Drew and Laila Discuss The Symptoms – Vocal Fry Ep. 1

Drew and Laila Discuss The Symptoms – Vocal Fry Ep. 1

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All right, what’s up? Everybody’s for boy drew, I’m here tonight with Layla Heltho. Thanks for having me on. Wanted to do this live last night, but stuff came up, so we’re going to do it a prerecorded may not be too long. But what I’ve been thinking about lately and what I wanted to talk with Lelo about tonight is is like the symptoms that we see all these people, you know as truther’s, whatever you want to call it. Well, we see all these people and we get mad at when they just like bow down to the mask and are so willing to like line up for, you know, all these medicines and all that stuff, and that’s what triggers us. But those are symptoms actually, and I wanted to talk about like I wanted to ask Layla what she thought the underlying cause of that is that is causes these people to be like that. Yeah, I like this topic and I like that you call it the symptoms, because you can really apply this to like literally every human behavior ever. So I think there’s multiple underlying causes and I think you can kind of break down those, maybe one by one, and I think it’s probably different for everybody. As well. But I kind of think about like, let’s say, like an angry housewife and like one night, let’s say her husband comes home and he sits down at the dinner table and she just snaps and throws a play it at him right and it’s like somebody doesn’t just snap like that. There’s a lot of different things that accumulate over time to get to that point. So you see like the reaction and that’s what bothers you, but you have to kind of understand that there’s a lot of things behind that that make people act the way they do. So, as far as with the just the compliance with the last two years, what are some of the things? I know there’s many. It’s everything’s always multifaceted. One of them for sure is like Stockholm Syndrome. These people who absolutely have Stockholm Syndrome. Well, because without all of these things they would be totally lost and what have no idea what to do or how to live life. So I think it’s just way more comfortable and a lot less scary to my total very well, yeah, do you like step by step? Yeah, like a child, you know you they want the security and that that’s really it’s one of the main underlying causes. I think. Yeah, they gives them a purpose and that’s why we call them covid warriors. They’re fighting the battlefield for COVID. Give them a purple heart. Yeah, they, yeah, they. If they ever had it, they’ll make sure to tell you that. We talking about it for weeks, let’s say. Oh Man, I yes, I still can’t breathe. No, I know. Yeah, we’ve heard that over the past week. People like that. But yeah, the selftest thing I know. That was big on like the social media platforms for a while. People taken selfies with that just so they can say, Oh, I survived. Yeah, they take a picture on social media like they’re looking all sick with the positive tests and then I saw another meal love it. I saw another meme that was like the negative test and then they weared and like for earrings, like to get in the twelve or something. It’s so dumb at this point. Yeah, I didn’t see that one. I’ve heard about that, though. I think a lot of it too, is like almost like a dominant and submissive relationship to where these people are like complete do subs, I mean to the Daddy Dom government. Oh Yeah, Bidens, your dam well, I know it is that in a sense, because they want to be led and honestly, that’s just part of human nature as well, I think. And it’s unfortunate because that’s been really overtaken and turned in a horrific direction. Be People are always searching for something to believe in and something to guide them, you know, and that should be God, but in this case, with the programming and engineering, it’s turned into something horrific. And Yeah, the cover you got there with the that’s that’s what you see when you leave your house, pretty much. Yeah, that in ninety five and then ninety five in the mask, and you brought it to God. I kinda wanted to save that the lass, but since you already brought it up, I think that’s a big part of it is just the replacing God with this as some bigger than themselves, something that gives them a cause to fight for and gives them, you know, all the answers and every like you said, man like the all the rituals are there, the same as with going to church and everything. You know, you guys here ips talk about that a lot, like the hand sanitizer. That’s the new holy water, and everything’s been replaced. You know, the mask has replaced, you know, the Rosary, and I think that’s a big, huge underlying cause of the symptom that we see, is these people are completely directionless and godless. That’s an underlying cause. I think this probe the main one. Actually it is. Yes, stem from that. Yeah, it’s a root cause, for sure, because it’s here human nature to be looking for answers and reasons why, why we exist, why we’re here, and people are always, you know, looking at what that is. And then you’re born into this realm, or whatever you want to call it, where it’s completely usurped and flipped upside down and inverted. The way we’re taught. We’re actually taught how to not be humans. Yeah, it’s actually the inversion. Everything’s an inversion. Yeah, everything you’re taught from the moment you’re born is an abomination to your human nature, and that’s when you end up with stuff like this, because the mask and all this stuff happened overnight. You know, you woke up the next day and then saw people doing this like they’ve been doing it their whole life, and they still act like they’ve been doing it their whole life and will continue to do so. Yeah, they’ll never stop. No, I think even if the TV came out and said, okay, it’s over, stopped tomorrow, you’d the the big percentage of people would still hold on to it. You’d see him in public wearing the mask. And Yeah, that’s the fear, though, because I think root cause of this is also fear, because if you don’t have this, what do you have? You have nothing. I think they’d rather have this than nothing, because that’s scary. It’s also self righteousness that they’re better than you. Wear the mask, yeah, in your face to show how much. Oh, either take it much more serious than was in everyone else. Oh, yeah, you want to do it, you do a podcast more often, like the superior quirded podcast. We can call it vocal FRY. We talked about that earlier. I know every time I come on here somebody says something about your voice and my voice. So holy vocal FRY. So even if that is true, so what does that need gate what people say? I just think it’s funny some of the things like you read in these comments. It’s like so superficial and these people think that they’re so smart and like way down the rabbit hole. More woke than anyone. Oh, it’s very superficial. Definitely a lot of it, and I’m going to say that and then ten people are going to get upset about what I said when I didn’t really mean directed at anybody. It’s just how the Internet is. So if we have symptoms and root causes, because you can apply that to like you know, and mental issues as well, like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, what’s The Cure? Oh Man, how do you God? Yeah, if these people prayer, learned how to believe in something, a higher power, that other than themselves, other than TV, I guess the real answer is shut down the TV. If you could get them off the TV. Yeah, it would be a it would be a big change in their behavior. Yeah, belief in God and something greater than themself, but I think belief in themselfs as well is what’s needed, because they don’t need trust or own intuition. They don’t know how to use that and tap into that. Well, they’ve never been taught that or anything. Do you think there is really no cure, though, in the sense that it’s just where we’re at right now, like living in this realm and day and age and let’s say it’s not so much the end times, or it could be the end times, or I think. I think this has been likes talk about. It’s been a complete it’s been a complete communistake cord. It’s already happen and it’s over and it’s already too far gone and out of control. It’s already like the snowball down the hill and whatever. It’s just too big to stop at this point, regardless of what Republicans want to say. Are they think there’s just going to be somebody some day that’s going to show up and put an end to it, like trump or dey sentist or somebody? Yeah, so then it’s really how do you be okay in yourself when you know the world is like going to fall apart no matter what? That’s all you can do, I guess. Yeah, what else are you going to be able to do? You have to learn how to be okay with that and okay with what you see going on around you. Yeah, and you can’t take it too much to heart, because that can drive you crazy. Okay, here it is, I have it. What is? I don’t even know what this is. What is this? Okay, I want to bring you guys a new segment here. It’s called truther of the week. Whoo, let’s show you, guys some of them unhinged comments he getting in high talk about like truth. Is that program no different than the normal? It’s just a different type of program but it’s the same programming, basically. So can I just say something quick. I haven’t read this comment at all, but I can already see the bolt typing and then it goes small and bold again. And don’t don’t forget the words in between, Asteris and everything Asterix, and then the bullet points, basically with the Dash. This is already a very intense person. I mean, look how long the common is. But it’ll be worth it, I promise of this guy. His name is vintage red carpet and masonic good star and capital letters and dashes, and he’s basically what he said is what started this. As he said, Kamala is not even an American citizen, so she couldn’t be on the bench the Supreme Court. And then I said to him, well, can you prove that or is that just like some truth or rhetoric? And here’s what he said. The vice president would replace the president in case of death. So No, she was placed there and she isn’t qualified. So No, she cannot be president, nor vice president. You are wrong. Her parents have diplomatic community, so anchor baby does not apply. She was raised in Canada from first grade until she returned as a college freshman and her face changed drastically. And Her law school she was placed. She’s a drug addict and crazy as hell and maybe a dude. Don’t ask me, ask Frederick Douglas about those citizenship amendments for those born of parents who are all who were slaves. Only it was specifically for Blass. I think he means black born into slavery in the USA. This amendment was after the civil war. The slaves were freed and this was their citizenship. Not Applied to birth tourism or welfare babies when the parents are here illegally. And since I told them he was using like truth or rhetoric. He says not a truth or clearly spelled up. Kamala’s camels parents were not naturalized in the correct year and divorced. Left United States anyhow. After the kids were born. Camels mom just a diplomatic community placed in the Berkeley Grad School. How to F does a top breast cancer. Researcher dive breast cancer. Lol, it would have shown early in the regular scan. The treatment for cancer hasn’t changed much. Wow. So do you want to give your tape? I can’t go ahead. Go ahead, my voice needs a rest after reading all that. So since when do the overlords here that put these people in place ever play by roles? This is all, but as if they care about that. They don’t. Yeah, it don’t care if you’re a drug addict or a woman to it the citizens. Woman, that I’ve never seen that apply. Basically what I said to the dude. I said if, if what you’re saying is true. I said why everything you’re talking about is like an appeal to law when these people have, if you just saying, they placed her in there and they knew all this. Than that, they are above the law and they don’t care about the law. So why would your argument be while it’s against the law? That’s a dumb argument, right. I mean, wasn’t trump just a reality TV show Starre basically that they’ve made president. So why what they care about any of this? I don’t know, but I just to me, this is like the average truth. Are Right here that they just spew BS, and I’ve been kind of talking trash about mark past you always, just always on a rampage lately in his new series, but I’m one of the most recent ones. He said, he said it. He turns the comments out, because ninety percent of what people spears complete B a side of their mouth, and I’m like, man, I kind of understand it after reading a comment like this like this is just unsubstantiated rumors and people that have no foundation on any kind of like learning or anything, and then they just spew something they read on like an Internet form or something as if it’s one hundred percent fact. So this is what I mean when I say truth. There’s are like no different than a normy you could replace this like the wording in the type way they make this argument with the person that is the one of these people that we get mad at that go along with everything that’s been going on for the past few years. Yeah, I just don’t get why they would think anybody in the government place by rules. They don’t. And the typing is just yeah, I know, I thought that. Think it’s like they’re yelling and full. I thought that was funny. You know, the steeds a boom Er too, you know, is so this is your truth of the week, everyone, vintage red carpet and Masonic Goold, shout out, shout out to the truth or the week. I would be too lazy to type like that. He’s so props anyone that types like more than like a couple sentences. It’s hard to read, but that’s this one had me hooked because of all the like different styles of typing and everything. It’s like three different people typing and probably just a bought, you know, and maybe could be. And or the truth is just so no different than bots because it’s so programmed at this point it’s it’s ridiculous, like and then he has nothing to say when I come back to him and say you’re appealing to law against people that you say yourself our lawlessness. So what are you gonna do about it? You’re going to keep posting a let’s say everything you say it’s true. You just going to keep posting on Youtube comments and tell enough people read your comments that everyone wakes up and revolts. Or what? Are you going to do something about it? They like to sit behind the keyboard and, Oh yeah, type and bold at people. Big Ten, because I want to talk more about the symptoms in that type of thing here. Yeah, let’s go. So everyone, make sure you smash the like your new subscribe, leave a comment, share the video. Okay, what else? Because I think there’s maybe several groups of people that believe in this, but we talk a lot about deep down they know that it’s fake, right, and I believe, I believe that deep down they do know them. Yeah, like every person deep down knows that this is fake, because that’s the whole idea that you can’t really lie to the human spirit, even though you can lie to the brand in the mind, and then it gets kind of buddled. So for those people, do you think it’s like they’re going through life and seeing things like in the news and the government, in the way that the world is run that’s just wrong, and it’s like they get that little red flag, like a like for the people that believe it, you mean, yes, do they? What? Can you ask it again? I don’t know what you meant, like when they see what’s happening in the world, you know, as they’re growing up and they see things like, let’s say, I don’t know what you can say, on Youtube and eleven, for example, and they think, okay, maybe something’s a little bit weird here, like off, but then they just push it under the rug and carry off. The easier to do that. You know, I think a lot of it has to do with accountability. Like when you start seeing that there’s something wrong, then you obviously have to own it, because when you keep pushing that down and pushing that down and, you know, living in denial, that’s when you start acting out symptoms like. That’s where you, yeah, develop your root cause basically, and become a symptom, like you’re a reaction. That’s that’s what I say the time. Is the reason they won’t acknowledge it is because if they did acknowledge it consciously, they would be forced to take action against it, and that they know they’re not ready to do that. Yeah, I think that’s why they suppress it. So it’s the suppression. And again, I said it earlier, but it’s definitely. It’s definitely Stockholm Syndrome. It was. Yeah, it’s heavy, scary Stockholm Syndrome, for sure, that’s a great word for it. And A on a globe, global scale. Well, here comes the flatter. There’s after me. And on a worldwide scale, stock Stockholm Syndrome. A realm my scale. Yeah, realm wide. Shout out to realm renegade. Oh yeah, whatever happened to him? He’s still in the fifth dimension waiting to acquire his Fiat currency notes. Cool, the third dimension will be back soon, I’m I’m assuming that she legite isn’t going to sell it self the second coming. What else is like a rude cause for all this? Well, there’s like a yeah, I that is the lack of God. You know, that is everything cause, the most root cause, and then that makes you depressed. That’s God in the sense of whatever you want to apply to that, because I know people have a really wide range of what they believe and you talk about God and people get upset. Okay, whatever, but Jesus, yeah, right, but I think it’s you get hopeless when you don’t have God. You get hopeless, scared, depressed, and then you have somebody coming and give you something like, you know, they can be a government school whatever, religion, because I don’t really, you know, like religion so much because some of the religious people, to me, when I see them, are really no different than any other kind of person. They have a set of beliefs, they don’t really know why they believe in it. You know, they’re raised than it and it’s just kind of part of them. So and I think the controllers know that. And there’s like an innate need or something in the human being to or you could even call it like what you call like and ancestral DNA or something, and where it’s like you’re almost hard wired to receive that kind of like religious program probably because for so many generations before you that it’s been done. And then when you didn’t have that and they use that primal need that you don’t even know you have to u serve that in your brain and install something like this worldwide covid or whatever. Well, yeah, because I think it is very primal and ancient, because I think it is in your human nature to try to seek your Creator. As a creature, you’re trying to seek where you were created, how you were created and where you came from. You know that’s God that you’re seeking, but you know, obviously it’s so inverted, and then get a situation like we’re in now. You know, I think it’s probably couldn’t. I hate to sound so dumer I don’t think it really could be much worse. Man, I guess it could and it will continue get worse. But yeah, we haven’t seen you. As far as what’s happened, I see it as the elites checkmate, or they were able to pull that off two years ago, and now that’s just like a cat toying with the mouse till they can move the herd however they want. Let’s talk about the ego for a little bit, because I think that’s a big part of it as well with these people, because I think if people were brave enough to just admit that they were wrong and tricked and dumb, like every single one of us has ever been, because we all are at some point, then this would be a lot better. That’s about you see the problem, the Red Flag, and if you don’t say something, that’s on you. You become the symptom. You know that you’re acting out and that’s your problem at that point, your fault. You let it get like that. You know, I think people are too scared to just admit that they’re wrong. I mean you can even apply that to that, like whole truth or ism that you like to talk about too. It’s just people don’t want it, but they’re wrong about stuff and that they can fail or, you know, they think they’re so smart they can’t be tricked into anything. Yeah, and then the as far as the ego, I mean we go to a lot of these like grass sales and stuff, and we’ve definitely noticed a direct correlation between if they’re like massed up estate sale or crash sale, which is everyone’s, they’re touching you stuff. I mean, think about creasy that is. But then the people that, if the hosts are wearing that, then the prices are higher. Absolutely, at least in our experience. So that to me, that tells you they value the material world much more and that’s why they’re more scared and they don’t want to lose everything. They identify more as the things that they have. The EGO. Yeah, and you know anything else. I think then they’re spiritual self. Yeah, the spiritual world around them. Yeah, for sure, there’s something to the mask. I believe that’s it’s similar to like when you’re behind the wheel of a car, it’s almost like you almost feel anonymous and then that you’re psychological, it comes out more so like when you’re in the car and someone’s gone slow. You’re like are they far? And you’re raging in the car. I mean we all do it, but if you were behind someone on a nature trail walk and they were walking, so you wouldn’t say the same thing or act the same way. So because you’re there’s that buffer between the two cars. I think the two masks provides that type of buffer for people to act out the psychological it or yeah, it’s like that with the car. It’s definitely like that with the screen in the computer and the phone. Oh Yeah, a hundred times worse, I think. But behind the screen and the Internet, especially with an anonymous count or something. Yeah, Oh man. Yeah, and I think that’s a I don’t know, that’s as the sad thing to see really, because, you know, if people just would grow some balls and be able to admit that they’re wrong and that they mess up, that’s okay and it could get a lot better, but it but again, it’s day laying onto that ego, and to the better end, honestly. Like we said earlier, though, because if they admitted it, then they would have to do something about it. That’s if they admitted they were tricked here, they would have to actually go and do something. What are you gonna do? Well, in their livelihood, MMM, it’s so worried about. The career has also replaced religion in a lot of people as well. So that’s another underlying root cause of it is because the career, as even you serve the family in a lot of cases. And then so if the career says, Hey, you have to do this, you have to go along and get along, then they’re not even willing to try to push back even a little because everything rides on that career. It becomes their identity. Yeah, and then they also think, well, am I gonna how am I going to feed my kids? They don’t think that if everyone took a stand together, it would never exist. They just think, Oh, I am this career, I am this, this is my identity. Yeah, I think if people would stop being afraid to lose the life that you’ve been told by society and the government or whatever you want to call it for years, that you know, this is the perfect life and this is how you’re supposed to live and this is what you’re supposed to want to attain, and you can use career as an example of that, like this type of success. If people would stop being afraid to lose that ideal that’s not even real and like. It’s also an inversion of human nature as well, I think. Yeah, I leave your family all day, yeah, and put your kids with strangers all day. You shouldn’t want that, but people are taught to want that. And if you would stop being afraid to lose that really that fake, fake ideal. Anyway, you know, people could take some other power back. Do you think they call it a job because of job? Job? I think that’s why they named it a job, just to yeah, Fred, you said that before and I thought about that. That’s what you could be job. Went through it. He went through it bad. mean he kept that faith and he was blessed in the end. You know, you don’t have to believe in the Bible or be religious to understand that concept. You know, if you keep faith and what you’re doing and Cavin tegrity and yourself done, what do you care if you lose your career or, you know, all these things that the world tells you you’re supposed to want or need? And now the final part of this is, or hopefully, I don’t even know if the final part, but that what’s unfolding now is now they’re trying to bring it down to babies, and children, children and babies. I saw I saw one twitter thing Isterday. I don’t know who he was. It’s some guy talking about all we need to introduce, you know, this face covering to children as young as to you know, a little bit here and there, so that they’re more ready for it when they’re three, four, you know, when they start going to preschool and all this. Yeah, I know, and it will be out place, as I know it all see like a two year old in a mass. I’ll be like, oh, tell that lady to take that mask off that kid, and you’re like no, you can’t do that, because then you’re not any better than them. Trying to tell people what to do and how to live their life. I mean you are, you are right at the same time you’re not. I get the principle and concept, is just when I see it on the kids, that just it’s nuts, man. Yeah, that makes me feel physically sick because they don’t know any better and I can’t even imagine what the next couple of generations are going to be like with these kids growing up like this. You know, they’re not playing outside, they’re not interacting with other kids the way they’re supposed to. It and you can say that need facial expressions now because it’s covered up. That’s so important for an infant as well to be able to do that. That’s how they develop. So yeah, very sad. And we say, you know, we are severely inverted ass kids, you know, like when you were born and growing up, and then me as well. But think about how much more it’s going to be for these kids than it even was for us. It always seems like it can’t get any worse, but I’m sure it will, and I just I can’t even like fathom how much worse and worse it’s going to get until until something happens. And I don’t see it happening, because the other side that acts like that, they’re or like the basically like the Republican side. You know they’re never going to do anything because they act like hope we do something, then we’re no better than them. That’s what we’re talking about earlier too. But but on the other flip side of the coin, then the other side is constantly doing something. Well, so one side’s constantly chipping away your rights and Freedom’s liberty than the other side is just sitting there just taking it. Basically, see that’s the thing of having to know the truth and staying on the side of the truth. I think there’s a certain point where you’re going to see atrocities that you’re going to have to decide if you’re going to take action or not, and it’s your daft. You’RE gonna have to make a difficult decision. I think you’re going to see that come eventually. Seems like it’s leading that way. Yeah, and if you look at the history of humanity and it happens in cycle. So yeah, it’s definitely it’s definitely do to happen soon. It’s been very long time of people having it easy. Yeah, and that’s they’ve become comfortable slaves, which is also why they’re not going to want to revolt or do anything about it. You give the slaves and iphone and fast food and TV and all these creature comforts and material comforts, now of course they’re not going to fight you. That is the Stockholm Centrum of it. You know, basically, the abuser has been grooming you your entire life and then, well, you’re told, oh, okay, what are you gonna do? You can kill the abuser. They give you all these wonderful things you need give up your high phone. Oh my God, forbid. I mean, people, one more generation, they probably won’t be able to even live. You know, it’s already almost there. Even like my generation, we don’t even know how to cook. You know, generation or two before people knew how to cook. Now became frozen pizza, a macaroni, and now you don’t even know how to cook. Definitely don’t know how to farm. And the another generation that grew up with nothing but the phone. There I’m going to know like how to think or how to do anything without the like step by step direction from the phone. Yeah, is that how people are already in the metaverse and don’t know it. Yeah, I agree. I did not have a smartphone until I was in my early s and I was very happy before that, I remember. You know, the other part of this is the how the people act and such a in such a highmind way. No, well, yeah, that’s that’s an interesting thing, you know. Yeah, that’s something that people just do as a say fifty tactic as well, to like be a chameleon in blending to the safest like environment, you know, and that’s what these people are doing, for sure. But I mean, you know, you and me. We’ve done that probably another ways, and I’ve been exploring lately on the streams about like the concept of an eggrig or, how there’s these people are basically are the highmind. People are all on out autopilot and there seems to be an Eggrigor, you could just call it Satan if you want. That’s, you know, Pied Piper in these people. And as more and more people seem to be kind of getting like sucked into that, I have mine see those people on the fence that you thought maybe would be against us and they got sucked into it. But then at the same time there’s other people you thought maybe would never wake up and they’re starting to ask questions. So, yeah, it’s like there’s a line in the spiritual say and being drawn right now. Yeah, and, like you said, it’s going to come a day and you’re gonna have to know what side of out that line you’re on and do something about it. Yeah, in my opinion, you know, you have to know right now. If you don’t know now, I mean there’s a chance that you’ll figure it out, but I think it’s very unlikely. Yeah, this point you gotta know now. If you don’t know now, after everything you’ve seen for the past yeah, well, yours. It’s been two years, come on. Yeah, more than enough time. And obviously those people, like me and many other people, that said a this is never going to go away. You know, once it starts, it’s obviously and obviously to I said from the beginning, if it, they told you from the beginning, was too too I don’t know what you can call them on Youtube, to mosquito bites. That’s what pretty calls it, to mosquito bite. So obviously it’s too it’s obviously three, and then if it’s three, it’s obviously for. So well, yeah, you show me things that people saying. Well, if I have to take eleven, yeah, they will, that I’m already recovering from an injury from the first one. Oh my goodness. Yeah, that’s the kind of person that’s going to sell their soul right away for their material comfort. Well, that’s what it all comes down to, basically, right, they just give away a little pieces of themselves to this see, and I think that’s how you create what people like to call the MPC type character. You give away a piece of yourself here and a piece of yourself here. You know, a piece of your spirit here and here, and so there’s not any of you left. It’s all other people’s voices and opinions that you’re hearing in your head that are moving you and controlling you. And now that’s also where, I think you get what we like to talk about here too. I know we use the skid soo term a lot, but if you think about it, that’s what that is. It’s like you’ll lose, and I could be through like a traumatic event or just slowly over time, you’ll lose a piece of yourself. You know here and they’re along the way, and then you have so many other voices going on a side of you. Then you just split and you’re you’re just a goal them. And then, on top of all that, t then adding all the meds. These people have been on meds. A lot of these, like especially these boomers. Theyve been I meds for like thirty years, five different meds and beds just to cover up the symptoms of other mids. Yeah, well, we can talk about the meds to I can talk about that all day. Go ahead, because that’s a big part of it. The Farm Far Mika, listen, when I was pregnant with the baby and going to the doctor and they ask you, you know, when you go in a you taking any medications, and I say no and just kind of look at me like not, not any, not anything. No, I don’t don’t take anything. So so like believable to them. Huh, it is. Yeah, and I’ve noticed that, you know, the last several times I’ve even been that they seem very shocked that I don’t take anything. And Yeah, these medications, they’re honestly, a doctor should be locked up and like publicly flogged and beaten for prescribing these things to people, because it’s horrendous. I worked in the medical field for a while and that’s really all I saw is, yeah, a lot of the problems people came to me and to my office for were one hundred percent created by the medication. And you know, you see a lot of these really young people even put on the psychiatric medications that completely messed up their brain chemistry that’s still developing at an early age. So it’s also like, okay, well, this person might have turned out to be a completely different person than they did just because their brain chemistry got so destroyed from a young age. And Yeah, you can definitely know most of these people probably do take a pill for something. It might not be psychiatric, I know probably a very large percentage of people or at least on some kind of antidepressant, because, you know, you go into the doctor and you can tell them anything and they’ll say you’re depressed, even if you’re not, because that’s a whole other story as well, because I think that’s something we’ve been lied to about a lot, is the mental disorders and depression and what that actually is. For that reason they get people on these medications. Yeah, and then that’s what’s happening inside of you. Is basically like chemical warfare, from the the chemistry change through the far MEEKA. Yeah, and then also even just the constant fear of the TV and all that. The is are all sensations in your body that I like releasing chemicals. Yeah, inside of your body. So, yeah, I like what you said. You got a chemical warfare in your body, but then you also have a spiritual warfare in your soul at the same time. You wonder these people are so stressed and breaking down. Absolutely well, it’s being fractured. HMM, that’s hard. You gotta own this stuff and get rid of it, release it. Don’t take these medications. I’ve seen him destroy people. I got prescribed some of these medications when I was fifteen and got sent to a doctor and just told him, you know, that was sad and stuff, and I think the lady talked to me for like five minutes and she was like, Oh, you have bipolar disorder, we’re going to give you this. And like, I’m fifteen, so I don’t know anything about how any of this works and I’m just kind of accepted it, like Oh, yeah, that must be true because this doctors telling me that. Obviously none of that was true. I don’t take any of that today and I’m, you know, have no symptoms of literally anything. And one more thing is you said that you just trusted the doctor and yeah, said, yeah, that was true. That’s that’s a lot of what goes on to is these people are have like zero like belief in themselves. Absolutely. I mean my parents were the ones that were like, okay, we’re going to bring you here. So I’m like okay, you know, my parents say it’s okay, so must be must be good. Then they say yeah, well, this doctor says it’s so this is an expert. So yeah, that’s no see a lot of people don’t done the same people that say, you know, you’re dishing out misinformation or disinformation. A lot of that is just simply people talking about things, are asking questions. And then, yeah, it’s these people are so little belief in themselves that they they think they’re not even able to understand it. So of course they never will be able to understand it because they’re already defeated themselves in that thought process by thinking that they can’t. Yes, and yeah, they lost before they began. Yeah, because that’s me. I’m sitting there and like you can see all the doctor degrees on the wall. So in my fifteen year old head I’m like, Oh, okay, this is a really smart person. You know, they have to know what they’re talking about. And the only thing I’m gonna say is that when I stopped seeing psychiatrist, I stopped seeing therapists and stop taking medications, I got better. I healed of every single issue they told me I had, mental and physical. Have Zero problems with it today and from what doctors told me, I was had like the worst prognosis, like it was terrible and I felt hopeless. But when I completely got rid of all of that and just started taking care of myself. I got better. So that’s what taught me how to believe in myself and like my own intuition. Listen, woman, they were right, you’re crazy. Whoo, who oh man. So we got it narrow down to a few things. No belief in themselves. What else? No belief in God, the need trying to fulfill their primal need for worship of something. Yes, pharmaceuticals play a role. The EGO. Yeah, the EGO, Ego, and need to be able to such US own that. You’re wrong, I’m wrong. Everybody’s been wrong, or not even that you are wrong. You need to at least be able to be wrong, not even just about one thing, like anything. Yeah, I actually love being wrong because that’s when I learned how to not be wrong in the future, you know. And then the other thing it was. It was Stockholm Syndrome, HMM, and dominant, submissive interaction between TV, government and the populace, I guess. Yeah. Well, this has been the vocal FRY podcast. Leave your had comments below. Make US cry. Yeah, thanks for coming on. We’ll do it again. It’s kind of it’s nice to not do life. I’m always doing live I get distracted by the chat and kind of one take it, one take baby, that’s it. You gotta do it Michael Victor Style. One take bow all right, y’all. Shout out to run that watch this. Make sure, if you like it, man, share and thumbs up. The more you comment and do all that stuff, more it helps the channel. And then, if you’re new here, tons of archives for you to go through. Make sure you peruse that catalog. I’m drew. This is Layla Yo. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, and I appreciate everyone’s time that listened to this and piece out

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