Tonight we discussed the drama on the World Stage, took phone calls, and conspired peacefully.

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So covid nineteen eighty four, code nineteen eighty four, covid nineteen eight four, covid nineteen eighty okay, that is covid nineteen eighty four, by chief crow and the Flat Earth Worms.

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Actually, I think it’s a bad idea to only date people you agree with, like flat Earth’s want to only meet up with flat Earth’s, and it’s like, why alienate yourself? Why be the person that can’t blend in? You know, I think, I think we should be more tolerant, you know. So, especially if you’re into fringe ideas. So No, I don’t think you should exclude someone just because they think the world’s of ball or whatever, whatever silly idea they have. What do you think about global warming? By the way, while it’s still legal to criticize it. I mean, I don’t know, I I also don’t care. I mean, like the planet, as far as they know, like according to their own propaganda, like the planets always had weather issues and climate change. So, like, who the fuck knows anything? My point exactly, and that’s a great starting point. In my view, it’s a it’s a Democrat, Democrat hoax, because they specifically use it to demonize the right wing and the people who use fossil fuel because they want to move into this new grain world order. I think it’s just communism with the disguise. It’s all I think. But anyway, global warming is thirty three and and we’ve all grown up believing in this thing, and I’m just saying this is like a replacement myth for the wrath of God in the Flood Myth. I’m sure it has an agenda, like they’re not just, you know, talking about it for fun or because they care, like the the last of the reasons is that they care because it does your normy, your Normi, that’s your word. Does your normy boyfriend care about this type of thing, global warming? Does he care about your as? Don’t know. That hasn’t that hasn’t come up, but he called them, he called the January six. You Go, that like an assault on an American institution. And you know he’s a lawyer to so, like he’s all about the law. And how, like, you know what the people entering the capital did was a legal or whatever. Okay, see, that’s interest. You see, he’s brainwashed. He’s massively brainwashed. But he’s got to be smart, right, and this tells you you can be the smartest person you know in the room. It doesn’t matter. You can fall for a liar. And the television is a liar. And my guess is that he’s so busy doing law he didn’t bother to do his due diligence and look closely at the stage riot of six, which is actually a comedy if you watch closely enough. This is a hundred percent right. I don’t think he’s put any time effort into anything like. Yeah, I tried telling him of that. How, like Joe Biden was a pedophile, and he gave he gave me the excuse of like, oh, he’s from a different generation. Oh well, you don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, have you? Have you brought up the CGI Joe thing that maybe, maybe, he’s just a construct. I have not oh no, I didn’t want to ruin all opportunity for me. It’s great. You got to know how I actually do really like you. Gotta know how far you can go. And you know, for some people, they it’s me my I approach it with a little bit of sensitivity or at least awareness of their level of situational awareness. And most people believe the screen at point blank and I just know that’s their base assumption, that’s their starting point. So I think we’re kind of lucky that we have a behind the curtain view you on a lot of things, and I just don’t impose that on other’s. I let them bask in their blissful ignorance. Yeah, yeah, and I honestly like wants the same for him. Like if you think I’m just crazy and like misinformed, like that’s all I want from him is just to like allow me to be misinformed and crazy and like not care because, like there’s so much else to my personality and his personality and whatever like it shouldn’t matter like either. At the end of the day, not truly important topic. Yeah, exactly. What. When I say normy, I say it kind of jokingly, because what you know? What exactly? Way, and and and I wrote this newsletter yesterday in defense of outrageous conspiracy theorists, and I’m just thinking that what you’re actually looking at with conspiracy theorists are critical consumers of information, people who are very hypercritical of all the Info, as we should be. We’re used to being lied to, and so we’re not conspiracy theorists, we’re just media analysts who happened to be the conspiracy literati. We know more about the conspiracies inside and out than others, but it doesn’t mean that we’re unhinged or, you know, liable to go run into the capital dressed up like vikings. Yeah, yeah, and I told them, I loosely told them about you guys, and and how, like you know, we’re you know, one thing you say, and, and I’m a million person.

I agree with like we’re allowed to be wrong, like if you think we’re wrong, just let us be wrong, like who cares? Like why is that such an end of the world thing? Like does let us be fucking wrong if we’re wrong, because, like you know, I told them, I was exactly. It’s an events with the moon landing and all that and like he laughed and whatever, and I’m like whatever, you know, just let me be wrong, like fuck it. Well, look, my view on that point is if you burn the wrong answers, you burn the books you don’t agree with, then you don’t have a comparison. So people memorize the right answers without knowing why those answers are right. You need the wrong to know what the right is, or you can’t ban it the way they want to ban it. So they’re trying to create ignorance, a form of contrived perfectionism that’s really not grounded in reality. And if the truth is going to be revealed, it’s going to be the truth. It doesn’t matter what you think, what he thinks, it’s going to be what it is. And if the moon landing was just a really bad science fiction movie, that’s going to come out eventually, hopefully, but but anyway, yeah, these are these are things that we don’t have enough information to be and that’s the other side to they assume they have enough information and I’m just saying maybe they don’t, maybe they don’t have the high ground on this whole thing. Not only have no idea what they’re talking about, most of the time, like like they’re completely bring awash. But I have a question for you. Actually, I just remembered a question from the other day. So, out of all of your theories and stuff, what’s like? Some of the ones are like one that you have the least amount of confidence, and that was one. You mean, good question, the least amount of confidence in wow. Okay, so it’s kind of funny you ask that, because the deeper we go into this, the more I lose confidence in things that I once held as not even facable. Like I only recently, I mean within the last few years, learned about the hyper realistic, deep fake masks that have been employed in politics and in movies for decades. So I’ll have to think. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I’m going to get back to you on that one. It’s not that I’m over confident in any of these, but I want to give you a really good, well thought out answer. Yeah, I’m just curious that you always sound like super confident and stuff. Sometimes, I mean sometimes they there’s there’s things that come up that we’re you’re like, well, I don’t know, or you know, I’m you know, just a possibility or whatever. But, like, I’m just curious, like to what extent you’re you’re not confident. Insert right, and that’s an important point, because there is that fallacy of alleging certainty and where some it’s just all and and so I never want to do that and I have to make sure, like I’m not saying that I know that the earth is flat. I’m just saying that I don’t have enough information to know unequivocally that it is as described. And so that’s a gray area, a bit of agnosticism. But what I am saying is that the people who believe we’re on a big ball, as represented, their belief is not founded on facts. They’ve taken a leap of faith and that leap of faith is their trust and what came to the screen. So we’re dealing with people who are they’re taking a leap of faith tantamount to like a like a religious leap of faith. I would say that the atheist believing that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon is as big a leap as a Christian believing that Jesus walked on water. It’s a miracle for the modern mind and that’s what we’re dealing with. A lot of superstitious people who’ve been given they think is just fat like that makes sense to them, like like of course a guy was up there walking around of playing fucking gold. Now, more recently, that makes sense to them. More recently, though, how many times have we pointed out on this channel that everything we’re seeing in the news has some sort of precedent in recent mass entertainment? Were being inundated with stuff about and then it just happens to happen in the news. And today the daily beast had to admit that it’s really prescient, and shockingly prescient, that Ukraine’s president was in a TV show called Servant of the people on Netflix, that we’re basically watching him live right now, that it’s a fantasy to come to life. And they’re saying it’s rare that life is following art like this, and I’m saying no, this is the standard operating procedure for the media. It’s always been this way. No, yeah, like the so fucked up and like. You can easily think like because you’re in America, that America of like so fucked up and crazy, but like, there’s other countries. They’re just as crazy, if not crazier, with this shit, like, yeah, they’re all participating in the International Space Station. And have you been following the drama above, which is basically the space station coming apart? And it seems, yes, is all that headline about like the world’s first phase hostage? Yeah, that’s right, world for space sausage, where they’re going to leave some astronauts stranded up there and and also with the Russians not participating, it doesn’t get its monthly booster and if it doesn’t get its monthly booster from a resupply Mondu, well, you know, so that they’re saying that. Yeah, we could have a five hundred ton structure falling, hopefully on Seattle, but falling because rushes back in out. You have to get your boots there ten you have to. Yeah, isn’t that some interesting little terminology? You got the boosters, and I do think, I do think that they have made enough correlations that they have in recent years. They’ve correlated inner space, as in your bloodstream, with outer space and they’ve introduced the whole space junk agenda along line with the VACs agenda, and they use the same terminology. It’s fascinating. Yeah, this space junk thing is crazy. And out of control. It’s like every single day, like there’s some new space junk or asteroid headline. Did you see Lonko worlds illustration about how space junk? By the way, I think it isn’t like the black wrench off. I’ll take a I’ll take a look now. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll take a look. It’s from like maybe a week ago. It was. It was hilarious. Yeah, this now the space junk thing that people recommended. Space Junk wasn’t a thing until recently. It was hypothetical. They had no examples they could draw from. But then all of a sudden last year, the forty two anniversary of Skylab falling, as I predicted in the metascript book, Suddenly Space Junk’s a thing and they’ve had numerous incidents of having to cancel spacewalks. They’ve had to dodge space junk. China said that musks almost knocked them down and I think they said that forty cubesats from musk’s Starlink fell from the sky. Like this is all new stuff. So for and it all comes out along with movies like don’t look up and moonfall. I mean, what are the odds that the netlance reality mimics or precedes the news reality. No, it’s definitely a space junk adenda going on because, like it’s just been crazy and like nonstop this past like year or so, and like you’re definitely onto something with the helmets and stuff. Oh, yes, that’s true too. I’ve been saying for some time that, yeah, they’re going to mandate helmets for space junk and you’re not going to be able to say no, because it’s the same experts. They’ll have folchi come out some dorky helmet and then everyone’s going to do it. That’s how it’s going to work. And now, yeah, it’s actually becoming a thing and they’ll say it’s mandatory because of parts of the space need a space station or falling or something. Who knows what they’re going to come up with, but you know, people will go with it and you’ll be walking around without a helmet and some lady will stop shill be masked and helmeted and she’ll say your help, your your helmet protects me. Put on your helmet. You’ll have helmet caren’s, like that’s how controlled people. Yeah, Yeah, God forbid you do something to injure yourself, like come on, and it’s just crazy. On a risk is not allowed. Risk is not allowed in this new safe space society, and that’s another interesting thing to notice as well. The safe spaces that they introduced on universities will put there to protect snow flakes from right wingers and right wing memes. Safe spaces, and now we have safe space or other social distancing. And now that social distancing has continued. Should you socially distance from your right wing conspiracy theories friends? So they took safe spaces into social distancing and now you have state mandated or sometimes mandated distancing the habit. It’s just the same thing. But they’re the getting close to mandating safe spaces and I think that’s what the safe the actual space age is about. I don’t think it’s about going to some Far Away Paradise. I think it’s about humanity. Think turn into some kind of HIVE minded creature. You know, it’s pretty I mean that’s what the mask and the helmet and all that stuff. I think it’s we’re looking like drones at this point. I think so. Like I think a lot of it, like they talk so much about like identity and Blah Blah Blah and like gender and labeling yourself, but I think so much of it is about a raising identity and making this all fucking gray and shit. But yeah, I posted this in the discord. I don’t know if you saw it, but like my company that, like I work for, hired like a senior VP of glow or senior global vp of what was a like diversity, equity, something inclusion and belonging, and I’m like, give me a fucking break.

This bit is like in fucking Australia. Probably makes like six figures a year because she works for this like massive company that owns a lot of other smaller companies, you know, basically telling people how to not hurt other people’s feelings will mainly mainly like that. Those other people who’s feelings you’re trying not to hurt totals like maybe five. There’s like five people out of a thousand you don’t want to hurt their fucking feeling. So yeah, that’s a somebody’s the figure that. That’s an interesting point. Here you’ll see. You’ll see contrived quotas and contrived diversity as a cover, as smoke screen for the actual agenda of destroying individuals, individual opinions. That’s what it really is. So big. They’ll use groups as smoke screens. You’ll see different identity groups being brought up. Even I don’t I don’t think it’s about protecting people or snow flakes. It’s about destroying the individual. I don’t do them. Fuh, I’ve had a hundred. I’ve had hundreds of videos pulled for violent for hurting somebody’s feelings, and I’m like, did somebody actually complain and say my feelings have been hurt? Like to me, that’s an accusation. You injured me right. So legally I should be able to confront that snowflake and say, Hey, what part of my video hurt your feeling so I can remove it? But they don’t give you that. It’s always an anonymous court and they judge you as guilty of having committed a hate crime against some anonymous snowflake out there that shouldn’t have been on my channel in the first place. Yeah, yeah, no, like none of those people are watching your shows like on of like, if they did, I don’t know how they got here. Like you know, you’re not like one of the top five names in like controversial opinions. That I’m aware of. I could be wrong. Don’t I’m wrong. I would like to buy. I’d like to think that there’s like a boiler room somewhere with a bunch of cubicles and a bunch of snowflakes, with a box of clean x, just listening to live streams like this and whenever something just really trimmers them, yeah, like okay, we got we got one flag it. Well, I mean, honestly, I think to an extent of what the acl you does and like, you know, other organizations similar about, like their job is just the hunt, you know. It’s not like actual problems that are like a big deal and in people’s faces, like they have to like hunt and dig for things that might offend somebody somewhere. I mean, while it’s one dude who’s like twenty five percent offended and like who gives a fuck, Yo, human shields, and they used to just use generic things like the poor, and now it’s a little more diversified, when they have their pick of victims to choose from, and the biggest victim of all today happens to be the environment. The the collectivist communist Boorg, has chosen to use the environment as the ultimate victim the earth, and that’s where all this global warming stuff is now coming up again and they’re they’re really bringing this up that and you know, I’m watching a show called demilitarized zone, DMZ, on HBO, and it’s about this future after civil war in America and everything shut down. And the weird thing about it is they’re acting like it’s a good thing that we’re not driving anymore, that are infrastructures down and every and the leader, one of the leaders, happens to look like Hillary Clinton. I mean the programming is so deep. They want and the thing is the people in the demilitary zone are trying to fight off being reintegrated into America. So it’s all mainstream. You can see the direction things are going. Hey, I like it when you’re somewhat conservative, or whatever you want to call it, side comes out. By the way, I know you probably don’t call yourself conservative, but you’re your nonliberal side. Well, the conservative wing, if there was one, was was destroyed by Donald Trump. He destroyed the last remnants of any sort of limited government conservatism. But they’re still there. The values are still there. The people who know why we care about free speech and why we care about the second amendment. Yeah, we’re still here. It’s just that there’s no party that represents us. And we know the clown show, or at least I you know, probably know the clown show doesn’t represent US anymore. But yeah, there are. I think conservative values versus liberal would be best described in the book by Thomas Soul an economist, called, I think it’s called, the conflict of visions, and he said the conservative view is the constrained view, whereas the liberal is the more unconstrained and it has to do with utopianism versus being grounded in reality. And now compare this meat verse Metaverse, and I think the metaverse is a utopian thing and it’s totally divorce, divorced from what we would call conservative values. And that’s where it’s going. That’s where they’re going. You know, yeah, it’s creative, of but but I mean that brings a good question, like where do you see this all going, like, you know, even two years from now, like where do you think things are even going to be? Can you do predict because like think they’re bat shit crazy. Yes, exactly, exactly. I mean it’s kind of funny, even if the flat earth has had figured out a way to get away. They would have been locked down before they made it to the exits. But I’m thinking long term. I have a plan with infinite plaine media decades long, and I plan to build not an alternative media, because all alternative media is part of the brainwashed beast Matrix. Media I’m creating, or what we’re creating here, is a network of critical consumers of information and freethinkers. So it’s a philosophical movement that I don’t think they can really marginalize as hate speech or something. So I just see this as a future and that if enough smart people, enough insightful people, continue to do what we’re doing, it doesn’t really matter what happens with the rest.

You know, I really have a very optimistic view. Yeah, well, it’s impressive you’re still able the last on Youtube, at least a little bit. You know, sometimes, like you’re not constantly watted, you can get a good couple weeks in every noun. I mean that’s impressive. Yeah, it’s hard to get to a thousand and when I get close to a thousand I jump to another channel because they know, because that’s when you get monetized. So that’s when they send their bots to come through your channels and they find something that you said wrong and and but now I think the future is in a true counterculture, because what they’re trying to suggest here the mass media says any buddy who’s doing any sort of conspiracy conjecture is a conspire racist, and they associate you with hate speech and racism and Nazis, and they say flat earth, there’s roll Nazis, all this crazy stuff, and I’m like no, I’m going to go ahead and diverge from that perspective and say no, what we’re doing is we’re actually it’s conspiratainment, not conspira racism. If anything, we’re just entertained by this fire hose of Intel that never stops. And there’s nothing wrong with the entertained by information. I mean we’re filled, we’re more philosophical than activists here. Honestly, some of is so fucking hilarious. Like like Ohen Benjamin has this thing where he calls like the CI the comedy injection agency, because like there’s always like this underlying joke bullshit that’s going on where it’s like, you know, some article will be written by some you know, joke name or there’s like just some overthetop jokes thing going on and like that that almost seems to be real or is like a comedy injecttion agency where I think sometimes they’re just doing shit to amuse themselves because they think it’s funny, like the even they may not even, yeah, they may not even have like a hardcore, serious, evil mastermind goal for everything. A sorry, my catch jumped on my stomach for every single little thing. But like they’re just trying to amuse themselves at the end of the day, like I try to Muse my self at the end of the day. So like they probably are trying to amuse themselves to an expense. To a couple examples here, for people are wonder like, okay, Maggie the block, you look at this health minister telling us don’t do don’t do sex, wear a mask in the shower and don’t go visit her. Well, she’s literally her name is Maggie the block, and imagine a wrestler with that name. You like Maggie the block looks like, and this is not being rude, but imagine job of the hut in a wig and it’s just literally a costume. But I wouldn’t even comment on someone’s appearance if they weren’t telling me how to run my life and if they were not obviously, on the face of it, pure hypocrites, and the other ones were not a little bitter. Yes, yes, I’ll bese fucking like help. So thor of that. That’s been done California. That looks like. But you’re gonna tell me. Look, you can’t tell me that Maggie the block isn’t from the comedy injection agency who named her Maggie the block, exactly exactly, and you’re that Rachel whatever the fuck, who’s like, you know, inchards of the fucking country help or whatever, like for Fox, like like to com I think they’re just have a fun, like they’re laughing at all of us. That’s what’s what I said about the one six thing. The one six thing, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find it’s a comedy. You Have Rosal, Roseanne Boyland is carrying the flag. This says, don’t tread on me. And what happens to her? She gets trampled to death by a bunch of Maga’s. Like that’s deep comedy, but it’s only there if you’re reading it without a sense of having been shocked by the information. When you know it’s a scio, it becomes easy. And these things are replete with jokes. And it’s always the names. There’s so many characters in the world stage where their names tell you their function. Yeah, yeah, I can’t think of any examples, but yes, there’s times. There’s times for sure. My favorite right now is musk grimes, and I’m like their baby. I think it’s Yucky, I don’t know, but must grimes like these names. Think that their names are strange, but must comes out of a book, the Mars, a technical tale. So you verse these names and they’re often sometimes the names just have a double entendre, but sometimes they actually do have a basis where he’s actually named after a guy who formed the first Mars Colony. And Yeah, so when I’m so critical about the news media that I’m seeing it as like Shakespeare, like some of the jokes inside jokes, it’s Shakespeare. There’s not a coincidence, like I’m sorry, but that’s not a fucking coincidence, like no, no, and and we’re always uncovering things and, like I said, even the daily beast today had to point out how Netflix is, quote, shockingly prescient with their movie about the Ukraine, pre the president of Ukraine. I mean, how can they say it’s rare? You know the this is like, this is so common right now. They’re saying rarely, as wife so startlingly imitated art. What do you mean rarely? When is it not been straight out of Netflix? If you want to know what’s going to happen next year, watch Netflix. I mean, I hate to make people watch that stuff, but you know, you get the inside scoop, you’ll know what’s going to happen. Not like of course. Of course the fucking president of fucking you, thane, has a fucking Netflix bullshit on right now a fucking court, like what in two thousand and twenty two? How could you expect anything fucking different? Like that’s exactly how it is right now, like it’s impossible for him not to have his own Netflix show, like seriously. But that, will say, reminds me out go ahead, the people say it’s a coincidence. So as not as not a coincidence. Those people are retards, but that reminds me. I want you to watch the movie southland tails and tell me what you think. Southland Tales. Okay, I’m writing that down. That’s the one from the the Donnie Darko director. I can’t remember if he wrote it or if you just directed it, but it’s it’s like I’m it’s a long ass movie, but it’s like really bad and it’s like like it doesn’t make sense, like why you would even make this bullshit, like there had to have been a genda behind it. So that’s why I’m like bringing it up. And and there’s like, you know, a little bit of predictive programming in it here and there, but I’m really curious to get like your thoughts on it, because you you know, people like you, and you like always see more stuff in it than I do. I’m not always great at like picking up on everything. Yeah, that’s why I like them. I like to put things out there in the discord server because people are always, you know, collectively. There’s the thousand eyes in that place. We’re just taking things apart. And Yeah, I’ll definitely look because what I’m finding is that whenever you find a movie that is replete with predictive programming, the director is usually involved in something similar. And I call them metascripts because they’re obviously writing for the world stage. A rolean emeric. You know movie moonfall. That guy did Independence Day. He did another movie about an arc to survive global warming, and so you can see who the metascripts are. They’re always the ones who are they have the inside, the inside on something. Usually, yeah, that guy’s clearly employed or hasn’t its end on. It’s on his own. But but yeah, like it just doesn’t make sense for this movie South Land Tales to exist for any kind of artistic reason or anything like that. So it’s and it’s very different from Darny Donny Darko. So that’s an untie. If you can’t now, I know Jake Gyllenhall’s in another movie comes out this year called the division, which is based on a Tom Clancy, who’s another one of these metascripts. But yeah, I’ll take a look because that that Donny Darko movie, not only did it have a lot of eleven predicted programming, but it also has a lot of two thousand and twenty stuff, with not only corona with all of its corona symbolism, but also trump, biden and even the whole Qu and on narrative, with the the Petto ring being exposed in the movie. That’s and and even the burning of the money that’s referenced in the Graham Green Tale that drew Barry Moore’s character talks about that whole movie. It really does reference two thousand and twenty in many ways very prescient movie. Weird. Yeah, I only thought the one time back when it first came out, but I’ll also watch it again and see what you really mean, because I can’t think of off top my head anything that might relate to biden or any from I’ll tell you a couple, a couple of things. One, it takes place. It took place an eighty eight when Biden was running for president, and there’s a few scenes in there like, okay, you got Donnie and he’s wearing the sweatshirt that says triumph and he’s looking at the screen. The football players seventeen. So you have Donnie, triumph seventeen, and this is leading up to the scene where the the guy’s house gets exposed. They burn the house down to exposes the Child Trafficking Ring. But the Donnie references, the Donnie references are donald trump references, and I’ll go through this in detail. And in addition to the stuff inside the movie, the release date one hundred nineteen for a movie about stuff falling from the sky. That’s a number we frequently see with that particular agenda attached to it. So I’ll have to do a breakdown of that movie very soon as well. I’ll look at all that directors work. In fact, you said his name was a heaven here, a Richard, something. I want to say, I’m not sure. Yeah, I’ll pull it up. Awesome, awesome. Okay, so let’s see what else we have here. Let me go through. Okay, so today, yeah, we were talking about this Marilyn Manson thing, and I think you’ll find this all interesting if you missed earlier, because basically we’re seeing another example of, just like with this Ukrainian president, an example of a situation in real life that was all mirrored in the movies, and in this case it’s dolores from westworld having lived that experience with Marilyn Manson, and it ties into this present controversy. Yeah, like, I don’t trust anybody that would date Marilyn Manson. Like, sorry, but I don’t like you. Know you don’t. You don’t scream high quality person to me. If you date that guy, though. Sorry, they’ll call that a blame. The victim misogynistic response. They’ll say it’s Oh, you know, but I mean I think there’s a point to be made for being upfront about things and if I have a you know, I mean I think he’s pretty upfront. I think you could have ascertained some things, but I don’t know, I don’t know. But Anyway, I happen at that like actually, I actually am. I’ve always been like a big nine s nail fan, and like he had Marilyn Manson like play on some songs, like way back in the day or whatever, and they had like a falling out, him and tr Presner and like, you know, he wrote like the Song Star fucker’s about him because, like, I guess Marilyn Manson, and Trent resuders opinion, was just trying to be famous and like do whatever he could to be famous. Stuff like that. Not that Trent res there is anyone necessarily to be believed because like either he’s brainwashed or he’s like part of the mainstream media of brainwashing machine, either way. But yeah, just that. That’s my extent of my knowledge about Marilyn Manson is that, at least in Trent resonders opinion, he’s like a star fucker type, desperate to be fame. Fascinating, fascinating. Well, I took a deep dive into Manson’s work ever since he started hanging out with Kanye West, and this all ties together. That’s what’s so fascinating about it. Is that which makes no sense. It doesn’t make sense until I mean it doesn’t make sense when you look at it on the face of it, but I’ve been looking at from this perspective of the bigger story. You know, last year, two thousand and twenty one, I was pointing out the similarities to nineteen sixty nine, this pattern extending from nine hundred sixty eight similarities to two thousand and twenty and so I think this is right on time and I think that Manson is a call back to Charles Manson and helter skelter, and I think that’s what we’re getting at here. And I also think there’s well, there is a lot of symbolism within this whole Marilyn Manson character that ties these things together. But I think, yeah, I think his association there’s is very peculiar, to say in the least. But that’s one of the things we’ve been looking at lately and it’s he’s one of these world stagers, is what I would call him. Did you see that movie once upon a time in Hollywood? Because that had like a lot to do with Manson. Oh No, I’ll have to check it out because I’m I just saw him say something about Hollywood. You know one of these articles I’m reading about, I guess, an album called Holywood, but no, I haven’t seen it. What’s it about? That’s the one with Brad Pitt and Leonardo dicafrio, as a matter of fact. Basically set in, like you know, Hollywood and the S and and I think in the end spoilerer, spoiler or everyone tames a channel. But I think in the end, I honestly knows the ending of it, but I think in the end like Brad Pitt goes in and kills Charles Manson or kills, you know, his little women that were, you know, going to do the tape murders and all that. But yeah, like at one point they got at least Brad Pitt. The Brad Pitt character goes and visits the Manson family farm or whatever. But yeah, it was it wasn’t a great movie. The quintin Tarantino Movie Not a great movie, Super Long, super boring, super doll and ever even finished it. But yeah, and maybe worth checking out for your research purposes. Right, exactly, and that’s why I appreciate the spoilers, because nobody has enough time to watch all this stuff, it’s so toxic. So what we do is exactly. But yeah, I’ll take a look at that one and you. For those who are into the queue and on thing, this is tripping me out because the queue and honors have this belief that JFK was basically Jesus and that JFK JR is going to come back and save them. Well, Marilyn Manson put out a video that was delayed because of its timing. It was a video where he played the role of JFK getting assassinated and he said this is a nineteen one Thousan nine hundred and ninety. said the script was about the idea that there were two Christs, Christ and then JFK, and now Holywood is waiting for the third savior. Well, this video about JFK being Christ come back was delayed because right aft of the video came out, JFK JR crashed. So Manson knew this q script decades ago and I find that to be very peculiar, weird, weird. Yeah, I have no idea why the Q and on thing is still seeing. I thought for sure after the election it would have died off, like I don’t know what, like is is it real? Is it really still a thing, or is it just like the whole shit liars pretending it’s still a thing? It has to be that. There’s no way it’s still a thing. I’ve been saying this for a couple year. It’s like there’s no way save the children. It’s been how many years now now? It’s saved the disaffected teenagers and all these people were spot to come back and save us. Are Aging? Well, like we wait until JFK’s on a walker or JFK JR before he comes back to save us. No, and I find it shocking if there’s anybody that believes trump is AFK, like come the fuck on, like come on, like please tell me you’re not any real person anywhere. Yeah, I’ve seen this. It’s like this phenomenon of Elvis sightings, but it’s been reintroduced and it’s JFK junior sighting and it’s like every trump rally it’s somebody else and it really reached peak insanity on the anniversary of JFK’s death. I guess they assumed he’s going to go to the place where he was shot again and they thought he was going to show up, and so that was peak insanity for me. But I noticed the Kennedy family isn’t stopping them. Got URFK JR pushing the anti vaxs thing. He didn’t say, Hey guys, no, day Kennedy’s going to come back to save you know, they encourage it. Yeah, yeah, I never thought about that. Or Yeah, I never took note of that. How like, they haven’t really, at least blatantly in my face, commented on ending of that. That’s interesting. Oh yeah, somebody said that one of my dead relatives was going to come back and save the Democrats or something. I’d be like, Hey, guys, you know, I appreciate your enthusiasm, staying out here in the rain and everything, but he’s not coming back. But it’s to me this can’t be real. This is got to be some kind of comedy. Was it? COMEDY INJECTION AGENCY CREATION? Yeah, yeah, and it just I mean for the longest time it just pissed me off because it makes people like me look bad because, like, at one point I did support trump, you know, like at least he was different, you know, for a while. I don’t support him anymore for obvious reasons, and I have for a long time for obvious reasons, but it’s probably the point. Yeah, I mean it’s yeah, look, yeah, yeah, the q story, I believe it has been placed here to smear anybody who is for nationalism. I think that’s what it ultimately comes down to, and that’s why they’ve managed to conflate conspiracy theories with the insurrectionist thing, which is, you know, they’re saying that anybody who doesn’t trust the news is now somehow a domestic terrorist threat. But yeah, I think that it’s become something. Maybe at one point it was a useful idea for people to rally around this idea of trump in this intelligence connection, but it devolved pretty rapidly at this point and there’s nothing left to me unless, I mean, what are they waiting for? You know, JFK is not getting any younger. Yeah, no, I think. I think. I don’t know if he was part of it all along or if he just became part of it at one point, but yeah, no, it’s yeah, I mean he rolled over and died after the election a little too conveniently. And then there’s all the VAC salesman stuff. And yes, he’s the VAC. Yeah, I know, yeah, that’s true too. Like I even like made the meme of him. was like the the line like vack salesman of the year, like he won that award because, like seriously, like come on, like even such a teer leader for the VACs. He probably owned stock and it, just like everybody else, like bow to, like gate, like whoever. It was funny how people think that he’s I mean it’s nice to hold out the hope that somebody’s gone rogue and they’re going to fight the system or they’re going to somehow right. But no, I realized after Parkland that, you know, and their excuse, the que and honors would tell me. They would say, no, the reason why he’s not calling out a psyoup as a PSYOP, even though he says he’s against the media or he’s going to expose the media as fraudulent, he won’t do it because he’s playing for D chess. So they always make excuses for his lack of action and to me there’s a point where it sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. It sounds like you just making excuses for your psychological abuse, or trump, who’s making a bunch of false promises he can never fulfill. I mean the wall, Hillary being locked up in a cage, like none of the stuff that we voted for ever happened, right. Yeah, and meanwhile, like he’s old. He’s been old, like, you know, even during his entire presidency he was old. Like I don’t think he’s forty each other in two thousand and twenty two. kind of a change, like. But yeah, I know, he totally back down on the whole locker up thing, and you know he you know, portions of the wall were built. Fine, whatever, but, like, I mean, the wall was never super important to me, honestly. But yeah, I mean it would have been nice with her lock locked up. Well, you know something else too, though? He is culpable, and that one hundred and sixth thing not that it was a real thing and he won’t call it out as fake because he’s part of the program. That’s my whole point here. I think it’s a part of program because you can look at the evidence and find out how states, the whole thing was. But the thing is he invited his people there and and his son especially, throughout some cute dog whistles and they suggested it’s going to be a riot, let’s it’s going to be wild, were their words. So they were trying to make it look, I think, like there was a credible attempt at an insurrection to disrupt the proceedings and stop the certification by Mike Pence. So I kind of think that trump was a judas goat who sent a bunch of well intentioned people into a bad situation in order to smear any remaining remnants of conservatism, nationalist or anybody who really doesn’t hate America. Yeah, well, is it? We’re real at all, like an earth. He were real at all, he would have defended those people. Are A lot of those people like the entire time like and at first thought was like, oh well, maybe he you know, being quiet because he doesn’t want to get in teach or whatever. They can run again. But like, well, Shit, like either you’re real or you’re fucking not. He’s obviously fucking not, like he yeah, he rolled over and died quietly, just as he was scripted to. And Yeah, like we obviously the country obviously never meant anything to him. Yeah, I think that’s a fair assessment and also that something to point out too, though, when you look into this idea of people being world stage characters, scripted or whatever, trump is as much a comedy injection, agency creation as any other character. Donald Trump’s character has a precedent in back to the future. He’s quite literally biff. Is A BIFF TANNIN BF ten or? Yeah, he’s biff. You know, he’s the the bad guy in back to the future. He also exists in a few other places. You can see him throughout culture, where we’ve been prepared for the trump. So I don’t think he’s a real person in that sense. I think he’s someone that we were prepared for, just like we were prepared for Covid just like we’ve been prepared for space junk falling, just like Ukrainians prepared for the situation there with that netflix movie that he’s a servant of. What was that movie? He was in the you have the comedian actors. President. I mean what a joke. I mean, like it’s just clown world, as clown world twenty four seven. Like. Here’s a question, though. Do you think we’re ever going to come out of clown world or is it just going to be clown world for at least our lifetime? Right? You know, I put the number three one, one hundred thousand nine hundred and eight, or really to point out that it’s one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and that it started on three eleven. But I like to say that it’s always been in one Thousan nine hundred and eighty four and it always will be, and I think it’s always been the globe theater. It’s always being clown world and I think the best you can do is form a an oasis of people who aren’t necessarily in it, so you’re on the same sheet. Like I like to look at the chat and US here, as we’re in the stands and we’re watching the world stage activities. We’re not really being playing tug a war on the stage, and I try to stay there somewhat objective, and I think the more of us are, the more like minded, the more likely we can remain out of it. But generally we I mean two thousand and twenty Tommy, we can’t opt out. If they say put helmets on, we’re going to have to do it. So yeah, I think clown world wins. I mean that’s slightly pessimistic, but what does that even mean? You know, means that we have to deal with a lot of absurdities. At least they’re not, and I don’t know, I mean, I mean nobody’s nobody’s dropping again the strings like man, I mean, everything they show us as an exampenation. Yeah, I know, I mean it certainly seems like they’re they’re always going to win, but like, at the end of the day, like you know, it’s for most, most of us, like it doesn’t truly affect our daytoday life, unless unless you know, you’re one of the people that was like profoundly affected by like the math mandate, for the vaccine, that mandates and had the like lose your job or whatever. You know that that’s fucked the you know, obviously gasp part. So they’re super high and pissing people off and affecting people, but, like you know, for by and large, you know, it doesn’t affect your data light day life, as long as you have the right people in your life, you know locally. Yeah, exactly, and that’s the thing too. The monolith that the monolithic cult, the Monolithic media, that runs this place. They weaponize your neighbors. That’s why I right after Three d eleven, right after the pandemic was declared, people were calling nine hundred and tent one to snitch on their neighbors for coughing. They had to. They were shutting down nine hundred and eleven number operators stations because they couldn’t handle the call volume. And so that showed me right there that you know, we can ignore the news, you can remain uninformed about it, but the masses are instantly triggerable and they can be turned into a bunch of fascists and tyrants in a heartbeat. And well, the first time I was yelled at for not wearing a mask, it was was just on a sidewalk, and that’s when I realized the power of these things. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. So the best thing you can do is have some level of insulation. At least I was able to go to my discord server and say, Hey, guys, you seen this too, and they’re like yeah, yeah, people have lost it. Yeah, no, that’s crazy, yeah, and and full blown. Yes. So the whole pod people saying, like in my town, like maybe you go to the grocery store. Maybe twenty thirty percent of people are in Mauth, but like once thout, he said you should wear them for sure, like I was the only on mouth person at the grocery store just because sat he said so, and I was just like what the fuck, like I thought my town was so much better than this. I thought like, you know, like I don’t live, and or I didn’t at the time live, and like a hyper liberal city, like it didn’t make sense. So it was just like craziness to see that I would literally like one of the only thing people less than my town. It gives you an idea, gives an idea of how isolated we actually are, because before the Internet, yeah, I didn’t have anybody I could talk to about synchronicities that would really know what I was talking about. I had to reach and now there’s a chat room full of people who have had similar experiences. So that’s one of the Nice things about the the the Internet, one of the benefits to this interconnectivity. But really quick here covid comes along and everybody forgot about radical Islam, and I remember pointing this out early because they said it’s an infidel plague. Go back to the Holy Land. So they just didn’t care about US anymore. So it’s like covid cured radical Islam and then a couple of years later comes along and he cures covid. So my question is, what do you think is going to cure Putin climate change? You Fallacy? Space? Yes, got to be the space junk or, you know, aliens, as I’ve been waiting on fake aliens for so long, like because I just think when they finally bring the fake aliens out, it’s going to be hilarious, like I can’t wait, like I say that now, not knowing what fully they’re going to do about it to make our lives Shittier, like I can’t wait this seas as I do. Okay, that’s that’s interesting. You bring that up and you think it might be hilarious, because maybe the reason they don’t want to bring it out yet is they don’t want that kind of reaction. The last thing they want to do is have something plan for generations and then have you not take it seriously. And this is probably one of the reasons why the MSM said has such hate for the the flat earthers, because they don’t believe in the alien agenda. They’re constantly calling it out as some kind of ruves and so, yeah, I think that Wou’d be problematic if you started laughing when everyone else is screaming. Well, let me ask you this, speaking of flatters, like how did it become, in your opinion, all of a sudden, like, you know, kind of a popular topic that people were talking about, like because, like, I went most of my life not hearing anything about it and then, you know, just in the last you know, handful of the years, people started thinking about it and then you started seeing like all these youtube videos. Like, in your opinion, like, what brought that on initially? What brought it on? I thought about this long and hard because, you know, you have a few people take credit for it, like Mark Debay, Eric Sargan, all those people. But you know, the flattered society is always been there and the attention is kind of gone up and down, but it never attempted for mainstream credibility and never try to reach out until recently. And recently it popped up because all conspiracies popped up with Youtube. came the decentralization of media and video streaming and file sharing and people suddenly started uploading stuff. So it wasn’t just flatter it’s big foot, it’s chem trails, every single conspiracy blew up commensurally. So flat earth isn’t actually special, but some people think it just seems to have. I guess it’s more outrageous one, but I think it was. It’s an organic thing that mostly arized, arose as a result of the the Internet. But I think the reason why it got so much special attention is probably because it’s the most outrageous thing you could think of. It’s the most it cancels so many other things. That’s that’s another thing too, and it’s like an instant credibility destroyer. So yeah, I think it’s it really they try to shut it down and it kind of had a blowback effect. Is what happened. They try too hard to silence it. Well, you’re we’re all taught from a young age that it’s, you know, something that’s supposed to be ridiculed. Like, you know, can you believe these these retards back in the day up the earth was wow, like, oh my God, like you know that that’s weird. That’s weird that that’s like one of the ideas and school that young children are are taught to to interpret of like beyond ridiculous when, like, how many other beyond ridiculous topics are young children taught to think about like that in school? Yeah, you know. Yeah, why point this out of all things, when what’s the likelihood you would even encounter it in your daytoday life? And so it just seemed like they’re giving it way too much attention and that makes it look a little suspect. And then you combine that with the actual evidence, and now not evidence for flatter necessarily, but evidence against the established model. And just starting with the moon hoax, or rather the moon lighting. If you doubt the moon landing, you have all the more reason to question. Well, why would they fake it? You know, I never had an answer. Why would you fake the moon landing to trick the Russians? Well, the most likely thing to me is you’d fake the moon landing if you’re lying about what’s beyond, you know, and that’s so they could be hiding any number of things. It could be hiding anything on a globe or maybe even the fact that it’s not one. But my point is the questions been raised and it opened a can of worms and there are so many more questions that you can laugh at the flatter topic all you want, but there’s no way you can repair the damage that we’ve done to the ISS in the last few years or any of the space anything in the space program that has been looked at critically. It’s autodobunking. Yeah, no, like, I’ve seen a lot of videos from the ISS S and like, I’m sorry, but I’m not convinced he’s like it is not the most convincing footage I’ve ever seen so far. Sorry, NASA. Sorry. Yeah, they tried, and the thing is, and even the guy that worked with Stanley Kubrick, Douglas Trumbull, he’s a special effects Guru, recently died but he said that his special effects from fifty years ago look better than present day CGI, as impressive as it is, and he’s right about really. Yeah, he called that out and I actually think that this is one of the reasons why the ISS has to go, because they can’t rely on green screens and harnesses when Hollywood is move beyond that. So they’re no longer competitive visually with mainstream movies, and so this is I think this is a very sticky point for them. They can’t let movies look real or than what they do. So I think they have to bring it down so they can improve special effects. Have you been following it? Like what’s the deal with that actress that was supposed to go up to the ISSS to film the movie from Russia? Okay, that’s interesting. Last summer the Russians were racing the Americans in a space race, just like one thousand nine, hundred and sixty nine, but he isn’t two thousand and twenty one. And the movie was called the challenge, which I thought was an interesting title given you know, the Challenger is called the challenge and they beat Tom so when I saw that, it told me the Russians are going to beat America in the space race, because Tom Cruise is our champion. He’s a hero in the movies, action hero, and the Russians beat him right. So I think that’s a clever bit of subtext there. And he is going to the space station soon to film a movie, his top gun sequels just it’s just about to be released. So but yeah, I think the whole thing was they went up there in order to basically beat America and they kind of did. And so if you look what’s followed since then. It looks like, for the most part, the Russians are the ones who are instigating the split in the space station, and they even their media released a video that showed the Russian module detaching itself from the American module and leaving them, which would cause America’s module to fall. I mean, fuck it, you know. Well, I don’t want them to knock it down before Tom Cruise goes up there, and that’s I mean, I hope he gets right through, but anyway, hey, so that lady, that lady already went up. That’s done. She filmed her her scene or whatever. Yeah, they filmed it in October, about the time that William Showers UF. Yep, they just they sneaked in there, they filmed it and they they didn’t make a big deal about it and we haven’t seen the footage yet, but yeah, they’ve already accomplished that thing, and I think it was all just, again, a sort of a PR stunt. They were repeating the space race one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine all over again and making it clear that that America is not going to win the space race. And and that’s that’s kind of what’s happening now. You know, Russia is, I think, going to assert control, and I think it’s all about space communism or space capitalism. Can the Earth Handle trillionaires? And the answer is no, if you believe the communist the environmentalists, the globalists. No, we cannot sustain billionaires, much less trillionaires. So that’s where this musk versus Russia contention comes in. And if you haven’t been following Elon Musk’s twitter account, he has been challenging, put into a duel like he’s been. He’s been a you know, it’s clown world stuff, but they’ve put him on the stage. Yeah, context, yeah, I saw that. Like I don’t know what the fucking think about him, like I refuse to believe he’s like a normal person on any level. But like, I saw where he tweeted like the you know, I support the current thing, me or whatever, like you know, it’s a little too convenient that he keeps tweeting the shit that makes it seem like he’s on a reasonable side. Like sorry, billionaire Bro, I don’t believe your honor reasonable side. Mr You know, grimes, ex husband or whatever the fuck. Like no, now, are you familiar with this situation with their new baby or D printed animatronic? Yeah, I mean, I can’t figure it out. So, yeah, grimes had a baby bump in December. Now she has a baby and they say it came from a surrogate. Then we find out the surrogate is Chelsea manning the intelligence annalist. How did that all happen? Of course it is. Of course, of fucking course. Like no, like, I’m sorry, like I’m never going to fall for Elon musks bullshit and like what talks too is like a lot of guys, you know, because I I have. You know, I’ve been single, I’ve been like trying to day and like a lot of guys like almost idolized Elon Musk, you know, these days, and I’m just like no, thank you to those people because, like, no, he’s not a real dude by any needs. Oh, they believe he’s a savior. They see, look, the pope is the vicar of God, you know, he’s like the highest ranking human. He’s or he’s the person who God right points is his number one man and if you want to be saved, you go to his organization and you pray and he’s got that big obelisk thing well, I’m saying that musk is the modern pope. He’s the savior, because the pope will save you from the fallen world and sin. Musk will save you from the polluted world and global warming, and as this world burns or as it’s condemned and judged, you can get into his obelisk and you can fly to the space heaven. You can be saved, because he has the keys to heaven. Musk is a basically a pope. And that book I mentioned, it’s called Mars, a technical tale that were Na von Braun wrote, where he talked about an Elan that would be a dictator on Mars. He said it would be structured like Rome’s papacy. That’s why we call him Pope Elon, affectionate lie. Yeah, yeah, no, I’m sorry, but I think he’s full of Shit and it’s way too much of a coincidence that he was mentioned in that Mars Book. I’ve were Nervan Brown like. No, I’m sorry, that’s too much for me. So yeah, sorry, NASA. Sorry again, not buying it. He crossed the line with me with credibility when he bought gene wilder’s house and he talked about his obsession Willy Wonka. Then he started a candy company. He toy at the idea was going to be called Boring canny candy, because he has a tunneling company called boring. So now he’s doing hyper loop underground tunneling. And like isn’t that what Willy Wonka did? He had an underground tunnel that went to a candy factory. And then he buys gene wilder’s house. So he’s intentionally identified himself with both Willy Wonka and iron man. So can you take an iron man Willy Wonka that seriously? And then of course you throw in the whole no Mars program and yeah, if you believe any of that, you know you’re in. You’re in the metaverse already. You don’t have to wear an Oculus to be in the metaverse. You just got to be a true believer. That’s all such bullshit. Like what do you think about Pete Davidson? Bullshit, like he’s such a fucking Goober Weirdo and like obviously, obviously it’s. He’s part of it all. Like I don’t think that he’s not, but like, okay, yeah, two things. What do you have to say about him? Okay, one, he’s connected to the Kardashians. Now, and this is all PSI up entertainment complex. Kardashians connected to Oja, and then you have Kanye West going a little OJ and the first thing about him that strikes me as this guy’s not not legit, he’s a world stage character going through some kind of bizarre public spectacle. Is that one. He’s on SNL and to his father died on nine hundred and eleven, like what are the odds? Right? So, if you believe the eleven siopic, but knowing what I know at least about it, it’s like, okay, he’s connected to this industry, the mind war industry, and the fact that they were about to sendhim into space. I think he just canceled, but that just shows you that he’s behind the curtain.

You know, you got the you got the world stage behind the curtain and he’s a few levels deep. Yeah, and like the first time I ever even realized he existed, I was watching like some rows, like one of those comedy central rows, and you know, like all the jokes about him were about, like his dad dying on nine hundred and eleven, like that’s his identity, like, Oh my dad died one hundred and eleven is like, well, really did he did? He though? So it’s just like, you know, he’s like he was introduced to the world stage, like Hey, everybody, my dad, I have nine hundred eleven. You want to talk about it? Like yeah, and then, okay, whatever. Yeah, it’s like that. I mean allegedly, if we’re supposed to believe the the complete, you know, mainstream media story, thousands of people to have died on eleven. Why is this guy important or special? Right, good question. And then take into accounts to he was recently killed in a Kanye West music video and prior to that he was on snl when Elon Musk hosted, where he goes on Mars and he takes his helmet off and his head blows up. So you already have him dying publicly twice, once in space and then once at Kanye’s hands. So, you know, taking these things together with he just had the name Kim branded, like burned into his flesh, branded on his chest. So you know, I my theory is that Kanye West is going to go OJ on the situation and we’re going to see him right off into the sunset on a white horse, and that’s I mean the Bronco, the White Broncho. It’s very symbolic thing there. Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s interesting. I definitely think think Kanye plays a big part, because there’s a lot of like right wing, like Gen zy people who like worship Kanye and stuff, and I just think there’s a little too convenient and like, I’m sorry, like no, man that’s married to Kim Kardashian, I know he’s not anymore or whatever, allegedly, who the fuck knows, but like no guy that that was married to her is a friend to the true white right wing far, I didn’t mean to say white, the right wing conservative movement of like real people, like no, no, like, sorry, Kim Kardassan does not factor into that whatsoever. So talk about someone else. Yeah, it’s interesting how they pick these and it’s because he did that photo op where, I think, he went up into trump tower, into the you know, you know, in trump’s office. That’s where devil’s advocate was filmed, you know, Al Pacino as the devil. That was his office, Trump’s office. So he goes up to the Devil’s office and trump dies his hair blond he comes down for this photo off and ever since then the right wing is kind of thought he was one of theirs or something. And you know, I don’t know. I guess I don’t really follow him all that much, other than I just think that he’s too close to the Kardashian psyop entertainment complex. So you have the you have the fake shootings, you’re the fake terror attacks, then you have these drama psychological operations, and the Kardashians are a good case study on this because they are like their whole life is just been a part of this thing. Like, for example, in two thousand and twenty Kim froze her social media. Why? Because of conspiracy theories. And I’m thinking that they’re going to start doing Internet lockdowns over memes so that they can clamp down just like they lock down the world because of an errant virus. They’re going to do the same thing for means, for ideas, and I think that they’re all part of this agenda and they lead the way. The celebrities always lead the way. And Look at me, I’m going to freeze my social media until you guys do something. Now. I didn’t catch on. Nobody cared when Kim Kardashian froze or social media, but they had hoped that it would have, you know, shocked the world. It didn’t actually work. Yeah, Cuz, I mean it’s still frozen. I doubt it. You know, it’s not like all cupious you stop, like, but that’s the thing. Like, no, sorry, Kanye is not like one of us. Like sorry, but but like what was cool is like after trump won his his first selection, you know, he did like stop his concert or whatever and was saying stuff like, you know, it’s a new world, Barack Obama’s a new world, Hillary Clinton and you know, started talking about how Jay Z had killers or whatever, and you know, so I get how I like that’s promising, but but no, like it’s still like yeah, take a look at this out of use brain. Last August at the Dawnde one release event, which was strangely time with a hurricane. I mean, there’s all kinds of stuff in this thing, but the main thing is he said himself set on fire. So he did this phoenix ritual, the burning man. Now the significance there is this was on the day that they usually do the burning man festivals, but they canceled because of Covid so you had thirty three burning man festivals eighty six to two thousand and nineteen, and in eighty six and two thousand and nineteen you had an actual burning man. In both those years space, thirty three years apart, thirty three year olds incinerated themselves in front of the White House. So this is a ritual and there are many more like it and we can point to these things. You know, Behemian Grove and others. But I’m saying Kanye West set himself on fire on that date, and we know the significance of dates to the astro theological cult that runs the world. So No, he is a high level illuminati asset. Whatever he is, I don’t think he’s unconscious of his role. And what’s more, the Dawnde tow event happens to be on the day of Pluto Return, that Pluto return date. No Way, that’s a coincidence. And of course the producer of his Dante album is future, who goes by Pluto. And so this is just too deep to our Kane, to esoteric. I don’t think he’s a pawn. I don’t know how. It’s hard to say, but yeah, I don’t think these are characters. I have a whole lot of wriggle room. You know. I think they’re kind of like ordered around, like they have directors or something. Oh yeah, definitely, I believe that. And you know, is super weird to me hung like, you know, you seem to be the only person that talks about that guy that like lit himself on fire in front of the White House. He knows. It’s like why wasn’t that a huge story at the time, like like if people truly hate trump and you know, blah, blah, blah, like, you know, why didn’t they harp on that forever, like but they didn’t. So I don’t know, it’s just weird, like what, why doesn’t anyone talk about that or act like that was a theme? Right, and the guy was wearing a USA t shirt. So it’s us a burning. And so this happened in two thousand and nineteen. And what it happened? I was I was watching the scene and I saw a bus pass in front of Fox News his camera and the bus number was one three. So, looking at it from the perspective of nothing in media at this level is accidental, I see one and three us a burning, and this is when I started looking at the election day, and this is when I started thinking. Okay, look, November the third, and that happens to be the date that the new tower that replaced the Twin Towers was opened. That date has had extreme significance since then, especially with the contested election, and so USA burning was the theme. And Yeah, this burning man in front of the White House should have been a bigger story. But you know, every may they do something at the obelisk there at the Washington Monument.

They call it Catharsis at the mall. Would they do a miniature burning man every year? And nobody talks about that, but there’s a lot of weird stuff going on in DC. No, I didn’t know about that. Tell me more about that. Catharsis at the mall every May and they they probably canceled it for Covid but Catharsis at the mall is an annual event where they burn in effigy in front of the Washington Monument and they say it’s an vigil for healing and their symbol is an obelisk on fire with a and here’s an image of it. If you look at the screen, it’s basically a mini burning man festival and they have a statue of a goddess overlooking it. So I think it’s Isis and Osiris worship. And of course, of that Washington monument is an obelisk. It’s a symbol of Cyrus, the Earth God they worship, and on the fifty anniversary of Apollo Eleven, they projected the Saturn five rocket onto the side of this thing and recreated that launch. But yeah, if you want to go participate in some hardcore pagan festival and you can’t afford to get into Bohemian Grove and you’re not into the whole burner thing, go to the DC thing and you can participate in your ball worship there, ballers. That’s I’m still a little drunk. I think that this is all word magic. I think a lot of the words they use they use advisedly and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the earth is a ball and the earth God’s name is ball be al and his symbol is the obelisk. And what they’ve done is they’ve dressed up the rockets and the space program with all the same symbolism. So you know the Saturn five rocket. Well, Saturn on an novelist. You know, these are consistent symbols, these are repeated things and you know, in the last year you probably noticed to they’ve made a big deal about the shape of Jeff bezos is rocket. It’s like nobody was openly calling it out until recently, but that’s always been the symbol. Give me start a Dr Evil’s Dong rocket, and it’s not. It’s not a coincidence that Bezos looks just like Dr Evil and Dr Evil Literally has a rocket that looks just like that. No, it’s the most pain is looking rocket. And ever seen the like? Yeah, those people who are making like a vagina rocket and retaliation like Vol what the fuck? Yeah, yeah, I saw that buck early. I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a joke. These feminists in Germany of designed a rocket to combat and look, they say it’s a sexist symbol. It’s like, no, it’s aerodynamic or something, but no, yeah, okay, but yeah, they’re act. There’s a group in Germany that are creating a rocket that looks like the female counterpart, but they’re kind of missing the point. They are right in the sense, they are right in a sense, but the truth is, when you look at the actual symbolism of the this religion that runs the world. The goddess is the night sky. That’s that’s the womb of Isis. So the Earth God, Sky Goddess. So you wouldn’t need a rocket shape like that. They’re just, you know, a little, I don’t know, off the mark. But yeah, I thought it was a bad joke. I thought it was Babylon be or something, but no, it’s real. Yeah, no, no, no, Oh, yeah, no, they obviously. They obviously have some kind of weird fertility magic bullshit going with all the penis rockets and now the vulva rock is. Like come on, like, what’s the fuck? Okay, W BF aeronautics, they’ve actually they need five hundred thousand signatures. But yeah, it’s a real thing. It’s look, this is not a joke. It’s designed to restore gender equality and space. So how do they even know the aliens are Gender Ist? Like go on, like, yeah, you know, I talk. No, speaking of Aliens, because you brought up how, in the future they want us all to be grays, and I you know, they call the Aliens Grays and if you look at the Darwinian story, you’ve got man on one end, then you’ve got the grays on the other. If you look at aliens as a very advanced maybe humans in the future. And so what they do is they constantly show man as somewhere between ape and alien, and we’re trying to go that direction, but our lower human nature is bringing a step back down. So war, competition, all that stuff. And so I believe that they have introduced aliens as just a replacement for angels, which are these androgen is perfected beings that aren’t subject to the the pools of the flesh or whatever. So yeah, I think aliens are just a replacement for angels. It’s a superstition for the atheist to believe in and they do believe them to be. If they believe in them, they obviously believe that they’re superior or at least more advanced, whatever that means. But yeah, the grays the ideal for the Future D individualized. You know, you’re wearing up glasses at all times. You got a mask of your face. You’re all wearing PPE. You basically like in an alien spacing. That’s interesting. You remember that South Park episode with the Goo back from the future? Like they all pretty much look the same they were all bald and wearing the same outfits and look pretty much the same, that males and female. Yeah, yeah, that’s I recall that hope and I think that’s what they’re aiming for. I think what they’re doing is they’re using the illusion of being behind diversity to destroy diversity for pure uniformity. And that’s that’s some what I saw. I mean, to me, the mask is always just been a fascist fashion statement and that’s that’s the only utility it has. The dirty sock in your face. You know, you can, you can pretend it’s going to protect you from something, but really it’s just an overt display of your agreement with the new order and and and I think that when you take away the person’s face, well, you’re taking away a great deal of communication. A lot of nonverbal communication passes through the face and microexpressions, and they’re erasing that for all of the metaverser’s, the newborns, the and so they’re going to be mostly acclimated to Emoji faces and faces on the screen, the raw faces, the raw that all that material, that learning time spent looking at faces, as being replaced. And I think it’s intentional, because the face is what makes you an individual, and I think they want us all to look like ants or something that’s down the so sad. Yeah, I don’t know what the fuck kind of universe our kids and you are growing up into like. If you want an idea, watch netflix. I would say one hundred is a good example where we’re probably going. Netflix will tell you at least what their ideals are. I don’t know. I I do like some stuff on Netflix. I turn not to watch too much because I I think it’s the tool of the devil. Of course you know it is. It is and they it is an influence operation in progress. I look at I look at Netflix as part of the PSI war, and so I watch it very analytically, not necessarily for entertainment, but I am entertained by it. But every time I watch I’m never disappointed because I’m constantly finding wait, this is a consistent see, what we’ve been doing is we’ve been noticing predictive programming in advance instead of looking back like most people look at eleven predictive programming after having lived through it, thinking it was real. So I like this real time predictive programming analysis, and Netflix happens. You know do you know that the cofounder, first CEO of Netflix is the nephew of Edward Bernay’s, the founder of yeah, as mind control through media public relations?

Not a coincidence? Yeah, no, fuck that guy for sure. And like, honestly can like I don’t know if you’ve heard me say this before. I mentioned this before. Are But like, I work and advertising up, worked in at marketing and advertising for a long time. Like I’m part of the problem, unfortunately, but I like to think I do it ethically to an expense, like, like there’s some tactics I won’t lower myself to do like that are hyper manipulation. But yeah, unfortunately I’m part of the advertising problem. Fascinating. Well, it’s a science and it’s very it’s very interesting. And to know what they know about us in our habits, it’s remarkable. And Edward Burney’s is credited with having associated smoking with women’s Lib and having introduced bacon to the breakfast table. Like these are culture shapers and that’s what Netflix is all about. So that’s an important affiliation. And also Edward Burney’s is related to Sigmund Freud. So now you get into subconscious theories about sub conscious manipulations, motivations, what really drives us. So, yeah, I think they reverse engineered the human animal and they built the entire media on or marketing field, PR on this. Yeah, yeah, no, like, one thing I can say about advertising and marketing is that every tiny, little specific detail is a hundred percent and tensional to manipulate like, like, make no mistake, like. And there’s definitely some advertisers and Mare getting people that don’t know what they’re doing and they just, you know, like put something out there because I think it looks nice or whatever the fuck. But you know somebody that knows what they’re doing, it’s highly psychologically base. They they are trying to compel an emotion out of you, to compel an action out of you, like every title, thing, everything down to like color, font, font size, like everything you see is highly, unfortunately, intentional to manipulate you into the giving someone else money or or, you know, driving an action, unfortunately. And if that’s true for commercial selling products, then it’s got to be true for media organizations that are putting millions of dollars into these stories, which are, I’m called I’m calling the stories, mostly influenced operations, and you can see the programming and they know how we think and they know how to manipulate fear. Like one of the first things after the lockdown started, Ivanka trump did a video monolog where she was looking down into the camera. The lighting was low and she spoke in a soft voice about entering into the brave new world, and I remember thinking the way that her face was positioned over the camera looking up, it looked like the perspective of a baby in a crib listening to its mother’s comforting words. And I think they do these things intentionally where they infantilize, yes, with their authority figures. When they need to, they know how to tell you’re a million you are a million percent correct. Never think that any of that shit that goes out on a math scale is unintentional like that. That’s something I could confirm a hundred percent, because it happens on small scale. Like, if it happens on small scale, I can guarantee you it happens on a Vanka trump scale, like, definitely, like it’s all intentional every single teamy time ass, but is untentional, unfortunately. So yes, it’s easy for me to believe that is all bullshit. Yep, it’s interesting that you work in in marketing. You know I do marketing, or have to to survive. And Yeah, the more I look into it, the more you see that there’s a great deal of inside information nearro linguistic programming, and it’s not always ethical. I used to do tell marketing and I got away from tell marketing because I just I couldn’t, I really couldn’t do what these company I couldn’t agree to do what they were doing, which is selling garbage to people it’s way over priced and screwing them over in their contracts. I was in retentions and I was the guy who would always give credits back to people who are ripped off, which is probably one of the reasons why they hated me. But yeah, that was one of my last jobs in it, because it is really easy to manipulate people in large numbers, and that’s what the news media does and they don’t have a conscience about it like I get. This Ukraine thing is just another eyeopener where I get emails from almost every company I use. For example, someone ordered a coffee Mug and the company sends me an email. Do you want us to make the coffee Mug blue? And yellow to show solidarity with Ukraine. It’s like no, just leave the penguin on it and send the Mug, like why would they even offer that? Wow, wow, and that’s when I knew this is an agenda and this is the same company that said do you want to put? You know, they were basically one the first ones to adopt all the new covid thing. So I just saw them as okay, you can kind of see they’re going with the agenda of the month, and so I knew it was just another agenda preplant. Yeah, I mean, look, one more thing here. This reminded me of something the thousand oaks shooting. We had looked into it and there were these basketball players were wearing tshirts with the names of the victims on their backs less than forty eight hours after the event and I contacted the t shirt company send bad tea’s and I’m like hey, if I want to get a bunch of names on a shirt and have it sent to an event in La what’s your turnaround time?

And it was like a week, and I’m like HMM HMM, maybe they have a time machine, but I just see for planning in the news media they give it away if you pay attention, and that’s just another example. Yeah, yeah, but hey, I appreciate you calling because I think if, well, not, if, because this is gonna be the format. But the the continuity of this think tank is essential because no matter what happens out there, we have a clear record of things and I think we have a great collection of thinkers, chatters and callers to where we don’t really get triggered or fool by any of these events. We’re one of the first ones to always break these things down, so it’s always going to be an oasis of sanity. So everyone here appreciates you calling in and sharing your insights and a perspectives on these things. Well as nice to talk to you. To him, it’s been a while and I appreciate having your stream to listen to, so I will, I will let you finally finally get on with the show tonight. No, this has been great, great to catch up with you and yeah, I see your post and discord. Always appreciate you. Everyone’s posting things in there and it’s always a blast. So, yeah, thanks for calling. I think everyone here in Georgia call and we hope to hear from you again. All right, all right, everyone, that is restless bear. Let me go ahead and catch up on some of the comments here. Apocalypse Smile says been gone for a while. Enjoyed that. Yes, we’re going to be doing our open phones nightly and we have a daytime, usually in the mornings, a daytime live stream. All right, let’s see here. Van Go says kids are wearing the masks at higher percentages. Agreed. Pippy Lang stuff says aliens are yonder in all caps. Okay, okay, let’s get back on free just man says VIP orders. Can Get tea’s quick maybe, but my problem was this. I know you could get or I’m t shirts quick, but my point was, in forty eight hours, would you have time to do all those autopsies, to identify the victims, to contact the next of kin? Like, would you have the victims names published on a t shirt within forty eight hours, before the blood is really even dry? Their place in the orders? I don’t think so. Like they’re waiting, like. Okay, it’s twelve right now, but don’t print it yet. There might be another death. He’s in critical okay, thirteen printed, like no. It’s just very questionable. And what’s more when you go into that whole thing. The thousand oaks event was thirteen months after the Vegas event. Now the Vegas Event and the thousand oaks event shared fifty victims. So fifty people shot at in Vegas was shot at again at a different country music event. What are the odds? In a different state. So wasn’t like fifty locals they go to a concert, they get shot at, then about a year later they come out again, they get shot out again. No, they went to a different state, from Vegas to California. Fifty of the same people getting shot at. And if that doesn’t raise any red flags, the same day that those fifty were being shot at in thousand oaks there was a drill being conducted in the same city based on the Vegas shooting event. Free just man, says, the room temperature t shirt challenge. Yeah, who can get them out first? All right, let’s see what else we have here going through my voice mails. Okay, let’s see. I think someone here says, okay, let’s play this one.

Looks like a nice criticism and then we’ll get back to the top. Him. I used to really be into your podcast. Those speak, but your shaking repetitive. But okay, he’s drinking. Let me see. Okay, go on, go on, I got it. He says it feels too much like the MSM, and then saw the seatre date that we’re supposed to be aligned with certain things happening. Never happened. By myself said if you dates, that would have okay, I’m rend with the I’m able to read his transcripts. But he says I want to have faith or hope at the same time. I believe that this point, you know, it’s too much. Everything will merge together. What the F? I’m just going to sit back and watch. Like I said, give me a beer. But that is himtime. I am okay, yeah, I got it. I will definitely make an effort to not be repetitive here. Next Voice Mail or extend your service contract has a okay, not that one. Okay, let’s see. We have one more voicemail. Okay, all right, Andrew Munchkin says wearing the face mask as space junk protection on your head with straps under the Chin offers the same amount of protection against covid when worn on the face. HMM, interesting. Yeah, I can see that. Let’s go ahead and touch back on this topic really quick. I brought this up earlier. So today’s live stream was called Manson heart shaped glasses, cubric syop. So the story is Evan Wood is raising a she basically broke the story about a February first but with the documentary she came out named Marilyn Manson as her abuser from a few years ago.

But now she’s alledging that the music video heart shaped glasses contains an actual nonconsenting sex act with Marilyn Manson, and so she’s alledging essentially a rape on camera on this video. So now there’s a petition to pull the video down. So a couple of things about the video. The video heart shaped glasses is based on a Stanley cubric work. That’s one thing that stands out. Second the event itself. The the event is referenced and a later Marilyn Manson video three years later, where he reveals that the quote rape was a marketing scheme. In the song it’s about persephone and persephone being kidnapped by Haiti’s taken into the underworld, but he specifically recites the lyrics rape per so phony multiple times in this second video. And in this second video and the and I have the have it linked here. Not going to play it, but what he does is he actually plays a clip from heart shaped glasses from the scene in question. So either it’s a real thing and he bragged about it in a subsequent music video, or it’s a it’s a psychological operation, it’s a marketing scheme and it’s, quote, so phony, as he put in the lyrics referencing that scene. And there are a few of the things about this particular individual of Evan Wood. Her documentary. It’s called Phoenix rising, and the significance to this character to extends to the roles she’s played. So, for example, she plays Dolores in Westworld who confronts her abuser, the man in black, and eventually she defeats him and she, you know, escapes and she wakes up a lot of other AI spontaneously awakened beings in this westworld environment. So she kind of leads this revolution. Well, that’s what she’s doing now with Project Phoenix or the Phoenix Act, where she’s finding all of these other people to rally behind her and rebel against the real world counterpart to Dolores’s man in black, Marilyn Manson. So she’s Dolores in west world, well, in Lolita, and that’s who she’s playing in heart shaped glasses. LOLITA’s a fictional character. Her name is Dolores, Dolores Hayes. So she plays Dolores in West world confronting the man in black. She plays Dolores in the heart shaped video glasses with her real life counterpart. So there’s another connection here. I’m finding with a lot of these and you’ll recognize a lot of these names. You know, you got Dorothy, like Alice from Ellis in Wonderland. There’s a certain archetype here that we’re tapping into. And something else I wanted to mention. You went to Epstein Island via Lolita Express. So here we’re talking about a few things. But human trafficking is sort of a part of it, the abuse, the victim being Evan Wood. Well, Lolita Express was the plane that Clinton and others, and I think trump was on it a few times. Who wasn’t on Lulita Express? I think even Stephen Hawking.

But in Westworld the people who want to go abuse the AI or the the synths or whatever. In West world they take a train kind of like the Lolita Express. I think that’s kind of interesting. I also want to point out when you get into the symbolism, the this is this. This is all very interesting to me just because of how consistent it is. So you got she’s trapped in west world ww A. Prior to that she was trapped in Marilyn Manson’s world. Just invert the W W and you’ll find a lot of this type of thirty threes. Like she branded and an em on her. He branded an e for Evan on him. So you’ll find a lot of these ambigrams and palindromes built into the symbolism. Probably a not a coincidence that the video heartshaped glasses is about to hit thirty three million hits. I think is what it is. And this is something else. I’m looking at Evan Woods is instagram account and she has a picture from labyrinth where you have the character Jessica in the Labyrinth Confronting Jareth, the gobbling king, and she says you have no power over me. So this is a story about a young girl kidnapped by the Gobblin King and she’s trapped in his labyrinth and she has to, you know, confront him in order to escape. This thing played by David Bowie. But the main thing is she’s a prisoner in in his little labyrinth, which this isn’t an this is very annow August to Dorothy confronting the wizard of Oz, delores confronting the man in black, very similar. These are parallel stories. It’s the it’s a repeated theme. So again here’s the the parallels, and this is again from her instagram. She posted this character from labyrinth. So labyrinth equals the West world, the Matrix, the Truman show, Free City, if you watched free Guy Jarreed, the Goblin king is the same archetype as the wizard of Oz, the man in black or as Manson played. It’s the same dynamic with Sarah, Dorothy, Alice and Dolores. So you have the control dynamic, master slave. You have virgo, and this is what gets really interesting to me, is virgo is personified as persephone and at the equinox she’s taken into the underworld for the fall. So gabby Potito, if you remember it was characterized, was typecast as virgo in many of her pictures and her body was found at the equinox. As we entered into the fall. That’s when hades would have taken her, symbolize, I think, by the kidnapping by Brian Landry. But my point is she disappears at the fall. So in this documentary Phoenix rising, about this Evan Wood, she says the first thing he said to her she was looking over a balcony.

He said don’t fall, and right after that they started dating and she took on the character, I think, of persephone, having been taken into the underworld by Hades Pluto, by the man in black, by Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson, the name Brian Warner, Brian Landry, very interesting correlation here. But my point being she was characterized as a persephone. Now, nowhere has she been called persephone. This is a characterization on the world stage. So I was very surprised when I saw the video, the Marilyn Manson video called overneath the path of misery, where in this video he references the heart shaped glasses video and he says rape, purse, Sof persephone, rape per so phony. It’s all just a marketing scheme. And again it’s a direct reference to the other video calling it a marketing scheme. We went over a lot of the symbolism in that and others in the previous upload. Today Manson heart shaped glasses, cubric sty up and the cubic connection here again, Lolita, cubric production and, and I pointed this out earlier and it kind of I should probably repeat this once more. MANSON’S VIDEO COMA White was delayed. Its release on MTV was delayed because it was so proximal to the death of JFK Jr. And the video featured Manson playing JFK and he said the video was based on an unproduced script about how there were actually to Jesus has, Jesus Christ and JFK and that now we’re waiting for a third savior. Well, that’s the queue and on story. And again, if you follow the the whole cubric q and on connection here, there’s quite a lot to unpack their. However, the main thing is this, this narrative of the Kennedy Somehow Being Return of Christ. That’s something that the queue and honors picked up, but I had not found any mention of it outside of a miles math. This article from two thousand and nine. Maybe that was one, but really Manson obviously has some kind of insider script on this thing. And then here’s another connection to persephone, you might find interesting. So he was over there at the Dawn. Day Two, event the Pluto returned. Day again, it’s Pluto is Haities, haties, kidnaps persephone, and it was on that day two to two, that she releases the trailer for her documentary. So what this tells me is that this is a premeditated controversy. Like they release this controversy. It’s world stage drama. So again, Dolores and Westworld, dolores in heart shaped glasses. Dolores is a persephone like figure, a prisoner to the man in black, just like Dorothy, prisoner to the wizard of Oz. So it’s again recurring theme, just like Sarah and the movie labyrinth. Let me go through some comments make sure I haven’t missed anything. All right, let’s see here. Well, I missed quite a bit. Can me just a moment to get my scroll on. Finnbar says love the call, he hoo, restless, bear, clockwork, one, one, three says great questions, great call, Portal Complex, says carver. Can do an autopsy over a zoom conference. Oh Yeah, Dr Carver, speaking of world stage names, he’s one of my favorites. Dr Carver does autopsies. Lenda Curtis is thirteen is the moon cycle.

Oh, you know, when you look into the Evan Woods, back her IMDB, she did a movie called thirteen which is very symbolic. It has to do with the Goddess Virgo. Not a coincidence that he reck Marilyn Manson recognize her from the movie thirteen and that she releases her documentary when she’s thirty three free. Just man said the voice mailer was drunker than restless bear. Yeah, he tried to get it out. I’m trying not to be repetitive. I don’t know if I am repetitive. The world stage is repetitive. They’re repeating one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. They’re repeating one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. They’re basically recycling narratives from the s right now what isn’t being repeated right now. So I’m not being repetitive, but if you feel like we’re being repetitive, you’re welcome to call in and change the subject. Okay, let us continue. Rich flat says Dr Carver died a few years ago. No, he didn’t. Well, he might have died, but I believe he came back in two thousand and twenty as doctor was at Redfield. Yeah, this is kind of a side note, but Dr Carver from the Sandy Hook Group came back as Dr Redfield, the CDC Director. And you know, by the way, Gabby Potito, speaking of she was in a post Sandy Hook music video. We Indian says, real a Shit Online, and it will continue to be so. I mean we are always reaching out to others who are, you know, similarly predisposed to not trust the media, and I am building a network, the CON spiritament Radio Network, which you’ll hear more about as we go. It’s in its very, very early stages. Okay, let’s continue. We’re talking about this persephoni thing. Okay, so I brought this up in discord and about how Dolores is the name of Lolita, or the character in Lolida, and how she plays do Loris, which is very similar to Dorothy, same dynamics so in and then I brought up Sarah in labyrinth, same dynamic and of course her antagonist is David Bowie, or the Goblin King. And another thing here in the Truman show, his main antagonist is Ed Harris playing Christophe, the guy who built the Truman show put him into this matrix that he had to overcome. This guy, well Ed Harris, is a guy who plays the man in black in Westworld. Okay, so there’s a few other things here. Cups are put posted this and discord. In westworld there’s a maze. There’s actually a labyrinth, a map that she has to figure out, you know, how to navigate in order to, I guess, achieve consciousness. It’s an interesting reoccurring symbol throughout the whole westworld thing. So the labyrinth connection there just another the thing that correlates it shows you were looking at the same archetypes. So it’s called the the maze. So the man in black convinced himself. Miss Scoot forward on this one. Here we go. Yeah, the maze is for Dolores and it represents her path to consciousness. Again, one other thing with Dolores, the blue dress just like dorothy. Okay, get appreciate the phone calls and if you have anything to add to any of these things, you can always drop the information on a voicemail. If we’re not live, you can put it in discord. I would recommend you listen to what we discussed earlier. If you’re not familiar with this present controversy with Marilyn Manson and this this Evan would and we’ve been following it, because I’ve been following Manson since he started associating with Kanye West.

Another very interesting story. I just think that what we’re seeing is the death of the West being symbolically played out. We’re seeing a sort of a Meta drama where Kanye West, Kanye West’s world is burning and you know in West World it’s destroyed when the robot or the AI rebellion is led by Evan Woods Character Dolores. So it’s kind of like a reset. They shut it down, that it’s kind of a revolution, and that’s kind of what we’re seeing. That’s the big story here. I think that’s what this whole crack and thing has been about and believe that we’re looking at some big rift and that’s what it represents. So anyway, we’ll get back to this and get it into other contexts like, for example, one of the other main themes about west world has been this the White Church, this chapel, and how it correlates to the chapel that Kanye West burned at Donde to and it actually has a lot of interesting connections to the rust world store, the rust story, you know, with Elec Baldwin here in New Mexico, Shooting Helena Hutchins, age forty two, shooting her in that chapel. And again, rusts is a western a lot of stuff here suggesting that we’re looking at this takedown of the West, something that Putin has been talking about lately as well. Linda says the man in black seeks the maze, he’s also obsessed with it. Yeah, so many overlapping symbols here. All right, let me see, I’m going through my notes again. I brought this up earlier today. Daily beasts had mentioned how shockingly prescient Netflix is with this servant of the People’s Zelenski movie, and they’re saying, oh, it’s rare that art follows life like this, like obviously they’re not paying attention. All Right, yes, blue origins twenty flight new shepherd is shifted to Tuesday march twenty nine. So Pete Davidson will no longer be joining the crew. So he canceled it and there has been a little bit of talk that he might be meeting up with Kanye. They will see. Now here’s a couple of other things. Manson was engaged to rose McGowan. Now she was pretty big with the me to thing and outing how a Harvey Weinstein. So it ties in some other characters here. So, for example, when the HIVEY Weinstein scandal broke, it was Marilyn Manson’s ex fiancing spoke out the loudest and she was gathering her rose army. So this is kind of similar, the Rose Army demanding justice for herself and Weinstein’s other victims. It’s very similar to what Evan Wood is doing right now. But anyway, Corey Feldman claims that. See, Corey Feldman did this thing a little while ago. It was just so cringe Corey’s angels where he’s got these strippers or dancers living with them and they their backup dancers for his horrible performance. I don’t want to play it. Let me go to play it. I watched it just sheer cringertainment value. A few times I couldn’t believe what I was saying. Like I don’t. I don’t recommend it. It’s called ascension millennium by Corey Feldman. I’m going to mute it. I don’t know what to make of it. I mean, I guess you have a lot of money, you can do anything. You can buy a lot of yes men and yes women, and so your judgment is never question. But he puts out this music video and he’s got these laendreis clad. He calls them Corey’s angels. So the interesting thing is Corey’s angels kind of reminds me of, you know, Charlie’s angels. You Know Charlie Manson, how he has these these backup dancers or whatever, but he calls him as angels. Well, it turns out that his backup dancer angels that he has living with them. He says he’s just helping them, whatever that means. But apparently these were all spies from Marilyn Manson. So you got Corey’s angels are actually Charlie’s angels or actually Manson’s angels. kind of a probably a disconcerting thing to find out, you know, that you’ve actually invited into your house people who are just spying on you twenty four seven. But yeah, that is come out as well. All right, let us continue, salty says. Why does he try so hard to be Michael Jackson? Right, speaking of Michael Jackson, is believed to be on team trump and that he’s coming back with JFK, John Denver and Princess Diana to save the children who won’t be children if they wait much longer. It’s going to be saved the teenagers who’ve been raised in Nwo daycares like. Are they going to want to be saved by a bunch of Magas at the end of the day? I kind of don’t think so. Let’s see here. Look at this space force. This is posted, I believe, by Lean Dion. Space Force is full of predictive programming. The entire base is being hacked by Russians. The powers cut, their computers are disabled by hackers, one of their satellites is taken out of orbit. The last episode of season two, Russia hacks space force and controls their satellite and at the end they spot a big asteroid. Okay, this is another story that’s been making the rounds. It’s like I the caller of wrestles, Barris, that you know. Are there any real que and honors, or is this just a bunch of government larpers or people being can this be real? So the new theory among que and honors, according to the mainstream media is that trump’s bizarre pronounce seation of China. He calls it Chai Nah or China. He always pauses between and he has a very peculiar well, anyway, they think this entire time he’s referring to a place in Ukraine and that’s where the bioweapon is actually come from. So, yeah, they’ve taken a decoding trump’s every single utterance to a whole new level. They’ve done this with tweets. You know, if you didn’t follow this before trump was deleted on twitter, they would take his every tweet and cross reference. It was a q drop based on the time stamp, and then they do a little numerology, a little Cabala and boom of revelation. All right, again, all chatters, appreciate you and everyone here who who supports the channel. Again, this wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be able to maintain this with the level of opposition and it wouldn’t be as fun if we didn have as many people wanting this to exist. And so it’s going to continue to exist. I have a thirty year plan.

I don’t plan on stopping. I’m just saying I have a thirty year plan makes a lot more sense to do a thirty year thing than a five year and then also puts things into context. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like the channel, if you’re a troll or something, you’re just going to have to live with the realization that we will be here long after you’ve retired. Again, just a heads up. Amazon move eighteen hundred employees out of downtown Seattle due to a quote, crime wave. So it makes me think maybe they’re getting ready for some kind of SI up. Maybe this will be the crack and maybe it’ll be a tsunami, some kind of a wave, maybe some kind of emp burst, but something’s going to happen in Seattle and they had to make some room to stage the event. That’s my take on it right now. Let’s see, I got a message here from Benton. Did you see DMZ? It’s about a new civil war. I started watching it and it’s definitely if you like wrestless bear was asking, you know, talking about the future. If you want to know what the future is, watch DMZ, or at least that’s what they want it to be. I think it’s always a question of how much they can get reality to match their fantasy. Something else I’ve been saying that if aliens do arrive, it wouldn’t be unifying, despite what Ronald Reagan had said. If a bunch of aliens arrived, it’s going to be partisan. The left will join the aliens because these are the technological saviors, it’s their angels. The right will see them as demons and they’ll say it’ll be it’ll be a schism, just like covid you would think. Okay, imagine, instead of a virus, if they were aliens, you think we would have united? No, you could see how split we were that that didn’t unite us. But anyway, the idea of world unifying aliens, no way. So Mr most woke had a comment on this point. He said when Europeans, white aliens a rove in the new world, it did not unite the a, the Indians, the various tribes aligned with the new white aliens to help them defeat their enemies. So yeah, I don’t think that there would be anything unifying about it. Is Anything even unifying? All right, everyone, this has been great. I think I have a couple more things that I should probably bring up. You know what time about death fakers and I mentioned Princess Diana. Well, you know, it turns out, and by the way, Princess Diana, Diana Goddess name, crashed into what the thirteen pole or pillar under the bridge? Obviously a Sioh her photographer, though, said that she had plastic dummy hair, so that Harry saw on her head. Yeah, it’s just stick on. It’s not even real. And what’s more, she’s I don’t think she’s dead. I don’t think the queue and honors are right about it, though. She’s not going to come back as princess die. Princess die never left. In fact, she just took off the plastic dummy hair wig and married Elton John. Look at David furnish and note the nose. It’s very distinct. David Furnish, Aka Princess Diana, candle in the wind, death faker, Lean Dion, says. Bezos and the crack on the inside job. You know, I have that clip. We’re on inside job, a Netflix series. Again, Netflix is essentially a it’s like a scrying mirror. So if you want to know what’s going on in the future, well, in Netflix a crack in actually swallows up Jeff Bezos, who’s on his mega yacht, the symbol of the mega yacht. You know, that’s the titanic, that’s the West, that’s the tower of Babble, the crack in taking it down. Super Symbolic Again, Bezos, richest man the world, pokes his head into space. All right, there are so many other things I want to talk about here, like, for example, I was looking into a horrible TV show, Big Bang theory. I used to watch it on my lunch breaks when I worked at a Walmart. Everybody loved it, but there was an episode where Howards and space and I remember watching this show here and there. It’s Cringer tainment, so it’s not that bad. But anyway, there’s this article here about how, Big Bang theory we’re able to fake being in the ISS and it’s kind of funny when you think about it, because it’s talking about all the technologies that you would need, all the different props in the setup you would need to make it happen and to make it look real, and it’s basically what they really do. It’s not too bad. I mean this description. I think we’re looking at some real backstage stuff and they don’t even know so. It says with only twenty feed or six meters of space station to work with. They had visual spects, supervisors, cinematographers and they set up the unique camera angles to create more space than there actually was. Anyway. It goes on to the different ways that they’re able to maneuver the camera and create this illusion, and they had to run it by some of these astronauts. Mike Missisimo was very impressed. They had to make it authentic for this episode, but it’s just kind of funny how they kind of blindly stumble into the truth sometimes, like the word is fakable. The word is fakable. I’ve introduced this into the autohoax or lexicon. You have to ask yourself, or ask a nonbelieves. Ask Somebody who believes that they see on TV. Is it at least fakable? If they’re not willing to at least meet you halfway and say it’s fakeable, then they’re claiming ignorance about the technologies available in media wizardry today. Let me play a clip here.

This is Laura Logan talking about President Zelenski’s connection to the occult and how, my how he was selected, not elected. Job as a journalist is to try to understand what is the truth here. I don’t like being lied to, and we’re being lied to on an epic scale when we’re told your only choices. You have to be a hundred percent with Zelenski, who’s a puppet who you can find on the Internet in as the lettos and leather pants, you know, with shirtless, doing a spoof dancing with the stars kind of entertainment video that’s a mock of a Ukrainian group that does this kind of Satanic, occult type of Music Video. And I mean Zelenski was selected like so many of us. There have it. This is the main part. She’s talking about how he was selected, not elected, directly lifted from David Ike. I mean this is some this is an interesting point. Zelenski was selected like so many of our leaders. and honestly, with with big tech and with election fraud these days, we don’t know how many leaders all around the world have been selected for us and would actually voted in. But what we do know is that there are increasing problems with technology and the digitize. Okay, there you have it, Laura Logan, nice little rant there making the rounds. All right, let’s see. Yeah, I’ll be checking discord and look, if you want to join the discord. Go to infinite plane dot radio two dollars a month. If you don’t pay, you know going to get kicked out. There’s almost five hundred people there and it’s a fire hose of basically metascript deconstruction, metascript breakdown, real time propaganda analysis. So we’re not falling for their spells, we’re not taking sides. It’s one of the most, I would say, well, one of the top skeptics think tanks out there. So you know, highly recommend you join again. It’s only a couple dollars a month and the memes are free. All right, this has been great. Let me go ahead and again say thanks everyone to help to make this happen. Oh, one more thing. How many times have I correlated the falling of the space station and the dissolution of the agreement above with the burning or the the falling of the Tower of Babel? How genesis eleven nine about the scattering of the tower? About one hundred nine, the number being used with stuff falling from the sky? Well, in Russia they burn a mock tower of Babel. Just want to put some the screen really quick and also look at that Tower of Babel and then compare it to the Helix building, the Amazon headquarters. Again, the symbol here this is all the same symbol, the Tower of Babil, the titanic, the way that they represent this the West itself, but it’s basically symbolic of the Tower of Babel, and so you have this burning. Probably not a coincidence. Anyway, it’s been great. Appreciate the calls and all the commenters. Will be back tomorrow. I’m going to make up for lost time this week, so we’ll be at live all weekend of working on a series of ten minutes short fits. I think you’ll like it. The series is called metascript decodes. Anyway, this is the autohoaxer revolution, by MVP. See You all tomorrow. Society some time thing. There’s a lot of pain. Win. Can we actually know how to water in it? I S yeah, back to me from the planet hope. Revelation, a revelation we’ve taken over out of hopes. autoser meant to attack people jumped, until we realize that no, actually we were right. The auto. Auto hoaxing really has to do with a very tight grasp on the facts of reality. Auto hoaxing is based on and automatically believe your media sources, because actually the oppost watch of hope. They all books, all the laser hope, they rembery, all the allospe. The autohoaxing is the only legitimate threat. The main stream strangle hosception, the auto hooks, name automos concept mainstream and I think more than every people will understand what is explained from

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