“PIZZA DAVIDSON and Kanye West World Burning” 3/19/22

“PIZZA DAVIDSON and Kanye West World Burning” 3/19/22

Here at Conspiratainment Radio Network, we’re keeping up with the Kardashians, Crisis Actwores, and the New World Order Psyop Entertainment Complex:

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Chief Crow and The Flat Earthworms’ “Autohoax” is the soundtrack for the post brainwashed life that you enjoy once you’ve stripped away the mainstream media filters and all of its psychodramas from your frame of reference.

It’s why the song is so peaceful. News wants you to think that conspiracy theorists are Histrionics, like Alex Jones, just spaz’s freaking out run-for-the-hills-Bubba Effect. But if you really know what’s going on, you’re exceptionally calm.

All right, let me see who’s joining us here. It’s early. It’s probably been just a little over twelve hours since our last live stream, but we’re joined here by tech. Tech Inc. There’s for truth, rock O Keels, own Matt Eighty Nine, PTRIPA, one hundred and three, franc Mir O, g FEPE Cup Star, delightfully not, says all. We live, please, Lord, yes, praise Nipsey, we are alive. All Right, let’s go thirst a true says. Actors stick together. Hicks Stein Ninety nine. Yeah, you know, I actually thought there’s some sort of a familial resemblance there between Alex Stein, Info Wars is, Alex Jones Bill Hicks, and it’s because they’re both comedians. They’re part of the same little part of the country. They’re there in Austin or something. They have a lot in common. And Alex Stein is a comedian who became a truth in like two thousand and sixteen. So he’s comedian first and I think he’s legitimate. I mean he is. But although he seems to have dropped the whole flat earth topic, I don’t know if the guy was ever flat earth flatter. But since you brought him up, he was actually on Info Wars. So Texas rapper whose video went number one in the world joins Alex Jones to tell the rest of the story. So he was on Alex Jones. Today he’s going to be on tomorrow, Sunday. Actually, I think is yesterday he was on. He’s going to be on Sunday in studio. And Look, I made this prediction when he did that first video about wanting to be vaxed in his Thong. You know, this is the guy who raps at the city council, and I say rapping quotes. I don’t believe the guy is a rapper. I mean, I shouldn’t judge. I mean, okay, rap. I mean he’s not a great rapper. I’ll say that.

Who Am I to judge? The Internet thinks he’s great. So Rapper Alex Stein, comedian truther, has been on Alex Jones because of this. But when he first went viral for this, it was a rap about getting vaxed in his Thong and getting vaxed all night long. Just the rhymes were really kind of basic, but whatever. It got the attention because the people who were pro VACs thought he was on their side and they love cringe. There’s nothing the pro vaxers love more than pro cringe, VACs, anything really, but rap. They had that one song. Dr Fouchy, send me a vacts. Horrible stuff. That stuff will kill you. Before covid. I mean I could play, me, play that clip really quick here. Dr Fouchy Cringe Song. That’s probably all I need to type.

So anyway, they thought that alx Stein was on their side and so it kind of inadvertently went mega viral. And when that came out, I said, you know, this is going to end up on Tucker Carlston. That was a prediction I made and I think it’s going to come true. Anyway, this is Dr Fouchy Song. This is even cringeier than then Stein’s rapping. And again, I mean I appreciate the arts, you know, rap music, whatever, and I think it’s a fair criticism. I think it’s intended. I think it’s actually cringe attainment. It’s not an offensive thing to say, Hey, this is some really cringe stuff, especially today. You know, I was actually thinking about. What was it? There was a Corey Feldman performance thing he did that I watched just out of sheer cringe retainment value. It is a thing. All right. Well, this Dr Fouchy Song Plays, I’m going to go ahead and make sure I got on my notification sent. A lot of you should have got text message notification.

So I’m expecting US swarm to show up any second now. And also those of you who’ve been on our newsletter, you’re also getting the notifications.

OJ FEPPE says, Dude, cringe is so hot right now.

Well, here you go, hotness, Dud du Dud Dudu, duo, Doo Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo Doo. Dr Fouhy, give vaccines, help. All the people who have been quarantined will wear masks and we’ll have to stay social distanced. We’ll wash our hands and will be more resistant. Founty. Yes, promises please. We’ll have a cure that can fight off this disease. Restrictions will lift with some Dr found she don’t forget me. Fire. And let’s how they’re all clapping. Are So so? They heard Texas Rapper alix Stein Ninety nine and they went crazy and they shared the crap out of it. Well, it turns out he’s actually not on their side. He was being sarcastic.

But they can’t tell sarcasm. The AI, the sensors, the SNOWFLAKES, they don’t know if you’re being sarcastic. That’s why they hate memes. They can’t tell if you’re laughing at them or with them. So anyway, he went out and he did another wrap. This second one he did. I’m going to bring up what he did. If you haven’t seen this yet, alix Stein makes TMZ for a city council rap about putting a bullet in Putin’s head. So he did a another rap, this time pretending to be pro Ukraine, because the pro VACs thing just became Pro Ukraine. You know, I was saying how these things just they swap out these syops so easily. It’s just like a radical Islam cured by COVID. Now covid cured by Putin. So what’s going to Cure Putin? Not sure yet.

But Anyway, rapper tells his story on Elex Jones. Me Going to play a clip here. I’m sorry, I just can’t believe he gets the title viral rapper. I mean I guess he’s more legitimate than some other rapper. Humanity has a welcome of the fact that iodinee in our bodies. Per Immune systems are more we have the best A. I called that too. I said that Bill Hicks is going to be selling iodine because of the whole nuke thing. Every time there’s a nuke scare they start selling iodine because supposedly it will protect you from the radioactive fallout. Okay, so this is from band video. I’m not going to play very much of it. In fact I’m not going to play any of it, just going to give you a link here. But basically, Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle joins Alex Jones to break down how he uses entertainment to expose the globalist control demolition of America. And you know, it’s really hard to deny that this is an effective way to reach the masses, you know, the people. This is the Tick Tock. Is how you reach people, and he cracked the Matrix. You know the flow. Am A pimp because I am a lamb lets us I dunnish price is way too hot AMM boating these guess why do and he starts taking his clothes off and they have to sit there deadpanning it, the city council members.

They can’t laugh, they can’t give in. So it’s basically performance art in front of a captive audience, and I’m not really opposed this. It’s better than other performance art of the day, you know, like a Brahmavich with smearing things in the walls. That this to me is art. So I can, I can tweet this, I’ll share this, but all right, let’s see. God was bored, says. Someday the bots will figure out sarcasm and we’re probably helping them to do it right now. Yeah, I know, and I read somewhere, and I didn’t get into this yesterday, but I think there was something about the smiley face emoji or laughing emoji being banned because it’s being used for hate. So it’s being used. Ironically, is the laughing emoji being canceled, the most popular yet most hated face Emoji on the keyboard? So apparently the crying emoji is I’m not sure if it’s a hate speech or whatever, but it says sorry, this laughing emoji isn’t cool anymore. People ask is it uncool to use the laughing Emoji now? I don’t know if it’s. Why it’s why it’s being canceled. I think it’s because this it’s suggested that it’s been turned into an Emoji of hate, like at some mocking laugh. So yeah, they’re going to figure it out. Salty sirences jazz hands orferring to Alex Stein, Jared says Jones has been pushing his iodine for years. Well, it started after Fukushima. The the other three eleven you had three eleven, two thousand and eleven, you had the Fukashima meltdown thing, and Alex Jones is hyping up this idea that we need to just stalk up on iodine. So it’s like, okay, last week it was I’ve ever met in this week it’s iodine. I see, delightfully, not says iodine removes metals from the body. Right, but I don’t believe in nukes.

Does IT REMOVE CGI? Doesn’t remove a pixels. See, Pete Shay is just joined us in the discord, he says. I’m listening to him from yesterday and leaving a comment. I might post here as well. Yes, somebody tell Pete Shay we’re live. Restless bear says is execution needs to be much more polished. Yo. You know what, though, when let’s go back to Alex Stein for just a moment, when he did his first video, he had some music to accompany his rapping, but it glitched so he had to do it freestyle, free based, I’m in a freestyle and it worked and you know, I remember thinking, okay, this is actually a blessing in disguise, because now what he’s done is he’s given anybody the ability to remix it, whereas if he had chosen something, it would have limited the thing. Plus you’d have to deal with copyrights. So now I think it was smart to go Acapella, Acappella, freebasing, I’m sorry, free freestyling. I’m new to this. maskless face. Oh, says steiny’s to work on his cardio. HMM, that’s now. That’s a fair criticism there, because he’s going for what three minutes straight, and and there’s no pause, like he it’s been commented on. I mean I think he’s getting some level of respect. But now calling for the capping of Putin. Now that could be taken as a parody, as or as a joke. But if I were him, I wouldn’t go to Russia. God was bored. Oh, great point. It’s a Poe. Yeah, you know, I’ve been a key. I was accused of being a Poe for a long time and I was like, what the hell is a Poe? A poet is a pose, a parody of extremism, and it poses lots and adage of Internet culture, and this is from God was bored in the comment section here. It’s an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, every parody of extreme views can be mistaken for a sincere expression of the views parodied. So just like with the Dr Fouchy, give me a VACs cringing, cringe song, you know, that was assumed to be authentic because of where he was. So they assume it’s you know, he’s on our side, and it was the same with this guy. And Parody of extremism is just it’s so close it’s like no, I mean like another good example there was that environmentalist who went out to AOC and said we have to eat the baby. Remember that one? And she said there’s not enough time to go back. Here we go, Climate Control Activists Confronts Alexandria, a Casio Cortez during a town hall in Queens and so she comes out talking about we’re running out of air, there’s too many people and there’s not enough time to just eliminate us. So I mean this is before covid this is before they brought out Bill Gates again, and she just suggesting that we need to start literally eating the babies. And the thing is nobody in the room stopped her. Here she is talking to AOC. We need to eat the babies, and she’s taken seriously. And the meaning of this, course, is that this was a parody because later it was discovered she was basically doing an Alex Stein. She’s trolling because of the climate crisis.

We only have a few months left. I love to just she was doing Gretta before. Gretta support the green deal, but we’re it’s not get it. We know get it with a Fassil fuel. It’s not going to solve the problem fast enough. A Swedish professor saying no, no, we can eat yet that people, but that’s not fast enough. So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this. We got to start eating babies. We don’t have enough time. This too much sealed tool. She suggests that as a campaign slogan, we got to start eating the babies, and AOC is back there nodding her head. HMM, eat the babies. That’s very green. Recycle, HMM, sustainable, like she’s considering it, because this is again, as God was bored suggest this is pose law and she just has to assume this is a sucere expression of our views to be this. We got to start eating babies. We don’t have enough time. This too much seal too, all of you. You are you. You know your pollutant. Too much seal too. We have to start now, please. You are so great. I’m so happy. Look, nobody in the audience here has objected to her central premise of eating babies. I don’t see anybody at all. No jaws are dropping. The most of them are just nodding in agreement. And this is again what happens when you’re dealing with people who are having a very extreme view and somebody on their fringe kind of goes a little overboard and they don’t know. They have no way of knowing for sure.

Again at this is pose law. All right, let us continue. Their’St for truth says. I’m pro cringe. I’ve had years of experience listening to the Modilla Effect, Oh yeah, the Ed mcmanufact the Mandela Effect, the lid ella effect, what are we going to call it? The misinformation effect, joined by JT thirty three, salty siren, Travis feet, Joe Ross, sleepy random, sleepy random says they want to cancel laughter. Oh Yeah, yeah, this is this is a again, this is about controlling the flow of information and they figured out what we’ve been already using for years here, is that you can pack truth in a meme. You can have memes and music and comedy just happens to be a great vector, you know, for ideas, and this is why comedians are always, I think, gatekeepers. The high level Comedians, I think, are very, very correll they basically they’re like a limited hangout operation to put ideas out there that are just beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse, but not so far that they can’t retain control over it. A case in point would be a Dave Chappelle. Is a conspiracy theory that the guy was funny. I guess he’s a comedian. Dave Chappelle does these comedy skits where all he does is he reinforces CNN psycho psychological operations such as school shootings. You have all these fake school shootings to probably the idea that we should all be afraid of white kids with are fifteens and bowl cuts. And he goes out on stage and he says one good thing about Covid is there’s no bowl cut shooters running around shooting people, and I’m like, that joke only makes sense and it’s only funny if you’re thoroughly brainwashed. But if you’re not, the premise is just something you just reject on the face of it.

So and a lot of them have ceased to be funny and they’ve just become total sellouts, government jesters, and this is true for all of the late night comedians as well. The Jimmy fell on Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fellon these guys are all very much there to reinforce the sigh up of the a politics of the day. Same with Colbert. They’re so political. All right, let’s see, commoner says.

Is Russell brand genuine? The Guy with the thirty-three tattooed on his hand, doesn’t he have that? Russell brand is being described by the media as the mad hatter of conspiracies. He’s gone over the edge. I would say that he’s another one of these comedian limited hangout operatives who’s been hired by the Intel agencies to basically help gatekeep the sheep who are attracted to extreme were shocking ideas or people who are just noticing irony and this is, you know, it’s all, I think, part of a bigger pattern. Look how many comedians you can point out who have become not just like gatekeepers on conspiracy culture, but also examples for the media to point to as reasons why we need a sense or the Internet? Joe Rogans a good example of this as well, and, of course, Alex Jones, who made a hundred and sixty-five million dollars in sex coop in the last three years and was still begging us for money to pay for his lawsuits after he backtracked on the whole Sandy Hooker Story.

Pete Shea says, great to catch Tim live. We let him back into the discord server. You know, I thought of Pete Shea because there was an article about how they’re going to be resurrecting the Dodo bird using some kind of genetics. Sounds all fake genetic engineering, combining it with something else. I think they can combine it with the GIN, the extinct flightless bird. The DODO is going to be brought back, it’s going to be revived. Here we go. They’ve scanned its DNA for the first time. The DODO genome is sequenced, raising hopes it can be brought back from extinction. And this is just a couple days ago. So I’m reading this and I’m thinking about Pete A, who is really spent a lot of time researching this strange bird, and he shows up in my discord server kind of on the random. I’ve got to be careful who I think about, because I swear I summoned people. It really is like that at times. I seems like if I focus on someone, I think about someone, something’s get it’s like, well, I don’t know, it’s it’s sometimes I almost feel like I’m neurolinked, like I sense my notifications before I get them.

Ojfeppe says baby back ribs.

Oh, a reference to the environmentalist. Yeah, you know, this is also kind of a contradiction to we’re getting back to the environmentalist who wants to eat the babies, because they’re also trying to get us off a meat. So it’s like this is a question I have. Can they justify eating human meat? You know, going green, and I think we’re going into this area anyway. Soil and green took place in two thousand and twenty two, and I think Disney right now is they got off the petto stuff which is great. The no longer trying to push that agenda as hard and I think they’ve kind of veered into a cannibalism though a critics Pan Disney’s disgusting new Cannibal Movie Fresh Sun Dance. Disney focuses its searchlight on horror, cannibalism eating people. It’s not parody or satire. Disney confusing people. New Horror movie fresh so it’s a cannibal drama on Hulu. That’s out. I don’t think I’m going to watch it, but I’m going to have to watch it now that I think about it, because last year we were saying’s two thousand and twenty two going to bring well, soil and green? And Yeah, it’s quite literally happening, and Disney leads the way with everything. These are the people who shape our world. So yes, Disney owned studio releasing Cannibal Horror Movies, Cannibal Fetish actor to peer in Disney film after being accused of raping and abusing multiple women. Consensual cannibalismcom I’m so I’m going into the side of the Web I don’t want to go into. Okay, so anyway, let’s let’s move on. Ji Christopher says, get in my belly, Dave hoax and says she must be on all the normy meds. Well, no, the thing is okay. So, anyway, let me just play the rest of this clip because I think it’s great. It’s great to point out that nobody questioned her. Come like, nobody questioned what’s just smollett, who’s out of jail now. He’s like, yeah, I just got lynched by some Maga’s. They don’t bleach on me. They called me the end word. They lynched me and I’m dead. And CNN it’s like, Oh crap, Jesse SMOLLETT got lynched and they organ guys their their mobs to go march. They’re going to make some big grant statement. Then they find out it was a hoax. Then he goes to jail because it’s actually a hate crime to falsify a hoax, falsify police reports and scapegoat and you know it was basically a hate crime or something. I hate hoax. But then they let him out again. I mean the whole thing is just so crazy. But let me let me play this. I’m just pointing out that nobody questioned Jesse smollett because they liked what he was saying until they found out it was a hoax. Nobody is stopping this lady from talking about eating babies because they love it and they didn’t know. As a parody a Poe.

We don’t have enough time. This. Too much seal too, all of you. You’re you’re you know your pollutant. Too much seal too. We have to start now, please. You are so great. I’m so happy that you’re really supporting a new, great deal, but it’s not enough. You know, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution.

So we had she said, even if we bomb Russia, we still have too many people. Interesting, celesio wonder says, is it me or as the World Gone Full Psycho Andrew Munchkin says, please thumbs up the stream to show tim you appreciate. Yeah, you know what? That actually does help the Elk Gore rhythm. Didn’t El Gore claim he invented the Internet?

All right, let’s get I just thought I was thinking to l Gore Leani, because here we are looking at one of his brainwash. He’s the cult of Al Gore, and Al Gore is no longer palatable. He’s not all that telegenic. So they’ve replaced him with Gretta, who might actually be an animatronic Avatar of Al Gore himself. Anyway, they finally take the MIC after two minutes of ranting. But look how close she gets. So AOC is like, okay, you’re speaking my language, come up here. So now here she is three feet away from AOC and she’s just like, okay, with the urgency that it does present, luckily we have more than a few months. We do need to hit net zero in several years, she says. Luckily, we do have a few months and we’re going to hit net zero and a few years. Meanwhile, the the Po is back there whining about how we don’t have time. They don’t know it’s a joke, and you know this. She never actually came out and said this was all a joke, but she turned up on some other video unrelated. She’s at some trump rally or something, that someone asked her about it and all she did as she burst out laughing and she didn’t have the same accent. She hardly even acknowledged it. So it’s just kind of a low key stunt. maskless face says, is that Gretta Thunberg, this is pre Gretta. All Right, John Snyder, I don’t know if we can have that kind of comment here. Well, this is all insanity, if you ask me. Masks beare face, says man bear pig. Yeah, the man bear pig Al Gore and looks.

Global warming has been around for thirty three years and if you’ve noticed anything about their patterns, they tend to filth, they do things on a calendar and they use their occult numerology. They time everything. So if there’s going to be anything to global warming, it’s going to happen probably this year. Well, probably before the summer. All right, let’s continue here. I want to get back into this topic really quick. So if you’re looking at the screen, you’re looking at Pete Davidson, who’s not going to space on the twenty three, as we had expected. For some reason he canceled it. And here’s a picture where you can see all of his tattoos. We had done a kind of a cursory analysis of it, but there are so many. He’s got seventy plus tattoos and now he’s got a brand, a brand of Kim Kardashian, her name. And why are we talking about this guy. You’ll see, because I think this is part of a sy up. He might even be well you. I’m suspecting here a sacrifice of some kind. It’s worth pointing out that his father died on eleven. So I want to bring your attention to an article by vigilant citizencom and I’m going to put a link in the chat if you want to take a look. Okay, Illuminati Mad, the dark meaning of Kanye West’s video easy. In his video easy, Kanye West says Illuminati mad while he kidnaps and Berries Pete Davidson. What is the meaning of this? So what you’re looking at is a video, or a few screens caps from the video, where Kanye West has Pete Davidson’s head on the ground and covered in roses which he’s clipping and collecting, and he puts them into a truck. So this cir gets kind of interesting and I’m suggesting here that this is a SI up from start to finish, and it’s worth noting the connection with the Kardashians and the O J Simpson drama. Okay, so if you seen the video, it features a bloody red skinned monkey and burning churches, all kinds of things that you saw at the Dondy two event, but the one I want to focus on here is this Kanye West holds a severhead.

Then you bring in this weird Pate Pete Davidson drama. So he’s got Pete Davidson’s head. Well, actually pet Davidson’s buried up to his head after he’s been kidnapped by Kanya in this video. So what does this mean? Well, this is after the weird Halloween season where Kanye was walking around wearing that mask that looked reminiscent of the Halloween kills mask. He walked around with what vigilant citizen describes as punishment haircuts. I don’t know if you recall those, but Kanye would show up at places like I think he went to a McDonald’s and it looked like his been partially cut and they didn’t finish it or he’d been not a no haze, but he got he comes out in a mask with what appears to be some kind of a punishment haircut, which I didn’t know that was a thing until I watched ozark where this family that just has a control over the opium trade in the area. They kidnap this kid and they given this really bad haircut as a warning to his parents that they could have done a lot more. So here you have Kanye with what appears to be a punishment haircut, I guess, but my point being, around that time it looked like he was going through some kind of a breakdown. It looked like he was in some way about to snap.

So this is before the drama with this Guy Pete Davidson moving in on Kim Kardashian, and this whole thing is kind of a kind of I would say it’s escalated a bit since they’ve been exchanging tweets or messages back and forth, and in these back and forth messages it’s kind of been I guess you could extractlate from it that maybe Kanye looks like he’s about to go a little Oj here and again you have this video coming out where he has Pete Davidson buried up to his neck. So if you don’t know who Pete Davidson is, he’s a strange guys. On Saturday night live, I listen to one of his comedy skits are he was on a podcast where he was talking about in the same breath he made these really bizarre sick pizza gate level comments regarding as father and then talked about how his father died on eleven. So you have a second generation crisis actor here. Okay. What’s more, he dated Ariana Grande, Ex Disney child star turned industry pawn. Okay, so that’s an interesting connection. There she was in don’t look up its most recent appearance. I’ve seen of her in a movie where she says something I think she’s she’s also done this in real life. are on a grand Ariana Grande. She’s done songs for NASA. So she’s just another one of these characters involved in the world stage. The fact that he’s having these highprofile relationships is very interesting to me in itself because I think he’s he’s kind of being put in front of us where we can’t help but see him. So this breakdown of the relationship between he and Kanye’s very public. So now here’s where I’m pointing out. In the video, Kanye goes back to where Davidson is buried up to his neck and now you can see that Davidson is dead. So apparently he’s buried alive or something in his heads left out of the ground, but he comes back and he picks the flowers and he puts in the back of a truck. Nothing weird about that. But now here’s where it gets kind of predictive programming level interesting to me. On Valentine’s Day, Kanye West sent a black truck to Kim Kardashian’s house. The truck on the side says my vision is crystal clear and the bed of the pickup truck is full of roses.

So again this is right out of the video. Roses picked from the grave of Pete Davidson sending it to her on Valentine’s Day. So I’m looking at this as okay, are we seeing some kind of predictive programming, you know, are we seeing some kind of setup for another OJ level? Si Up some drama? Is he going to go Charlie Manson on the situation? So I’m wondering, what. Where’s Pete Davidson in all this? Right now? What is Pete Davidson doing? He’s supposed to go to space. So I’m doing my research and I come across this, and this was just a couple of days ago. Turns Out Pete Davidson is working on a movie and it’s a horror movie and so he dies in the movie. So the only picture that I can find of Pete Davidson, you know right now, what he’s doing right now, is he’s covered in blood and I’ll pull of that picture, but I just think it’s fascinating the timing of all the stuff. The movies called the House. So he’s working on a film called the House and and in the film, apparently he gets sliced to death, stabbed, hacked or whatever.

And again I think this does have a pretty strong tie in to this thread, this storyline of Kanye publicly having this Oj like meltdown, and I suggested that this is again something we might expect based on the Kardashian’s proximity to the OJ psychological operation. And I’d said this before, probably a couple weeks ago when I first started looking at the story, not knowing that this has been discussed in a few places. A number of people have said they’re worried that he’s going into OJ territory. So here’s a picture of Pete Davidson covered in blood in front of a brick wall, very masony. Again, this is a picture from just the other day, some kind of movie. So this idea that he’s a human sacrifice to be possible. Maybe some kind of like I’m thinking, has to do with this bigger story of the West, the decadent west. It’s worship of celebrities, and I think what we’re supposed to be taking out of this it’s some kind of a lesson about maybe how much influence we give to superficial people or something. But the celebrity worship is going to have a bad ending. That’s kind of what I’m predicting here, and I think they’ll do it in a very spectacular way. And what could be better than Kanye West’s world burning? How having him literally just tear everything down, which is what it looks like, especially now that they’re moving into formal custody arrangements and it’s looking ugly. The VID, the vigilant citizen, article goes more into detail about it, but that’s mostly just a heads up. Illuminati mad the dark meaning of Kanye West’s video easy, Pete Shay says. Pete Davidson’s father, Scott Matthew Davidson, was thirty three when he died on September the eleven, two thousand and twenty one. See, that’s why that’s where we have the discord open. Twenty seven. This is why we liked having the chat open, because these are things that little details, puzzle pieces that require a lot of people looking in a lot of places to dig up. So I appreciate that. Pete SA, Pete say, Pete Davidson’s father, being thirty three, very, very conspicuous. Now He’s twenty eight. Okay, let’s see what else. Jared Voris says. She dated him right after she was with Mac Miller, who some fans blamed for his death. Okay, now Mac Miller. You said death. I don’t think he’s dead. You got to look at the last picture that he ever took alive.

As a documentary about it, the story of Mac Miller’s final photo’s an old documentary about it. But this picture should tell you everything. Mm Mac Miller, you know, mm is a you see mm, thirty three, ww ee. In symbolism you’ll see this same thing represented in many different ways. The all seeing I is his final picture. So again this is Mac Miller and as a whole, documentary about this picture. It’s called the story of Mac Miller’s final photo, and if you look it’s just one of these all seeing I photos. Well, the cross on it. Make of that what you will, but to me this just has all the hallmarks of just being another highprofile hoax. Okay, Oh yeah, are on a Grande. Look all the PSI up actors. They all hang out together. Sy Up Entertainment Complex is the phrase that I’ve started using. You know, you have military industrial complex, not sy up entertainment complex, Victoria says. Really, I just don’t keep up with these people. You know, I don’t either, but what I mean I keep up with the stories, but I req I don’t have enough time to follow every one of these. That’s why we have to rely on a think take. All right, let’s see, Pete Shay says to Scott Davidson. Remind anyone else of actor Vince Vaughan? Show me some pictures, post them and discord will take a look. All right, let’s go ahead and continue. We are going through my notes on the dark meaning of Kanye West’s video. Easy, a couple of other things. So he’s hanging out with Marilyn Manson, and we’ve we talked about this yesterday. Look, the story about Marilyn Manson right now is a hoax, and I can prove it. We made the case yesterday pretty well, I would say the there’s a video that would actually make the case for me, but it’s called overneath the path of misery, and you got to see this clip because this is key here. So the video that is being canceled, or there’s some kind of a petition to have it pulled, is called heart shaped glasses. The video is based on Lolita, a Kubric film. Now that video is the subject of a controversy because the star of the video, Evan Wood, also dolores in west world, is claiming that she was raped during the filming of the video. Well, three years after that video was filmed, Marilyn Manson releases overneath the path of misery, and in this video there’s a chorus where he says per so phony, the rape of persephone, per so phony, and he repeats this and then he says the rape of persephone was a marketing scheme.

So I thought, okay, that’s really interesting, because it seems like on the world stage, this Evan Wood is something of a persephone’s she’s a virgo personified, and she’s played this role in many well, lead as an example, or the movie thirteen. Well, the movie running with scissors, all these movies where she’s a thirteen year old who’s being abused. That’s not a coincidence. This is about a virgin virgo sacrifice and that’s what happens at the altar. That’s what happens in this video. Heart shaped glasses. Oh, that’s what she’s alleging really happened, but that’s the story. Now in the video overneath the path of misery, it actually references that very scene, and that’s video came out three years later. So three years after that alleged rape, he puts it in another video and calls it rape per so phony. And then you can see it’s a clip. It’s only a few clips from that video. Then he specifically uses the phrase it was all just a marketing scheme, which looks very consistent with the bigger story here. So again this is a this to me is a dead giveaway. Or look, it’s one and two things. It’s either what I’m suggesting, that this was a this is a SI up top to bottom, or be was marketing scheme. So it’s either that or this video is evidence of a crime and he’s just gloating about it or something. There’s no way you would reference in a second video and not have these. This also brought up in the same conversations.

So I’m suggesting that no, we’re looking at a top to bottom. And there’s even more. There’s there’s a lot more with this particular world stage actor and the bigger story. In fact, one of his videos, it was Como White, where he plays the role of JFK being assassinated. Its release was delayed because it was timed too close to the death of JFK Jr. Well, the video, strangely enough, is about this q and on story, which is new. But the video is from one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Thousan ninehundred and ninety nine, but it’s about the idea that JFK was the second coming of Christ. It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. Art of thinking out loud, live common sense. Analytics has joined us. The missing says also connected to Hadis, which is Pluto. Yeah, let’s talk about that for just a moment here. So persephone’s kidnapped by Hades and what that means is when we go into the fall, you know, virgo goes into the underworld. So it’s about the autumn Equinox. That’s why they found Gabby Potito on the Autumn Equinox, on the twenty two of September. They found her because she represents virgo. And then she’s going into the underworld death hadies. So again this is a to me. This is all very much pertinent to her story being called persephone here, and this would cast him in the role of what hades. So there he is at the Dawnde to event, Marilyn Manson hanging out with Kanye on the day of Pluto returns. And Again Pluto is Hades, very intricately connected. If you look at just the stories here, like the actual the key points they bring out, and the Hades Pluto connection is even further deepen when you look at the DNDE two album, was produced by future, who goes by Pluto. Going through your comments, a one more thing. Hades releases the kraken. Keep that in mind. And all this talk about the crack, the crack pipe spidens releasing, and now Hunter Biden’s crack pipes back in the news, and all this talk about crack corresponding with the kraken talk, and then all of a sudden we have this oh pluto returns and it’s just to me. I’m like, okay, I think this is a sign to sign. Well, it kind of like the great reset was coordinated with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. Pete Shay says three hundred and forty three firefighters died on eleven. Three forty three equals seven times seven, times seven. That’s interesting. My third eye says I read the lyrics to dope show and it sounds like a message to fellow entertainers about being part of the dupe show. The dupe show very interesting. Well, I get the idea that some of these high level entertainers are way. They’re deep enough in that they have information, that they know what is fake in terms like, for example, Marilyn Manson’s connection with the columbine shootings. Like I’m pretty sure we’re looking at insiders, because he’s instrumental in building up the myth of the bull cut shooter, you know, like the trench coat mafia thing was like the start of that. All right. Now one more thing here, and this is again. This again. I think this is all part of how we can discern that we’re looking at a script.

So the idea of persephone going into the underworld, well, persephone’s the personification of Virgo. So I bring this up really quick. So, in other words, when we enter the fall is when she goes under in the sky. The Constellation Virgo personifies persephone. Well, the first thing that Marilyn Manson according to Evan Wood, the first thing that he said to her in the documentary. He walks up to her, she’s on a balcony and he says don’t fall. So I’m I hear this. I’m like wait, she remembers the first thing that he said to her, don’t fall, and then he kidnaps her as Hades and takes her to this other world and just like in westworld where she was imprisoned by the man in black, in real life she’s in Marilyn Manson’s world and then you have the ambigram. WW MM, it’s the same narrative. We went into this at length yesterday and we’ll get back into it as well. There’s a lot developing around this story. But yeah, this Dawnde to event on the twenty two has been really the focus of a lot of our conversations for the last month because of it’s because of the characters involves, but also because of the symbolism and the timing van go says on the dnde album, the song featuring Marilyn Manson is called jail and the chorus goes, guess who’s going to jail tonight? Interesting lyrics to like violence in the night right. See, what I’m thinking too, is this Phoenix rising documentary coming out right now is highly significant because it brings back the Charles Manson thing.

You had Charles Manson helter skelter, you had Charlie, Charlie, Charlie’s angels doing the killings. You find out about all the brainwashed victims of Charles Manson. Well, now that’s happening right now with Marilyn Manson, and here he is publicly associating with Kanye West, who’s about to go OJ I’m like, HMM, maybe this isn’t the type of person you want to be around right now. It looks like a set up. It looks like we’re looking at an evolving story. You know. Let me bring up one more thing. At that Dawnde to event Elon Musk showed up and he’s wearing a shirt that says crypto. A couple of things about this. He’s one of the richest men on earth, according to the stories and if you believe all the news and everything. So that’s one point I want to bring up. You got one of the richest individuals on earth showing up at this event, which is timed with the Pluto Return. So I’m looking at this event as more or less having everything to do with Pluto. It’s not about Kanye, it’s not about these celebrities, it’s about this bigger celestial event. And so he shows up with the shirt that says crypto and I’m thinking this is fascinating, because Pluto’s the god of wealth, because of the mineral wealth of the Earth beneath the ground. So the God of the underworld is wealthy and the color associated with them is purple. He carries a two pronged spear, a bident, but anyway, richest man in the world hanging out here wearing a shirt that says crypto got me thinking about the word crypto and crypt which has everything to do with the underworld, or rather something that is hidden. Just something to note here. Another noteworthy picture is musk hanging out with Kanye, and Musque has an orange on his shirt and Kanye has got an orange jacket. Just bringing this up because I’m looking at typecasting and I get the sense that we’re looking at, you know, OJ Simpson, juice is loose. They say they at him out in December, the kardashian connection. I’m just looking at this thing and I’m thinking, are we going to see some other Manson, Esk or even Oj like scenario unfolding? And again you I’m not just this, not just conspiracy conjecture, because we now have this evolving story with Pete Davidson and he’s working on a film called the home. Very interesting when you get into the whole Manson thing in the house where it happened. That house is on sale, by the way. You know the the home, the House with the Manson killings happened. Well, it’s for sale for fifty eight million dollars. The creator of full House owns the Beverly Hills Estate. When we’re getting into this storyline in the and the symbolism you should note to the house is a way of describing an astrological house in the sign of the Zodiac, and we’re entering a new wage, that a new house, so the old house has to go and I think there’s some connection here also to Charles Manson and the idea of Aquarius is the sign of the man. So it’s the man’s son, is how it’s been described to me by one expert on Astro Theology. It was a Mike, a Dank said this city talk a man’s son. Aquarius is man’s son because it’s in the sign of the man, and you can straplate from that also Charles Manson’s helter skelter and the world story. And by the way, I think he was thirty three when he started recruiting his cult following. But anyway, the creator of full House owns that house, owns the Manson well, the House with the Beverly Hills estate with a Manson. Murders took place. Something else about this and just Bob Saggott, full house died of a head wound. Like what’s with the head injuries? All these COMEDIANS? You have the comedian joy behar. She fell. Is She a comedian? It was funny. I mean it’s funny, not funny, but she’s just talking about how she’s never going to take off her mask. You know she’s totally with the program. These people. They Brag about their VAC status, wholier than Thou and they take these public falls and it’s like Ironic, is what I should say. So is it connected that you’ve got Heather McDonald falls and she hits her head. Joy Behar falls and hits her head. Then you’ve got Bob Saget falling and hitting his head and dying. Then you have Joe Rogan, another comedian, taking something of a fall. Like there’s been a theme here. So now Pete Davidson enters the world stage and he’s caught up in this drama working on a film called the House. Meanwhile his meanwhile Kanye’s going off about this murder fantasy and he’s hanging out with Marilyn Manson, today’s Charles Manson, and I mean it’s all it’s nice package. It’s night nice, tightly wrapped up story here. If you ask me, I’ll check out that song. Guess who’s going to jail tonight. Very fascinating. Tominoid says smells like children is the first EP by American rock band Marilyn Manson. CGI Joe Listens to it when he sniffs them. Oh Man, that would be a yeah, that’s that’d be a great compilation. Smells like children. Yeah, that’s also very pizza gayty. And when I saw the dope show album cover US thinking, HMM, maybe it’s not doope show. There’s another Anagram you could get out of dope and you get into the idea of mutual blackmail, which is something that that looks like. Manson was a part of filming people. Who knows, who knows, and there’s I mean, there’s just so much you can go into. But you have the intentionality behind the art of just shocking people. So I just because somebody has something shocking in their music, I don’t assume that’s what they’re into. All Right, let me continue through the comments.

The missing says Kanye saying love lockdown. He’s been a part of so many scyops. Yes, exactly like so I’m suggesting that these are puppets. Their puppets were basically living movies in front of us. It’s a script, so there’s no autonomy. So what you’re seeing is what you’re meant to see, and I’m looking at the storyline and following its trajectory and based on the story line as it’s been presented. Yeah, I’m thinking we’re about to witness some kind of a Manson esque event. Tony Driscoll left this comment last night. He said I just read that Marilyn Manson did a title theme for one of the resident evil movies, the movies about pandemics and zombies. I found it interesting, but no coincidences that would connect him to that predictive programming. So my response is we have Ellis in wonderland. This is a connection. Evan Wood and Marilyn Manson were working on something called the El some alie in wonderland project, and the resident evil movie where Marilyn Manson did some music for them, is about the looking glass house and the main character’s name is Elis and she protects it. So you do have this and it’s also this underground thing, substerranean. Quite a lot there. You also have raccoon city, which is sort of an Anagram for corona, very close to Wuhan. Check out this headline from the independent how Pete Davidson became the center of everything and they have his head poked through the rings of Saturn, which might have some implications if you look at a Saturn as the the reaper night Halloween kills. Speaking of that movie, Mike Myers, that’s a Saturnian character dressed in black with a knife. The reason they bring him out on Halloween is that’s the season of the harvest, the grim reaper, father time. It’s just a it’s a the side is a tool of the harvest. It’s about the cycles of life and death. So the fact that the independent has this image of Pete Davidson with his head through the rings of Saturn means his time is up and he’s twenty eight going on twenty nine or so. It’s his Saturn Return. So I think his time is coming. Add to that his connection to nine hundred and eleven. So here’s the title of this article. How Pete Davidson became the center of absolutely everything, between Kim and Kanye and eleven and now Jeff bezos, the comedian, sits at the heart of a ven diagram of American culture. Flat fact, says. Zodiacal houses are also called mansions. Portal says. Isn’t thirteen prominent in the metiscript? Oh yes, yeah, thirteen is huge. After eleven. They took thirteen years put the new building up, opened it up on one hundred and three. Thirteen is a number of resurrection. It’s the death in the Arrow card, the card of associated with Scorpio, but in the tourow death is about like, in the sense of Saturn, about a harvest. It’s not a permanent state. It’s a phase or it’s a yeah, it’s a part of a on a journey. Die, reboil, rebirth, recycle, plant a new crop. All Right, let me continue through the comments. Common says, are we going into Acquarius? In the day the sky has all the planets in that one house. You know, it’s kind of debatable when we got into a Quarius. Some say two thousand twelve, some say started two thousand. I’m not too sure. But the point is we are entering into a new age and the new age movement is this is synonymous with this and what they call it? The deep occultists, the ones who actually ruled this place, that the Lemites, they call it the age of Horace, the age of Mars. It’s in their books and when you read their books everything makes a lot more sense.

They’re talking about. This is the age where they tear down the Patriarchal, crucified Sun God and he gets replaced by the androgynous child, crowned to conquer, a child ruler, the child being a metaphor, I guess, for the new age isn’t going to have any the baggage of the old age, none of their programming. It’s a blank slate. That’s why they brought out Gretta. They call it the great reset. The occultists call it the great work. It’s all about the great reset, the great work. It’s about starting the new age off right and you got to get rid of the old first. That’s it’s a revolution. That’s why it’s all about burning down the old build back better. So when they brought out Gretta, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she comes out to proclaim the objectives of the great reset, because it is the Gretta reset. It’s just a simple Anagram, but they call it the great work. Great Work, Gretta work. And the main God of the new age is the Androgynous Horace, and anytime you look at Gretta, you see her making the sign of Horace, you know, the one I symbol every single time. And this is since she was a child. Well, she’s always been a tim she’s a child actor now, but when she was like three years old, she’s hanging out with her parents and she’s making the same sign. Why is that? It’s pretty obvious. You look at the grain agenda, the new age agenda, this one world global governance thing. You Tie it into World War zero, great reset, the great work, the New Age, the crowned and conquering child that would proclaim the new age, denouncing the previous generations and their gods and, of course, speaking to the whole world, the UN. I would think she fits. I would, I contend, and of course this is right before corona the crown, so my contention has been since, really since Gretta first emerge in the world stage, is that you’re actually looking at the crown and conquering child described by Elistercrewley. That would be the the the herald of the one who would announce the objectives of the new age, the age of Horace, and it could all be thousands of coincidences, but not. I don’t think so. It’s also not a joke or coincidence that she’s got the same birthday as Kyle Rittenhouse, same birthday. Pete Davidson was making jokes about having intercourse with gross yeah, are to thinking out louds pointing out Pete Davidson is Pizza Davidson. I’ve been calling him Pizza Gate Davidson. Quote jokes. You know, I don’t think they’re jokes just because you add a laugh track. They say the most disgusting, inhumane things and they put a laugh track and we’re supposed to laugh. Now. There’s no jokes when you’re talking about victimizing innocence, and that’s what they specialize in. And all these people are pizza gators. Even Jimmy Fallon has been associated with, you know, grooming, you know everything that there. This is just all insane. We know what these people are. Hey, check this out. The American people won’t believe anything until they’ve seen it on TV. President Nixon said that. How true is that? All right, let me see, let’s continue. I’m going through. Oh, look at this, Pete Shay says Tim. That Pete Davidson Image you posted reminds me of Michael Jackson’s escape over. Okay, so the escape cover. I remember when I was looking into Saturnian symbolism. I notice that time that you do, that Michael Jackson makes use of all this stuff.

And Yeah, sure enough, the escape album cover does have Michael Jackson poking his head through the rings of Saturn or something very similar to that. Effect X scape. Now this is deep x scape because x is Saturn, x is across, it’s the twenty four letter, which is very significant when you get into how they use numbers like twenty four and forty two interchangeably to reference Saturn or the the x, the Cross, which is an unfolded cube. Fascinating. And of course this preceded his death hoax. So yeah, I would say that that independent cover that I was pointing out that headline with Pete Davidson. Yeah, I would say that this is basically saying, yeah, this guy’s about to go just like his father, who died at thirty three. Unbelievable. Frank Zen sent this comment to me yesterday. There’s also a Charles Manson Docu drama being produced on Netflix right now. Yeah, what are the odds? And check this out. Marilyn Manson response to criticism of fake assault rifle stage prop. So he’s on stage pretending to shoot people at the same time that twenty six were shot in that church in South Texas. Last night at its concert, Marilyn Manson pointed an assault rifle with the microphone at a crowd in San Bernardino California. He took a lot of criticism for the stunt being it was the same day as a mass shooter killing twenty six people in a rural Texas city. So anyway, bringing this up because from the very get Goo Manson has been a part of the sci up entertainment complex and the more I look, the more I’m finding and the idea of the Columbine shooters, the bowl cut shooters. Subsequently you had Dylan Storm Roof, the storm is coming, you know, the guy who really made the bowl cut the symbol of the far right, fringe school shooters. This is all stuff that was built up with the help of Marilyn Manson and his his artistic Miss Characterization of America. You know these artists they hold up they say this is a mirror, this is what America is really about. Same with Netflix, all these movies. They want you to think that life is following art, that we’re just seeing a reflection of ourselves. And know it’s a big fun House Mirror. That’s what the mass media has always been. All right, let me see commenters, dumbs Dumb Shit. Says Pluto is near Planet X, Napoleon Wilson we’re going to have to look into this person here. If you’re going to make pizza gayy comments, don’t be so prized if you have some penguins knocking at your door. You know, we this channel, that this is true. If you and I’m not going to get delve into this now, but this channel exposed a ring of a users, rather a network of people who were just bizarre connections like you wouldn’t believe, like you would the Bible Flat Earth Society, the Biblical flatter societies. Founders in jail right now for child trafficking. And he did documentaries with the now supposedly deceased Rob Skiba. They did flat earth movies. He did flatter the I’m talking about a child Predator, a guy who’s going to serve a long time in prison, Philip stallings. He did documentaries with with the guy who organized the flatter of conference, another Davidson, of Robbie Davidson. It’s Mike Weight. What are these guys doing hanging out with the guy who’s now in jail after this movement started and they have their conferences and he was at their first conference and they haven’t even mentioned it. Then you find out that some of their speakers are sex offenders, petos on parole, and we’ve exposed this stuff. So I’m just saying whenever I see people making weird discussing jokes like that in the comments, I don’t take it lightly because more often than not, these these creatures give themselves away. That’s why I’m calling Pete Davidson, Peter Davidson, Pizza Davidson, Pizza Davidson, just like Matt Pizza Gates, and you know, I think I was right about Matt Pizza Gates. All right, let’s see here. I have a doc a video. If you want to watch it, I’ll put a link in the chat.

This is a collection of Saturn Cube symbolism throughout the world right now and it describes, you know, how you can correlate the cube with the six pointed star and just have the different ways they represent the same exact symbols, and then how it ties into the numeral numerology. And one thing I want to point out is a I think that the character of Saturn, death, Chronos, Moloch, all the various ways of representing them, as you can see this video. You see Saturn devouring his child, you’ve got Chronos eating his child as Moloch. This is a this is the one by Goya, Moloch or Saturn, devouring his child. Again. What is a symbol? This is a very grotesque thing. But what I wanted to point out, though, is that Abraham taking his son up to the hill to slash its throat and then he stops Abraham with the knife or with the SCYTHE, about to kill his child. Yeah, that’s another Saturn archetype. You know, I consider it. That’s why you see the six pointed star associated with Abrahamic faith. That’s why you have the cross and this. Let me play a short clip here, because this is getting really interesting. Even in their fakery, they expose that, they reveal their symbolism, like when NASA shows you the top of Saturn and it has a six pointed hexagram. Yeah, it’s all about maintaining their symbolism and keeping it consistent. I’m going to play a short clip. This is a symbolism. One hundred and one black cube. Saturn occult in the scheme of things. It really doesn’t matter. If your intention is to know Christ and to know God, then you will. Now this is sort of a religious person. I skip over that, but I’m just into the research and I look, I’ll get my research from anywhere. I don’t discount someoneks I don’t care for their conclusions, and this individual doesn’t great research, even though we something of a of aculate drinker to the occult. And again, when you see a cross like the Celtic crosses that have a circle in the middle of them, it’s more Saturn symbolism. It just actually encompasses the feminine into the masculine sign of the X, which creates a duality type of symbolism. Now let’s jump back to the threedimensional depiction of the square, the cube, which derives from the hexagon. If we were to draw a star, and remember Saturn is the planetary representation of a star, if we were to draw a star using the hexagon, we will get a hexagram. It’s exactly how it sounds. Hexa Graham comes from a hexagone. They all start with hex which all mathematically represent sick. The hexagone has six sides, the Hexa Graham has six points, so on and so forth. But the HEXA Graham is the symbol used in black magic. It comes from the Jewish Kabbala, Jewish magic. It is a symbol of dark summoning for the occult, if you want to put a hex on somebody or if you want to have a spirit come forth. Anyway, this is very interesting material. I’d also like to point out a couple of other things about this because it’s been reintroduced today. We have a modern iteration of it and it’s the Green God, the God of the Earth, being reintroduced to us with environmentalism. But it’s all the same earth worship, and that’s why, when you look at your recycling symbol, yet you see three nails to represent the nailing to the Cross of the crucified resurrecting Sun God. Then you have the of course you couldn’t. You could look at the negative space, and this is what I want to point out. Look at the negative space within the recycling symbol and you can make out the six pointed star again. So Cyrus, it’s Saturn, it is the original vegetation God. Green, I mean you see black associated with Saturn, but also green when it comes to this vegetation God, because you’re talking about the god of the Earth, death and then resurrection. Green is the new life, resurrection, Death, recycling of souls, the recycling symbol is actually a symbol of the God odd of death and Resurrection, the Earth God. So every time you go out and you recycle, you’re actually genuflecting before an altar that’s not a recycling Bin, it’s not a dumpster, that’s an altar to the Earth God.

You’re separating your sins, you’re confessing, you’re showing all these choices were bad, but these ones were good, they’re sustainable, and so it’s all just a religious observance. It’s ball worship. Be a AL, another name of the same God, and that’s why you have the recycling so much associated with saving the earth. You’re worshiping ball. Anyway, this has been great. Will be back later to make a what will take some phone calls later and I have some voicemails to respond to. I’m going to put on the screen of picture of bloodied Pete Davidson. We really talked about Pete Davison almost more than anything today, because this it’s getting close. I think we’re getting close to some kind of I believe some kind of a finelle. I’m going read the comments one more time make sure I haven’t missed anything.

All right, let’s see. Andrew says, they mock the Abrahamic faith. Yeah, look, I’m just looking at the symbols and ICONOGRAPHY. You know, I can’t really I don’t have any inside information. I haven’t met any of these characters in any of these books. To me, it’s all symbolism, none of its original. Noah, let me bring up one more. Noah is an original. But just really quick, the the atheists, the people who laugh at the Bible, the Godless, the ones who think it’s all just archaic nonsense and superstition.

Yeah, well, they’re scared to death of a modern flood myth and they don’t know it’s a myth. They think it’s science, but they don’t even hide it. NASA, they don’t even hide the fact that they are reintroducing this vengeful judge God. And that’s why they’ve introduced the National Oceanic and atmospheric administration as just a replacement Noah myth. It’s called Noah. The symbol of the dove is Noah’s symbol. They use ARCS, they have flood imagery and they’re always there to tell us if there’s any flood happening. Noah will warn you. You can find articles these search Noah’s warning of a flood and you find all these scientific articles flood warning again. This is just to me. This is not a coincidence. Noah national severe storms laboratory, and they don’t tell you on their site. They don’t say, Oh, we ripp this off of the Bible. All this is an old testament stuff. Oh No, we’re just appropriating powerful religious archetypes. Now they don’t tell you that it’s subliminal. It’s not meant for us to note these things. I think it’s all just you know, it’s part of a replacement faith, the replacement religion. Last night we’re talking about aliens and how I believe aliens are, how they reintroduce the concept of angels, a sort of perfected man to the atheists. It’s a perfect end to the story of the Darwinian struggle of ape to man. And now are we going to go back to a for we’re going to make it to something higher? And Aliens are that something higher? They don’t. They’re they’re basically grays, they’re bland, their generic. They all look the same. They’re all genderalists, just sort of yeah, blend collectivists. What we’re all heading into? Victoria Panda says there’s no I use ARC symbology. Look, you’ll find arc symbolism all over Noah, all over NASA, all over Elon Musk they use the arc everywhere. The movie Moonfall I reviewed recently rolling emeric. He did a movie called ARC space, Arcs Wall e. The the Pixar film that they program children with. Wally, is a modern story of Noah with a Communist revolution thrown in.

Anyway. This is the official flat earth international anthem by Lucifer Tim. Will be back later on today. Sign up for the newsletter. Join the Patreon if you want to have first watches of any of the new ten minute videos I’m going to be releasing soon from the metascript decodes series, so I’ll put a link there. Thanks again everyone for the support and for keeping this channel going and will be open phones late late tonight again. This is firehouse, a portion of Lucifer Tim. One more thing here my third eye. I’m sorry, I have a few more comments. I want to go through my third eyes pointing out something about the dove is a symbol on the empress card after the priestess. Okay, and Lacy May’s asking where are the replays okay. So the replays. Let me point this out. I’m going to put the replays at infinite plane dot radio just to make it easy. So go infinite plane dot radio and if you get on the newsletter, you will be getting all of the latest archives direct your inbox. So the best way to get in touch. Stay in touch, remain in the nose just to get on the newsletter. All Right, anyway, thanks for hanging out. will be back later again, this is Lucifer Tim get vas. As always bound, I

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