CGI JOES NEW OLD WORLD ORDER , Infinite Plane Radio 3/21/22

CGI JOES NEW OLD WORLD ORDER , Infinite Plane Radio 3/21/22

CGI JOES NEW OLD WORLD ORDER, Infinite Plane Radio 3/21/22


Thank you for joining everyone….It’s March. Thirty one twenty two. Live stream notifications of just gone out. Be Right back. Go ahead and share the strain. Okay, phones are open. Eight one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. We did open phones last night. Covered a lot of ground. This week we’ve been talking about pizza, Davidson, Kanye West, world’s burning, various theories that might explain what’s behind our strangely scripted, rigged reality, the notion that we’re already in the metaverse and many other topics, most of it revolving around this new world order religion that has been ows upon us under the guise of protecting us from some kind of mysterious novel illness.

And now here we are, on the eve of the forty two anniversary of the Georgia guidestones, and you have our president come out and say specifically that’s time for a new world order. I mean nothing surprising there. Take it. Listen to this quote from Brock Adams, director you and Health Organization. To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men they’re individualism, loyalty, to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas. So you’re like check, check, check and check. So the recent attack and individualism is really, through the attack on the free flow of information, turning you into a basically a hate criminal, a thought criminal, a threat actor, a terrorist for spreading memes that go against the mainstream narratives that are really there to demoralize and undermine and subvert loyalty to family traditions, while family is the new FFFORT.

You can’t even say that anymore. So they took care of that one. National Patriotism, oh you mean q and on the people that are waiting for JFK to come back and save them. Is that what you mean by National Patriots? Because that’s all you see on TV, the nutters, the extremist the domestic violent extremists and, of course, religious dogmas. Of all been replaced by worship of the state and its priesthood, which they have pretty much just, I think, provided us with a new priesthood and a new religion, and it’s based on science, it’s based on experts, just professionals who look the part. They keep a straight face when they tell you big lies, like about how the oceans are going to swallow at Florida. You know, global warmings, thirty three, by the way. So if anything’s going to have and with it, it’s going to be now, if there’s some way they can actually fake it. But I’m just pointing that out because they say you’re a conspiracy theorist if you just don’t trust the news and it’s like, well, what do you call the people that are consistently wrong about all of their forecasts? Are They not just conspiracy theorists? All right, we joined by flower, flower, ocean, six in Bellis, John Cord and green smoke, Jenna lovecraft, wreathe full as bum Alari, Borealis, Frank Murphin, bar Aj two hundred and six Salty Siren, David Camilla, Shannon we the restream robot, Lando Rock, restless bear and crazy man. wrestless bear says I’m a conspire racist. Now you’re not supposed to take that. See, you’re a conspiracy theorist, but that makes it sound like you have theories, like you think, like you might do some kind of observations record stuff.

So now they changed it from conspiracy theorist to conspiracist, which I’m suggesting here based on their own usage of it imply some kind of racist under pinning to all of your theories, which is absurd. It’s just a smear. That’s why we use conspirattainment, because we’re not really for the race war Syoup, although that is part of their main agenda and we talked about that quite a bit. Let us go and continue. I don’t want to listen to bite and talk about the new worlder, that quote. That quote is going around. It’s not you. Why do they call it new? It’s the old world order. Just a few new, I guess, a couple new ways that they can extort money out of you if you new ways attacks you afe, new things for you to pay for. But what’s new about it? It’s the same old thing. It’s just updated. And there’s nothing new about the whole new world order concept I’m suggesting. It’s already here. They’re just changing the facades. Let’s go through some headlines as well. Mike Lindelle, the pillow guy, his groups are sending armed volunteers to harass minority voters in their homes. Elections coming up, so they’re turning their attention from mandates and protesting masks to the two thousand and twenty two election Hunter Biden’s laptop is out again and people are frouding at the mouth over what that contains. I still contend it’s a nothing burger. Okay, let’s continue the Batman, and now this is the one I want to get into. The Batman movie that’s out happens to contain a character that is essentially a way to attack you. So the riddler is a queue and honor. I mean not specifically, but if you read about him, it says here the riddler pedals online conspiracy theories about hidden cabals that are secretly controlling the government of Gotham and he radicalizes his followers. So again, this is definitely some kind of take on this q story. This is from crackedcom. But even before the Batman movie came out, I looked at the trailers and I pointed this out at the time and I said, Hey, look, you’re seeing question marks, and I’ve been saying since two thousand and twenty that they’re going to come for your question marks. They’re banning what they call Malinformation, misinformation, disinformation, asking questions, and I said at some point you’re going to see UN tanks on your street Chinese troops, the Blue Helmets, and then to come in and they’re going to take the question marks off your keyboards and probably the cues now too. But what are the odds that Batman is fighting an enemy, a bad guy that just happens to be kind of a queue and on archetype, a riddler, a guy full of questions and again, question marks not, not something they’re going to want to carry into the post reset world. And this reminds me about this cartoon of them is an episode of Batman that we had analyzed in two thousand and nineteen. It was a think it was justice league.

Anyway, it was an episode where a conspiracy theorist, takes over a newsroom, takes everyone hostage and he tells the camera. He says not letting anybody go into you admit that the JFK assassination was a hoax. Now, luckily, Batman comes in and takes out the conspiracy, theorist terrorists and saves us. So it’s kind of the same story that they’ve been peddling. They’ve created this new enemy, but at the time I thought that’s absurd. Who would even think that Jay of K was still alive? A guys a hundred and six if he is. And sure enough, that’s like the main, really the main thread behind the queue and on narrative is that JFK still alive and he’s going to come back. So it shows you how the propaganda is is actually the propaganda that the queue and honors believe is actually has some sort of precedent and it’s already been written into a lot of the entertainment. So they were already set up to be enemies. David Pryor says happy New World Order Day. Yep, and by the way, yet tomorrow is the forty two anniversary that Georgia guidestones. And I don’t believe in the Georgia guidestones as some kind of prophecy about some impending calling of the herd, because they put him out forty two years ago and the population has since metastasized. So they kind of can’t do it. It’s beyond their reach at this point. You know, if your plan is to reduce the population of five hundred thousand and you only have a few million or a few hundred million and then you let the number go to several billion before you come up with a scheme, it’s too late, and the idea that there are too many people is really just misanthropy. Anyway. All right, let us continue. We’re looking at the riddler on the screen. So this Batman movie has more or less an attack on anybody to to the right, so says, he radicalizes as five hundred followers. This new take on the riddler conspicuously calls to mind recent news stories involving waves of toxic online misinformation, such as q and on. And notice how information can now be toxic. Like you can get sick, you’ll throw up if you see this meme. Like they give you the idea, like they use viral, the word viral, they use the language of epidemiology, but they give you the idea that these things are actually toxic. Mal Information is a new word, and I searched it in quotes and a few people noted it. Like when did mal information become a thing? where, after eleven it was all about the weapons of mass destruction, now w MD, now it’s MDM. They just flip over the W and it’s dismiss and mal information. And this is put out by the DHS. So memes are like a threat to civilization. It’s the memes that they’re after. So says.

This new take on the riddler calls to mind recent new stories. Involves talk involving the toxic misinformation such as q and on. The problem is that the character the riddler is right. He does expose a complex web of corruption spun by shadowy elites. So the Batman is commenting on the dangers of these fringe Internet communities, but also validating their theories. This seems pretty messed up. So this is a review from cracked and they’re really troubled by this because because the ending doesn’t make the riddler into the bad guy necessarily. You know another movie that we were talking about yesterday, Utopia with John cusack. John cusack plays a character very similar to Bill Gates. He creates this synthetic meat and it gets spreads a flu unintentionally. This fluborn virus then requires a vaccine, which he pedals, and you find out that he actually created the virus itself in order to sell the vaccine. Anyway, this whole show was about how the vaccine is intended to decoculate, so you can understand why utopia was pulled after one season. The thing is, at the end the Anti vaxers destroyed a VAT of not of at an actual entire warehouse of the vaccine stuff. So the heroes of the story with anti vaxers and they can’t have that. So they pulled it all right. Going through some comments, thinks he’s a penguin. Says they had to retract the John Denver thing in the comments. Yeah, if you want to call and explain that. And we were talking about John Denver, because this is bizarre, but Vincent Fusche’s running for Senate. Vincent Fuscha’s a major Maga trump fan and many trumpers believed he was actually JFK in disguise. Later they figured out no, he’s John Denver in disguise. Like they are obsessed with being saved by a bunch of dead celebrities. But look, you can’t call them crazy. You got to see this. This is Eric trump and I have a video of this. If you want to actually watch it, let me pull up the video. So Eric Trump’s at an event recently and someone presents him with a portrait of his father posing beneath a big electric que and while they present the painting you hear the theme song from a Star Wars. You know the imperial March. So here’s Donald Trump with a big cue above his head, theme Song Two Star Wars, and Eric Trump receiving the painting. And this is a big I think it’s about four foot by six foot. It’s a large painting. I love then, Hey, are gradable. If you come up your Jackson and and he kind of showed to the crowd real quick. Here to Jackson and check you. I should look at this guy. You painted this himself. Look at this, hold it up. Wow, well yet that all right, I’ll chat. Is One more painty? What more? You want to UNVAIL and I’ll get out of your way. So they’re unvailing these paintings of their God, emperor trump, with a very conspicuous lightning bolt q above his head. And many of them still believe he’s president. And they actually believe that JFK JR is president. And you know, they let me go in shore an example. They actually believe this. So here’s a meeting with the COL dists. And when I say called I don’t mean it to be disparaging, it just it is what it is. What are you going to call it? The whole cult of JFK junior is a thing. So here’s a clip where this man claims that JFK JR was there with President trump when he was president, back in July of two thousand and twenty, up Mount Rushmore, and supposedly you’re about to hear the voice of JFK junior in a minute. I’ll play it. But this guy claims that any given he claims JFK was able to walk on top of the head of George Washington and pose for some pictures. So here we go, a moment on the face of this planet that are q capable. Now one more thing I have to bring up. So they truly believe that JFK, who was ostensibly shot what in one thousand nine hundred and sixty three, was literally the second coming of Jesus and that’s why the deep state had to stop them. That’s what they truly believe. And so once you understand that, the rest this makes sense. For the most trusted they can carry a nuclear weapon. No one else can.

I heard that going off in my ear. Yeah, that’s what happens when you talk about Q. Yeah, now you’re listening to a meeting of the true believers. By the way, thanks, Lord Dorkington. We appreciate the support here and all of those that is Dorkington, of place that you’re a lord of. Anyway, all of you’re a your serfs and all them that you preside over. Thanks to all of you for contributing and anyone else, if you contribute to this channel. I’m going through the donation list at COFICOM and I send claim links for non fungible tokens and we have a whole new collection to those. Like on the screen, if you’re looking you see what looks to be a Funko pop penguin with the wrench. It’s an example of the kind of nfts that you can find over there at the shop digital assets. Start Building your portfolio. I made it really easy if you’ve never opened a wallet before in Your Life, once you click the link, it opens up a window where you have an opt in. So you just two clicks away from actually having one of these things in a digital wallet and it’s realer than anything else. I mean as real as anything else in the world today. Anyway. This is again the que and on conference talking about how JFK was standing on top of Mount Rushmore Q is six military intelligence agencies led by the president of the United States of America and a very, very special man that is helping, who currently serves as a vice president of the United States of America. It was kind of kind of fun to be on that hell copy that dropped him off on Mount Rushmore so he could stand on George Washington’s head. Yeah, she says, was JFK there? He says. Yeah, so JFKJ. Imagine JFK JR standing on top of Mount Rushmore and JFK’s in the hospital and trump’s there and these people are they’re just totally ecstatic about this idea. And these are the ones who gathered at the grassy knoll thinking he was going to reappear, and they truly believe the Kennedy’s are the blood of Christ. That’s the basis for this whole thing. So you’re not looking at just a mere political colt and you’re looking at something a little more sophisticated and it’s not going to go away. I’m going to play a few more seconds of it. You’re welcome. What’s that? John F Kennedy Jr. I got the privilege of being on dawn junior’s helicopter with gene hoe. So anyway, this guy’s hanging out with a Kennedy, with the trumps, and he claims they’re hanging out with the Kennedy’s. And this is something that this isn’t from last year, this is from last night. I’m looking at the people talking about it. So they’re all true believers. That’s kind of my point here. So just they know it’s not going way, and this explains why Eric Trump would be here receiving a painting of his father with a cue behind him. And again, just to make it very clear, q is believed to be the dead JFK who supposedly didn’t die. So the you have a dead Kennedy and that trump is his agent. Maxwell Cooper says is their money in that grift? Well, I don’t know. How much do they make off of those gigantic JFK junior for vice president flags that they buy? And there has to be money in it for sure, but the fact is the trumps aren’t doing anything to disassociate themselves from Q. Just want to point that out. This is something else. We were talking about dark city with a collar last night. A Keith Sutherland is in that movie and so is Jennifer Connolly, which I’m going to watch that movement and rented on Amazon because Jennifer Connolly is in labyrinth and we were talking about labyrinth and her relationship to Jaref, the Goblin King, the one who maintains the prison as it relates to this archetype of Ellis in Wonderland, Dorothy in Oz or dolores in westworld. So Jennifer Connolly is another one of these typecast characters that enters into a dynamic with the prisoner of that particular Matrix and in this case in dark city. She’s in it as well. So I’m going to have to watch it. It has all the usual Saturnian embolism Chronos, the clock time control, just the color of it very dark. But also I noted that one of these alien controllers in Dark City looks exactly like the Alien Controller at the World Economic Foundation, Darth Schwab. Same uniform, same demeanor. They even sound the same. So just something else is pointing out. This is probably what we had can call predictive programming. Thanks, dumb S, for the support. Keeps the text message notifications going out. I believe we have about a hundred and fifty people receiving text message notifications and it helps keep the numbers on the live streams up when we have a lot of people show up right away. Jennifer Conley is in Noah to, says Finnbar. Well, this is one of the other areas that we examine here, is when a an actor is put into a certain role, you’ll find it’s a repeated role and there are certain aspects that are connected symbolically, just not overtly. But I’ll be examining dark city in this context. We were talking about Chronos and Saturn and the various archetypes that represent this particular God or whatever going to call it, and how consistent the symbolism is, even the clock itself.

And this totally explains why Jeff Bezos, who doesn’t look too far off from the from either these two, spent forty two million dollars on that clock, which he had installed inside of a mountain in Texas. I mean, why would you spend forty two million on a clock? Well, if you knew the number forty two significance to all of the space popes, you would understand it. It’s because it’s what they’re cult is actually about. It’s the reference to the Earth God. All right, Joe Ross sent me this comment. Read Dawn was filmed in Pontiac, Michigan. Just to follow up comment. Last night we were talking about based on something a callar brought up all the interesting associations between wolverines and Michigan and the colors blue and yellow and wolverines as going far back as like, for example, the X meen character and blue and Yellow Michigan wolverines. Will follow up on that. And someone else pointed this out to me. Some interesting bits of numerology, I guess, and you look at the stuff that want, you could ask you it was this just a coincidence, but I tested this with many other events and I didn’t find anything else. So this is what it shows. is a tick talk video. If you take the starting dates for World War One, World War Two and the Ukraine invasion and you add them up, so World War One is July twenty eight, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen, you add the digit to get sixty eight. World War Two September one, one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine. At it you get sixty eight. Ukraine invasion add to twenty four, twenty and twenty two, you get sixty eight. So the tick Talker, who uploaded this, is just pointing out that there is this kind of curious phenomenon here where these starting dates all do connect with the number. Sixty eight advanced setting says, is Klaus Be Zos be FTF, BFTF, as in my bfs. I don’t know what the T is, but yeah, I think they’re all part of the same club. Like, what’s that one? Is it Flash Gordon? The bad guy has the the bald head. That kind of set the archetype. What was his name? mean the merciless, and I think the satanist started adopting this look, and now it’s the look over there at the UN, mean the Murk, merciless and interesting archetypes. Nothing here is coincidental. When you look at these the way that they present these characters, you know it’s very noticeable with some of these celebrity scientists we are pointing out, just for example, and I was looking at Meing and it reminded me of spock. But if you ever look at Bill Ny, the Science Guy, and you look at his eyebrows and compare them to the eyebrows of spock from Star Trek, you know I noticed. Well, okay, this is a perfect match. So what’s the deal? And a lot of people said that, like here, here’s a tweet from Andrew Ned. The older bill night gets, the more he looks like spock. I didn’t realize this was an option for aging, but I would like to sign up for that one too. So this guy would also like to age into a venerable captain spock. But when I saw this, I thought, okay, this is just a way of associating him with somebody a lot smarter and a little more collected, a little less cringe and a lot more credible. I mean it’s the smart move. So it’s kind of subtle, not too overt, and he didn’t go at the bowl cut. That would have given it away. But yeah, you’re looking at that basically what I would consider to be a stylistic choice designed to create this subconscious association. I mean you even see him making the hand sign and I’ve seen him making other signs as well. Bill NY is a very interesting character. I really think he jumped the shark with the sex junk episode. Any of you recall that? Hopefully you blocked the memory, but yeah, here he is doing the spok thing. So then I looked at some of the other popular scientists and I’m like wait, Brian Cox looks exactly like Carl Sagan with the hair like that’s definitely a copy. And then Mitch Hukaku, I’m like he’s aging into an Einstein. So this is not a new thing. Just pointing this out. None of them are original. Advanced Setting says. Any predictions for tomorrow? Yeah, it’ll be the twenty twod no, for Real, the three hundred and twenty two. Very significant day. You know, three hundred and twenty two is the chapter number of the skull and bone society. I have a couple notes on that. So let’s get into that really quick and before we do, want to say shout out to Russian VID’s brave move. I mean, I may not agree with them or his stance, but supposedly he changed his name to R v Truth to be in solidarity with the Ukrainians. So he dropped Russian and now it’s just RV truth. Think it’s commendable. Okay, so let’s get back to the three, two two. I think there’s a lot we can take from that. Let’s start with this.

If you’re not familiar with the skull and bone society in the connection to Batman. This is a good place to start because, as we’ve been discussing, the Batman movies are often used in conjunction with the major psyops of our day. These, these tie INS, are part of how they establish narratives. So here we go. I mean it’s very simple when you get down to it. Order out of chaos. jokers, the Patsy jokers, the super spreader, the Anti Vaxx or the terrorist, the D V domestic violent extremist. Batman is law and order. It’s not a coincidence that on March fourth, when the new Batman movie came out, on the same day, they announced that they were going to reinstate the death penalty for the Boston bomber, whose name is joker. Sounds like joker, and that’s actually his nickname. Okay, this is from Batman one thousand nine hundred and sixty six, when they talk about the origin of the sclean bone society and how it happened to have been founded by Batman’s grandfather. Good ideas. The ladies such worthy causes. I personally favor this natural ristauces. I like to make him my own personal charity. All are worthy. How you can say that again now. He said, okay, really, this is this is where he asks about Bruce Wayne’s grandfather, and this is from Batman episode thirty three, Miss Aired in one thousand nine hundred and sixty six. He is great grandfather. I understand. He was tapped for sculland bones. TAP FOR IT, sir. He founded scullan bones, the kind of thing. So tapped for it. No, he founded sculland bones. So scolland bone society is really just a templar organization. You look at their logo, it’s got the three to two. There are rumors about what it takes to get in. The idea that they tap fifteen people year isn’t really a secret. There was some undercover reporter who had actually gone in and recorded one of their initiations, but it had been pulled before I could download it. And this was like when I first started looking into it is a short clip, but you see the courtyard and I believe the initiation involved kissing a skull. I think the officiate was wearing the George Bush mask. I think there was screaming and the slitting of throats of naked women. I mean, this was at Yale. I’m assuming it was all theatrical we have to assume. So why would our presidents be involved in something so heinous? Now the SCLEN bone society. I think they were sued, weren’t they, over Dronimo’s skull. So apparently one of the things that they were known for was digging up the bones as part of their initiation ceremonies. So dronimo was in prison and Fort Sill, Oklahoma when he died in one thousand nine hundred and nine. Nine years later, members of the skull and bones who were stationed at the army base of sconded with his skull. The skull and bones clubhouse, known as the Tomb, is secured with the padlock. So you have a mystery of the bones, dronimo’s missing skull. So the order of death, the Scalon Bone Society, it’s all about. In fact, there’s some interesting pictures where you can see these individuals posing in front of a grandfather clock, and I think this is all very noteworthy. Symbolism of the clock combined with the skull and crossbones, and the cross is another one of these symbols of Saturn. So here we are again looking at an article from NPR. Mystery of the bones, dronimo’s missing skull. I believe they even have the skull of Pancho Villa. I’m not sure who else, but they say that Prescott Bush, the father of George W Bush, was involved in stealing this one, and I remember there’s some group that was trying to get it back. I hear that they also steal license plates that have three, two, two on the back. Okay, so at any one moment there are approximately eight hundred living members of this organization across the world, so any one of them could have the skull by now. Says Alexandra Robbins, who wrote secrets of the Tomb, secrets of the tombs, skull and bones, the Ivy League and the hidden paths of power. In an email, university of Yale spokesman Tom Connery wrote Yale does not possess dronimo’s remains. Yale does not own the skull and bones building or its property, nor does Yale have access to the property or the building. Efforts to reach members of scullan bones for comment were met with silence. Finn Bar says, yeah, he climbed the wall of the courtyard. Okay, so you saw that video. Finnbar asks what they do with it, with the skulls. So they drink blood out of it. You know, I don’t really know if it’s just a way of getting everybody bound up, you know, common criminality, mutual black male just establishing a pattern for the future, because if you’re willing to go dig up a skull for your friends, you’re all kind of locked in pretty tight, I’d imagine. And what what’s next? And I’ve read about their coffin rituals. But I bring this up because we’re just about on the date three, two, two, which again it’s the anniversary date of the Georgia guidestones being installed, but it’s also a number frequently associated with these various sy ups. I’ve an email want to respond to. If you send any emails, Tim Osman Doubledo seven at Gmail. I’ll generally respond here live if it’s interesting. Another Apollo eleven number, man with one red shoe. This is from Boring NPC says. You seem to enjoy analyzing the symbolism of the space program so here’s something for you. I just noticed the first letters of the last names of the last three astronauts on Apollo eleven are a, AC or one one.

Three, any thoughts? Did I recently hear you mentioned about red shoes and freemasons? That was a caller. We had a caller who mentioned something about the Red Shoe Club, which is kind of like the Black Guy Club, as a whole lot of celebrities who show up in these pictures with these red shoes that are allegedly made from, I don’t know, human leather. If so, then you might be interested in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five movie, the man with one red shoe, starring a young Tom Hanks. Yeah, Tom Hanks is a very interesting character because on the one hand he’s like America’s Dad. He’s very trustworthy, he’s this you know, just this face. Everybody knows he’s credible, but then on the other side, the queue and honors think that he is one of the top baby eaters, that he’s literally a probably right up there with Hillary Clinton, who they believe has Kuru, which is the sickness you get from eating brains. I believe Maxwell Cooper says wasn’t King supers last year on three hundred and twenty two. The King supers thing. Now that’s one that you probably could have predicted. I remember on three hundred and twenty two was it last year? I said, you know, this would be a super day for a scy up. And then, of course king supers in Bouldos, Colorado, store number thirty three, you had the gunmen come in March twenty two last year. And look at this. The police did not enter the store until three twenty two PM. What are the odds? Again, this was store number thirty three, thirty three union employees and supposedly a bunch of people were there getting their grocery and some people were getting vaxed. So they’re there for their covid nineteen shot and they get an Ar fifteen shot. This was this kind of ironic point the media was making. But anyway, the King Super’s store was shot up by a guy who’s doing this in retaliation for Christ church. So this was a radical Islamic extremist who want to get back at the white nationalist extremist for shooting up the mosques. And again, this was the twenty two so it’s about a week from the anniversary of the Christ church shooting and this king super’s shooting followed up on the heels of the parlor shootings in Atlanta, which and this is so to me. This is evidence of it all being staged operations. The parlor shootings, which again we’re right before this. We’re templated off of the Christ church shootings, multiple locations, target immigrant population. The shooter on Internet, radicalized White Nationalist Racist, pulled out of his car following a pit maneuver, a pit maneuver at both New Zealand, Christ church and in Atlanta. That’s where they drive the person off the road and pull them out of the car. So identical psy ops. And then this event was a response to the first one. Like these three events should not be connected in any way, but they’re perfectly connected. And most of the shooters all have the same basic manifesto, like they’re all just kind of regurgitating the same thing. They need better writers over there at the FBI or wherever it is they gin up these characters. And that’s not a that’s not hyperbole. There’s a pretty good article on vice about how the FBI was actually bankrolling Neo Nazi literature to the tune of like a hundred thousand dollars. So if you’re a writer looking for work and you don’t have a conscience, FBI bank world publisher of Neo Nazi books and some vicecom typical, I imagine. I wonder if the FBI pays Eric de Beta right flat earth content and then insert, you know, Hitler into it. I mean, what other incentive to people have for promulgating a lot of this absurd stuff? But yeah, King Supers, that was last year. I’m going to open up phones here in just a moment. So the shooter was a MoD all Issa. He was arrestled after being shot in the leg. He was temporarily hospitalized and later it was explained that he did this as a retaliation. Look at this. The police did not enter until three twenty two PM on three hundred and twenty two. And look, this is so predictable. That’s why someone of us were watching that day. And then the more you dig, the more you find. It’s clearly a coordinated operation. And you know this point, it’s tragic comedy. All right, let’s go back. We’re talking about someone that asked me what we think is going to happen tomorrow. No, check this out. Yesterday we talked about Alex Stein Ninety Nine, the comedian turned truther, turned rapper who actually had a cohosting Gig with Alex Jones, who he complimented as the funniest comedian on earth. It’s like, Whoa you almost the almost blew his cover, Bill Hicks, but take a look. So some Russian, Russian official saw the performance where he rapped about putting a bullet in Putin’s head and he wrote here. This is a translation. In the US state of Texas, a local official showed support for Ukraine through rap. So he looks so official they assume he’s official. They don’t know he’s just a youtuber and a comedian in a suit at city council, he says, among our officials to sometimes there are various strange turnips, but I personally have not seen such frank morons as in the USA. So thank you, Alex Stein. I knew that would happen and I’d rather they call him a Frank Moron than send a hit team. Finnbar says boulder shooting fake. Af absolutely, and it’s good news. They want to call it hate speech or whatever for criticizing the news, but it’s good that that wasn’t a real event and it’s easily discernible as a psychological operation. Hey’ll take a listen to this. This is a heads up. They’re going to pretty much do some kind of controlled demolition of all your favorite Internet sites, urging private sector partners to take immediate action to shore up their defenses against potential cyber attacks. We’ve previously warned about the potential for Russia to conduct cyber attacks against United States, including as a as a response to the unprecedented economic costs that the US and allies and partners impose in response to Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine. Today we are reiterating those warnings and we’re doing so based on evolving threat intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States. So why are you hearing about that this now? I mean, it’s so convenient, man. We’ve been predicting that this would be the case. But yeah, they kind of tell you in advance. That’s kind of my thinking here. Now here’s something I found that was kind of bizarre. This is an article from the La Times from May of two thousand and one. So when Timothy McVeigh was about to be executed, if you requested some kind of classical music concert that would accompany him on his way to his execution. So for the benefit, for Timothy mcveay’s soul’s benefit, right before his execution you had a composer named would ard, and would ard had a twelve minute piece that he said would quote cause the soul of Timothy mcveayh to go to heaven.

So this is all from an article on in the La Times. Unbelievable. So it says quote. It seems like a requiem should be appreciated by the dying subject in order to keep it from being a selfish endeavored by the survivors, said would ard, who describes his faith as an unwavering belief in life after death and in the spirit world that surrounds US constantly. So this is just a short piece in the Los Angeles Times called concert at a killer’s death. So this is the guy who played music while Timothy mcveay died. But now listen to this. Among would ARD’s interests is numerology. He points out the significance of the number thirty three cent surrounding McVey. Quote. One cannot help but notice. You write to a fellow and his address as peeo box thirty three. You look up where he lives and you find out it’s thirty three acres the prison grounds. Then you find out he’s thirty three years old and in that final appeal last year he used legal procedure number thirty three. Woodard also says that, like Christ McVey will be thirty three and universally despised at the time of his execution. So He makes these comparisons of I mean I I mean absurd comparisons, of to Jesus. He Compares McVey to Jesus, and my point being this is because timmy the McVeigh was an engineered martyr that could be attached to this new right wing threat, these white nationalists, and that’s the purpose that he serves. Moreover, he was radicalized and inspired by the book the Turner Diaries, which we talked about yesterday, and the reason why that’s significant to is that this is part of creating this character that people find believable. He’s as real as Osama bin Laudon. He’s basically the opposite. In fact, that’s probably why he was executed on Six d eleven, oh one. You know about ninety twodays before eleven. It’s sort of an inverted eleven, in other words a domestic eleven versus one. From the outside and for those who care to look into it, there’s plenty to suggest here that he didn’t actually die, that it was all just part of a bigger si up and that he’s been repurposed, that he has a new name and he still works in I believe. My Am me is it. Was it sergeant or specialist? WHIS able? You got to take a look at this. So you actually do have an FBI agent who looks like an aged Timothy McVeigh. This is actually a video on the subject. It’s from kill Illuminati rebirth. Is Tim mcveay, Paul Weiss, of Paul and I can’t refute this. I’ve noticed this before. And this video is put up by looks like after the Oklahoma Stop, the FBI has released security tape showing the chaos that followed. So this video is ten minutes. It goes through the various aspects, but he does do a photoshop side by side of McVeigh and he contrasts him with this special agent who’s still alive, and you know it. To me it’s a dead ringer of Finnbar says no doubt it’s him. Same ears. I agree, Finn Bar says. I love that guy’s a brave soul. You’re talking about Alex in ninety nine. Yeah, this is getting increasingly unreal. I watched the episode on Infours, though. I mean it’s interesting to see what happens, though, when you use irony or sarcasm or any kind of satire. The media doesn’t know, as in like the amatic filtration process, doesn’t know whether it’s safe to pass it on or not, and sometimes they let what they consider to be misinformation get through their filters.

Okay, now there is a lot of bad acting here. If you want to watch some bad crisis acting, which we talked about this a lot, and people you say, why are these actors in the news so bad? Are they trying to show us? Are they tearing down the veil? And I’ve been pointing out no, they’ve always been bad. Crisis Acting is actually gotten better over the years. I mean not by much. The government actors guild seemed like a bunch of Hollywood dropouts, the gags, as we affectionately call them here, but most of them can’t hide the Douper’s delight, and it’s probably because they’re getting paid or they’re nervous. But you know you’re looking at also footage from a time before you had real time criticism like here. We sit around talking about news events and we can take clips from yesterday and criticize it and called out as a hoax or fake. That wasn’t always possible. So we’re in a new era here. But yeah, if you look back, it was always that bad. So look at these jokers like a bad daring. They are in a banging and tear show come to mind. Incredibly, time he says tears come to my eyes and he starts laughing and somehow Robert Stack doesn’t notice. This is on unsolved mysteries. I didn’t want to get sidetrack, but just in case there’s any domestic violent extremists out there still saddened by timothying that face death, he’s still alive. Now take a look. This is. This is whist ball and this is the side by side, same ears. I mean most of these terrorists are just constructs. Same, same, same, and you can kind of descramble his name if he wanted to, and I believe there’s a clue hidden therein were joined by Pippy Lane, struff and clap trap. That S SOB yeah, I would say it’s the same one. CLAPTRAP says is at an onion your your in your pocket, or are you happy to see a crisis yet? You know that’s a reference to one six twenty twenty one, the day of the socalled insurrection, there was a crisis actor that actually had tears, but it was revealed that this person had an onion in a cloth. Again, this is pretty much a dead ringer. Will move on. I’ve also been unearth, think, a number of alleged and eleven victims that aren’t on the death rosters. What do you make of that? I mean we’ve been talking about Pete Davidson and how his father died on and eleven in the towers, supposedly, but I’ve encountered a few others and I’m like, what do you do about that? Like here’s an interesting little rabbit trail we went down today in the discord server. There was an actor who played gage in pet cemetery. You know, the kid that comes back to life. Okay, well, that actor was in a movie called Mercury rising. So I looked into that movie, Mercury rising, which has Bruce Willis, and this kid plays the role of an autistic who’s able to interpret or discern state secrets by reading cracking codes. That was kind of the theme. So the movie again is called Mercury rising. So I look into this movie and the Star of the movie, this this kid who played gage, interestingly enough, also lost a father onund and eleven who is in the towers of the time. So I thought that’s interesting because mercury rising has some other relationship to nine hundred and eleven. It turns out that on that day, and this is from the New York Times, the first plane hit the World Trade Center at eight hundred and forty six am and mercury was rising at that very moment. The article here murder rising as airliner strikes twin towers. So I thought that’s interesting. You’re starting in a movie called Mercury rising and you have this connection. So I started digging a little bit deeper and I couldn’t find this actor’s father’s name on the death roster. So I kind of thought, well, HMM, could this just be some way of getting some kind of cloud? Could it be made up, like a made up resume, a bullet point or something? So it turns out that no, I’m on that day. He assumed the role of head chief of the Chickasaw Republic, the seventh one on that day, because the present chief was a one who had died. That was his father, so he inherited the role. or He’s the next in line. So it’s just kind of odd that his name wouldn’t be on the death roster. And there’s a few others were looking at. Our research is getting somewhere. All right, let us continue. We’re just going through my mind’s account at the moment. Had A lot of notes down. All the world’s a stage. All the men, women and men merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. It’s William Shakespeare this concept of the world as a stage. It’s more literal than not, as we’ve been saying. In fact, wasn’t it like? In Two thousand and twenty they really gave away the game. You know, the first guy to get vaxed was a guy named William Shakespeare. He lived in Warwickshire, which is where the original know William Shakespeare happened to live, and I believe he had a sister named Margaret, which William Shakespeare also did. Yeah, William Shakespeare gets the COVID vaccine. First Man to get the JAB, William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare, first man in the UK to receive covid nineteen vacks, eighty one years old, William or Bill Shakespeare. And again he was in Warwickshire. He actually lived there. Just all these coincidences endlessly fascinating, almost unbelievable. I was also doing a little bit of research into the Manson event and what followed around that, especially the the cult itself, just comparing it to the recent news with Marilyn Manson and all of his the women in his life. And I was looking at this documentary. It’s a how man. It talks about how Manson was controlling everyone through fear. But I’m looking at these Charlie’s angels. They all have these buzz cuts. They talked really tough about defending Charlie and it just seemed entirely unbelievable. It looked entirely scripted, like a really bad movie, and they reminded me of the Lollipop Guild from the Emerald City, I mean real clownish stuff. And so we’ll be doing some research into the Charles Manson phenomenon, which I also would pause. It was an entirely a Hollywood driven sy up that I don’t think anybody actually died. But there are definitely some interesting connections worth looking at here, especially when you tie in, I’m organized, satanism. You did have Susan Atkins, the one who supposedly did the heinous killing of the wife of Polansky. She was one of the witches or topless dancers at aunt on the Ay from the Church of Satan hired and there’s pictures of her posing inside of a coffin.

So we’ll get into the MANSON thing deeper. But here’s a documentary. It’s from the Daily Mail. I find it just to be so unbelievable, like looking at the news of the past. Is just retro autohoaxing is what we’ve called it. Charles Manson Satanic Maidens, the cult leaders ruthless control of his disciples with sex, drugs and fear is laid bare in chilling footage of shaven headed girls wielding knives and guns from a macab video hidden for forty years. So I’m looking at the supposedly macb video and I’m telling you, it’s like the lollipop guild. They’re not intimidating in the slightest and I they seem like just it seems like really bad acting. And what they say is if you laid a finger on Charlie, we would shoot their necks off. I’ll play some clips. You can listen to these, these girls, describing their fanatic loyalty to their whatever is necessary to do, you do it when somebody needs to be killed. There’s no wrong. You do it and then you’ve on and you kill whoever gets in your way. This is us. Does that sound believable to anybody here? And she’s posing with the weapon. I don’t find any of the stuff believable. It hasn’t aged well. You know, you look at the old space program footage and you like, did people actually believe this? And Yeah, I just think we’re more sophisticated audiences and in the t s and this stuff isn’t going over very well. I can see why they kept it stashed for forty years. So I’ll go through this, I’ll find some choice clips and I’ll post it tomorrow. Here’s something else I wanted to bring up. I think this might be a contradiction. You tell me. So. This is an image. On the left you have a Tessela roadster, in outer space, allegedly, and behind it you see the ball earth that we’re all stuck to, supposedly. And the thing is the ball earth is completely dark on the other side. So the sunlit side, presumably day, is bright, the other side is dark. So I’m wondering why is the dark side of the earth dark dark, because the footage that we get from the International Space Station always shows the thing to be lit on the backside, as in you can see cities, you can see street lights, you can see everything, you can see the signs of life. So what’s the deal here? How come from three hundred miles up the earth is glowing like a Christmas tree, but from three thousand miles away it’s completely dark on the other side? Is that a contradiction anyone here? Vaughan go says the referring to the Charlie’s angel. It looks like purposefully bad acting, like she’s hamming it up. Well, that’s what I mean. It’s that’s not acting. You’re supposed to be chilled. The Daily Mail said this is chilling footage. So I’m watching it think, okay, I’m going to see some crazy women under mine control and no, I just see these goofy girls that remind me of the lollipop gang from the wizard of Oz which I mean I remember. I mean they are kind of grotesque and a little bit intimidating, but laughable. So No, I don’t believe the Manson story to be real. Too many holes in that story will continue. And there’s this theory that Charles Manson is a total construct in that possibly even George W Bush might have had a little stint. Has Anybody seen that? George W Bush and his voice analysis and even if in the facial recognition software will actually tell you that George Bush is like ninety five percent Charles Manson, like this is from paste. Let me let me bring up a couple of comparisons for you. I mean this has been going around for some time. There’s just this uncanny resemblance between the two and it’s very pronounced in the voices George W Bush and Charles Manson. Daily motion video actually has a compilation here. If anybody has a convenient voice comparison, I’ll play it. There’s so many here. Bush is MS sound like Charles Manson is mm’s Charles Manson played by George W Bush. Excerpt. Let’s take a look. By the way, phones are open. Eight three, three, three, one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. We’re now in spring and I did do some research on this matter of Persephty, and this would be persephone’s release time. So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you have this persephone archetype with Evan Wood and the story of her imprisonment more or less by the Hadies archetype, her kidnapper, that would be man Lison, and that now the Phoenix rising documentary comes out. It seems very timed with the changing of the season, specifically even releasing it on the fifteen of March, the ides of March, which was the name of the final movie she was in when she terminated that relationship. Okay, let me play this Charles Manson to George Bush. Well, I think they said, in the first time our nation’s ever been divided. I remember what it was like when I got out of college. There was a Vietnam War in a draft, there were major race riots, there’s political assassinations, the president was nearly impeached and a lot of people thought the country was going down the tubes. And it turns out we’re too strong to go down the tubes. Okay, now let’s let’s stick we in. I’m not a person to interview. I don’t want to play under a game. I’m stuck at people and I have to have to try to get around that, doing what I can. Don’t in time I can get out of handcuff. Is when I’m here with the media. Twenty years to handcuffs, says to to anybody in this world. Twenty years. Yeah, okay, so you’re listening to Charles Manson. You listen to Charles Manson. He blended it in from George Bush, the first part of this, but no, this is a Manson right now. I can’t tell a difference. And listen, I mean if you don’t hear you hear it there. You can hear the cadence, that the intonation, the delivery. It’s bushes and well, I’m just laughing too, because I’m watching this, this Charles Manson one, and if you want to see it, it’s Charlot. It’s called Charles. Yes, this has been going around for some time. So the voices are very, very close, and I’ve done this with a number of of these and it’s undeniable. But it’s not only that, but let me pull this up. If you search Wa and Manson their faces, the facial recognition sites actually kind of equate the two, which also is kind of strange. What does this mean? One theory is that the entire Manson thing was a si off, which I find, to believe, be believable. And could George Bush have played that role?

You know, I don’t think there’s a strong resemblance. I don’t know. Maybe they’re just both at peak crazy. I’m not quite sure. What do you think? Does anybody here think that George W Bush literally played that role? Someone else had pointed out, I think it’s Brendan brand here, Manson’s face tattoo changes its size and position over the years. Yeah, I’ve noticed that. I’ve seen discrepancies like there are several different Manson’s and if you listen to Manson today he’s basically speaking the same language as Gretta. It’s I think he’s dead now actually, but it’s usually his last few years is all about preserving our atmosphere, were running out of air, etc. David a prior says I think Manson had several actors. The older version was Bush Junior. Oh Hey, the Babylon be, which is kind of a right wing onion. I mean I like I like satire, I like the creativity, but it’s definitely partisan and they play into all these various partisan footballs. Well, they got themselves kicked off a twitter a high Babylon be. The Babylon be has been locked for violating the twitter rules against hateful conduct, and this is because they put Rachel Levin as man of the year and Rachel Lavin got woman of the year. So misgendering is considered to be an act of hate and I’m surprised it weren’t a little more savvy, a little more band savvy, but they they like to, you know, push and pride, so they got with they wanted. But I was looking at this article, Mike. What are they talking about? Well, they had some runner ups and so I don’t know if this exonerates them. But it wasn’t just Rachael Levin that they miss gendered. They also suggest that that Colin Kaepernick ought to be recommended as woman of the year, also the rock. So here are the winners of the Babylon Bee women of the year. Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Wow, would a beautiful woman Hulk Hogan, and these are all people who’ve played these roles in movies. We had no idea how calling as a woman, but there’s no doubt denying this photographic evidence. And he’s in a Tutu. Look at this brave, powerful woman playing football. You go girl, and it’s Colin Kaepernick. President Zelenski, what a fantastic lady. We’re so thankful Ukraine has such a strong woman leader during these difficult times. Mitt Romney, runner up or guests, woman of the year, inspiration to us all, Stephen Colbert, Justin Trudeau. This year, Miss Trudeau showed the world that anyone can be a dictator. The ghosts of Kieve, an actual photo proves that the ghost of Kiev is a woman. Spongebob from the episode where addressed as a woman and pretended to be a mother. Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecutor, shattering glass ceilings by showing that even the girls can attempt to put innocent people in jail. Says congratulations to all these brave, beautiful women. Anyway, says here, not satire. The big banks are seizing the assets of conservatives. Coffee shop chains are advocating for the defunding of police and woke corporations are Blah law, send us some money. Okay, you get it. So they kind of a go after everything phase. POLARIZER has joined us. We see the missing. Hey, I’m going to call in. Eight three, three, three one one nineteen eighty four. We were talking about dark city. Continuation from last night’s conversation. We brought up Eric trump receiving a big painting of his father with a q halo. We’ve also talked about the new Batman movie and how they’ve turned the riddler into q and on and so Batman is going after a q and on. Then we have this one here. If you look at the screen, the main villain from Batman happens to be a Bill Gates looking character that’s almost identical. So what do you make of that? If you want to comment on any of these things, the number is eight three, three, three one one nineteen eighty four. Mostly talking about, of course, the new Batman movie. I haven’t watched it yet, but some of these obvious tie INS to reality not so inched in talking about Hunter Biden or any this manufactured drama a we’ve covered General Flynn calling upon the angels of Light. Know the rays of light in the lead agents. Let me play this. So the other day I was talking about General Flynn and how the prayers that he leads his congregation of queue and honors through is not from the Bible. It’s actually from a s doomsday cult called the cult universal church, universal triumphant. Well, here he is leading the queue and honors in prayer and if that sounds weird, it should. This is a political thing, isn’t it? We are your instrument, although sevenfold rays and all your archangels, all of them. We will not retreat. We will not retreat, we will stand our ground. Well, we will not fear to speak. We will be the instrument of your will, whatever it is, in your name and the name of your legions. Again, this is something of an oath prayer. But what you’re actually hearing again, it’s not biblical. And the legions and the seven rays of light that they are going to be conduits for and servants of come from an s doomsday cult that were channeling angels and believing that they were fighting a deep state. They believe that they were channeling the Great White Brotherhood to fight deep evil, no different than the white hats versus the black hats. So I’m just pointing out that General Flynn here is actually using the cult worst, I’m sorry, the Church Universal Triumphant, and they’ve repackaged it as the church universal trump and that’s exactly what it is. We are freeborn and we shall remain freeborn and we shall not be enslaved by any foe within or without. So help me, God, God bless you, God bless America. Thank you very much. So there you have it. So that might sound somewhat biblical, but then when you go into this, so you go to church universal triumphant. It was a very successful church. I mean it actually convinced a lot of people to sell their assets and move into bunker’s for fear that Russia and China we’re about to draw nukes on everyone. Church universal and triumphant is an international new age religious or as founded in one thousand nine hundred and seventy five by Elizabeth Prophet, and it’s a theosophic organization. The world didn’t end when this once thriving doomsday cult said it would. And the thing is, after they moved into the bunkers, the world didn’t end and they took credit for saving the world. So they didn’t lose any of their credibility among their membership. Now the main thing about this church is they believe that they’re working with what they call ascended masters, where people who have died to the world but they still linger around to help us. and to me this is a perfect explanation for this JFK, junior Princess Diana, John Denver, Michael Jackson and others that they say have left our world visibly but they’re still somehow working here. Says the there are two hundred that she identified, at least two hundred ascented masters that had received this ancient wisdom. They claim to be messengers of the ascended masters. So in a way, General Flynn is a messenger for the Kennedy’s, so is trump, and the Kennedy’s, of course, are the bloodline of Christ, it says. As such, they communicate with the Masters and deliver instructions to the world, and these dictations are believed to be channeled instructions. So you take channel and they have to be decoded in everything, and I’m just saying that a Chan for Chan q drops all these coded messages that they decode. Yeah, it’s all lifted out of this new age cult. It’s the same type of brainwashing program now says here one of the most important decrees is to invoke the violet flame to balance one’s Karmera. It’s the doctrine of the seven rays, which has teachings about Chakras and reincarnation. So you know, hearing this, can you still see? Let me. Can you still claim that the queue and on movement is a Christian thing? No, it’s a new age thing, it’s Nastic, it’s part of the western mystery tradition and they do believe that they’re bringing out, bringing about a new Christ and it doesn’t have a happy ending. At the end of the queue road you are in fact looking at a blood bath because they’re going to kill all the Democrats, and if you disagree with that, you’re free to call in, but that’s basically their story line. They’re going to execute all the traitors, all the deep state, and we’re going to have to stand down while they carry it out. So it would be it would be dishonest to say that the queue and on movement isn’t a violent, extremist ideology. It actually is. Even if you think you have the moral high ground. It’s the same motivation as radical Islam taken out the Great Satan. This is a complete one to one thing that they have actually purposefully constructed. They have replaced the Quran radical with the Q and on radical. Great Satan is still the Great Satan. It’s still the same bad guys, the white al Qaida or Vanilla Isis and the domestic violent extremist. It’s pretty much one for one. They’ve replaced every facet of the previous threat with the new threat. This also explains why they’re when you’re looking at the construction of the Q and on thing. It’s why they’re trying to convince the public that these radicals have a fringe that are willing to pop off and it’s just this open call for violence and we’re waiting for it to pop off. Well, we’re going to see it, in my opinion, likely this summer, joined by Rocco, Kel Zone, Diana South TC. Hey, take a look at the screen here. This is from we talked about this yesterday. This is a cover of the economist from two thousand and fifteen, the weaker sex. You have a guy with the red cap inside of a male symbol that’s pointed down. Looks like a que looks like a Maga hat. This is years before Q, years before Maga hats. What are the odds? Just another prophetic economist cover? Commoner says, Remember Heaven’s Gate? They wore Nikes, sh routed in purple, committed suicide to get to the comet hailbot. Yes, Marshall Apple White, and you know, there are some indications that Marshall Apple White might actually be Jim Morrison’s father, Admiral Morrison, playing a role. Interesting story if it’s real. But this fear of cults is something that I think they also like to emphasize. It’s not their cult, it’s inherently bad. All right, let’s see here. The cult of climate change right now is ready for climate lockdowns. Again. Shout out to allergic to bullshit for finding this. This is a short clip here, just describing how the new normal is actually lock lockdown society, lockdown culture, locking down to save the planet, and so I would invite all of you who actually believe in global warming just lockdown early, get ahead, start start saving. If you want to call right back, I think I accidentally hung up on your color. John bracy posted this tweet. First Time in a movie theaters is two thousand and twenty on, the only one in a mask. I won’t be back till two thousand and twenty four if it played radio. Hey, I wanted to comment on the queue and honors and what they want to happen to the bunch on the left. Okay, yes, let’s talk about the Q and on tribunals. Can you have q without tribunals? I’m just you know, I didn’t follow the q drops. All I know is that I was following David Wilcock for a while and he you know. So I’m going by information that I got from there, and supposedly he had insiders to talking about all the field indictments and they’ve been talking about this for a long time. It still doesn’t seem to have happened, but according to what, what his synopsis of All that was was that they were going to be indictments through the courts and they were would be tried through the courts and either, you know, whatever the sentences would be for the crimes committed, it was going to go through legal courts, not some kind of you know, I don’t know. Are What are you saying? I mean, how are these you know, this blood bath supposedly, whose hands is this at at you know who’s doing this. I was told. I was told that Q and on and trump are leading a military operation and so these will be military tribunals and we be locked down at home and we’ll watch on TV as they execute the traitors. So when I think execute, even if it’s for the right reasons, I’m not in favor of capital punishment necessarily, but the idea that we’re going to watch the wholesale murder of a bunch of bad actors, it just sounds like isn’t there a better way? But I mean to me it sounds like Bo don’t military tribunals even have some kind of a court process? They just put people against the wall. There’s got to be some kind of process that goes with it. Well, if many of the queue and honors relish the idea that a lot of these people have already been killed, they’ll say, oh, they already took out Tom Hanks, he got the shot. They took out ellen degeneres. Oh yeah, they killed and they have a list of people. So they believe that bad guys are being executed at Guantanamo and a lot of the queue and honors. They relish this because they believe that they’re seeing devil’s being killed off. I mean, why wouldn’t you? I don’t know. If so, that seems really an extreme group, though it doesn’t seem like I mean, how many how many followers does q have kind of in general? Would you say? Supposedly there are forty million people who agree with the basic premise. That’s from Poles. They’ve taken head now as far as like, you can’t. I mean you can look at the Cue Group of people and just say you’re just looking at patriots. You could, but you would be turning a blind eye to their central motivation, which is there is a deep state and it’s global and this is a military operation to uproot a global cabal. So you cannot separate q from global cabal. That’s their primary thing. You G’s like you can’t take the devil out of the Bible, and that’s actually I agree with that. I would say that they’re probably right on that level and and that’s it. You know, a lot of the information that David Wilcock had also went into a lot of that. They went into the alliance, which is supposedly the the people in the military that are the quote unquote good guys that are helping in all of that. So, yeah, it is a big story.

Supposedly he had several insiders that he was getting information from that were attached to the military. Well, if it’s true, if it’s true, then it will be, by definition, a blood bath. It just will be a draining of the swamp. They’ll be people who deserve it. But you can’t escape the fact that if you’re talking about Hillary Clinton being hanged or Bill Clinton being hanged or at burned or burnt, Tom has the steak. Well, how would you execute them? Bullets, lynching, necklacing? Well, depends on you know, where are the trials? And I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know what the logistics of that is. Is Is, you know, do you go by a state’s jurisdiction or the military has their own firing squad kind of thing? I mean, what, what do be? God wins the last time anybody’s even been, you know, put up against the wall? By the military? Right, right. Well, whatever it is, I the person who clued me into the que thing told me that there’s going to be military tribunals. So expect hangings and shootings, and he also said that, as a matter of public record, it’s going to be broadcast on the emergency broadcasting and every phone device, so every device will convey this to everybody, that the deep state is being destroyed. So, even though it sounds bad the way I’m describing it as a blood bath, it’s a good blood bath because it’s bad blood. Well, yeah, however, yeah, I don’t know, and obviously we’re not knowing the logistics of military tribunals and how they actually would would, you know, find somebody guilty of and you know Hillary Clinton, why would she be tried by a military tribunal? That doesn’t even make sense. She would be the criminal court, Right. Well, yeah, I’m not the one who promulgates the stuff. I’m just pointing out what they actually do believe and they do see the best case scenario all the bad actors executed, and that does mean debted, that means buried bodied. They’re going to be killed. No Nice Way to frame this, you can’t say. I mean maybe they could give them a lethal injection or something like that, but but I’m saying is that it involved death. Involves death, lots of death. Yeah, yeah, no, in no, you know, and let’s look at I mean, if the accusations were true, then those are heinous crimes. But I think people that get caught with doing things like, yeah, some of them are killed, some of them are putting jail for life, whatever, kill baby eaters. I’m with it. Look, if they’re actually doing everything that they’re executed, then we’re not even dealing with humans, we’re dealing with demons in the flesh. Yes, they are. There’s sub human I agree a hundred percent totally, if that’s what’s going on. Yeah, so you can understand like, like, I don’t mean to miss characterize, and they have kind intentions. Like if you want to kill the bad guys and you find out they’re guilty of heinous things, it’s not hard to see yourself as a good guy. But I just don’t want to take away the essential fact that every terrorist thinks that they’re doing the right thing, that they’re fighting out of the Great Satan, and I kind of think that they’re going down a very dangerous path following people like General Flynn. Yeah, well, and again here we go. So forty million. That seems kind of high, doesn’t it? Do you really think they have forty moon followers. Well, how many show how many trump voters were there? And then how many the trump voters believe the essential story of Q and on, which is actually just a reiteration of older concepts about world communism, about various groups? So I don’t think it’s far fetched. Let me see where that figure came from. So I know it’s mainstream. So wed he’s lost. He’s lost a lot of people recently. Well, you know when he started going for the vaccine. I think he turned off a bunch of his followers. And also, I will say, even if, let’s say there are four million, it seems to me like, as far as you know, like seeing red and wanting dripping blood and people, you know, dying by the thousands, no matter, you know, whatever, whatever they did or didn’t do, it seems like that would be an extreme group. That wouldn’t be the majority that actually would go that far as to actually wanting to kill. Yeah, I can mean, I can agree it. Look it’s kind of like, Um, you can be an apologist for radical Islam, because only the fringe are going to strap on the bomb belt and run into the Jewish Delhi and Y’all all Akbar and pull themselves up. It’s not the moderate right, but I’m saying it’s the moderates that need to be held accountable for the fringe do so. I’m not going to give the moderates any kind of slack because what they’re doing is they’re being sick. What I’m saying is you can’t agree. Look, you can’t be a moderate que if you believe in q. You believe in murdering Democrats because they’re evil bloodrinkers. That’s what that’s the bottom one. I don’t know they where are the que rules? Are there some rules that say that that’s how it has to be? If you really are you just like, you know, kind of a marginal q follower than I don’t know. Come on, man, okay. Is there a que and onbeliever that doesn’t believe in the Cabal? Is there one que believer that doesn’t believe? Because I don’t yeah, I’m not. I don’t know a whole lot of que and on. I’m telling you, I’ve been studying the queue and honors of Inner Authors on the book and there is a queue and on Orthodoxy. There are things they believe leave there. They have tenants of their faith there’s a reason why eric trump just got a trump, I mean he got a donald trump painting with the lightning bolt q halo. They believe that Q is good, fighting for the bloodline of Christ, Aka the Kennedy’s, and that they’re going to take out the deep state, who are a bunch of human trafficking, slave owning worthy of death Peto fores. So of course you want to kill the bad guys. So this is really a I would say this is very simple gird good versus evil dynamic. They set up and they’re on good, the other guys are evil and it’s it’s not even kill or convert, it’s convict and kill once the sealed indictments are opened up. Right. Yeah, yeah, you got a point. I will agree. And you know, here at I’ve been shocked by people over and over again. So I guess I don’t know why it would be so incredulous to me to think that people are really, you know, believing, you know, and there’s a lot of stuff that I do I believe in. I do believe there’s a bunch of freaking, you know, crazy sex slave rings, like gigantic, big rings that involved a lot of very famous people. So looking in their defense the queue and honors the Q believers. They have a point, they have lots of points and they get a lot of things right. I just think that it’s like controlled opposition, like maybe a good percentage of what they’re being told or a lot of their assessment is somewhat accurate, but at think they’re being steered by bad actors. And when I found out this connection between General Flynn and this doomsday cult from the S, it set off some red flags for me because that doomsday cult is pretty much teaching the same or taught the same things that q does, including this secret existence of extraterrestrials about to be revealed. So it’s a new wage thing and I don’t see how a whole yeah, that chant the heat that you played, Oh my God, that was gross and it was just like, apparently that guy tells his inner circle that China is going to use emp’s and that anybody’s, that anyone that has been vaccinated more than three times is going to have their heads explode. That’s what this guy’s been telling people. He doesn’t say it in these big meetings, but you got to pay all. Yeah, so if people believe that, then you know what? I’m just gonna have to say. Wow, okay, what do you say? Yeah, exactly. Well, I just think people should own, you know, their own religious beliefs, so their paradigm this should least own up to what they’re asserting. And I can agree with the idea that nobody wants a deep state, nobody wants a bloated big state. Well then, maybe not know what I can do. Sadly, lot think who should keep state? Do you not think that that’s going on? Oh, I think all state is deep state. I think the idea of saying the deep state is just pointing at the Democrat right. I think. Yeah, the right wing is also divert covert. Yeah, I wish it was that cut dry, that you could just point to the evil guys and then you take the side of good and you get rid of the evil and then it’s pure. But it’s not that simple and I think that this, this movement is a utopian kind of view that they can purge the perfect mankind, and this is always been criticized by conservatives. They used to criticize the stuff, the idea that you could have this Utopian plan perfect man’s institutions train the swamp and have every perfect around it. Everything has literally flipped the mirror. Yeah, it’s remarkable as a mirror. I mean they’ve even made you can find mainstream articles connecting this que and on movement to a new hippie movement and they’re saying, oh, it’s like the hippies are now right wing. They’re not on the other side. I’m like that’s another example of this this mirroring, this this inversion, or even I’ve been in awe, yeah, of all of it. Yeah, the IT really it is. It’s an awesome story that we’re watching and and it’s certainly intricate and it never gets dull. You know, people who think the news is boring are only looking at the surface of it and I think they try to keep it boring so you don’t look too deep. Yeah, boring nesmerize distracted. Yeah, yeah, YEP, exactly. Well, I love, yeah, I love the stuff that you get into, man, you’re you’ve got some great connections that you’ve been getting into and it’s really fast mating, awesome and you know, thanks for calling and thanks for challenging my premise that the queue and honors are a bunch of bloodthirsty domestic violent extremists. Like, I’m not trying to miss characterize them, I’m just slightly exaggerating, slightly, but they are. Yeah, they are kind of just the other sheep. Yeah, say, even though I do believe in a lot of the stuff they’re talking about. So, yeah, exactly. That’s why I never totally dismiss these things. I’m I try to understand him because, well, when you do, yeah, you do say that, but yeah, I mean when you start talking about all of them wanting to be you know, see blood dripping and would like to like rip people’s heads off themselves at just like a little too much. All. Hey, thanks for the call. Have Great night. All right, Youtube to night. Yeah, so if I’ve I don’t want to miss characterize, like I said, but we are talking about the core beliefs, the core beliefs here, all right, so let us continue. And Look, I’m ready to let the que and on thing drop, but then I get videos where they’re talking about, oh, JFK JR was flexing on top of George Washington stone head at Mount Rushmore, and then here’s donald trump with an electric q halo on a big painting being handed to him by an artist with a wicked mullet and Eric trump is there. Wow, I love this. So you can’t disassociate this group and look the queue and honor see this stuff, and this confirms. Oh Yeah, he’s definitely he’s an agent of the Kennedy’s, who are the reincarnation of the bloodline of Christ. That’s what they extract late from that little exchange there. So it means something. Okay, we were talking about Babylon be getting banned for misgendering people covered mercury rising. Oh, the riddlers the main thing here. So I haven’t seen the new Batman yet. It’s going to be streaming next month. If anybody here has seen it, we welcome spoilers, but from what I’ve gathered you have a Bill Gates type villain and then the riddler who pedals online conspiracy theories about hidden cabals controlling the government. Again, riddler is Q, and this was so predictable. Again. Oh, here’s some good news on when is this coming? There’s going to be a comment twice the size of the dinosaur extinction rock and it’s I think this is this tuttle. This is the one that’s gonna kill us. Maybe it’s this year. What happened to the asteroid three times the size of the Empire State Building that was supposed to kill US last Friday? Like they must assume we don’t have an attention span. It’s the ticktockification of the news. It says we are but a rock spinning through a void of space at a terrifying rate. This is difficult for the earth that has to travel through the cosmos in close proximity to a number of asteroid belts. But now our planet is in danger of being assaulted by other space rocks. So swift tuttle has a one hundred and thirty three year orbit around our Sun. Swift Tuttle is going to kill us very soon. Here it’s a cosmic snowball of frozen gas, rock and dust leftovers from the formation of a solar system. Why is it so concerning? Swift Tuttle follows a very steep orbit around the Sun, travels at thirty six miles per second and it’s moving four times faster than the one that impacted the earth. So it’s just a reminder here. Nothing about life on earth is guaranteed, and that’s the main thing. I think they tell you these stories to keep you, to keep you in mind, to keep this forefront in your mind at all times. You can die, global warming, asteroids, anything. You just have to always be aware that you’re going to die. This is a nightmare scenario. We’re on a terrifying journey through an infinite void of space and I think it’s a complete opposite. I mean, at this point they’ve been wrong so often they’re just not reliable for their incoming predictions. Truth hurt, says. Didn’t a fridge sized asteroid hit on three eleven? Yeah, I heard about that one, so they say. And these things are supposedly worth a ton of money. I mean it’s such a big joke. Do you remember in two thousand and twenty there was the coffin maker who found an asteroid and I think he went and he sold it for two million pounds or something. It was in Indonesia, and I think you know he was a struggling coffin maker in two thousand and twenty. That was like my first clue that this thing was probably a hoax. It’s like in two thousand and twenty, if you’re a coffin maker you should be doing pretty well, unless that was a hoax too. Here go. Look, man sold meteorite to become a millionaire after it fell to the roof of his house. A thirty three year old coffin maker. Man Becomes a millionaire as a one hundred one million, four hundred thousand pound meteorite crashes through his roof. Man Gets rich when meteorite from heaven crashes. Indonesian coffin maker now millionaire.

Let’s see, a few people here have joined us in D live. wrestless bear, Dave Simms. Look, if you want to be on d live, you do. Knows the chat will integrate. So there’s a link there if you want to go to that platform. I’m also keeping this on t seven. We’re turning it back on. I had to make some updates and change a few things around, but we’re ready to go back seven. Also get on the livestream notifications. Go to infinite plane DOT radio. You get on the newsletter, but we also have text alerts, and text alerts are great way to get past websites like youtube that are very lazy when it comes to delivering notifications. Cohen Kaepernick compared the NFL to slavery. Now he wants back in, so he’s trying out he’s practicing. I believe he’s in New Orleans yesterday, but he’s been going around trying to get back in after having described it as literal slavery. So you know, I hope he gets what he wants there. Listen to this. I have no idea what this would mean for the ISS, but it could be that this is the last formal diplomatic link between the two nations. So we’ve been talking about the ISS has cracking apart at the seams and how it represents a breaking apart of our cooperation with regards to outer space, are we going to proceed into the infinite universe and become a multiplanetary species as a bunch of space capitalists, plundering the universe as we did the earth, or are we going to go out there as space communists, keep everything sustainable, make life down here on Earth also sustainable? This is the subtext behind the movie. Don’t look up where the rich, greedy corporation owners don’t want to deflect the comet, they want to mine it, which brings about or art universal destruction. So the storyline there was listen to the scientists, and the scientist that they bring to you today is the character portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci, who’s something of a Noah warning the wicked who don’t really believe them. They think he’s eccentric or whatever, but he’s proven to be right. And the character that they play, is that they portray, is a pill popping, a Gorrophobe. He’s terrified of the sky, and this is actually a repeated theme with the protagonist in Moonfall, another scientist looks kind of like the character DiCaprio was playing in don’t look up, and he too is riddled with the anxiety and constantly popping pills, the subtext being if you knew how bad global warming was, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. So anyway, this represents the fundamental split here, because if we continue on the path that we’re going, we being the titanic. We’re going to hit an iceberg. So that’s why they keep on honing in on images of Jeff bezos on a mega yacht, the guy who owns the blue origin. They want to convey the richest man in the world can’t be the guy that decides how we move forward. So this is the story, this is the basis for this idiological divide. And why Russia and America are breaking up. Well, anyway, Russia tells you, as ambassador, that ties are on the verge of being severed, and this is from Reuter’s but this was all predicated by a lot of stuff that we could see, hardly even having to read between the lines, just looking at the relations up above. And this summer that even had literal cracks in the space station. All right, we’re joined by me and my drone. Appreciate the DREMATREA. I’m not really into numerology. We do notice a whole lot of patterns here, and I don’t really interpret these things. I’m not really into the new age stuff, but there is a symbolic language, in a system of symbolism that you can you can interpret the meaning of things from usage. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing this time. It helps to remain active. There are people who go deeper into the symbolism and as this means that, but I kind of think that’s you lose objectivity right. Some other headlines here again, the Batman movie has a q and on villain, or sort of a Antihero, I guess you could say, in the riddler, from Z to Q, when letters become political symbols. So now they’re going to go after your Z’s as well and pull them off the keyboards. It’s like one of these days you just not going to have a que. And you might think I’m joking and it might have started off as a joke, like I used to joke that there was no meaningful distinction between Hollywood and the news media. But no, it’s a fact. It’s an observation. Most of our so called conspiracy theories are just observations. But I’ve been saying they’re going to remove the cues from your keyboards. What sounds like a laughable proposition. But what happens when they get rid of keyboard keyboards? You don’t have the analog and the physical keys, but it’s all digital. When it’s digital, it becomes that much easier for them to actually remove them. Like imagine if you had Emoji keys and you had an Emogi key for the laugh crying emoji. Well, look, you wouldn’t have it anymore, are you would still? I mean if there’s a key, you would be you still have it, but because it’s not an actual key, you’ve lost it. The EMOJI that’s crying has been I guess, associated with hate and sarcasm more than actual laughing with joy. So it’s hate laughing. So the crying laughing emoji has been canceled, and I’m just saying they’re coming for your cues, they’re coming for your question marks. And now z the tear is of joy emoji is the worst. This is from the Guardian. I mean, how sensitive are these people? It’s used to gloat about human suffering. So anyway, this is a band emoji. So here on. My point is, is this. It’s not a slippery slope argument to say one day they’re banning an Emoji, the next day they’re banning a letter. It’s sort of a contemporary you know, blasphemy is what they’re trying to create here. All right, let’s see what else are Russian cosmonauts define Putin from space, spacemen where the colors of Ukrainian flag as they arrive on the ISS I saw this the other day, the new Russian crew that came up. They’re wearing yellow and blue, wearing the colors of Ukraine’s flag. Now Putin’s trying to downplay it. I don’t think you really can a que and on surfer. Thought he was neo from the Matrix before you killed his children. So this is an interesting story. It’s fake through and through. If you look at every single picture, look at everything attached to the story, you will not find anything associating this individual with any kind of que or trump or Maga. None of the pictures are convincing in the slightest. But this was one of these stories that I more or less had predicted. I’d said keep an eye on August a through the eleventh for some left coast Manson ask killing or atrocity to be blamed on the queue and honors. And sure enough, on that day we had our q and on Charles Manson. This is the guy who killed his kids because q told him to. But Anyway, they’ve been talking to him and he says that he felt like neo in the Matrix. This is after he was arrested. So what does this mean? I think what we’re looking at here is this idea that they want to demonize the people who see themselves identifying with the guys fighting the Matrix. So if you identify with Roddy Piper from they live, neo from the Matrix, Truman from the Truman show, yeah, you’re one of these guys, you’re dangerous again. This is all just to me. It’s a a ssy up to create a new archetype to scare people with. I think that’s why they chose this particular scenario. They were showing that the toxic misinformation from flyover country can even reach these safe enclaves on the left coast and radicalize someone when the wife’s not watching and then he kills the kids. So this is just meant to show that no one is safe until this information is bottled up. His name was Matthew Coleman. Again, he’s sort of a right wing Charles Manson in the sense that or there’s a couple of parallels here. One anniversary the Manson killings, he does this atrocity too. He’s the visible face for this right wing hippie movement, used to demonize it, much as Manson misrepresented the hippies who were on the other side, more or less the anti war side. We’re looking here at a construct. Matthew Coleman, the dad who killed kids over q and on theories deteriorated rapidly. Now, according to him, q told him to kill the Reptilians and again I followed the que. I’ve listened to Q and on, I’ve read all their stuff, I follow all of their leaders and main twitter accounts and what I’ve discerned here is that they’re not about reptilians. They’re about this deep state thing. There’s no mention of reptiles. It’s really not a thing. So the idea that q told him that his wife was a reptilion and yet to kill his kids, yeah, that’s completely made up stuff and it’s pretty it’s pretty much of a stretch to me that he would be a que and on person, because anybody who’s even slightly radical q and on, even if they’re just sampling the culaid, they’ve got the swag, they’ve got the bumper stickers, they’ve got the tick Tock, the twitters, the accounts with they’re going out across the country waving their flags, and that’s all absent here. So I don’t really buy it. Again, the twenty tewod it’s the forty twond anniversary of the Georgia guidestones, first anniversary of the king super shooting. Many other psyoups. So I think a lot of people are more or less predicting it. Tomorrow will be a super day for a PSI off, so I’ll be definitely keeping you abreast of what’s going on there. I’m probably going to go back tonight and head straight to the discord server. We’re working on a new episode of South Pole and we put a lot of time into this one and the more time we put into what, the longer the episode is going to turn out. So there’s no problem there. Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to get archives. We’ve been covering a lot of interesting stories lately. This recent sy up with Marilyn Manson and Evan Wood, which has some interesting cubric tie INS and, interestingly enough, ties in Marilyn Manson himself, ties in pretty intricately to this queue and on story. This formally underground belief that the Kennedys were indeed the bloodline of Christ returned. Can’t believe this is almost mainstream political discourse that you actually have a wing of a party, you have a political faction that it’s base actually thinks that they’re going to be somehow saved by some kind of deified dead president. We’ve been talking about Kanye West going Oj so we’ll see what happens there. Russia is going to Mars by itself. I’m pretty sure that. I’m pretty sure space wars has begun. All Right, I think we’ve covered pretty much everything for now. Again, Vincent Fuscha is running for Senate, so if you’re out there in Monroeville, you can go meet the guy that the queue and honors for years believed was JFK junior in some kind of disguise. Diana South says, I like q because it’s a soap opera. It has good entertainment value, it is entertaining, it is interesting and what we’re witnessing to from a perspective of maybe, if you’re an anthropologist, you’re looking at the emergence of a new religion. It’s a new Christianity, and before Christianity was codified into the Gospels, it was sort of an oral tradition, sayings attributed to Jesus that were passed around and it was referred to, it’s been referred to as que source, que source. So that’s kind of fascinating in itself because I think we’re actually witnessing a new que source, for that’s pretty much, I think, the best way to describe this thing, and this is a new religion. It’s complete with an eschatology and they’re actually praying for it. They can’t wait for the world to end so they can fix it and build back better. It’s like everyone wants their own version of a reset. They just can’t agree on who gets to decide what the post reset world’s going to look like. All Right, I’m going to maintain the twenty four seven stream, so if you’re here in Youtube, just stick around. It’s going to stay on twenty four seven. It’s gonna go back into the archives. So thanks again everyone for joining and again I’m going to have the replay on the other channel in the morning. Get on the newsletter so you can get archives sent to your inbox and then, of course you can always get the text message notification. So if we get kicked off this channel, which is likely at some point, you’ll get a notification that will send you directly to the next channel and the next one until they stop terminating our channels. But look, I don’t have that expectation. Anyway, we’ve evolved really, if you think about it, where something of a sleeping giant. It’s why you see all these Penguin Godzilla memes. It’s because that’s what’s coming in the future anyway. This is thirty three degree. Let’s for Tim to street to see the degree the cross. I saw the most amazing thing, the sun of bout. You are listening to infinite playing radio. Stick around on for Live Collin shows. Stay for the music and recent replays. Join US at infinite plane dot line four hundred and twenty four seven. Live chat with other listeners. Thirty three, puzzle, face mask, Uzzle, go way to my grandma’s house. EEN

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