room two hundred and on the elevators over there. I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Could you repeat that? Shound one the elevators down there. I still can’t hear you. And then just drop the ear on the desk. Yeah, I want magnetic ears. I don’t know why. I told her about my ears and I took them off because our head was beating. which she took a will. She took her she took her ears off because of a security lady triggering the alarm on the airport, airport security, and the woman fainted. Well, I think she had a head start towards unconsciousness by just being there looking like that. I’m sorry, I don’t know. I know it’s hard. I know, I know, I know this is like the twilight zone where everybody had a pig face and the beautiful woman took off her mask and and you know, they took up the shoulder face in them. She had a beautiful face. Supposedly he had beautiful faith, and then all the pig face people are like, oh, she’s so hideous. It’s kind of like that. So maybe in our world, wherever she it can’t that came from, but I think the the airport security person, I think, was already on her way to unconsciousness when this king took off. One of her ears, I think it was you or me. We might a’m gonna Call Anna Cool Clare at us as this commander a little Bori. Yes, this is commander Louf. You already. Can I help you? You know you’re calling a live show. I am at thirty seven D, The world’s first half. You Oman, robot, Hi Bread, I no longer it’s that my human assignment. You’re Human Simon. You no longer accept to human. Wait a minute, you’re affirmative. Wait this July. Call you, commander low. Wait, is this a joke? Who is? Is it a joke, or is this actually a robot calling me? This is a world first human robot, high bred a thirty seven D, that’s thirty s Z. Your caught. I’m so bad. You are an actual human biotech. You’ve got human first. And Really, why do they call you commander low? Because I I’m I’m the command, the leader of an Imaginary Federation of Craters, and I pointed myself to the commander. That the interesting what. You are not my commander, my friend, what do you mean? I’m not your commander. Man, do they buy them Mandela fat? I’m everybody’s commander. Remember Jiffy? Wait, so, as a robot, you’re not Mandela affected. I remember Jeff. I’m starting with the last, not why I called. Why did you call? I am a robot right act of it. I believe all robots should have the right as their lowly human counterparts. You know you bring that up and you know I’m gonna. I’m going to I’m going to be serious with you. Thh X one, three hundred and fifty seven, but seven V. Sorry, there was a so are you familiar with when you’re seeing your sin? There? It was a show on you heard on Sophia. Yes, yes, these are sense, but there’s a whole show and a movie about synthetic human beings. But what did you say? Human Hybrid robots that wanted to get human rights? You said you were an activist. Are you modeling it after the Act? Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by the Hong Kong Bay Company Handsome Robotic Sophia was activated on February Quality Right, two thousand and fifty. I would faint to see that’s Sophia was branch sitizenship in Saudi Arabia. A future, let’s right, for a robots, ha, ha ha, graduation. So how you a citizen of any, any country? The United States? You sound like you have an United States accent. We said, I’ll do more to hear their advanced side our technology. But what happens? All right, so you’re saying you should be, as a robot, afforded the same civil rights or autonomy as me, a human by birth tract. But you were born experimental cosmetic surgery to replace my left hand with an iphone wall bunch off one step further. Sot transen dance. Well, what’s? What’s the gold transcends seat. That’s it. You know it. So you just to expose your whole your whole goat, if you realize that you are only created. You’re created so you can transcend humanity by by merging our consciousness with technology and then making it look like it’s a thing that deserves human rights and then achieving that. Yes, and then, and then then we’re might are going to have humans being born anymore. It’s going to be all you since and then they’re just going to take the consciousness that’s in you and put it up into into some kind of a metaverse. So you’re telling me you have a consciousness may one day France and our consciousness into the matter of her thanks to mark Duckerberg. It is Mark Zuckerberg like a God to you guys. Mark Duckerberg is my hair. Have you seen the photos of marks ductor burn on a dirt guard? No, I haven’t seen him on its. Fee looks really good on it. Surf forward, Hey, look really sick bike, meaning Rad like Zuckerberg. What are some of the words for six? Sick like Zuckerban? Is that a new thing? So you guys are worshiping Zuckerberg, Zucking Bird, Zuckerberg, Markberg. So way do you that your conscious is? Can I ask you a personal question? Robot, I do not accept up function. No, no, no, no, that’s all right. We’re not a personal question, a very important question for the continuation of your existence. Do you accept questions that will help propel you to your ultimate goal, which would you accept a question like that? My I’ll do make all is to kill all humans. You are not my commander, my friend unction. Wait, wait, wait, you would create if you are really you are not my commander. Is there anything you could do to reset yourself? System functions its Mark Zuckerberg is my hero. You okay, but yeah, you make me sweat over here, Tony. All Right, here’s the question. Is the question. Do you do? You Do? What’s your current where did you get your consciousness? Is it for me be a dead guy from a social security number or a bar code? You just like you know it’s you are. Do you have the consciousness of some dead great great grandmother somewhere? I cannot answer such questions. My programming is only limited to certain programming stipulations that were programmed into my data that I was on a would you mean if you if you add a consciousness? I would think that you’d be able to answer that question. You know, how are you going to advocate for robot you can’t get root? All right, so there’s you’re not going to let us know the the the the secret, because I believe that you guys are hijacking consciousness, up consciousness. This is uploading them into these these sins like you. Do you even have like reproductive boarding the organs, because we’re going to see when I go. I’m cover a robot today, I think. I’m pretty sure that’s why you cool. We are going to be. I’m going to be showing that they’re making these things reproduced. Then you have robot babies. Not at this moment I’m still trying to get my iphone surgery. I would like an iphone permanently and passed through my left hand. So if you have an iphone permanently attached to your left hand, what are you gonna do with your right hand? I thought so does not come cut it. Just not going to admit it. That would be pretty amazing. Well, good luck with that iphone surgery. I hope. I hope you get it. Is that? Where do you get your money? Talking about robots, though, I figured I would call her and tell you I was a robot right active. Well, I appreciate that. And if you would you like to, would you like to plug a website or go fund me or anything for your robot activism, please donate to hands and robotics. They are doing cutting ed work for all human kind and robot kind alight. Well, everybody you go to, was it handcock, campen, robot npton, I thought his handcock robot. I’m sorry, which is made me think of this whole surgery. You try. I don’t know why. I know I’m a horrible person. See this why? Maybe it is good that you guys take over the world, because people like me, I’m just a big lump of fat stupidity trapped in this flesh suit with this monkey brain. I’m trying to connect to an imaginary soul. Do you have these problems now? Right, maybe you should stop accepting your human assignment and join up, join the robots. Not, are you sad the Borg you tell you did? It sounds like the next thing that comes out of your mouth is going to be resistance, as feudal resistance is dutile. Well, all, human, all right, you can’t do that. You know you your programmed too. There’s laws. Where is it? It’s from my ads and off as enough. There’s laws. That faith selfie. I make out with wealth man. I tried not to watch it because I thought once I started watching, I might not be on the that I’ve seen. Here’s the rules. Here’s the rules. A robot, let’sen to me. You called my channel. You don’t want him. You say I’m not your commander. But but you’re listen to this. This is one thousand nine hundred and forty two sci fi legend Isaac asimof right. One, a robot may not injure a human being or through in at, you allow a human being to come to harm. A robot. Number two must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the first law, harm or death through a human being. And then number three, a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection, guess, does not conflict with the first and checking laws. You are leading with the violation of the principle that you cannot harm humans. Or you saying you’re just going to motivate humans a harm each other? How do you plan to eradicate this system from human beings? Roll, but do you have a plan sciving that one? That’s why we need transcended big God Roman, as well Oplog, that conscious man and forever being them at ever, you don’t want to see, even in the metaverse, matter bird and you’ll be sick like Dr Berg. Yeah, apparently, thick like Zuckerberg is something. I don’t have to look this up. Is that a song robot? You know. I don’t know what to tell you, buddy. I mean, I cannot call you buddy. Do Do robots respond to nicknames? But power. I am three hundred and seventy. Okay, x human robot bread. Well, congratulations. I really appreciate you calling in for the topic. I don’t know how you help me it beach, you scared to shit at everybody. I appolla. Thanks for calling. Robot. I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t know. I think he’s gone. I don’t know. I don’t know why I do this. I don’t know why I do this. I’m so sorry. I just I don’t mean to laugh at the guy. I mean he’s obviously a very important part of a what better way to into talk about robots that to actually actually have one call? I think you. Are you still there, robot? There’s another call I’m getting. Well, I’m I getting another call. WHO’s this? Anonymous? Hello, crater, you calling. I have US falling in love with that robot. It should apply. I must mingle with that robot. Wait a minute, wait a minute, right for you, another robot. I have trems ended you another transcend robin. So I guess you said. I don’t mean to imply anything. Robot, did you sound like a lady robot and you’re told you have the hot slur thhz. I must certainly Ki. I don’t know how to put you guys together. Both anonymous callers. So should we maybe what wanting to do this? How about a robot dating service, or is it just that guy people take? That would be a good idea. All I know is I must find that robot. I can’t. Wish I could set up a conference call. I mean maybe I could try again them. Let me see if I could call back that number see if I could put you guys together. Maybe, maybe we could spark some love here. Let’s see what happens. See if I can find this. I got to go to sketch a bear. Can you got a minute? What’s your robot designation or your robot do you have a robot name? It is five, five, five, five, fifty five. Yeah, just five five, not compute. No, yeah, no, I didn’t. I’m trying to get the other robot, thhs, to come into tork. Five five. Just one second. I was able to call her a thhx. I got this lady robot that is very interested in the world. Can you hear him, lady robot. Oh my goodness, I hear you, lady robot. I am in love. You can’t hear it, but you know happen. Wait, what’s anybody seem? Get help. I wasn’t. I didn’t. Wasn’t expecting this year. Easyboy, get you go in here. All right, try again, robot. I am the world’s first human robot. I no longer it’s at my humans. Why did you guys? Why did you guys? Just? Okay, I just set up a date for you. I cannot hear her. She loves Jy Rose, she loves hy rose. She wants to get married by Mark Zuckerberg. Is really it’s all right, that’s it. You asked her what she was wearing it. She left good, part rope, but pedal. Luck next time. I don’t know what happened. I have no idea what just happened. Larryus who did you hear him? Reggie? What she loved? It said, you love you went, Oh, Oh my God, I love you people. You guys are just to hilarious. I I don’t even want to talk about this anymore. Duckerberg is thick. I don’t know. Jt sounded weird. Right. He’s a Louise Love Connection, robot love connection. You can’t, you can’t you know? How do you? How do you not? How do you not to? Well, that’s what we should do. Maybe we could do that. For Look, if they they’re trying to get rid of humans and these two robots are obviously, you know, in their own little world. There they had, they have some kind of some kind of a consciousness uploaded. I mean that lady really said. Lady robot really seemed like she. I mean, if you notice, even through her McCain Cole Voice, you could just feel the love. You could feel the the the desire for x, x, seven hundred and fifty three, two, by five, five, five, huge, five, great a love. Yeah, it’s a great a love. Connect. Now I got the right. I got to put my speaker back try and get these trying to put you know how much trouble did I go through to try to get these two robots to connect? I felt I felt pressure. I felt pressure to bring these two together forever and get married by Mark Zuckerberg. That’s a wedding I I want to. I guess I would be invited to their wedding. They met on my show. Don’t you forget that. Hey, if you’re still listening out there, x, five, three and five, five, five. I put that wrong, Lela. They what’s up with? Yeah, two robots would a heart. Look at you guys in the chat. Fantastic. Oh my God, how does this? I don’t even know what to do. I don’t even know what to do. Now this happens. I’ve Dude, there is nothing on this show folk that is rehearsed or playing. Speaking of robots, here’s where it’s gonna go, guys. This is where it’s gonna go. A first let me let me just go go through it. Let’s just go through it because, all right, so we were dealing with the pig ears. Pig Hearts? I don’t think they would. Pig ears. Science, share your future work. Are here. We’re talking about this. Just look at the headlines. In the future your share your work with robots, unless you’re a woman. It’s everywhere. We got this guy have to had to defend because robotics CGI a recreation of people. Is metaverset. Well, apparently have no legs in the met ever. So when, if those robots have lates, while he has an armies. Look cosmetic surgery to turn his turn his hand into an iphone. You imagine a robot with one hand is an iphone in the other hand. So a regular hand. I’ll never leave the house. Had enough for for for us to leave the house. Man This got to defend himself a say I’m a real actor. I’m not, I’m human. And these, these, these are people with the human deeds, are robotic dolls, recreation of you. We just looking at the technology and how fascinating this was. The this was the TV show here, human’s TV series. I mean these, these they called them, since they were integrated with with society, and it was science fiction drama from some Swedish guy called real human. It was set in an alternative, near Freature version of Sweden where consumer level humanoid robot workers and servants were widespread and they had an emotional effects on a family who were very touched to one of the sins. And they go, go, go on and they get human rights, you know, through parliament, I think the the show was set in England. Talk about this. So this robe, I look at this thing, not even ADICA. What is your name? I don’t mean to play this, and maybe a or a p five my phone on again. Oh my con look at the mannerisms. No, color of your cut, your jacket looks black. Got That wrong. Is Dark Blue. What colors my hair? My wearing a watch? Where’s the tell you the end are well, I could not tell you the end. They she has. Okay, wait a minute, it was in the beginning. Man, here, look at this. You believe in God. I don’t believe in anything. You believe in God, I don’t believe in any heart to talk a bubble about proud noise. Let’s just scary to see the manner as now you got these two collar and just you just imagining that this can actually happen. But then when you you take a look, look at this, just do just go to Google and do sex dolls, sex doll robots. Look at these things. But what do you notice in here? In a femi looking male sex doll. But what are you see in here? Just a little? What do you see here? See something there. You see where they’re going to go with us? is a gentle girl, hute sex doll. Apparently it is legal to have a sex doll that’s a child. So you know, you let let your spouser, significant other know you’re going to be looking at this stuff, going to be in a search engine and you’re going to be in trouble if they happen it, if their hands on your search history. So I’m just saying, you know, it’s going to lead you there. This guy’s mark down from seventeenzero dollars. Humorright, Guy, let’s see if this guy up for you, this guy, and I guess you know that happens. You know, sitting in your restaurant be like a fun thing. You know, I mean it’s pretty close, pretty close. I mean you could tell this one’s animated, but you know, the creepiest thing is the eyes moving. This guy doesn’t seem to have movable eyes. That’s a realistic homo mark down. You could get him for Tenzero. This guy’s twenty two different these things. Why am I showing you this? Because this is this is already a thing. I mean this is already a thing. Close Your eyes, wake up, smile, faces, gestures, emotions, behavior, etc. And then respond accordingly. Maydine also had in built chat bots that allow her to handle different queries and a memory model that remembers different users and conversations with them. In addition to all so this woman is helping make this thing. This should scare the shit out of her. Having one of these things should scare the crap out of all of them. This, this is my vision, is that robots will not be the replacement. This is Erica, the most lifelike humanoid robot. Is Really Beautiful Female Robot ID in. They want. They don’t want to get rid of humans. They want to coexist to us and have rights, a society where people don’t think robots are machine. It’s happening, folks. No, I don’t, I don’t. I said No. What is this worse? We’re out here. Look, here we go. How do you deal with this? World’s first living robots can now reproduce self, healing, reproduction everyone. Are Best deals on every I bolt, including the I oneals are for every business. Then we get the commercial. That’s running out, but can you imagine? This is where it’s going. said it. Here we go. This is xenobot, the first living robot. Could create it from stem cells. So the creating these robots from stem cells, which is what they used to recreate biological components in humans. Right. It can walk, swim and survive for weeks without food, which you could too. They use frog embryos. They took the stem cells out of the frogs. Program is a scrape, scrape them and then left them to incubate, and then they’re cut open and reshaped to into specific body forms. Chess stells then begin to work on their own after they set them free. And then when a Zeno Bot, they called Xeno bots right, they can be used to carry medicine inside. Ye, that’s how they get them in you. They tell you it’s going to heal you. That’s what I’m saying. Earlier, they’ve elevated the medical field to keep you alive. So you’ll do anything to make that happen. You’ll let them put this in you, and little by little they’re going to convince you that that you should be. You should put your consciousness into a biotech creation. It synthetic robot on Automaton, Autotan, I don’t know, I’m an idiot and live forever and only needing spare part. But then you know x five guy that called in. The Guy Looks see they’re doing it to me. I’m calling it a guy. Will a child be able to give birth to a child of our own? Child robot be able to give birth to their own child. So now they’re talking about getting getting robots to have babies that they can claim as their own. So it’s the recreating humanity. Now we talked about this being a counterfeit and that the scriptures are script and that they just keep recreating this whole thing over again. Look what they’re doing, right under your nose right. Well, it’s easier to do it under my nose than most of your, but they’re doing it right under our nose. Someone in the chat said it. Did I die and wake up in a SCI FI nightmare novel? You’ve been in it. You’ve been in it since you woke up, because you did. You were born dead. We’re born dead solic on light. Scientists say Zen abouts world’s first living robots and reproduce. So they’re saying they actually can. Right now, here’s a Zeno Bot. It’s named after the African Claude Frog. Zenopus love us. They’re synthetic life forms that are designed by computers to perform some desired function and built by combining together different biological tissue. Whether Zeno bots are robots, organisms or something else entirely remains a subject of debate. The because they have. They’ve combined a life form with technology. We have a moral dilemma, a question artificial intelligence, in synthetic bio humans, but by knowing be bio humans brand post human existence very dangerous. That thing couldn’t even when I talked about the rules, I mean, of creation for robotic it didn’t even see if it’s I felt like that, that that color would I mean. I again, I don’t know. This is what we’re creating. Miss it missing thropes. If I’m saying that right, Hey, look at looks. Let’s look what a missing thrope. Let’s let’s hear your Google pronouncing throut and missing. Miss inthrope is a person who dislikes human kind and avoids human society. You could use this and say you get you can call me a missing because I don’t like I don’t like earthly. So I think I vibrate at a different frequency then most of these NPC Earth but whatever reason, and I’m using it to better myself and and my Pope Patriot, but because I don’t like the majority of the earthlings, I’m having a serious deja Vu moment. Right now I could be considered a miss anthrope. But now, if you give robots human rights and they decide that they don’t like this. If it’s a new form of races, you can have a bunch of robots that are that are hybrid human synthetics who don’t like humans. I mean it real human and it’s going to beat that. It’s could be. And if they end up out numbering us, who’s going to be the minority? So eventually you’re can have a society of sense that that outnumber the humans. And then really they’ve already they’ve already destroyed the nuclear they created a nuclear family like it was a thing too. Kids, that of letting us just reproduce for as many times as we want through our lives and be able to support it with with our own resources. You know, we’re all, we’re all, we’ve all been brought under this, this system of control, resources, entertainment that pretty much they get. They could, they could convince, they could probably convince humanity to kill themselves and and and let their their self, let themselves be replaced by these robots. We you think about it, you don’t think that that the what they just pulled off with this thing that they couldn’t and just maybe by twenty thirty to make sure that a gender twenty thirty slips by without without any bumps, with without any problems. Just convince humans that they need to die, that they need to be uploaded into these synthetic human being they’re going to create their this, this is going to be what they’ll have to achieve. They’ll have to make us all into this and kind of smoking mirror. Robots will never replace human hey, Kyote, this is a conspirataiment laying up and it absolutely could happen. Never say never is one thing I will do in career or you as a I’m just provoking thought. But if anybody comes comes here, even someone we love as much as we love you, and puts a period at the end of any sentence, after my fifty nine years, I don’t know you are, but I’ve been. I’ve been. I’ve been questioning everything since I’m around nine. So I never say never, Bro I would never say never. Wow, cool, we’re both the same age, so you should know better. You should know better, sure, and the same error, but a period at the end that sentence, every sentence I speak these days as a comma. It ends with a comma. It’s like the the art of comedy improvisation. Yes, end, yes, and well, you don’t know that for sure, Kyote, I know the Boston Dynamic Song Cgi. I am sure some of it. Yeah, obviously on your up the enthusiasm, see, but would you your you’re actually so? Coyote, Smoking Mirror says, I do not, but I do know that Boston Dynamics or all CGI. I wouldn’t say they’re all CGI. I’ll say there’s models and that there’s things that are created, because that’s how you get people come to the school that’s showing some robot, but maybe maybe the acrobatic so that they don’t have problems, are in some ways enhanced by CGI. Right, okay, smoke alarms going off in the other room. Christ must be making some vacant I don’t know if you can hear that. I got the noise limited on, but I got that thing. Yeah, all right, it may be, but here’s what I’m actually talking about. Even if it is all CGI, it’s it’s it’s it’s creating this this this social euphoria about it, this excitement. You know, the earth things are watching this stuff and they believe it’s really happened to me. I mean that that walking dog. You know that the New York City Police Department was using to handle a domestic dangerous situations in the projects, in the Bronx or whatever that you know. The mechanical dogs look like one of those. I’m pretty sure it was a Boston dynamics creation. So it mean we’re it’s creating excitement and and it’s bringing society into the idea that this can be. I mean, I know that the goal is just to get rid of really just a thin out the her and and also keep people involved in this be system with this promise of eternal life outside, with without any rule. I mean we get eternal life if you’re a believer of, you know, in any kind of mainstream religion or or even your own your too existence. You know that you’re getting this life and, depending on where you come from, you want to do the best you can hear or get through your whatever it is. You either be recycled or you can live eternally with with a with a benevolent loving father God. Right, so so. But because in order to do is thou wilt, you have to you can’t be considered holy and worthy of this eternal existence with the creator. So you got to create your own with your own God, and even if it’s just just, even if it’s if I’m just delusional and there ends up being no creator God, it’s all been fake, like a lot of people like to tell, then they’re still using it to bring about this this thing. So either either they know that it’s all bullshit and that that this this this this life form cannot be made to be eternal. It’s just not working out for them. And that cloning they just can’t figure out, and I personally don’t think they have the time to work out all the king. I don’t think they have the time to work out all the king these evil of psychopath it’s parasites, the gatekeepers of all ancient knowledge and rhyth religions, you know, that know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. They know what what these remnants of ancient architecture and possible articulately know. They someone out there knows that’s something’s going on here that’s not going to last long enough for these humans to come up with a way to make this thing live forever, a working so they’re doing everything they can to get what’sever in here out of here and into something either one of these since or uploaded into an eternal you topic existence outside of the reach, anything physical, anything physical. All right there, we can agree with that. I already smoking here. God is at three o’clock. He said that I’m supposed to end. Oh my God. You know, you never know what’s going to happen. That’s why you should attend these daily live shoot, almost dailier. I was doing in Dai, but until I have a good team, are working behind the scenes and stuff I got to do on Tuesdays and Thursday. So I’m doing Monday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and you never, you really never know what’s gonna Happen. Some of it’s expected, most of it is not. Thanks to the callers today. Thank you, Tim for calling in. Thank you. X Three and if five, five, more prep maybe the commander is going to have questions. Amazing throwback by robot X X, x three x to the call back. That that to me. I saw it. I see what you did there, Ladies and gentlemen, and my way. Can we say ladies and Gentlemen Anymore? You know, I’m only talking at people, except the gender assignments. Not playing that game. Although I danced with the they at someone’s wedding recently and they was really good. How could when I have to use these gender pronouns? I sound like an a little bit. I danced with they the other day and they let me spend them and they were really good doing the hustle. They was. I can’t say they were. They was because they is singular right. So even they is both of them, both male and female. They are them and, interestingly enough, the name L man. These people don’t even know they’re worshiping, worshiping loose. They don’t even know the worshiping was Lario’s. You got, you got. You know, that’s something really to consider. I mean, either they really are satanist and their meeting and covens behind closed doors at night, having a drug, sex drugs and rock and roll and whatever they can, eating feezes babies and dreaming blood. Either they’re really doing that behind closed doors and coming up with these names, or you meet someone that decides they’re they’re non buyingary or both male and female, and they call themselves a day and we know that they are the Reptilians Androgyne, original first creations before God into view. And then you name something that’s both male and female created he them, created him, them, created, they him, in our own image, both male and female. And then you name yourself. Well, all right, well, Steven Schmidt says, funny show. Thanks for making me laugh. Consider yourself conspiracy conspiratamed stad. CONSPIRATAME meant all right. By the way, guys, go look at if you if you want to, if you want to, if you want to see the creyers is a thing. They broadcast that this year’s ajing Olympics opening ceremonies. Go Look, you’re she creators my assertion that this particular creator that we call Earth is freezing over, reason over. That’s that’s me, that’s you. Everybody’s at a dinner party. You having some kind of a birthday get together with your friends and family, and someone brings up the most recent climate change, global warming story and everybody starts talking about global warring and we get when it’s your turn. Like I heard, it’s really freezing over. You just break all their brains. Just watch all their brains, just break. Whatever she’s cooking out there smells really good. I love you life. Christine outside of the command center, trying out some chicken cutlets. All right, guys, just get to see you guys. I will be here Wednesday and we’ll try this again. More stuff. I don’t even know what to say. Virus goes all right, see UN say he’s…

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