“PUTIN CURED COVID” Infinite Plane Radio 2/25/22

“PUTIN CURED COVID”  Infinite Plane Radio 2/25/22

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All right, I know it’s a little late or early. We’re just going to make this one midnight. So it is now two two, five to two twelve o one a m is the starting point, but we’re getting started a little bit early. You listening to you? Thirty third degree, Lucifer Tim I’ll be right back. Notifications are back on, thanks to all the supporters. Text message alerts and everything all right. Any good and read all comments tonight. No censorship. East Coast late night. Aj Two hundred and six Jungle Gym Santo Spinacho scheduled a Saturday night special on the benefits of AGR and man of from heaven. It’s titled Joined by Patrick Seventy Eight. Yeah, I figured I’ll take a few minutes for everybody to load to drop in here. I mean it’s late, like I said, usually we start a couple hours earlier than this. But good news. We’re back on Internet’s prepaid. I have an extremely high internet bill, but no, we are on seven for the next, well, at least couple of months. I don’t see any downtime. Getting a little structured. So if you have a hard time finding us, you don’t know when or you don’t get the alerts or whatever. Text message alerts are going back out, but you can also just count on a regular schedule Mornings and evenings. Now Mornings aren’t going to be two hours like they have been lately. Mornings are just meant for recording a couple of things, usually interviews. Sometimes we do all well other things. But my point is it’s the evenings where we do the open phones, joined by Travis Feet Roam and, by the way, we’re also on float and rumble. Now there’s for truth here with the popcorn. Yeah, rumble. So rumble also auto imports all of our archives. So again, no reason not to be able to keep up anymore. It’s way past censorship. They have other things in their hands right now. You know, you got the Putin coming out and crying covid so shout out to Poutin. I didn’t take long, and I’ve been saying here it’s like they might as well as tell us you to put the masks over your tail pipes, because they went straight from covid social distancing and masking to we gotta Save the climate. In fact, I saw, I think John Carry Skull and bonesmen came out saying something about he hopes that Poutin maintains a certain level of, I guess, climate change compliance with all of his actions. So keep your carbon footprints small. Yes, Putin cured covid. I was dropped in our discord server. Fact, if you haven’t joined our discord server and if you just joined any of our member sites, I sent out a discord link. Just clip it and yeah, that was posted by fepe online. Yep, poutin cured covid. Let’s see, this is something from yesterday or two days ago. I had to fatigue because of all the twos, but the whole month has been about mirrors, the number two and on two to two. You had two Black Hawk helicopters crashing in Fork Canyon. You had so many incidents of just pairs and and again, a mirror is obviously a plan words, because the killing was a mirror of the floyd killing in a number of significant ways, notably the time stamp. Eight for six, six forty eight. Their number games. But anyway, this meme popped up in my feed on the left. The what would you call this person? They were, you know, they were the animal pajamas, a Furby or furry says. Oh my God, the angels are talking to me because the microwave has two to two on it, to which the microwave responds. Bitch, I’m a microwave, and that’s kind of how I was feeling by the end of the twenty two. I mean I get it. Pluto conjunct back to one thousand, seve hundred and seventy six, a big Kanye West cerne ritual to open the portal to Haiti’s and it is about Haiti’s. Pluto is hadies. They open the gates of hell, and that whole ceremony for Donde too, tells you what’s coming. In fact, I believe I have decoded a lot of it. Specifically the involvement of Marilyn Manson highly symbolic. Marilyn Manson connects to this Charles Manson helter skelter narrative and, moreover, Manson might even be a reference to the sun in the sign of Aquarius. So there’s some very interesting connotations there. I’ve been referring to it as Kanye West world and the whole burning of the house west world also, the TV show is also significant in this conversation, which will get to. But I think that the rituals about the destruction of western sieve, Western civilization, Western shouvinism burning down the West. And the other part of it is that this seventeen seventy six conjunct with Pluto, I think signifies that right now the schism, the split, the crack, is between two world views. Are we going back to seventeen seventy six, like Alex Jones said, seventeen seventy six will come back if you try to take our guns, or are we going to sixteen nineteen, the sixteen nineteen project, which is where Blm is directing the the Marxist Front group. Sixteen nineteen is when they figured that the first slaves arrived the Trans Atlantic slave trade. So they’re suggesting that we are leaving out a significant part of American history by starting with seventeen seventy six. But what I’m positing is that you’re looking at one of these dialectics here. Sixteen nineteen, world communism, seventeen seventy six independence, and that’s what we’re facing right now. That’s the crack. And so then the crack in, and all this talk about the crack in over the last year, the crack in the crack pipes, and now they’re actually passing out crack pipes. It comes to this because it’s Haydis Pluto that releases the Krack in. So they open that up. Crack pipes on the streets. Not a coincidence. It’s all part of this memetic INFO warfare. But you can pretty much see the script now, and there’s plenty more. In fact, I was looking at this TV show on Netflix called inside job, and there’s an episode, a Flat Earth Episode, where Jeff Bezos is killed. He’s on his yacht and he’s killed by, of all things, and think the significance of this, a Krack in. Jeff bezos is eaten by a crack in at the end. Now the crack in is the thing that destroys what the Tower of Babel, this global warming inducing political and economic system that’s the bane of the entire world that they have been telling us, you know, don’t look up, is about this. Moon Falls, about this. It’s about space communism as a necessity, because the earth can’t handle capitalism with the abundance of space and unlimited resources and the advent of trillionaires. They can’t have that. So yeah, they had bezos killed by a Kraken at the end of the episode. Fascinating. Anyway. It’s called inside job. It’s meant to make fun of conspiracy theorist. We all know it’s damage control, Lorenza Brown says. Made my wife listen to you every day. Awesome. Appreciate it. And we’re going to be on seven. I’ll be more in age with the network in terms of notifications on the screen. I’ll be in the chat. We’re just getting such great intel, you know, from the collective of Penguin audio out there, and it’s really the reason why, I think, the powers that be have been averse to having this discord, I mean this think tank, and if you’re part of our discord server, you see our research and how we just pull it together, throwing puzzle pieces onto the table seven, and what I envisioned for the think tank the chat room is that we do the same thing here. It’s just out interacting with the public. Be at Kanye West world and Kanye West has a kid named North northwest, very significant. And then you had that northwest tower that burned. One Nine, the nineteen story initially reported nineteen dead and one of our reporters went there and it was indeed the number. Forty two fire engine reference to Washington, but it was space heaters that started the fire. Space Wars, space heaters, global warming. This is all connected to the I can’t breathe. Space heaters a symbol of inequity. The poor can’t breathe because the rich of screwed up the atmosphere and climate change necessitates extreme measures like space heaters. You know, it’s all scripted. That’s why you have brother Mason, Benjamin crump defending that family to or those families. I can’t breathe. This code for this Communist Revolution. It’s actually code for a better I know, and I was thinking to build back better. You know, we’ve been spelling it lowercase and then replacing the lowercase beast with Sixes, you know, six und sixty six. Build back better, more consistent with the World Economic Forum, but as also thinking. Well, we’ll go into all the symbology later, but there is sort of a twotuto tie in when you get into their numerology system and it’s there. It’s not ours. We’re not the ones encoding this stuff. We’re not the witches and warlocks with OCD, like the vampire and Sesame Street, who is compulsively counting everything all the time, joined here by Marve a river of junk clockwork, one hundred and twenty three in Rome. Hey. I also want to point out my internet bill here is crazy. Everything as far as running the channel is a little expensive at times, but since we have a Patreon, we keep the same going and it’s completely in one hundred percent independent. We are not funded by the JESUITS. I am not a Jesuit gatekeepers, as some have suggested. Not that I’m offended, I mean I might understand where they’re coming from because you don’t attack their particular bad guy, they think you’re one of them. Are you in defending them? But Anyway, thanks the supports of this channel, we have our text messages back on. Everything’s running smoothly. So if you pitched in this morning, I appreciate it, because otherwise I would be doing stuff that I like but unrelated, other jobs, writing, editing, painting, and I’m trying to stay focused on this at this time because there’s so much happening right now, and also those who don’t contribute. It’s all about really a contributing your ideas, your time and contributing to this deconstruction of the greatest deception and show of our lives. All right, let us continue. So many headlines. I want to skim through here. You can just kind of read the Zeit, guys. Then this is fascinating. So on the twenty two, and this is still mirror week. Every day this week is a palindrome. And what do they call an ambidrome? Ambigrit when you flip it into the same thing. Okay, so Elon Musk tweets this out at ten am on twenty two. It’s the symbol of Saturn, just by itself. Why would he do that? Well, it’s because this is how the elite reference the number. I mean Saturn is reference by the elite. This is their main God. But generally must throws out the number forty two. The number forty two is an accult reference. It’s a it’s basically sigilized into the symbol of Saturn. The their synonymous with one another. So for him to throw the symbol of Saturn out there just by itself, no explanation, is sort of one of these quirky, enigmatic things you would expect of your Martian pope. Over thought says, I thought you went to a Jesuit high school. No, that was Jesuit Jerry, although the school I went to was on a street called Loyola, which is the name of the founder of ignauseous, who, you know, founded the Jesuit order. But no, I wasn’t. In fact, I was a truant. I was a type of student that would skip class to go to the library because I was bored with a curriculum is usually in summer school to make up. So anyway, let’s see, Rome says. What’s the best way to donate? Se Get the fullens amount? Yeah, it’s definitely difficult with this system of you know, the e gravelers. Everybody takes a fee, but it’s a service fee. But you know, whatever you choose. For the most part, I just recommend that people go to Kofi, which puts your super chat message on the screen and it also gets you on the mailing list and gets you into discord. I should mention that if you donate on Kofi, where it gives you the super chat message on the screen, it does in fact give you ins and access the discord server. I’ll make a note of that in the newsletter so you can get in if you haven’t been. Frank Zen, been out of the loop for a while, making my way back, joined by Cup Star as well. Okay, let’s continue going through some very important things I had earmarked like this. So this is a thumbnail from September twenty one, two thousand and twenty one. Gabby persephones, equinox trip to Haities, Hashtag van life. Now this is where I started noticing the number twenty two. It started actually right before this with unity twenty two, which was the mission Richard Branson took into space, and then a lot of people were saying, Hey, it’s the twenty two anniversary of Jfk Juniors Crash on seven, sixteen twenty one. So the number twenty two was really going out there. Then Gab Potito, twenty two, has her event where Brian Laundry or brain laundry, brainwashing. She gets more or less kidnapped and disappears. They find her body as we go into the into the Autumn Equinox, the twenty second. So what I was pointing out here was the way she was represented. Gabby Potito again was a sandy hooker. What I mean is is a part of the collective of actors making money off of this sy up here by basically prostituting themselves for the world fascist takeover, crisis acting, getting people to move away from Second Amendment, because they believe that guns kill people, not people kill people. But point is, Gabby Petito was part of that sy up, and so there’s no reason to think that this is anything other than a Sioup. It’s we looked at it from that perspective and the story kind of tracks along with virgo or persephone. Rather persephone is virgo personified. So here you have this spring maiden kidnapped and take into hades. It’s this storyline that goes along. You look at the picture, you have gabby holding what looks to be a small fruit or a Pumpkin, a knit Pumpkin, looking very much like a character out of ipet goat in the underworld, which is where persephone goes when she’s kidnapped. So anyway, I called this Gabby persephones equinox trip to hades. So this ties into the present right now. And if you look there you have hadies with his two pronged it’s called a bidn’t like Joe Bident’t. just add a tea on there. And, by the way, hades is colors. He’s associated with purple because he’s deep into the mineral wealth of the world and he’s basically a god of wealth more than a reaper type, even though he’s an underworld. So the purple was also used to bathe the stage at dawn day two, before the thing started, they had a portal color purple. All of this very significant. And what’s more, that album was produced by future, who also goes by Pluto, which is Hadis. So that, to too, ritual thing with Kanye West is very significant because again we’re looking at this story and Kanye West, importantly, was the burning man, as in the burning man festivals out there in black rock city that they had for thirty three consecutive years. Well, they stopped for Covid two thousand and twenty one. They didn’t have it, except virtually, although an Antifa couldn’t throw the Molotov cocktail far enough, had actually set himself on fire. So that counts on the dates, but on the date that you would have had the burning man, Kanye had the Donda released party where he sets himself on fire. He did the Phoenix thing. All of this again, as you’ll see, connects to right now. So I’m just looking at this Gabby persephone kind of tie in where they typecaster as a virgo by having her pose in front of a mural with wings one leg cocked, looks exactly like the symbol. Okay, so now will continue, and this ties into the pluto ritual, specifically Marilyn Manson’s role here. Go through some comments as well. Just heads up here. I’m I am Iball on the comments and I’ll be opening up phones here shortly. FREAKS and says, have you seen the Malaysia flight resurfacing? Some guy says he knows where it is. Yeah, remember when Don Lemon said it went into a black hole? One of the dumbest things he said. Dawn Lemon, I’m surprised he’s still on TV. They got rid of the the CUOMOS. I mean this is the same media that laughs at people who suggest the earth is in the ball because the space movies are all so phony. I mean, I’m sorry, the NASA footage is so phony. Don Lemon asks if a black hole could have swallowed the missing jet. Yep, black hole theory. Maybe I can get an audio by here. Yeah, here we go. See Ann’s down. Lemon. Black Hole theory could explain the missing jet. Now this is science or a true believer, and it’s important point out that not believing establishment media science is not unscientific. Believing it is, by definition, on scientific because they don’t present you with evidence. Establishment Media Science is pretty much the trust me kind. That guy’s wearing a white robe, I’m sorry, a white smock, interchangeable. Okay, here we go, dawn lemon. Is Black Hole responsible for the missing Jai Jacking or terrorism or mechanical failure or pilots flight three hundred and seventy but are but what it was something fully that we don’t really understand. A lot of people have been asking about that, about black holes, and on and on and on, and all of these conspiracy theories. This look at this, Noah says. What else can you think about? Black Hole, Bermuda, triangle, and then des she says hot, just like the movie lost, and of course it’s also the also referencing the twilight zone, which is a very similar plot. That’s what people thing. I know it’s preposters, but is it preposters? You think, Mary well, it is a black holes about her. You know, a small black hole would suck in our entire universe. So we know it’s not that meter triangle is often weather. Okay, so small black hole sucking our entire universe. Okay, cool. So it’s not that good to know straight faced, trustworthy, authoritative all right. So again that’s Don Lemon. He’s pretty much one of the most disturbed individuals there at the CNN. I mean, we did a cartoon take on CNN’s basement, positing it to be a basically a kind of a pizza parlor and a dungeon, and I think that’s pretty much true. Okay, a couple of the things here. Let’s go back to this topic. So I wanted to get into this doned a two event. I think this is important. I think it’s very important here and now I want to talk about why it’s significant that they have Marilyn Manson up there, because I don’t think this is some random choice and he has role symbolically is I think it. It’s meant to convey this helter skelter narrative. It connects to the one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine Charles Manson event, with this cult leader. It ties into everything that we’re looking at today, especially when you look at today’s counter part for Charles Manson, the actual killing was performed by Matthew Coleman out there in Santa Barbara, the guy who stabbed his kid with the spear Seventeen Times. Well, that was on the Manson anniversary. I actually predicted that there would be a killing, an atrocity commensurate with the Manson killings, on the anniversary, consistent with the patterning of one nineteen sixty nine over twenty twenty one, as we had observed, not just with the space program but also with this Manson narrative. And at this time I had noted that Marilyn Manson was in the news consistently for his mind control, for abuse and these allegations that are now coming out. So they’ve pretty much given us. They’ve re invented this Charles Manson in a composite form. You got the face of Q, The q and on Shaman. Q sent me with a spear. You got the guy who kills his kid with a spear on the Manson anniversaries because q sent him, and then you have Marilyn Manson. Now this is where it gets, as you’ll see, very interesting, because helter skelter is what Charles Manson was talking about. They were trying to do these killings as a sy up, blame it on the Black Panthers, which would be the blm today, and trigger a race war. This is the Turner Diaries Narrative that they’ve been reinventing. They brought to life with the mccloss keys and Kyle and all this other stuff. So this Charles Manson story was that there was going to be a race war helter skelter, or is what it’s called. Well, when you look at Marilyn Manson, you have to remember that he’s been consistently associated with certain archetypes, certain fake or villains, SY UP VILLAINS THEY’VE created, like the littleton shooters. That’s not insignificant. All the bowl cut shooters, all the White Neo Nazi mass murderers are part of this agenda and he plays into it. You know, his music isn’t pro gun necessarily, it’s not anti gun, but it’s like it’s more or less adding fuel to the fire. Yeah, America has a gun epidemic. A lot of the music out there reinforces the propaganda. But then again, the other side of it too is again Kanye West playing the role of the Phoenix Trut Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson, Charles Manson, was this apocalyptic preacher and here we are going into the age of Aquarius. And I’ve been looking at this significance of the house, the chapel. So you got the House that he burns. Well, there’s a another house that this is somewhat very similar to, and I’d say it’s the same symbol, and that’s the house at West World. So again, Kanye West and I got west world. Well, in West World the protagonists played by her name is Dolores. In the movie she’s played by Evan Wood. Now, last year, at the age of thirty three, she starts producing this documentary about her relationship with Marilyn Manson and it echoes a parallels, it errors her relationship with the man in black in west world. So in Westworld the man in black really represents this Saturnian matrix that this person is escaping, this sentient ai. It’s kind of a metaphor, I think. So she has to defeat the man in black by recognizing she’s caught in a cycle and she has to establish a continuity after each night so that she can escape this labyrinth. So it’s kind of a metaphor. She leads this robot rebellion, and it’s all about, I think, over burning down west world or escaping this revolution. So here we have her in real life seeing Marilyn Manson, another man in black, same archetype who. Now she’s having these recollections about how, yeah, she was caught in the cycle of abuse and now she can see it and, like in the movie, she becomes a villain. She’s like a Phoenix rising. She has this rebirth. Well, her documentary about her awakening to this and her challenging the man in black is called Phoenix rising. And again, thirty three year old. The time, the number thirty three is consistently associated with the Phoenix, but it’s about her defeating the man in black. Now this is where it gets even more consistent with this general pattern and this set of symbols. Is the man in black is Saturn, like darth Bader, Saturnian Luke Skywalker, challenges the darkness and dies every day. It’s a cycle of death and death and death and rebirth. So there’s there’s a lot of that sun versus Saturn stuff here, even though she’s not a male or a Sun God in the usual sense. You can kind of see the same patterning a lot of the same sets of symbols. Very interesting. But let me play a clip here. Phoenix rising, and I think this is also part of creating Marilyn Manson, or rather typecasting him as a literal Charles Manson play. Hard for me to look at photos of myself from for I’ve kept this journal since I was fifteen. I made a new friend. I’m here today to talk about Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson. Okay, so it’s a Sun dance movie and again this is your you can believe what you want to believe about it, but I’m I’m on the opinion based on the same sets of numbers, the characters, actors, Marilyn Manson’s previous relationship to so many other fake events and psychological operations. This is all part of a protracted psychological warfare operation and I think this is probably proud of a broader mindwashing agenda, more Brian Laundry brainwashing. But my point is, look at the imagery Phoenix rising, all very significant and very consistent with her character in the TV show. And then one other thing. There’s a song by Marilyn Manson where there’s a line called where where he says the rape of persephone and out again persephone was taken into hell by Hades, and Hades is Pluto and we’re having this Pluto returns ritual with Kanye West. That’s the context. So you we have the the Gabby potito character going to hades. Well, now we have this person. Maybe even this is just a follow a following of the same story, because now here she’s emerging onto to two, the gates of hades whatever opening and she’s the Phoenix rising. But anyway, there’s a song by Marilyn Manson called overneath the path of misery, and in the song he makes this reference to the rape of persephone was choreographed by the wrong Greeks, the rape of persephone was a marketing scheme, and then he says per so phony and repeats it and I so I’ve heard this chorus before, number of Macbeth references, probably unlistenable to most, but my point is it talks about this being a marketing scheme and so phony, and you know, it’s just very coincidentally. I suppose, again I just had to bring this up, that there’s this pair allow and it was in his line. This is just part of a description from westworld. In the flashback Dolores has, we see the man in black turned to dolores while pulling out his knife. Why don’t we? We we requin ourselves start at the beginning. Her relationship with him is like this. This cycle of abuse, cycle of death, is more here, says here. There are more layers to what the man in black is looking for, and that Kumulative experience for Dolores has allowed her to start seeing the fissures and cracks in her world and she’s beginning to fight back, and that’s what we’re excited about. Anyway, it’s an interesting series. If you haven’t seen west world. Yesterday we were talking about the symbolism in the logo, which integrates eleven and three hundred eleven in a very interesting way. Can I’m going to go ahead and catch up on the comments really quick and for I do, let me show you the screen cap. I was doing some space research. The International Space Station construction began with a module called Zaria and it weighed forty twozero pounds. Just noting how consistent this symbolism with forty two and Saturn and this cult of the monolith has been. For decades. Okay, let’s see here. Lean Dion says the teleprompt writers must have a laugh regularly. Yeah, the news today is a clown show and dawn lemon. You talk about Don Lemon and the the black hole sucking up plane seven, three one. Yeah, I don’t know. I noticed the Cuomo is just soder got silently disappeared. Yeah, I’m small black hole sucking in the universe, asks cups are. Do they have a picture of one? Yeah, actually, recently I think they had a picture of a black hole joined by Ashley Dog John Says Russia bad, me good. Marvy says born a woman, female finger digits. No, Adam Apple, Marylyn. You’re saying Marilyn Manson’s a woman. I highly doubt that. I mean I highly doubt it. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, but I highly doubted. But again, I mean I don’t know. It’s world stage, you know, Glow Theater. Everything seems to be reverse Alice in wonderland and I’ve been doing some research into magic because I’m trying to understand some things. I believe there’s a place, there’s an area where magic intersects with media, that they’re almost the same thing. Like think about this. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are a reality manifesting machine, maybe one percent. Maybe you’re in a rigged system, but you have some input, and that’s kind of what I’m suggesting here, that maybe your imagination might be the place where this process starts and that the image in the mind of the mage it creates something of a magnetic law of attraction effect to manifest whatever it is that you’re you’re holding on to. So what if you’re an NPC or you’re just not really motivated to do anything to modify this habitat to change the universe? Maybe you don’t believe that you can affect anything, that everything that happens good is coincidence, bad coincidence. So then I would suggest that the dominant influencers, the ones putting the images in your head, are able to still utilize your creative faculties, but for their ends. So I kind of think we might live in a society of not Matrix batteries but mass group magical ritual participants who don’t even know it. And this might even explain why we have these symbols and numbers everywhere, because it can’t just be that they’re mocking us, or that they have their language they’re using above our heads and they’re just hoping we don’t eventually figure out how to read it. The more I’m looking into sigil magic and how the stuff works, it may be that they need us to ignorantly p just perceive them, in ignorance, to see them and to take in the symbols through a form of Osmosis so that they are embedded in your imaginations where they have the power to hijack your godpowers, your creative capabilities. And that’s kind of what it looks like, I mean if this magic, as it’s explained, is real. I mean, I’m not saying it’s real, but look at this article from Fast Company, just to pull quote here. The ISS is too large to satisfy the design for demise principle, which is why we need special operations for a d orbit. The experts estimate that if it were to crash down in an uncontrolled metropolitan area, worst case scenario, it would be on the scale of a eleven event. I mean, how many times have I said that eleven, the next eleven, is going to come from space and that it’s being encoded into the space station, that even the solar there’s too much about this thing that suggests that that’s what’s going to be. And Yeah, they actually said that in fast company. All right, we’ll see. Ashley dog says, Yike’s Marilyn Manson. Who knows what it is Johnny’s list. He played a woman in party monster. Right, John says. JFK sassination was a Disney masterpiece. HMM. Well, okay, speaking of Disney, so Disney invented pluto the dog, or named him Pluto in nineteen thirty. The Planet Pluto, quote unquote, was designated such in nineteen thirty. So nineteen thirty not that long ago. But my point is the Disney dog’s face is perfectly silhouetted on the planet. Now we live in a flat solar system. So you’re a flat solar system. Or if you think you’re on a ball earth. So you can laugh at flat earth, but your solar systems flat. And at the edge of the solar system, well anyway, rather at the ecliptic, you have most of the planets are pretty much in a line, but below it seventeen degrees. There you have your Pluto. So Pluto’s the god of the underworld, and so you have the god of the underworld with his dogs, and this is kind of where I think Pluto the dog might be significant. And if remember, last week Joe Biden was talking about how he left a dead dog on his neighbor’s door, or some lady’s door, a Republican or something. I’m starting to think here these conspicuous dog references. Joe Biden with his dog on a leash and kicking at Joe Biden pulling his dog major’s tail, Joe Biden leaving a dead dog. Yeah, this bizarre clip of Johnny Depp talking about having to kill his dogs. I’m like, okay, what’s going on here? God’s of death and the underworld dogs? Maybe there’s some kind of correlation. And then, what do you know, Pluto returns and along with it we have this big ritual celebration of Pluto returning. Inks G says reality as mass conjuring. Yeah, I would say so. However, I don’t think any one person has a monopoly. I think that’s why they want to monopolize your a tension marve says. The sad part is most people don’t distinguish, they just go with the mainstream belief. Yeah, I don’t think that the quote transvestigation experts have any background in anthropology. It’s kind of a joke. Crazy man says. Anyone else see that RV truth is back on the warpath. Tonight’s target Jake’s a hole. Yeah, I actually I watched two videos back to back today. There’s a war on flat earth. So, if you’re not entertained by the fireworks out there in Ukraine, Russian vids says that Jake the Ahole is a fake flat earth. Or now Russian vids isn’t Russian, he’s actually American. I think he lives in San Francisco. So we called him out on it and he changed his name from Russian bids to RV truth and I was like, I was hoping that Jake would call him out for not having an RV. You can’t call yourself a van lifer or an RV truther if you don’t have an RV or a van. Ashley Dog says I believe in NPCs. I you know, I don’t believe in NPC’s as in soulless, but I do think that a lot of people are not active participants in the world stage drama, that they’re extras which is fine, I guess. I mean, I don’t know. You want to go with the default, you’ll believe a lot of things that are false, phony that are put out there to make you controllable and mold bowl. So let’s read about helter skelter for just a minute. So a little background here on this nineteen sixty nine thing that keep on mentioning. So one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight in many ways was a template for the drama of Two Thousand and twenty in the summer and sixty nine followed this set of patterns where events from sixty nine were conspicuously repeating in two thousand and twenty one in significant, very significant ways. Like on the anniversary of Apollo Eleven, we have a launch, things like that. On the anniversary of the Manson killings, we have the atrocity and Santa Barbara by a guy who was sent by q. We had the Internet of things. G Corresponds, I think, with the Arpanette, but there’s a lot of minor and major patterns that are more or less repeating. So then we had the the Manson drama, and it even goes into the names, like the Manson, the Tate Lee Bianca murders. Now this is significant. So you got Bianca and then one of the Individuals Suing Manson is Bey on Co with this, with an oh so a and o Alpha Omega ties into this entire narrative here. So, according to the teachings of the what at first, when he first started recruiting, he was like thirty three or something. But Manson spoke about the members of the family. And one more thing, the place where the killings happened. You know, the Manson House. It’s for sale for eighty five million dollars. The House, the property. They have a big mansion there. It’s owned by the producer of full house, which is also kind of an interesting tie in. But anyway, Manson spoke to his family or the cult about an apocalyptic war arising from racial tensions between blacks and whites, and he said that the Beatles album, the white album and revelation all tied in and let him know that this was supposed to happen. So you have this apocalypse story, says here. This is again part of their scenario. Manson had the war, this whole scenario laid out and it’s kind of crazy, but basically militant blacks would exploit this provoke a war. There’d be a new or extermination between racist white people and Non Racist White people over the treatment of black people. than the militant blacks would rise up and finish the few whites that survived anyway. It’s this ridiculous narrative of a race war. And of course it goes on about how the Manson family would survive out there and death valley, so helter skelter, is a code for this black versus white. So the skism, the crack that I’m talking about, it was accentuated with the George Floyd Derek Shoven. Derek Shoven is a symbol of Western shovinism. The name Derek is a hangman reference. As a the name drives from an infamous hangman who hanged three thousand, a very hundred and eleventy number. I can’t breathe. That was an eight minute, forty six second lynching. Eight hundred and forty six is the time that the sun set the day of that killing in the twin cities. And then the Twin Towers on dred and eleven were struck at eight hundred and forty six. So the significance of that number and the schism and the black versus white or western chauvinism versus Blm. You had the proud boys. In fact, one of the proud boy leaders was shot in the chest at eight hundred and forty six, prayer Patriot Jay Aaron Danielson, very significant. So the eight hundred forty six schism, I think, is about this helter skelter and which is not just race, races the Marxist cover, but they also use gender, they use environmentalism. It’s about the really the political and economic system. It’s seventeen, seventy six versus sixteen nineteen again, declaration of independence versus slave trade. But what I’m looking at here with this like a mirror lock. You just flip eight hundred and forty six, you get six hundred forty eight. That’s when they opened the lock. So here we have Marilyn Manson on the stage at this west world event. Kanye West, Pluto returns, and it all kind of ties into this reoccurring theme of Bill Back Better after we burn it down, the symbol of the Phoenix. What’s more, their performance was on a stage that was flooded, so they’re up to their ankles and water and it’s dark, which to me is suggestive of blackouts, floods and, you know, possibly even nuclear fallout, because the people were all wearing black space suits with opaque lenses. Again, none of this is coincidental. I don’t think we’re looking at a mere rock concert. I think what we’re looking at is a ritual kin to the cern ritual, specially when you get into the symbolism, none of it being coincidental, and then, of course, you tie into it that to to to Pluto conjunct and I have to fatigue. All right, let me go ahead and catch up on comments here. Johnny’s List says R V is the real a hole. Ashley Dog says for everyone calling people fake, Flat Earth Civil War. Yeah, it’s some it’s a long time. It’s sort of a long story, but if you really want to get into it, basically, on Youtube, when Youtube started, I think that the way you built your channel in some ways was to call out another channel as being phony or fake and then their sous would come to your side. I would call this approach. Treat other channels like subscriber pinadas. Just keep hitting that channel and their subs will fall out. And they’ll gravitate towards you. And I think that worked originally, because originally you used to built a reply to youtube videos and so all their subscribers would see it and you could build a channel that way. So Russian vids is attempting to gain Jake’s subs this is very zero sum game thinking, a programmed by the people who designed the closed globe model system. Zero sum, running out of air, running out of this, running out of toilet paper, running out of subscribers, when the truth is there’s no reason to, you know, think that you’re going to have this winning result by parasiting or treating other channels like Pinatas, because the truth is most people who listen to one listen to the other. Most people I know are open minded and they get their info from many sources. Nobody heres looking for Guru, that I know. All right, let’s see, let’s continue. Salty Siren says. What is a full house? It’s like a checkmate on a chess board, but with cards. Okay, Morva says. Why do you think is head is always white and Marilyn Manson is always joking with gender distortions. Right, and it’s not just Marilyn Manson. Everyone in his band. They had a name that corresponded with was it probably up like a model or beauty queen or something, and then a killer. A deliberate play on on opposites. But now, as far as Jake the ahole versus R V there’s just they’re too different, and so I don’t see any reason to rule out warner the other. My only criticism of Russian vids has been that he claims to be a Bible fundamentalist, but he can’t recite Bible versus and instead he uses meat loaf lyrics to give his content little more gravitas. It’s like read the Bible at the end. Why you’re reading meat loaf? Meat Loaf was a crisis actor who claims that he was at Dallas when JFK was shot. He claims he saw the blood of JFK on that Lincoln at Parkland Hospital. What a cry. I think that meat loaf was a lifelong crisis actor. By the way, oh, Cardi B ways in on Russia Ukraine. Quote. If I don’t say the right things, I might get killed. Pray for her. These celebrities like they they they really do think they matter this much. Although I don’t think they’re all insiders. Like when covid happened, Cardi B was accusing people of faking it for money and she’s like, I need liposuction, so let me in on it. And if, apparently, they did. Now I came up with a lot of interesting metascripty connections between Lincoln and Kennedy and recent events, but I kind of don’t want to go there right now. I think it might be the subject of a dedicated prerecorded video and an actual mind map that you can print out and magnet stick on your frigerator. You you just pin it up there so you can, you know, just show people. Yep, I knew this was going to happen because there’s been some forecasting far beyond anything we’ve seen with predicted programming. I think the world’s being prepped for something. By the way, I spotted a crisis actor this morning. My first thought when I saw this image was she’s got a nice smile for someone who just got hit by a bomb, but more her face is bloody, her hands are bloody, but she’s got a clean cheesecloth wrapped around her head. So I’m wondering, you know. Okay, I mean I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sorry. The bandage is cleaned but faces bloody. It looks like a bad halloween costume. So I I automatically doubted this one. Well, turns out that she’s popped up a few different times as a head wound victim. Another crisis actor, John says. I’m noticing all the lowest IQs on my facebook feed are chanting prey for Ukraine and whatever that means. Weend, says. The blond lady is on our front cover newspaper. Wow, you know, what do these crisis actresses get when they get a cover? You know, when, like, do they get paid? Like a bonus? If they get if they’re extra convincing like way. No, Saxton is got to have a mansion in the Hollywood hills. She probably has macpar hoover, you know. Is Mac Parr coming down with the truckers? All these recycled crisis actors? Oh, check this out, and thanks to evolvement in the discord server for this piece here. So this is a cartoon that was published by The Times and Sunday Times on six hundred and fourteen, two thousand and nineteen. Now again, six hundred and fourteen. That number very, very significant ties into don’t look up. Comments going to hit the earth in six months, fourteen days. Six hundred fourteen is trump’s birthday. Six hundred fourteen is the birthday of that comedian who hilariously fell and hit her head. Six hundred and fourteen is the birth date of Joel Susa, the guy that alick Baldwin shot. All very interesting connections here if you want to dig into it, but my point is is this. This is a car team from June of two thousand and nineteen, and you have Boris locked down wearing a mask. I mean it’s a car too and unrelated to covid obviously, but he’s being arrested and they have a mask only over his mouth and he’s locked down in place. Looks like predictive programming, Cup Star says, when no SEXTON is working off big debts with bad people. You know, there’s two types of crisis actors that I’ve noticed and many of you have to. You have the federal informants who are scraped off the bottom of some dungeon because they’re useful in some capacity, and then you have actually like well trained actors and actresses were part of the industry, the Sioup entertainment industry, and you can tell who the thespians are and in my opinion, way no is a Thespian. I don’t think she’s compromise. I don’t think she’s a federal informant. One of her performances was as an angry liberal professor protesting, I think it was protesting Milo Yanapolis, or possibly and coulter, you know, one of those right wing bomb throwing guys. But yeah, great actress. All right, let’s continue here. So many important memes to sift through. Seven Stream is back up, though that’s really the main news tonight. I had to start this up because we’re on rumble. Now we’re on float dot APP. Okay, so here’s an in story that popped up today. There’s an actress from the walking dead whose parents froze to death. So here she is playing chess with her father again, chess, black versus white duality. On each side of the table there’s a cup and there’s an obvious reflection in the glass. They’re a mirror of one another. This actress again the walking dead. So when I see the walking dead, the movie, what mean the TV series. There’s all kinds of agendas encoded into it, but it’s about us. And here one of the actresses has his ordeal where her parents froze to death. So think about the space heater agenda, the space heater as symbol of inequity, and how that ties in to the the story here of them freezing. Again. We’re talking about climate change, possibly, but anyway, walking dead actress, Alicia wits parents die to exposure to the cold. So I’m thinking this has got to be something with dark winter, walking dead and something about her parents were. They were just intransigent. She couldn’t get them to accept help. And this was the story. And it makes me think maybe the preparing this for the people who don’t want to let go of the old ways are going to have to be, you know, left outside of the smart cities, you know, the people who are going against science, anti science, are just going to have to die off like that’s kind of the message I’m getting here, getting some kind of communist subtext. Walking dead, dark winter. I’ll know what you all think, but I looked into it a little bit here and the first thing I saw was it doesn’t seem real. It seems like a movie says here walking dead. Actress Alicia what’s parents were found dead inside their run down home. So I was looking at the pictures and they all look like they’re excited about to go on a vacation. Maybe the crisis actor island. Behind many of their pictures you see bricks and their home looks very comfortable. It doesn’t look like a place where you could actually freeze to death. They’re wearing patriots hats, which may also matter because I’ve seen this juxtaposition of of Patriots like the the football team. They’re used in psyops quite a bit and I think they represent the political right. So, for example, you a Tom Brady Patriot and near this article recently with having juxtaposed with Colin Kaepernick, Communist, Blm, Marxist, revolutionary. Even the name Kaepernick comes from Copernicus, Copernican Revolution. Pretty obvious world stage name. But think about it, Tom Brady and his shootout with Kaepernick. It had this perfect juxtaposition of Patriot and commy. Not a coincidence. The numbers were twelve and seven, which is twelve seven, Pearl Harbor, and there’s more encoded into it. But again, her parents froze to death. And she says here something about it was like a movie, which is kind of an interesting thing to say. Like when things happen in my real life I never compare it to TV, because everything on TV looks fake. It’s like it was like a movie. What does that mean? It was like phony. I want to find your finding the direct quote here. I look for these types of key words. Frozen, refusing her, please to help them. Going through comments. Look at he split. Says Shawn Pen is filming inside Ukraine. Oh yeah, Shawn pen. You know, I saw this meme of Shawn Pen and I couldn’t unsee it. And we bring up Shawn Pen and this is immediately what I think about. There’s this mean where it’s a combination of the three stooges, Larry, Curlyan Mo, and it was like, and if it’s popular enough, I can probably find it right now. Yep, here it is. Why does Shawn Pen look like all three stooges combined? And look at this picture and tell me that that meme isn’t just speaking a thousand words of pure unmitigated truth. Look at that, Larry, Curlian Moe all wrapped up into one. All right. Well, US continue here. I think that he said some pretty nasty things in the past. I remember him, but I don’t know last time I heard from Sean Penn. I think he’s a he’s definitely a gun grabber. He was in a movie that premiered on the night of dark night rises, you know, where the Batman shooter came out and shot everybody before the movie starts. There’s a Shan pen movie where gangsters tear through the screen and shoot the audience. Predicted programming movies within movies. If you want to link to any of these MEMES, go to my mind’s account at minescom infinite plane society. It’s a mean pool and we take our mean pool here very seriously. A mean pool is your collection of ideas. You’re a populations culture. You know some total of all of it, and what we have here is a mean pool. And even after a hundred plus youtube channels, and now I’m on my second lawsuit against Youtube, they have not at all drained our resort for of memes. And basically it’s damned. It’s a I mean it’s damned up. Like we have this pool of memes that are just it’s just waiting for the cracking just need to crack that damn and see what happens. We’ve done it before research flat earth. We’ve done it with a few of the things. But I think some interesting times are coming up ahead, assuming they don’t entirely black out the Internet. But I don’t think they can. And the reason why I say this is it would turn off the mind control. got a comment here from Teddy Bear. Thank you for all you cover. I saw that you publish a mud flood conspiracy book. The implications of the mud flood or old world conspiracy abrought to say in the least. Yes, it’s interesting topic. This is, interestingly enough, the first time I heard the phrase reset way before the World Economic Forum and Darth Klaus an all Schwab started talking about the great reset. The mud flotoder said there’s going to be a reset. But mud flood is really about a flood. It doesn’t mean necessarily a bunch of mud. However, if there’s a big flood and there’s sediment and then the waters recede, and you see this in a lot of movies, from planet of the apes or more recent even the movie one hundred the TV series one hundred, you often see the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge other other monuments buried up in sand. The idea is that history is actually a series of layered stories, buried civilizations on top of buried civilizations, even like turtles all the way down. Just think dead turtles all the way down, that we are essentially on a grave and eventually we will be in one. It’s an interesting idea. The other part of it too, is that the movers and shakers of the world who know how this thing works are in the know about the resets and they get away and they come back after they repopulate, which is very consistent with a well, a lot of the programming we’ve seen. And one of the theories behind mud flood involves the repopulation by the socalled orphan trains. Okay, we’re back. We had a brief, minor interruption. What were we talking about? I always like to take note of what it was we were talking about whenever we get shut down something sensitive. Orphan trains. Maybe that’s what it was. By the way, the series that I was referencing, the one hundred, is about an orphan train from a space arc coming down to the Earth to repopulate after nuclear annihilation triggered by the AI that took over the government, done to save the planet from us. We’re talking about resets and my obs reset eggs g says. Gremlin strike again. Yeah, I’ll put a link to the actually, if you go to infinite plane dot radio and scroll down, or if you get any of our you can get a link to where these memes are, but I’ll put a link in the chat. It’s minescom. So if you want to know what’s on my mind, and it is like that. I’m somewhat compartmentalize these days, but we’re getting a lot of work done. Things are moving according to the infinite plan. If you see the Weargwyn just a quick explanation since we’re here. If you see the penguin with the Wolfhead, this is just the emblem of our goldfinch hunting department, and if you’re interested in this hunt for gold or Goldfinch, go to the discord server and ask where the Weargwinn server is and I’ll send you there. Because, yes, we’re on the trail of none other than Q. We have identified Q, we have docs q. It was the Infinite Plain Society’s decentralized investigation agency and we are really close to, I think, really exposing to opening up this whole story to the MSM, and it’ll be fireworks. So if you want to help, you want to join the hunt, join the Wolf Gwins, I’ll go and get you in the squad. There can the discord server is where we collectively just post and share all of our research as we find it, and some of the stuff I find is just so unbelievable. But you would not be able to amass all these memes by yourself. That’s why I suggest you join add to our strength here. Listen to this. John Carey says he hopes Putin stays, quote, on track to fight climate change during the Ukraine invasion. What does that mean coming from a skull and bonesmen Saturn, you know, cult of Saturn, satanist, whatever you want to call these guys, they’re not philanthropists. In fact, John Kerry is waging world war zero, which is the agenda of let’s cut our collective carbon footprint in half by twenty thirty. So I’m like, wait, what does he mean by fighting climate change? Conserving on fuel or killing a lot of breathers? Because you are climate change, you’re responsible for this. You’re the consumer, you’re the breather. Whenever they say we got to do something, you know to fight climate change, I hear to fight man. That’s pretty much the pattern. There are no philanthropists who believe in the Climate Change Agenda, which is obviously Marxism. Okay, here’s a couple of weird stories I got to point out too. We talked about this thing before. How on the thirty there was a viral story about Colin Kaepernick being dead. The story went viral and all the various websites that deal with sports just a hoax. Well, anyway, Jaden Smith, who played young Colin Kaepernick in Colon and black and white, was on two two, two, two two, mistakenly reported as dead. Jaden Smith is broken his silence by shutting down rumors of his death that took the Internet by storm. On Wednesday morning. He reacted to twitter, on twitter, with the bizarre social media this is again. He just tweet the word invisible, but it’s a bizarre social media claim that went all over. So he was reported as dead and he responded with the word invisible, whatever that means. But my point is he played Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick was reported dead, mistaken, only a month before strange doom for the dinos came in springtime. Is New studies just discussing when the, I guess Mount Everest size rock hit the earth sixty six million years ago, the one that punctured the atmosphere and hit with such velocity that it shot a great deal of biomatter out into space. Basically squirted dinosaurs onto the moon with a bunch of ocean and trees, supposedly, I imagine, because the moon rocks that came down were all made of wood. You’re all familiar with that story, and this is a deal killer. You want to say that the moon landing hoaxer’s are conspiracy. Theorists explain this. Petrified would the moon rock is nothing but petrified would this is admitted. So if you’re going to be consistent with yourself, if you’re a believer in mainstream science, then you’re going to have to admit, or at least agree, that the moon is made out of wood. There’s no other explanation. The moon is made out of wood. A or B they faked it, they didn’t actually go to the moon. Or maybe when the asteroid hit the earth, it also sent wood to the moment, if you want to believe that. But Yeah, is the moon made out of wood? Let me go and play this clip here. This is from NPR. Moon rock is really just petrified wood. This is one of their sources, and PR will tell you the moon lighting was real. But NPR, listen to this. A prize possession in the Dutch national the scene. Good morning, I’m Stevenski. A prize possession in the Dutch National Museum is not what the curators thought. Back in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, the Apollo eleven astronauts visited the Netherlands and the US ambassador gave the Dutch prime minister what he said was a moon rock. No doubt it gave a warm feeling to the US all lie, but when an expert saw it in the National Museum he said he wasn’t so sure it was real. Geologists have now identified the moon rock as petrified wood. It’s morning. Addition, attrifying, we streaming services, and did you okay, guys, NPR, IPR, infinite playing radio, will soon be doing what NPR does, but from the perspective of not having our heads through the screen. Eric Britten says, I believe you’re right about that, that climate change is code for the common man. It’s correct. When they get you to recycle, they’re getting you to separate your decisions, those decisions that are sustainable, versus those that are not. It’s the new concept of, you know, sin and the expiation of guilt, and the recycling process takes you to the dumpster with the symbol of the three nails, a reference to the dying and resurrecting Sun God, but also three nails arranged in a triangle, but also at right angle. So it’s a cycle. So the God of Death and rebirth, recycling is encoded into well, Earth Worship, by recycling your worshiping Gaya, which is a name for the Earth God. And then speaking of Gaya, and this this is something most of you here have already heard, but the world economic form six hundred and sixty six says that they’re launching this thing called Gaya, the Global Ai Action Alliance. So this is the idea that they can have an artificially intelligent being takeover and nucus to save the Earth, just like in the one hundred. But the significance here is Gaya includes ai in the middle which very significant. Ai Is code for nineteen. We’ve talked about the symbolism of that number itself, but also, more importantly, Gaya is the goddess of the Earth. So the earth itself, the Earth God, is Gaya. So you’re recycling for GAIA, Praise Gaya and throw your crush cans in there and think you’re saving you’re staving off his wrath. Johnny’s list says. I think climate change is code for Bullshit. Right. Well, climate change is thirty three years old. It was started in, let me think, someone in Nat some NASA scientist. Let me take a look at that, the day, the birthday, because you’ll notice that a lot of these siops take thirty three years committed fruition. Happy Birthday global warming, climate change thirty three, celebrated on January the twenty three. Okay, so it was January the twenty three, one thousand nine hundred eighty eight, and it was a NASA move, a scientist. So you know it’s true. Who just declared it a thing? So global warmings a vibe. So thirty three years they they’ve been telling us the other ocean levels is going to rise, there’s going to be a flood. Yet none of these global warming fearmongerers, ever move to higher ground to avoid their fine with their beach front property. Happy Birthday global warming. There’s Al Gore, L Gore. What didn’t Al Gore claim to have invented the Internet? Al Gore Rhythm, and I’m pretty sure that Greta Thunder is just Al Gore with pigtails, an animatronic Avatar. They couldn’t sell Al Gore anymore because he’s unsellable and his massive carbon footprint is just too easy a target. So they brought out Gretta, but Al Gore Leone with the environmentalist protectionist agency. It’s just a Mafia and inconvenient truth. I remember all these ridiculous movies. John says the ocean is not rising. I think it is, but I think it’s rising because of all the PPE that we’ve tossed into the ocean. Willie Bell says Portland recycles needles and crack pipes. Yeah, and in California it’s soon can be legal to compost your loved ones. That’s recycling. In fact, the Unicorn killer, the creator of Earth Day, was known for specifically that. Ira Iin Horn. This is the guy that started Earth Day. This is the guy they’re celebrating. Happy Earth Day. Great moments in in virofascism. Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn, the uniform killer, convicted of murder in the composting of his girlfriend in the trunk of his closet. That’s green. Just recycle your girlfriends, compost them. One step too far, says, when the ice melts in your glass of water, Your Cup doesn’t overflow. Well, if your science doesn’t comport with the mainstream media science, you are anti science. So that’s a very anti science statement. There some dangerous misinformation. Malinformation, possibly disinformation. It’s probably just going to be a life sentence. Malinformation, death sentence, drone strike, misinformation. They probably just take you off the Internet, but that’s what they’ve said. The new weapon of mass destruction. You just you know, WMD. They just flip the W’s MDM. Now it’s Miss, Mal and disinformation. I didn’t even know what malinformation was. I had I didn’t know that there was such thing as malinformation. That sounds like Molifica, like some kind of curse, like like black magic. Like is this superstition, or is there really such thing as male information? Well, according to the Department of home in security. Yes, you are a spreader of Miss disanmel information and you are a threat actor if you use information to so doubt about the government. Have you spread any mal information lately? This is from Biz Journalscom and again this is coming from the DHS. So it’s for your safety. On February the seventh, the last, Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism advisory bulletin with this novel concept of male information. See, this is a mainstream article and they’re even noticing that there’s something that stands out about this. Malinformation is a novel concept, but like, if you’re one to suggest that your government would lie, well, you’re spreading malinformation and that is, a course, equivalent to I don’t know, I mean, I’ve seen some ridiculous arguments build. I The science guy once said that if you don’t believe in climate change, you’re endangering your neighbors, that you’re pretty much a threat to society. And this is all coming full circle. I think they use the coronavirus panic and the pandemic as a pretext to wage this war on the infodemic, and infodemic is not just right wing memes, it’s anything they don’t control. All right, going through some comments. Johnny’s list says the ocean level is rising, mostly the equator due to the Earth Spinning. I heard it on the radio. Well, that’s funny. So it’s fatter in the middle. So Blade, I like that whole idea. But by that logic, how come the planets that we see on the TV are so spherical? We wouldn’t they all be somewhat pizza shaped? And if the earth is fatter in the middle, then you know, flat earth is where we’re eventually going. I mean like like tossed pizza dough. You just you spin the dough and it flattens out. So maybe we’re not flat yet, but we’re getting there. Symbolic Study says greetings all, joined by Strawberry Blind, infinite, Muse Mal equals bad. Yes, exactly. Well, I see, this is the thing. It was it Malleus Maleficorum that that witch is Hammer? Yes, the hammer of which is best notes known as a treatise on witchcraft. This is the book that was used for hunting witches. And so this idea of you know, like what we’re having now. This this pretty much superstitious notion that people who are carriers of bad information are more or less witches. Contact tracing is what we’re looking at here. They’ve already there. They’re setting this precedent already too, that your browser history is a predictor you know, of what you might do in the future. Minority report level stuff. But Anyway, I would say that, yes, you are an infant, not just an infidel, you’re a you’re a witch. This is a new inquisition. The whole Patriot Act idea of like we got to find the people who are being radicalized by the Quran. Trace the radicals to their sores, find the radical cleric, you know, where do they go? To the secret meeting where they all signed the pact with the Devil? You know, this is the idea of this, this radicalization. But now the radicals are radicalized by misinformation, like they’ve replaced the Quran radicals with the que and on radicals. Contact tracing set the idea that you got to trace the people who might be super spreading as a way of protecting you. So you get a call, Oh, you went and got your hair cut, here we’re calling you’d let you know somebody there had covid so they established the precedent that, yeah, privacies actually in the way of you being safe. Well, now it’s being applied to, of course, people who spread information, and now, of course, they actually call you a threat actor. Hey, check this out. Tesla is no longer a two billion dollar man. So he’s still the richest man, he’s still in the triple coma club, but he lost seventy one billion. Now I look at all these stories as coded. He gave forty two tho to the truckers, by the way, but yes, he lost seventy one billion, and I thought one of there’s any significance to that. The only thing I can attach to it might be they pulled seventy one Joe Joe rogan tracks. But again, the two hundred billion dollar club just lost its most recent member. Does anybody here believe that Elon Musk is anything other than a media construct, an actor? You know, he pre existed himself in the book written by Warren Von Braun. He’s obviously been typecast as this iron man Willie Wonka. And then there’s all these tie ins between the space program and Outer Space Media Tians, like the starship Star Trek. On Mars. They actually found a plateau that looks just like the House of Stark from gain of game of thrones. Again it’s a wolf now house of Stark, Tony Stark, is iron man. Let me hit the comment section up really quick here. Salty Siren says radical rabbit holes. Yeah, that’s what they’re suggesting here, and I think they’re setting the precedent for something an Internet blackout. Like I saw this coming last year when Kim Kardashian froze or social media. I think Leonardo DiCaprio did too. I mean that’s what they said they did. They reopened it, but they they froze their social media because of Internet hate, and I thought that’s kind of weird, like who cares? Right? Well, apparently this is, I think, an influence operation. Kim Kardashian and other celebs froze their social media and they use the word froze. They protest social media by freezing their accounts. I can’t sit by and stay silent. Kim Kardashian West freezing facebook, and there were other celebrities too. But this is because of online hate and I thought this was a trial run. This was in September of two thousand and twenty. Okay, here’s some other celebrities and think about the term frozen, Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, they did it for twenty four hours. Stop hate for profit. Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact and undermines our democracy. I think, Kim, I think they all said it. They all read the same wines, but my point being they’ve been setting the stage like so. The public is already accepted the idea that if somebody sneezes, somebody else could drop dead if they walk by it within an hour. That’s how it was originally spread. Remember when they were referring to this thing as like airborne, as airborne AIDS, and then it just kind of became what it did. And now it’s gone because Putin cured covid and speaking of AIDS, like AIDS is now the the variant of the day. It seems. Are All like a cycle. There’s bring these things back and so the ow. They’re going to say, well, how did I get as? How did this kid get how did how do these virgins? How these people getting AIDS all of a sudden? What’s the common denominator? And then not going to want to point at the boosters, they’re going to point it the anti maskers. They say all these guys. It’s they’re going to say it’s airborne, that you can be a super spreader with no symptoms. You know, asymptomatic superspreaders. The healthier you are, the more dangerous you are for society. I mean, they really did a job on us in two thousand and twenty with the cognitive dissonance. But it’s amazing how they accomplish so much. They got people to bend over backwards. They got people to just throw away all their common sense, walking around with the fish bowls on their heads, wrapped up in garbage bags, fighting over TP and now, just like that, it’s over. Lean Dion says winter is coming, game of thrones, crowned and conquering child, West World Burned Down Phoenix style by Dragon Queen. Yeah, Oh, that’s right, Wester has burned. And and the term West. Let’s go and address this really quick here. West world, western Chauvinism, like Derik Schauvinism, represents this. I’ve been talking about this west as a significant term for this coming sy up. So Kanye West burning, the burning man thing. Then you’ve got the western movie rust with the same type of house. And then, of course, you know we’re looking at, I think, symbolism here for the most part. But I was looking at this Marilyn Manson Kanye westing very closely and I find it to be very, very interesting how they’ve already had these connections to them before. I remember I heard this song called black skinhead and I thought it sounds like Marilyn Manson, and it turns out it’s some type of a if it’s a collaboration or something, a sample. But you know, we’re looking at drama, ritual and, I would say, predictive programming with the whole doned a thing which corresponded a course, with Pluto and ties us into seventeen, seventy six. I mean what we talked about on this channel, with the with the scripting of our reality, of the world stage reality. It’s all based on the stars. It’s based on like the great reset was Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction. You know, these are these are templates that they write our script within. So there is a bigger structure here and I think this destruction of the West and west world and Pluto coming back, it’s all very significant and Mike, take on it here is that it’s seventeen, seventy six verses, sixteen, Nineteen. I can I’m going to have to do a separate live stream on that particular dynamic and how I have arrived at it, but I think that’s what the crack is about. This crack referring to this split or schism, two different competing visions. This is from daily dot. Combat footage from a game called Arma three is being passed off as real. Combat footage from Arma three is a reoccurring fake news meme. See, this is what I’ve been saying about people can’t tell the difference between real and fake. John says, the Robo phone call on crater earth really cracked me up. Rourk says, you notice they don’t talk about covid anymore, because this shit’s about hit the fan right. Well, look, bit, there’s something here. I have some, I believe, some predictive programming for you. So do you remember when the piece of Russian space junk was about to hit the earth? And this is a probably a story from, I guess, was it November? Let me bring this up really quick first, because this is probably predictive programming for what’s about to come. Okay, here we go. Russian rocket fails and this was from December. Russia’s biggest space while rocket in decades, the a five, malfunctioned and only made it to low orbit, sending twenty tons of payload back to Earth. So if you missed this story, this is back in December of Russia’s rocket didn’t go up all the way and it comes back down to the earth. It failed to reach its orbit of Twenty twozero miles above sea level and it drops back down. Now the thing is, the object had a name. It was, to go by all indications, the object is very simple to our Percy, stuck in low earth orbit along with the payload. So anyway, we’re just like reading about this piece of space junk and the name Percy per Sei, and it turns out that that name has a relationship to these invading Reptilians from Future Rama. They called the Amicron Percy, Amicron Percy eight as a planet inhabited by large aliens that frequently attempt to invade the Earth. So the significance here was mainly that Amicron was the variant that was on the way in and at the same time we had this Futurama tie in with these alien invaders with the name Amicron, and then, of course we had the Russian space junk, named for the place where these aliens come from. So we’ve seen this constant recurring theme of alien invaders being correlated with the viral in vaders. So you got this new amicron viral strain coming in and at the same time we’ve got this alien reptilians from Futurama again, the Percy upper stage crashing into the earth. So again invading from space. Big hunk of Russian rocket crashes as space junk and then part of it who is there’s a correlation that they’ve made between orbit and circulation, as in the space junk is a problem internationally, globally whatever, and the junk in our circulation, in your inner space is a problem. You got the boosters. These are all symbolic things that make these correlations pretty obvious. I think the most obvious thing was the first time the space station was hit by a piece of space drunk. It was shot in the arm and the mission celestial immunity tominoid says accidental hunt of Rusty October. Okay, you know what? There were some hunt for Red October. Connections between ALC Baldwin and the woman that he shot and the rust shooting events release date in October. There were some connections there where the Tom Clancy movie even involved the place where I believe she was born. There’s just too many connections there. The hunt for Red October, but again the set was on a place called Coronado. But you know what’s more? Rust was a Western but again probe into movie set shooting that killed Ukraine born Halena hutchins. Fascinating. There may be some connection here. I believe the movie had to do with here we got, yeah, investigation in the fatal shooting of Ukrainian cinematographer Halena Hutchins. Also, she was forty two and the other guy that was shot had trump’s birthday, which we mentioned. We also mentioned that Baldwin had the most advanced case of trump derangement syndrome in the world and he said he wanted a meteor to hit the White House. So that’s kind of a tie in there. Again, rusts movie set just about an hour north of here. And by the way, the Hannah read, the one who handed him the weapon. She had said on her own social media in that September that she was about to experience a fall from grace, twenty four year old hands in the weapon. What’s more, she had a tattoo on her abdomen of a black widow spider. Mean, what a red flag there. But Anyway, somebody on the crew was bitten by a spider while on set and nearly lost their arm. Think about that, the spider the arm. Interesting coincidences. All right, going through comments here. Look at he split says, if anything, the fake war maintains the status quo. Yeah, I’m actually more interested in the flat Earthsivi Al War at the moment. John Snyder says, Hey, let’s pull an all nighter. WHO’s with me? Well, infinite plane radios with you. It is not turning off. We are at twenty four seventh stream now, and also I’m going to do a I’ll probably jump right into the replay of our most recent one, which I haven’t sent out to the archives yet. Celestial wonder says I haven’t made a live stream. I can’t believe it. Hey, make sure you get on the newsletter, get on the text alerts. We’re using those again, text alerts. This is all made possible all the extra platforms were on by our listeners, and you know everything that we’re putting into this as a group is all we’re ever going to really get. We’re not going to get any monetization. I’m going to get nothing but censorship, which is why we’ve been mopping up. And it works and it’s going to continue to work. I think that we almost have five hundred people in discord, which will open up some perks. Anyway. She’s from Ukraine. Maybe that’s relevant. The hunt for Red October, if you haven’t read it, as Tom Clancy. The significance there? Well, Tom Clancy wrote some of all fears, which was pretty much nine hundred and eleven. Also the division dark winter. That’s all Tom Clancy. So this is also connected. He would be one of the metascripts. We should do a series on the various metascripters, just one at a time, like one day will do Kubrick, then we’ll do tom clancy, then we’ll do spike Lee. I’m talking about mind mapping their work, the main stories, narratives. Means they’re part of Ellen Moore, Tom Clancy, Spike Lee, these are all important names that have helped shape the twenty one century. Twenty Century, they shape the Zeitgeist. So yeah, we’ll dig a CNN will run a hit piece documentary bashing Info Wars founder Alex Jones over the weekend. WHY DO THEY KEEP Calling Bill Hicks Alex Jones untangling the drama behind Queen Elizabeth the seconds death hoax? I’m not convinced that the same person you know might be profitable to keep them alive and he’s just a matter of putting a mask on somebody. We could be looking at a grotesque puppet show, basically the crypt keeper this point, and who would know the difference? But she was reported dad it was a hoax, then it wasn’t a hoax and it was a hoax. And you know, at this point it’s like I’m just feel like we’re Mandela affected. We’re just going in and out. Zachary made meant former Queensland Cock learns his fate after snorting cocaine off model. That has nothing to do with anything. I just couldn’t believe the headline. That’s Daily Mail. Colin Kaepernick initiative offering free autopsies, such as a heads up. This is the face of Revolutionary Marxist Cannon Fodder, useful idiots for the communist Chinese, and this is just to cast doubts as to whether any police related deaths are anything other than systemic racism. Again, Colin Kaepernic intiative offering free autopsies to family members of police related deaths. Interesting bit of agitation there. I’m more interested in why Benjamin crump represents all the families at all these very questionable events, or why they use the same is it Dr Batter? They use the same medical examiner, examiner to the autopsies on whether it’s George Floyd or got. Let’s look at that guy’s record. Actually thinks Dr Bader, because I think he also did at Gabby Pottito. Michael Baden conducted this for our autopsy. This is the one. Oh, he also testified at O J Simpson, the O J Simpson event. So O J Simpson, Gabby Potito and George Floyd. Did He do Epstein, M L K and JFK? I think so. I’ll ought to snopes it, but I’m pretty sure a dust clouds risk to our health again. This is why COVID’s gone. Now it’s dust clouds. Are they going to mandate that you wear a Bandana over your face? No, because they don’t really care about you. A pair of empty docks. Yeah, this is a long story about it. Dust is killing us. We’re all going to die. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, which is an Anagram for a better China. There’s not a lot of work on the impact of dust on water quality. This is this is a hundred percent just agenda driven nonsense. I think what we’re looking at here is I got to get you to fear the air and get you in a helmets, getch you in a P pe. This is the space age. Got To get in costume. You’re an alien. Now to the planet you’re born on. Look, he split, says dust clouds in space. You know, there ought to be. One of the things that’s missing most of all out of outer space is dust. I am amazed at how little dust there is. I mean look, Pluto right now is like three point three billion miles away and it’s smaller than the moon. So look at the moon and then picture it going back from thirty seven K thousand miles away to three point three billion and you can still see it right, because we can believe this now, between your eyeballs and that dot three billion miles away, there’s not enough dust to block it, not even little bit yet. If there’s a minor dust storm, you can’t see the horizon eight miles away. What is that? The way there? There is so much dust in outer space right now that we ought to have clouds blocking out stars. Let me see how far is Pluto right now? Pluto is three point two, seven billion miles away. About three point three. And there’s plue. I can’t UNSEE that dog Pluto’s face on it. Again, Pluto is hadies, and this is one of the main things that I wanted to bring up here in terms of this story line that we’re seeing. HADIES is bringing out the crack pipes, the kracking. What is the Krackin? We’ll take a look and again that the crack in a jet. This cracking story is also connected to Seattle. Not Insignificant. And Hunter Biden the crack pipe thing. How can these be coincidences and whether or not the stories and exaggeration or of the misstating it. Look at these headlines fact checking. Is Biden Funding Crack Pipes? Biden Admin to fund crack pipe distribution? This is something that we’ve been talking about for a year now, well about nine. We’ve been talking about this since Sidney Powell, the Krack in and hl the Krack in. If you listen to the are the archives here. We really follow the Zeitgeist and the memes that they use to convey the big narratives of the day. And the fact that right now tax hikes and crack pipes is like the slogan of the Democrat Party. This can’t be a joke. A Q and on isn’t dead. It’s growing. According to a study, Q and on draws from several faith groups and it numbers now more than forty million. So there are as many q and honors as Canadians or Californians. The ought to just form their own nation. Q and on just form its own its own nation, it’s own religion. They have their own Jesus, they have their own neo Christian cult, a J F K Junior. Well, JF K, JF K Junior. That’s their blood line of Christ and in many ways you could look at q and the q drops as a new queue source the oral tradition that became codified into the the Gospel Marve says from the great conjunction Jupiter be rising in the Sky Til two thousand and twenty four, while the stars stay on the same course and all planets are supposed to be on an ecliptic, not relating to a spring tilting of the earth. You know, there’s a movie, I think it’s called Jupiter, a sending. I have to watch. Okay, clockwork. One hundred and thirteen says. You could call it Qutaria, lickety split, says q Stan. Sleshal wonder, says Cu Tardia. What? Yeah, it’s not bad. That Jonestown, because I got the qulaid. But yeah, no doubt. Forty million. That’s a lot. And it is a religious movement, and it’s not like they left the churches and became que. No. Q is a government created religion. It’s a way to demonize populism. It’s a sabotage movement. It’s literally the IT’S A it’s a religious cult superimposed onto our politics. It’s superstition, escatology, mind control, and it’s really done by the best in the SI up entertainment complex. They all know what they’re doing. That’s why Bill Hicks was able to go out on the capital on one six and scream into the microphone that they’re going to take Joe Biden out one way or the other. He said that because he can get away with it because he’s an agitator and he’s on their side. So when CNN releases this hit piece against them, remember he’s mainstream, he’s with the main stream, he’s there. He’al panic frenzy unfolds over the news of Queens, Queen Elizabeth’s death again. What’s she going to reincarnate as? I’m pretty sure that Philip came back as Amicron. Johnny says, Q sets. Yeah, Qukrane, not bad. Q stands as rork sixty six. I don’t think they’re crazy or cucku necessarily, any more than you know, any kind of religious organization, any religions, look crazy from the outside if you’re not a believer. But that’s the thing. They take pride in their shared faith. Like we all agree that we don’t know and this makes us happy somehow, and it’s the same here. But they believe that they have the inside scoop. So you know how a religious fundamentalist can tell you, yeah, we’re in the N Times, Satan’s coming, it’s going to be terrible judgment, etc. But the good news is we win. It’s already been written. So Satan loses, ha ha. I’m like, okay, so you already know the script and you already know the like. Yeah, just trust the plan. Just trust the plan. That sounds very familiar. It’s the same thing, like Oh, they know the bad guys are drinking the baby blood and doing all the bad stuff, but just trust the plan because trump’s going to save us with the white hats. Just stay home and eat your popcorn, don’t get agitated, don’t resist the lockdowns, because the lockdowns is just the clever way that a d chest trump is getting us to sit down while they round up all the baby eaters like Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks. So much bad hopium. A right wing radio host accuses Trump’s truth social of censorship for putting warning labels on his posts about killing public officials. Censorship? You know, if somebody says censorship and the government’s not censoring them, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Unless they’re being hyperbolic on purpose. That is a far cry from censorship like that. You know this. This is a common thing people think when you’re big silence. Well, there are other factors here, but truth social has every right to not allow people to put out hits on public officials. But that’s trump’s new social media platform. I haven’t been able to log in. I think it crashed on day one. And of course it’s truth social but truth is in there. It’s going to be a right wing truth and it’s not going to be truth from in perspective of we know about psychological operations, we know about fake news. No, it’s Fox level truth. I mean, so you could call Qusium, you could call q a religion, you could say they’re all delusional and they’re chasing false hope and running from basically a false this they’re running from kind of a new version of the devil and they’ve kind of reinvented all these fears. But anyway, you could call them culty and especially the worship of JFK. But are they that far removed from the mainstream believer? And I would kind of say no, they just have a different interpretation of it’s like a different spin. Lily Bell says, my low Yanopolis is on Alex Jones, saying that the earth is now cracked beneath the feet of the elites. Yet my low my he bathes in blood, says celestial wonders. Let’s look at that really quick. If you don’t know, Milo Yanopolis was sort of a spokesmouth for Maga originally. Yeah, bathing in pits blood. He says, Oh, listen to this. Tell me this is not a psyoup actor. So here he is bathing in blood. This is Milo Napolis, a man who spoke favorably of pedersty on a podcast, and he says that he’s a Western chauvinist. Again, using that term Western chauvinist is, I think, noteworthy because said this is from two thousand and sixteen. His praise of Western chivallest civilization above all others, dismissal of facts. I have some actual quotes here. We calls himself a proud Western chauvinist, but my point being, I’m that’s from the proud boys to I’m a proud Western chauvinist and I will not apologize for creating the modern world. So you can kind of see here this is part of the split. You got the western Chauvinist, proud boys and then you got the BLM. Now let me bring this up, since we got proud boys in the picture. But Jay Aaron Danielson. Now this was during the summer of two thousand and twenty. You had the riots in Kenosha, Chazistan was going on, and then you had one of the leaders from the ANTIFA side goes and shoots one of the proud boys and the proud way gets shot in the chest right there on the street corner, and I think it was even live streamed. His name was Aaron Danielson. So here we have a few articles on it. The document said Jay Aaron Danielson, a supporter of the proud boys, again, a prayer Patriot, proud boys, western Chauvinist, pray at Patriot, was wearing a loaded glock pistol. Anyway, he’s walking down the street and an ANTIFA guy comes out and shoots him and then he brags about it on vice and then shortly after he gets killed on camera, more or less after trump kind of orders it. But my point being, Aaron Danielson, thirty nine years old, shot there in Portland the end of August and it was at eight hundred and forty six. Again, the significance there. Eight hundred and forty six. That number is associated with Floyd’s, associated with nine hundred and eleven, and in this case they even said it was an attempt to start a civil war. It’s August twenty nine, two thousand and twenty, at the end of the Kenoshi drama. Portland police identify deadly shooting victim Aaron Danielson, thirty nine, shot near third and elder at eight hundred forty six PM on Saturday. They turn them into something of a martyr in a way. But that you know. It’s my mind map actually showed up here. I searched J Aaron Danielson. Look what popped up. I have here a mind map published on the number eight hundred forty six and all the different things that connected to interesting. I’ll go ahead and release all of these in some big collection of PDFS here soon. Okay, going through your comments here, Marv says Jupiter and Saturn are merely a little slower than the stars in the Constellation. But just like the stars and constellations there’s appeared in every year we don’t see them for about a month. Okay, let’s see what else. One step too far, says Orthodox grifter. John Says Yes, and Ellen, ankle break bracket bulge. Oh yes, okay, there was a time when a lot of the people in the que side were believing that the deep state was being routed and that the celebrities were part of it. We’re wearing ankle bracelets and they were being executed silently, kind of out of this, out of my out of sight, out of mind. But then they continue to show up every day to work. So the entire que narrative of where winning trust the plan, it kind of it kind of lost all its legs. Like, is there any indication that the q are winning anything at all? A couple strange things here inside the tragic beauty queen deaths of Zoe, so, so BETHEL and chestily Christ, to black beauty queens jumping off of buildings. What causes? I mean, these are all just patterns. This things that just like they were the two helicopters crashing in the Fork Canyon, and then there were two very conspicuous crashes just before that. Again, the common theme here the falling twins. This is a twin month to again Pluto and then the Palindrome, and Pluto himself has a twin, or rather a bifit, or a two pronged spear, not a trident, but a bident. Another reference to this. John says, yeah, the celebrities are being executed beshind the scenes. Yeah, it’s so absurd that they believed it and it sounded like they were in the know. But after a bit of time it’s like, well, I still see Tom Hanks, he won’t go away. And it’s like they’re rubbing in their faces, though, that they can get away with stuff. Like, if you believe that Tom Hanks is a human trafficker and worse, well, you have plenty of reasons to think so. He wasn’t he was in a remake of Pinocchio that comes out this year called Pinocchio, and he plays Jeppetto just say it slowly, Tom Hanks’s latest contribution to the studio is playing Jeppetto a Wood Carver who Fashions Pinocchio a boy and raises them as a son and brings him to life. And Isn’t Pinocchio just chalk full of imagery of kids being taken to what is it called pleasure island and they’re turned into donkeys and you have these creepy clowns running around, and so then let’s just move forward a little bit. Then you have pizza gate. Well, in Pizza Gate they believe that the elite eat babies and they or whatever, and they refer to the girls as pizza and the boys as hot dogs. So Tom Hanks comes out wanting to be a virtual MLB hot dog vendor. And this was in two thousand and twenty, you know, when they had to put cardboard cutouts of people to fill up the stands. So here you have them as a hot dog vendor because he used to sell hot dogs. So the correlation between Geppetto and a hot dog dealer, it’s not hard to put that together. And then, of course, you tie this into the pizza gate narrative and the q story and then rubbing your face is that this is a Geppetto selling hot dogs. I mean, it’s it. That’s what you can extrapolate from then. Okay, let me go and go through some headlines in last couple of weeks. Who Killed Bob Saggate right bumped his head on the headboard or the marble floor? People’s convoy heading to Washington DC. Q says we live in a realm. Yeah, the q drops are still happening. I don’t want to get too much into the person we know of as Q, but the que drops are still happening at George News and the latest George News. Q drop was quote. What is a realm? They use the socratic method and they were to somebody had asked about outer space, and Q has been dropping a lot of ufo stuff. Also, Ron Watkins, Q and on champion, is running for Congress. Odd vote form. You know, I’d like to see him get into office, but this is what he put out, and the reason why is I think that he might be the key to exposing Q. He must be protecting him. Ronald Watkinscom we must stand up or fed up with human trafficking. Fix The wall, no more mandates, remove the communist traders. Whatever happened to save the children? Oh that’s right, they’re teenagers now. You guys, took so long, and all your death facing celebrities that were supposed to come back and save us are too old. Now. The too old and the children are now disaffected. Teenagers were raised by the NWO babysitting camps in the deep underground military basis and they don’t want to be saved. A Pluto returns and some other Sicko didn’t hang himself. That’s a reference to another Epstein affiliated trafficker supposedly killed in his so, if you want to believe the fake news, a crater Earth USA is on the Conspirat heament radio network, along with infinite plane radio. So another place to listen t seven. If you wantt the radio stream, only the audio, you can listen to us over at Conspirat heam at radio. There are other shows on there as well. A Chinese space junk to make an impact crater. Oh, CGI Chinese space junk to make us CGI IMPACT Crater on the CGI moon. And here’s a video to demonstrate what it’s going to look like when the CGI space junk makes a CGI crater on this CGI moon. About as fake is can be. The impact will be so powerful it will create a crater on the moon. And this is according to experts, of course. And oh by the way, China said it’s not theirs. Originally it was Elon Musk space chunk. Then he said it is not his loo says here the colliding object was missidentified as a space x rocket part. And by the way, it’s going to collide with the Moon on three four, on March fourth. So it’s not musks, it’s not China’s. Well then, whose is it like? Really is it? I was thinking could it be Russia? Maybe it’s a a weapon. Ye, new studies revealed has nothing to do with SPACEX, so we’ll see. I have an excerpt here. This is Princess Diana, is JFK Junior. This is from crater earth, USA, a live stream excerpt. So anyone who’s on the network, any of the programs that are on the conspiracy radio network, conspiraitaiment radio network, they will all be promoted on the website and I will be posting all of their excerpts and then, of course, if you want to find them, the links are always posted their. Let me going to play a clip here, and this is again. This is from a crater Aart USA, and if you haven’t subscribed, please do. I think he’s nearly over the one thousand Subscriber Hump there. So if you’re in the youtube chat and you have a moment, I’m going to put a link there and subscribe to this channel. By the press, he was under pressure to save his business and his marriage. I want people to know the real John Kennedy. Now the prince of camelots, chaotic, the Prince of Camelot, by the way. That’s kind of an important facet to the story, because the entire sy up with Q has everything, everything to do with JFK JR and his father. But what’s more, this entire siy up also has to do with the killing of JFK, framed in the context of, well, I guess, King Kill thirty threes. The article that explains it, but it’s framed in the context of it being the killing of the king of camelot. So that would be the purpose there. You know, I just got kicked out of that page for some reason. Youtube kicked me off. What was that about? I’m going to try to get back into that stream. Oh, by the way, they are putting fences up around the capital right now because the truckers are driving in. And one more thing. Biden walked out to speak on Ukraine Russia at two twenty two PM, two twenty two PM, on two to two. Biden walks out, so even he is, you know, kind of part of this thing. John says I like crater earth, strawberry blind says creater earth with an arm flexing emoji. Okay, I had to refresh the page. I have a couple of excerpts. You know the one I’m going to play because I think someone in the chat had asked, actually asked about this one. Let me play the excerpt with the first ever human hybrid sounds kind of gross. Makes me think of will Smith making out with Sophia the robot. First ever human hybrid robot calling in. This is almost torture. What Youtube does to someone like me, if you’re a youtube pariah, where they don’t let you access their site unless you’re signed in and if they’ve kicked you off at effectively does what it’s doing now. You’ve noticed I’ve had trouble the last two minutes accessing their site. It’s by design. Okay, well, anyway, be right back. This is first ever human hybrid robot collar x three and seven. Live stream excerpt from creater Earth USA. We might I’M gonna call ANA clad the USA. Just coming under a little bare. Yes, this is command a Louf. You already gonna help you? I am at thirty zero and Z, the world’s birth as you know, man, robot, Hi Bread, I no longer as at my human a sign. Man, what your Human Simon? You no longer except to human. Wait a minute, you’re affirmative. Wait, is this a joy all you, commander low? Wait, is this a joke? Who is? Is this a joke or is this actually a robot calling me? This is a world birth, you know, man, robot, high bread at Thirty D that’s thirty Z your call. I am sure you are an actual human biotech. You’ve got human first. Really. All right. Well, look, that’s that’s a crater earth USA. I heard it live. If you see the chat, people are rolling. Always have a great time, three times a week. Usually he’s live. It’s like one pm New York time. So if you don’t want to miss it, I will be also posting notifications. There’s a link in the chat. Yeah, subscribe. Please do. Thanks. John Snyder subscribed. John subscribed. Awesome. Willie Bell says I specially love crater earth US A. Yeah, I thought that was you, Lily Bell, calling in saying you were in love with that robot. Was that you? All right, let’s see what else we have here. We covered a lot of the utoto stuff. China’s denying the space junk. We have a clip here of CGI Joe kicking a dog. Don’t really want to play it. People’s convoy hitting heading over to DC. The one thing that stands out about this, I mean, what could go wrong. A capital perimeter fence has been reinstalled, but I looked at their map. They’re going across the country and it looks like a crack, you know, across the ground. Just another one of these reoccurring themes. Okay, we talked about Marilyn Manson as Charles Manson, Aquarius Man’s son, and the connection in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, the invocation of helter skelter, the opening of the gates of Hades, the release of persephone, going into the underworld as Gabby Potito, with Brian Laundry brainwashing, escapes the brainwashing, leaves Westworld. Now she’s Phoenix rising, escaping the man in black burning Kanye west world. That’s one of the stories they’ve given us. All ties into the book of revelation and this race war narrative they’ve given us, and they’ve even brought us white nationalists who are trying to start a race war by attacking the power grid. And this just now and again. The Kanye West event happens in a blacked outlooking arena, looking like a blackout, looking like a flood. White supremacists plead guilty to planning race war in the US in conspiring to attack power grids to so civil unrest. Now this is recent news that just just happened and we’ve been talking about helter skelter, about the Turner Diaries and how all of this has been forecast. This has all been put out, there foreshadowed, easy to see. So they’ve can get three men plead guilty to conspiring to provide material support to attack power grids in the United States. The domestic terror plot was in furtherance of white supremast ideology. Now think about this also in the context of the drills in North Carolina, where you had DV’s, which are domestic violent extremists, as the target in this drill where in twenty three counties the military was basically pretending to be fighting these neo Nazis, white nationalists whatever. But at this time in North Carolina you had a fire at a fertilizer plant. Like wait, a fertilizer plant. That sounds a little like Timothy McVeigh. Thousands evacuated after US fertilizer plant fire sparked. So in the area where they are doing these drills, where they are are attacking white nationalists, the preferred weapon of the white nationalist being fertilizer just happens to blow up here. Burning North Carolina Fertilizer plant contains enough ammonium nitrate to ignite one of the worst explosions in US history. Now drills are rehearsals, so I just have to assume, after having seen that, that yeah, they’re going to have white nationalists do something very soon. More foreshadowing. Going through some comments, Tim Hamby O, one says, so I’m a bad person for wanting my race to survive. No, you’re a bad person for wanting to burn down five g towers, because I don’t think you need to interrupt our live streams. Just start your own. I mean, there’s still a bit of free speech out there. But you know, one thing I don’t really get is why are the white nationalist suddenly acting like victims? That doesn’t make any sense to me, and the whole thing is obviously a joke. Honk Honk Means Hail Hitler. Now, come on, these are all caricatures. The white nationalist calling themselves the base. That means Al Kaida means the base. But one thing I have to ask them is because most of them they’ll say, well, the Holocaust was fake whatever. And then they bring up the the the holidamor genocide, and I’m like, well, okay, so each it just seems like that that genocide is real and that one was fake, so we just choose which one is real. I don’t really buy into identity politics and self professed victims, like you’re just trying to genocide me. No, I’m sorry, Tim Hambyo one. I’m not trying to genocide you. Go make babies. Go to Europe. You Got Eric Dubay, white nationalist, Neo Nazi rapper, the subject of that new flat Earth Book, who supposedly represents all flat earthers, and he puts out a book called Jew World Order or video about basically ethno fascism. Whites go to Europe, Asians go to Asia, etc. And yet he’s out there in Thailand doing yoga with Nathan Thompson. What the Hell? All right, let me go through your comments here also, if you haven’t joined our discord, just go to infinite plain sightedcom two dollars a month and you get access to all of our cutting edge research, cutting edge researchers and all of the relevant links that you’ll need to really, I think, see through all of the major psyops of our time. We pretty much have all the bases covered. See, there are people who will tell you about the fake news on the ground, but they think the outer space stuff is real, and those who talked about outer space news knowing it’s fake, but they treat everything here on the ground as real. And I think that you have to be past the green screen, both on the ground and above the Carmen Line, you know, otherwise your one foot in the Matrix, one foot out. All Right, let me see here. Spirit Jordan says. I Bet Eric Dubay is Pro Ukraine. You know, I’m kind of curious about where Eric Debay was on the VACs question, because it’s an established fact that he’s VACs damaged and he had a six digit settlement before he moved to Thailand. So if anything, he’s enjoying his VACs damage. Again, thanks of and for joining. I know we started a little bit later. Also, shout out to Putin. Thanks for curing covid thanks everyone in the chats. When to start same time, actually earlier tomorrow. And then, finally, and this is very important, the twenty seven strain is back on. So what I’m going to start doing from now on is I’m going to be premiering the previous night’s live stream the next day. So if you miss it, they’ll be a premiere and it’ll be with a chat, a live chat audience, so you won’t miss a thing. All right, looks like everything has been covered. Thanks everyone for hanging out again. We’re going to just continue this stream meam right after so I’m gonna go ahead and turn this over. Also, I just want to say good a Conspirataimentcom if you want to know more about the new network that we’re a part of, just another thing we’re doing, just expanding laterally, and go there in the morning you can find links to the morning shows and right now it’s crater Earth USA. I’ve invited others or other people who are very interested in this, so it’s only get more interesting as we go. It’s kind of like with dark matter, which is a paranormal network, but this network, which I am a program director of, is geared more towards those thinking outside of the cosmography we’ve been given. So it’s beyond just paranormal. It’s we are we are the new fringe. Have you cutting edge away from earth? I thanks for joining this is space is fake, chief crow. If you can see those stars, and we were never able to see stars from the winter surface or on the daylight side of the see see. There’s more than stars. You can see planets, you see the get your desert space. Look out in the deep space away from me. Son, imagine space. What happened to get a week on that? You have a link cordon deep hard to comprehend. Space is a

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