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Look into the sky, design dam and I’ll spending sip from and as these comes to trust. Thank you for joining. It is three D and Eighteen, two thousand and twenty two. You’re listening to. The end is always nigh from inversions.

I’ll put a link in the chat. Okay, so thank you for joining for what is going to be actually part one of a multi part series on Marilyn Manson. In particular. This psyoup having to do with his public unraveling, this monster being unearthed here live in front of everybody. With this allegation that just came out today, gets even more intense because it’s being suggested that he actually raped Evan Rachel Wood on the set of heart-shaped glasses, and there’s a petition to pull it. It almost has thirty three million views. There’s a petition to pull the video. Now. This was revealed on Phoenix rising, the documentary I’ve been discussing about Evan Wood, and I’ve been talking about it because I noticed the curious parallel between Dolores in westworld and Evan Wood in Marilyn Manson’s world, and there’s a lot of symbolic connections between the two. There’s parallels in the stories and I’ve extrapolated something here about her archetype being persephone virgo personified, and I found a clue here that suggested I’m a hundred percent on target with this thing. So the title of this live stream is Manson heart shaped glasses, cubric sy up, part one. cubric because the video heart shaped glasses is based on a cubric directed film Lolita. So we’ll get into all of this stuff. Let me go through some comments, joined by rock of CAL zone, Dang frank, general of Kraft Reid’s penguinatties in Vellis worst nightmare. Yeah, awesome music. That was a track submitted to me by this for INF and a plane radio by a Michael Kiver. He also sent us another track from red to green about the environmentalist communist watermelon Marxist takeover. Joined by Chalk Body, Linda Curtis, thirst for truth. We dead beat Daddy Minneapolis. Yeah, I’ve been here, been working. I haven’t missed anything, but I haven’t been able to get in front of my computer. I’m working on a very important project which I think you’re all going to appreciate. metascript dcodes a series of ten minute videos that break down segment by segment, puzzle piece by puzzle piece, node by nude node, all these mind maps in exquisite, concise detail. But it’s going to be put into these ten minute segments or less. Like I’m not trying to reach short, destroyed attention spanned tick tock minds, but I am reaching out into Ticktock, I am reaching out into twitter because I know that the people who are looking for real substance are there as well. Let’s see here and look, I’ll be availableed later to take phone calls on this topic, but I want to go through all of this first. Cincinnati tuned in as always. And Yeah, so we’ll get into all the details about where the channels going, what we’re doing. We’re just going up. For the most part. We’ve been expanding laterally, but we’re improving our research community. Our mean pool is growing as a crack in the damn and it’s going to break. Okay, so let’s get into the main theme for right now, part one, and then part two. I will actually take phone calls and you know, maybe later today we’ll get told off topic, but I want to stay focus on the Manson heart shaped glasses.

Kubrick syop I’ve been following this thing very closely ever since last August, August two thousand and twenty one, when Marilyn Manson shows up with Kanye and the baby at dawn day one. Now, the Dawnde event is extremely significant one. It took place on the anniversary date of the thirty three burning man festivals, and Kanye set himself on fire like a burning man. But to the second installment, the second release Dnde, to produced by future, who goes by Pluto, was released on two twenty two of this year, the day of Pluto Return, and this all ties into everything else here, when you learn that Pluto is Haities Hadis, is the one who creates and releases the Kraken. Now this connects to Gabby Pottito and Brian Laundry, brain laundry, the kidnapping of Gabby Pottito, Virgo personified, persephone, taken into the underworld at the equinox, and that’s when they found her body, and I pointed this out. Then there’s a story here. We’re looking at virgo personified being taken into the underworld. Well, now, with the emergence of Evan Wood exiting the underworld, that’s what we’re seeing this is a continuation of the same storyline and this thing is so scripted, and I was saying this in discord today

. If Ninety nine out of a hundred facets of the story are scripted, it’s all scripted. So I don’t think we’re looking at real crime scenes here. And also note this. I’ve been talking about how the one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight and twenty twenty new cycles were basically mirrors, and the saying followed for one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and two thousand and twenty one, with a space race, the Manson killings are Pinette marrored with the Internet of things. I mean so many things, but they’re paralleling. So I’ve been following this and as you would expect, right now, as we are in two thousand and twenty two, this is after the one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine summer of love turn summer of hate with the Manson killings.

This would be about the time you would expect the Manson victims brainwash. She’s to be examined and that’s what this whole documentary is about. There’s a parallel between Marilyn Manson and his victims all getting together and the Charles Manson Charlie’s angels. So we’re seeing Charlie’s angels again. This Charles Manson Marilyn Manson thing is part of an ongoing script, as you’ll see. So let’s go into this. This is where it gets really interesting to me. So there’s a music video called Coma White, and this is a video in which Marilyn Manson portrays himself as John F Kennedy. Here’s a description of it. And there’s a couple of other things. One it was delayed.

The release was delayed because it was so close to the death of John F Kennedy Junior. So he plays the role of JFK. He gets symbolically killed a here’s a description of it. The music video for Coma White was directed by Samuel Bear shot in Los Angeles. It was inspired by a film that Manson had written entitled Hollywood. He said that the unproduced script featured. And this is where I’m telling you I’m convinced this guy try, Marilyn Manson, has to be an insider on this bigger metascript quote the idea. This is the idea that there were two previous Christs there was Jesus and J F K, and the whole idea on Hollywood was that their waiting for their third and final savior. So Marilyn Manson is saying here that J F K, just like the queue and honors, believe, was the second coming, the second Christ, and there waiting on the third one, who would be JF K junior.

And this is what Manson says, quote, and that’s what the President says he’s going to be. It’s going to be president white. Manson told US fans it’s the most disturbing and beautiful video he had ever done. So again, just a recap. Manson’s own script about the music video coma white is about J F K as Christ, having been killed and it’s a big tragedy and now they’re waiting for his son or for a third Christ, another savior. So this is to me straight out of Q and on teachings, where they believe that JF K junior is coming back from the dead. Now here’s some more. He says, quote. Little did I know that the accidental death of J F K junior would soon follow. The video recreates the assassination of John F Kennedy, with Manson as Kennedy and rose McGowan as Jacqueline Kennedy. Her name rose is very significant in this play, by the way, and she’s also connected to the me too thing and the Cavanagh Blazy Ford thing. All of these people are very questionable.

Okay, so has Manson on a cross and he explained he did this. He says basically, yeah, Manson conflated Kennedy with Jesus, but yeah, we’re waiting on a new savior. is on his own idea, his own script. This is literally the metascript that JFK and the whole que and on movement is based upon. Okay, so I wanted to start with that. Now I want to also point out a couple of other things. We’ve been talking about Evan Wood and her documentary phoenix rising, and this is where she exposes Marilyn Manson as this abuser. Well, what I pointed out from the beginning is that I watched her in west world, where she plays Dolores. Now Dolores looks, she wears like a blue dress, and that’s significant. Dolores is very much like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. The wizard of Oz is the controlling Dema urge archetype. In West world that would be the man in black, same Saturnian archetype, and Marilyn Manson represents that same character. Interestingly enough, in West World the man in black is played by Ed Harris, who is the Dema urge controller over Truman in the Truman show. Same Story. Your talking about an ai or a a false person becoming a true person. West world is about the AIS, a wakening to the cycles of abuse under the CI Turnian Matrix and breaking free. So now part one. Don’t fall. Is One hour thirteen minutes, one three, and if you follow this channel, and I’m doing a metascript decode on this number, you’ll see it is very much associated with this idea of the Phoenix and rebuilding. That’s why the One World Trade Tower that opened upon the ashes of the Twin Towers rose up and was opened on eleven three, November the third, thirteen years after the towers burned. Okay, let us continue. So Brian Warner is his real name? Marilyn Manson, I think this is all interesting because Brian Laundry kidnapped Gabby Petito, and this is again I think this is a story about the the kidnapping now this is where it gets, I think, very scripted as well. She describes now I’m looking at this very skeptically, just so you know. So when I’m watching this documentary, I’m very aware of the fact that we’re probably watching a movie being presented as real, and that shouldn’t be a stretch if you’re familiar with psyops. But these other psyops that are more emotional than just pure violent or spectacle, are far more subtle. So she’s at a party, she’s eighteen, she’s on a balcony and he walks up behind her and he says into her ear, don’t fall, and that’s why the one hour and thirteen minute documentary is called don’t fall. She’s near Balcity. This is all very significant, as you’ll see, because these our code words. So blue dress, very significant. Will get into this. So Pluto, Hades, Lord of the underworld. All of this stuff is going to come into play here shortly. Now I want to show you some lyrics because this is where I’m I’m finding that this is getting to be beyond any shadow of a doubt, highly scripted. So here would claims one or threatened her if she were to speak out against him, and he apparently threatened her father. He said he would start with my dad. So anyway, she was being in ten intimidated into not speaking out against him because of his threats against her father. In West World you’ll see the man in black is constantly killing her father every day in front of her. Often it’s terrorizing her. So her father is a point that’s used to control her in Westworld. Repeated theme. Yeah, we’ll do calls later everyone. If you’re in the chat, I’m following everything. And also I want to point out the blue dress symbol. It’s the Blue Dorothy in the wizard of Oz is a blue dress. Dolores in Westworld has a blue dress. The Blue Dress, I think, is a reference to the high priestess as well. Get it in the TURO cards the high priestess in a sequence. It’s got magician, high priestess and empress, and those all tie into this, because these turo cards are all very much a part of this bigger script. It’s part of the elites hidden language. So now I want to point this part out. This is where I’m thinking it’s getting more and more what I would call metas scripted. So just today the news comes out that this video heart shaped glasses is going to be pulled. Well, the video heart shaped glasses, let’s get into this.

First is based on a Kubrick Lolita. So here you have your your cubric connection. The video for heartshaped glasses was released on twenty two, two thousand and nine. So there’s another connection right there with cubric. One thousand twenty two JFK assassination, in all likelihood directed by Kubrick. Now, that video came out in two thousand and nine and it depicts Evan as Lolita, and it is alleged now that on the set she was coerced into a commercial sex act on camera and he had hinted at the time that this was that it might have been real. They were alluding to it being real. It was almost like they were trying to create a scandal. So here’s the video Marilyn Manson heart shaped glasses. Almost thirty three million views and is released on an eleven, twenty two. Just pointing out these key dates, because these things are all chosen. It’s probably not a coincidence. Almost hitting thirty three now, three years later. This is now. This is three years later. So let me show you a clip. First, heart shaped glasses. Not much to the video. You know, for the most part it’s Manson and his Goth Buddies as rock stars at a a party or whatever, and then he has sex with her on a stage, more or less, and then they’re covered in blood. Now here’s a couple of things. When he met her he had only known her from he had he recognized her from the movie thirteen. So she’s played this character, she’s played this Lolita character, this thirteen year old, and older people being involved. She’s been fetishized for being young or whatever, you know, just your typical Hollywood trash. So she’s playing Lolita in this video. Well, one of the things you learn in the documentary is that she was a quote, she was pretty much a virgin when she met Marilyn Manson. Significant here, because virgin is virgo, virgo is persephone. So she plays a thirteen year old again, thirteen. That number is a goddess number, also associated with Virgo or virgin. So here you have Marilyn Manson heart shaped glasses, twenty two, two thousand and nine, and it’s a cubric themed music video, again based on Lolita. So you could kind of take from this here a few things but the main thing is this. She’s alleged that this is a rape. Well, three years later he puts out a video called overneath the path of misery. Now I just came across this today because I had already made the connection, just symbolically, that what we’re looking at is persephone in that Lolita video, that that character Evan Wood, is persephone on the world stage, not on that I didn’t know on the video she would fit that. So I’m going to play thirty seconds, are less, maybe ten seconds or less, of a clip from a song overneath the path of misery.

This came out three years after heart shaped glasses, and he says rape of persephone was choreographed, rape of persephone was Sep was marketing scheme. The rape of persephone was a marketing scheme. And now the very next second in this video happens to flash. It says rape per so phony and as he chants per so phony, it flashes back to the video they’re trying to ban right now, heart shaped glasses. So within this video overneath the path of misery, three years later, he actually references that very clip that is in question here. So this to me suggests that these two videos are connected, the stories connected, and he’s calling her persephone here, and this ties in again to the persephone being kidnapped by hades and Marilyn Manson hanging out at the Pluto returns, hadies returns event on the night that she releases Phoenix rising. So anyway, I even would take from this video at the end they have a mutual suicide, like a little packed that this is some kind of a plot between the two of them. I don’t think that her documentary is a real account of a monster. I think this is a movie mirroring reality. Let me go through some comments. Linda curt says people are arguing over a blue dress a few years back. Also, Oh that’s right, that’s right, good call there, and we’re talking about really contrived events. But this is a hundred percent PSIOPI, as you’ll see. All right, again, I’ll be taking calls on this later. I want to go through all of this, but again, the whole thing is the rape of persephone being a marketing scheme. Is a separate song, a separate album, but it references the video they’re pulling now, specifically connecting her to persephone, per so phony. So where is this? What is this all lead to? What is this exactly saying? Well, it’s called the Phoenix Act.

Her documentary is bringing out this agenda. It’s called the Phoenix Act, and I think act might even be a term use advisably here. It’s all in act, says in the two thousand seven video, heartshape, glasses, offmans and sixth album, the poster from Lolita, Stanley Kubius nineteen and sixty two film. So anyway, my point is is this. I’m thinking that this cubric thing is key, as I pointed out with the and I’ll go more into detail about that video later, about the coma white video where he portrays himself as J F K Christ. This is definitely part of a bigger story. In the story is this, the Phoenix Act, is about all of the victims of this man getting together and rising up, and I think it’s called stand up is part two, and I watch that today. So it’s about organizing. Well, in west and this is Marilyn Manson’s world, you know. So we’ve been talking about Kanye West’s world burning and now we have Marilyn Manson’s world burning and MM inverted ww. These ambigrams are very prevalent throughout this entire sty up. So that’s why it’s significant that he was there for the Pluto return thing. Now the significance, though, is in west world delores creates the same situation where she wakes up to her abuser and she creates something of a revolution and she becomes something of a villain, but she causes others to wake up and they’ve revel against the men in black. The Guy’s name in the movie is William, but anyway, my point being, Dolores in west world is quite literally the same character as Evan would in real life, with the man in black and west world being replaced with Marilyn Manson. And so this event with her being persephone and the heart shaped glasses also ties in to the idea of being captive. And when he said don’t fall, well, what does that mean? So gabby POTITO’s body is found on the equinox as we go into the fall, because what happens is persephone goes to hades in the fall. So she’s basically it’s about, you know, the solar myth. So the spring and summer is when persephone is in the care of her mother, but then in the fall she goes into the care of Hades, says hadies fell in love with persephone decided to kidnap her. So what I’m suggesting here is that when he said don’t fall, that’s just scripting, as in persephone, don’t fall, meaning she’s going to hell, and she did, going to Hades, going under his control, and then she gets released with this plute overturn thing. All right, let me check a couple of comments here. Mom with son says yeah, who didn’t miss him? Yes, we’re going to be going deep into this and other things and we’re not going to be missing many more days here in the future. Also want to take a moment say thanks everyone who’s been keeping this channel alive. I’ve had a number. It’s, you know, it’s like you know, it’s to work in progress and there’s a lot of things, a lot of things that are improving as we go and so occasionally we miss a couple of days, but I don’t miss any of the research and we’re always active in the discord server. Also want to point this out. Some more connections here, interesting connections. Evan Wood was thirty three when she releases this Phoenix rising and she releases it on Dun Day. Two is release date. Dawn Day. One had Kanye as a phoenix. These are really important things in terms of understanding the bigger picture. Here’s another one. She released part two and I just watched it on three fifteen on the ides of March. So the ides of March, as you know, this date was probably made most famous by Shakespeare, but there’s something ominous about it. Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, where he’s told by the Soothsayer beware the ides of March. So the interesting thing here is Evan Woods movie, or the movie she was working on when she left Marilyn Manson like the movie she used as an excuse to get away from him was called Ides of March, and I’des of March is also a phrase. I think they use it to mean your debts are now do there’s something about that. So there’s some kind of payback. I believe there’s something in here corresponding to it. But the timing of it very, very significant that she chose this day to release that no coincidence. Let’s see what else I have here in my notes. I have a whole notebook here, but, like I said, this is part one.

Okay, so we’ve talked about her being personified and also the brainwashing element. Will have to get into a bit more as well. The brainwashing and because its summer, we were talking about what is the meaning of this Gabby Potito, this personification of Virgo, being brainwashed in a van, being taken and then killed somewhere. We’re talking about we said brainwash because the guy’s name Brian Laundry.

Well, Manson’s name is Brian Warner and the whole thing is about brainwashing. So there may be some more significance in there. I also I found some other things in the video, in the documentary, suggestive of it’s going to find it here. I don’t want to go too deep into the allegations themselves. You know a lot of the stuff is conjecture, but the main thing I want to stick to is the obvious scripting, the templating of sixty nine and two thousand and twenty one. And it also brings into the conversation helter skelter and what that whole thing was about, the actual Charles Manson killings. A deadbeat dad says earthquake and small tsunami and Fukushima. Did you hear Fukushima? The other three eleven from three hundred and eleven, two thousand and eleven. Now the West world movie itself. I would suggest that that movie like Free Guy, it’s kind of the same movie. It’s about the overthrow of the controlling Matrix, symbolized by the men in black, the Saturnian Matrix, and I talked about free guy. I did a review on it, which I’ll go over again later. But, like I said, I want to just kind of catch up on a few things. will go over all of this stuff again in detail later. I have a lot of other things I want to go through as well that aren’t related to this Manson cubric style, but I wanted to point it out. points out because it’s happening now. Now. Check this out. Another topic, Ukraine. President’s Lensky’s movie, Servant of the People’s on Netflix and they’re saying it’s shockingly prescient. What on Netflix isn’t prescient? It’s all predictive programming. Listen to how just unaware the daily beast is.

Rarely has life so startlingly imitated art, since Z Lensky is himself a comedian who rose to the highest position in his country via an unlikely path that mirrored the very program that brought him fame in the first place. So we’re talking about how he went from a TV this this movie, some of the people people, to a real life. Basically, this is a fantasy becoming reality. It’s completely absurd. And they’re saying it’s shockingly prescient and it’s rare. What do you mean it’s rare? This is the standard operating procedure and this is just evidence and and really validation for those of us who are looking at things from this metascripted perspective. This is metascript in plain sight. Look, this is intense. I’m replete with the fact that’s Lensky’s critical party was named after servant of the people, and this is all of this stuff. So again, these aren’t coincidences. These aren’t at all. These aren’t. These aren’t coincidental. Things that just like life imitating art. No Way, and people get away with that excuse. But at this point you’d really have to be conser. Well, I guess a coincidence theorist to explain a lot of the stuff away. Okay, so let’s see this. Anything else before I go here? We’ll be back later to take calls. Like I said, I just wanted to touch base. Want to say thanks everyone helped bring this channel back. I had to pay for restream. There’s quite a lot here about the relationship between Manson and Evan would, as they relate to the priestess and the magician in the touro. I. Let me bring this up really quick here as well. So Evan would plays Dolores in Westworld. Dolores is the name of the girl in Kubricks Lolita. Both of them are vic now again in Westworld and in real life the both victimized by the man in black. Then there’s the Dorothy connection to the wizard of Oz, and then here’s another connection. In Eyes White Shut you have the under the Rainbow Costume shop and then you have a cubic link there. Obviously, is cubrick directed it. So again another reference to Oz, the controller, Dorothy, Dolores. And then also when Manson and Evan would met up, they were collaborating on an alice in wonderland themed script. Eyes Wide Shut. Nicole Kidman is Elis. So you’ll see a lot of alice in wonderland and wizard of Oz connections. Okay, we’ve also made this connection. To reiterate really quick here. If you missed it. Marilyn MANSON’S UNPRODUCED SCRIPT FOR COMA White was premised on this idea. Quote. There were two previous Christ’s. There was Jesus and there was JFK and Holy Wood.

The whole concept is, quote, they’re waiting for their third and final savior and the president’s going to be president white. Now he talks about white not being as in race, but as in an amalgamation of all colors or all races, etcetera. Coma White and I looked in this concept and I found a few other interesting things about it, even tying into well, the whole q and on thing, of course. But JFK JR in the fact that they had to delay the release of the video for coma white because of JFK’s death, as though these things weren’t coordinated in timed to occur at the same time. Little did I know the death of JFK JR would follow right.

Okay, let’s see what else I found. An article here kind of echoed would I was suggesting of the day. Kanye West Channeling OJ Simpson. Fans worry as rapper rants about Pete Davidson. So we’re going to follow that. We’re keeping up with the KARDASHIANS. Amazon moved eighteen hundred employees out of downtown Seattle. Makes me think they’re probably going to new Seattle or fake nukeet. So they’re getting the set cleared. Oh, let’s see, there’s a couple of other minor things. I’m not missing any comments, though. People are sending me a little little clues here. Here’s one. Middleman ad sent this to me. He said look up the Mirror Soviet space station that made a fiery entry in two thousand and one. We were talking about mirrors and a mirror lock and the whole month of palindromes. So that’s kind of interesting. A Kevin Zorbo had tweeted anyone have any new conspiracy theories? My old ones keep coming true, so I sent him this one. How about the one where you are born female? He hasn’t responded, but that is a conspiracy theory. Kevin Zorbo, Hercules born female. So many notes here. There’s just so much going on. A Kyle Rittenhouse, let me pull this up by this is probably worth bringing up. So Kyle Rittenhouse tweeted that a meme of himself. When you know when he broke down crying about how he had to kill the bad guys. Well, he tweeted a meme of himself crying over a gas pump and it’s because of, of course, Joe Biden burning a hole in his pockets. But he says, no, it’s not lemon heads, it’s the hole in my pocket. So it’s kind of a rip on Lebron James and Joe Biden at the same time, in addition to being in poor taste. You know, and my question is, okay, so you’re going to make a meme mocking your courtroom breakdown, which is mockable face of tragedy. But my contention is if this was real and not just a psychological operation. I’m talking about Kenosha in general, Kyle would be enrolled in witness protection. He would not be an all right media star. Now the MEME is funny.

If you haven’t seen it, the MEME is funny. It’s Kyle crying at the gas pump directed at Jay Lebron James. It’s going to be lambasted by black lives matter and TIFA and the left as general. It’s going to be saying, Hey, look, this is a privilege, an unjust legal system that lets an unrepentant opportunistics free killer go free. And I want to point this out too. If you don’t think this is scripted. Kyle Rittenhouse was born on January the third, two thousand and three. Gretta Thunberg, equally annoying to the other side, born January third, two thousand and three, same birthday. Same really, it’s a two headed creature we’re looking at here, left and right, and remember Kyle’s instagram and tick tock handle. Kyle Rittenhouse thirty three. Does that of anything? No, but it’s part of a broader pattern, and so I would put that into consideration here when you’re wondering whether or not you should be on team kyle or with us here on team real. Speaking of team Kyle, check this out. Member the mcclos keys. They came out to defend kyle and now they have their own chili powder. Great on dead animals. Get her done. Run Up, I guess it’s a barbecue thing. Jimbo says, I thought this was live ips. When you come in back, Kevin Moring says. JFK KILLED ON ELM street. A nightmare in ELM street. Fascinating. And of course you had the Jack Ruby kills, Oswald, Ruby slippers, wizard of Oz the wizard of Oswald.

All right, let me go. I’m going to scroll through my discord server really quick to see if I’ve missed anything. Out of anything else here again, if you missed it, the video that they’re trying to pull down right now is called heart shaped glasses, which is based on a cubric that it’s approaching thirty three million views and it’s a video in which she is portrayed as persephone by Manson’s own follow up video three years later, and in that video he says the rape of persephone was a marketing scheme per cell phony, and he repeats it again and again. So I would just say take out your aucams, razor. What’s more likely? That this whole thing is a marketing scheme, as appears scripted as a peers, or are we looking at something else here? Is it all just coincidental alignments? But again, if ninety nine out of a hundred things are carefully timed, and everything here is even the release dates of everything two to two, I’des a march. You know, I would pause it that it’s all questionable. And why? This is another part of it. Why? Why are we having this, this phenomenon of real life, quote unquote, matching what happens on Netflix? And I had to bring this up this because you know, this isn’t some fringe topic. This is the daily beast, this is mainstream Ukraine. President Zelenski’s servant of the people on Netflix is shockingly prescient. Again, how many times can something be shockingly prescient before you can say it’s freaking scripted? It’s a story and we’re analyzing the stories here. That’s a big part of what we do on this channel is story analysis, story breakdowns, a consciously aware of the fact that we’re parsing through a bunch of stories and we don’t know which one is true unless we can verify it with facts. I mean that’s it’s a matter of are you going to take for granted that you can trust the TV or not?

And I would say you can, but then you can look back at what you used to believe and what you actually know right now and you’ll see why I opt for getting more information before arriving at a conclusion. I put out a newsletter, if you missed it, in defense of outrageous conspiracy theorists, because conspiracy theorists are under attack. The author of that book off the edge, which is garbage anthropology. She’s way too condescending and she didn’t do her homework. I can’t believe it. I’m looking at this book off the edge and reading it. I’m watching her on c span and she’s like, Oh, of course the earth is a ball. If somebody’s two miles away, there’s eight feet of curve, you can’t see them. I mean, she needs to get her eyes checked, but she spent years immersed in this thing and she doesn’t know the basics. That, to me is just lazy. But anyway, this is for the newsletter today in defense of outrageous conspiracy theorists. One person’s outrageous conspiracy theory is another’s world view. There’s a great dear deal of subjectivity in the world today, exacerbated by unmitigated hypermediation, and this is kind of my point here, is that we’re dealing with all kinds of beliefs and people are able to come to their own conclusions, and that’s what the media fears. So it is especially critical to the media that we don’t see through their fake ideological or partisan divides. The MSM’s internal bickering is the same drama that keeps alive the illusion of actual contention and competition. There may be real sportsmanship and professional a conduct and wrestling, but the outcomes are always contrived. So again, my point is the media is conspiring to keep us from looking behind their shared curtain, and that’s kind of been that. This the point the whole time. I mean the fact that we have the president, Zelenski, having a reliving or living a movie script in front of everybody like that should wake people up, but it’s not. And it should have done the same thing in two thousand and twenty, when you saw that the whole pandemic was preceded by a lot of netflix content. That just taught you in advance about Ppe, about social distancing, about masks and about how hard working the nurses in the front lines are, because they’re not just twerking on IV polls. So the reason why I think we have to be tolerant of outrageous conspiracy theorist, is because it’s just too subjective. who gets to decide who or what is outrageous? Here’s from the newsletter. If ridiculousness was the standard of what is and is not tolerable, there would be very few opinions at all, considering how simple it is to construct a straw man mischaracterization of an opponent’s views. Ridiculous. is entirely subjective. Big Cults become religion and, with sighs, becomes it comes this a perceived credibility. Mass media is the dominant world religion and it’s the standard of truth. Like it or not, and this is really the bottom line here, all mass media accepts the existence of the moon landing, the official story of eleven. They accept the existence of everything described by the WHO. So what? Other whatever side of the political spectrum you’re on, if you’re on the world stage, you’re still in in this movie, the mirror world, and this ties in to this bigger picture with these various ssyups are running with on us, these celebrity psyups, the big war dramas. Why is there a mirror between what’s going on in the screen and what’s going on in reality? It’s part of I think, and this is I think will also why there’s so much obsession with twins. In all of cubics work, even Twin Towers, eleven cubics work. Why the twins? I think it’s about the twinning of our reality, the splitting of our minds, the dividing of man between into well, rather the correlling of man into this simulation, getting anybody who still connected to reality out of it, out of the meat verse, into the metaverse. And West world is about the metaverse. It’s about people in a simulation. You could look at a number of movies, Free Guy, Truman show, they live west world, that all have the same kind of theme, but they’re all telling the same story. And I think it the key here is that the cinema is held up as and the news media it’s held up to be a mirror.

So you watch the News, oh, it’s reflecting reality. Marilyn Manson often described his work as being a mirror held up to America, to America’s dark side or whatever, and you know, I never really took it that seriously. But I think no, this is what they want. Want you to think. The Mirror is not it’s a fun House Mirror. It’s not the real world. There weren’t seventeen years of school shootings. Most of the things that they say on TV are fake. I mean, when it comes to these big SIPS, we’ve already broken down a lot of these things. So I think it’s fascinating here, though, that we have this mirror and this this twin thing being used again and again in all these various events, even the Dawn Day to event to it was a double. It was the second event. It was a mirrored event. It was on the twenty two PALN drome week. You know, two too, too, too, too. What is with that? On that day you had twin Black Hawks crash in fork canyon, again fork, and it all probably ties in in some way to this incoming release of the crack and whatever that is. Whatever Pluto hadis brings and Pluto has a and this is funny to me, Pluto or hadies has a bident’t it’s a two prong spear, you know, like a trident. He’s got a bid in. And what’s funny to me about this is that Haiti’s releases the kraken and he’s got a biden. Now we have Joe Biden telling stories about leaving dead dogs on some ladies doorstep. You know, Joe Joe Biden is talking about dog on a doorway and I’m thinking, Hmm, maybe it’s a reference to this Joe Biden could be Joe Biden’t maybe this is some kind of reference to Hadis and the Pluto Return, because you know Biden, Biden’. And then what does he release? The kraken. And what is Biden been releasing this whole time? Crack Pipes, his son Hunter crack pipe.

So I think all this stuff with a crack pipe all along has been forced meming this whole thing into our minds, the crap release, the Krack in and crack pipe, all of it. I think it’s been leading to this, the return of Pluto and what it means and what has happened since too, too, too. Have we not seen a schism, a crack? Is there not some kind of a crack and being released? Have we not heard poot and describe the West being taken down from its position of power, the destruction of West World? It’s what we’re looking at all right. Let me go to the comments one more time and, like I said, this is kind of brief right now at it’s just been about forty five minutes, but I’m going to be back later on. Linda says all the world leaders are top salesmen of the marketing scheme. Yes, yeah, and Dave Hoakson says thanks for going live early. The plan is to go live early and evening, early and basicly mornings and evenings. Calls later in the day because I’m usually in discord anyway, chatting and doing research, so it’s not really difficult for me just to hit live, and so we will be doing live stuff. I once a shout out Steve.

Thanks for the Coffee Mug. I’ll put a picture of on the screen later on today. Oh, here’s another connection to Marilyn Manson. Worth looking at. Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson, helter skelter, that whole thing. So helter skelter was about Charles Manson trying to start a race war. He was killing or having people killed and they were blaming it on Black Panthers. So that’s probably going to play into everything else here if you look at the whole black versus white dialectic and all the recent psyops. So Manson brings in that helter skelter theme, which will be getting into more as well. You know, you look at a George Floyd Derek Shovin, what do you have? You had Derek Chauvinism, Derek Western chauvinism versus Blm and that was a elevening of America. See, when I think, when I see and eleven now, I think it’s about a splinting. It may not even it’s not just about New York on eleven, two thousand and one. There’s a lot of psyops that have the same symbols, the same nomenclature. That’s why you know eight forty six am and eleven starts. Floyd gets kneeled on for eight forty six. These events are all connected. But, as you’ll see, it’s beyond one or two events. It’s beyond here’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing that this cubrit connection is showing that there is a mastermind, that all of the major transformative psyoups, are so integrated, that there’s some master script and that’s what we’re analyzing every day here. I’ll have the audio stream turned back on later today as well. Just a heads up. I’ll have it on by later on today. Jordan says maybe chem trails are reflective metallic aerosol spray that stick to the top of the Dome in order to increase the sun’s depleting heat. Right. I don’t believe that chem trails are what the chemtrail, theorist believe, but I’m not a reality denialist. There is something up there. Is it the result of, I don’t know, compressed air engines? Is it some kind of contaminant? Is it whether modification, or is it nothing? I’m not sure. I’m always investigating it, but I’m I find it very suspect. You know, some of these, some of these leaked things. They it’s like you don’t trust the the government, but you trust their leaked documents. What makes you think they’re not going to leak something they want you to believe? All right, this is the song I reference earlier, read to green by Michael Keever. I’ll put a link in the chat. Will be back tonight to take calls. I’ll get the audio stream back on, getting the twenty four seven back on. I just had a cup catch up on a few of our software expenses. Nothing Major. Also, by the end of this month I’m expecting some information, some kind of results, some developments with my legal disputes, ongoing legal disputes with Youtube, and I do believe they’ll be some progress there. All right, we’ll back later. Thanks again for joining. This is red degreen lies changed from red to green power fiends running ECO schemes with dirt. It’ll make us clean, accelerating to a dark dream of chilling in the s now, cow Fars. Great steaming taxi, breathing taxi, breeding beast, keep feeding another cult man believing about to guy. A dirty polluters carst out like per RIAs. Evil ways caused wildfires. Technocrats and bankers held with a tanker, self servant winkers saying you won’t nothing and you’ll thank us. Lies on the rise, not the sea, all the tide. Keep the profane guilty. The followers brind’s. Let’s plastic schools and bags for tight control with future. Looking my sad chipped and tag mother, lost her rags. Guilt, fish, shame. What they’re selling. These commies should be felons. My faith and feeding and times. Religion denies heavings. Climate always change, other seasons, carbon trade and pensions fade in. Looting rain are not saving Green Swin.

People on their knees that can cheese Ning. Trees Tower about by the block. More riches for blackstone and flat rock, Burgers and plans and bloods and hurricanes. Leap the heating on your sinning. Keep the polar bears swimming herd needs winning. Du Say as winning teenage girl, to do your bublings to Louvian messogs. Myoso swell loosen, ain’t about pollution. fucked in a house of prostitution. FORSE with belly and part of the machine, lights turn from red to green, convinced we’re on the same team, and lights turn from red to green don’t live up the fat the land. The Futures Lean and light red to green stay set for a bleak seen at night, read to green forse with belly and part of the machine is light turn from red to green could be to all on the same team as lights turn ready to green. Don’t live on the fire. The line of futures leading lights from red to green stay separate. Leak, seen as light from red to green used to see, is sapping energy like ches. Fine Trust in science never ceases. Plants ironed on no greezes. howful images deceive us. A roll climbate Jesus. At least you, genesis, vid’s got more by any kids force with belly and part of the machine is lights turn from red to green could be to all on the same team as lights ready to green. The fight the line of futures. Leaders Light turn from red to green, stay separate, leak seen as light from red to greenly, the now bre’s cronyism, scientism, court and schisms. Reality. View through the story. Prism stock in trumped by design, train shit and never on time. Keep you stating inside cans of Connors, not denying slapper price, Turtle Nature Select C to day are engineer, a weather, a gender in a violent burst of a feavor, energy nea for all around. Just Ana sort dude from the ground, greenhouse gases from S as patronize in the clips. Listen to them preach Bashi my own head. No Future of cancer. Cars Outlook a tube and not produces, just consumers.

They pollute air and will always don’t. Do what they do, do what they say. Profit in control. The essence of planned obsolescence. School, but not learning any lessons. Nothing built to last. Dolphins now wearing face mass agenda. Twenty one club a Rome and he cries. Takes the throne off your cans and bottles to the green man. Don’t burning his belly by your own handd not bit drives a prey as so he’s Captain Planet. SMUGNESS, rife, independence, took a dive like a gannet false withood belly and part of the machine as lights turned from red to green. Convinced Wall on the same team as lights turned from red to green. Don’t live off the fat and the land of Futures Lean as lights turn from red to green.

Stage set for a bleak seen as lights turned from red to green. You are listening to infinite plane radio. Stick around for a live Carl in shows, stay for the music. In recent replace, join us at Infinite Plane Dart Life for seven live Jad with other listeners.

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