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A little to see the cross. I saw the most amazing thing, the sun of blood. What we are. So know myself, myself, art everyone. That’s Lucifer ten thirty three degree. Welcome to the infinite plane. Radio call in live stream podcast. Eight three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. It is pie day. Pie Day two thousand and twenty two is also the death day of Stephen Hawking. It is also the birthday of Albert Einstein, the two of them both dying at seventy six. It is also the death day of, was it Galileo? Is some connections here worth looking at because it ties into pie day and also just how obsessed with astrology of the writers on the World Stage are?

A lot of interesting World Stage Rey going on at the moment here. So yes, Happy Pie Day, happy death of versary to Stephen Hawking, happy birthday to Einstein, and also hawking and Galileo share birthdays with Elvis and Bowie. Don’t know if that means anything to you, but the main thing is pie day connects the scientific these great minds of Einstein, hawking and Galileo.

All Right, Sam asks, what’s the difference between a Freemason jesuits and Shabbad Lubowitz and confused are the same, or do they fight? You know, when I look at the powers that be, I refer to it as the cult of the monolith. It’s one God, it’s a monotheistic cult, but the God that they deify is not the not the one that they publicly advertised worshiping. But I would say it’s like a hydro with many heads and that you could do a diagram and you could see just by the template of control and the system of really mass mind controls, what we’re looking at. But the religious systems all follow the same template and my contention is that the new corona, the new crown that we all kneel to, that the pandemic was just a way to institute a new religion that replaces all the old ones but has the same exact template. And again it’s I think the key thing is control. It’s not really about a who done it, but a what is it? So the modern mind may not accept sin, so they can go do whatever they want, they can behave like heathens and they don’t have to worry about repercussions and they don’t believe in God’s judgment. So they’re not worried about floods. What wait, noe, science comes in and says up viruses, socially distance yourselves. They use the pandemic to affect a puritanical revision of our society. They got all the godless people to behave. Now they’re a bunch of church ladies and if you don’t wear your dirty sock religious garment on your mouth, you’re a heathen to them. And No, they don’t believe in the flood God or this idea that our collective wickedness will trigger his wrath, but they sure believe in global warming. What’s the difference? There is no difference. All right. We joined by David Hoaks and Garrett, portal complex, Frank Mur Rocco, Keel Zone, there’s, for truth, the missing tech, tech ink, Kevin Mooring, evil coyote, David Pryor, and I’ll be passing out wrenches here shortly, probably right after so if you say anything at all, you’ll get a wrench handed to you. And the ranch is more than just a way to maintain order in the chat room. It’s actually an NFT. It’s a non fungible token and there is a limited number that I can mint. So when I die no one gets any more, and the value priceless. Hard to say. We could do a little Milania trump style bid washing get them worth about it? Hundred? What is it? Hundred fifty thousand? Is that how much she put into her own yeah, Milannia trump buys her own nfts in order to inflate the price, as though we can’t read. For seats joined by Lynda Curtis. X Two to Lynda Curtis living in sin clock work. One hundred and twenty three, Maxwell Cooper, John Cordone, once upon a penguin. Oh sure, all right, echoed Charlie’s here. Okay, let’s continue going through the news today and again I’m going to open up phones and if you want to ask any questions. Seven eight three, three, three, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four Thoma woid says the wrenches are fake. Here’s what the wrench is mean. So the ranch is the little symbol next to your name when you’ve become a moderator. It means that you can remove people who aren’t on the same sheet so they don’t have anything to add. It gives you the ability also to post links, which I encourage. I think we have to build a network and there has to be outgoing links all the time. And then also the ranch itself is a symbol of our mass media deconstruction operation in progress here. So in a way it’s like a spanner in the works, a wrench in the machinery of the Matrix, but it’s also a tool to carefully and methodically deconstruct the great lies of our time. It’s not a hammer like the commies used to smash things down. It’s not a sickle to cut throats or you know, it’s not a symbol of harvesting. To me, it’s more of a symbol of the artful deconstruction of the great deceptions of our time, the mainstream media religion, the one that comes out of the black box, the black monolith of Saturn in every house, the TV now in every pocket, your smartphone screen, that is your altar to Saturn, and it’s conveniently pocket sized. Wait till they have that thing implanted. I was actually saying that at the cvsas peanuts and groceries and I had to take out this card and then that card and I’m like man, it was like, I can’t wait until we get all this stuff just embedded into a single micro chip and just put in our palms. You just wave your hand and it builds all the appropriate accounts. Dumb s says my phone is at thirty three percent. Might experience a blackout in forty two minutes. Sounds like Illuminati coat behind something rather mundane. But there is a lot of Illuminati code and we’ve been decoding a lot of stuff. Let me go ahead and go over this. So on March the fourth, the day that the CGI space junk hit the back of the CGI moon and there was a CGI explosion and a new CGI crater that we won’t see until we cough up several billion dollars of our harder and tax money so they can build a bridge to cross this CGI crater we will never see. But Anyway, on that date three four Batman came out and on that date joker Sarn F as in the joker the Boston bomber. Well, his death penalty was reinstated. So I’m like, HMM, Batman and joker seems very world stag but if you look into it you’ll find that the Batman and joker dialectic is used in many of our psyops.

This is a reoccurring theme and it really became obvious with the dark night rises shooting. But, more significantly, the ICONOGRAPHY has tracked along with the news. It’s actually kind of prophetic, very prophetic. They use the bat as a phoenix. What does that mean? Well, burn down, build back better the phoenix. That’s their formula and the bat was the catalyst. So the Phoenix is represented as an eagle in America. Your American Eagle is a phoenix. The Bat here is a Phoenix, the dove that brings the olive branch to Noah after God says he’s not going to kill everybody again. Yeah, that’s just another Phoenix, same symbol. But let me go ahead and go over the newsletter from a few days ago and then we’ll get into the main topic of the day.

One of the main topics the CORIOLIS effect, which we’ll get into here in a second. So on the eleventh we celebrated the second hoax, a versary of the official declaration of the pandemic. Two weeks turned into two years, with Putin finishing the job. So let me point this out. Covid cured the world of radical Islamic terrorism. Putin cured the world of Covid what’s going to cure the world of Putin? Aliens? I actually have a pole and we’ll go over that poll here shortly. And he stopped the whole everyone has aids now thing. That was trending. I was like, everyone has aids now. Some of us are still some of US still have our amicron decorations up and they’ve already gone into HIVC eight season. They were like AIDS and Covid of the same thing. and Prince Phillip says everybody has to get an AIDS test. Now you know it’s all about money, by the way. And I also think something else too about this whole this is just a side note, but since we’re talking about the bat virus, I happen to think that it’s a big scam, that the whole thing is always been a scam, but that it is literally way to reintroduce into society the idea of this contaminant that only the priesthood can get rid of and that until you’ve had your own contaminants removed, your assumed to be contaminated. So it’s a way of removing the presumption of innocence. So now we have the presumption of infection. So it’s a change in dynamics. It’s a step back. So we’ve been regressing as a society. Just pointing this out.

Okay, so anyway, let’s go on here. I was also pointing this out too. So covid made everyone a potential terrorist. In it brought back a need for contact tracing. So instead of contact tracing radical Islamic terrorist mind viruses, now they’re tracing the flu variant. And also notice how the cute tip up the nose is sort of a replacement for the water boarding. As far as detecting either virus, the idea of an invasion into the nasal cavity in order to extract the virus is true for both the virus of Islamic terror and the COVID virus. Only the PCR test, the cue tip test, is voluntary. So I think what you’re establishing here is that when you voluntarily go for this thing, you’re submitting to the INQUISITOR and you’re buying into the premise. But interestingly, and this is what just occurred to me the other day, I was thinking about all those people who wear their masks in the shower, because I still go to the store and the mandate’s been lifted and there are still people with masks on. And, like I said the other day, I I will let the door at the post office slam in your face if you’re wearing a mask, because my arms aren’t six feet long. And if you’re wearing a mask, I assume you want social distance, so I’m respecting your right to a socially distanced environment by not helping you with the door. If you want chivalry for me, you have to show some face skin. No, I had some I literally saw tears. I saw some crisis actor with a mask and I slammed the door in his face the post office because clearly he didn’t want to be helped, and someone else in front of me, to make a point, went and helped him and I swear I saw a tear, single tear, got absorbed by his mask, by the dirty sock on his face. Security planket, disgusting. Portal Complex says fake nuke under project blue beam to initiate climate hoax. Yeah, on that note, if they do bring in climate getting, it’s got to be this year. Global warmings thirty three years old. Okay. So anyway, here’s what I was saying, though. So I see these crisis actors walking around masks on and I’m thinking, you know, they wear their masks in the shower. So wearing a mask in the shower. I was just thinking, you know, isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t that just like self water boarding? And the way that you get information from the terrorists who are reluctant to give it up is you put a rag over their face and you dump water on it. It’s called water boarding, this technique. It’s the water rag technique. So you put a rag over a face, over a captive’s face, you dump water on the rag and this will cause them to confess. It’s such a horrible experience. Of My question is, yeah, you got these self water boarding people in their showers with their masks, and that’s how I know the scy up was a complete success. Self Water Boarding, self admitted terrorists everywhere, joined by crater ear at, US A, Tim and vic one hundred and three one Shannon Jones and penguin doctor. Penguin doctor says, I have multiple online medical survey companies setting me surveys on HIV. In my practice there’s been an influx of HIV AIDS, medical articles popping up in these last few months. Right while you have some insight here. They’re basically they know something. They don’t waste paper. It’s bad for the environment. If they’re sending a propaganda there’s a point to it. So anyway, yes, you have the self water boarding completely psychologically traumatized population. And now, if you look at the screen, you have an image of Batman in front of the Burning Penguin. I’m sorry, I saw penguin in the chat. A Burning Bat Phoenix. You know, a Penguin Phoenix would be a pretty good concept. I’ve seen a few by x pock. I should bring them out. We have a penguin design on the podcast. If he searchs for infinite plane radio. That design is by xbox. He’s done a lot of our work and it’s got the penguin with the lightning bolt wings. But Anyway, here, just look at the Batman logo and is that not shaped exactly like the whole created by the CGI plane or the bombs? Like they put the bombs in the building in such a way that it would resemble the Bat and I’m suggesting this is intentional. So just to bring you up on this, wolding with the Batman and joker thing. The bomber at the boss and bombing was called the joker. His name is Joe car sounds like joker, but they called him the joker affectionately in the media. So you have this dialectic where the joker or the chaos agent, the Patsy, the super spreader, is on the loose. That’s chaos and then the order is represented by the Batman. So also note the joker movie came out in two thousand and nineteen and had an uprising of masked jokers. So again, joker is code for the chaos agent, Patsy’s bowl, cut shooters, super spreaders. Batman is your police state response. Batman is the medical tyranny. It’s the order to the chaos. It’s also noteworthy here again that the joker movie was followed by the two thousand and twenty summer of chaos and this year we just had the Batman movie come out, and that’s just a couple weeks ago. So I’m thinking, Humm, are we going to see some kind of blowback if the joker represents the left, the ANTIFA, the BLM, the ones disrupting the established order, burning the police precincts, etc. Then the Batman would represent the right, the proud boys, the Western chauvinists and specifically, I would say, the white nationalist domestic violent extremists, in other words feds dressed up like dv’s domestic violent extremists. And also, it’s note. This is only hit. The note, too, is that the queue and honors have long set that trump is Batman on the world stage. In fact, Batman even called himself. I’m sorry, trump called himself the Batman to a child on his Air Force One the child asked, are you Batman? He he said yes, he personated Batman. Okay, a couple of other things. This is when the news letter, which you can get at Tim Osmand dot blog, justse SMOLLETT didn’t kill himself, JUSTSE SMOLLETT has been sentenced to less than six months in jail. And I want to point out that you shouldn’t feel vindicated seeing a crisis act or getting caught because, justse SMOLLETT’s are the norm and not the exception. In other words, the media is not in the business of busting crisis actors that that’s just not what they do. So what you’re seeing here is an operation intended to create the illusion that the MSM doesn’t stage dramatic news spectacles, specifically hate crimes. More than sixty six percent of hate crimes are debunked. Generally, it’s the victim that’s also the perpetrator of the hoax. I would posit that the other thirty three percent are just not exposed as hoaxes, that it’s most it’s almost a hundred percent. JUSTSE SMOLLETT is a red herring. And what’s more, after the attempted lynching in February of two thousand and nineteen, before it was discovered to be a hoax, when everybody thought it was real, he had a performance. He got up on stage, he’s a singer, dancer, whatever, and he told the audience I’m the Gay Tupac, like that’s weird. So anyway, then it was exposed as a hoax. So now there he is, he’s having the sentence read to him and he keeps shouting at the court I’m not suicidal, and he said it eight times. So I’m thinking maybe we’re looking at some foreshadowing. That’s kind of what I’m thinking here, that maybe he’s going to have some kind of untimely death maybe he will be epstained. That’s what I’m thinking. So again, just small it didn’t kill himself. We shall see again. My point, though, also is that he’s not going to a real jail. He’s going to a fake one, just like all the other crisis actor Patsy’s do. He’s not actually going anywhere. Obviously, in real world news, grimes, the not quite wife but the one of the what would you call her is? Is the not marriage jet. But Grimes has revealed the secret birth of her baby with Elon Musk. So the first baby was Yucky. She got musk grimes Yucky. Well, now they have a new baby, but this one is born through a surrogate and by surroget at first, I assume D printer, but now it looks like that Elon Musk and grimes have had another baby with the assistance of technical assistants. I’m assuming of Chelsea Manning, the American activist and whistle blower, formerly known as Bradley Manning when she was an army intelligence analyst in Iraq. So yes, Chelsea Manning, now Bradley Manning, maybe the mother, father, surrogate of grimes and Musk’s new baby, named Exa Dark. All right, let me go through some comments here. Finnbar says great news letter to him. Yeah, thanks, and there will be more. It was actually intended to be a daily all right, let go through some voicemails as well. There’s so much to go through today and I don’t want to make this into an incredibly dense data dump, but it might actually become that. Let’s just keep going down the penguin trail here. Okay, the next one. This is a clip where, you know, we’ve been talking about rolling emerics, crappy movie, moonfall. Must Watch crappy movie. I mean these movies are bad, but that’s part of what we do here. You know, I had someone in the comments asking for a refund because I sent him out to go watch or I didn’t send him, I suggested he go watched moonfall. If we work together and as the world, you remember that. He said the movie was terrible and it’s like, well, that’s the point. Apollo eleven was terrible. Eleven was terrible, covid nineteen is terrible. These are all terrible movies. That’s not a reason not to watch them. Miss Three Science Theater, three thousand. You have a group of people caught. It’s a robot, a man and something else there. But these individuals are trapped, their captor their captive to some alien, a very sadistic alien, and their captive audience. So the alien forces them to watch bad science fiction movies in order to drive them crazy. So I look at what we’re doing here as very much like mystery science theater three thousand, because we are a captive audience. We don’t know if they’re aliens, but we are a captive audience to some kind of sadists in high places and they do make us watch bad science fiction movies to make us crazy. And those of us who haven’t been driven mad by the bad science fiction are called conspiracy theorists or flatters or whatever else can come up with. But anyway, in the bad science fiction movie Moonfall, the world is saved by this thirty three year old scientist who plays the role like a modern Noah. Anyway, my point being, the director of that movie, which Moonfall, came out just before the moon got hit by a piece of CGI space junk. No coincidences. MOONFALLS director is the director of Independence Day. Well, Independence Day was about aliens invading the earth and causing us all to unite and when people saw eleven, their frame of Reference for buildings falling was Independence Day. So I’m suggesting, and I have been suggesting, that moonfall and don’t look up, and other movies like it, but moonfall in particular, that this movie was there, it’s out there right now to prepare the public for what’s to come, that rolling emeric is reprising his role as sy up, prep as he did with Independence Day, with moonfall. So just as eleven followed Independence Day, I’m expecting not the moon to fall but some kind of space war sy up to come. Now, listen to this. This is Hillary Clinton talking about rolling emerics film Independence Day and how we should all behave as though reality were like that movie. So much we can do if we work together as a world. You know, remember that movie Independence Day, where invaders were coming from outer space in the whole world was united against the invasion. Well, why can’t we BE UNITED ON BEHALF OF OUR PLANET? And that’s what I want to do to get more and more people to understand that and be involved to protect our now she’s saying we should use the alien threat as a metaphor for climate change. Now I think that the idea is the same thing. It could be meteors, it could be asteroids, whatever. It could be aliens, it could be climate change. It has to be a universal threat. And in two thousand and twenty they brought out the convent for this express purpose. And there’s a lot to suggest here. The end of tendance day also has predicted programming for this internal alien invasion. All right, let us continue our environment. Oh, we have frode all the way to unite as incredibly divided world of ours. They’re out there. We better think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space inviterer. That’s the whole theory of independent right, you’re right, how to get together and makes nice. And you know what a weird thing to hope for, like hope something really bad happens to all of us so we can all be friends, like under duress, like, I don’t know, how about the aliens come down and they cure diseases or something? Why do they have to come down and force us into a kind of almost an unwitting unity just because we have to? Okay, here’s Reagan doing. Just think how easy his task and mind might be and these meetings that we held. If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species, from another planet outside in the universe, we’d forget all the little local differences that we have. It’s like no, we wouldn’t. If we did have some kind of alien threat and it was game over for humanity, I would not forget my differences. I’d be like, okay, now it’s time to get even. Well, maybe not like that, but a lot of people would think that way. Listen to this Tim and vic says two thousand and nineteens. Joker, a film which showcase people dawning masks and rioting, premiered eight three one, exactly six months and eleven days before the WHO declared the global health pandemic. Yeah, and you have to look at the character joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Again, the symbol of the Phoenix used in Batman, the bat as the Phoenix or guy named Phoenix, representing the instigator of the revolution and the revolution against the police, kind of foreshadows the thing with Floyd and Shoven and Blm. But also, if you’re at the movie, you had all kinds of references to the killed, the rich the communist the class wars. It’s also class warfare. That’s why you can find Heath Ledger, who’s not dead, heat ledgers, joker, burning a pyramid of money, saying this isn’t about the money. This we are higher classic criminal, a different class of criminal. The joker movie is fascinating. If it’d be worth watching and just breaking down the symbolism. Notice all the eleven elevens on the clock and the November eleven after the joker movie came out did have mercury transitting the sun. A few things we could extrapolate from that. There is actually quite a lot, but I just wanted to focus on this while keen. Phoenix’s name, as it connects to the guy that instigates the revolution, that sparks it. And what’s more, before the joke movie he was doing these public events, Jouquin Phoenix, hanging out with Jane Fond of fire drill Fridays where he got arrested protesting climate change. So he’s fighting climate change. Meanwhile Tom Hanks is fighting climate train change in Australia, and then the covid thing comes over. So you can see how these agendas merged one into the other. I would also say that the joker masks that they all wore corresponds to the medical mask and there may not be a direct connection with mercury and the medical symbol, you know, the snake climb in the stick, but there’s there is something to the mask. I would say joker in many ways you could say is a very mercurial character. Was My point. But anyway, everybody putting on the masks and then upsetting the system definitely was predicted in that movie. So this new movie Batman probably is foreshadowing whatever is going to come next, the blowback, and that’s kind of even expecting. Again, Batman and joker represent the Poles, the the duality. They play off. In the syops you see the black and the white checkers, the black and the white pillar bow as Jacob Batman Joker also worth noting, and it’s not hard to find. I think it’s episode sixty six of the Batman TV show. You find out that Batman is actually the grandson of the guy that started the skull and bones society, and that’s in Yale. So we’re we’re talking about the symbol the bat being a Saturnian. Here we go, episode thirty three of all episodes. So Batman Scull and bones, episode thirty three. The name of the episode is Fine Finny Friends, which gets you a triple six, kind of like build back better. I mean, so many clever ways of the encode this Phoenix agenda. And, by the way, the bat used as a catalyst for a world destroying, world crippling pandemic. It’s actually a cliche. It didn’t start with covid nineteen. There are so many movies with that’s the case. Anyway. Let me continue. Batman Scull and bones, episode thirty three, Fine Finny friends, good ideas, the ladies, such worthy causes. I personally favom this natural ristauces. I like to make him my own personal charity. All are worthy, are you can say that again. That is Bruce Wayne’s grandfather’s he’s great grandfather, I understand. He was tapped for skull and bones. TAP FOR IT, sir. He founded skull and bones, he found it scull and bones. So is his idea for a bunch of naked initiates to do gross things in a casket, to dig up the skulls of full heroes like Poncho via and Geronimo, to steal license plates with three, two twos. Sounds like a great guy. Anyway. That was from the act the A no Batman episode thirty three Fine Finny Friends. All Right, here is another act horror on the world stage. Ronald Reagan talking about aliens uniting US between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together. Our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bound I occasionally think how quickly our difference is worldwide would vanish. Now again, I have to challenge this premise here that if we had some alien threat we would all unite. I think the Democrats would side with the aliens. I think the people who are trying to go off the gride would go off the grid. The people are undecided. I think the far right would think the aliens are there to, I don’t know, stop the second coming that go to war with the aliens like no, it’s just going to cause more chaos. There’s no way it would be unifying in any way. We already know this. They keep bringing this up and it’s like why? Well, it’s foreshadowing, right, let’s go ahead and play a few more clips like this again. This idea of a universal threat. It’s like, why a threat if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world? And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our people’s than war and the threat of war? I think maybe I’d answer this. What I will move on. We live in a bad science fiction universe, mystery science theater three thousand. Oh, I want to point this out. This is my most successful tweet today. It’s not an original meme. Great memurs imitate. What is it? Cosso actually made the statement. Let me get this right, because it’s not an original meme. Picassos quoted as saying good artist borrow, great artists steal, and I am a great memur. I could say my meme tech. Anyway, I stole this meme. I appropriated it. A helpy, a Selfie to brag about helping. I added on to it, though, my favorite thing since the vaccine, because it’s kind of the same thing the vaccine. You get a picture of yourself getting VACs to show that you’re helping everybody. You’re bragging. Look at me, I’m making am making a martyr of myself, signing, I’m doing my blood packed with the state, I’m joining with this is the whole thing. It’s I’m joining the collective, I’m giving up my individuality. It’s a brag. And so here you have a new version of it. And this is again my favorite thing since the VACC see this has been retweeted eighty eight times. It’s been hard at three hundred times because it resonates a lot of people looking at this. No, something phony, like someone posturing. When they see it, turns out it’s a Swedish journalist and according to free thinker, she’s a terrible person. Her name is Alexandria Pascaldo. Someone else here says bonus points for having Gretta’s little sister in the shot. Right. But again, this is a helpy, just like a hat, just like a Selfie. But you just show yourself how your go, hug you craning. All right, let’s move on. Okay, we’re going through some things on tick tock here. That came out. I want to get to the guy who says that the coreols effect is demonstrated by sinks. This is what I title the live stream about how the coreol is effect as a hoax. So check this out. A lot of people believe that if you’re north of the equator, your sink will drain clockwise, if you’re south, counterclockwise, if you’re on the equator, it’ll just sit there and you got a you know, manually cause it to drain itself. Well, watch this guy on. This is a tick talker, is it tick tock her? And he says, Hey, flat earth’s explain this. Now we’re on the Yugonen border and we’re going to watch these little things here. So here he is on the Ugandan border and there’s a bowl on each side of the street and he’s going to rotate a petal, like a rose petal, in the middle of it and then drain some water and suggests that they’re going in opposite directions because of the coriolis effect, because of the Earth rotation, there’s spin water in opsit directions, depending on what’s how the water on it. This is the northern hemisphere. There’s the equator line and there’s a sound. So Southern Hemisphere, one is spinning counterclockwise. Now if you notice the video, they spun it with their fingers like it’s a top. Then he crosses the street and he does the same thing on the other side to the same effect, and then he puts it gently in the middle on zero degree latitude. Doesn’t give the rows the he doesn’t give it any spin at all. It’s this little flour in there’s just sitting there, and this is because it’s on the equator. So now the tip topper comes out and he gives us these facial expressions like his mind has been blown. He holds onto his head, he clutches his temple, he fills up his cheeks with air, he rolls his eyes, he’s just like mind blown, wow, like he’s just really taken aback by this science, blinded by science here. Well, I want to point this out. You better check snops globe, because snopes is already debunked this. This is not a thing. Does the COREOLIS effect determine which way the water drains down a drain? This is one of the most prominent scientific myths. It’s false because the earth is a globe spinning on an invisible access a point at its equator will make a circuit of twenty, fivezero miles in the space of a day, but any point not on the equator will make a shorter round trip. The closer that point is to either of the Poles, the shorter its trip will be. So this difference in speed results in the Coreolis Force, an effect that imparts a twist to to to largest event happening that are away from the equator, specifically cyclones. So this is talking about big events like cyclones weather. But now listen to this. Although the twisting effect of the Coriolis is real, it influences large things, the movement of air masses. It’s also claimed that it spirals down to drains and different parts of the world. However, the effect is so small, and this is from snopes, so it’s credible quote. The effect is so small it plays no role in determining the direction water rotates as it exits a draining sink or toilet. It only produces measurable effects over huge distances and long periods of time, neither of which applies to the typical terrestrial bathroom. Sinks Rain in the directions they do because of the way waters directed into them were pulled from them. That’s all it is, and what’s more, this trick has been exposed. This is quite literally a magic trick. Slightcom did a piece on it and I found a few pretty interesting articles about how much of what we think of his science is actually just basic magic show types of tricks. Little slight of mind, a false premise. But no, it does not, in fact does not. The corals effect does not affect your drain either way. So the guy that had him had his mind blown. What of that then? You know here he is now a witness to the spinning of the ball. So he can go tell his friends. Take that flatter. There’s I’m willing to bet that this guy is Mandela affected. He’ll say that he recalls timmy falling down the well and that he remembers Ed McMahon handing up big checks, that he’s got it via his inherited genetic memory from his parents, because he’s roll things that, of course, didn’t happen in his lifetime. All right, let’s continue technical sorry, Tech Tech Inks, as that Joaquin is pronounced. Joking of the Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, is a rumor that his brother, River Phoenix didn’t actually die another death, Baker, that he came back like a Phoenix came back as mark dice, right wing provocateur, which would make sense when you look at the duality. Batman, joker, left wing. Joaquin Phoenix, climate change, hysteric plays, the joker, burn the system, right wing, mark dice, right wing agitator. But he’s also a big believer in trump. So you have that left right thing with these two brothers. This isn’t recent news. Has To do with the blit up above us. Astronaut to ride Russian spacecraft home during tensions. Mark Vanda high has made it through a year in space, but now faces his trickiest assignment yet. Writing a Russian capstule back to Earth in the midst of deepening tensions between the countries. so He’s abandoning ship. All right. More, this is from wirecom. If you want to read this article, put a link on my minds. But why? Magicians are a scientist’s best friend. This isn’t actually a pretty good article here, and it has to do with trust and a false premise and the illusions that can be fed to you and the danger of really just assuming that appearances don’t deceive, that you can trust what you see because it’s on a screen. That it’s been vetted a few o the things here we’re looking to my discord server. We were looking at the symbolism behind a few things, specifically the tattoos on Pete Davidson. So it’s getting to Pete Davidson really quick here. So if you didn’t know Pete Davidson, the guy who’s dating Kanye or Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson is part of this whole Si up entertainment complex in a big way. His father died one hundred and eleven in the towers. So let’s talk about that for a moment. Pete Davidson Born on eleven sixteen, November, the sixteen, is going to space with Jeff Bezos on the twenty three of this month, so in about a week, in two days. How Pete Davidson has honored his father who died one hundred and eleven. Again the significance here. Nine hundred and eleven was a big ritual, mega ritual. So you’re looking at a burning man, a sacrifice, not a real event. That’s kind of beside the point, but the ritual itself took his father. That matters in this bigger picture because he’s now going to space and we keep talking about this space eleven to come and this build up to it, and I believe we’re getting somewhere now. Pete Davidson honored his father who died in the nine hundred and eleven terror attack. Now here he is with his then fiancee at the time. You have right now is with Kim Kardashian, but he was with Ariana Grande. And the significance here she was recently in, don’t look up, the movie about the comet coming to hit the earth. Now this is also another tie in. He’s going up in Jeff bezos Is Dong rocket. You Know Jeff Bezos, Doctor Evil. Well, the rocket represents this tower of Babil. It represents this trip from Earth to the heavens that we’re taking. The one world, one language, the Internet, one mission. This is the Tower of Babel of our time. The richest man in the world took a trip on the anniversary of the moon landing of the Apollo Eleven. He took a trip left at nine eleven a m two space, or to the edge of space, in this tower, and this is very symbolic because he’s the richest man in the world King Bezos, Amazon A to Z Tower of Babil contains it all, and what’s more, he’s been pictured frequently on his mega yacht. The significance here, of course, is the mega yacht represents the titanic, the Tower of Babil. It’s a representation of the West that’s about to have a comeuppance as it confronts climate change or whatever it is its confronting. And don’t look up the commet hitting the earth. It’s just a metaphor for climate change. The reason they used Lee a, not thro dicaprio, is because you associate him with the titanic. So here he is in this movie warning the world about an iceberg and space. A comment and the greedy scientists, I’m sorry, the greedy capitalists corrupt the scientists and, instead of deflecting the thing, they mine it doesn’t work, destroys the earth. That’s the whole point. If we go into space to mine it for wealth or going to destroy the work the the world itself. The earth cannot sustain trillionaires and that’s where we’re headed. That’s why they keep showing you the images of Jeff bezos on his mega yacht. It’s to make this association. So it is noteworthy here that he is now going up to space on Jeff Bezos is rocket again. He was with Ariana Grande, who also seeing songs for NASA, and then she was part of that Man Chester bombing. Now these are just a few clues, but we’re getting siwhere with this, so just follow along here. Want to point this out. He showed off his tattoos in a instagram or mess and instant message. I guess it was a cell phone message to Kanye that went public. So we’ve been looking at his tattoos. So here’s a picture of Pizza Davidson and I call them I’m Pete Davidson. He’s with SNEL. A lot of pizza, gayty stay stuff around this guy. And if you look at his tattoos, two things I want to draw your attention to. One you have a skull with the big brain mass on the back and then next to that is the number ninety three. So the significance here the skull head is from the movie Mars attacks and the number ninety three, whatever he thinks it means, whatever he says, it means. Ninety three is one of the main number symbols in the thelemic cult. It represents this new age, the age of Horace, who’s the Egyptian Mars. So the fact that he’s got a ninety three on their next to Mars attacks, I would say, is very significant here, because the communist takeover, the takeover my covid the lockdowns, the climate change lockdowns to come, a genda twenty three, the Green World Order, all of this is the new age and it’s the age of Mars or Horace. These things are the same. They’re actually using the space age to Trojan horse the entire world into adopting this new sustainable world order as though it’s progress, when no, it’s actually quite the opposite. But anyway, the fact that he has a ninety three tattooed on his chest next to the Mars attacks might be significant. Also worth noting he died aid in SNL where musk was hosting it. He died on Saturday night live in a skit where he goes to Mars and we’ll I’ll play that clip. But he goes to Mars and as a sacrifice for all mankind and everybody’s watching. You know, he has had explode because the implode note explodes. So I think it’s no noteworthy here too, that his father is a burning man, a Kanye West, his antagonist at the moment, burst set himself on fire on the burning man anniversary at the first dawn day event. So you have Kanye West as a burning man. So I’m seeing a pattern emerge here. Now again, let me play this really quick because there’s something coming. And again, just follow along with these clues and you’ll see where I’m leading with this. Thelen me bring this up. This is from inside job. Inside job is a showing Netflix. They until you’re yacht and the shore. I got a better plan. Look, it’s better. So this is from inside job. The episode with a Flat Earth, there’s hijack. Jeff bezos is mega yacht, so they can force him to take them to the edge of the earth. Now in this episode, and explicably, a Kraken of all things rises up from the ocean to swallow his mega yacht. Now again, look at the yacht as a symbol of the West, western Shouvinism, the titanic and the crack in is the thing that’s to break the system. It’s the crack in the system. is a global warming, you know? Is it a some other form of a schism. Will See, but anyway, check this clip out. Cracking. Hell, yes, I’m about to collect on my yacht insurance policy. Hey, is anyone seeing Jeff Bezos? Is the fight over, guys? So there’s Jeff bezos being eaten by a Kraken and his boat is taken down again. What is a symbol here? I think the crack in which, if you haven’t followed it, the cracking story started with the Seattle crack and was announced in July of two thousand and twenty. And right after the crack in was being talked about by all the queue and honors, Sidney Pals to crack in the releasing the crack and she’ll overturn the election. And then Hunter Biden’s crack pipe became a main issue. If Hunter Biden’s crack pipe photos get out and get a wide enough distribution, Biden will lose. So you have the crack in crack pipe guy, and then Sidney Powell steps aside and Mike Lyndall, the crack addict, takes over the election overturning process. But the recurring theme here has been about the schism, the crack in society, the crack in the Liberty Bell cracks in the ISS and we’ve seen it all play out real time. Well, the more we look into it, the more the crack and stuff keeps showing up. And then we find out that onto twenty two, two thousand and twenty two, Pluto is in the exact place where it was in America, well over America, in seventeen seventy six. So it’s twenty seven degrees capricorn. That’s where it was on July fourth seventeen seventy six. So you’re talking about a key point where there’s a major schism and that the return of Pluto is associated with these brakes, schisms, revolutions, downfalls, upheavals. So we just had a pluto return to where it was last seventeen seventy six. So looking into Pluto we find out Pluto is hades. So we’ve been watching and observing and just analyzing this whole Kanye West drama, and now Pete Davidson’s a part of it, because Kanye West has it out for Pete Davidson publicly. Well, Kanye West is there doing is dawned a performance on the day that Pluto returns to to two and the whole thing is produced by future. The album is produced by future, who goes by Pluto. So looking into it, find out that Pluto is hades and Hades is the guy who releases the kracking. So I’m looking at this twenty two date as very significant. And it gets deeper when you get into the symbolism of the crack in the crack, the split. And leading up to twenty two, what did Joe Biden do in front of the whole world? passed out crack pipes to everybody. What are the odds? This is high level MEME, magic, Info War. So let’s move on to this. So again Dawnde two, produced by future, who’s Pluto or Hades? Again, a whole month of February you have the palindrome. The entire last week is all about a mirror. And you know, when you think about a crack, you talk about a split, like a terror or splitting in two. So there’s this mirroring inferred here. What’s more, on two two, on the second day of the month, in the twin cities, there’s another mirror. A twenty two year old was killed by police who had a no knock warrant, so they went through his door and there’s a lot of significance all of this. But the main thing is they shoot him at six forty eight, a m S. forty eight is a perfect mirror of eight hundred forty six, referencing another twin cities atrocity. So you have a mirror killing. I mean this is all very encoded. On the twenty second you had twin as in two Black Hawk helicopters crash and they crash in a place called Fork Canyon. So when you get fork, what do you have with a fork? Two prongs, a split also noteworthy. Hades carries a two pronged trident, also known as a Bidentt bidnt Trident. So Joe bidentt handing out crack pipes. Correlates in a weird way, but it’s timed with the story of Hades and his bide in releasing his kraken. Very bizarre. So again I’m suggesting here that this crack that we’re hearing about, this crack in thing, it’s a reference to whatever it is that’s going to sink the titanic, that’s going to knock down the Tower of Babel.

So, looking at the Dawn Day to event the stage, it was dark it was flooded.

Kanye’s there and now Kanye’s out with some of these music videos suggesting he would like to bury Pete Davidson Life. And by the way, Pete Davidson is not only killed in this music video by Kanye, but he of course had his head blown up in that snl episode. So we have two instances of him publicly dying and, like I mentioned, his father. So I have a few theories about where this might go. I mean, are we looking at a coming Martian sacrifice? Let me go and play that clip if you haven’t seen it, Pete Davidson or yeah, Pete Davidson’s head explodes on Mars. So the episode was called. Well, he was named Chad.

Elon Musk sends Pete Davidson a Mars and a polarizing snls skit where Pete Davidson’s head explodes. Now one of the point about this and his head exploding. Okay, the other point about it, I would say, is this Elon Musk was there at Dawnde too, so he’s there hanging out with, you know, Marilyn Manson in and Kanye West, and Kanye West and Musque are both associated with the ritualistic killing of Pete, or symbolic, we could say artistic. Let me show you the scene here where Pete Davidson’s head explodes. Looks like more a predictive programming in my view.

Going through some comments, Echo Charlie mentions the crack in the Liberty Bell. Well, crack on the Liberty Bell. One thousand eight hundred and forty six wasn’t it? But the eight hundred and forty six seems to correlate well two things. The killing of Floyd which was a D and elevening of America, and I look at nine hundred and eleven elevening event as a split, a fork, splitting us into two big factions, the anti in the pro which you see with every major scioh but eight hundred and forty six is also the time of day or morning that D and eleven started, right at eight hundred and forty six. Okay, let me play this clip here where Pete Davidson is on Mars and musque decides to broadcast it to the entire world because they have to see it, and then watch what happens. Oh, two levels are climbing. He make the feed public. Everyone needs to see us Jaz the wolf. See You have anything you want to say? Okay, so everyone’s watching, Chad, this guy on Mars, Pete Davidson, who’s about to go to space and Bezos his rocket. Same thing, but the camera. Get a good look at your face, chat I want the will to see the man who gave everything to ensure that humanities future will be among the stars. Okay, no, no, don’t take your helmet off. Okay, and there you have it, as head explodes.

Takes his helmet off on Mars. His head explodes. Now let me point out a few other things that this does actually follow a pattern. The I would say, one of the godfathers of Modern Rocket Science, Jack Parsons, Jpo Jack Parsons, died a fiery death. His laboratory exploded. He was thirty seven. Very significant Eury Gaggerin fiery death, mysterious death. First man in space died shortly after his thirty fourth birthday. Then you have the challenger, as you all know. But my point is, Oh, you, Apollo one also this. Three guys burned up there. But at every major phase of our evolution into the space program into the space age, there’s this, usually as some kind of a foundational sacrifice. So rocket scientist blows up. First man in space blows up, and then you have the three with the Apollo mission, blew up before they got on the moon. And then before we have the space station, we got the space shuttles going up, and the space station is preceded by a space shuttle immolation, fiery explosion. So now I’m thinking we’re set for some other kind of fiery immolation before the next phase, before we go to Mars, the next phase of the space program so I think there might be some ritual significance to this.

Now let’s just really briefly touch on what Mars is, because this is kind of important to keep in mind. So Mars is horace. Horace is a Falcon, like the Falcon Nine Elon Musk, as many of you already know, comes right out of Mars, a technical tale by Werner von Braun. Musk has also been associated with iron man. In fact, Robert Downey junior studied musk to be a better Tony Stark. So you have the Falcon Mars connection with Horace. We are entering into the age of Horace, according to the new agers. That’s what they call it. So I’m positing that the Mars program is the exoteric cover for the new wage unveiling, and I think it’s borne out by all of the the facts and by their own proclamations. And the agenda speaks for itself, especially when you get into the symbolism of characters like Gretta Thunberg in particular. So we’ll get into this as well. Let’s get back into this thing really quick here. So again Pete Davidson going for a ride in Doctor Evil’s Dong rocket on March twenty three at one thousand three hundred thirty GMT. So we be watching and we’ll follow up on that. Again. We are analyzing his tattoos. That’s coming up on the twenty three. So what’s it going to be? As he going to go to fake space like all these others and just come back down? Or is there something else? I put a pull up here as well. Covid cured radical Islamic terrorism. Putting cured Covid what will cure putting? Forty percent said aliens, fifty percent said climate change, ten percent said nukes. Obed Nina said late for the show. Better than never. Get on the text message. News alerts go to infinite plane dot radio. Infinite plane DOT radio. Just scroll down to all the links. Infinite Plaine Societycom live stream notifications. Right there’s a lot of things going on, good things. We are definitely progressing, but I’m trying to stay really focused on the information here. But over in discord I’ll post more information if you’re cures out where things are going with this channel, improvements that we’re making like, for example, right now developing a series called metascript d codes, a bunch of short ten minute videos serialized that I think you’ll like. Let me get this one out. This is an important point. Mr Most woke sent this to me. Howard Z in Boston bombing connection. This is actually a good clip. So you may know Howard sin from People’s history United States. I believe it was referenced by Matt Damon in good will hunting. Good will hunting is the movie that has people convinced that Matt Damon is really bright or something. I mean he might be, but they think that he’s actually this genius like from that movie. It’s amazing how movies can paint people up as something other than what they are and people just believe appearances. But this is why movie stars play such an important role in the world stage. They’re all propaganda super spreaders. But anyway, Howard Zin has a direct connection to joker, the guy who just got the death penalty on the day the new Batman movie was released. We’re talking about joke, our Sarne F. Let me play a clip here where you can hear about how Howard Zin and joker are buds. Did District Attorney Natasha Irving pledge to follows Zin’s example from his autobiography? We also, of course, have professors now espousing the violence of ANTIFA. One of them is Mark Bray, teaching at Rutger’s probably today. This is the kind of violence that Zen glorifies in his book. Zo’s book is also influence terrorists to rock. You don’t know who was ultimately found guilty of terrorist conspiracy with Al Kaye. So here’s so she’s talking about Zin’s inspiration, and if you read the Howards in you would side with Osama bin Lauden. You would call nine hundred and eleven blowback America’s chickens coming home to roost. You know, these things aren’t uniting, like what I mentioned earlier. Why does Reagan think? Why did you seem to think that a hostile threat from Mars would unite us. No, we have some kind of internal invasion, whether it’s radical Islamic terrorists or a pandemic, and it splits us down the middle every time. But anyway, this is just a part here about how Zin is buds with the Zoekar Jarn at Zarnif, brother joker, and this wouldn’t be a surprise either. I mean I read somewhere that Greta Thundberg is pen pals with the UNIBOMBER, and it’s probably true. A requested a people’s history along with other reading materials like the autobiography of Malcolm X and an Islamic text. According to an article published in two thousand and ten, Boston bomber Zokar Sarnave, if I’m pronouncing that correctly, said that reading a Pew, it’s pronounced joker, people’s history of the United States had opened his eyes to America. Okay, so reading people’s history of the United States opened his eyes, he to America’s evils. So you can see, all this all fits together very nicely. No surprised eyes there again. The Boston bombing was a hoax. I know a lot of you would like to believe it was real, but it wasn’t real. You know, Putin was challenged to a fight by musk directly. Today, I think musk said something about one on one combat, so I’ll find that too. Again, I’ll continue to monitor the situation with the Kardashians. I never thought I’d be literally keeping up with the Kardashians. Normally it’s keeping up with the crisis actors, but it’s going that direction. I listen to this. Youtube is banning videos that quote, minimize or trivialize well documented events about Russia Ukraine. So you can tell when something is a hoax because they really work hard to make sure that you’re not able to criticize it. Let’s see what else we have here. Finally, it’s a reality just discovered. Elon Musk has discovered the warp bubble. I knew this would happen. You know, all these billionaires are investing into underground infrastructure. Why is it that musk and Branson are both both involved in hyperloops, subterranean mono rails? Why is that? Aren’t they supposed to be going up? Why they going down? Here’s why. I have a feeling it has to do with the way they’re going to fake space travel. It’s going to be like some kind of Disney ride, the way it’s going to actually feel, and they’re going to just going to say, Oh, the reason why you’re not floating around, the reason why this feels like a mono rail is that we’re going through a warp bubble. That’s kind of where they’re going with this tricky who says the Boston bombing op was botched worse than most CIA Fed ops. I don’t think they were ready for it. They weren’t ready for the Internet to mass deconstruct the event real time. So that’s probably what it what started it. The first time I ever saw real time auto hoaxing over a major staged event was the Boston bombing. Yeah, so if you don’t feel right about the war, you’re going to get a strike. I thought about just putting the colors blue and yellow up.

Oh, speaking, and blue and yellow makes green. Wondering maybe there’s some kind of revolutionary context here color magic, because it’s all about the green revolution and I’ve been talking about this green revolution and how even the founder of Earth Day, the Unicorn killer, was way. I have it’s time and I think he was onto something when he composted his girlfriend. You’ll heard about that, right the iron name Einhorn, the Unicorn killer. Think iroinhorn means one horn, but the unicorn killer. He’s the guy that started the whole environmentalist thing here Earth Day. Ira Iroinhorn, Unicorn and killer, convicted murderer, environmentalist, murdered his ex girlfriend, but the main point isn’t that he murdered her. He composted her like it doesn’t get any greener than that. You’re quite like, almost practically recycling here. But he’s he composted his X. and you know this thought us today, because right now they’re starting human composting like that. We’re moving into the green world order all the extreme stuff you see the ECO fascist do. It’s the future. So just a heads up. This is from the Suncom my late husband was turned into soil at the world’s first human composting factory. There is looks kind of like Jerry Garcia. They look very happy, lovely couple, and she had him composted. Unbelievable. It’s for the environment.

They actually think they’re saving the planet. By the way, there’s going to be some kind of believe a solar flare. Today, on Friday, we’re supposed to get killed by a meteor. It missed. Yeah, we’re pretty far behind. It’s been a few days now. There is some predictive programming in the symptoms simpsons for Ukraine, and there’s even some foreshadowing suggesting that on May fifth there might be a nuke. So just a heads up, fake new may five. Here’s a tweet. Saint Bridget’s church upgraded their spire to five g five Jesus died for our SIMS and you know they put the stuff up. There’s a joke, but I don’t think it’s a joke. I think that the cult of the monolith is the new replacement religion and that the direct TV dish serves the same purpose now as the steeple. All right, going through your comments here, joined by quite a few other people. Okay, I’ll open my phones here in a minute. Then if anybody has any questions comments, I will hand out wrenches. So just leave those below and we’ll get to them. And if I find an insightful comment after the live stream, I generally copy it for later, so nothing gets lost here.

I watched a movie called Free Guy the other day with Ryan Reynolds and I picked up a lot of predicted programming, a lot of interesting stuff in here worth watching. So Free Guy is about the metaverse, and in the metaverse you have an NPC who achieves sentience. He’s very attracted to the protagonist of the film and for some reason it sparks something in him and he becomes self aware and it becomes very problematic that you have a self aware ai bought so again the movies called Free Guy and his name is guy, and these movies always have significance in their titles their names, like Truman show about Truman. Burbank is about a false man becoming a true man by seeing through the illusion, and so free guy is about an NPC slave to the program breaking free of the Saturnian Matrix, of the cycles of control. So it’s a decent film. It’s a comedy, but I think it has some deeper meaning to it. In fact, the way that he breaks the Matrix and its control is by going beyond the artificial boundary where is more land. So hidden land debunks the whole system, and the land beyond the metaverse where he’s not supposed to go, the land that’s uncovered yeah, it looks like a big square hunk of land, a very flat, earthy very interesting little side note there, but it’s the main point of the movie is that to debunk the system he has to go outside of it. Well, anyway, the guy who controls the system and keeps everybody enslaved and keeps all the NPC’s locked in this system is kind of upset that you have the free guy now running loose. So he decides to reboot the system, a reset. So he tells one of his employees reboot the system, and I have the image of this on the screen, of the character who actually had to do it, and he’s got a shirt with a one hundred dollar bill on it. Now the significance there, just like the twenty dollar bill has the twin towers burning on the back if you fold it, the one hundred dollar bill has the space needle and what appears to be an emp burst above it, and this is something which is consistently used in predictive programming. The space needle associated with a reset, a hard reset. In fact, the great reset was started because of the Pandemic Ground Zero Seattle. So anyway, the guy who reboots the metaverse in the movie is wearing that on his shirt. That kind of stood out to me. One more point about it. Are Singing Free Gaya. You Know Free Guy. Well, you have the Global Ai Alliance, the world economic form six hundred and sixty six has this new idea that you can replace human governance, because humans are flawed, with some type of global AI system that can make everything better. So this, this World Economic Forum Initiative you’ve asked me, is kind of insinuated here the Global Ai Action Alliance. So free guy becomes the spontaneous artificial intelligence and he causes the system to now become free. There’s no longer the CEO tyrant controlling free city and turning it, turning it in to a grant theft auto like nightmare world. No, now the metaverse is free and all these NPCs are becoming sentient, and this is all started because of free guy. Well, got me thinking again about Guya, the world economic forms AI team, and Gaya, by the way, is also the name of the God of the Earth, the Earth God Gaya is m is an earth centered, philosophical, holistic spiritual belief that shares expressions of earth religions and paganism without being exclusive to any one of them. Guy a Greek goddess of the Earth. There’s something else about the movie too. In order to not be an NPC, see if I had say what this movie was, if I had to describe it to you like sum it up, it’s a cross between Truman show and they live, and it borrows from both. Like in the Truman show, when Truman’s about to break out of the Matrix, everybody in the Truman show is watching. In free guy the whole world is watching as he goes to the edge and he breaks through. In they live, the guy puts on these glasses and he can see through the Matrix. He can see the alien controllers, he can see how fake it all is and he tries to force the glasses on to his friend and his friend doesn’t want it. In Free Guy, same dynamic. His It’s same even. It’s like even it’s black and white. His black friend doesn’t want to wear the glasses and they live. Same thing and Free Guy, but when he puts on the glasses he can see through it anyway. And the movie they live is a John Carpenter also very noteworthy metascript there another JC, Mr Stray says ips or bust.

Now I only watch free guy because HBO, he grappled my pocket. Anytime I don’t have my cash APP card off one of these straining sites manages to charge me just on the random. Okay, we have Russia at the threatening to leave an astronaut in space, and me play this really quick. Assault on Ukraine could jeopardize piece on the International Space Station. The head of Russia Space Agency has threatened to leave an American astronaut behind to retaliate for US sanctions. And Russia has removed the flags of the United States and its allies from one of its rockets. Nate foy has more on this. Nate, what can you tell us? They’re peeling their American flag stickers off their rockets. Emily, a lot going on here. The entire relationship in space between the two countries is in question. Russia’s threatening to end its cooperation at the International Space Station. That’s a big problem for Mark Vandahi, who you see right here. He’s supposed to come back to Earth in about three weeks after a three hundred fifty five yep, Mark Vanderheid is coming down next. Okay, so I’m I have to point this out to to to sort of a update to a story. Russian vids. Actually he’s not Russian vids anymore. He changed it, probably because the Russian Ukraine thing. But Russian vids is now RV truth. He bought himself a used RV and he’s driving around spreading what he says is the truth. But he’s not always that reliable. So R v Truth shared this video suggesting that dearth, you know deep inside the rabbit hole, is now part of this quote Flat Earth Trifecta, Rob Skiba, Mac and now dearth. In other words, he’s suggesting that dearth, like ski button Mac, is dead or has died or just died, that he got the covid and so he has a clip here. No explanation, out of context, but in every way he insinuates. I’m talking and for you. Yeah, what are you, carvid? What I make a covid that you know, I had it, I got SEC and now in better I didn’t die. I yeah, so died with the with the flat theory. For some of these say go and you have to go into a hospital, you have to go somewhere you know, and and you need to put on a mask, if you absolutely have to fake mask worldwidecomic been I needed to get away and I needed okay, so we have it. Dearth said I needed to get away, whatever that means. But in other words, Russian vids on this video has insinuated that dearth is about to fake die from covid that was his unspoken assertion there. Well, dearth has sense responded and he has said that no, he is not dead. So just a heads up. Flat Earth Dave, Aka Fed, is doing just fine. Only play this clip. Vp Harris was referred to as the joker, and this might be why someone asked her, what do you think about the tragedy in Ukraine? A friend in need, as a friend indeed. Okay. Anyway, she was criticized for her inappropriate laughter. A little more fed news. Flat Earth Dave. This is something that popped up on read it. So I was looking for information. I was like, you know, is darth okay, and someone in discord found this, which I’d never seen before. It’s from Redditcom did David dearthwise murder curious J for repudiating flat earth. So this is a podcast. Did Dearth murder curious j? And I’m just going to read an expert from it. The snake oil salesman in general, Charlotte and David Weiss, Aka Dearth, is cohost of the flat earth podcast. Is it worth listen? No, I’ve listened to every episode in my frequent exercise sessions. The idiocy and hypocrisy is balanced by the hilarity generated by the stupidity. Anyway, he goes on to say dearth got his name from another conspiracy podcast deep inside the rabbit hole. From my Intel, this podcast ended as Dave got obsessed with flat earth, pissing off his cohost, who moved on without them. This is when he started the FI podcast with curious J was this guy who sold solar powered equipment this dumb, or did he smell money to be made from roubes? The Guy who’s writing this doesn’t believe the earth is flat, or doesn’t think the earth is a anything other than a spinning CGI ball. My point because this though, it says the podcast with curious Jay ran for years. But here’s where it gets interesting. You could tell that curious Jay, whose real name and whereabouts remain a mystery, was becoming skeptical. He started becoming curious. Goes on to say here that curious Jay remained curious and I believe that years of podcast led to these holes where he ultimately knew that the flat earth was likely Alie being propagated by Foolish Bible literalists. Until one day curious Jay disappeared. Anyway, goes on to say. He appeared once and it didn’t even sound like him. It says he popped up once to say he was too busy. He sounded distant and under duress, and then he disappeared forever and then dearth replaced them. Goes on here today. But to the missing curious J did dearth murder him? With curious Jay falling away from believing in the flat earth now posing a threat to Dave’s money making scheme? Now it is true that wist did Beta tests an APP which he stole and has made easily a hundred thousand dollars plus sense. So did curias Jay pose a threat to Dave’s money making scheme? How could dave sell an APP and build a bigger following and be a big man the conferences if he couldn’t keep his own podcasting partner convinced? So goes on to say. One of the thing here. No word from Curias Jay has been heard anywhere. How could someone so curious just stop being curious? Those who follow the Flat Earth are big believers at the evil powers perpetrating the globe love to hide it in plain sight that they love to tease the pleabs with bread crumbs, a prime example being the UN flag. So, given that flat earth there’s are obsessed with this line of thought, is it any surprise that the murder of curious Jay would indulge in this exact type of thing? And we points out as this shortly after curious Jay disappeared in episode came out. I present episode one D seven, March two thousand and eighteen. Curious Jay is not dead. Where is curious Jay? So his question is here. Did a money hungry Charlottan murders ex partner to protect his income? Interesting question. It’s a reddit feed. I don’t know if you have any information about this. Victoria Panda says he’s been trying to take the RV truth name for a long time. Okay, so it’s a misconception that he recently changed from Russian vids to RV truth over the Ukraine thing. Just thanks for clarifying. Okay, commoner here says Weiss and Timothy Rosschild met while working together to company which WIS insist is not necessary to the narrative. Initially, deep inside the rabbit hole was Rothschild’s idea. I don’t even like that phrase very much, to be honest. Deep inside the rabbit hole and one of the logos they use was a rabbit with a hip hypnotic spiral where it’s tail should be, where a rabbit hole would be, and I’m like, HMM, is that appropriate? And then he’s a hypnotist. So I got a comment here from discord. This one’s from Lloyd Miller. Lloyd said, and this is a couple of days ago, I was listening to the Mike Gallagher Radio talk show today while driving for sales work. Mike couldn’t understand why the caller was angry and rejecting him. Then an IPS type called in to explain it. The IPS type called in started to explain the full blown, quote, world stage conspiracy theory, claiming that the Ukrainian War News is fake movie magic. After claiming he was open to alternative views moments before he cut off the caller. Apparently he went too far. Yep, exactly. You have alternative news and then you have media analysis coming from a post world stage perspective, and they can’t have that. If you know there’s a stage, if you see through the magic tricks, you give away the game. They don’t want to hear from you. Victoria says, I only found out this from Russian vids. Oh, yeah, about his name from? Yeah, I made it up. To be honest, he’s not in an RV our. Russian vids is anonymous. Nobody knows who he is. He claims that he’s a Bible believing flat earth and the Bible tells him that were under a dome. The problem with this thing is Russian vids doesn’t know any Bible verses. How many Bible fundamentalists do you know that can’t recite the Bible? And, moreover, he book ends every one of his videos with lyrics from crisis actor meat loaf. So it’s like meat loaf is a better source for profound statements than than the Jesus that you claim just serve. I mean meat loaf. Meat Loaf was there at Parkland hospital the day JFK was shot. He claims he saw the blood of JFK on the Lincoln. So He’s got crisis actor lyrics on his videos, but no bible versus. So I don’t even think that Russian bids owns a Bible. Anyway, let us move on Russia. Warrens sanctions could cause the international space station to crash. The Russian segment. Now this is the thing. It’s apparently it’s unwieldy and they’re going to take the segment off and they put that video out there and it’s been viewed as something of a threat. The Russian segment ensures that the station’s orbit is corrected on average eleven times a year. So if the Russian segment is no longer being utilized, then they’re no longer doing the monthly bump to correct its orbit. So that’s why they’re saying if Russia doesn’t play, the space station falls. Okay, let’s see what else actor turned President Zelenski is the quote Tom Hanks of Ukraine fascinating. Not The first time. You see, it’s not an it’s not unintentional either that you would go from movie to politics. I mean there’s that cliche about politics mean show business for ugly people, but you know, in truth it’s all the same. Backstage. Ashley Dog says Meat Loaf or meat loaf right, because meat loaf with a space is a Mandela effect, according to Brian Stavely, even though meat loaf says otherwise. Meat Loaf actually says that you are a quote. I think he said it. I think he says that he’s a moron and he wants to punch you in the face if you think that his name has a space in it or doesn’t have a space in it, or does I don’t even know, because I don’t care. It’s not because I’m Mandela affected, it’s because I don’t care. I literally could not get myself to care. But for the time being let’s look into it. Meat Loaf is a dish of ground meat. That’s one word, and meat loaf is the singer. And he said, and this is this debunks a conspiracy theory about Mandela effect, he said that his fans chant meat meat when he steps up on the stage. So you can’t call it a Mandela effect. I’m sorry now if you didn’t know about the JFK story. So Meat Loaf, who’s always surrounded by the bat imagery, gets killed by the BAT virus. Didn’t heat up his bat suit properly. Well, he also admit he also predicted his own death. His producer died and he said he was going to die because of that for some reason. Well, he dies of Covid after taking an a staunch anti VAX position typical of a covid crisis actor. Well before he died he was running around making his appearances. He spoke to Mike Huckabee, the politician, and he told the story about how he ditched school on twenty two sixty three and he was at Parkland of all names, Parkland Hospital, where he did see the blood of Kennedy on the Lincoln. Let me bring this up. This connects him in many ways to the bigger picture because it all these conspiuent all the major conspiracy theories are connected. So here we have meat loves crazy encounter after the JFK assassination. And here’s another bullet point for the parallels between the JFK assassination and the Lincoln assassination, just the connections. So you’ve got Kennedy’s blood on a Ford Lincoln and then with the Lincoln assassination you got Lincoln’s blood all over the Ford Theater. Okay, meat loves CRAZY ENCOUNTER AFTER THE JFK assassination I’ll just go right to a point here, like halfway through. It’s sixteen minutes. He really drags it out. When I’ll give you five, my friends go yeah, think five. So we tour the five into three pieces. You still have that? Yeah, that’s a whole nother story. I’m sure it is. It is, trust me. Billy still has his. Yeah, I don’t know, but I don’t where the other person there’s a huge buildup. It’s a long, boring story. Okay, here we go. This is the part where I think he talks about dipping his hand in the blood of are we were. I doubt anybody has as vivid a memory as you do. Not Idle Kid. I don’t know how many people got pulled over by the secret service and driven into Bartlin. Well, it’s never happened to Keith tray army. I can attach to that. I don’t think it’s having anybody else. I mean it’s an amazing story and when I tell people, because I’ve I’ve said to people you’ll never believe where meat loaf was on the day of the Kennedy assassination, and they keep reiterating how unbelievable it is. Yeah, it’s unbelievable. It’s like a movie, it’s like a story. Well, it’s because it’s exactly that. And here he is comparing himself to for his gump. You were there? Okay, I have. In a sense I am like forrest gump. Well, you’ve been everywhere, but there’s a story, kind of things, those kind of things, like the Secret Service Guy. Those kind of things have happened in my life more than one time. Trust me not. Secret Service. All right, next question. There is a store. Okay. So, anyway, he was there at that Siop. What does that tell you? Oh, here’s another one. How taxi driver is connected to to assassination attempts. So the movie taxi driver Robert Deniro about a porn obsessed degenerate who drives a cab and decides to make a name for himself by murdering a politician. Well, he was the inspiration for John Hinckley, who shot Reagan and that led to the Brady Bill and all of that. But that’s in itself as an interesting point a story. John Hinkley, of course, was recently and believe he’s been recently released, sixty six years old. Back in August they were talking about letting him go and that stood out because they were also trying to release Siran Suran, who shot ur FK. A lot of assassins walking loose these days. But anyway, there was another per, another shooter who is inspired by the movie and he was going to do something very similar. And then his name was bemmer. Born in the S bemmer grew up in an abusive health household. But Anyway, like the movie, he shaved his head seventy two, nineteen seventy two, he grew tired of it and decided to become an assassin. Tried to shoot an Alabama governor. They could try to shoot wallace. But my point is a just another example of a movie mixing in with reality, as they’re apt to do. Here’s another example, if how they use fiction to mold our reality. And I love looking at these old pictures. So this is a picture from nineteen sixty two. So in nineteen sixty two the star gazer balloon takes off and I don’t know if you ever seen light brights. It’s like a kind of a child’s toy. It’s basically a panel with peg holes in it and he put a black piece of paper over it. And it’s lit from behind mind and when you pull coles he creates little starlights and you have these elaborate patterns. Well, anyway, I’m looking at space as it appeared in one thousand nine hundred and sixty two, and it looks like a light bright. The first time they filmed space it looked like paper with holes poked in it. Zin Bella says, I loved light bright as a kid. Echo Charlie says it’s Tom Hanks playing Biden. You know WHO’s playing Biden? I don’t know. I mean, I still think it’s bow. I think Bow Biden. But you know the thing about space that I find most interesting is you can look back and just see how space changes along with our ability to fake it. Like the better we can fake it, the more real it looks funny how that happens and nobody seems to notice that it used to look faker as so that doesn’t matter. Last month a massive plasma eruption from the sun shot two point two million miles into space. Just another two to associated with a month of two two’s. Megan markle’s biggest troll is her half sister, Samantha. Do you have you seen those pictures of Megan markle with her baby bump fallen out, where she’s got this like fake pregnant bump and then it drops and she puts it back in, kind of like at the Boston bombing. Was it bowman, one of these runners? His is lag prosthetic fell off and callous Ron Dando to put it back on. Yeah, Megan markles dropped her baby bump. Anyway, it turns out that the person who keeps breaking the story is her own half sister and they’re calling her a troll, the Duchess’s half sister, and she’s threatening to sue buzzfeed for being called a troll. But basically she describes her sister as shallow social climbing and as made a lot of claims. She said, for example, I’ve seen her stomach big in the morning. Oh, nor your twitter name is trump, is America’s president in two thousand and twenty one. I’ve seen her stomach big in the morning and flat at the end of the day. I was informed when she picked up her eggs in Los Angeles. I believe a surrogate was used. I wonder if it was Chelsea Manning. Let me bring that up really quick here.

Yes, Chelsea Manning is dating grimes. Grimes dating leaker Chelsea Manning after Elon Musk break up. And this after we find out that they have a new baby and we don’t know if is it d printed or did they have technical assistance from a surrogate like Chelsea Manning, making it it’s baby’s mother father? I don’t know how you would even categorize that.

Here’s reads more tweets from trump, is America’s president. I think there should be mandatory that proof of delivery from sisters womb is provided if any of the children are to have a title, and Archie should not have a title because I believe a surrogue it was used. Okay, so you have it. Half sister of Megan markle explaining why the baby bump. Oh, I meant to address this minute ago and we were talking about the Mendela effect. One of the main Mendela effects of the day is a hundred one Dalmatians, which they claim is a Mendela effect. They claim that Dalmatians on one hundred one Dalmatians used to be spelled DA l amatio NS, like Dalmatians, but now it’s Dalmatians with an a TII ans, thus Mandela effect. So here they are saying this is proof that reality is shifted, we’re all NPC’s supernatural, blah, blah. Okay, fine, well, Dalmatians is spelled TIA NS because they’re from Dalmatia. So there’s no o in the picture, so it’s got to be wrong. However, this was sent to me as evidence of the Mendela effect. It’s a puzzle, a hundred and what it’s a Dalmatian station and it’s spelled tio n even on the box. So this is what they call residue. So what are you going to extrapolate from this? Are you looking at and you can buy it for twenty five bucks on Ebay? Are you looking at an artifact from a parallel universe where Dalmatians has an O, or are we looking at some kind of an error, a human error? Anybody? Lynda Curtis Remembers del Martians. David a prior says stavely bought that puzzle. Right all right. Zin Bella says this is going to be one of the worst Mandela effects so far. Right, well, they’ve remember it being spelled tio n. What they don’t account for is when you were a kid and you watch these movies, you’re learning to read, you’re learning to spell, your learning tio n to change a word and you’re going to make mistakes as a kid. Unless you were all straight a’s and you never misspelled anything, I don’t believe your Mandela affected unless you have a perfect recollection and you can prove it. Don’t tell me Your Mandela affected. Brian Staveley, BS, his initials. Sometimes they give it away, like flat Earth Day Fed. You know, BS is constantly up telling us that we’re not as good as him because we’re not Mendela affected. But he has, it not, demonstrated a perfect memory. So I’m supposed to believe that the universe change? You didn’t misspell that word. It’s like, well, I don’t know, I need some evidence. Let’s see. Let’s see proof that you’re never wrong. You don’t lose your keys anyway. Let’s move on. Man Shot Thirty three times forgives attackers and is determined to rebuild his life again, rebuild, build back better. forgiveness. Thirty three very Christy. I’m not going to delve into that one. It just looks like more fake news. Look at this is this is good too. This is a compilation of the colors blue and yellow and how, before Ukrane, the same colors were used to program us for Covid, with the yellow and blue being used to show PPE. Take a look. For the past two years you’ve been programmed with blue and yellow, with covid testing sites, blue masks, the yellow, the signage of all the testing sites, all the logos, coronavirus, NHS alerts, all blue and yellow programming. By the way, speaking of thirty three year olds, the person who broke the news about the covid leak originally was a guy named we lion. We Lion, and guess how old he was. Think about this, a whistle blower. He dies to tell the truth to the world that you’re we’re all going to die if you don’t recognize this new threat, this new thing. Like Jesus died for our sin, he died. This guy died to warn us about the new iteration of sin, which is the coronavirus. And here you have it. His name is we lion. Let me see to find a picture of them. These whistle blowers are all suspect, by the way, because they’re all script readers. Coronavirus kills Chinese whistle blower, the thirty three year old doctor was a first to raise the alarm about the coronavirus. And here is the face of we lion doing one of these selfies right before he dies. These masks selfies, the mask selfies. Then you had vaxies. We take a picture of yourself when you’re getting vaxed, and now you’ve got helpies. So go hug a Ukrainian and get a Selfie of yourself while you’re hugging them. And here he is, showing his ID his name as he’s dying. Deathbed selfies are so two thousand and twenty was what someone said the other day. X Miss Eve says, you’re on fire. Keep going. Yeah, these are really important connections, so let’s go wonder says. That sounds like the tune from silence of the lambs. Yeah, that song reminds me of Shawan Hufford, you know, the flatter critic who had a three thousand dollar uber eats bill or whatever. Thirtyzero how much they spent on Uber eats, and he could have just crossed the street. You know, last year I had said, let’s just go and lock up all the thirty three year olds and have a calm year. No one took my advice. And then you have the Q and on Shaman thirty three you had this thirty three year old in Australia punching a horse. You had the thirty three year old code monkeys e trying to upstage the upturn the election event results over at the cyber symposeum. Lock up the thirty three year olds just one year, one year of peace. Oh by the way, grimes dating chat Chessley Manning. Grimes is thirty three. I believe Evan Wood, who just released Phoenix rising. You know, Marilyn Manson’s X is thirty three. I can’t wait to start releasing the metascript dcodes because we cover so much material that you can’t expect someone to sit for four hours and or three hours or two hours. You know, I think it’s important to get some of the basics out. So I’m serializing a whole series metascript d code. I’ll start releasing those daily. Once I have three or four prerecorded and they’re all templated and I like the way it’s out, it’s produced, I will release them systematically. So get on the newsletter. You’re not going to want to miss metascript D codes and if you’re a patron supporter or your remember of any of my sights, you’ll get access probably twenty four hours before anybody else. Okay, Pete Davidson, space happy, Pi Ed ay row goes in the Ross Cosmos. Guy Called Elon Musk a little devil and a weakling. Let’s look at that for a moment. Oh, couple of the things here. Yes, confirmation from dearth himself. Fed is not dead. He posted something here. It’s always nice when someone offers clarification because you know, it was really confusing there for a minute. Like definitely seemed to be that russianids was trying to set kind of set the stage here that he believes that this guy’s dying or about to die. But apparently it’s a nothing burger. Dearth says. I would like to report I have not died, as some headlines have reported. Now, if dearth could get curious curious Jay, if dearth could dig him up, or rather look him up and ask curious Jay to go ahead and clarify that he still among the living. So, contrary to the speculation fueled by R V, truth, nine and eleven witness dearth is not dead. So dearth must have seen. Pete Davidson’s father died that day. Right. Dearth is a and eleven witness. He actually saw with his own eyes, without wearing oculis. Somehow he managed to see the CGI planes hitting the towers. That would be dearth, deep inside the rabbit hole, saw the Nin eleven airplanes, Rocco Truth says. I think Ourv was just saying that he believes covid is real. Okay, that could have been, but he could not have been more ambiguous, because he called derth the member of the flat Earth Trifecta, including Skiva and Mac and Mac and skiva both recently caught the covid and died. Although yesterday or on the twelve, couple days ago, I was on Instagram and I got this on my feed. You know, it shows you recent changes and updates. So fifteen hours ago, dark matter news liked a photo of my charcoal owl. Nineteen hours ago, XPOC like my penguin with the balloon. One day ago Flat Earth One hundred and one and Mac Parhar followed flat earth festivals official. So I’m like, wait a minute here. How did MAC PARHAR’S INSTAGRAM follow somebody? Yesterday so dearth’s not dead and Mac Parhar is haunting his instagram account. Did He upload his consciousness, you know, into the metaverse already? Did he get a head start, because MAC parhars instagram account is haunted. Okay, let me bring this up. I want to kind of catch everybody up with why I’m so obsessed with the Kardashians at the moment, because normally it’s keeping up with the crisis actors, but now it’s become keeping up with the Kardashians because these two worlds are merging. So the other day, and these are all clues, I think. I believe we are seeing metascript clues pointing at a possible new OJ Simpson lovel atrocity to come. So either Pete Davidson’s going to space on the twenty three or possibly something may happen first. So, if you hadn’t seen this yet, there was a message exchange between Kanye and Pete Davidson while Davidson is in bed with Kanye’s wife and he brags about it and he shows off his terrible tattoos. So it looks like there’s some escalation and during their conversation here they agree to meet up and it sounds like they’re not going to have a nice talk. So I want to point out this. There’s the connection with the Kardashians through Richard Kardashian, who stood by OJ through the whole OJ trial. We have the Kanye video depicting the killing of Davidson. We have Davidson’s head exploding on Mars on a musque hosted snl episode. We have Kanye weirdly dating a mirror of Kim. Kanye’s dating a kimitator. So this reoccurring mirror of this mirror symbol. It’s everywhere. But you have kimitator, which is basically a Kim Kardashian clone, and to me that’s kind of pathological to date someone that looks just like your ex publically. I also want to point out Halloween kills was out when William Shatner went to space. As you know, the rocket man goes to space writing Dr Evils Dong rocket. Meanwhile on Earth the movie Halloween kills is out where the main killer, Mike Myers, is wearing a William Shatner mask. So if you’ve seen the guy in Halloween at the creepy mask, yeah, that’s a William Shattner face. So I just pointed this out. The connection was the knife man and the rocket man, same face. Well, around that same time Kanye was walking around such a strange Halloween season. He’s walking around in a weird mask, just very creepy, very halloween ask so I saw this and I thought this reminds me of Mike Myers. If you haven’t seen it, it’s kind of a kind of a featureless thing. Almost looks like an inside out mask, which is what it could be, but whatever it is. This is around the time the movies out. David Ames gets stabbed seventeen times. So I see this stabbiness, this theme, reoccurring. Well, then arrive in December and Oj Simpson is released. So OJ is loose, the juice is loose. Around this time I see an image of Kanye and musk hanging out. Musk has an orange on his shirt and Kanye is wearing an orange jacket again. What does this mean? I’m just like at the time, like HMM, is there a story? Is there a build up? I don’t know what this is. But here you have Kanye West. There are some kind of trendy meme going on at the time with oranges, I’m sure, but I’m just interested in the subtext here. I’m just pointing something out here that you have the Kardashian OJ connections, we have this build up, then we have Kanye, musk and Manson hanging out at dawn day too. So I’m thinking, are we being set up for some kind of Manson ask level Hollywood killing atrocities? I’m expecting, based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m expecting Kanye to go Charlie Manson on the situation and to ride off into the sunset OJ style, on a white horse, a Bronco. Don’t have to be a Bronco, but symbolically it represents the end or something. Now the other part I want to mention here is that the white horse symbol is right out of revelation. One thousand nine hundred eleven. Behold a pale horse, behold a white horse, and Marilyn Manson, by the way, at the Dawnde event, I think represents the helter skelter, the split, the black in the white. He represents the Charles Manson of our time on the world stage in that sense, and Charles Manson, if you didn’t know, he was trying to start a race war. He was going to frame the Black Panthers and then it was meant to instigate. But Anyway, I just happen to think that Kanye West is playing some kind of a role here with Pete Davidson and me. It’s just a question of whether Pete Davidson gets to space and becomes the rocket man, or is he going to get knife first? You’ll find out here first, because we’re keeping up closer than anybody. Ashley Dog says Kanye’s going to snap. David says it would be epic if you rode away on a real horse. Rocco says those guys are just ripping off each other. Dumb drama, right. You could all just be dumb drama cells tickets, holds people’s attention, or it could be a set up for a major sy up where we experience the death of the West, the death of Kanye West’s world, Kanye West World, and that’s what I think it would represent. I think we’re looking at the end result of American materialism or worship of celebrity, and at the end of the day, look what happens, and I think that’s what we’re being led to because there hasn’t really been something commensurate with the OJ killing or anything like it, any big celebrity atrocity like that in some time. And if you’ve noticed, the Siy up entertainment complex loves to recycle not just crisis actors these days, entire story lines. They even recycle explosions. You got these mushroom clouds over these bombs, over these explosions, over these bombing sites. It’s like wait, wait, that cloud and that explosion looks exactly like one from five years before crisis clouds. Okay, I’m going to play a clip here. I guess this is a dbunk. We’ve been looking at the Mandela effect lately because we know what really causes it, and one of the Mandela effects that has a lot of people going is the idea that see three Po, the robot from Star Wars, had a silver lake. Well, here is a one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. This is from sesame streets. One thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, raw footage R to dtwo and C three Po. For context, let me go and just explain what the actual mendella effect is. Okay, so the Mendela effect. Is this the Mendella affected version of reality? Is that see three, see three. Po has a Silver Lake and star wars a new hope. He appears with one silver leg. The empire strikes by. Okay, anyway. My point is this is some kind of a point of contention among the men, Dooz old, but if you look at this old footage here, you can see see the pro for yourself. You can see his legs. And what do you look at me. I get it. If it says one, I don’t be I have to say, you know, the footage is so bad that how could you form memories? You know Dolly has braces. This footage is so bad it looks like big bird has braces in my Mandela affected I’m pretty sure. Look, look at that beak. But yeah, again this is meant to show that there is no Mandela effect. X Miss Eve says Manson was a hoax and George Bush was the main actor. Jenna says Pete Davidson is born female. I don’t know. I don’t know about that one. Mean I guess it’s possible. There’s that whole line of inquiry about this idea that all of the elite are switched. Everything is Ellis in Wonderland, up is down, down is up, etc. Let me continue to go through my minds. This is a little meme here. Mom want his hypocrisy. This is a girl or mom making cupcakes, and the mom says when someone posts free Ukraine but wants to lock down their unvaccinated neighbor, yeah, that’d be my question. Do you all mean about Free Ukraine? What do you mean by freedom? Let us continue. Asteroid impacts the earth just two hours after it was discovered. Let me, I’m I’m taking credit for this. I’m taking credit for this impact because the last few days, actually weeks, there’s been some time I’ve done this, but I’ve been really harping on this lately. I’ve said, how come NASA misses on all of its predictions when it comes to incoming space rocks? They’re always wrong, yet whenever they’re aiming for some distant object millions of miles away, they’re always right. So you can land a probe the size of an iphone on a moving comment two million miles away, but you can’t tell me predictably when a rock a few million miles away is going to hit. Well, for the first time, as I can. That I can. I can recall they actually called it. NASA has called an asteroid right and I have been noticing the disparity with her inbound outbound aim and it seems like they’ve updated their scripts. No evidence. You can just take their word for it. Let’s see what else we have here. Need to give. says. This seems like an interesting channel. Let’s see what you’ve got. Thank you. AAAA says. Wouldn’t that dude falling from the twin towers want to fall fee down to have at least a slight chance of living? Okay, you’re referring to the nine hundred and eleven falling man. Now, the nine hundred and eleven falling men photo, weirdly enough, was taken by the same guy that photographed our FK’s death. It’s not the only connection. There another eleven JFK connection. The falling man photo is also owned by Elton John. I’ll do a ten minute video on that. Picture itself is quite a lot. There is the pretty good little meme here. I just found it again. Good artist, good memurs, good meme text copy, great meme text steal, and I’ve been stealing a lot of memes lately. This one here stolen from ugly YouTube. On the left, person is being hypnotized with a covid ball in the string. On the right it’s a blue and yellow Ukraine ball. You see a pattern. So I’m predicting the next one will be a burning globe. Going through some comments. As a tyrone says, the actors are Stero. They are latent, which means they have no libido. Fascinating. I’d like to learn more about that. I mean, what are we looking at? Just some kind of like stable? We’re all these actors are. I mean they all kind of look like, and I said this before, there’s like a really shallow gene pool at the top of the Illuminati Dung Heap. Hey, check this out. Some guy cashed out on a meteor for a lot of money. So eighteen months ago, think fell. He saw this fireball. Eighteen months ago he managed to track it down and he found a rock and it’s worth a hundred thousand pounds. That’s a two pound, four ounce meteorite. There it is. Anyway, it landed on three hundred and eleven, I think. Let me see the date actually, so when it sat three eleven? Anyway, it fell eighteen months ago. He discovered it on the eleven and now he’s going to sell it for a hundred thousand dollars. He has to get a certified my main point was this, though. Three hundred and eleven is the second hoax, a versary of covid and I was like, wouldn’t that be ironic and funny, not funny, if this was a carrier of some kind of space AIDS, like if this, if this guy cashes out this meteor, but then he’s patient zero, like the next major pandemic. And Space AIDS is a thing before Covid, for Covid nineteen, you had C nineteen, which was the commet atlas that broke apart and there were some scientists who were suggestion. They is a few of them. They were shut down quickly, but they said that maybe it came from space. And you know it’s interesting, is c nineteen. The comment was as green light in the sky, very similar to the one and don’t look up. That preceded the comment that would wreck the world it breaks apart, just like the one that passed in two thousand and nineteen broke apart. Okay, so tyrone says that the famous our peerage derived, they in breed and they use IVF techniques to get any berths. That would not surprise me, it really wouldn’t. Yeah, I look at some of these like major stars, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and you like, do these people actually make that much money or are they minimum wage workers owned by like puppets? More or less mean, they could be. We don’t really know. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and you know we we’re given a front. You think you know the movie star and the actor off the stage. No, they’re an actor on and off the stage, and there’s a pretty convincing conspiracy theory. I guess there’s a pretty convincing theory that’s been put forth that Brad Pitt is an actor that plays the role of Benicio Del Toro. In other words, Benicio Del Toro does not exist, and if you look at the two of them, there’s a similarity. But what the suggestion here is what you’re looking at is you’re looking at hyper realistic, fullproof masks, the type that the CIA uses for its deep fakery. Mean, long, long before digital deep fake, they had already mastered this technique. So if you look at the two of them. Is Brad paid a good enough actor to portray another character? Well, yeah, he does it in every single movie. So could he portray another actor and, as that actor, do other movies? Well, I would say yes. I’m pretty sure that Benicio Del Toro does not exist. All right, let us continue. Finnbar says that is unkinny. Yep, Hey, you know, we talked about death fakers a lot and all these thirty three year old dying and coming back with different names. Check this out. Some modern Muslim Scholars believe that Jesus was crucified but didn’t die, instead pretending to be dead and was revived in the tomb later in the same mortal body. So there are some Muslim scholars who believe that Jesus is an og death faker. I find that very plausible for a few reasons, which we may get into again. COVID cured radical Islam. Radical is on terrorism is no longer a thing. They wanted nothing to do with infidel virus and they went back to wherever they came from, to their caves. Now that’s interesting to the terrorists come out of the caves. Bats come out of caves anyway. COVID came out of the kit. Covid cured the terrorism, and then putton came along and he cured covid. So what’s going to Cure Putin? Aliens, climate change or nukes? I don’t know why. Mr Most will sent this to me. He says, I don’t know why. Looks like an instance of archetype of transference. I don’t know why either. Nothing explains the antics of Chicago’s mayor lightfoot. But here may or lightfoot is dressed up like a LEPRECON. But she’s been doing these costume gigs for a long time. She did that Superhero Costume. Was it? Was it a PPE man? Let’s bring that up really quick. This mayor is so fun I wish we had a cringe mare like this mayor lightfoot. I’m she came out with a with a superhero costume of yeah. She also, Oh yeah, Rona destroyer, dressed as a superhero Ronord, Rona destroyer. She did this performance art piece. Another time I saw her come out with a horse, I believe, and she was the tax ranger, look like the lone ranger, and she came out to go collect taxes. I mean all these gimmicks. Okay, here we go, another example of the idea that show business and politics are just one and the same and they share the same backstage, but the ones who aren’t good enough for the movies. Before we go, looks like triple duting will be happening in Chicago this here they have that Chicago Mayor Mari Light, but coming out in full costume, cap and mask is the Rona, as in Corona destroyer, hadding out candy to reporters and staff handing out candy. Wait a minute, wait a minute, super spreading, violating social distancing, but her Daily News copperas truck or treaters will be asked to stay in groups of six or fewer, there avoid sticking their hands into any candy bulls. And of course we’re a mask with a mask over her mask. All right, we’re a mask with the mask over your mask, like Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro again. On the twenty three will be watching Pete Davidson going to space. We did a little breakdown on the symbolism inherent in is tattoos. The ninety three a reference to the new age horace. The Mars attacks alien and he’s about to go to space. He’s had his head blown up on Mars. There’s a lot there to unpack. The Boston bomber joker, his death penalty is reinstated the day that Batman was released, and he was friends with a friend of Howard Zin Musk challenged put into single handed, single handhand combat after a Ukrane official called him over. No Russian official called him a little devil, Musk little devil. They also called him weak. We discussed the significances of the kraken symbolism today and the kraken killing bezos on inside job on his mega yacht, the crack, and being released by Pluto Hades. Then we have this, of course, Pete Davidson going to space. His father was a nine hundred and eleven victim burned in the towers. Might be significant. Will look into that one as well. Go into space on bezos’s rocket, a competitor of musk. So what could go wrong? We discussed the symbolism of horace the age of Mars and of course, let me bring this up really quick. So in the book of the law, or this is the the Bible of the new age, the Crowleyites, that the Lemites, it has this prophecy that the world. The new age would be announced, it be proclaimed by this Prophet, the crowned conquering child and Androgen, who would tell the world it’s up, that all the old religions would be torn down, the old ways would be burned and they can build back better. The child Androgen is the incarnated horace. So the Crown Conquering Child, in my view, has already emerged. The whole book. The book is called Book of the law, or lever. Four hundred and eighteen. Four hundred and eighteen, the number adds to the great work. So the great work is their term, the phrase they used to describe bringing in the new age. So tearing it all down, all the progressivism, all the environmentalism, all the revolution, it’s all part of the great work. The the elevening of America, the bringing down of this it’s all part of this. The tearing on the Tower of Babel, it’s part of this, the great work. Now I’m equating the great work with the great reset. And, of course, the great reset in the great work of the same thing. We’re talking about a new wage, a green world order. So I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that when Gretta shows up at the UN to announce the green world order that we’re actually hearing about the Gretta Reset, the great reset, the great work that the Child Androgen was manifest as Gretta Thunberg and, of course, the crown conquering child, Crown Corona, even the name. I mean there’s there’s stuff in the names here, but my main point is this. She pretty much fulfilled everything at Crowley said would be performed by this character emerging on the world stage. We were talking about this in the chat earlier today, about the symbolism, of course, of the Falcon, rockets, Mars and everything else, and the idea is that this new age represents the phasing out of the Patriarchal Sun God, the crucified, dying and Resurrecting Sun God and bringing in the child. All right, going through your comments. If I’ve missed anything else, we will be back taking calls on the regular here very shortly. I’m again. I’m developing this new series. It’s called metascript decodes and you’ll be hearing more about that and if you get into the newsletter you’ll be the first to watch those videos before I list them. Okay, musk, challenging put into single handed combat or single combat? We shall see. They’ve turned this thing into such a big joke. How are they ever going to make this thing serious? I don’t know. Tyrone says. The Romans fake deaths like no other. The Ancient Laurel Canyon. Yeah, I’m spending a doing a whole ten minute video on nothing but Laurel Canyon and the Manyana Literary Club. That’s quite a lot there, when you look at the people involved. Got Jack Parsons, L run Hubbard. Hey, check this out. That navy video that showed a ticktock shaped alien or some kind of craft that move very fast. It blew the minds of all those navy guys. It was on Fox News. Queue and honors were beside themselves thinking that the the Pleadians were here to save them from the deep state. Yeah, turns out it was a camera glare, a camera glare, famous navy ufo video was a camera Claire, and look how they fell for it. But this is not uncommon. You know, there’s there are entire youtube channels, their entire platforms, like people build their entire truth or networks on stuff like this. Like there’s that one guy crow, triple seven, seven seven seven, seven, seven. Who Does this second son? He says that his camera he sees the sun and he’s able to find a second son and sometimes a third, and they’re obvious camera glarees. And I’m thinking here, you are a very experienced camera man, you’ve got decades of experience and you’re not able to discern a very basic amateure camera error and you’re going to miss interper that to say no, we got it wrong. It’s not a heliocentric system. There’s two sons, but nobody noticed until me, this anonymous guy on the Internet. This is a nice article how to spot fair false post from Ukraine and it has an image of Steven Seagal, because Joe Rogan saw this image and thought Steven Seagal was actually fighting the Russians. Here’s how you spot fake news. Turn on the Internet. I mean it’s quite literally that bad. At this point again, it’s Pie Day. Put Pie up to a mirror one four and you can actually read Pie. Okay, again the pole. It looks like climate change is winning the pole. Between what’s going to Cure Putin, climate change beats aliens and nukes. It’s fifty two to thirty, eight to nine percent and I sent the tweet out to Kanye. I said, make sure the gloves don’t fit too well. Don’t want to make this an open and shut case. So we’ll be watching, keeping up with the Kardashians. And is this going to be another O J Simpson? Okay, anyway, this has been great. Like I said, we are in the process of producing this metascript decode series and once I get that back into like, once I’m three or four deep, then we’ll be back on our nightlies and I’ll be reduced released those daily in each one will contain things worth discussing. I’m actually creating a separate mind map for every one of these ten minute videos and you’ll see, because I think you’ll see, that will be able to finally systematize a lot of stuff. We’ve had so many channels taken down we don’t have an archive we can point to, but we will very, very soon. By the way, a few months ago I got a track called Red de Green sent to me by Michael Kiver, ready Green, about this Marxist communist revolution disguise as saving the planet. Anyway, he sent me a new track end always Ni.

Anyway, this is from Michael Kiever and I’m going to put a link to this track below. Thanks everyone for joining and we’ll be back very soon with the regular schedule. And always Ni, no future sky, always food or the trump school, psimens and awesome strike, just to post to pills, to the size bridge of the dream leavers. Nos for believing the believers, the real you never got the signs of Piti. My design. I try, I in two thousand and twelve and mins, twenty, twenty two mothers look into the sky by design, every day, day, reckoning you. Let me feel chair and is settled in lips, Scifi flicks and the psychistic stick to the bank the sky for a crash. Whenever face of black, what’s gonna wipe this out? It’s gonna do whatever is will come from on a screen, mass manifest negativity, main stream, different track, same team, different dreams in the same dream, different cards in the same word, two wings of the same bird, feared to all the fuel full in the push, in the poll intention of fools carry around my news. Look into the sky by design, Unstra Dam and US meantly disarming us, safing them overs. Did you farming us these construst no cars need to CON BAST thems in list

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