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Shall we begin it. Let’s this is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. Is that all you got? Wall? Shall we begin? Let’s go. This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. Is that all you got? What? Shall we begin it? Shall we begin it? Let’s begin. This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. Is that all you got? Water? But I don’t care if you’re stupid or if over sir, I don’t care he’s got rhythm or just like which work. I don’t care if you’re waking, but I just care if you’re a jerk. I’ll imagine you’ve got boogers and just try. I really don’t really, I don’t care, just as long as you’re I I don’t care if your Creator is in for friends. I don’t care if you mumble or eat chocolate covered and I don’t care if you eat facts. I don’t care what’s on Youtube. I don’t care about your channel, even if it’s a bitch shoe. Your stings just like this one of mine. I don’t care, just as long as your car. I don’t care if you’re a Christian or a Muslim or you. I don’t care if you have covid or, if your tongue is orange, if you like vaccine nations, that’s no skin off me. Don’t ask me if I got mine. Please just let me be. Your persuasions are no consquens to me. I don’t care, just the kind dead be sweet. I don’t care if you’re a truther. I don’t care if you’re just nuts. I don’t care if you hurt this ground or shape like a don’t nut. You don’t have to love me, you don’t have to kiss my hand. If you’re genuine winely friendly, then you’re my kind of me. It’s a pleasure to be a company cut your kind, and that’s good enough for me. It’s a pleasure to be a company cut your kind and that’s been enough. Now, broadcasting from a super secret command center in a way, in the spare bedroom of a small apartment in island hard New York, you’ve once again made contact with your leader, commander low fury might. Is there a power shift? Yeah, that’s right. The title. Is there a power shift? I don’t know, I don’t think I should title these things. tattle these things and we got ten viewers. No title. People show up. I guess you got to create them. You got to keep it mysterious. Happy Wednesday for your things, for your earth Flix credits. Ok, guys or sell good to see you way do I have no idea? Gooday, suitors, shifty bows, beer, universal beer, very short creators, Chunky Joe Zony show. You subscribe the other day, like your channel, Channel Name. Very cool, Kevin. What’s I’ll be sirens. Team does apparently a bird no longer a free bird to work our house. We do it. No, no, no, no. Portal comment feeding for the USA with lots of music. Appreciate that. Wait, MINUT is it Friday? What Day is today? I have no idea. Now it’s Wednesday, Marcel, you better know it’s Wednesday. We have team crater meeting tomorrow. You guys that want to be part of team created better show up. Ron’s gonna fire you before you even got hired. What’s up, Jenna lovecraft? Free Down, down afternoon. Well, so is you’re Oh, mark, mark from Melbourne. No more Japan. He don’t brother in bed with his lovely wife, with your buds in his year thirty three. Love that. Love that stuff. They get through some stuff today, Tim Osman, by the way, infinite plane radio, as some guests on today for your clock right after this broadcast, this ridiculousness to get some of his he’s got. When I say he it up, you know who’s coming. That’s all the chatty with him’s got my auld Dank. I could Dank at three o’clock. Talk about the Mandela effect. We sick here in about the Mandel effect. I thought it was pretty clever that white white hy k already happen. It actually happened and we’re just Mandela effected because of it. So we think it didn’t. Some people think it didn’t, other people think it did. I think we’re Mandela face. If the Mendel effect is real, then we’re all men, do we? We all look at one thing, have a completely different take on different recollections. Oh, PAINYAN’s three am in Japan, five am in Maui. We actually have someone working for priers us a from Hawaii. Five hours or let’s get together in the morning for the Commander A to cry. This is crazy. It’s new world is nuts. New World is nuts. It’s global stuff. Dr Dr Wiseman, Ron Weisman, the business manager for career as USA. Yes, for for both both of you, that watch this channel. We actually have a team. We have a management team. You tell someone from now we okay, let’s let’s get together. Eight o’clock in the morning means something. They asking a guy to get up at three to meet me. Ron’s got it. He’s dealing with an international works for an international company. He’s got all these meetings. It’s like twenty four hours got to be ready in it. And a lot of the stuff he does, he works a lot of people he works with are from Japan. How do you doubt it? How do we do this? I’m glad I’m nearing the end of this ridiculous life. Twenty five years ago, well, twenty six. We’re being Pacific. I can’t wait till him eighty. If I get eighty five years, when I’m eighty four, heroin. Gotta try this heroin thing. I haven’t even done mush. By the way, how do you get how does Joe Rogan talk about DMT? Is it DMT in elite legal substance? And you can I just go go to the store, you know, go on Amazon buys him to haven’t tried. Maybe dark web, I don’t know. But if this world was real and we weren’t truly in the B system. When someone that popular starts talking about DMT, isn’t that when the authorities supposed to show up? Shouldn’t that be like a waco, maybe surrounding his where’d you get the deal? At least questioning him ready get this supplier. I wasn’t going to talk about this right away, but mean, you want to see some proud, proud pair. It’s a shame. I’m pretty sure that L CHOPO is dead. Right backum clean heroin is nice way to go out. I didn’t see it. was going to kill myself with it. I’ve not. I’m not going to just start becoming suicidal because I have a year left. I’m going to just have I’m gonna go nuts, me eat everything I want all day. I don’t care. I’m just going to eat start to finish, it in between do illicit narcotics. I’m going to take a listit in narcotics and eat anything the FRE guy want. I only have a year. I’ll be fat as a house by the end of the year. Good, good. It be harder to bury it. I don’t want any of that wake stuff. I don’t want to be on display, dead, made up, Puffy Hel with some nice rosy cheeks in a coffin front of all my well, who’s going to come to my funeral? No one’s coming to my way. I told Christine, just get rid of the body. When the perfect murder, everything great. Get rid of the body. If I die, hopefully I die during the live scream, but if not, then Christine has an opportunity because she can keep getting my social scirey security check. She just gets rid of my body and then, you know, plans the perfect murder. Just say my landlord did it, the landlord did it. Or No, no, actually, the perfect mutter of that, wasn’t it? The perfect murder would be he left me, and all she has to do is pointed a live stream and just say he’s he was a terrible abuse of misogynistic narcissist, which, which, which means a selfloving woman here. Yeah, you can just get but, you know, just say I left it. It doesn’t even she doesn’t even have to say anything in anybody, because I don’t need I don’t need you know, I need a burial or funeral. I don’t care. This flesh you to me meaningless. Yeah, Hey, papa do chump. Yeah, he went out of his mind. He already went around the country once. Once. I have no idea where he is. He just left done. What’s up booting? Talking about the perfect murder? You ever in a mean easy as I don’t die online. What’s up Kelstar and an out a mom so I’ll chop. Oh, he’s dead. Right. When did he die? I’ll Chop O. N it’s just in jail. Right, sixty four years old in jail. Should be really proud of his son. I mean really proud of look at this. This is from the star town held hostage by hit men loyal to El Chappo’s sons. As two killed in twenty four hours. Of Her horror, twenty trucks of armed men loyal to the sons of gangster elk choppo held the town of Corbaca hostage for twenty four hours. List we can kill two men before kidnapping many more. I love this cartel stuff. Yeah, just got men deulted by CHOPPO. I thought he was dead. Yeah, that convoy Bragan one woman said there was not a single authority that went out to confront them. They all hid. My children. They are frightening like me. Oh, CHOPPO, since they have father Jacquin l Chappo Guzman was arrested as sons have battled amongst each other and the rest of the cartel for power. Is that that pictures say? It sucks better than any you’ve seen this week. I just would be proud at least you know, guys in jail, but his kids are. These are making him proud. Happy form. Yeah, just gonna be Mellie. Did I say hello? Do you clock work? What’s up, bro Clock Work? One, three, Rocko conslonly. I love it. You know, this is a Costa Nostra, Brocco, this thing of this is this thing about. This is a very this Conspirat aiment situation we’re in. We’re we’re just trying to take this ridiculous world conspiracies, fake truths, truths, fake news. It just just mock it, mock it back. They mock us all the time, the beast. Let’s just go. This is this is our COASTA, notre the COOSA Nostra. I’m the Dawn. I play it dawn on Youtube. I know this ridiculous cost him, but it’s not that ridiculous. I mean this is really as this whole uniform is dedicated to the career earth discovery and the infinite plane with where we are in a system, in a system at Belgium. That’s where. But old whim carets in, who’s ghosting me all the time, got these. I got this whole thing on Amazon. This is an actual Antarctic military uniform shirt, not not an actual Antarctic military very uniform military style, but it’s an aunt Arctic sure, I got an Amazon. It’s pretty cool. I got, you know, my my inaraty patch. This is the Belgian Belgian military police in insignia. This is from Star Trek discovery and of course whim, when he still liked me, appointed me awarded me with the Minister of Propaganda Award, so I wear proudly here. What’s up, Jordan? There’s I don’t know. I just want to talk about stuff. Take do you know? Okay, I’m a cold. I’m coming through this this marvel comics thing, this whole driving me crazy trying to get through it. I’m on Jessica Jones. I had a watch him in order. It’s the defender series with the Iron Fist and Jessica Jones and Luke something and that other guy, the devil the devil of Hell’s kitchen, get the name, but there’s a lot of quotes, you know, that that spark interested, make me think, they make me go huh. Turning on a Boumba, I like your creat or not, uniform for it or not, MCC it or not. Got Yeah, you know, you just just it’s hit. You just nail those things. You’re awesome, very nice, vacuum cleaner. Watch commander’s video on the Mandel effect. Don’t go talking about it around. It was for him. Well, TIM’s, Tim’s coming on at three with the I said it before. Some guy named Mike a Dank said it should be interesting. said he should be interesting. One of the one of the things, one of the things they said in this show. Then don’t want to talk about this language. One of the things they said in the show is that, let me see if I can. Everything changes and nothing changes. Is it that fantastic? They can think about that for a second. Can you think about that for a second? All right, let’s a get this. Let’s just think about this for a second. So it’s everything changes and nothing changes. Everything so agains the ant and the question is, what is life? What is reality? Right? Is that? Is that the sound right? What is reality? Everything changes and nothing changed, because nothing’s changed this this since I’m a young man. When I say when I started thinking about things, let’s say, patriotic, or thinking about things, I don’t know, Romantically, relationship wise, I just thinking about life, career, trying to figure out what I’m going to politics, especially, you just blew my mind after after voting for a president the first time when I was eighteen, and then and then trying to do it again, you know, I couldn’t vote, my God. Then there was that Bush guy and then Clinton, not and then, you know, General Ford, before Jimmy Carter and honestly, since I mean you know, I don’t really think nothing is changed. Based on what they said they were going to change, even Obama. You know, I’m against what they were calling a gay marriage, and then all of a sudden he was for, what was it? Bill Clinton? I’m against abortion. All of a sudden he was a for Ronald Reagan was supposed to bring in this conservative existed. They only get it, he only gets eighty eight years. You’re going to change and retire hed inistic country into a conservative, God fearing nation of like minded believers in eight years? I don’t think so, but you know what really has changed all these times? The things have that leaders have changed. Nothing’s changed the end, and what’s consistent, like Adam bomb said, the only thing that’s permanent is change. But Oh, Rebecca Broom, did I say loo, what’s up? But the only thing that actually didn’t change is that they were leading us into this crazy, mixed up luciferian world. Yeah, it’s an abomination. Wow, very good, she’s Luis speaking. That this stupid spell casting monkey language we do. I do have a lady was supposed to come on today, but it’s so hard to get people to what the commander says. It really is. How do you work for someone and then, or even if you’re volunteering now, vacuum cleaning here. Liberty Bell’s Bell, you heard, you heard the correct answer for jeopardy, that that Liberty Bell’s bell has been retired. But this language, this is more like a I’m thinking of myself. Why does it have to be spellcast? And this is this guest? She’s a sweet lady, older ladys. I want her to you know, she seems to be well versed in it, like like Adam bomb there, well versed in in this crazy spellcasting monkey language. But what’s the reason for? Why? Why would we move everybody into you universal language? That that really just keeps you in a trance. Change is the way you look at things, I mean the words that we use, so many different meanings for the same word, it’s mind boggling. And then we make all these foreigners in this country anyway got learn it and we make people from other countries learning. Well, watching ninety day fiance and this is guy from China that wants to marry this wicked witch from I think it’s Ohio, not Ohio, Idaho or something, I don’t know. And he doesn’t want to come here because of the pandemic and all the restricts. He’s afraid. But but you know, I know he learned the language online because he talks like like an AI generated I. I guess, English language. An Ai English language generator he does. He sounds like that that robot that called on Wednesday’s inflections everything. It’s hilarious. So you know he wasn’t taught by, you know, an esl instructor from America, Larry’s. I was. I was thinking about that with Christine, like what if I don’t know that? Just consider your life, your life like Christine and I were to sixty year old semi retired monkeys living in Long Island just dealing with the earth things and society and trying to make a living and eke out some semblance of happiness during these are the last quarter of our lives. So so you got you got me, you know, whatever I am, and you got her whatever she is. But but pretty much, you know, except for the fact that she’s a biological female who’s accepted her gender assignment and I’m a biological male who’s accepted my gender assignment, we’re pretty much the same. She’s got a higher, higher pitched, raspy and as sexy voice. You know, you could hear on Sundays at troitch. Hey, I got this kind of Nasily Gay Je from New York Personna, old gay Jew, whiney, Nasily voice. But we speak the same language. We have no but on this show you got people talking each other with with translators. I was just imagining, like I was like, Christine, what if you were married to that Chinese guy? He imagine like we were sitting in bed, like just sitting in bed, and you look over and there’s that guy from Ninety de Fiance. Oh Oh, I’m not trying to do, you know, trum, not trying to be politically incorrect here, but you know, it’s the way he talks. So it’s like, you know, I just can’t imagine Christine with someone from another country, like anybody like an Indian guy or Pakistani guy, just from somewhere else, even even some hot you know, Toriodor from Spain, maybe. I don’t know. Just just imagine if you looked over, Chris, and that guy was here. He’s here, he’s me. Good morning, Chang Christie. How was your sleep? How did you sleep last evening, Christine? That’s the way he talks to this girl, and she’s the girls like, I’m not talking until you decide to come to America. Meet me in Bahrain, Indian in there, I’m gonna start dating all the people. He’s like, Oh, very, very bad, very bad. So, Chris, you know, so change. You want me to make you some make some Bacon for breakfast? That would be so probably, Christie. I just I just can’t imagine. Like and there’s this Spanish lead. It sits on the bed because they they put on episodes where a former participants in the ninety day challenge, which is you marry someone, you meet someone from another country and then you that you bring them to America on a visa. They get ninety days to marry them and then they could stay. They don’t marry them in ninety days, they have to go back to where they were. But to challenge, I mean it’s it’s a shit show, but sometimes it’s just hilary’s but I just this is one. So say they actually film another, another part of the show at the during the season of folks who were former participants in the show watching the new show and commenting on it. So they’re in like either their living room or their bedroom, there and snacks and they’re comments. It’s fun, it’s entertained, but I just imagine what one does is Spanish lady said. So if I’m you know, if I went and did that, got me, got me some you know, mail order bride. We used to call a mal order brides, remember that? From another country, sitting in bed with me to night and I’m just like so itchy. That’s it. That’s why Christine has a deal. It’s like I’m a that’s so it chy. I look like I skid. It’s done, Chris Easier now. That’s the baby a well, fuck you. So I’m just condere myself sitting on my bed with one of these ladies. They from like, I know this ladies like from I don’t know, somewhere down Guatemala something, and she could be barely, barely speak English. It’s kind it’s kind of hilarious. But but I’m imagining, you know, just each and bed. It’s Itchy, and she she’d be like, she like you, you so ch why you so eachy other time? Maybe you got the goodies, you know, she tells one of this less Mexican. But why you so eachy other time? Why she have to do that? Why she have to say that these so she’s talking to the TV and we’re watching her. She’s she’s in bed with this African American guy. He’s a nice guy, but don’t listen to them talk this nothing. They’re speaking English, if they don’t have to use the translator, but they’re speaking in English, English, and they’re sitting on the bed and he’s talking like he’s from, I don’t know, the hood somewhere, you know. He’s like, you know, Yo, that Shit’s gonna go down any minute minute now that she’s gonna go down. Is gonna get ugly up in here. It’s gonna get ugly up in here. His his wife’s on the bed going she should try to get a different type of girdled hide that fat down. When he looks lumpy and he’s just like it’s just I don’t I don’t know. You just mix them up. It’s just hilarious to me. This is imagine and be in bed with some I know. I don’t know what I know. Some of you people have married people from different countries. It’s got to be a challenge. I just I’m just saved for me. It’s just would be a challenge. Dj. Yeah, this is it. This is not. This is hey, well, we’re going to talk about that in the second half. Anybody else feel a power shift? I don’t want to say it, but yesterday I did. I absolutely wanted to. Present did. I woke up in the morning and my frequencies were all twisted. Anybody else? N Two twenty two, two, two, two, two, power shift. It’s everything changes and nothing to you. What was this? Oh, the language. Yeah, so want to have this lady. I’m going to speak to her on Saturday and get her on. I wanted it to point out all the different examples of how this language cast spells. And then I want to talk to her. I want to talk to her like like I talked to people come on this show and I want her to tell me what type of spells I’m casting on be I want it’s what are we doing when we say things to people? I mean, I know it’s in my mind what I want to convey to you. Then the reason you listen to it ought to be a desire to have that information conveyed to you, but then you got con and they and I’m one. Am I really say? What am I really saying when I say I would like to convey something to you? You know, and then you got it. Am I conning you? Probably, or is it with like conspiracy, like like Tim says when he breaks down a conspiratainment, that we’re here to breathe together. You know what I mean. When did penguins become pay parrot? Anyway? So I’m thinking this language is designed, if you know well, if it is the fact that it is being used to cast spells and that the meanings, the meaning of the words, have so many different I guess you can call it the like incantations aren’t they a multisyllable word, is an incantation. It’s which we’re trying to bring it with, whether we know it or not. So isn’t it like a net? Then they cast a net over over us with this lank with the English language. I don’t know. I listen to, you know, other languages and they just don’t seem they don’t seem so sinister as English. But yet English is the one that we’re spreading like the big C word, like a big tumor, this language. Another thing I wanted to talk about today. I don’t know why I’m talking about this stuff today, I’m just talking to you, and then this afternoon, then after after the break, I’m just going to talk about two hundred and twenty two. Wrap it up, because it’s it’s a we had a tow twenty two eve on Monday and then yesterday we had two hundred and twenty two, in in effect, waiting for everything to happen. Nothing happened. Queen didn’t die. By the way, can I just share something with you? It’s not a good idea to make predictions because, even if you’re correct, the fact that you made that prediction and published it may cause it to change. So someone in twitter, I don’t remember who it was actually was, during one of Tim Osmond’s live streams, probably on Monday, said in the chat guaranteed Queen Dies tomorrow, and I didn’t say anything. Really, you know, Queen didn’t die, unless you did, and I don’t know. Well, that’s one thing that a lot of people defending themselves after making a prediction like to say, well, she dead, but they had it. She’s dead, but they hit it from us that because I said so, did you look ridiculous, though I mean only we ridiculous to me, because in the moment I just know where you’re at. I know you want to be right, you want to predict something and have it come true. And the hilarious part of that is if you predict a hundred things in your life and two of them come come true, that’s just that’s that’s actually a bed, a bed record of predictions coming true two out of a hundred. But the person who made the prediction would be like, I get I got it, I got it. See, I taught Joe. And then then they go and predict all starts of Shit until ultimately your credibility will will be flushed down the toilet. What’s up? X Two, two, X now. I mean. So nothing, nothing happened that I know. But what afterwards? Lieutenant Newton posted something on our facebook group. By the way, you could join our facebook group, facebook page. A lot of fun there, you know. And we also have twitter. I would suggest you go on to toy. A lot of good stuff coming through twitter right now, as long as you just, if you can bear being held accountable, to not try to convince people that this world is being taken over by a tiny little virus. If you can hold if you could just deal with that, there’s still a lot of good stuff out there. There’s still a lot of good stuff out there on these mainstream social media platforms. So twitter and we have instagram. Hopefully. Tick Tocksin Oh don’t go to tech TACIC. Chinese people out it. Look if the China was going to take over this world, they would have taken it over in the s. In the s just about every friggin building in America was bought by Chinese people. What’s my tweeter? Rocco Calzoni wants to know my name on my tweeter. I think we’re I think we don’t know. I don’t really know you well enough to disclose those. What’s your tweeter? Hitter? It’s low underscore Fiori. It’s the Linkol in the description. I just readtweet stuff. I don’t make new tweets. I don’t make I’m not. I’m in. I’m not a new tweet I’m not an original tweeter. Star. The first time I tried to tweet, Christine and I were at a worship concert, I think it was. I forget what was. Yeah, that did amazing grace. Chris, Chris mccaughlin, Chris, Christine’s listen, she’ll tell us. But good concert. We know, we loved it. Sep I had one of these pentecostals next to me. Sitting right next to me is huge African American lady. I don’t know why that matters. Chris Tom and thank you. Christina’s came out of the delivering room of this this command center, came out of the lounge, the doors right there, and she yeah, Chris, Chris, that’s Chris Tom. All right, Rocko COMESON, but yeah, so she so we’re watching this concert, got this huge woman next to me and she’s just shaking all these better. Oh, and and I get it, I get it. It can happen. That’s what happens when the Holy Spirit falls on you. But it’s also what happens when you have a Cook Kundalini orgasmic response to rock and roll music. Unlini inspired mimics, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and earthlings. So I don’t know what she was going on with her but anyway. So he said you could tweet something to during the CONSOS. First Time I ever twit tweeted. My God, I was like, wow, my God, the burn tweet. Try We wanted it. Oh, he wanted us to tweet song request. So if you don’t think that these worship leaders in what so called Christiani, mainstreament Crustiani, aren’t in the game, I mean we went to one worship concert when we were all in five hundred and one. See Three Christian churches and I saw a SA. I think I was big daddy weave. I think wanted to see them. I love their songs. You know, I still like the music. I like rock and roll, I like all all sorts of music. Would you you get a taste of that during the countdown? Become in early, show up early. So we’re at this concert and big daddy we’ve singing and introduces his cousin who was playing the Bass, and the guy. Right right after they hand out little boxes to people that wanted to raise the hands after he played this video of this big fat guy go into like the I don’t Indonesia somewhere, and all you feeling bad for the kids in the small village because at the same time every night their parents would throw a big blank, a big tarp, down in the middle of town and all these kids would come out of their houses and start playing on this big tarp with like homemade toys, and those kids were happier than I’ve ever seen kids in this video. And they’re presenting it like they’re miserable because they’re from a poor place and as big fat. If you don’t know big daddy weave, he’s huge. Never met a twinkie didn’t like. And he’s out there with these kids with his band. They traveled there and and they brought them American Foot what are you going to teach to bring diabetes, to forget about any other illnesses, just do ruin these kids. They were fine until he showed up, but they had this world vision. Feed the children thing or whatever, World Vision thing. They handed out these bods. ANYBODY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO WORLD VISION? Hand it out, you open it up. There was a little little graphic in there at some small screen and a place to swipe your card. They handed it out at a Christian concert and then I did a little research to see how much money actually trickles down to these socalled, I guess, lacking children, who were fine. They were looking at this man like, Oh my God, a big fat God came out of the sky in a metal bird. Huh, I don’t know what was it put anyway, his brother’s cousin in the middle of the concert, puts his hands does this and he are go back because this. I’m like, we stay, did should see what he just did. It’s because, no, it was we ran new in this. We’re just starting to see it. I I was anyway, Christine was catching up. So in the middle of cons of like see, I’m really mad about the box I just I almost walked out, but I was like that guy just just gave an old to the Illuminati and Lucifer. I mean he paid paid damage. It’s like no, and yeah, I couldn’t find a clip anywhere. Try to find a recording of the concerts really quick then a few weeks later, once, once I saw it and I I don’t know, there’s something about what is it? Not? It’s prayer. It’s it’s a prayer like the prayer, prayer, David, and it’s a type of prayer where you you asked as the Lord to Bring Down Wrath upon your enemies. You know, we call it a certain type of prayer. But he’s like, he said no, it right on the tip of my tongue. But anyway, I don’t know if it was me. I don’t want to take credit for it. What again, you’re coming in there. I precatory prayer. And then within a week he lost he lost his legs to Diabet with week or two, believe it was that quick. Now he’s dead. Took them out. So percator. But anyway, if you that’s so. So we’re at the Chris Tomlin concert. He’s teaching people how to tweet those you can get a starm request. I don’t know. If Christianity was real, how would how would they not? How would they even be represented into Oh and by the way, one thing I noticed in the TV show. This is us, this is us right, by the way, or nothing about that. This is us. So so what do we do Americans? Because we’re all about fast food and instant gratification, right. So they create this amazing TV show with with these deeply conflicted, well defined characters really just tie it all in together. I mean they got, you know, like fifteen main characters in there, maybe thousand and fifteen main characters, and then some peripheral characters and then a bunch of MPC’s, but they tie the stories together. So Nice. To me it’s really writing, the writing, and some of these shows excellent, amazing how they bring it all together. One thing I noticed that out of all these people, so in there you’ve got a congressman or a councilman, you got you got a dance instructor, you got a famous actor, you’ve got music teacher, you’ve got retired vets, all sorr and wall walks of life. And we’ve been watching it since it came one and and this there’s no, no Christians, not one. And I asked Christine, for good of anybody remembers that watches that show, is if there’s one Christian representation, you would think if they are covering I’m telling you they are covering every single walk of life, every single walk of life. You know, you just did. You give you a quick example. The father in the in the S I tried to save his family from a burning building. So you had firemen in there, you had doctors, you had the hospital. He died in the hospital later of a cardiac arrest. His wife, Rebecca, she’s a she was a an amateur of singer, musician, very talented. He was a construction guy. None of them. Never. They didn’t even do last rights. They didn’t even have a Roman Catholic priest commit and almost always prior to what I believe was the end of Christ’s presence in this system, you’d always have it represented some way, even if it was part of the narrative, out of respect or out of homage or about of just out of, you know, using this scripted reality to portray reality. There was some representation of Christ in these stories, even if it was to be mocked or to be elevated or whatever. Her if it’s a drama, a comedy, there’s always something like like a young sheldon show like that. The the the mother is a born again Christians. She works for a church. They mock it left and right. So stupid. But now it’s kind of close if you think about the way. They might, but not one that we can remember, anybody even periphect perfect. But here’s how obnoxious Americans are. So the show is this is us. So I’m he listened the way I say it, with this stupid monkey language. I say so, is anybody watch this is us? Now it’s not this is us, it’s this is us, which could be in this sinister truth. Truth’s hidden behind a little truth underneath everything you know in this mainstream media. So this is us, it’s them. These are we are the days were where? The where? The where? The parasites? where? The psychopaths, you know, living in the world under the rule of these elites, these elite gatekeepers of all ancient secrets and knowledge. But when they took when they promo the show, they say so, when we dvy are so, we put it on and you hear coming up next another this is us, this is is us. So I’m thinking the writer. With with all due respect, I have to apologize to the writers for for making it one word, because it’s not this is us, it’s this is us. This is this is this is US take a breath. And it was another thing I thought was interesting in one of these shows. It was a little girl who was preparing to I forget what it was. She was going to make a speech with something. So she had, oh, she needed a knock that, she needed a knock knock joke. So the parents, the parents of one of the children, the the kid, the high school age daughter, was gonna was gonna move, leave, a graduate early and moved to Boston to be with a boyfriend at sixteen years old and just she had to tell the parents. So the boyfriend came down from Boston to Pennsylvania and cook them dinner. So they’re all eating dinner and and be about before dinner. All the kids were together because they knew what the daughter was going to tell them, that she’s gonna graduate early and leave and go live with this guy at sixty, seventeen years old and he’s like twenty something already has a kids. A bad idea, but they knew the parents were going to be upset, so they were they were putting in place contingency. You’re putting contingencies into place. So one of them was to compliment mom on her dance studio. Another one was asked dad about an initiative, and then the little girls like, I’ll get a knock knock joke together. So when they started to introduce the parents, they’re sitting down at dinner and the kids that were going to give them the bad news. We’re going to wait till dessert to tell them. But before a dessert their they the parents, like no, no, you tell us now. Is actually before they even started eating the meal. He just took a couple of bites. They all right, we know there’s something I’m sick of waiting. Tell us what’s going on. And and the the first, the first contingent was attempted. Was a dad, tell me about that initiative, or a mom, what’s going on with you? DANCE ANYTHING? Like no, no, Nope, I get it. You guys are you guys are just trying to distract us. Tell us what’s going on. And then the youngest little girl, cute little girl, says knock knock, like she’s going to tell a knock knock joke, and the mother’s like no, no, no, I ain’t heard a notnock joke at this table for eight years now. Thinking to myself, I wrote that scene. Right, if you’re writing that scene, the little girl didn’t get to tell the knock knock joke. But if you know we’re watching, I guess what. We’re watching a scene based on a real conversation. So in reality that girl worked on that. You’ll figure out which knocknock joke she was going to say. She had it memorized in her mind, ready to do it, anxious right, anxious about telling it. So there was a knock knock joke. And what Pitt kind of made me think of this is because here’s a monkey me watching this show with my lovely wife Christine, and the girl goes knock knock and she gets shut down before she could tell the knockdock joke. Oh, like, Chris, that’s not fair. I want to know the knock knock joke. But like, this got to be a knock knock Joe. The kid had a knock knock joking it. So I’m wondering if the actress preparing for the scene was told what the knock knock joke was gonna be, because it couldn’t be just any knock knock joke. BURDA deliver that line. I have a not knock joke when you want to coach the actress and let her know what the knock knock joke is. I don’t know what the knock knock joke was, but I think the writer does. I think the writer does know a knock knock Joe. So I’m preparing a letter I’d like to send to the writers of this is us, or I should say this is us is. I want to know what that knock knock joke was gonna be. It’s not fair. I give if I was at that table later on, you know, after, after, I was just hanging out with my sister later, would be like, oh, what was that knockdock joke? Because that’s still going on bind the scenes. The life was going on after the scene ends. So Eric from the ancient of day, Messianic Molder, I don’t know, I am I making any sense? It’s another point I want to make regarding this stuff is how much has to happen for something to happen. Do we consider we are so inundated with things to do, we are so busy just just you know, just yet your day I get an email that’s going to change the course of my life for for a couple of months. You know, we got all this covid money and now they want me to justify why I got unemployment, which I already did. So I’m not worried about it, but it’s just like now I got to do this. When, when I think that when we were the way that this thing was intended, this, whatever this I mean to be fascinated by, by the smoke here, think about cutting your nails. Like your nails are growing the whole time that we’re talking right now, or I’m talking, and you guys are just like, what the Hell is he talking about? A whole time that that I’m here blabbing away about the stupidest things in the world, and you guys like, is there going to be any wisdom here? Not Today, but here’s this might cause cause you to to consider something. While all these things are going on, eventually you’re going to sense that your finger nails have grown. However, you know, whatever the you’re your cutoff is no pun intended. How long do your fingernails have to grow before you want to trim them? Do Your fingernails are growing all the time? You know how amazing that is, what’s going on in your body, even the aging process. Let me think about it. Just okay, okay, lay in bed now. I don’t lay in a bed again. I’ve always bring you to to my bedroom when I try to give you an example of my humanity. We going to come into bed with the commanders so we could talk to you about you know, you had a little I had a little edge. Let’s say you have the Itch, an itch on the top of one of your feet. So think about what has to happen for you to know. First of all, something is has had to happen in that spot on your on your body, in this case the top of your foot, for you, for your your body, your body said that’s not right, I don’t want that there. So I got to get this move to scratch it right. So all these things have to happen. I think the message has to get from the top of your foot first. That has to be established that there’s something going on there in your body, and then the message has to be transmitted from your foot to your fucking brain and then your brain has to process it and then it’s got to establish potential solutions to this problem that there’s something on your foot, your foot don’t want there, and then you have to process that you think, will I got to scratch my foot. So okay, I automatically I just took my other foot just scratch. It is like it’ch gun. Problem solved. Body restored to, I guess, basic status. No more status alerts, normal, normal status, normalcy restored. Whatever problems solved. I it’s with the other foot. And now now think about that, though, automatically, without any thought whatsoever. Now I’m contemplating this. That’s why I’m contemplating it. In the moment, that’s why. But but in real time it’s just like hitch, foot up, scratch down, no more hitch. The amount of things that had to happen. And then that might have been the time when I realized my tonnails need some trimming. The Tony also along the only things going on in your body. But while that little thing is going on down there on my left foot, you know I’m listening to something online. So I put I put the ear butt in my ear. It connects to the Bluetooth. So all that’s going on outside my body and then inside my body it’s receiving all that information from the technology. So I got things going on at the same time. Plus I’m digesting my food and my hair is growing, not on my head, but we don’t even count. Think about it. I mean grooming yourself. I shaved. You know, I had a couple of lose hairs right I trimmed them. Think are see, you get my eyes, I long hair sticking out on anybody to see it online either one of them people that watch this video. I just clip that one hair. I don’t know. To me, there’s something here. The things that have to happen. Now we’re talking about these sinister this sinister technology that’s going to connect it all. God only knows. We’re looking up to the grid. We’re going to have artificial intelligence. Can’t be able to alter that’s up so that things like an itch on the top of your foot. I know this is a stupid exam, but things like an inch on the top of your foot, maybe you won’t even feel it anymore. I mean you didn’t. You know, there’s meditations and things like that to get rid of pain without any intervention. And sometimes if I get an itch in the middle of my back that I can’t reach and instead of going and you know, getting off out of out of the bed, walking my fatass across the room to get the backscratcher that I actually was, a wooden backscratcher that actually attached a fork to it. It’s just not enough. But you know, instead of doing that, I will it gone and if I get pain, that just, you know, temporary thing. Maybe you know something I know is not life threatening. I tell my mind that’s not it’s okay. mind. I literally have these conversations with my brain. In my head. What is happening in my head that they use in my mouth? Why do we even bother with this thing? We’ve got to humunicate. We got it. We gotta connect with language, which is just putting a net over you. We’re just under a net called the English language and we’re trying to get out. So they’ve constricted us with this language net. And then all these automatic responses that we have in this physiology, which is amazing intelligently designed physiology. If you believe it, there’s no way, if you know, if you cannot tell me, this happened over time, that these amazing things that we can do with this stupid body that we take for granted every day, just being able to blow your nose to knowing, knowing, you have to blow your nose and we’re just giving it all away because we’ve minimized the truth. We’ve minimized the truth of this, this frigging body made to graves. Now we’ve got all this intodimensional stuff, matrix stuff, where we’re starting to believe that this flesh suit isn’t even real, that is, it’s just a construct and some kind of a program. And maybe it’s true, but I can’t, I can’t land on it and stay there because it’s just there’s just too much that. That wouldn’t happen if that was the case. Guys, come on, if we really were in an alternate reality, they put you in some kind of a program like the Matrix, you really think they would just create what happened before all all any people like up from the Matrix. Now, AI could be true. I’m not saying it is and I don’t I really don’t care. It’s just fascinating to talk about it. But to me personally, it just see, if we were in some kind of a matrix type of program, wouldn’t we be manifesting dragons without having to go into the metaverse? So they’re going to put so what these people are saying is you’re already in a metaverse, but it’s a really good replication of reality, right. They really they replicated reality, but with such precision that I could pick my nose, get a boogie on my finger and flick it across the room into someone’s head hair. Not that I would ever do that, but why would that be programmed into this reality and not? Hey, there is a dragon, a dragon family lives next door. If, if it was a matrix reality and we create a reality, why do we have more manifestations of the absolute ridiculous fantasy world in in this reality, our highways should have dinosaurs on them. They should be, you know, an eighteen wheeler, a little car and you know, a family of t REX’s driving in some big with a big wideload sign with with with, you know, flashing lights, going on a camping trip to Shambalah. I don’t know. It’s all happening. Well, maybe it is happening outside the crater. Possible. Chunky Geordy in the chat. I don’t know what you guys are talking about there, but just checking in for a quick, quick second and I see Chunky geordy talking a vacuum cleaner sand. Does that help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Huh, you know, I’ll go through some stuff here. One of the one of the stories that I wanted to talk about. Let’s see, I have it here. They get rid of the stuff here anyway. Oh yeah, here scientists discover a new science of the body’s second brain. So apparently we’ve got a second brain, but they’ve linked it. So Science, I need to need to do the science thing here. Let me go back, let’s do this. Excuse me. Okay, let’s talk about this, talking about rital bottle syndrome, and I want to tell you what scientists have recently discovered. Some I think we need to we need to go to the fake science segment and arise to me deeps, any ocean’s blood, science and theology. All right, so fake science, pig science segment us a daily live stream with the okay. So, so science discovered reasonly reporting dead from man staring. Here we’re in here, the revealing the logic. They discover a second brain. So scientists discovered new science in the gut and apparently our second brains in our stomach, and they’re going to use it to treat irritable bowel syndrome. This this guy in continent’s. Oh my God, that’s pretty good. Crept so Guilbertson and his team. They’ve shown that these glial leal cells play a much more active role in the entire nervous system and our research popshine. I’ll try that in deprustators are national coimas fires. That farings real turn out that Clei. I act on very precise right influence. Changeos carry frighting new neural Turkey. This could suck. This discovery could help pave the way for new treatments for intestinal illnesses, illnesses, illnesses. Thinking of this as a second think of this second brain as a computer. The Glia are the chips working in the periphery. Glulbertson said. They’re an active part of the singling network. Amazing Body. So the they made it. They made a bet, met metaphor, metaphor and an analogy. So in computing language, the Glia would be the logic gates. Or, for a more musical metaphor, the Glia aren’t carrying carrying the notes plate on an electric guitar. There there the petals and amplifiers modulating the tone and the volume of the regardless of the analogy, the Gli are more integral to making sure things are running smoothly. As they saying, how they could do it right now. There’s no known cause for it, just an obstruction in the gut, and there’s just one section of the gut that stops working. That’s a little bowel syndrome, and apparently you can use the brain in your stomach now figure out ways to treat it. There was some other science that I wanted to talk about today. I’ll look at this. Here’s the remember when the structure of the earth’s core was molten lava? Remote when? Remember when they did that to you and they told you that that’s what it is? Well, here they’re changing that now, USA Today, apparently going on. You scientists discovered the Earth’s inner core isn’t solid or liquid. I thought this was solved. or it it’s Super Ionic, and now it’s super ionic. The structure the earth’s core could be unlike any other state of matter. At least they’re being honest here and saying it could be. You, Hey, a physicist? Is that? The Chinese Academy of Sciences and lead author of a study published this month? Why? I gotta tell us all this said, the calculations challenged what researchers one once understood about the inner core, because you didn’t see it, you’re not there, you can’t get to it, it doesn’t even. It’s not even point you think it’s. We’re on a Globe and that is spinning. Earth is cuisinet to be so hot down there because of all the things that are going around spinning with all this stuff, and on the effects and all the chemical compounds and do the things that have to happen in the compression and the gravitation into that. So now they’ve destroyed what researchers previously thought about the Earth’s inner care and now they they have found but but, but, you know not, we think it’s something different, not that they have found it. Yeah, Marcel’s start taking tomorrow IPR here, and the moon is made of wood, judging by the moon rocks here. Very good. Yeah, what’s up, tim the Mansman from infinite plane, Radio Pot of the conspiracy conspiritame and radio network plan is bringing into the plane in its Rear Bot today once I’m double still spring it something it until proven otherwise, and otherwise, mic my could my ad Mike a dank this us or here all right. So they this amazing discovery. By the way, it was the saying that he and his colleagues found the inner core creates a supernic state made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. He said it’s unlike any solid or liquid form. This is this is his statement. It’s quite abnormal. He said in a statement to USA Today. The solification, the solidification of iron at the inner core boundary does not change the mobility of these light elements and the convection of light elements is continuous to the inner core in the inner car. Now, because this is idiot, and he’s an idiot because he doesn’t think freely, this idiot is telling you that that this is now with the inner core is and and and the parrots out there, the shee pull are going to be like, okay, so I saw the inner cars. Now I ionic so far act. It’s not solid or liquid, it’s ionic. Let’s it done, Ma could you stop at McDonald to get me so check the mcnarcket. That’s it done. We know. And and why is that sinister? Because it’s I know it’s really not that important, but if you think, think, you got to look at the whole picture. Why that sinister because it’s not true. It’s a hypothesis, it’s a guess, it’s a calculation and in the article with this fake, freaking bullshit science, they’re saying it’s not what we thought before, but you presented that as fact over and over and over again in spots. The doctor. What’s up, Doctor Weisman? You see a piggy, lamb shrubs. What’s up doing we got that? Look at he split out there. What’s I’m going to be spect did anyone make a cheese moon joke yet? Or should I, you know, go get get in in their quick we’re almost moving on. I think we moved on from what we need even talk about the moon. Look at he split, on on on, on her game. I don’t know why. I think you’re a check. Government Moon Cheese. Very good. We got our government moon cheese from wick when my babies were little. They said they we can to give us free cheese and free formula, and so we went down, my first wife and I went down to the store with our Wick Wick coupons. Woman, infant, child, nobody left behind. Went down there. We went to get to cheese and it was this one pound. Not one pound, it’s a five pound block of American cheese like this is what the government is get, isn’t this? The thing that made me join the air forces is what they said they were handing out to Russian people on those food lines in the S and join the military to protect us against Communism, which is now here, and clearly it was there then too, because that was eighty five, eighty six, not? That’s what the arms were. Big Block of chef who even are not cut. That stang. What happened? Cheese slights are in my ket check. Look at the split. I’m an attractive male. If that makes it any better. Well, it always makes it better. I don’t know why he had to see her attractive, but the the main question is, look at the split. Have you accepted your gender assignment, no matter how attractive you are? Not Wick run you know, I promote you as the business manager. You’re supposed to be the smart guy that brains behind this organization, organ grinder with his monkey, and you’re like wikipedia has cheese. So this is this study leaves only one quill. Look, it leaves one question UN answered. Really, really, you want to leave whatever a freaking name is, Yahooi one question and answer just one. The question is, why is this super ionic form found in Earth’s in her core? He said more research is needed, meeting more of your money for ridiculate science more recent that’s the answer, he says. I think more studies are needed to explain other seismic features, such as seismic this stop trophy and it’s sought and it’s sottrapy and that’s stop. Your A, go go. You’re gonna be able now that they do not have the they do not have the pronunciation. That’ll look the old way, before Google was pronouncing stuff. We had to work it out on our own. That’s on Wikipedia. Oh, here it is and ISOTROPIC. That’s a night a tropic, you idiot. It even sounded like she was, you know, but most of these ai recordings you could just add two words to the end of it, and and, and the message that they’re trying to send would be complete. Just add you idiot. So, Huh, how do you say this word, Mariam and ISOTROPIC, you idiot? Why, he could come up with some and that’s where they ended it. Oh Yeah, wonderful things in the big science segment here. Let’s see what else I have here. I did not read this. I have no idea what’s going to happen. But apparently this is this guy, this is a Messolithic skeleton known as Cheddar Man, shares the same DNA with an English teacher. So this Charterman apparently says here’s the same DNA as this English teacher, I think in it though, separated by tenzero years, but linked by DNA, a Ninezero year old skeleton’s DNA was tested and it was concluded that a living relative was teaching history about a half a mile away. Never failed to launch wore years before when Adrian Target, a retired history teacher from Somerset, walked into his local news agents, news agents, he was started startled to see a familiar face staring up at him. Also, we just happened into that face appearing on the front page of several newspapers, belonging to a distant relative of his, almost ten years ago, tenzero years ago, and it was Cheddar man. ANCIENT DNA from Cheddar man, a skeleton discovered in one thousand nine hundred and three at goes cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, has helped music, Muse Museum scientists paint a portrait of the oldest modern human being, a modern humans in Britain. Apparently it’s just one of so, by the way, this skeleton here, just say you. I could see this here, all right. So, so this skeleton here, this thing they’re able to put together that it looked like this guy here, Cheddar man, should have moved as not much I can say about that. Well, so I have out the fiery vagina. They captured a nice picture of the fiery vagina, solar eruption, captured in an unprecedended image. Now here career at the USA. My Personal Eschatology, I believe that the spirit of what we called the Christ here in this system was even up at Calgary on the Cross and went back up through this fiery vagina to be with the Creator. I don’t think you get out of here unless you go through the fiery vagina in the sky. But one of the images that they came up with a while ago, come on, I’m not watching your stupid screw you, screw you and your commercial. Just read your article. But apparently these images the the the fire vagina and the sky was erupting. Did you know? Did you know that? I didn’t know. I wanted to. I didn’t know if I want to do this, but Leonardo Da Vinci, this guy, this self. Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. He’s famous for drawing that that helicopter representation of synchronicity things. It’s pretty amazing study that he did right, pretty amazing discovery that you know, if you if you laid down on the ground, there’s one example I like. I shouldna build it’s great. But anyway, if you laid down and put your hands out like this on the ground and had someone San stand at the tip of your fingers over there and someone stand the tip of your fingers over here, would look it would look absolute impossible, but it will be the exact it will be your height. So the length of your arms spread out right to left, fingertip to fingertip, is your height. And it’s like you know something about your foot being the same size as your head. He doesn’t represent you know, the you know people with large feet, thing that they talked about. But Anyway, pretty amazing. Different parts of the body, like the length, that distance between the shoulder and the forearm. Oh, maybe that’s what it is. I think your foot is here like whatever, however long this is, your foot fits in there. Pretty cool. Stuff. You want to look it up. But apparently after doing that, michaelangels swift fit to study the reprotective says, and I did not know this till today, just before this stream, and I saw this article. Actually, this is the article. It came up on my feed. How did Leonardo Da Vinci draw the vagina? And it would seem to me it wasn’t. In the article this woman’s face popped up, but that’s not I mean if he drew this, if he drew this and said this is a female vagina, I would be more impressed then the one he actually drew. If you haven’t seen it, if you’re if you’ve got children watching, make them leave. I’m going to show a picture of Michael Angelo’s Vagina in a minute, which I don’t know. You tell me you think it was said. If it’s, if it’s as said. So I had to actually put this in. I don’t want to show it that long, but the actual reproductive system me, you know. So he made an attempt at the man’s here. So this is Michael Angelo. This is a Michael Angelo’s a reproductive system for the male. Apparently a lot of things going on in there. I don’t know. What this huge thing is here. Why the balls are up? I guess those are the kidneys. This process definitely hasn’t a large pros state but, you know, pretty close when it came to the male thing, right. But as far as the female one, I think he I don’t. I don’t know if this guy ever actually saw one or just heard stories about it. You know, it’s definitely was a long time ago, but that’s that’s a that’s not and in his defense, I can’t even look. I’m so sorry I did that even myself. What else that? I don’t want to I don’t know. I don’t know what that was. But that was Michael Angelo’s picture of a drawing of a vagina. Now I understand. Maybe so at once, at a very young age, and it was his great aunts. Maybe so is nine year old grandmother Vagina when he was three. That’s what it kind of looks like to me. How that drawing might manifest in your monkey brain just seems. Seems that might peep it was she. It looked like a place you could stay, like in a Zombie, Zombie apocalypse. What’s up? A bobbing crazy like an air BMB with the Zombie of poppies hide in here. Everybody is plenty of room to a Mandela affected vagina. It’s not what he really saw. If vacuum clean. So that’s what they look like? Yeah, well, maybe if you’re afraid of them. Well, if you think about it, back then, you know if you touch yourself you’re going to die or go blind. Right, and don’t touch. Don’t touch, don’t. You don’t want to be naked, don’t you know? Don’t let don’t let anybody see that, ladies, which is true. It’s fine, Decoum, keep it to yourself. We don’t need to be seeing all your vaginas. You know, they talk about guys always sending Dick Picks. We send the Dick Picks because otherwise you wouldn’t look at them. You guys put your vaginas all over the Internet. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t happen across a vagina on the Internet. Dj Mo, Funk TV only fan. Really is a lot of vagiants out there. They’re all over the place. Norm McDonald was astonished when he got online. He’s he says it’s our old women whores. I don’t know if that’s a little extreme. Bobbing Gray. Sorry, I know of having grace. I’m sorry, I know you’re going through it’s see, but anyway, so that’s a Michael Angelo. Yeah, I not much more you could. I just suggest you don’t. How many of you have already searched it? How many of you are going to make that your screen? Saber? This is science moving. I think you think you mentioned this, Tim but Donna shocks fans new picks, as they claim she looks sixteen years old. Well, I don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years ago Madonna claimed leadership for the female opposition in a an occult ritual and a studio album, Adam X’s mad of x, looking witness lay after live. Nothing level me to keep from say the same. Full you like a prapfully, yeah, so she she came out as the leader of the female opposition here. But apparently another, another person in the entertaining world, is not so lucky. Courtney Cox, when never could quite achieve level of fame. She’s a little little upset because her agings not going so far. This is a milestunt, milestone birthday. She’s only fifty seven and she says she’s taking pictures now because all the work she had done. She looks really strange because she’s injected and done stuff to her face that she wouldn’t do now. And that’s the reason. I mean that’s what they all look like. All these all these actresses are must use the same plastic surgeon. Yeah, so courtney cocks not so lucky, but she doesn’t have access. You’ve got to be but I don’t know how real this is. I mean, she doesn’t even look like my Donne. It’s a fake. Look at come on, isn’t that a V face? Remember v? Come on, all the V’s. Yeah, it’s kind of cut that V face. This thing. I’ll see and I through the the logic. Or was that that lived long and prosper thing? One eye, symbolism all over the place in this she looks like a v. She looks more like this v when the mask comes off and there she is. That’s Madonna really, I mean, sixteen year old, I don’t think that looks like a doesn’t look like a sixteen year old to me. She looks like an alien reptop. Just want to perfect it, but she looks like every one of those sex robots. So the sex rovice is what all the women’s in makeup. We were Christine was watching the show. There’s some lady it does make up what she talks about mass murder or stuff like that, and at the end of the show she looks like this. Let’s see, where’s it? I had something. I don’t know why I want to. I keep want to bring this up, but it’s not. No Way. WHO’s Day. It’s wrong. Coyote, little eruption. Did that be serious? Sorry, it’s going to do smouse cleaning here. Donna, Donna, Donna. Huh. I don’t know where it was, but is that this that movie out there from Germany where some dude falls up falls in love with his AI child robot, but he gets a replica of his little daughters, eight nine year old daughter and he ends up having a love affair with her. But you know, all he’s moral dilemmas as to whether he’s really having an incestuous, at a look relationship with his daughter, because she’s really just a replicate. Replicate could be. Okay, there’s somethings in you I wanted to talk about, but I’m not good at today. But there is good news for alcoholics everywhere once again, and I love these stories because when I when when alcoholics plays an that one way is that not working. Something’s not working. All right, working now, gramblings, Hey, we what’s up? No, so this is a no. Thank you. This is good news for alcoholics everywhere. It’s always something like you know, alcoholics always want a reason to drink right, no matter, no matter what. But here’s just a little quick article by the multiple scurosses, news today channel or website. Never, never, drinking alcohol gives you a higher risk your multiple scrolls. That’s good news for alcoholics, because now they have a significantly higher reason to drink aliena their entire this is the stuff I wanted to talk about today, but I just get this to twenty two. or I’ll take a quick break and sip some water and drink some coffee and you can listen to portal complex. I come back, we’ll talk about what happened yesterday or what didn’t happen yesterday. What happened what we would happen to some people yesterday and not everyone else. We’ll talk about to twenty two, twenty twenty to see with the pieces and the se now broadcasting from a super secret command center hidden away in the spare bedroom of a small apartment in island part New York. You once again make contact with your leader, commander low fry. I’M gonna play. I can cut that Song Short, cut the song too short. I’m gonna play at the end the welcome, welcome back. I don’t know why I take that break. I don’t know, really don’t know why that tail. Yeah, that’s right. Thanks for ourselves. I’ve tipping during the live year. You want your name up in lights, tip the Monkey. That’s always to support the channel. In the description is some cool merge. By the way. Well, merchandise, go down there. We have it. You know, spreadshop, have a shopify going for the pure blood necklace and patrons. By the way, tomorrow night meet and Greek Zoom meeting with patrons invited, and very soon we will not have the one dollar church member option. Become a patron. You’re not a patron. WANT TO BECOME ONE? Please go link in the descript this comes so cool. Working on coffee bobblehead dolls beat on its way from China. BOBBLE head dolls on its way from China. Summer took down a message upsetting weeks. You can get finish out. Kind of think he just put it there’s probably just a spelling are relaxes. We’re part of the conspirait team and radio network. So far it’s two channel and a it’s a infinitive plane radio. He’s handling the nightstally. I’m doing the mornings, in the afternoons here three times a week, almost every day, dreaming line, which is this is the best. You know, I’m not speaking. I’m I feel bad saying this because I really like Tim Osman’s channel, but as far as I’m concerned, this is the best show on youtube and nobody watched. We’ve been very little viewership for the for the quality that’s here, which is a story of my life. One time I we used to do stand up at a place called don’t tell mom, it’s Saturday nights. The will show this Guy Rom Pool, he called it Pool Party. See what he did there, wooll party, and a bunch of US amateurs we would we would show up and we try to bring two people get to do get some stage time and I had to two bits. I would get on and be a nervous and a nervous guy talking about my wife, who you know, was didn’t like me and all that kind of funny stuff. You couldn’t get the MIC to work. And if funny, he a good, good, good solid, you know, for five minutes, which is an eternity, stand up and then I dressed up like some our guy at the end, extanting guy, and I did or didn’t participation. I do was a TV talk show host. You know, it’s daytime TV talk show host. It was fun. There was a lot of fun and would close out the show a lot of harm twenty thirty minutes ending. It was fun. Now would get ready all day. You know, I had a job. You know, I had a regular job. That again ready and I go there and before I go on I listened to Van Morrison’s Moon Dance to kind of put myself in a in a trance and relax, and I used to use a Walkman. Had a Sony Walkman. Actually, I couldn’t afford a Sony Walkman, so I had some you know, you know, replica, some kind of off brand tape player. There was a cassette tape put in my ears. Listen to it all the way there and then, right before go on, of a cigarette inside, imagine, and I go on stage. But one time we have we had like ten comics minimum would come at Saturday night. Ron, Ron run, Ron Pool’s poopart. Don’t tell Mama Manette, and we were all miserable, by the way. But we all showed up like ten comics and nobody brought anybody except one comic. We didn’t get any. This is no promotion or anything. Some people would happen in we’d stand outside try to get people come in the show. You know, if there was one person there. I think that was the night we all went outside and tried to get people come in free comedy show is one person was a fiance of one of the performers that we sound guy with lights. Was a nice stage. It’s a rich so you can still look. It’s still there. It’s actually like a traine bar, which may or may not be ironic, because I have accepted my gender assignment, but I’m not sure if I’ve accepted my general gender assignment, primarily because I’m an I’m a very ugly woman. I’ve dressed in drag for parts. I mean I didn’t dress in drag for parts like they do. They dress in drag for parts because they want to get recycled baby parts. I dressed in drag or parts in production. But Anyway, I’m very ugly woman. So maybe maybe this, you know, maybe I’m a May have accepted by gender assignment, because I’m a really a love I’m really a lesbian trapped the side of a man’s body. That’s how I feel and that is my line, even though Russia limboss stole it. You wonder if people listening that’s it’s not. It’s not a part. Far stretched to think that he came up put it on his own even after I did. But I don’t know, I don’t know why I’m talking about. What was I talking Oh, the show, the comedy shows, this one person there and now my first bit. I mean I rely when I do come in. This is very hard to do here because I don’t don’t hear any laughs. I don’t know if anybody’s laughing at anything I do here. So when I would do stand up a you want to hear the laughs. Joke worked. So one guy there, some of the comics were braid. They came out and just talked him, just did some Improv you know, tried to make the Guy Laugh. Two of the comics did each other’s bit, which was pretty funny. They did their each of their own. Ron Did rob’s routine and rob did RON’s routine and we’ve heard it so many time. I think did it and it was amazing with flowers. So we’re all lefting. Don’t forget, we still had ten comics out their life and then we were all laughing at the pain because we decided to show had to go on. Think about that this, I mean, that’s a that’s a dilemma, because you have we had someone in the Audi two not only play movies. They used to anywhere. I know it is today that they play movies where there’s whether it’s anybody you know today, when I when I went live, I mean I had two people have one o’clock and I’m like, what am I doing? And I know what I’m to have to do. have to do, because it’s what I’m a performer. This is my religion. This is my religion, meaning construck belief system that that that that leads everything I do in this system. But as far as my beliefs, esoteric beliefs, they don’t resemble any cake that’s out there that I’ve come across there, because they never change and they’re always changing. INSA that work anyway. So we put the show on, but I couldn’t do the a boot thing because I needed I needed a six audience. Of Five audience men did I used to call people up and I actually have a recording of it somewhere. I got it. Well, I haven’t on it video. I don’t know. So what happened is now this was from Kyote, Coyote, I says Kaite Kyotel Smoking Mirror from twitter. I saw this and and it wouldn’t it put something up on our face and our facebook group about it. I’m not show that now, but you can go on to facebook group. Not Not a bad my mythological decode heres on Earth, the twenty two day of the second month. Let’s lower that low. Fi the twenty two year of the second millennium, as Pluto returns to the point where it was back in seven undred and seventeen, seven six one seven hundred and seventy six. Interesting. Luto is the same character entity as Hades and has created the crack, cracket readings the cracking. I’ve watched that movie because I just wanted to see that part, but they released a cry. Was let down. That movie was stupid. Some mythological Qureek God movie. Think it was that guy that, when saves the saves his daughters every ten years. They forget the guy that the name of the actor Saves Christine Likes has active. He saves his daughters every ten years in a movie. So this was about the day after Monday. Tomorrow’s in epic Tuesday, with the two little more than two hours after midnight. The DEUCES will be too wild to ignore. Oh God, who wrote this? Brad Hamilton, you know. Does anybody want to hang out with Brad Hamilton? You have no no photo. Brad Hamilton should come up. I want to see what you look like. Oh, Brad, wait a minute, that’s on him. He’s a fictional character laid by judge reinhold. Oh his name was Brad Hamilton. Fast Times a Ridgemont high. Are You freaking kidding me? And he’s an actor as an IMDB. What happened to him? Brad gets a Joe, oh it was. It’s a fictional character. This guy is. It’s another guy. He was born in be twenty one, Anna, Brad Hamilton. Oh my God, Fast Times Richmond High. Love that movie when I was a kid. Anyway. So Brad’s trying to be funny here and being clever, whatever this writer is. See what else city. What did he say? I’ll city say was going to happen. So we’ve had a few PALING drome days recently. Twelve two, thousand two twenty one. But when written in British fashion, fashion by both of Palin drome and phrase or number, Alan drome, praise or number, that’s the same backward and forwards. Adam, I’m Adam, okay, and at least on a calculator, and and be gram and be Graham, which reads the same upside down, right. said. Okay, come on, yeah, tell me what it is. All right. So here Long Time Manhattan numerologist sees tomorrow as an opportunity for news. That’s not astrologist, by the way, a numerologist. He’s not an astrologist, Prat numerol. It’s not astrologist Prad. So in Numero numerology you reduce, she said. So this is to twenty two, two thousand and twenty two ads up to twelve and you add the one in the two hundred and twenty three, and that number three is consequential. So after after the one in the two. So reforms the sequel it’s like a new beginning. Also, self expression. That’s a very powerful tool, really, really powerful. If it was powerful, I would see something Ay and I failure and I took no. Something switched, something happened, something that I’ve been yesterday morning I noticed a little something. Maybe all of you did. It could have been the power of suggestion. Okay, I’m going to do this right now, because right now it’s two twenty three, two thousand and twenty two, and I’m looking at a calculator that says o two, two, two, two hundred and two two. That is going to cause a manifestation of frequencies that will make your right eye twitch. Now, Oh, did it work? Did anybody’s right eye twitch? Let’s see. Astrology is okay. Also say the United States will experience its first Pluto Return, in this case the first time the planet, which is associated with transformation and power, will come back to the position it was when the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified. You mean when the Illuminati officially took over the United States? As a result, they predict radical powership. According to our scopecom writer, shearing Campbell, Pluto returns in France, in Russia, Pluto returns in France and Russia mark the deaths, deaths of Napoleon and Stalin. So what? How many people died when Pluto left? What about when Pluto decided to come back for a minute, twenty year the anybody die that day? That was famous. How many birthdays are there today? Why is it Napoleon and Stalin? Although, interestingly, for some weird reason, whenever I consider my own mortality and I’m like, why do I have to die? I don’t want to die, my stupid monkey brain tells tells me it almost immediately. Well, if Napoleon had to die, so do you. I don’t know where that ever came from, but it’s true. I’m telling you anyway. Historically, this time is okay. Spanish director Francisco Franco relinquished power during Spain’s last Spain’s last Pluto return will what else happened in other countries? Some even argue that UK’s last Pluto return coincides with their unofficial full form world leader status. They haven’t fell from world lead of status. They were chargeable the gold. London is the Financial Kingdom of the world, the Vatican is the religious kingdom of the world, and the United States Washington did see is the fucking boys. Anyway, historically, this time is marked with a lot of change. Most believe that for the US this will be no different. Anyway, Ules Zea Pastel Tomorrow’s date she’s been eagerly anticipating since child. Would they find are born in two thousand. She will turn twenty two. One to twenty two, twenty two. How many times she tell people from whole month of February, maybe the whole year? Did you know? Ah, did you know that guy I was born. I’m going to turn twenty two. I too, twenty to twenty tow we know rules. We Know Juels, sat to dad jewels. Say One, it’s our jewels. Tap Ted Character. Try to tell a Tech Hardy tag fight Ted as a tardy te Tarty, tighty telly at that tight try tow I jewels. How’s it coming? It’s had the tiny Twell, I get a tight twy tow oh my God. Anyway, look they cooling it to two’s Day. Harry’s absolutely no historical significance or any cosmic message, says Barry Markovsky. He’s a sociology professor. Yeah, nothing, nothing. That’s a trick. They’re yet it does speak vibes about our brains. There you go. Markovsky says he’s a social psychologist who studies paranormal claims and pseudoscience. He discounts any popular PURPEC interpretations and propect about such things as a bunch of two is piling up on the county. There’s nearly always. There’s nearly always absurd from a scientific perspective, but they’re great for illustrating our brains. People in groups, the cultures work together. How many of you add your eyes twitch when I suggested it. If it a playing radio, could too. He’s too fatigued, as I understand you have. It is. It’s a it’s definitely a condition that affected many people Tuesday this week, in sevens too. Yeah, Marcel, I wonder what happened to now. That would be something when I would talk about if that lady died unto it would be funny if she did die. Yeah, well, that would be a story. Very good, Marcel jule Z A P sel. It’s not a story until you die on to two, twenty two, then it’s a story. It’s been the birthday I’ve been waiting for. Actually, didn’t care about my twenty one birthday at all. Yeah, because you were waiting. Oh my God, my whole life I’ve been trying to find the meaning for it. I’m still searching, I’m sure today, Jules, it’s still searching for meaning. Anyway, it’s some of the stuff. What else here? Happy Tuesday, this February twenty two in the world hits an unprecedented milestone. It’s the date itself, and this so called Tuesday falls on a Tuesday, a quincid it. It’s true, the number pattern stands out impossible in this, but doesn’t mean anything. Judging by the thousands of commemorative prod ex available for purchase online, it may appear to yeah, of course it does. It’s just you know what the calendar does. Tuesday carry’s absolutely no historical significance or any cosmic message. He wait a minute, what about Napoleon dying? Yet it does speak volumes about our brains and cause the same guy. Wait a minute, did they just copy this article? Now there’s more. Look at this. God, that’s plagiarism. Didn’t not used to be a thing? Plagiarism? It’s not the only day century alone. At a couple of Ond’s days, one hundred and eleven, eleven and what? Yeah, I was there for those two Ye Eleven, eleven major calamities. I’m telling you why. To K already happened. They call it in a Rithic, rhythmic, rhythmic to a rhythm, rhythm metical, medical, rithmetical, rhythmetic, but medical. I can I see that word. Oh, I know what. Arithmetic, you idiot. A rithmetic. It was a rithmetic all time. Yeah, exact, because that was the word. I do. So, like I said, whatever you play these things, just add you Indo it to the end of it, which actually was actually pertained this situations. It just happened. Arithmetic, you idiot. WAS THAT ARITHMETIC? It didn’t look like it to me. There was. It’s look at all these numbers. No, that was in it was respect a tickle, rhythmetical. So I guess that’s what it is. It’s a rhythmetical we’re get, you’re getting arithmetical. JT. Thirty three in the comments. I was born on one hundred and eleven and my son was born on one hundred and twenty two. Oh you know what that means? That’s got some hidden meeting there. JT. I think that what that means is that you and him share some significant genealogical components. I think you to share some DNA, you know, some genes, is something, something connecting you to because of the dates that you were born to some something. I don’t know if anybody’s catching the irony and what I’m saying. So numerology can be traced back twenty five hundred years to the Greek mathematician Pathecorus, with alternative systems appearing elsberry, cutting, China and meddles. I are numerology may look mathematical, but it’s more akin to Palmistry and Reading Tea Lee, so you say. So there’s many kinds of numerology. The most popular form of signs numbers, two names or words. So there’s many kinds of numerology. which what’s the right one? Which one’s the only one? Which one’s the one that’s going to tell it’s what happened yesterday, because I want to know what happened yesterday. What happened? I tell twenty, twenty, twenty two, because I did see a day set. I’ve felt all out tetle my pineal gland in the morning. which what the break? What the Chinese? What order is it American numerology. American numerologies is one plush Rod is toe. Can I have a cookie? That’s it. That’s extent. I mean Chin Chinese people coming up with numerology. It would be endless. It will. It is endless. Reek people coming up on any kind of complicated now a way to an analyze reality using numbers. But an American, American numerology is I have one pancake and I add to pancakes. How many pancakes do I have? That’s American new numerology. What for? Chicken mcnuggets for four dollars. That’s a dollar nugget American numerology. I’M gonna pay DJMO funk. They answers the question. Yet three, three pancakes. That’s American numerology. As never, you never get enough nuggets for your money. So let’s see the complicated numerology. Here’s an example. Adding up five numbers in this guy’s first name, two, one hundred and ninety nine and seven yields twenty eight. To find the root, add the digits in twenty eight to get ten and then add up those two digits to get one. For My middle and last names, the roots are four and nine. Adding the three roots returns fourteen. Adding those digits reveals that my destinies number. Is that I got anybody else’s brain? I had a numerologist once tells me, tell me that I have to use they told me the meaning of my full name, Louis Fiori Junior. I don’t know why I’m a junior because my father didn’t have the same name. They told me I have to use if I want to be successful in business. Start using my full name when I introduce myself. Let’s say, Hey, I’m Lou I would say I’m Lu Fioriam. My business cards at Lou fury. Change them all to Louis Fury Junior, and I went out of business. Actually go out of business, but I never made another never. Never could make a living selling real estate. For half an hour in the s after that, how to switch them more? I did not use my phone. No, maybe I did. It did with successful. Maybe’s yours right, I don’t know. Anyway, numerologists, with all this predictions, could not price her home to sell quickly. List that consul it. Use Your numerology to price your house at a marketable number, you idiot. Oh, wait a minute, they were there were new American numerologists. What number should I put on the price of my home? Oh, what did my neighbor sell it for? That’d sell it, or anything less with my neighbors. Some things all right, Friday when they come in talk about this great awakening things. Some other stuff I want to talk about, in other than Michael Angel’s portrait of the Vagina. I don’t know where that thing came from what he was thinking when he did it. Infinite Plane Raider coming up next. Three o’clock, says in the chat. Common Cordji Matrey is rather, rather reliable for bias confirmation. I think you’re being snarky, salty siren, says. My south node in my birth chart is at eleven. Wait a minute, I’m not going to ask you to explain it, but before you end this ridiculousness, south node birth chart, I don’t know what that means, but hopefully Google tell me you’ll find a glyph that looks like a horseshoe symbol for the north Ark. So it’s a it’s a symbol or past lives and birth charts and all that kind of stuff. Okay, well, I’m happy for your salty. I had a feeling I did. I had a feeling when you first started coming around the channel. First thing I thought when I saw your channel, your YouTube channel, name Salty Siren, and then I got to know you from foos a chat. But the first time you you made a comment that I noticed you there, first thing I thought was that seems like a woman who’s birth charts south node is one hundred and eleven. It would really truly was truly was what the first thing I thought. I mean, if that doesn’t, that doesn’t show you that there’s a connection, and I don’t know what could. I also put both our names in Jamatria. It. It did. I did. I ran that your mantra on your Christian name and my Christian name, and we both we both match. Obama Nache, we’re both in obamaination. So with that man and this two hours of absolute perfection, remarkable, remarkable entertainment. Not sure why I’m doing this. I’ll let you know in a couple of years if I can figure it out. Chet admires your south node salty, and Marcel, of course, gotta make it about the food. All right, guys, thanks for being here. I’ll see you Friday. Going to be going to be good, very good, Friday, evolving grace. I’ve been watching these all day. I’m so sorry, grace, that the that’s happening to I’m so sorry that’s happening to you. Well, after you’re done, make sure that you seek medical attention mediately. You need you’re going to need an intervention. I love that you’re doing it. That’s what I’m here means a lot. All right, guys, consider yourself conspiratained more. I mean it’s the day progressive stay tuned for infinite playing radio. Will find him. Will find him. He’s even better than me. I could imagine that. All right, guys, see you Friday’s

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