“Digital Transcendence for Goo Bloods”, IPR 2/12/22

Digital Transcendence for Goo Bloods, IPR 2/12/22

* The false promises of transhumanism

* The One World Religion is here.

* Goo Bloods vs Pure Bloods

All Right, so you’re listening to bad lands. This is a drum playthrough featuring well JT thirty three, unmistakably, and music from allergic to bullshit. I put a link below, so the track is linked below under intro track. If you want to subscribe to that channel, and I’ll go ahead and put a link below, and that is again bad lands. Another reason to get in the discord server. You won’t miss any of these premieres and you will get links as soon as they’re available to new UPLOADS, new content from the various musicians who provide music for infinite playing radio, joined by Patrick Seventy eight. Five minutes of fame, there’s for truth, Frank Murr David prior, your Mama, Garretts seven. Well, I’m have a few other people showing up, I’m sure I sent out some notifications and text message alerts. Well, pick up where we left off and I’m going to open phones momentarily and know we have a few voicemails to get through, so let’s go ahead and start again. Phones are open. Weirdest issues with Gremlins. So, without my permission, the computer reset itself and when it reset itself it reinstated that this auto shut down every so often, which I usually shut off because, of course, the twenty four seventh stream. So anyway, the stream went down last night and it was not planned, so I put it back up. So anyway, Gremlin’s is what I’m saying. If you’re looking at the screen, you’re looking at Joe Biden Antoinette let them smoke crack, and I saw this very poignant meme somewhere. Maybe I have it somewhere on my feed here, and it was like, okay, so I’ve remect him as bad, but giving out crack pipes is good. Okay, you know, really just trying to understand the ZEITGEIST. All right, the missing says. Found your channel again? Yeah, we got two strikes. So I highly advise everyone here go to my twitter account. At the very top you can get a link to the text message alert. OPT in. My objective is to have three hundred plus people on my text alerts. A five minutes of fame, says Gremlin’s. Read the movie that never was but should be now. Gremlin’s too, I believe, had plenty of Donald Trump foreshadowing. You know, the guy who makes love to the Gremlin at the end. They don’t show it, but it’s implied. I was horrified when I was a kid. Well, that guy’s based on Donald Trump. But yeah, gremlins. Like just now I brought up gremlins because here I am trying to scale up the size of the font so I can read it from where I’m sitting and the control button is actually now all the way down and won’t come back up, which is weird because the control button on my other computer in the other room is also busted, that one because I dropped the keyboard. Anyway, it’s the strangest thing. I just say Gremlins as a sort of a catch all explanation. All right, Lyndian says, release the Krack in pipes. Yeah, you can’t separate the crack in from the crack from the schism. And these divides, these political divides, it’s all connected. I haven’t think the Karen is somehow connected to it, with this crack in, this rising tide of resentment. I mean it’s on both sides. We can see how it’s being fed. But Anyway, I don’t take vacations. The missing says. I passed your channel along to my friends. You’ll know for sure that I’m not gone if you get on my podcasts. Just go to apple, audible, spotify, whatever you prefer. We’re on every single podcast platform out there. The cracking heads unbelievable. I knew it though, when Hunter Biden, I mean these names are so you know. Yeah, bow and hunter. Now one thing about Bow Biden, really quick here. Bo Biden died at forty six. He had something, what, a brain cancer or something, but the head and forty six, which is code. If you ask me, you’ll notice there’s a lot of this JFK symbolism. We should probably examine here. But Anyway, I just find it interesting that he dies at forty six and then his father becomes president forty six. And when Joe Biden was at that acceptance speech, he cried and he said it should have been Bo. Do you all remember that? I think to be a Democrat politician you have to build a cry on camera. It’s crazy. No, it’s like the Party of crisis actors. But Anyway, he actually said that. I think I have the quote here. President elect Joe Biden cries in emotional speech. Yeah, this is the one. He says bow should be the one running for president, not me. Now, when he says this, I just think this sounds like an inside joke, because when I look at Bo and I look at Joe, I’m like, wait a minute here. Why is it that President Joe Biden’s skull looks more like Bo Biden then Vice President Biden? What happened to Joe Biden? And I think we can all agree it’s not the same guy. CGI Joe is not the same guy. Well, my thinking here is that it might even be Bo in deep fake, and this might be some kind of a tell, a joke. Bo should be the one running for president. I mean that’s absurd, but anyway, it would be right at home with the kind of antics that we get, the kind of gas lighting and cognitive dissonance inducing psychodrama that we got from these politicians every day, to where now they’re literally dispensing crack pipes. So they really care about your health. All right, let’s see, let’s continue again. This is not a coincidenceial story. I think it’s tied into everything else, as you’ll see now. Yesterday we talked about Mac Parhar. Or now is it way? No Parhar or Mac Suxton, take your pick, because Mac Parhar, who supposedly died of Covid didn’t actually die of covid he got repurposed as an anti coop agitator and I have a pretty pretty good mashup of his voice and the Voice of the guy recording the old man being arrested for honking his horn. So the contention of the various people pointed this out is that Parhar is a death faker, you know, death fucker, and because he went by flat outs Fucker, fakes his death and then he comes back as some kind of anti cop agitator. So I’m going to play a clip here of Mac and the other guy’s voice juxtaposed. will start with MAC again. Interestingly enough, MAC Parhar kind of an Anagram for FARMICA and he goes up against big Farma. And also farmica is a name for the sacrificial victim in the ancient to the ancient Greeks, the Farmica, and if anything, he was a scapegoat, a sacrificial victim. Okay, let’s listen to Mac getting this these attacks like so many people getting sick, and is definitely not convent, but its convent doesn’t exist. So okay, so just a that’s just to remind you what he sounds like. And now here’s the other guy. That’s right, he’s he’s a supporter for Canadian freedom here. WHO CARES UP? They shouldn’t live in the capital of Canada. Then they’d better leave because until the mandates are ended, this is not going to stop. Stop harassing old man. You don’t have yeah, so, yeah, I would say it’s the same. To my ears it’s the same. No one is disputed it. But we’re on the case and we are looking Gobby, says Mac the truck trunking at the hunk acalypse. Every time I listen to the MSM types describing this trucker event, it’s just a big rally, it’s a it’s a it’s an antigovernment demonstration, or whatever you want to call it. Their anti mandates, but the media is trying to frame them up as crazy as trumpers, or queue and honors rather, and I do see some trump flags there, but whenever I see a trump flag or confederate flag you almost have to assume it’s an MS and plant in almost every single instance. Put a link in the chat if you want to subscribe to the twitter account and at the very top you can get on the list of people getting text message alerts. The missing says it’s a trump relly. Well, I think it’s the same people and I think there’s some symbolism here, as the queue and honors have been pointing out, and they’re not wrong in any of their objective points they make. It’s like, yeah, there is some sort of a storyline that they’ve been fed. But I remember at one point one of their things was it’s going to get biblical, and they kept pointing out trump and pence and trumpets and that the emergence of trump symbolizes this mass movement and it’s going to be biblical, etc. And they’re going to open the seals, punish the bad guys, release the advanced technology, all this Utopian stuff. But it’s this idea, of course, of a great awakening. Well, trump pens is not new and I think this hunking of the horns is the same kind of idea and I see people making these same connections. I mean you do have that contingent of people who believe that this is the apocalypse. It’s always the apocalypse, these people. I let me go and play a clip here from Tucker Carlson. Heh’ll course, is a mainstream media operative. I mean he’s not like a voice of reason or truth or sanity. Necessarily he is, but only in or on the insane world stage. But like everybody else, he’s very much in this metaverse, and you don’t need a headset to be in the metaverse. You just got to be a true believer in all the big lies. Let’s just play a clip here. Oh, so they’re not even really Canadians. They’re not seats, so you don’t have to hear anything they say. They don’t even belong here. Maybe we’ll in turn them or expel them. True. No, state broadcasters had been repeating these lies over and over and over, and so he’s just remarking on how Trudeau Castro is branding anybody a part of the trucker movement as racist. I mean, this is software already used to hear in America, where today it’s they kind of shifted it with a DHS and now they’re against you know, you have malware. Well, now they have mal information. Oh, you’re dealing in mal information, which makes you a terrorist. And melinformation means you’re critical of big government solutions, like carbon taxation perhaps, or even back that the whole idea of locking everything down. If you’re opposed to that on any level. Now you’re a terrorist, you’re mal informationist. So it’s not just disinformation, which might have a bias or it’s skewed for some objective, or misinformation not just wrong. Now it’s actually just harmful, toxic information. It’s like malware for the mind. I’m just pointing this out that, yes, Tucker Carlson, and by the way, before you think, look, Tucker Carlson seems like a nice guy and it seems like he has his head on straight. But let me bring this up. Tucker Carlson is friends with Hunter Biden and he had his son go to school with a letter that was penned for him by hunter. Here we go a leaked copy of an email exchange between Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson that suggests that the host asked the now president’s son too. Again, this was something about some kind of a favor. But my point being Tucker and Carlson have a close friendship. I would if they’ve taken any selfies together. You know, Hunter has all these weird selfies and it’s like, why is some fifty year old guy acting like he’s got some kind of and only fans account you know with all these weird pictures of imposing it’s like who wants to even see that? It all looks staged in fake it looked like simulated sex. It didn’t even look real, by the way. The crack pipe stuff even looked fake. And I’ve been told that that the crack pipe keeps saying in the news isn’t even crack pipe, that it’s a meth pipe. I don’t know the difference. But Anyway, I don’t want to offend anybody. I’m not ignorant of these things, but again, I just I’m not up to date on that. But yeah, apparently he says here Tucker got hunter to write a letter, a recommendation letter, for his son to get into a certain college. So at the same time that he’s attacking hunter over the laptop and the crap pipes, he’s basically saying get my son into Georgetown. He says, it’s Nice of you. I hope it’ll help. We’ll all get dinner soon. So ostensibly they all had dinner together. I they didn’t share crack pipes. I hope that they all got their own and that’s what they’re doing with this pipe distribution thing.

One crack pipe in every you know, the communists used to be a chicken in every pot. Now it’s a crack pipe in every pocket.

All right, let’s see here. Yet Mall Ware for the mind is how they’re describing it. Like if you get one of these ideas, it’s just going to screw you up and turn you into some kind of a barbarian with horns, dressed up in skins, covered in tattoos, running around at the spear.

Listen to this headline. Eleven year old gets physics degree, says he’ll use it to attain technological immortality. So we keep seeing this and even though it’s in all the movies and it’s unavoidable, there’s this apparent agenda to digitize consciousness and uploaded into the cloud. It sounds Nice, but I really think that this is a fraud. It’s a carrot on a stick. It’s a scam, just like outer space and space tourism and space mining. I think this is another scam and I think it works like this. So they’ve replaced the traditional religions with this new world order religion that everybody’s kneeling to, everybody has the garment on their face, everyone uses the New Holy Water, Aka Hand Sanitizer, and you’ve accepted. You’ve accepted that you have a carbon footprint, which is your original sin. You’ve also accepted that God’s mad at us and if we don’t change our wicked behaviors, God, I mean globe, is going to flood the world. So they’ve given you this entire replacement religion. They even brought back the devil in the form of Covid, who punishes the enemies of the God, and everybody loves it because they think that you are a heretic if you go against their priesthood. I mean, it’s a totally new religious paradigm that we’ve all been put into. So they’ve replaced transcendence now the idea of leaving your body and going to heaven and living forever without your carbon footprint, without your pollution, without having to make consumer decisions that are bad for the environment. No, you go into this new place, and so they’ve replaced heaven. They’ve replaced heaven with this digital transcendence. And what, of all religions have this in common, aside from like starting wars, etc. Religions of all promised falsely that they could hand you the keys to this eternal paradise. And so now we have the mainstream nwo religion getting into the business. So, yes, digital immortality not going to happen. Sorry. And there are so many dupes out there, like I can imagine people handing over their life savings to musk and you tell them, hey, the rich man cannot go into heaven anymore than a camel can pass through the eye of a needle. So if you’re going to go into our eternal metaverse, you’re going to recycle your body so it could be used for astrocrete, and your life savings will, of course, go into mine. So people will give up their money to go into heaven through Pope Elon and they’ll be given this digital transcendence in the metaphorse and your family can go up there and probably visit with you and they wouldn’t know it’s not the real you, that you were actually scammed out of your life savings and your body. That’s what I think. The diabolical plot behind this is that they’re they’re falsely promising a heaven that they can actually send you to, like if they actually get you in a rocket to send you to Mars, what do you think you’re going? You’re not go into that light up there in the sky. I can tell you that. More than likely, in my opinion, you’re going into deep space, which is, I think, deep, deep, underground, probably under Nevada or Colorado.

have any of you seen orbit or nine? One of this is a must watch. You know, I’ve been talking about this for some time. We need to come up with a list of must watch movies to Scifi Romance. Orbit nine at two thousand and seventeen science fiction romance and the whole movie is about this idea of somebody growing up in a simulation thinking that they’re traveling to and distant exoplanet when they’re actually beneath the military base. And the idea here in this movie is that the powers that be decided they need a condition, an entire generation to be ready to live in captivity in case they need to send people to a distant planet. So it’s kind of like an ARC. Well, the people in the arc don’t know that they’re in an arc. They actually think they’re in deep space. I mean, it’s a great movie and I don’t think it’s all that far off the socalled late, I mean, is he dead? Robert David Steele, the late Robert David Steel died of covid after saying it wasn’t real. He claims that when he was in the CIA he found evidence that NASA was trafficking children to Mars and have been for decades. and NASA responded to these claims, which he just kind of blurted out on Info wars and ELX didn’t even ask him to elaborates, like okay. Well, NASA responded to Robert David Steele’s claims that there were slave children being shipped to Mars. They actually had their public relations come out. In my MMM, NASA officially denies that it’s running a child slave trafficking operation and has slave colonies on Mars. So why do they have to come out and deny it? NASA spokesperson forced to deny that space agency has put a colony of child’s sex slaves on Mars. NASA denies it’s running a child slave colony on Mars. See Net. NASA promises there aren’t any child slaves on Mars. So again this was started by Robert David Steel. Children kidnapped for Mars slave colony. Again this idea started by steel. So that being kidnapped and sent to space on a twenty year ride and when they get there they’ll have no alternative but to be slaves in the colony. So, anyway, this idea has been put out there and they laughed it off, but I thought, well, you know what, what if they’re not actually being sent off in a craft to some distant light in the sky, whether they’re actually being put into a hyper loop that simulates space travel, and perhaps there are children on quote Mars, and maybe Mars is just one of these areas, perhaps out there in the uncharted waters, some Epsteinian type island situation. All right, going through some comments. Snow Piercer are I’m glad you brought that up. Land On. The movie snow Piercer has these people living in a train, which is weird in itself, going in a big circuit around the world, and the world is frozen because of global warming. It’s another one of these movies that’s meant to be a metaphor for just meant to like be sort of a microcosm for our society, specifically America, and how we’re ruining the world and how now it’s we’re living in a closed system and it’s zero sum game for one person to get rich, someone else has to be poor and they have to have this leveling to make everything fair. Anyway, all these movies have the same theme, but the idea of putting people into a vehicle and simulating space level is the idea in orbit or nine? Okay, let’s see here. Salty Siren says, I just got a strike on Tick Tock. Interesting. I wasn’t sure if tick tock was regulated or regulatable. Interesting. Okay. Well, I got two channels taken down on Youtube backtoback, one of them while we were live. So real time, live, we’re sitting here just communicating and chatting and somebody over there youtube headquarters is literally crying into a clean x because of something that I’ve said or something that you wrote, and they decide we got to pull the plug on this channel. We can’t have this out there. All right, let’s continue here. You all remember about Castle Rock, this idea that the entire q and on thing that they put it forth, that there’s a castle rock studio and that the entire Biden administration thing is fake and all that. I’m kind of waiting. Is Anybody going to actually go out there and check? I keep saying things in my twitter feed I see so much bad hopium out there, not that I care, but there are still people waiting for this great revelation to occur, and I think we figured it out. I think it’s a carrot on a stick that never gets fulfilled. And weirdly enough, I think you could make the case that to the queue and honors, this JFK does represent a a savior and it’s a replacement for Jesus. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s almost blasphemous in back if you really want to get into it. The adulation they have for Donald Trump is in itself kind of bizarre, but they do actually have this this belief that revelations was reversed and that the antichrist is the good guy and the Anti Christ gets a head wound in revelations thirteen, which they suggest is JFK, who didn’t die according to them, and it’s a miracle. So they worship him, just like in the book. So yeah, the queue and honors are actually sort of worshiping the antichrist in a weird way. Anyway, things are getting strange, and this is all intentional. I kind of think intelligence agencies, that these intelligence agencies are behind a lot of the nonsense. Like where would anybody put these things together into a cohesive story? The only place I can find where JFK or someone from the Kennedy’s was rumored to be alive, that there was going to be some sort of a comeback, was miles math is actually has something on that and it’s called the hidden kings of camelot, ruling from the caves of Merlin, and his notion is that the Kennedy’s essentially did in fact survive, or JFK his death was faked, and that they’re all operating off some island and they’re using media to basically hide this fact and and they release it in plain sight with these cubric films. I mean it’s it’s super convoluted however you look at it, but my point is all these strange beliefs are being attached to this group. And then you have this q and on guy who’s now the face of the movement, and there are more queue and honors coming out and killing people. That’s another one of these recurring themes which they’re kind of just using this broad brush. So you have the guy who stabbed his kids on the anniversary of the Manson killings will. Here’s another. One man kills his wife after q and on members told him she was a CIA asset involved in sex trafficking. This is in Michigan. Some guy kills his wife. Now check this out. All right, podcast are charged over arsenal of full automachine guns, so this is probably another setup. But this is a guy who literally lives in his mother’s basement and I think they arrested his father as well. So you have a father and son with no criminal background. And this is important, I think, because they’re trying to suggest that people have been so radicalized by politics, that the far right people are so far gone. You can hear the let the language that Trudeau is using. They’re crazy, they’re racist, they’re dangerous. So now they bring out all these characters who are openly calling for violence. So we’ll see what happens with this trucker thing. But Anyway, I don’t trust any of these reports that these are actual people. They’re making these bold claims that they’re willing to commit violence. I think we’re looking at obvious sting operations. But listen to this character and tell me if you think it again. Another point again, no criminal background so they trying to convey the idea that the people who are to be feared are people who haven’t ever committed anything, but you might ascertain that they might be dangerous based on what they believe. So that’s kind of what they’re suggesting here. Another one of these again, a covid Akbar Robert Lemay, anti VACs Washington state trooper who railed at Jay Insley dies after covid battle. So here you have another person who who, I think he was fired. He refused the JAB and they fire him. After being fired, he dies of Covid and then, of course, the media gets to grave dance. Very typical, in my opinion. More than likely, we’re looking at a a SI up says he refused the VACs, he got fired and then uploaded a video where he said kiss my ass and then he died. Anti vaxx COP who told government to kiss his ass dies after a battle with covid. Again, this is probably an actor, but let’s go and check out his video. Here he was made into something of a hero and I guess now he’s a Marty years of serving the citizens of the state of Washington. You know, asked to leave because I am dirty, numerous fatalities, injuries. Have worked sick, I’ve played sick. We bared lots of friends over these years. Like to thank you, guys. I like to thank the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the valley. Without you, guys, I would have been very successful and you’ve kept me safe and got me home in my family every night. Okay, so we’re listening to the state trooper. This is his final statement. He recorded it. It’s a Washington State Trooper and he tells Governor J Insley to kiss his posterior and he drops the MICAS he can kiss my ass. So that was his final word. He drops his Mike. He’s fired. Well, now he’s dead. So again I would suggest, I would pause it, that this thing was an act from the beginning. So many crisis actors. I don’t believe these are legitimate. These people who are making making a stand like this and then being taken down, are you know it’s meant to demoralize. Just ask me. So here’s a mash up again. If you have any information about the person who recorded the old man getting arrested for honking his horn, the guy holding the camera does appear to be Mac par heart back from the dead. That’s really a big story if you think about it, considering how popular a figure he was, and I’m willing to be wrong if anybody can prove me wrong on this. We’ve been wrong before, I think once like you remember that time we thought Alex Jones was dressed up as an old man acting kind of bizarrely at the Flat Earth Conference and it looked like elex Jones with a fake beard on. It wasn’t him, but it was so close. We were on that for a week and I had to actually track that person down. Well, same with this one. Like I’m pretty sure that we were hearing Mac Parhar again. The way, no, no sex in a flat earth. I’m pretty sure you’re hearing his voice. I’ll play it again if you haven’t heard it. And all we know is it was a quote bystander. They don’t identify the bystander by name. The Guy who recorded this is not identified in the reports that I’ve been able to find. They shouldn’t live in the capital of Canada. Then they’d better leave, because until the man dates are ended, this is not going to stop. Stop harassing old man. You don’t have to show in anything against a lot he does or what? Hey, what did you so we need visual confirmation. I agree, we need visual confirmation, but you know, it’s open. It’s open for discussion if you know something we don’t know. But this would be par for the course and it would be in the minimum. It would be interesting to be amusing, you know, because we’ve seen this so many times, that somebody we know has actually come back from the dead on the world stage, and that really just shows how fake everything is. People take things for granted. So yesterday we talked about the Gaspacho police, angry goop bloods, and then way no, Parhar. Yeah, angry, good bloods. You Have James Carville saying that if you’re a if you’re a pure bloody, wants to punch you in the face, is what he said. Nasty people, these, these are people who want to basically, I mean they’re one step away from putting you into a quarantine camp. And there’s such hypocrites, because if you really believed in the science, you would be locking down without needing to be told to. And is anyone here? I’m all in favor of this. Is everyone else here in favor of mandatory helmets for people with three plus VACs, as if you get three vases, you get two voosers after that first one. I think you ought to wear a helmet for about six weeks. Too many people in falling and hitting their heads. Ok, this will some covid sufferers lose their sense of smell forever? Half the people catch the virus may suffer long term changes to their senses. Will they be able to smell the BS? Isn’t amazing how they can just drop everything? They can just reverse the science when the polls suggest that it might adversely affect their mid term election outcome. It’s all political thing. I think we all know this. By the way, yesterday we talked about predicted programming for eleven and all the JFK connections with the Kubrick films, and at the Overlook Hotel the manager is Stewart Ullman. Stewart Ullman is clearly based on JFK. I have them on my screen. Someone had asked yesterday and go through your comments Ak all day. Twenty three. Twenty three, says Mac needs to call in and verify it wasn’t him. Yeah, let me go ahead and open phones. A three, three, three, one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. I’ll get the voice sales to but yeah, it’d be nice if Mac could call in and just verify for sa man, is that you? You? You would think they move up. You would think that death fakers go to crisis actor island where they get the hidden tech and they could just watch us burn as they live it up because they served the elite. But no, most of these crisis actors get repurposed into even crappier gigs, like they’re just bottom rung. They really are bottom wrong illuminati operatives show business for ugly people as politics. But what do you call crisis acting? You know who ends up a crisis actor? Who Thought? You know, someday I want to. I mean the easiest thing in the world is a play dead. You don’t even have to be an actor. Okay, phones are officially open. Eight three, three, three one one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and I think deep fakes are a threat to job security for crisis actors everywhere. You just go to this person does not existcom and you’ve got a face people can cry over. Okay, so the Alt right podcaster with the arsenal of full automachine guns is thirty two, probably thirty three, but they know that we called the stuff out, so they change it. Lives in his mother’s basement. His name is Burger, and Burger’s father, Joseph Raymond Burger, was arrested alongside. See, you’re dealing with a couple of podcasters and basement dwellers, and this is all important because the basement is the new cave. You know, you have terrorist cells in caves, when now you have in cells in basements with guns. They’ve just done this full replacement, armed to the teeth. All right, podcasters. So now podcasters. It’s not a live streamer, it’s a podcaster, meaning he’s probably on spotify. We’re Joe Robin said the N Word Fourteen years ago. Infinite Plane Radio. Hey, grieving, this is a liqui split. How you do pretty good there. What do you think about this altright podcaster in his Mama’s basement with too many guns, making threat fed or legit? I think I’m going to go play it safe. And they said on that. But I mean, like I said, wouldn’t be living in their parents basement. So like the story must be Fak also right, like that’s sad to getting paid some good money. So well, I think they pay these agents to live out a store storyline. Like, for example, did you, okay, you’re familiar with Flat Earth Falker, Aka Death Fokker, at Mac Parhar? Did you hear the voice of the guy who was haranguing the police who are trying to arrest the man for honking? Did you hear that guy, and did you not agree that he said? Yeah, yeah, but so, yeah, yeah, but so, if I may, like you’ve seen my Avatar on my youtube arrest Podesta. So like what you’re talking about actually like reminiscent of a piece of gate stuff where there was a video that went around quite up for a while based off Podesta’s voice, where like he’s torturing his child in a fucking bath tub or shower or something, and they like tested it like against like an audio voice recording tester or whatever, and they like Matt St up and it was like a whole big thing and I guess what, like it went away. So I mean the argument’s been done and like it’s not going to go anywhere. I have like doubt it. Yeah, well, if it’s true, I hope at least he got promoted, you know, because but you know, it’s again it. It’s not something we’re ever going to know for sure, but at least you would agree with me that it’s within the realm of possibility. Absolutely, absolutely, like, listen, like these people are capable of anything for God’s things, but they have all the money power to do whatever they want. But so I call them because you’re talking about q and Like I have my my pretty much like my sister in law here and she’s like talking about how I how is this different? Okay, well, look, the que thing, the whole que story, and that’s part of the script, because you cannot separate the JFK narrative of JFK, fake dyne and coming back from Cubrick, because Kubricks film specifically is White Shot, which was released on sixteen, the day that JFK JR supposedly crashed, and the date that Apollo eleven took off from Kennedy. All these Kennedy connections. Well, it’s implied that the main character, Tom Cruise, plays in eyes white shot is JFK Jr. So No, there’s the cute thing. Cannot just be dismissed. It is part of the big story. But do I believe that JFK literally going to come back? Yeah, right, the Meta script is like within the Meta script, but like, as you just saw, like the documentary on that leg squ’re like it’s about Q as like talking about how crazy everybody is because they’re like Oho, they read into the number seventeen and it came up to you and like you don’t get on the phone right now, but okay, well, listen to this though, Fox. So General, Flynn, is that this q event posing in front of this board that has a queen and it has a seven card. So what do you get? Seventeen Q. It’s undeniable that this has been put out there. Dawn junior use the term. He used the number seventeen in his speech on six that he gave when he was hyping people up. He used seventeen and trace to q. So there is a they’re they’re the queue and honors. Aren’t delusional or crazy, they are following something. But my question is, you know, who are they riding and what? Right, right, right, right, and like as I have through out there also, it’s like there are certain numbers that actually have like legit subscent of meeting to themselves like a sixty six or thirty three, but I guess I haven’t seen is like a new thing on the block. You know. It’s not like a woods get numbers. It is but color back and number. If you look back, weirdly enough there are seventeens surrounding JFK JR from the time that he was a child. Beneath his father’s desk. There’s dad was giving him bubble gum against his mom’s wishes. The Queue and honors have gone deep into the JFK photo albuming. They have all the anecdotes out there. They call it Kennedy Sunday and every Sunday they spam twitter with pictures of the Kennedy’s and speeches. And we’re waiting. They always say we’re ready when you are. Where we go on, we go all. So they’re literally every Sunday they’re saying JFK’s coming back Sunday again. I think this is a neo Christian cult. Sun Worship, son King, worship the Sun King’s going to regenerate and come back from the dead. I think this is a script that they’ve fallen for. So every Sunday they’re worshiping him as a it’s literally. They say it’s the bloodline of Christ. So it’s Jesus Kennedy. There were they’ve they’ve turned him into a deity. Have you watched this q related whatever documentary or something? I think it’s on that. What is it? Netflix? HBO, Prime, on Netto to saying Amazon prime, Amazon prime. Is it the one with Ron watchings and is disgusting. Dad. She’s say I’m from a a Ron Watkins that named the ring of a name for you. Now, Vanessa ourn. All right, I shouldn’t say that. I sn’t has doctor Shit. Okay, I don’t. My show was going to fucking come after me. Well, looks, I didn’t say Vanessa. I’m sorry, I did not say that. There’s a there’s anyway. There’s a document I didn’t hear anything. There’s a documentary on HBO. Okay, good, good, and they try to suggest form of upont of documentary. That’s the summers, the pot of that documentary. Okay, okay. So she that’s watched there until like she’s coming at me with all these questions and Shann it’s like any Y, I’m telling here to Collin, but she won’t. They don’t even they don’t even identify Q. They they show that Ron Watkins is the only guy to have interacted with Q. They show how this thing originated. But you know, it doesn’t get everything right at all and Q has not been ducks by the MSM. But you know, and I know, who is behind the George. Can we say it, like on this Goddamn fucking stream? Can we say can? I think I’ll say it. I’m gonna say it. I’m guy. There I go, fucking MTTV. Fuck you, Marcus Goldfinch. We fucking know who you are, you fucking piece of Shit. So I’m going to say and people try to say it’s a quantum computer. I’ve gotten that too from other people. It’s like now it well, but then people want to differentiate between q and q an on the right, like we have that look all yell here for their attempt at nuance. Here. We know what the whole script is the yes, I think I right. Yes, yes, your point to your point. Yes, we know it’s Marcus Goldfinch, works for the trumps. We know for a fact he is the source for the q drops. He’s FBI and on. We have it all. It’s out there. It’s going to come down very soon in fact, I think vice is going to run with this. So when Goldfinch gets docks, the whole Kemiative is going. I gotta Stop You. No, no, I gotta Stop You on that, though, because vice is not gonna do it. Because I just learned this recently. Lena, when that cattle, I say it in a non way. That’s going to get his band from me saying it. She’s oriental culture. I know you’re talking about the medical senior analyst. Yeah, she’s W yes, and her her her husband is her husband is a fucking vice reporter, editor or whatever the fuck. So you know, vice is always going to spend things the way they want to do it. But yeah, she’s the one that was like we should coerce everybody into taking the backs, like don’t let them write the train, don’t let them fly in a plane. I know, you know when we all know he’s WFA. We know her back, okay, the good old days of the Hellshan days, of the Boston bombing. She was there. Yeah, yes, exactly, you know, you know, but I mean I look. Yeah, question though, is, so is all right? Is Vanessa a future or is she a critic of it? I know she’s just like a, like a, like a, how do I say it nicely? She’s just like she orange man died or she pro troum like, what does she think? Is She on the que side or she against it? And he do you know? NPC? Anyway, Hey, I appreciate the called very much, myn hey haven. Yeah, I will, I’ll see way. Yeah, all right, he called into dogs his family members. Let’s see here. Gubby says ninety nine point nine, nine, nine nine nine percent of the goldfinch photos are gone from the Internet. Yeah, Lean, do you on? You’re right about this. Vice scrubbed the MGTV hoggy thing. So, if you’re not familiar with this, the person who docksed David Hog as a crisis actor was a channel known as MGTV, Marcus Goldfinch TV. Well, anyway, MGTV had made mainstream news. It was on vice, it was on every major outlet out there, and they said why is this guy’s video trending? And Youtube apologized. You can look this up. Youtube actually apologize for this video that should not have trended and they said the problem was conspiracy video trending on Youtube. This is what started the censorship agenda, if you ask me. Let me bring this up really quick as we’re getting really close to the anniversary, the hoax of versary. Yeah, a bizarre parkland video topped Youtube trending this morning. So this video, February twenty one, two thousand and eighteen. This is on the verge of bizarre Parkland video topped youtubes trending list based on a conspiracy theory that the Parkland high school shooting survivor is an actor. It received two hundred thousand views before Youtube removed it. So that video was uploaded by the person who went by MGTV at that time and then he was rep urpoised into q and on anonymous Q. Go to youtubecom slash anonymous Q and it’ll take you to George News, a White House affiliated news organization. That, yes, that’s his anyway, it used to have on all of these articles. It used to have a link to his channel or it would referenced MGTV and they scrubbed it. It has been scrubbed on every single news article and we’ve gone through the histories to find out, you know, what they changed it from and it was scrubbed. They removed his name and this is uniform and of course a number of us have looked into this, wondering who’s protecting this guy. So, yes, they don’t want you to know, because you can actually file follow the the bread crumbs and you can see how this person became affiliated with the q and on and then became George News and then, as George News, which was JFK Juniors magazine, he began disseminated the story that the Kennedy’s are coming back. So if you know anybody who’s drinking the q laid about JFK coming back. They got it from Goldfinch MGTV. Not only do I have a hundred percent proof, but I’ve already filed at twenty three page damage complained against him for four years of cybers stocking and identity theft. I’ve talked to the FTC, the FBI and even local cyber crimes and I’m going to have this person prosecuted, probably for the Greefelony. I have him in an email with headers admitting not just to identity theft and wire fraud, but actually sharing copies of an email he sent to Youtube’s legal department in order to falsely claim trademarks over my name and my voice. That’s identity theft. So That’s a fourth grief felony. I’m agitating to get this guy arrested because once he is more fun for us, because I will file that damage claim in the civil suits and, as you’ll see, will bring this channel back up to where it should be. There was a point where we were Gett when I first started. You know, we’ve gained two thousand subs a month. Just accumulate. Sometimes it would. I think we gain eleven thousand subs and six weeks a couple years ago. But whenever we reach that level of momentum, that’s when we get the strikes. But this time we’re going to be strike resistant, and the way we’re going to maintain that is if everyone here gets on the text message alerts. If you go to my twitter profile, it’s real Tim Osman at the very top. I put it there conveniently for everyone here. At the very top it has a link to opt into text message alerts. I’m trying to get three hundred plus people on there so that whenever we start a live stream with open phones, we have hundreds of callers prepared to call in. We’re also going to be getting on to tick tock very soon. I’m going to be expanding again with restream, which will put us on dozens of platforms. will be on four different youtube channels. Again, strikes are lifting, so we’re going to turn everything back up quite a bit here in the coming days and we’re going to get on tip tick tock, live stream on tick tock, but I want to do a segment specifically for that platform where we limit the calls to specific topics, to maybe one minute to three minutes, and then those calls will be excised and uploaded to that other platform. So just a heads up we’re going to be doing some new things. This is a tweet of mine from a few months ago that’s been retweeted, so I have to share it. Matt Lucas, a comedian, and his boyfriend are deep faking it, as Boris Johnson and his now thirty three year old wife, Carrie Simmons, who’s already been exposed as a Satanist, as a the Lee Mite. So when you get down to it, though, it’s pretty obvious that his x, that Max Matt Lucas has x, didn’t actually die. But since Matt got a new GIG and a new wig and he’s going to play this role, they had to do something, so they had him basically become the girl that would then become the wife of Bojo. So cats out of the bag, Matt Lucas and Boris Johnson, and he’s married to Matt Lucas’s ex boyfriend. Gubby says the good old days are coming back. Yeah, and this time we’re far more resilient, far more buoyant. I think we’ve reached critical mass. I really do. All right, let’s continue. It’s just go ahead and proves the headline. So, yeah, another anti vaxer publicly dies after flaunting the mandate. This is just this is a scapegoat tail. It’s just meant to send an example or set an example, like look what happens when you say kiss my ass to the governor and his mandates. You Die and then we get to put you on all of our papers, like the daily beast and the daily beast, and I think the work there. You have to literally sell your soul to the Beast Matrix. All of the people there are soulless, they’re all PSYOP reinforcers. They fake stuff, they push all the fake news, they push all the main say ups, and the daily beast is totally evil. They infiltrated our discord server, they misrepresented a lot of our ideas and they just published a book. One of the writers published a book called off the edge, which will be out in eleven days and I think it’s going to be a significant hit piece against not just the flat earth topic but anybody who even looks into alternative news. It’s going to be, I think, a call towards possibly even censorship. Will See im in the writers a total fascist. Seventy three seven says we live in a Panoptacon. Yeah, absolutely all right. Let’s see Q and on grifter, claim she can time travel, is running for office in Ohio. Will Brian Floris be the coaching Oh, okay, the coaching equivalent of Kaepernick. Yeah, you have this drama coming up with Kaepernick, who’s now hanging out with Spike Lee. I saw him getting heckled, and now you have Brian Floris. This is all the same thing. This rift because the NFL is such a an important institution and it’s so significant culturally, and now here we are Super Bowl weekend and now they’re saying, why hasn’t the NFL leveled the plane field for black coaches? So this is again being brought up against the backdrop of Rogan and his his public shaming attempt by apparently Kaepernick’s attorney doing a mashup of all of Joe Rogan’s use of certain word and of course, you know, you can, you can argue that it was in poor taste for him to have said these things, etc. But I’m telling you, the timing of it is what stands out to me. That’s the most important thing. I mean, I don’t even listen to old Joe Rogan archives to be offended. I would never have come across that. And they’re digging, by the way. That’s the thing that they have to dig. But I think he’s probably complicit. I think it’s a public fall from grace and I think it’s intended to drive a wedge. It’s all about that crack the schism. Okay, let’s go Majori. Cameron says, Gaspacho, police are spying. Yeah, this story is a kind of blown out of proportion. But majority green, of course, is a leading figure in the Republican Party. Everything is kind of been ramped up towards crazy these days. Falling cubesats, okay, forty cub sets of fallen NASAs saying that spacex satellites are now a danger, and they’re saying that SPACEX could in fact end up killing astronauts. Now China complains that our government hasn’t done enough to regulate musk who is all but started off world war three. China accuses us of mismanagement of Musk’s satellite risks. Then we have this continued attack against free speech, and this is why they’re going after podcasting, the decentralization of disinformation, and again they’re using the term nout mal information. It’s actually MDM, Mal disc and misinformation. The DHS is looking for DVS with their MDM, domestic violent extremists. With your dismel and misinformation. Milo Yanopolis, Alex Jones and others are off the mainstream platforms, but their messages are still spreading online. I love how they pretend like elex Jones isn’t mainstream or that Milo Yanapolis is somehow a counter to the MSM. These guys are partisan puppets. They’re nowhere near having a grasp on reality, but that’s again the part of the show business of politics. By the way, Milo Yanopolis admitted to being a in favor of paederasty just kind of. He threw it out there on a podcast. I don’t think he’s ever recovered from that. But yeah, here’s a strange character representing Republicans for a time and parading around in a bus wearing a Tutu, doing drugs and publicly describing himself as a degenerator. was just really bizarre. But he kind of disappeared. So but anyway, again I think they point out these characters as though they represent everybody else, like the Q and on Shaman is somehow our spokesperson. If you don’t watch MSM, yeah, you follow that guy with the Viking outfit in the spear. So anyway, we’re looking at disinformation onlines not going away. Conspiracy minded characters have been driven to platforms. They’ve been driven off twitter, but they’ve been driven to other platforms. So again, it’s not enough for them to get your offensive speech out of their sight, out of their range of hearing. No, they want it to not exist. They don’t want you to have your own platform. It’s not I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. It’s not a free market of ideas with these people. They will push you to the fringe and then they will shrink the universe of ideas and then the fringe gets pushed off the edge. We saw this after Christchurch. Salty Siren says JFK’s the Queen and drag you know, Um, that’s probably hard to substantiate. I think they have some crossed timelines, but I don’t know. You know, the Queen stands out to me as the only person affiliated with the entire collection of people in the black eye club who doesn’t have a black eye and never has. Seventy three seven says, so what about? Were in a war with Russia and China? Why are the truckers messing up the supply chain? Five minutes of fame, says, we have too many problems to worry about Joe Rogan. Yep, no, it’s all political theory. We know this. These are people who are put up there. It’s all part of a chess game. And think one the promos for the chess for the Super Bowl actually has a chess game. Okay, phones are open. Eight three, three, three, one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. If you have any miss discs or MEL information, we can discuss it here. Fiery death of space x starling satellites captured on video and, as I’ve been saying, this is going to be a thing. Now it’s a thing forty two years after Skylab, now they’ve made falling space junk and satellites falling from space a real thing. It’s actually unprecedented. But we we’ve been prepared for this. We’ve already set the stage for this. Let mean they’ve already the stage. We just kind of called it out like well, this is what they’re doing, and now it’s real. So the next thing is, when do they start dropping stuff on people’s houses? I mean they’ve already had space rocks falling through people’s homes and the last time we had, when happened prior to the most recent, was in like one thousand nine hundred and fifty six and in Alabama it went through some ladies roof, bounced off the radio hitter on the thigh. The mayor shows up with the chief of police for a photo up so fake it looked like they rubbed lipstick on her leg. Oh that’s with a space rock hitter. Well, recently in Canada a space rock seen as a ball of fire falling from the sky puncture a hole through a woman’s roof and landed on the pillow next to her. Luckily she was single and nobody died. But it’s like wait, how does a fireball from space punch a hole through a roof and not bounce off the bed? So we’ve been calling out the fakery and how this story is evolving and how people aren’t going to be able to tell the difference. And there’s so much in Netflix and in the movies predicting stuff falling from the sky. I’m like, look, if space force is doing drills for it, if the leading Netflix and Amazon films and the most popular films moonfall and don’t look up, all have copious imagery of base infrastructure falling to Earth, then it’s going to happen, because that’s what they do. They plant the seeds in the imagination of the masses and then they pulled off of the news because your overton window has been blown off its frame. You’ll be ready for anything. You know, I would I would not be surprised if they could literally manifest a crack in Krack in and just have it show up in CGI and people think it’s real. Oh yeah, crack and took down the space needle, big old tentacle right out of the Ocean. Gubby says. Vaccine opponents in the US may launch actions to block traffic to the Super Bowl this weekend, writes the Associated Press. Right, and I think it is interesting to how the truckers and their honking has become such a like the face of this, because it does seem reminiscent of maximum overdrive. And, by the way, the subtext to maximum overdrive, like most Stephen King Films, is Communist Revolution. That’s pretty much the story. People into the stairs, you know, it’s always the same, always, always, environmentalism. An innocent princess says, we know what’s going on. Is Their Meteorite Insurance Right? You know, that’s kind of an interesting point here, because if you don’t believe in meteors, if you don’t believe in space rocks, if you don’t wear your helmet, your anti sign hands, put on your helmet. What are you anti science? Look at all these flat Earth’s here, the not wearing helmets. Like so they’re not wearing masks anymore because the mandate lifted, but now they’re going to wear helmets. And you don’t wear helmets, you’re know, an idiot. Well, the thing is they have such a vested interest in the public believing in this, and I probably shouldn’t be saying this, like we need to go ahead and open up our own side up department because we have so many possibilities here. But I’d be super easy to fake it. I just need five or six friends to all say, Oh, yeah, we saw a ball of light falling from the sky. Someone it’s going to have to have a whole punctured in their roof. You’ll have a charcoal brisket on your pillow. You call the news, because they’re all just credulous automatons and just hey, news media, space rock punctured a home, my roof. Luckily it didn’t kill me. It’s right here and they will show up and they will treat it like it’s real, because they have a vested interest on not associating hoax ory with this agenda. You could even fake space junk. Mean there’s really no limit here. What are they going to do? Call it fake? NOPE, innocent princess says flat earth is not preposterous. It really isn’t if you think about it, but you’re not supposed to. DHS says Covid missinformation is inspiring terrorism but doesn’t provide any evidence. Well, they never really let facts get in the way of a good story. If there is evidence, they would have showed it here. So yes, misinformation, according to the DHS says, the US remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, an online environment filled with misleading narratives, conspiracy theories, Miss Disc and Malinformation, md M, introduced and amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction and so discord. Watch them come after discord next. In fact, I have seen discord circulating notices saying you were a member in a board that was down for misinformation. I’ve actually seen that. And when they say in a DHS report that the threat actors that are spreading the malinformation are sewing discord, that could be a bit of what I would call meme warfare. Like, for example, parlor. You had the the parlor shooter there in Atlanta who shot up a few of these massage parlors and he turned out to be a right wing shooter, one of these racist in cell types. My point is they called him the parlor shooter. At the same time, parlor was a viable alternative to twitter and facebook. It’s an alternative for people who don’t want to be part of these censored platforms. But then parlor was shut down, Amazon pulled its servers. Parlor was under attack at the same time that the parlor shooter who was ostensibly radicalized on parlor. So anyway, I saw that as a sign. Hey, look, they’re going after these websites and they will demonize the label, the titles. So you know, you just have these labels they put out there. We see this all the time. They did it with Kyle Rittenhouse. The day that he was let go, they drop you know, he was free and on that day another Kyle Rittenhouse gets arrested for very bad stuff involving children. So I’m like, wait a minute here, what are the odds that Kyle gets free and anybody searching Kyle Rittenhouse is going to find another article about some perve with the same name, probably fake news. So anyway, I think discord is being targeted. So I’m not surprised to see that they’re watching out for disinformationists sewing discord. Summary of terrorism threat to the US homeland so you notice how it used to be Quran, the terrorists with the geehod on their brain, who want to commit holy war, they want to blow things up for, you know, because it’s the Great Satan. Well, that’s all been replaced and we’ve talked about this quite a lot, but it’s very obvious now. The base is the name for the White Nationalist Movement. Al Kaita, translates to the base. They’ve replaced this radical Quran fanatic with radical q and on fanatics doing the killing. No coincidence is here. So now they’ve replaced the idea, of course, of these alien threats, these terrorist threats from outside, with domestic violent extremists. And why are they issuing this right now, as the military is carrying out exercises in North Carolina where they’re simulating combat against domestic violent extremists? Anyway, they put out these bulletins, they hype up this because they want the public to accept whatever patsy they put out there whenever they do what they’re going to do. This is going to be very interesting weekend. I’m going to be live covering tomorrow and Sunday. Obviously, sleep your random says, just smoke a little crack. Don’t be anti science. Yeah, get your crack booster. What are you? A conspiracy theorist? Let’s see here. Tunak says we need art from Cincinnatia to call in the night before Super Bowl. Yeah, absolutely, the art of thinking out loud. Yes, absolutely, because Cincinnati. Let’s get into that really quick. Bangles. Thirty three years ago they were in the Super Bowl, so it’s the first time in thirty three years. That’s probably significant. Thirty three is the order out of chaos number. I also think it’s noteworthy that China is ramping up their action in outer space, launching more things. They’re more derisive of musk. They’re basically hitting the space war drums. They’re going to take over low earth orbit. In my opinion, they have their own space station they’re completing. So it’s Year of the tiger something this is interesting. This is, of course, year of the tiger and it’s the first time in thirty three years the bangles have been in the Super Bowl. So I don’t know, I kind of think that this is suggestive that maybe this week and we might see something interesting, and I also think that China is behind most, if not all, of these or they’re part of this Sioup entertainment complex, but specifically behind blm. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I can’t breathe, which is like an unofficial slogan. I can’t breathe as an Anagram for a better China, and I think there’s some kind of China fent in all connection. We could probably make there. But the main thing is the Blm is obviously the vanguard of our communist revolution here. So you got the the Covid the environmentalist, and then you have this war on the police. We have these activists who are basically the vanguard, the the the fodder there the front, and this was this is so easy to see, you know, especially if you you read with the weather underground had to say. But you can kind of see how they’re constantly using the same kind of phrases. I can’t breathe has also been applied to the environment. We can’t breathe because the air is being contaminated, we can’t breathe because the oppression. And then in that movie moonfall, the space debris is tearing up the atmosphere so that for a period of time they can’t breathe, and there’s a scene where child is saying I can’t breathe, and then the father has to give up his mask for the young one to breathe again. Again. It’s all just part of this bigger story and you can’t separate that. I can’t breathe from environmentalism, from communist overthrow, from a better China, the whole build back better thing. So yes, I think there’s something to it. From a metascript perspective, somebody found this too. In ipet goat to there is a scene where character has a tiger on their back. Infinite Plane Radio. Okay, Hey, can you hear me now? Yeah, okay, good, sorry about that. I had a mute that window. Any expectations for the super bowl or are you just watching for the satanic ritual at halftime? Oh my God, that’s see what I was gonna say. Yeah, the I want to see the halftime show, for sure. It’s just I have a man. I’m just wondering what they’re going to do, because all of these numbers, all of these snakes, the tiger, the bangles, the thirty three years, so that the halftime shows got to be over the top exactly. And then I look who’s involved and you got snoop Dogg, and snoop dog is a party to too many death fakers in the industry. He’s an insider if anybody is. So the fact that he’s part of the top entertainment complex and he’s here at the Super Bowl, I think something is probably going to happen and based on last year super bowl performance, by the weekend I think it might be something bloody. If you remember last years the weekend running around with the head wound of all things. Who knows. Who knows what it’s going to be now. Didn’t somebody just post that snoop dog got charged for some kind of sex assault or something? Was that a recent occurrence? Assault and trafficking? He said it’s gold digger season and I looked into it and that was an accusation from two thousand and thirteen. So it might be true. It wouldn’t shock me necessarily, but I’m sure there’s more to it. But the timing of it is interesting. So I’m going to probably just say innocenttil proven guilty, but we’ll see what happens because never ending culture war, they’re always trying to tear down these idols that they’ve built up. Well, right before this big ritual thing to this is going to be really interesting to watch. Yeah, and this idea that the truckers might disrupt it. See, I was thinking that maybe blm might disrupt it because of the Amre lock thing, that maybe there’d be some kind of you know, how can we engage this now? Weird. Where did that trucker story come from? That? I don’t know. That sounds kind of like somebody just threw something out there randomly. Yeah, you know, I’ve seen a few things here on twitter. I’ve seen some people suggesting that there might be, but I don’t think there’s like any kind of political will for it. But the DHS said it, as reported in the NPR, DHS as truckers may protest at the Super Bowl outside the SOFI stadium in La Ond and thirteen. So Homeland Security is expecting it. And Pr Huh, and I pr well, MPR CBS News, BBC Newsweek, USA Today and CNN. and to me, if the DHS is saying it, it means that they’re probably going to have some kind of some kind of actors who are not representative of all the same people who are there for the right reasons. Yeah, bunch of poser’s exactly. Wow, this could get very, very interesting. Or that’s why I’m watching, though. I think this weekend is critical. And you know, I had said I’m not a believer in astrology, but I have noticed patterns and so, based on patterns, I said, Hey, I’m seeing a lot of two thousand and eighteen kind of repeating for some weird reason. And this is the anniversary week of star man. Expect something from spacex and we see the forty satellites fall. So if I’m right, if this is a pattern that I’ve discerned that is there, then I’m expecting some Parkland level atrocity. You know, Parkland was the same week as the well the week after the star man thing. So I’m expecting something all right, or some kind of Pale ghost. I mean you seem like the Colin Kaepernick in the fake death call and then like almost like a proxy death for him by that girl, right. So maybe maybe the Parkland thing something that shadows that. But that’s but that’s not like yeah, I guess we’ll see. Right, right, and the name Parkland popped in my head the other day. So I was reading how meat loaf claims that he was there ditching school on the day of the JFK assassination in Dallas and he claims he saw the bloody Lincoln at Parkland Hospital and I’m like, well, that’s interesting. A Lincoln covered in Kennedy’s blood at Parkland Hospital. So I have to assume that meat loaf has been a crisis actor since at least one thousand nine hundred and sixty three. Yeah, that sounds like a story really. Oh yeah, it was a boring story the way he told it too, but he was given time to tell it, so it’s like this is part of his narrative. But you know, it suggestive to me that these are like long term crisis actors like Neil Young. Neil young saying join the great resignation, quit spotify, like okay, yeah, who would ever thought that he would have sold out, you know, like ex junk year whatever. Guy’s been around. Yeah, that was like very sad to see that happen. Yeah, that’s probably there their goal, though. I’m thinking a lot of these counter culture figures are all deep things. That totally makes sense. Wow, yeah, that’s kind of the idea behind I believe the term is weaponized anthropology. Dr Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead is. Anthropologists were all about infiltrating, by adopting the wardrobe and mannerisms and getting into these communities in order to lead them from the bottom up. And so I think what we are saying with a lot of counterculture is always, or, if not always, most of the time, operatives who at some point will be useful to the system. And so neil young and meat low, for obviously useful right about now. Yeah, yeah, well, yeah, you think about it that way, the way they’ve got the human psychology pretty much figured out, at least as far as people that are easily and led. Now I’m did you hear the voice of apparently Mac Parhar? Are you familiar with WHO MAC is, and did you hear the voice of that guy? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. You know, I would not know Matt Par Hart’s Voice if I heard it. I was thinking about something about that, though. The hell. Oh, all right, so, if that really was him, why would he be filming the sky? Why would he be there? Well, because they’re creating a propaganda piece to demonize the police and to lionize these truck honkers as heroes. And then, of course he’s an old man, a great grandfather. so He’s a perfect human shield, and so I think that his objective as an operative would be much like it was when he was doing the anti VAX thing, that he’s something of an agitator, creating a jet prop okay, yeah, because the guy was yelling, right. He it was that he was like kind of egging things on. Oh yeah, he’s like you cops, look at you, you’re you’re abusing an old man and trying to create this atrocity propaganda for people to look at. And so that’s very consistent with him. And again, right before he supposed he died to covid or whatever, he was supposed to go to court the next day. He was going to be certain he’s going to end up going to court over a violating the quarantine. Pay Yes to convenient huh? Yeah, very cite. So I wonder if we have a consensus on whether the bangles are going to win. Right. Well, okay, the name of the coach of the rams. Interestingly enough, I believe it’s mcvay. Now it’s not like Timothy McVeigh, it’s Mc Vay, but you know, I think that might be significant to his name is Shawn mcveagh, the coach for the rams. Again, the name McVeigh is a it’s like been lauded. You know, this is the name of the white national has been lauden. So kind of stands out to me again, just given the context. But so we wanted to defeat him right. Yeah, the goal that would be, that would be hit. Is Interesting because you’ve been to Anny, that fertilizer plant that blew up. Yeah, that’s the thing. So yes, right now, as we sp my dhs doing drills in North Carolina and a fertilizer plant the preferred weapon right of the mcveay’s out there. It gets trippy, doesn’t it? The way this stuff all ties together and it’s place really kind of mind blowing. It really does. In fact, someone today sent me something from one thousand eighteen fifty one, so from a hundred fifty years prior to eleven. So I said number the eleven eighteen fifty one. He found this piece from a civil war battle and it’s fascinating because it was some kind of triggering one six style false flag event a hundred and fifty years before and eleven. So That’s interesting in itself. But Eleven, of course, is the New Year’s on the Coptic calendar. So when we have these dates repeating, it’s not always just coincidence. I think these things are timed astronomically, in astrologically, and this would explain how you have this consistency across many generations, because the stars don’t change. Yeah, exactly, and you know it totally rings. It brings to mind a concept that I’ve heard fairly recently about time being nonlinear. It actually goes in cycles and loops, and so as you come back around to a juncture where an event happened, something is likely to happen there again, although it’s like we’re seeing there’s mirrors of it and it’s it’s just so convoluted and interesting, the whole thing, but it does seem like it goes around and it comes back around again and something happens in the same kind of timing, like you’re saying with that the the grand conjunction that happened in two thousand and twenty. Yes, they do, great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn time to the great reset, the likes of which, as in the timing of a great conjunction with the Winter Solstice, hasn’t happened since Jesus was born, and it’s ear zero right now. Let me the previous great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that wasn’t on a winter solstice was in sixteen nineteen ish, or about basically about four hundred years ago. And you’ll see spike Lee wearing a sixteen nineteen hat. It’s because as and and BLM will wear that, because part of this revolution, this Colin Kaepernick lad thing, is the abolition movement and pushing our frame of reference from Seventeen, seventy six to sixteen nineteen. They called the sixteen nineteen project because that’s when the transatlantic slave trade reached America. So here you have this division between or this this. Are we going to stay with seventeen, seventy six or sixteen nineteen? It’s another one of those things, and it’s timed with the stars well. And also, I coincidentally, I just was listening to one of your previous podcast and the guy was one of your callers, was talking about Tart Tartaria and how he had figured out that it had disappeared or fallen between one sixteen hundred and eighteen hundred, which is again another reset. So that falls into that one. Sixteen nineteen timing also. It does, it really does. And we and also the name, of course, Kaepernick, meaning revolution, coming from Copernicus and Copernican Revolution Again, cycle revolution, and this whole cult of Saturn is based on agrarian cycles, cycles of life and death. So yeah, there is something to it. And and we’re looking at how this is being used in the news and it’s like it’s not coincidence. The fact that we are seeing these cycles that seemed to be coordinated with these celestial cycles tells me. All right, so tim have you heard of Saturn return? Yeah, briefly explain it. It’s the planet Saturn returning to the point that it was the day you were born, and it’s like tenzero days after you’re born or something exactly. It’s approximately thirty years. Yeah, and and I’ll tell you what I noticed before I knew anything about Saturn return. I noticed people telling stories about their lives and how their lives completely changed when they were like twenty eight years old. Most of them said twenty eight, and then I found out years later that that was basically the Saturn return cycle and people have these massive changes. Well, of course that’s going to probably apply to events too, I would imagine. Yeah, that’s I would agree with that. And we have noted patterns like, and it’s consistent with, like the number nineteen. For example. Will you have nineteen hijackers on September eleven? Nineteen years later, covid nineteen, and now it’s operation Gaya or whatever AI is. Of course one nine Pearl Harbor and eleventy event was operation Ai. But you have this nineteen being associated with resets or with the cycles beginning again. So the nineteen is significantly, I think, used to signify that they’re beginning a new cycle. And it may not exactly be nineteen years, but I happen to think that the war on terror and the war on the Quran radicals has been completely replaced with the war on domestic terrorists and the queue and on radicals, and I fully expect this covid nineteen thing to last for nineteen years. I think that it’s gonna think I’m going to disagree with you on that. I’m going to say that we’re we’re speeding up and I think they’re going to have to play their game. They’re going to have to seems to me like Covid was like their big card. I don’t know, and I’ve said this to you before, it’s like, I don’t know how they can talk that and I don’t think. I don’t know, man. I feels like that they pulled their big card because they felt like they really needed to get control over the populace. And I don’t know, I guess. I guess. I got going to how it all plays out. Like you have this mass. You weirdly to the people who are like they don’t have any info. That contradicts what they’ve been taught. So they think it’s strange. But it’s like, wow, you got a mass movement of Flat Earth’s. You can but you can call it a fringe, but there’s like eleven million of them in Brazil alone. The numbers are growing. And now you have this idea that there might be more land and people asking these inconvenient questions and then, conveniently they get a lock everybody down and track everybody and now there’s no escape. So it’s kind of convenient. They hit the lockdown button just as a lot of people became escape risks. So, whether or not it’s it is flat or whatever, the idea that you have questioning the reality they had to change that, they had to block their powers has been slipping and they know it. And so, yeah, they pulled out a big one and it was it was brilliant and it worked really well. But yeah, I think, I think, I’m my fingers crossed. That was their big card. Well, if the pattern is consistent with their past behavior and if nothing changes, if the status quo is not challenge, I would expect them to maintain a state of terror and climate lockdowns and virus lock downs for the next twenty years and then they’ll introduce something else for the next generation. But you might be right, you know, there may be enough people figuring things out that they’re kind of like playing all their illuminated we’re in a quickening yeah, I think things is speeding up. I gotta say that just for my own sanity. Yeah, I see what you mean. I mean it’s kind of bleak otherwise, although John Le Bond from John L bondcom and everybody should join it at least once to check out their think tank. He introduced me to the concept of white pills. I heard him talk about it first, and a white pill is like, oh, by the way, nukes are fake. Oh by the way this world ending disaster called global warming as a total hoax and a power grap so then it sounds like bad, bad news. But then again, you’re not going to drown walking your dog some day because you didn’t recycle, and you’re not going to get nuked because some dictator pressed the red button. So you remove these big fears and whatever happens on the world stage in the few future, however absurd it gets, it’s like, doesn’t really have any power. That’s so good. Yes, I like that. I like that a lot. So that’s cool. Yeah, yeah, I’m I’m going for the white pill, I guess, red and white. I’m pink, Pink Pill. Yeah, look, I’m with you on this, because there are too many people, I think we stoll them doom boofers, who are just like they’re hoping for the world to end so they can say we told you so, or the hoping the world can end so they can have some kind of utopia, instead of making the best of what we have, in appreciating how good what we have is in many ways. And so it’s like if you’re always looking for the negative, you can confirm that very easily. So exactly, exactly right. Oh that’s cool, dude. I’m glad you said that. That was great. Yeah, Hey, by the way, Black Rock owns the music of Neil young and he cashed out a hundred, no five hundred million bucks. He sold his catalog for half a billion jerk. Yeah, we all know what that’s about. What a man. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll probably ever listen to any of his music again. No, not really. I mean Neil Young, why would you listen to him? You can listen to when I jack and the murder Hornet’s JT thirty three. Okay, you dirty. Yeah, I mean there’s so I know, I love all the music that you play, all the music that these guys do. I love all of it, which is you know, I like a lot of music. But yeah, it’s all really well done and kind of tongue and cheek a lot of it. It’s great in the videos are also and the videos you’ve made for some of this stuff is really fun and awesome to watch. Yeah, a lot of it, I think is high art. When covid cooties came out here you have a world in the grip of fear, not knowing what’s going to happen, and then you have this video covid cooties, which makes a joke about the whole thing and it has all these memes with these like emoji faces on the covid balls, and we created these means. Were like look, they’re using this covid ball to scare you. Put an Emogi on make it cute. So we made these covid Cutie’s. In the song comes out covid cooties and it’s like that kind of stuff undoes the fear spell in many weeks. Yes, it’s beautiful. I’m so glad. I love it. Welly, I appreciate the call very much. I’m like I said, we’re going to be watching the super bowl rituals and everything very closely and I’m actually going to take a break and play that track after this call, Covid cooties, for people haven’t heard it, because you had to think about the context. People come out with their antimask rhetoric and music and statements way too late in the game, but a lot of the stuff that we put on this channel, mask of the beast and these other things. He’s I’d Covid one thousand nine hundred and eighty four chief crow. You know that was very, very early on in the Py up, and that’s one advantage we have. After eleven it took more than ten years for people to figure out that there were no planes. So it’s good to know that we’re already pre autohoaxing the next psyops before they’ve even been performed. It’s a blast. It’s so cool and it’s so fun. It’s a blast and I appreciate everybody that follows you and I appreciate everything you do to ten. Thanks awesome. Well, thank you for calling and have a great night. We appreciate it all. Right, another great caller. So I’m going to take a quick break here and I’m going to put a link in the chat. If you have not heard covid cooties, this is the track and this is published April Eight, two thousand and twenty April eight. So you are right into lockdowns and we were starting to notice that the hospitals were empty and then this meme filled video comes out and it’s really hard to be scared of a of a covid when you’ve seen him done up like this. Out of the House and sell me to a back from you’ll be sleeping sixty dreaming my quartet. Careful, get to love her, you might catch the crowd. Hell yeah, brother, these memes are great. All right, they go covid cooties. Let’s see here in the comments, high drops of two. One says I love the music. I’m glad it’s part of the package deal. Lean Dion says fire Song Zinvellis Covid Cootie’s favorite Song of two thousand and twenty infinite Muse. C V cootie’s got censored way back. Yeah, it did, didn’t it? They pulled it because we, we committed blasphemy. We we vandalize their idol. This is iconic, this is ICONOCLASM. It may look like a meme, but this is iconoclasm. You see the the covid emblem. When it was presented to you, it was this was your new threat. It wasn’t the face of some neck beard terrorists of the turban in some cave. No, this terrorst threat is this ominous gray ball covered in little red mushroom clouds, looking like world war three, like a globe covered in nukes, red nukes from the Chinese, the Russians, a communist nuclear holocaust. That’s it looks like an emblem of wwthree. This is the perfect emblem to signify this is the end. So I see this image. It’s very ominous. You don’t want to get it in you. People are breathing. These things are bouncing around everywhere. Are they there on everything? And then we put these faces on them. This is ICONOCLASM, because this is their new devil. hydrocks of too one says, the platform of the opotanistic players like a sad song about a tragic event. Yeah, I agree. It’s a great track. And the thing is we’re looking at a nation deceived by crisis actors, dancing nurses and a dummy operation. Like look into the dummy tanks of World War II, where inflatable tanks are being used to convince the Germans that there was an overwhelming force. Well, they used empty trucks and empty tents to make you think that the hospitals weren’t empty. And the reason one of the nurses complained is because I think they just they for the most part, were kept compartmentalized and entertained with their dance routines, pizza parties, and they probably left the pharmacies open. Lean Dion says peep, the COVID plush toys from event two hundred and one. I know I’ve wanted one of those. Like to get some of these, these stuff, souvenirs that looked like covid that they were given out register to win. Here’s one. I’ve seen some dog toys that look like covids and like, man, I like that it, I mean it’s it’s like a souvenir. It’s a souvenir for really what was meant to be the worst year of your life. But if you saw through the thing, it was a big clown show and a revelation. That’s revelation. That was a great awakening. Whether or not you’re a queue and on or drink in the q laid, it doesn’t matter. You had a great awaken one way or another. Now you know whose a state is fascist, with the government fascist fashion statement on their face. You know who the Karen’s are, the control freaks, the snitches. You know you’re now in a nation of stit snitches who will call one if they hear you coughing during the lockdown so that you might have to get picked up and quarantined. A Nation of snitches and people who are afraid of free speech and fear memes, bunch of mimaphobes. Okay, let us continue. FUNES are open. Eight three, three, three, one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. And let’s see, two thousand and twenty one was the year of the OX. Two Thousand and twenty was year of the rat. We’re now in year of the tiger again. That may mean something. Bangles first time in the Super Bowl. And thirty three years. Let’s see here q and on believers push for US truck convoy to clog DC. This from the Independent. So there have been a number of stories suggesting that there’s going to be some kind of disruptions here in the states. Warnings US copycat freedom convoy pushed by Q and on, could target the Super Bowl. So look how they’ve conflated freedom with Q and on. and Q and on aren’t the good guys, unless you take for granted that the Democrats and in the Hollywood elitists are a bunch of bad guys, as in adrenochrome junkies, baby killers, human traffickers. Because unless you believe that, you wouldn’t have any reason to justify what q and on wants to do. Because at the end of the road, the end of the queue and on story is there’s an emergency broadcast message on every cell phone, on every computer, on every screen that you see, and you’re going to see Hillary Clinton in her full frazzled drip mode, wearing the skin of a dead child over her face. You’re going to see all the videos of the Democrats drinking blood, hailing Satan and all the other stuff that they usually reserve for the Super Bowl halftimes, and you’re going to cry out for vengeance and the queue and honors will come out with a national guard and they will execute on TV all the Democrats and Hollywood elitists, starting with Ellen degenerest, Tom Hanks, Oprah and pretty much anybody else on TV you can name. That’s the queue and on story. So it’s very bloody. It involves mass executions. They want to have sealed indictments, unsealed revelations, opening the seals so they know who to punish and I’ve been told by que and honors back in like when it first came out, they said Hey, when they start executing people, just sit back and let them do it. This is the deep state be being taken out. So anyway, it goes on here to say. According to Canadian officials, ninety percent of the nation’s truck drivers are vaccinated and very few of the leading figures in the protest are actual professional truck drivers. It’s no surprise that q and on adherents have glommed onto the protest. The movement regularly incorporates other conspiracy theories into its mythos. While trump was the focus of an ANTIDEP state catch all conspiracy targeting Democrats, now they’ve included anti vaxer’s, Anti Semites, numerology and the idea that JFK and JFK jr are very much alive. You know, I have something on that, but again, my point being, they’re connecting all this stuff and they’re expecting that there’s going to be some kind of trucker event here. But about the JFK thing, about these various dead celebrities coming back to life? I figured this thing out and it’s all by design. General General Flynn would know all about this. So if you’re not familiar with ascended masters, this is where to start. It’s a new age concept. So you all know that General Flynn is pretty much the one of the brains behind the que movement. If anybody’s the military leader of Q, it’s General Flynn. Well, General Flynn was accused of being a satanist last fall because of his use of prayers from the church universal triumphant. Church Universal Triumphant was actually a doomsday cult in the S and one thousand nine hundred and ninety all of its members moved into a bunker fearing that China and Russia were about to nuke us. This cult believed that there was a war between good and evil, like black hats and white hats, and this war is being fought behind the scenes and that we can’t see it because we’re in this lower realm, but that you have some ascended masters who are more actively engaged in fighting this war. So the ascended masters in this cult or church universal triumphant, these the not dead. They haven’t moved on to the next realm. They’re still here to help fight this fight, but they’re not quite alive, but they can appear. You can channel them. So Anyway, what I’ve noticed here is that this cult of channelers has been rebranded for the Q and on movement. So this is an this is just a background. A Que and on accuses Michael Flynn of being a satanist. And here’s why. In a recent prayer, Flynn had been leading the congregation of que and honors into the invocation of the sevenfold rays, of the archangels and the legions. Flynn said, we are the instrument of the sevenfold rays and all of your archangels where the instrument of your will, in your name and in the name of the legions. We are freeborn and we would not be enslaved by any foe. So this is actually taken from the Doomsday cult and the doomsday cult led by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, and they prayed the same thing. I will not retreat, I’m an instrument of your will, we are freeborn, we will not be enslaved by any foe. Like it’s verbatim. So it’s verbatim from a thriving doomsday cult in the s church universal triumphant, and I believe that Flynn has repurposed this. Now General Flynn is name is Michael and he shares Jesus’s birthday and this cult is actually centered around the Archangel Michael. I think that is highly significant. So the fact that he’s using these prayers that aren’t from the Bible, these are prayers used to invoke the Archangel Michael. So again this is been superimposed into the que and on universe. So here’s from insider. The world didn’t end, but this once thriving doomsday cult has faded, but some of its leaders still operate. Elizabeth Claire, Prophet, was a channel for God. So anyway, as it relates to the queue and on movement, they have their own version of ascended masters. It’s these death fakers. It’s the celebrities who are like saints now, who’ve transcended the world where we can see them, and now they exist behind the scenes, in disguise, secretly fighting the deep state, the white hats, the ones you never see. They’ve replaced the ascended masters. And where can you communicate with the white hats? The death bakers in the chance for Chan A, Chan Infinity, Chan, the channels. So they’re channeling these death fakers in the sense that the cultists were channeling their ascended masters. It’s a template. It’s a template, if you ask me. Elephant Tusks Says Flynn is Luciferian. The whole thing is a battle between the cult of Saturn and the cult of Lucifer. I can’t disagree with that. I cannot disagree with that and in fact I think that they’ve replaced the whole thing and they just updated the nomenclature and now it’s the church universal trump. In fact, you can find Flynn actually making a statement where he says that we need a one world religion. So General Flynn, speaking to que and honors, calls for a oneworld religion at an event that’s a WHO’s who of the New Christian right. This is back in November now. This guy’s also very disingenuous, seing CNN for suggesting that he’s a queue and honor. Well, it’s like, I’m sorry, but he’s been at too many queue and on events. He’s posed in front of a queue card with a tenour hundred and seventeen. He sang the song. He did Karaoke, General Flynn saying we ain’t going to take it. Well, we ain’t going to take it. Was the song linked to in the final q drop, a reference to the election. So the guy has zero plausible deniability. So here’s Michael Flynn calling for a one world religion under one God. Now he didn’t specify which God, so I guess we can assume he means trump. are talking about the ANC because when Matthew mentioned it in the Bible, he wasn’t talking about the physical ground that he was on, he was talking about something in the distance. So we are going to have one nation under God, which we must. We have to have one religion, one one, one nation under God and one religion under God. Right, all of us together, working together. Don’t any and they’re talking right. There you have it, one religion, a game. That’s Flynn, professional agitator for the government, and he has a queue and honors, war worshipping a whole cast of ascended masters like JFK and JFK Jr, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, and Princess Diana. Of course, Diana’s a moon Gott US named. She crashes into the thirteen pillar like. Obviously these these are death bakers. The question is, are they all secretly working for trump? Are they all secretly working in this war against this deep state, which to me is just way too partisan to be believable? All right, let’s see. We’ve talked about Gaspacho police. Well, that was yesterday. Marjorie Taylor Green, another queue and honor angry goo bloods that’s probably going to be a thing. You Got, James Carville? Let me play that clip again. Did everybody here here? James Carville talking about how if you are a pure blood, he will punch you in the face if you don’t have a valid excuse for not being vaccinated. And I’m not anti VACs, I’m just not anti anti vaxxer. You know, I believe in this idea that this is a private medical decision and I think they’ve made it public for ulterior reasons, not just social control or medical tyranny, but I also I think there’s a cultural shift here where I think they want to have people used to the idea that what was once private is now public and that your your privacy, is now, by necessity for everybody’s safety and well being, a matter of public information. So that’s another side. Just asking your what’s in your blood. It’s one step deeper than padding you down to see if you have any bombs in your pants at the airport with the naked body skinner. Remember those scanners that allow them to see through your clothes? This invasion of privacy, I think that’s what we’re looking at. I think the alien invasion has been the slow motion takeover by the totalitarian communist world state. This is James Carville inciting violence towards the pure bloods. I wish you to do is pass up a law to make you immune from liability if you punch some action unvaccinated person right in the faces, which I’d really like to do. If you ask me when, you know, what’s my first reaction to you? If you you’re not vaccinating in there’s you don’t have any medical reason not to be your piece of Shit. Okay, just punch your right into Goddamn face. That’s that’s the way I look at these people. Agreed. Yeah, I don’t know who is cohost is. This cohost is very, very agreeable. Didn’t offer any I wish you to do is moderation. There isn’t there some middle ground, you know, between punching somebody in the face and suggesting that they do something? No middle ground here, and to me that again is evidence that we’re looking at. What we’re experiencing is, for all intents and purposes, a new holy war saved versus the unsaved. And again this is another one, another example of how it’s not good enough for you to do your own thing, your own separate way. Now everyone has to conform not just with this this pokey agenda, but also with regard to free speech, with ideas and means. We all have to agree that the idea is acceptable or it gets removed. All right, infant mew, says poor James grumpy man. Yeah, I know, I don’t even think you would hurt if he were to punch in the face. But you know, why are they so willing to violate social distancing? River a junk says, come at me, bro well, what if he goes through with his threat of violence? And with the DHS hasn’t said anything about that. When is the DHS going to say these good bloods are radicalizing fast. If you see a good blood, stay six feet back, possibly more, because they will not. They will not aunt, they will not stay within that six seat protective bubble when the good blood is agitated. So yes, the DHS needs to put out a new bulletin forget the Miss Disan melon from and spreaders. Watch out for the violent Goo blood extremists in your miss where do we report them? How do we report terrorists? Just start reporting, like James Carville. Start with him. Elephant Tusk says, they need everybody VACs before the global cataclysm start. Two Thousand and twenty three to two thousand and twenty seven. Fascinating. What are the cataclysms? You know, this is this is something that I’ve been kind of just miss above the idea that there is actually some kind of calamity that’s going to happen to the world, that it’s all just psy up. But there there might be something to it. You know, global warming, the the PSYOP is thirty three years old. So the pattern has been, and this is a been a very consistent pattern. The pattern has been these order out of chaos rituals often take approximately thirty three years to play out. So in this case global warming thirty three years old and eleven, by the way, one thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight. Construction of the towers began first year that they used nine one one as an emergency number. Thirty three years later they tear it down. So it’s like wow, thirty three years creation to destruction. That’s kind of the pattern. So if they are going to have any kind of calamities, yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it kicks off about now, Cup Star says. Well, I be affected by the global cataclysms if I live on an infinite plane. That’s probably why they want to lock you down. They don’t want you to leave the world stage. If they do have ways to fake or fabricate things, I’m pretty sure that they would implement these things and make sure that you’re within the area. Commented here, says, butch up, Tim. This is Greg. He emailed me the other day. He said Cam trails are real. They’ve been sprang us like roaches for years. Would Geo engineering be more palatable? So I don’t believe in chemtrails. I don’t believe in global warming, so I don’t believe in this Geo engineering idea that there’s some kind of covert mass terraforming going on, that they’re about to change the world. I don’t think we have that power. I think that’s one of these things that they exaggerate. It’s another white pill. The not going to nuke you and I don’t think they’re going to bring down the sky literally, but if there is a way of simulating it or faking it, they’re probably going to do it this year. Okay, look at this. Mayor of Windsor, Ontario said things could get ugly at the Ambassador Bridge. There are a number of people on the ground who have outlived outwardly stated they have such passion for this cause they’re willing to die for it, may or drew dilkins. So they’ve put it out there that these q and on truckers, and they’re not q and on, but they’re associating it. Are Now somehow also willing to Jahad for this, willing to die for it. So what are we to expect? Like trucks doing eleven like attacks? By the way, between September the eleven two thousand and one and March two thousand and twenty, they were two hundred and twenty, two months, just keeping up with their obsession with numerology. And you know there were nine hundred eleven days between eleven and the three hundred and eleven Madrid attacks. Right, elephant tusks says cloud seating is real. Right, but look, there’s a huge difference between clouds seating and this catastrophe that they can somehow pull off. And the same people who believe in Geo Engineering, when they get called out on Chemtrell’s being kind of hoaxes, they don’t believe in climate change. So either you believe in climate change and Geo Engineering or you believe in neither. But you can’t choose one or the other. It’s too partisan. You know, level liberal left wing types will believe in global warming. And if you’re not on the left, if your centrist, if you’re a political or you’re on the right, Oh, you’re just going to believe in chem trills. The thing is, both sides believe in some ridiculous chicken little fantasy. It’s like, do we can we have is there an opt out? Do we all have to believe in this chicken little fantasy that the sky is falling, or can some of us just say now we’re pretty sure it’s a syoup? And I think that’s what it is. I think that there are indications that there are a number of fears. They used to corral the human mind and keep it within certain boundaries, and I think they need us all to be afraid of the sky for some reason. Maybe it’s a maybe it’s an easy thing to tap into. Maybe that’s what it comes down to. It’s super easy. Anyway, I’m all in favor of mandatory helmets for the triple vaxed. We should start a petition. Salty sireen says chicken little, as a little chicken. Look, they want us, they want you to be a chicken little. They want you to be in a Gore phobic, so you spend all your time in the metaverse. A Gore phobia is going to be the next thing, and that’s basically fear of open spaces. So unless you’re under protective dome, in a subterranean bunker or helmeted, you’re just not going to feel completely safe. And I think that’s what the agenda ultimately is here. They don’t want you to feel safe, so you demand more security. Like why? I need more Ppe, I need more holy hand sanitizer. Six feet of social distancing not enough. Let’s try total social distancing, ubiquitous permanent quarantine where everyone’s plugged into their Matrix pod. I mean that’s pretty much where we’re at. Pippy says that will be Helmet Karen’s Oh yeah, definitely. Well, look, if I got to wear a helmet, I’m going to be a helmet Karen. I’m going to make sure of it. I’m not going to be the only one looking like a fool. I saw this video with this guy’s at low’s not wearing a helmet and this mask. Karen comes up to him and freaks out and the manager says, well, no, it’s not a mandate. So the guy who is freaking out about the guy not wearing a mask rips off his own mask, and I think that that’s just a moment of honesty, that it was never about fear. It was always about conformity and control, and the control freaks who reinforce the conformity on behalf of the elite are the elite. That’s why I don’t think they’re going to wipe us out. WHY WOULD THEY KILL everybody? Why would they depopulate the world, leaving only the smart people who know? Thanks for the calls. Appreciate it very much. We’re going to go ahead and transfer over to the seven live stream. This is Pepe Act Bar, speaking of terrorism and meme terrorism. FEPE ACT BAR, allergic to bullshit featuring lean dion and some of the best memes out of the infinite plain society. Discord servers. Nothing find in our hut, nothing to represent killing me and knowledge of the uppers getting better because we’re so get a hulking business gonna and we offer rooms. Never unlock your conscious us on a way is uncle kind of go undebtable lines are unreliable. You’re talking about starving you. We could keep on playing. You just keep complaining to your game is on the scapable. Unless you’re with the gay come with a vengers, trying to get come to your senses, to get the gym sense independentycopedia. We’re bringing into this myss stadio. But I know why. To see you believe. If you’re stupid, leave stuff, get a grip, show some evidencye for things. We don’t pay. No Games, we stay. Let this quick. The IPS all making an entrance, but the time interventions that I mension perfecting so many manical spectrum, we stand out. The property don’t blend. In any game that D makes momentum. There’s nothing goes for samblage. Then M laps a penguin or Brimlan, just letting you know you’re running. If in the plane, stever bending, we stric light, tempering, getting off fears and breaking attention. But another hoops on me. Didnt deep in the trenches can join in the adventurous quep be so sensitive and six ship were telling FIBS were missing with the pain missing with thee with the pain, with the pain of all these events. Be What you don’t see. You know the actual victims. You don’t see any evidence of real man

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