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Or it is indeed three two, two, two thousand and twenty two, the forty two anniversary of the Georgia guidestones mysteriously popping up in that park. So let me go ahead and send out notifications to patrons. This is autohoax by Solomite fly, produced by DJ ready. Real, and if you want to copy of this track, I’ll put a link in the track in the chat for you again. Sol might fly, auto hoax produced by DJ ready. Really, right back just a few minutes early. Here a CIA be like getting ivy in the urban. No, once they parsons all the ones out work and Tom bad liken bed, you pation streets of always day than to speak his playing and do really here what they say. You know what that me. Are you down with the team? Basically boosuns and symbols.

You can learn them about these things by nine eleven because of the twenty seven. Once you think that they can’t have the KNOB, it’s amage. It’s all look forwarding to the cone em Illuminati. My mom body and my son. Is Why they step your bodies, everybody, and a highly growth inception of the hobbies with you rose the auto clone called that Inatto hoats. What you trying to prove? Don’t you know? We then around the globe and into the moon. What about the shootings? That they always come on? Then we will make the way. Let it sprink like be reality, like any let him know we don’t okay, the live lightlace a party might is ready like a bakeaway beds Ay, focus, show retention on your bed and days. You know what I’m Tom Bat. Don’t let me slipping, nicssist anti price at the turn. You as bread on the speaks actuality. That’s why the truth must pray. All right, thanks again for joining. It is March twenty two, two thousand and twenty two, about seven pm mountain time. We have people listening on Dlive, Youtube, twitch, facebook. I don’t know why you have all these alternatives, I mean Meta, Meta, cringe, but wherever you are, we’re lasting there. We also have audio streams available. If you prefer just to listen on audio. Just go to infinite plane dot radio or infinite plane dot media, any of our sites. There’s an audio player and it will pick up all the live streams and when we’re not live it’ll play a lot of archives, music, etc. So none of you were already here listening to that. Were joined by Cup star Osher Lewis a Laurie boreolis got a text alert. Thirty three, forty two, he says, check out wagging the Moondoggy, the best documentary on how the moon landing is fake. And that’s the final word. Okay, I’ll take a look wagging the Moondoggie. It’s on Youtube. Hasn’t been banned yet. Interesting. Joined also by Portal Complex Aj two hundred and six, Travis, feep, Echo Charlie. Okay, check this out. Yeah, our C Christian brought the granite. So today is the forty two anniversary of the Georgia guidestones which mysteriously popped up in the park and it basically said kill them all. Let Bill Gates sort of out. And we haven’t forgotten in every year we like, wait, what’s going on with this thing? Who’s going to claim it? What is it with the elite and these anonymous cryptic messages, these monoliths and this kind of a reoccurring theme. But anyway, it’s been forty two years since they’ve been placed and I thought, you know, if anything, we got to just pay attention to see if there’s any sort of acceleration of the agenda, clearly laid out on what appears to be some kind of elitist blueprint for our future. Now, one of the reasons why it’s so ominous is that the anniversary happens to beyond Er two to the date associated with the skull and Bone Society, which is order three two two. You thought triple six was bad, like, I don’t know about numerology and symbolism, but when you get down to it, the secret societies love this stuff. They’re obsessed with it, kind of like that that vampire on sesame street who just couldn’t stop counting. Like they’re obsessed, OCD style, with numbers and symbols and dates, and that’s all we’re pointing out here. So order three two two founded by Batman’s grandfather. We talked about this yesterday. Three two two is the order of death, and so it being associated with this date, which is a very sy up friendly day if you go back to the calendars. But also, yeah, it fits right in with the Georgia guidestones and it almost makes me wonder if they have something to do with it. Asks have you seen a funny thing that happened on the way to the moon, where it shows how they used cardboard to make it seem like they were halfway to the moon when they were actually about two hundred miles up at most, mistakenly released through the foia. I have seen that. And at the point where they say that they were halfway to the moon, I believe they were two hundred thirty seven thousand kilometers to the moon. Here we go, and this is significant really because in the shining you have the moon room, room two hundred and thirty seven, but it says here now this is a apollo eleven.

Yeah, Pollo Eleven traveling two hundred and thirty seven thousand miles to the moon. But there’s the part where went and they exposed, or they showed the face of the earth from two hundred and thirty seven thousand kilometers and it was broadcast and I believe you have to get a permit from the FCC to brought or FTC to broadcast. Let me take a look. I think it’s FCC actually has a permit to broadcast the earth and they brought this up after star man. But yes, I remember watching that and it’s been suggested that they faked it using some kind of like a piece of cardboard to block it out and make it look like you were seeing the entire thing, even two hundred miles up. If you ask me, though, is very a very big claim. All right, let us go ahead and go through the headlines. Want to bring up this one to this really shouldn’t shock anybody, but Joe Rogan defended the deep state. So it’s kind of a two prong story. One, they’re kind of mad at him because he I’m talking about the critics here in the media don’t like Joe. The kind of mad because he basically suggested that there is such a thing as a deep state and that’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory. But not only does he say there’s a deep state, but he says thank God for the deep state. So he’s on a show and he’s doing an interview with that believe it was a here we go. It’s on the Joe roganix variance. He’s talking to someone about this supposed deep state that the tinfoil half brigade are obsessed with, and here’s what he said. This is episode on Seventeen Ninety three. He’s interviewing a former CIA officer and says, they always like to talk about the deep state, and what I was saying is, if we didn’t have a deep state, do you know how ft we would be? If we didn’t have career politicians and career intelligence agencies, people who are there for a long period of time? Do you actually who actually understand it? Where would we be? So, in other words, he suggesting that it’s a good thing we have this unaccountable, anonymous, unknown group working on our behalf. So he sees the deep state as somehow benevolent. A benevolent deep state kind of shows you, though, how some people perceive government as this, almost like a replacement God. Cup Star says, I thought intelligence agencies were the deep state. Yeah, it’s an interesting question. I mean, what is the deep state? To me? It’s just it’s almost just at hominum at this point, like fake news. It’s just the side you don’t like is the deep state. It almost means nothing at this point. But here we are just watching the clown show and he’s Joe Rogan, just endorsing this idea that maybe it’s a good thing. WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT STATE? Right? It always like to write about the deep state right, and what I was saying is like, what if we didn’t have a deep state? Do you know fucked we would be if we didn’t have career politicians and career intelligence agencies and career people there for long periods of time that actually do understand it? Yeah, if the first the person, I mean every time. Yeah, knew. Listen, I’ve disrespected Joe Biden enough. I don’t think I should do it anymore, and I think I’ve said enough about them. I might show so why not? Just lifetime of pointees? I mean, what is this anyway? Let’s move on. This is nothing new. This is typical. Joe Rogan is someone who has already admitted that he would sell out his mother for inside information about Ufos or something. Do you remember that one where he said he would sell out his own mother, not for money. I think he said it. Would do it to know. Let me see if I can find that that quote here. I mean, you know, it’s obviously it’s probably in jest, but he was just making a point that, yeah, he wants to know, or he would. He wants to make it to the top of the pyramid no matter what it takes, and believing in the moon landing after debunking it. Yeah, that’s kind of a big sellout move and it kind of raised a lot of eyebrows. Shelley, being six four, says flip flopping CROC. Well, I agree, because you can’t really flip flop on the moon landing, and the reason why you can’t is that there’s a very specific set of questions that you must ask yourself an answer in order to see through it, and once you’ve seen through it, there’s no way you could fall for it again. So it’s just kind of an indication that somebody’s being paid to maintain a certain party line. But now here’s the new stories. Joe Biden says there’s going to be a new world order and we have to lead it. So now we can openly talk about the new world order in the deep state as though it’s a shock, and I don’t even know why people even see this as any kind of threat or something to worry about. There’s going to be a new world order. As far as I can tell, it was already here. They’re just kind of updating it. You know, it’s just like a new operating system, little bit of expansion. Now they went from padding you on the outside to checking to know what’s on the inside. You know, the a little more invasive than they used to be, but no, it’s the same order. I don’t know what’s actually changing. I guess they’re getting people used to this idea, though, that if we don’t have some kind of, quote, Global Unity, we’re all going to die. And so you have these pariahs that need to be put down, specifically nationalists, capitalists, property owners, and they make bad examples on purpose out of the richest people on Earth in order to justify the idea that maybe we need to have to talk about whether or not, you know, billionaires are sustainable. And of course, the people behind this great reset are the same people who were behind occupy Wall Street and the idea that if you could just expropriate the wealth from the one percent, you could make everything even, just spread it out. And of course they’re the ones who volunteer to do the distribution. And that’s kind of where we’re at right now. Nothing is to save the planet. They give the well intentioned people some plausible reasons to do what they do, but ultimately what they’re doing is are participating in a revolution against their own very freedom. I mean, pretty soon you’re gonna have to pay taxes on the air that you breathe. Let’s see. President Biden says Russia is exploring revenge cyber attacks. So the pretty open about their plans. So you can expect there to be some kind of cyber attacks. You know. I know in Brazil they shut down telegram. So even with that cyber attacks, you can already see the quarantining of the Internet that I had said would happen. I said you’re going to see a quarantining of the Internet, a sort of lockdown. It’s happening here and there. That’s going to kind of mirror what happened with the viral outbreaks. But it’s all going to be about stopping the flow of dangerous mel and MIS and disinformation. And it is happening, I believe in Russia they shut down instagram, probably facebook and Youtube. They probably shut down some porn sites. I saw some memes about it. But my point being this is a sort of quarantining, sort of like after the Christ church shooting out there in New Zealand, you couldn’t watch the video because they blocked certain websites and the whole thing was a si up intended to set the precedent to justify that kind of censorship. Anyway, a several hundred US organizations have given classified having given classified briefings, that there’s going to be some critical infrastructure at risk. Portal says, as Maxwell says, it’s a continuation of the old. It is a continuation. It’s the same powers at be, but they do have to burn down the old system to bring in the new. And you notice this is the year of soiling green. This is two thousand and twenty two. And you know, cannibalism is kind of the thing now, and I was saying, is this a good thing? You know, Disney went from pushing the petto thing to pushing cannibalism. I’m not going to watch their movie fresh. Disney’s confusing people with their new horror movie fresh. I’m probably not going to watch it, although I don’t know it’s due diligence, I might have to. However, it’s also worth noting that the film wall e by Pixar kind of echoes the same exact notion of the ultimate in recycling, the ultimate end of environmentalism, which I think might be the recycling of people. I do think that’s where we’re going. I mean if you think about it, what is communism but a form of social cannibalism, like the whole occupy Wall Street? Well, there’s a hundred of us here. If ninety of US eat ten, we can survive longer. Like that’s kind of the premise here. It’s about cannibalism. It’s a closed system, zero sum game, and I think they’re using this cannibalism to kind of promote this idea. That’s environmentalism in a nutshell. This is a zero sum game, closed system. Everything you do to tracks from everybody else. Every breath you take is a breath taken from somebody else’s future. I mean it’s a realm kind of a scarcitting model, but it’s based on, I think, fear of running out and it’s the need to compete. And this is prevalent in all the movies I’ve been watching, or I’ve watched the one hundred on Netflix, and it starts off with while we’re going to have to drop off about a hundred passengers off the ship because we’re running out of air. Now, think about two thousand and twenty people couldn’t breathe because the virus. People couldn’t breathe because the masks. Then you had the eye can’t breathe thing. Came out with the George Floyd that was about police oppression. Then they extended that to the environment. is so bad that they can’t breathe. In India now doing climate lockdowns. So I can’t breathe is all code. It’s code for this environmentalist well, this communist revolution disguise as an environmentalist revolution, where they’re saying we can’t breathe, and it’s not a coincidence that I can’t breathe is a perfect anagram for a better China and it kind of gives you an idea of where I think this is all going. I mean it’s not a coincidence at the first moon base that’s planned is a Chinese communist moon base. And speaking a soilent green and this idea of recycling people, they have actually brought out this idea of Astro Crete and I’m pretty sure if you decided to start an astrocrete business you could probably get a lot of people who believe in outer space to donate blood. Yeah, futuristic space concrete using astronauts blood. I mean, how serious are you about going into space? Are you willing to be a regular blood donor, because you can mix your blood with the moon dust and the result will be a type of concrete stronger than regular concrete. I mean, this sounds hellish to me. It sounds like something out of one of those games like doom, where you’re in Hell and you’re actually shooting demons and all the architecture is made out of, you know, bones and tendons. I mean it’s just really hellish and nightmarish. But yeah, you go to go to the Mars bases, go to the moon basis and you’re going to have Martian and lunar regulith turned into bricks by being infused with human blood. So does it mean they’re going to grind up some people in the wood chippers? Well, maybe the dead. Why wouldn’t you? So you can set the premise. Okay, we can start recycling the dead. And they’ve already started composting him. And I pointed this out, that the guy who started Earth Day and earth days coming up. So remember this, the Unicorn killer they call him. His last name was Einhorn, but the Unicorn killer killed his girlfriend, recycled her, as in compost at her. So He’s the guy that founded Earth Day. So earth days coming up and they’re already making it legal to compost your compost your loved ones if they die now, believe in California. So human it’s being compost composted, turn into bricks. Disney promoting cannibalism and then combine this with collectivism run amuck. You know, the the economic equivalent of cannibalism. Zero. Some thinking we’re running out of air, like I think we’re. We’re going with this is definitely here we go and come gating cut. This is from wally. Is Delicious. Wally totally had the right idea with this one. How do they make it taste this good? Let’s see, a sugar potassium Benz weet grows. I’m not eating Potassium Benz wit. Now, if you didn’t see it on the screen, it said human flesh. This is an annoying video, but I’m going to get to the point. He goes through wally and he shows how directive one three, and notice the number one three was the directive that said they had to leave the earth. So the humans leave the earth and they go into a space arc, the space arc, it’s kind of like Noah’s Ark, and they’re just waiting for it to be safe to go back to the earth. But anyway, everybody’s OBIES, everybody’s sitting down looking at screens, never getting up, and they’re being served twenty seven by robots and all of their food is in the form of a shake. The thing is, and this person has done the math on it, there’s no way this many people could survive seven hundred years. Seven hundred years into a five year cruise, kind of like two years into two weeks to flatten the curve. Yes, seven hundred years into a five year cruise on the space arc. They do the math and they figure there’s no way in wally could these people have survived if they weren’t eating the dead. And then further he breaks down how there are insinuations that the robot ai that takes over organizes this. And why? Well, because it’s a purely logical machine. It’s not thinking about empathy, it’s just thinking about numbers and matter and moving around and feeding these things. And so the AI bought that controls the space arc actually has the people eating each other and they don’t even know. Let me play a clip bruise. Well, that’s going to cause some problems, and one in particular. What are they eating? Cupcake in a cup? What even is that? Will be careful what you ask, because if you connect the dots throughout the movie, you can clearly see what the people on the axiom are truly eating. And, spoiler alerted, ain’t Matt Damon’s poop potatoes. They’re eating each other. That’s right, your favorite movie about an adorable little trash robot trying to save the world has covert implications that humanity is so screwed over that people are eating each other. Look, I’m not happy about it, and he’s right. And it’s not just that. The whole movie is about, in fact, a communist revolution, because they go back to the earth and they realize the only reason we were able to live in this way is we were exploiting the poor, or rather, in the movie, the robot class. So they abandoned the robots, which facilitated enable them to become a parasitic upper class, and they all become farmers. They get back in touch with the soil. So they get back from this basically journey to well, it’s it’s like, you know, Noah’s Ark. They’re out in the ocean, but they’re out in space they get back and they decide to return back to the soil. They abandon their technology. So the movie contains Noah’s Ark, a modern flood myth, a global warming cautionary tale, of course, this cannibalism at the end of the road that we’re on, and then communism, communism at the very end. Let’s see, once upon says, it looks suspiciously like Hell. Yeah, hell, nine hundred. Oh No, how nine thousand was the BOT that controlled the ship in Space Odyssey. Two Thousand and one of Space Odyssey, hell, by the way, is IBM H. move it over to I. A, gooes to be l, goes to am. Just shift it one letter over. But yeah, that is another key point here, that they turn over the governance to some kind of AI and the AI makes the decision that this is how we can keep the ship going, which makes a lot of sense from a robot’s perspective doing its job. And this guy did his homework. He talked about what it would take to maintain that many OBI’s people for that many centuries, and there’s really no other way around it. So the video is called wall EA’s unseen cannibalism. Definitely worth watching because this is programming. This is deep programming. And also, if you look at the screen, they show you a spot here where it’s that president on Earth, the global ce go or whatever he is, and he says, I’m declaring it an emergency directive. One, one three. Again that number. One hundred and twenty three and three one one are very significant in the predictive programming and it always reflects the idea that we have to abandon ship order out of chaos. You know, this is kind of the similar thing where they had to leave the earth because it was no longer habitable. So for the a three, it’s typical and Pixar, but this is the first time they actually explained you know what it means. Now you could look at it as an upside down three hundred and eleven, you can look at it as whatever, but however you look at it, it’s just fits a bigger pattern. And I could connect this to d and eleven, you know, the tower that opened after the Twin Towers, and this would be significant because he the twin towers burned down. Thirteen years later, which is like a Phoenix number, they bring up the new tower. So in the movie the world has been destroyed and now they’re going back to rebuild. Well, they rebuilt and they put the new tower up and they opened it on eleven three. So eleven three is just it’s a highly conspicuous thing here. But, moreover, when he abandoned the ship and he says we can no longer survive in this way, he puts on a mask. So that’s a very three hundred and eleven e, very consistent with the idea that this the end of everything involves is all masking up, and they have used the pandemic to fast track a lot of their environmentalist agendas, which is why it’s already now being talked about that we may need to do climate lockdowns. That’s why I look. If you have friends who believe in global warming, guilt trip them, tell them to stop driving and start walking down. You might as well, because eventually they’re going to be climate Karen’s. You thought mask Karen’s were bad, wait until the climate Karen’s ask you what are you doing out? How are you essential? How can you justify your carbon footprint today? Anyway, let me go ahead and just play one more clip from the video wall. He’s unseen cannibalism, where he explains why the robot decided to justify this form of redistribution of flesh. And also note the World Economic Forum has Gaya Their Global Ai Alliance, and it’s all about turning over control to something more objective like a robot. This is why I think it’s noteworthy that Joe Rogan is out here saying thank God for the deep state, because humans can’t do it, like regular people can’t do it. We can’t trust people to make decisions. We need these hidden experts like that’s an appeal to an authority that is very consistent with the types of people who are open to the idea of letting ai take over governance because politicians are corrupt. But let me play a clip here again. This is from Film Theory Wall. He’s unseen cannibalism. You’re by forcing auto, in an attempt to fulfill his programming, to come up with a solution to big bolt problems at any cost. Is this? Do you give me the blow aw get out of my way so the robot Otto, who’s running this thing on auto pilot, decides, yes, I’m going to have to just feed people people to keep this thing going. So it’s what you’d call for the greater good, you can go and sacrifice the interests of the individual for the greater good. That’s the reason why you come a goo blood and a mask Karen, and a helmet Karen, and a climate Karen. It’s always for the greater good. That’s why they’re turning everybody into fascists, like anybody wearing the government mandated fashioned statement without a mandate, is a fascist and they’re just participating in it. Cup Star says, what did you do to deserve your place in the world today? And see that is a statement that everyone in Utopia says. That’s part of the cult of the Bill Gates like character played by John Cusack, who has the fake Meat Company. He makes everyone explain or justify their existence each day because we’re running out, we have to eat fake meat. And, by the way, in that movie utopia, this guy played by John Cusack, who’s a Bill Gates like character, he has a fake Meat Company, just like Bill Gates in two thousand and twenty no less, and he uses this Meat Company in order to spread some kind of a flu virus or something, and he justifies a vaccine push which is actually intended to depopulate. Speaking of Georgia, guide stones depopulate. Basically, will not really depopulate, the word be sterilize the human race for two generations. I mean probably not the elite. You know, those shallow bloodlines will continue. But yes, that was the plan in the movie and everybody had to justify that was kind of their their ethos. They’re all like, well, there’s not enough air, not enough space, there’s too many people. So it’s all about self sacrifice, and that’s the part of environmentalism to me that really gives it away as a religion. It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about pleasing the planet and the planet is the God. Truth hurt says. The only thing we can do is exit their system. We can’t fight it or go along with it. True, I take the stance of post world stage media analyst. So we can’t get caught up in the factional violence or we can’t be scapegoaded for this or that staged event. Now we’re just in part where academic we’re not. We do have reporters, we do, but we look at this from perspective of media with that level of objectivity. The media wants to man uppolize reality investigation, because what they actually are involved in is covering up reality, not investigating it. Kevin Moring says Astro Crete World, oh, Astro World Crete. Well, that’s really what. What two thousand and twenty two’s well, the movie is it was a projection for the future, and I think they’re a little ahead of schedule. I mean behind schedule. soiling green was supposed to take place in two thousand and twenty two. I mean, who knows, maybe they’re ahead of schedule. Some believe they’ve been feeding US people through the McDonald’s breakfast menu for years. I don’t find that even slightly plausible, though, because if it was true, how come the people who believe this aren’t trying to stop it? It’s like there’s no I guess there’s just no Charles Heston counterpart today. I mean, who’s going to stop the cannibals? Who’s going to say McDonald’s is people, these conspiracy theorists online just tweet about it, share a meme. Most of them probably still even eat there, like if you actually believe McDonald’s is serving human meat, feel free to call in. Just bringing that up. You know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and you could prove that anyway. Let’s get back on track here. Actually, that is what we’re talking about. We’re not even off topic. The idea of recycling is a thing and you know, to me it’s all about molding you, molding you into this person who believes that we have limited everything scarce, everything is scarce. One person going out is a danger to you, and that’s what they have been programming this with them. A Gore phobia is a big part of it. But I can’t breathe. Echo Charlie says Tarlton Heston living on dog biscuits. What movie was that? Omega Man? Yeah, he was in a number of movies. A mega man is based on the I am legend. Same story once upon, it says only a I can save us. Now that’s what we’re supposed to believe. That’s why they wheeled out Sophia. I got a comment from earlier. I want to highlight this from Echo Charlie. Another overoptimistic prediction. Two weeks to flatten the Nazis. Well, we’re approaching a month, aren’t we? But yeah, that’s that’s a good call. there. It almost goes without saying. And somebody had showed me some interesting numerology showing how the starting date of World War One, World War Two and this Ukraine thing. If you add the numbers, they all add to sixty eight. Not sure what that means, but here we go. Popular Podcaster, a long time supporter of Donald Trump’s belief that a secret government is running the country, Joe Rogan, comes out and says that we would be screwed without the deep state. We need the deep state because of incompetent leadership. This to me a en is the PROAI Gaya argument. That’s just a way of getting us, I think, used to that idea that we do need some kind of higher authority. And this is really not new. I mean this is kind of predicted, I think, in the predictive programming, the whole monolith thing, the digital monolith at NATO. If you haven’t seen that, it’s worth watching for no other reason just because it’s it just so surreal, because here you have the the leaders, these are all of your leaders, the one world monocult staring at an obelisk cold, just like predicted out of cubrics movie, and on the side of it it’s it has, it’s all digital has this screen and it says combat climate change again, you got to fight it fight the weather, combat climate change. How do you do that? You shoot the polluters. I mean how do you literally fight the weather while you just scapegoat the Republicans or the capitalist for causing the bad weather and then you combat them? They’re judged by the god of this monolith. I mean look, that’s what it literally says. Now they take off their masks, they’re six feet apart. They all have their eyes fixated on this thing which, again, beyond just being a creepy, probably demonically possessed AI thing, it is in fact an emblem of the Earth God, one of the all, the oldest God and the one that they all swear fealty to. So here they are, children of all, in full demon worship, mold mode here. Look at that. This is when it activates the good blood. They lose autonomy. Anyway. This happened June two thousand and twenty one, and you know, when you get down to it, at the very basic level, the message on the monolith here is no different than the message on the Georgia guidestones. Is there a difference? You’re talking about moving into a sustainable world order, basically world communism disguised as progress or something getting rid of freedom on the basis that traveling, purchasing things, breathing, having children, yeah, that’s bad for the environment. Oh yeah, those are bombs. Every baby is going to have such a toll on the earth, and that’s kind of the mentality that they’ve programmed into people it. So I’m looking at this digital monolith and just saying climate, climate change on here. Climate change is like the the number one prerogative here. Support rule was based on international order, so it’s given its commandments. That’s kind of what it’s doing. Combat Climate Change, support the international order. Recycle, get vaxed, get boosted. That’s you can see where it’s going. And again, how is this any different than the Georgia Guide’stones? It’s the same thing. Z Inbella says it’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I wo’d say so too. This is the two thousand and twenty one Brussels summit. Fourteen June NATO leaders experience a virtual journey. The NATO twenty thirty initiative is to make sure that our alliance remains ready to face tomorrow’s challenge. So it’s the NATO twenty thirty agenda. Looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Surprised they didn’t kneel all. Let’s go back to the headlines. I’m going to open phones here in just a moment. So we’ve been talking about Joe Rogan defending the deep state, Joe Biden saying the quiet part out loud. Is got to be a new world order. Alex Jones Delays The Sandy Hook lawsuit due to emergency from unnamed medical conditions. Biden says that Russia’s going to attack us through revenge cyber attacks. Now this is good news, but depending on how you take it. Passengers undoomed Chinese jet were totally incinerated. I was looking at this and all the footage and it looks as scioppy as pretty much anything else, like the plane that went down in Shanksville. And you know when you get into that story, you know where there’s like nothing left. There are others who go through these things and they check out the symbolism and all the ironic names and everything. And United Airlines Flight Ninety three crash into a field and Shanksville, and of course this was the one with the guys with the box cutters, the shanks and the let’s roll story but the plane just disappears on impact. No, tres just looks very much like, really like an underfunded movie set. They just didn’t have everything they needed to make it convincing. But I kind of felt the same way when I looked at that one. If anybody else knows anything more about it, but to me it’s fake until proven real if it’s an extraordinary claim, and that’s a pretty extraordinary one. I’m still looking at it though. A Q and on believers pounce on new world order reference in Biden speech. They Act surprised when people are triggered by these types of buzzwords like great reset. Do you remember back when the great reset was a conspiracy theory? They said your conspiracy theorist if you talk about great reset, and now they’re just totally open about it. Texas, Q and Honors are falling apart amidst accusations of donation theft, threats of violence. So the JFK Q and on cult is kind of collapsing. It’s broken up into three groups. Out There in Dallas. One group as apparently armed and threatening violence against another group. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars and that’s public. That could be a whole lot more Texas, Q and honors falling apart. Donation, theft, violence, a faction or the que and on Conspiracy Movement, headquartered in dellas to await the return of John F Kennedy, is on the verge of collapse. Now it has dwindled, but they have these weekly meet ups and recently they’ve been cited doing Nazi salutes in order to be Ironic, in order to trigger the news or whatever. I don’t know who’s while. PROTSMAN’s leading them. And what’s worse, listen to this. In recent weeks, children as young as twelve and this is this is what’s causing them to break apart. Protsman, the guy who used to pretend to be JFK junior on live streams. Protsman, the guy who actually said JFK would have been shown up in person on the twenty two. He’s been recruiting children and says most Q and on groups want nothing to do with the gallant Dallas Group and vices. report that they’re now using the tactic of reaching children as young as twelve and having them speak on the telegram channel. Says there’s one child who is twelve years old doing a course on Jematria for other children to get them into the group’s beliefs. Person named Karma here said there’s a lot going on right now. The group’s venmo account has been shuddered and it’s all falling apart. So the Q and on cult is about to go. Probably a hailbop waiting to find them all in the room with Nikes. And what was it they drink? Then the q laid, Adrian Messenger says. I stumbled upon the oldest example of space needle destruction programming. It’s on the poster art for an obscure film made before the space needle was built. Fascinating. Well, on that note in the discord server today and I could probably find that real quick in fact. Yeah, have it right here, me sure my screen. Turns out that Mars attacks has a scene where, this is from David Pryor, where they blow up what looks to be the space needle. Such a reoccurring theme here. Some interesting stills from Mars attacks. They blow up a space needle looking building being j pillars was Saturn on top, covid spiked ball statues on their ship, blood sacrifice on what looks like a flat Earth Map with an eye and pyramid flag. Okay, Martians doing blood sacrifices, but yeah, it is as described. I went through all the stills and we were looking at Mars attacks because Pete Davidson has a Mars attacks tattoo on his chest next to the number ninety three. A lot of bad ink, but also the brand of Kim Kardashian right there. But we looked into it and yeah, that has all of that and more. All right, let us continue here. Celestial wonder says they’re buying my pillows with the money. Celestial pillows might actually be Mike Lindell. You know Mike Lindell. Well, we’ll see. I don’t even want to get too deep into the queue and on thing right now. They need to go. I mean they’re going to go soon. Something has to happen. I’ve been saying. If your home movement is about saving the children and it takes you ten or fifteen years, which children exactly are you going to be saving? You know they’re teenagers by now. Another movie recommendation. Truman B three thousand said check out a new movie on Netflix called countdown. It has a scene where a drunk guy at the bar yells about Antarctica being at the edge of flat earth. Did he look like Nathan Thompson? The pretty much sounds like every Nathan Thompson appearance I’ve seen. But yeah, I’ll check it out. Netflix countdown. Netflix is inside job. I believe it’s episode six. Has a flat earth episode where Flat Earth Or is hijack Jeff bezos is mega yacht and force him to drive to the edge or the entrance, the entrance of hollow earth is what they find. So hollow Earth’s are kind of right. Spoiler alert. But anyway, he gets swallowed by a crack in but yes, Netflix loves to make fun of stuff because they want to maintain control over it, over how we interpret things. They want to make sure we’re not taking the wrong things seriously and laughing at the they want to they want to control where you direct your derision as well. By the way, we’ve been digging into the Manson cult from the S and I’m looking at the Church of Satan Tie ins to various high profile psychological operations, serial killers, etc. And on the screen you see a picture of Susan Atkins and Anton Lavey doing this. She comes out of a coffin a topless witch performance thing. This was before she went and started killing those people, but not long before. So he’s pointing this out because I remember the time when I first looked into this. There was another connection where it was said that the high priest there was a technical advisor on Rosemary’s baby. And of course, Rosemary’s baby the movie features a woman who is she gives birth to the devil’s baby. Now the thing is she conceives it without consent, she’s unconscious and drugged and her husband’s part of a satanic cult or whatever. But again this has a Roman polonsky tie in, because you have his one, his connection to the church. Apparently he had. It is belief that Anton of a provided a bit of a cameo his eyes for the devil’s eyes in that scene in the movie. I don’t know if it’s definitely her, I mean definitely him. I have to check on that one. It’s one of those things that was alleged. But Anyway, I’m looking at the connections between Hollywood, Satanism and the Manson family. The Richard Room. There is night stocker killings. You know, these killers that use that really shocking s type of Hollywood satanism stuff. But anyway, we’re looking at one of Manson’s killers actually associating with this group. Kevin Moring says, can you show us the trump painting? Yeah, let’s go ahead and take a look at that. If you haven’t seen it yet, Eric trump was really impressed by this. So Eric Trump’s at the reawakened America clan meeting. I say clan, I spell it with a Q, and at this meeting he’s handed a gigantic painting, a portrait of his father, and while they bring out the painting they play the Star Wars theme song or the Emperor God King Trump theme song. They’ve kind of repurposed it. I’m going to fuck it out of your way here. Okay, so got one more you want to show us, and I think General Flynne needs to come here to see general plan. I’m going to pass the MIC. You were really allowing intelligent people on the stage. Movie Now, before I go on with this, General Flynn is suing CNN because they’ve associated with them. They’ve associated him with the Que Movement again, General Flynn, this is such a disingenuous thing he’s doing. I mean this ought to be thrown out. So basically, this guy who headlines All kinds of CNN events is suing CNN for a hundred million dollars. Here we go, Michael Flynn’s brother and sister are suing CNN for linking her to q and on. It’s like, wait a minute, here they’re hanging out with General Flynn, they’re swearing oaths to q and now they’re claiming there being somehow slandered. Now Q and on and General Flynn are tight. So here you have it, the painting of trump with a lightning bolt que behind his head and here comes an eagle holding an American flag coming down from the storm and this trumping forwards. I have to leave. So, general, when you want to come up here real quick, I’ll give you the MIC. Eric to Mike and all disappearate. Are One more type for general whinn and Eric Trump. Everybody. Yeah, what are you doing? where? We got drum roll or something. Now what he’s not saying is he’s not saying what is with this q stuff? Qu’s a hoax. JFK’s not coming back. We don’t support the Q and on Shaman, this is all a Si up. No, he doesn’t say that. Listen to Eric again. He loves this thing. I love then, Hey, are gradable. Can you come up your Jackson and he kind of showed to the crowd real quick. Here to Jackson and checky. I should look at this guy. You painted this himself. Look at this, hold it up azing. Wow. Oh yeah, that all right now, chant is one more painting, one more you want to unvail now. So there you have it. So what is it? Is q a thing or is it not a thing? It can’t be simultaneously both. And the fact that the trump’s themselves are still behind this q thing kind of tells you that, yeah, it is a thing. It’s not going away. David prior says, only allowing intelligence people on the stage. Good Point. Survivor recalls tense moments inside King supers when gunmen killed ten. So today’s the anniversary of the king super shooting. Happened on three two two. Police didn’t go back into the building until three, two two. They were thirty three union workers at King Super’s store number thirty three, where it happened. The shooter did so in retaliation for the Christ church shooting. Nothing about it was realistic and I believe there was a few discrepancies with some of the names the crisis actors and it seems like they had some mix up. So we went into this one in detail last year, first anniversary, and it’s what you would expect. The survivor comes out and says, we can’t let this happen again. Got To get rid of the assault rifles. Not a coincidence that the victims were all getting vaxed. Yeah, they’re at their grocery store getting vaxed, and you know, I’m not against getting vaxed. Whatever you want to do, do it, but you know, it’s like if I walked into a Walmart produce section and there are people getting body piercings, I’m turning around it on the leaving. It’s like I don’t want you, you know, poking holes in your skin around the food. And yet I go into a Walmart and all the VACs junkies are getting their shots right there in the produce and I’m just like, okay, no thanks. Why do they have to do it publicly? Well, it’s because it’s a mass initiation. It’s about humiliating yourself in front of the group, blood packed with the state, whatever you want to call it. It’s all theater. But anyway, they show up to King Super Store number thirty three for their covid nineteen shots and they get the Ar fifteen shots. And now they want to blame property rights. Basically, celestial wonder says, so far it’s been a full day. No fireworks. Yeah, because they know so many of us are watching, like you can only do so many spectacular things on a hundred and eleven. Court reimposes death sentence for Boston bomber. I wanted to point this out because the date I mentioned this the other day on three four, the day the new Batman movie came out, they reinstated the death sentence for the Boston bomber. Howard car, stop pampering the joker. Some the Boston Herald. Just to reiterate here, the Boston bomber was referred to at the time as the joker. His name sounds like the joker. Joe Car and his friends called him joker. So if you look at this to the whole story, they put them on the cover of rolling stones. They call them the Jaha joker. He had all kinds of fans and in many ways they try to create a sympathetic character out of them. So the joker got the death penalty on the same day that the new Batman movie was released. Let’s move on going through some comments here that we’re posted in discord. So if you’re active in discord, I will generally make an effort to crop and drop all of the good comments into the mines thread. Okay, I have a comment from Ryler five. He says the Titans Chronos and RHEA are the twins taken down by Hades. Interesting. Okay, well, look, we just entered into spring and so hadis Pluto takes persephone into the underworld. Hades is the guy that created the Krack in, and now that we’re entering spring, I would imagine we can expect the crack in any day now. A railer says your point about two thousand and twenty imitating sixty eight and two thousand and twenty one imitating sixty nine. Made me think about the PETROW dollar and how I’ve seen stories of it ending. Nixon took us off the gold standard on eight thousand fifteen seventy one. So if we go in order, than two thousand and twenty two would be seventy. Two Thousand and twenty three seventy one. So by next year it will be official that the dollar is dead or metamorphized. Interesting Point, and we have been doing this examination of the years that are like, for example, sixty eight in two thousand and twenty, that are apparently mirrored in a way. Like two thousand and twenty in many ways was paralleling sixty eight. Sixty nine was many was paralleled in two thousand and twenty one. You know space race, the Manson Talk. Even now, just that we’re going into this story of Marilyn Manson. Well, you have a parallel with the Charles Manson story, continuing with the expose a on the various mind controlled victims. But yes, history is definitely rhyming, repeating. It’s rigged because it’s based on a script. If you elaborated your position on chem trails, this is from ler. Okay, here we go. The name Chem trails is a name given to us by secret services and it assumes too much. Like many things in the truth community, it jumps out of the gate before the race begins and it becomes a meme rather than a theory. So there definitely is something. They’re sprang up there and it’s not from private jetliners and it could be used to help bounces around. Okay, so this is an interesting topic in itself. I’m very dismissive of the chemtrail theory because there isn’t any sort of set of beliefs that you can point to. You’ll say, well, is it the commercial jets? They’ll say no, it’s hidden invisible military drone jets, but then they show you pictures that come from commercial jets. So it’s really not consistent enough for me to take it all that seriously. Rocco says Goo World Order, which I agree with. That’s what Joe Biden is actually talking about, the Goog World Order. All the Goo blood’s tuned in to the digital monolith up there at NATO headquarters. All right, let’s see. Tominoid, says the Batman, shooter, another joker, popular role. Yep, and of course the Batman Movies introduced the Bat as Phoenix with a ton of predictive programming for two thousand and twenty and again the Phoenix burned down, build back better. Why? A Bat? Well, Bat was the catalyst. It all started with a bat, which is something that said in the movie daybreakers about Vampires, but it’s a movie that came out in two thousand and nine. Great Movie, by the way, and it actually has a poster the very beginning where says at all. Started with a bat, because it’s about a vampire bat, which precipitated a global pandemic. Strange Movie Too, because the cure was something that was discovered by character named Elvis, played by William Dafoe. So Elvis, who drives a firebird of Phoenix symbol again, Elvis is blood is the cure for the vampire plague. Little spoiler alert, but the movie came out in two thousand and nine. It was about a pandemic in two thousand and nineteen. So it’s kind of a combination of twenty eight days later in the Matrix, loaded with symbolism. In fact, there’s a scene with a head. Vampire is asked, why don’t you drink the synthetic blood? Because they have this problem. You know, you got vampires humans. Synthetic blood kind of seems to be a way to solve it, and he says it just doesn’t taste as good as if it doesn’t contain the fear. So there’s a kind of an adrenochrome reference ahead of its time. St Joe says, what do you mean by saying that Hunter Biden’s laptop is a nothing burger. I mean just that Alex Jones said it was full of snuff films, compromising material, Hunter Biden killing people, doing all kinds of terrible things. Where’s the evidence? I mean, it’s just all hype. I still contend hunter Biden’s laptop is a nothing burger. Nobody cares that he’s a crack smoker. Mike Lindell was a former crack smoker. You know, shaming somebody for being addicted to something only gets so far. But I haven’t seen anything yet. I mean, pizza gates all hype. I’ll believe it when I see Hilary Clinton prancing around with a frazzle drip on her face. Then a frazzle drip is a mask made from the skin of a sacrificial victim, according to the Pizza Gators, or pizza gate researchers. X Miss Eve points out that Sergeant Weiss a Paul, you know, the FBI special agent who used to be Timothy McVeigh. If you scramble his name, you can get all you see was a sy up, and I knew this. I just didn’t mention it because it’s not a perfect anagram. You kind of have to use you and see as whyou and see. I don’t like in perfect anagrams. Anyway, the person says the FTM IPS is not telling you the truth. Beware. This podcast is disinformation. Excuse me for not going with that very loose Anagram, but it’s the first thing a lot of these truthers reach for. Is they they misgender you, which again I don’t care, not going to suspend you. Like Babylon Bee got kicked out of Youtube. Now twitter. Look at this. They had like one point three million people on their twitter account. Babylon Bee has been locked for violating the rules against hateful conduct. All right, Georgia guidestones. Let me play this clip one more time if you missed it yesterday, because again today’s three, two, two. We’re talking a bit about that number. It’s a short clip, so you can hear about Batman’s grandfather founding the SCULLAN bones society. Good, ladies us, I like to make it my own personal charity. All are worthy. How you can say that again? That is both Wayne’s grandfather and he’s great grandfather. I understand he was tapped for sculland bones, tap for it, sir. He founded skull and bones. Kind of all right, cool. So he wrote all those weird rituals about things you do in coffins. Interesting explains a lot about Batman, doesn’t it? All Right, so we’ve been talking about the Evan Wood Marilyn Manson drama and there’s actually quite a bit more that has come out here, indicative of a world stager playing a role on the world stage something that’s anything but real. So these are probably all unwatchable movies. I skimmed through some of her movies just to get an idea. So she was in the movie thirteen. We’re talking about Evan Wood, the one with the accusations against Marilyn Manson. She was the one who played dolores in Westworld. So I’ve already been commenting about how Dolores in westworld parallels her real world experience in Marilyn Manson’s world. So Dolores West world is sort of this prisoner of the Saturnian character in the man in black. Well, the more we dig into this character he finds some other things. So she plays delores in a scene from Lolita in a music video and again victimized by Marilyn Manson or the man in black? Is this recurring theme? Well, he first saw her at a party and he recognized her from a movie called thirteen. Now, thirteen is a very significant number. It references Virgo, the Virgin. It’s a number associated with that archetype and personified virgo is persephone, and in the fall persephone is kidnapped by Hades. That’s kind of the story, and this ties into Gabby Petito, who was a virgo archetype, and her body being found on the equinox. As we enter the fall. Anyway, Manson meets would and he says don’t fall. They’re on a balcony and she talks about this in her documentary. First thing you said to her don’t fall. That’s a clue. This is a script. It’s about the fall of persephone as she goes into the realm of Hades and as we enter the Pluto Return, she releases our documentary on the Eides of March. Not a coincidence. None of this is coincidental. But she releases this thing about her escape from haities. More or less. It’s a story, but I’m looking here. So she was in a movie called thirteen. Significant Goddess reference she’s in running with scissors, total trash. I mean movies used to be a lot worse, in my opinion, now that I’ve been looking, and I think it’s because you couldn’t just tweet about all the disgusting stuff and you couldn’t hold them accountable, like it was just like thought things got to pass. But in that horrible movie again, same situation. She’s thirteen, or says she was thirteen, when she had some sort of abuse of relate. It’s just a common theme. Well, check out this one. Pretty persuasion from two thousand and five fifteen year old girl, played by Evan Wood in, incites chaos and a media frenzy by accusing her drama teacher of sexual harassment. So it’s a comedy drama again, false accusations being used to stir stuff up. Just pointing these out because it seems like a recurring theme. a life before her eyes. Here’s another Manson tie and in a way a Woman’s survivor guilt from columbine or a Columbian like event affecting her life and causes it to fall apart. In Manson sort of provided the inspiration for and soundtrack to, the columbine thing and he played a role opposite Michael Moore. So Michael Moore Marilyn Manson, and that documentary will both of them more kind of on the same team, in a way, creating the idea that we had a problem with Neo Nazis with guns and bowl cuts in the schools. Let me go through some comments here. Oh Yeah, let me open up my phones. Eight, three, three one, nineteen eighty four. Get it easy to remember. Three one. It’s the date that one thousand nineteen eighty four started in. One thousand nineteenred and eighty four is really not a prediction about the future, it’s the year that it was and you’re always has been. It’s about how things have always really been based on mass deception, that there’s always been this exo and s O taric aspect to our society, and our media is definitely divided. You have the true believers, then you have the nonbelievers, then you have the what would you call us? The NASTIC? No, I guess the heretics, last femers, they say, threat actors. But my point being, yeah, the religions have been supplanted by modern media, which is the de facto state church. All right, phones are open. Eight three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four rich flat, says. Hillary Clinton tested positive for covid nineteen. Last I check, she had Kuru. Sounds a lot worse. Okay, I’m going to play a couple of voice mails. Hello, this is Mike so, back from PR newswire and fission. I’m reaching out. Your organization has shown some past. Oh yeah, that’s right. We’ll get to that later. Yeah, infinite plane media. If you haven’t checked out the site, this is where I post a lot of the news articles in the newsletters and over at the site. I’ve also installed some software we have a bought that will read all of the blog post. So it’s a long post. I’ll give you an example. I posted a newsletter today. How be anniversary Georgia guidestones, forty two anniversary, by the way, the ominous monument that proposes a culling of the human herd turned forty two today. Then also, CGI JOE declared his goal of achieving a new world order. But anyway, if you go to the site infinite plane dot media, every one of these blog posts has an audio player. So if it’s a long piece, you can just hit play and listen. All Right, let me continue to go through. I have a few more headlines I want to get to tonight. My main point was I’m looking at this Evan Wood Marilyn Manson thing as nothing more than a sy up, and all of our previous roles seem to back it up. And it fits a bigger pattern as well. He had another x, rose McGowan, who started the rose army and they went up against Weinstein, the whole me too thing. So it’s a parallel rose army, the Phoenix Act, both of them x’es of Marilyn Manson. It just seems a little too contrived, made to believe is it’s basically reality TV, next level reality TV, where they don’t tell you, and that’s where we’re at right now. That’s what I mean by there’s an exo and an esoteric side to the media. I’m not necessarily talking about the deep occult stuff. I’m talking about the basic, the basics of human influence, subtle influences, the use of psychological operations. Fake news is but far beyond just partisan bias, and the people who don’t know this are the profane. That’s what I’m saying you. The listeners here and those of you who look deeply enough into the stories, who know the truth about the big ones. Yeah, you would be among the initiates, or you would have the initiated interpretation of how the stuff works, whereas the masses just believe what they see on the screen. Is the same with the religions, and it’s kind of a touchy subject for some to point out a religion and maybe even suggest that it’s not authentic or it’s a copy of a copy of a copy. But you know that that’s kind of a pattern here. The space age religion has all of the same trappings of the old religions. They’ve just updated it. In fact, I’ve been watching this series on Amazon called upload and it’s kind of a dark comedy. I would equate it with I’d probably equate it with beetlejuice, only it’s a digital afterlife. Upload is an American Science Fiction Comedy Drama Television Series on Amazon prime video about a man able to choose his own afterlife after an untimely death. So I’ve been watching this and it brings up a few things. I’m talking about how in this future, when you die, you can have your consciousness scanned and you can be uploaded into any one of these metaverse or these or CGI digital heavens, well, virtual reality, and you can still interact with people here on earth. That’s kind of how it works. But then you have this split between some people don’t want to be uploaded, they want to go to the traditional heaven. So the the main one of the main characters, works for this company and she’s doing customer service for the deceased through this digital interface. Meanwhile her own father can’t decide if he wants to be uploaded to be with her in the future in this digital paradise, or does he want to just die and go to the natural, organic heaven? But I’m pointing out that this is a an example of where I think we’ve nailed it here in our analysis, that they are doing a templated approach to replacing the old religions and now you have digital heaven that your consciousness can be separated from your body and uploaded. Very interesting if you think about it. This idea of ai goes along with this. Can a being, a noncomporeal being, reside in dead, inanimate matter? This is the basis behind Frankenstein’s monster, for example, a shelly’s modern Prometheus, the lightning Rod Zapp’s the body that’s comprised of all these different body parts. That’s Frankenstein can posit and brings it to life. Dead matter coming to life, like a column or the Terminator would be another example of inanimate matter achieving some level of all these cyborgs and all these things in these movies are kind of showing us that that the soul itself is something that they’re eventually going to build a master. And you know what I think they could do? I think they could simulate it. I think it’d be very easy to simulate someone’s consciousness being uploaded. I am key sears Oo’s nine two three. If you want to call in, it’s eight two three, s eight three. I’m sorry, this is a strange comment here. Don’t know if I want him to call in about that anyway. Eight three, three, three, one thousand nine undred and eighty four. Anybody can call in. James Cameron says Skynet will destroy us with deep fakes, not nukes. Whenever I hear people talking about nukes like it’s a real thing to fear, I kind of forget, you know, these are the ones I’m talking about who don’t have the inside scoop, about how much of this is just pure theater. But Anyway, James Cameron spoke about this recently. He suggested that if we had an AI take over like Skynet, which was what the Terminator Series was about, it wouldn’t wipe us out with Knukes, it wouldn’t destroy the infrastructure. He’Su he said here. It’s not going to wipe out the entire biosphere and the environment. It’ll be much easier and will require less energy to just turn our minds against ourselves, which makes the most sense to me. Tomin would says all altered carbon shows they do similar things, but it’s like portable us be souls. You can plug into a new body. You know, in the series the one hundred, you have something where the the chieftains or the leaders of the tribes have black blood, like goo blood, and they have a micro chip in the back of their neck that enables them to interact with this city of lights, met averse. I mean the whole movie, the whole series is about how the elite have something different in their blood that gives them a connection to something higher. Only it’s a it’s a black good blood looking substance and it’s some kind of injectable operating system. You call in three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. If you have anything on the topic of the Georgia guidestones forty two anniversary what that might mean? We have a number of other topics as well we could cover. We’ve been doing a number of breakdowns on very movies having to do with the story of persephone, this Dorothy, wizard of Oz, the character played Sarah in the labyrinth against jared, the Goblin King, a number of movies that have the same exact dynamic ellis in wonderland as someone had found another connection. See, Ellis in wonderland has a connection to the Manson Evan Wood scenario. Believe Evan Wood was doing a script with him based on Ellis in Wonderland at the time of their relationship. So these are reoccurring characters and archetypes that were constantly seeing. A Truman in the Truman show is confronting Christophe. He’s the one who’s actually imprisoning him, and Christoph’s played by Ed Harris, who plays the man in black in west world. So it’s none of another actor who’s embodying a specific archetype, something of a controller, an antagonist, and also the Saturnian aspect, which I think has to do with the idea of time control and constraint, time being a constraint, the constraint of a sentient being in matter. It’s a again, a recurring theme, and in all these movies they have to overcome the cycles, like in Westworld, Dolores, who’s kind of a Dorothy like character in the blue dress, she has to overcome the man in black by recognizing that she’s stuck in a perpetual loop of torture and death and then it starts over. When she retains a continuity of awareness, she breaks the cycle infinit plane radio. Happy Anniversary to the Georgia guidestones. Oh, thank you, thank you very much. Yeah, Hey, what do you think with George Guistar’s Day? How you celebrating this way? This is our forty two Georgia guistones day. Of just recently started observing it. The just waiting on the news. I guess nothing is that has happened. A lot of earthquakes, raasonly. Yeah, I thought it’d be too obvious if they use this day to kick something off, you know. So I know they’re celebrating it, the skull and bones society. They’ve got to be doing something. So when are they going to pop off? That’s what I’m waiting for, when you least expect it. And then, of course, the number forty two does have many connections to Saturn. Again, another correlation here with the skull and Bone Society and the Granite Monument which is nineteen feet high, which might even have some significance there. Very interesting. Hey, you heard of that TV show alkard carbon on Netflix, altered carbon? Someone in the PAT had mentioned it. was that. You? Nah, no, but you can upload your consciousness and then you can move it through various sleeve different bodies. Okay, I see this here. Altered carbon. Okay, three Hundred Years in the future, society has been transformed and human bodies are interchangeable, with death no longer being permanent. Interesting, digital immortality. Well, no, not even digital. You’re talking about they’re actually putting them in bodies. Now, how do they obtain the bodies? They grow there. Some are organic, they’re just sweeps, they’re just sleeves like a skin suit. Yeah, and you can refleeve at any time. You can be a boy or girl you can transfer to another planet and show up. Okay, interesting. Now this is like some sort of a utopian ideal, like immortality and heaven, and so I don’t think this is attainable or ever will be, but I think this is sort of an ideal or a promise, the Utopian ideal they put out there for all the people who believe that science leads to salvation. What do you think? You think this is something that could actually accomplish? No, of course not, but it’s like intriguing for those that have faith in this ability. Yeah, and it would require faith as well, and I think you could take advantage of it exactly, you know, like exactly. You could say, for example, you got a company and yeah, well, we’re going to upload your loved ones consciousness into this this avatar that you can just log in and talk to it anytime. How are you going to know what’s the real person? And they can recreate the and simulate the personality. So it just seems like a Grift, if anything, just like every other relation, a very similar storyline happens in that TV show. They get faked out because they take someone’s personality and right, okay, okay, they made a duplicate of someone’s they call them stacks or your you know, for your soul. They made a duplicate and put it in another sleeve and they college. They call each other brothers. Very trippy. Okay. And this idea of hoaxing or that’s that’s also a recurring theme. But Wow, I mean seriously, this to me sounds like a way that they’ve managed to reinvent the idea of transcendence, of Heaven, of Im more immortal souls, but they’ve done it within a the context of science, which technically doesn’t believe in souls. So you got your flood myth with your global warming. Now you got your original sin with your carbon footprint. So you have this God construct with, you know, pleasing the earth, and now you have this the promise that, you know, technology can save us at some point. Yeah, they want the from a stop climate change that they need some Superhero, that cartoon Superhero Show, Captain Planet. Oh yes, Captain Planet. And that was just one. I mean teenage meetant Ninja Turtles, another cartoon. They all have the same theme where they’re the result of, I guess, genetic waste being dumped into the water and the bad guys, always the CEO. It’s never the bureaucrat, it’s never the politician. Know, the bad guys, always the CEO, the greedy CEO, Guy with too much money. Also, I saw like a cartoon, a two thousand and twenty two superman cartoon on HBO Jes came out and he does evil right and he kills like the Justice League, basically, and then they have to bring in another superman from another dimension, you know, from a cube. And then, I mean I want to foil the ending, but they figure it out, they fix it. Well, the cube thing is also a very key symbol, and I’m looking here at altered carbon and the main symbol is a hexagon, which contains within it, of course, the six pointed star, which contains then at the two dimensional cube, which, again this is all just a reoccurring symbol you see all over the place. And Carbon, of course, you get your your sixes. And I would say altered carbon fits kind of in with this idea of the Goo blood. What do you are you familiar with this idea? I mean goob blood. I don’t know if you use that term, but the idea that we’re having some kind of that the new human debt. transhumanism involves your body being physically integrated with the metaverse in such a way that you’re now kind of, I don’t know, cyborgs the word, but pretty much. Yep, it’s the Ghoog world order. Yeah, the good world order, precisely, and I think that’s that’s kind of the ideal, I mean. And if this is kind of where we’re crossing over into transcendence, transhumanism is just transcendence. It’s transcending human limitations. And of course they want you to transcend your carbon footprint. They’re trying to. They have all these no more billionaire philanthropists that they’re like, they’re cool now, you know, it’s like revenge of the NERD. Yes, Oh, yes, and the philanthropists are. In my view, it’s kind of a misnowmer at this point, because I don’t think there’s anything philanthropic about a philosophy that says there’s too many people. And if you saw the new Batman Movie, I haven’t yet, but seen some clips, the main villain looks like Bill Gates. All, yeah, shocker, yeah, build gates, Mr Make Me. Mr Trying to figure out how to create composting toilets for the home that don’t need a plumbing system. Mean everything that they do is about narrowing our scope of existence. Meanwhile they continue on with their their mega yachts and they’re extravagant lifestyles. And I also just saw there’s another show on Netflix and I this character, this guy. He goes around and kind of debunks Colin misconception and he actually interviews a Charlie Manson follower and the interview goes why, cannot think of the name right now. It’s on Netflix. I have to posted somewhere for you later, but the interviews that Charlie Manson follower and the every doesn’t go that well, but I’m sure there’s a little nuggets in there. Yeah, I was looking at some of them and the more I look at this Charlie Manson thing, the more it just screams hoax to me. And why would you have a hoax? You know, in that case, you and everyone, it has to have some kind of a purpose. And I thought, well, maybe this was to demonize the Anti War, anti authoritarian is, the hippies themselves, and just put a really negative face on him. And that’s why last August I suggested that we might expect something similar coming from the queue and on side, to put a bad face on q and on. And they’ve really done that. They’ve really done that. They’ve made the whole movement look like the crazy guy with the horns and the spear or the guy stabbing his kid to death. And again, this is to me. I think this is the reason for the Marilyn Manson thing. They wanted to start the Charles Manson thing. They really want to demonize a certain segment of society. Yeah, my buddy went fell hard for the que drops and all that garbage and now he’s just he’s really saddened, actually really bumped out. But we bult all that garbage and of the thought police trying to pull you over an ambulance driver. Right on. Yeah, I’m looking here. Look, I can understand why people fall for the q stuff. I mean even now you got the trump the trump sons are out there at the reawaken America event and they’re getting this massive painting of their father with a big cue behind his head. So how can they not continue to, you know, maintain the faith? Well, they got the ones. They got there like Hoope it, and the people that they burned, like my friend who is now burned, you like, he really kind of just draw with himself, and that’s where you’re going to get some some people who from really thanks to people who have been disenchanted by this whole thing that are probably going to start some shit up right. Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that and I saw some headlines at apparently in Dallas it’s breaking up because the main guy, Nigga at forty eight, is recruiting children to bring in more children, and apparently they’ve been accusations of donations being stolen, threats being made. So it’s getting kind of ugly because there haven’t been any sort of they haven’t had any closure and they’re still waiting. And what are they waiting for? And so I see this painting. Maybe this will give him some hope. So I’ve been calling them hopium addicts and they’ll get this little dose and this might be enough to keep them going for another month. Yeah, well, they’ll have their fall guys in place too, and I don’t know where it’s going to go. I was never a cure. I never bought any of that craft like Patriots. I get it the Patriots, but that’s just feel like, tell them that you’re a patriot. You know, so I got, I’m sure, I like a good guy, a white hat. Yeah, I think it was a good trap because it did get a lot of patriots, people who have good intentions, like oath keepers. Shouldn’t be a bad thing, meaning you’re going to hold on to these principles, that you’re going to defend the bill of rights or in principle. But no, they’ve turned every kind of any kind of person who believes in patriotism, individualism or America as founded. Yeah, now you’re in the crosshairs of the Left. Is Somehow a Nazi, a domestic extremist. It’s almost like it was a big smear campaign disguised as a political movement, and so that’s why I think it’s so bizarre that I see the trumps up here with the painting of trump as q and they let it up there. There’s no way they were surprised by this. No Way, no. It’s part of the plant, like trust the plant. Trust the plant is literally just a way just to wait. I have all the cards in a row, all the people and players hang out way and then when it shut down, keep waiting, keep waiting, until the lights come back on and then, and then they’re going to come clean you up. Yeah, I would say that’s that’s fair, because during the two thousand and twenty thing, I was mostly interested in finding out what’s actually going on, and we had all kinds of people checking out the empty parking lots, the empty tents. We were watching torquing nurses. We were just noticing the lack of an actual pandemic. Meanwhile, we found this out by investigation. Meanwhile, the queue and honors were saying no, stay home. The lockdown is trump’s way of keeping you safe. Will they get rid of the deep state? And I’m like, well, where are they? where’s the white hats marching down the street getting rid of the bad guys and just it never materialized, but they had people on sheer hope. The mobilized. So I think it was there to nullify the Patriots. Yeah, just to keep him in their box. And they’re a little like echo chamber of a q a on an anonymous person on the Internet that’s like a do good or in the government. It’s like when of the government done good? Aeriod. Good Point, and I happen to think that this channel we were inoculated against it because we had already set the standard that we don’t accept anonymous sources and we started treating every single teleprompter as an anonymous source. So some guy reading the news isn’t necessarily the guy who has the information, and so that level of skepticism and raising our bar that high kind of inoculated us against falling for this hope that this anonymous voice wasn’t working for the other side. Well said. Anyway, I appreciate the call very much and yeah, call back anytime. We do this nightly open phones. And Yeah, I want to get that Charles Manson interviewer. I want to look that up I get home. But yeah, okay, great, we’re doing the good word. Yes, we’re doing a lot of stuff on Charles Manson, so anything you took up will be appreciated. Oh Yeah, I definitely think George Bush played him in one of the one of those roles. I think they kind of take turn, they just like switch faces around, and Yah’ll speak on that, because you must make on that, because there is something to that. All right, appreciate the call. Have a great night. I think them. Okay, so we were last night. We were listening last night we were listening to George W Bush and comparing him to Charles Manson, and it sounds the exact same. And people pointed out that the Tattoo seems to move. It seems like a different actor. It’d been playing am at different times, so you know it. I considered, well, maybe this is what the deal is. If you’ve seen the movie the village, this will all make perfect sense to you. In the movie the village you have a commune, which is what the village is, and in this amish style community you have these people who are living off the grid and they don’t know it’s the twenty century. Well, their children don’t. The elders, and notice the name elders L it’s the Saturnian cult that runs this place. The elders keep the children from leaving the village by convincing them that outside of the village you have monsters, so they don’t go outside the village anyway. Spoiler alert, the ones you see through their fear Matrix escape. One of them is the village idiot and he’s amused by the propaganda because they do drills, they do lockdown drills, or they have to hide in the basements and the monsters come kick the doors, just like they do in the schools. With a bowl cut shooter rattles the doors. Well, the ones you see through it. The village idiot entertained, the blind one. She can’t see, so she’s not terrified by these supposed monsters, and the other guy’s a critical thinker. So they are the ones who kind of escape the village. And it’s all based on fear. But anyway, there are monsters in the woods and the monsters are the elders wearing costumes. So the elders pass on these costumes like it’s like a tradition. So now they have to find out whom, on the next generation are going to put on the monster costumes and continue the charade. So they had to pass the charade on. Of course, the character play by Jocum Phoenix and the other one had to decide, are we going to continue to maintain the charade or are we going to exit? Because once you know about it, you can’t stay unless you’re complicit. It also has an interesting garden of Eden Tie in, because they’re warned not to go where the forbidden color is, because they’ve surrounded the village with bushes that have red berries. So red is the forbidden color and if you go through that you’ll find your way out of the habitat that they’re in. So the interesting connection there is the red pills. Red Pills get you out of the village. Red Pills are forbidden, the forbidden fruit, the Garden of Eden with the elohem instead of the elders. And once you know that it’s all a hoax, you can’t be enslaved, so you have to go. So they’re kind of cast out of Eden. So this sort of another context here. You can look at it from the perspective of enslavement by ignorance and overcoming through rebellion, or you could look at it as some sort of like I’ve been saying, how the media maintains control and order through systematic fear. Fears about global warming, fears about nuclear holocaust, these are all things that are there, I think, to kind of set the parameters. So instead of being afraid of monsters in the woods, they’ve given you a lot of different things to be afraid of. I’m going through your comments. Phones are still open. Eight three, three, three, one, one, nineteen eighty four. Jordan says they’re priming the minds to blame Russia for a cyber attack. Yes, cyber polygone, it’s en route. It’s predictable and of course it’s you know, it’s probably a here’s a thing. It’s probably a certainty. It’s a certainty, and that’s why they have to get this narrative out there, because if everything goes down, they don’t want you to ask questions. They want you to say, Oh, is the Russians? You’ll kind of like after eleven. Oh, obviously it was a Psama bin Laden. So the fact that they put it out there, yeah, they’re giving you this is the scapegoat story. This is the patsy shame full says. What about the opening to Superman nineteen seventy eight, where they show a terrarium on a giant Ice Planet? Haven’t seen it? Let me play this. This is climate change lockdowns. Played this a couple days ago. This is a tweet by allergic to bullshit. No vehicles, no red meat, no oil, no economy. No economy is the main thing here. You know, I think they were kind of habituating us to this already with the way that they allowed you to shop during the pandemic, where it was only going down the aisle. One Way. Remember that? The stickers on the floor, or have you already forgotten? I mean a lot of this stuff people forget and that’s why this stuff continues be perpetuates. It’s like Dorothy and Westworld. You you got to break the cycle by maintaining a continuity of awareness that there is a cycle, and they kind of bombard you with so many different things that it’s easy to kind of forget. But my point is the arrows on the floor were to keep you going one way, to reduce the shopping, because what is shopping? Shopping is choosing, selecting from options. Options equals freedom, means free market. It means a lot of people are competing for your money. People are profiting off of this marketing and you, as a consumer, you decide who wins who loses. They want to remove you from that process. So now you just get what’s there on the shelf and you go down the aisle. No longer are you shopping, you just getting supplies coming from one place, your ai over Lord, which will decide in advance how many calories you need based on what it knows about you, because it knows everything about you. It’s this smart system anyway, let me play this. This is a hint about the future. BMW VRON BP, Dow du Paon Google Ivm Ikea how logs nicely, proctor and gamble. It just keeps going. This was published way back in October two thousand and twenty, so it’s not even a new thing. There’s a in the near future the world may need to resort to lockdowns again, this time to tackle a climate emergency. Way, how could the climate create an emergency that we need a lockdown to solve? Who Cares? They say under a climate lockdown, governments would limit private vehicle use, band the consumption of red meat and impose extreme energy saving measures fossil fuel companies. Would happen now? Is Human MEAT CONSIDERED TO BE RED MEAT? What do they call human meat? Because they say red meat. They didn’t just say meat. Band the consumer, I guess. I guess you could probably fine tune that and maybe they say maybe you can have a maybe just not steak, poultry fish. But I’m thinking here. I think they’re acclimating us this idea that synthetic meat is the way to go, that red meat might just mean meat from an actual animal. I think that’s code and they sets where it’s headed. We talked about Utopia and the bill gates like character who was creating the synthetic meat. And again on the left here’s the Bill Gates Villain I referenced a minute ago. I alluded to this. The New Batman movie has a Bill Gates Villain. Same Person, Kyoto Smoking Mirror, says checking at checking in. Hey, thanks for joining. By the way, if you got the newsletter for three two, two, two to happy anniversary Georgia guidestones, the meme on the cover was stolen from Kyoto smoke and mirror, skull and bones. Happy Forty Two Georgia guidestones day. Again. It’s sort of a holiday for the skull and Bone Society. That’s why been saying happy Georgia guidestones day. They haven’t been any big psyops yet, but the still a few hours left. Or maybe they’re just not going to be as o obvious as they used to. In fact, Zach Hubbard had been talking about this a little while ago. He’s done some real on the grounds investigation and one of the things he had done is he’d gone to this college where there was a shooting, because it was three hundred twenty two days after another major psyop or something, and he said it’s getting so obvious they’re not going to do anything on this. And I’ve heard another people, a couple other people, say something similar, like are they adapting? I mean how many times as have they changed the ages of people mid story because it becomes too obvious? This happened with the Chadwick Boseman dying at forty two, then it became forty three all of a sudden because it gave away his connection to Jackie Robinson, the movie about Jackie Robinson and the bigger PSI off going on at the time. By the way, speaking of that number, forty two, this is the forty two anniversary of the Georgia guidestones. Also, I’m today I received my three hundred and twenty two cup of coffee. Listeners have supported infinite plane radio with the equivalent of three hundred and twenty two cups of coffee so far. So appreciate that. All right, let’s see here. Shameful says we know how to preform cold fusion in certain community, so energy won’t be a problem. You should look into mud fossils and the works of Velakovski. Okay, I’m very interested. If you want to send me any links, post them here, email me to mosman double a seven at Gmailcom, tweet them at me, drop them in discord. Happy to go over it. The mud flood topic, I mean it’s a very interesting topic. It goes on a lot of different directions. It’s not one of these things that you believe in or don’t believe in. To me, it’s about considering the evidence. It’s always interesting to do what I would call a retro autohoaxing, and what I mean by that is not assuming that everything that is set in stone has been thoroughly vetted and it’s trustworthy. Where you can pick up a history book and use it as an argument from authority. So it is written. No, you can’t, any more than you can pick up a newspaper from last week, all the La Times from September of two thousand and one. So it is written. No, sorry, doesn’t work that way. If you look at the screen, you can see Albert Einstein giving or receiving a masonic handshake from what appears to be a judge. Not sure what the situation is. Somebody in black, some member of the Church of Saturn, the cult that runs this place. Again, you note the thumb. It’s not a handshake, it’s a grip and it’s hidden from the public by the letter there. They’re kind of concealing it, but you can see he’s pushing the third knuckle. You can look at the masonic grips as like a key in a lock, pressing the right tumblers. So it’s not about a shake of it’s a grip. It’s kind of like a security clearns. So you can see by that picture that Einstein had at least a third degree master Mason security clearance. Here’s another picture of him laughing it up with some of his brothers from their lodge or whatever. More of this same exact style, a handshake or grip rather another one. Here again you can find lots of these. He earned his graduate degree in astronomy from University of Cambridge in England, went to Boston, spent a year at Harvard at the College Observatory before earning his doctorate at Mt. we’re looking at a Catholic priests and father of the Big Bang, Mon Son, Your Mon Senior George. This is the guy who supposedly worked with Einstein. My point being we’re just saying these handshakes. They kind of tell a story here. Who’s in the club? I’ve got a meme here. We’ve been bringing good memes to life. One of the things we do at the discord server with South Pole is we take memes and we bring them to life. So here is a meme I found of your average. I stand with Ukraine NPC, so let me go ahead and just hit play for you. I have depression, anxiety disorder and I’m confused about what gender I I’m emploating in series dead. I waste all my money on wet and Star Wars, memory being, I have almost no one bolsk control. I haven’t learned how to put the cheat of bag down now here. is how I’d like to defeat Russia. All right, sums it up. So, if you didn’t understand all of that, basically he lifts, he rattles off everything. That should disqualify him from consideration when we’re trying to find somebody to tell us how to deal with Russia. But you know, these are the same ones who would look. I have depression, anxiety disorder, I’m confused about gender, I am unemployed, serious debt. I waste my money on weed, and Star Wars Memorabilia. I have no impulse control and I haven’t learned how to put the Cheetos bag down now here’s how I would defeat Russia, and they say it with a straight face every single time. A couple more things I want to bring up here. Another meme that we’ve brought to life. This one is NPC killer if in a plane radio. Hey, Tim, Hey, what’s up? Hey, what’s up? called. Yes, we are alive. What’s on your mind? Hey, Jack Burn thirty three. It’s going on. Just going through. Jack Burton, dirty three, Jack, Jack Bertin thirty three. Awesome, good to hear from you. Yeah, yeah, a problem. Well, I was wanting to call you. Go ahead, go ahead. It’s forty two anniversary of Georgia guidestones. It’s the main topic. But yeah, what were you calling on? I’m just going to well, I was going to mention the restless fair that called in the one of the callers said that she was more accurate than ninety nine percent. I’m going to go a hundred percent. I can’t meet anybody that’s on the level that we are that listen to the show and you know that are in the chat constantly. It’s ridiculous. Yes, and you referring to her at all. About yeah, about dating normies, or how do you do? You want to draw a line? Don’t date normies, you know. Yes, I don’t tell her that. Go ahead. I can kind of understand like the reticence. They’re like, why would you date someone who is very religious? If you were an atheist, and if you look at the media today as becoming the State Church, you are kind of looking at a whole lot of people who are more or less religious and if you’re kind of a reverent yeah, it does kind of create friction. It does. Yeah, you can’t have anything in common, you know, and certain topics, you know, normies will kind of meet you halfway or kind of agree with you that. There’s most of the stuff, like when I talk to people that are normies but death faking, they they just they look at me and run away. I mean I’ve even had, you know, some talk about flat earth and about, you know, how there’s no curve and and they’ll kind of like look, you know, look into it or think about it. But you start saying like the death saking stuff, that freaks people out. Man. Oh Yeah, I’ve noticed that one hundred percent. It does. And deep faking. You know, you could talk about deep faking. They’ll say, yeah, I saw that team where you can’t tell if it’s Tom Cruise or someone else. But tell them that they’ve been deep taking for forty years and they can’t. It’s a it’s a requires a paradigm shift, it really does. And Yeah, even ones that I know that we’re like drinking the claid, you know, and CGI you know, Joe and stuff like that. And and you’son Cooper, you know, fading in, it out, fading in about. You know they’ll see that. But then you’ll say, hey, you know Soandso’s playing so and so, this is their mask and this is their alternate personality, and they freak out. They can’t take it. They never can, never a hundred percent. It’s the weirdest thing, man, well and so strange. And most of their TV shows and movies, these actors play multiple roles, dawn masks, they’re in like they’re playing like six characters and they look legit and they still just can’t grasp it right world, the technologies in front of their faces, and so they watch the most mind blowing graphics science fiction. Yep, you know, miraculous feats of technology and you’re like, I think they’re fake in the space station with green screen and harnesses, and they’re like no way, no way, they could do that now, because if for them to make that leap and leave their their paradigm there there, their foundation of sanity, they would have to first build up that reality of okay, I’m going to look at the you know, you’re going to build it like minecraft, like the flat of like how does it work? How do you know? How does it operate? Before you can leave the the curvet island? You know you can’t. You can’t make that leap. So I mean they’ll listen and kind of like, Oh, yeah, it’s pretty cool, yeah, you got a point, but they’re never just going to make that leap and jump. I don’t know what sparks the you know, I don’t know what really sparked me in the looking into it. I saw it on my on my youtube feed, like he was come on the sidebar and I was like man, that’s so stupid and I looked into it and was like holy crap, Shit makes sense. It’s fascinating. How many Momon you know, look, how many movies where you have a character who surrounded by complicit liars or people who are just programs, like Truman in the Matrix or Truman in his Truman show, neo in the Matrix, Dolores and west world, all these. I reference these characters because I think these are also sort of like sort of a metaphor for how, you know, the average person is in the world of hypermediation and it’s like, I kind of think they’re telling us to our faces that were kind of caught up in some kind of mental prison. And you know, it’s not far fetched when you look at the structure of a doomsday cult, and I would I would contend that we are in a global doomsday cult where they convince most people that the world’s going to end. And that changes the dynamics because now you have the group huddling beneath a leader who’s a miss leader. So once you have that fear dynamic, it changes everything absolutely. Yeah, I guess. It shuts down your rational thinking. Yeah, your controllable, your mouth, yeah, exactly, you know. And going back to the deathsaking, I would sit people down and I would start with like the basics, like the Alex Jones, Bill Hicks to me, odd his video on that. I start them out with that. It’s dude, it’s so obvious. And then, you know, moving into like Ron Goldman and Gavin noose because you know, Gavin newsom’s relevant for the past two years of, you know, harass in the Californians. But they don’t they they just don’t get it. They that is such a massive leap. I’ve noticed that one hundred percent. And the one thing that drives me like nails on the talk board, when I when I talk to people, is the whole thing about like, nobody died at these some of these most of these events. It’s like they it’s like you said, they want it. It’s like hey, that’s bad news. Like no, it’s good news, this is good news that nobody died and here’s the proof. And they just freaked out. Yeah, what we’re saying here is that they’re using high tech propaganda and they fake death tolls and you tell people this and you think they would say, Oh, thank God, I thought fifty people got shot. I know. Instead they say, how dare you? How dare you? What about their families? And it’s like, you know, I just gave you enough information and you’re choosing to go with a darker narrative. But yeah, and and I’ve even I’ve even had a few good no, I mean it’s strange, though. It’s like sorry, but like I want to be in the place where I want to know the truth, and if the truth is that nobody died, I want to know. I’m not going to fight some well over it. What. Well, what it is is because they their new source is now a bunch of liars. And see that that brings that opens up pendlora’s box. So like, oh, so you’re telling me that the news is lined to me. You exactly. And See, that’s where they freak out. I mean, even though it’s a good news like hey, nobody died. As any hook there they’re like, well, that’s not what was aired on the air waves for, you know, six months straight. So there’s something obviously sinister going on. I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to make that leave. I want to stay in my Lello land. You know, it’s strange, man, it really is. It’s like saying and nukes aren’t real. You know, saying that nukes aren’t real should be good news. Yeah, but it that’s what really holds a lot of this whole story together. It’s just too big of a piece of the puzzle. I have a background. I was I was ex military. I didn’t want to go to college so I went in the military. I do have I do have a little bit of insight on the clear weapons. I used to work around. I was actually stationed at Kirtland, so I know all about Albuquerque. I was there when midnight Rodeo and knockout and Ted’s north and style. That’s usually where I stayed on my off days on and I try to date girls that live in Rio Rancho. Okay, okay, so, but for last him. Okay, so I think I know you’re talking about now. Midnight. Yeah, I was. Space is like this is the yes where a lot of the UFO conspiracy theories started, because people saw stuff outside of Curtland and Curtland sent its special agents to infiltrate individual conspiracy theorists and feed them misinformation about aliens from Venus and stuff. So, yeah, you’ve been there. Interesting. Yeah, I don’t see. Here’s the thing. I don’t you would have two people that would do that. Public Affairs would never do that. In my mind, they really wouldn’t. Osi, which is kind of like a CID, which like the army’s equivalent. It’s like your special investigation for Military Police. I really don’t see them doing that, going off base and saying that to a civilian. It sounds like something above curtland and my home opinion. And as far as like going in Manzanna, I’ve watched the youtube videos about Mazana Mountain. Yeah, it’s hollow. Yeah, I been in it. It’s where they used to store a bunch of stuff and then they changed it. They went down in the valley and went to comb sick and what so disturbing about that? I’ve heard it. I’ve heard of this when I was like, I heard rumors. Yes, those mountains were hollow and that they’re full of yes, miss and I so. I can see them from where I live, and so you’re saying more for me that. Yeah, you’ve heard or experience something to that effect. Yeah, I mean there’s there’s nothing in them. Dooe owns it. You can go in it, you can go up and put the little you know and drive in it. It’s it’s got the Cold War paint, like the lime color paint, the droplights, the diesel generators is empty under so many videos about it and it’s like, you know, here’s something funny too. When I left my first base, they gave me a briefing. They’re like hey, you can’t talk about and I won’t talk about the security features because I’m smu going to talk about that. But they were. They gave me something called the Tom Clancy briefing. I cannot make this up because we joke about remember the astronaut reading the Damn Tom Clancy novel? Yeah, taking something called like yeah, every scio, Theo’s thsted. Yes, and they said, hey, you know, tom clancey’s guilty of spread, and I’m like, well, go get him, like you’re telling me, like I don’t say anything and I won’t. But it’s like Tom Clancy writes books and makes movies and it’s all good. It’s like back then, out of the sleep. I didn’t know, but it’s like, dude, that’s that. Dudes definitely right in the metascript. You know, he’s like you know I’m saying, he’s like all of the sty eleven. Yeah, they give you action and of course. Yeah. So now Frank Culberson was on the ISS and he said he watched kind of even happened from above while he had the audiobook of a Tom Clancy. So yeah, that’s funny, the Tom Clancy briefing. But here’s here’s what always now this is bad, when I was definitely in my rearly twenties and definitely asleep, but I remember watching videos and they would have like a Vanderberg missile launch and it would be like legit, like the camera was there. You see the blimp taken off. But here’s what struck me as odd is every time it would get it would go into cartoon space, and I remember asking my stories. I was like, Hey, why, why don’t? Why does it always cut the car team? And herebody’s like shut up, shut up, you know, but I’m like, I noticed that, I picked up on it. I’ll still asleep. I didn’t figure it out. I didn’t know space was fake, but they really would do animations. And then I was thinking, like all the technology is old, you know, it’s mostly S. Yeah, gets it gets moded and it gets taken care of and there’s preventive maintenance on it, but you know, it’s like does it work? Because it’s like we don’t. What proof do we have with animation videos? Yes, and all the stuff that they did, even and you know what I mean. Go ahead. No, this is a good point, because I was in NBC. So my training was six months of being inundated with videos about how terrible nukes were and fall out and buy a warfare and chemical warfare. And I think now that the real purpose to having these units, in these soldiers, in this equipment is to maintain the fear, just like in the village. They have to have the monster costumes. I don’t even know if these things happen to be functional to serve that purpose. I don’t think so. You know, I think what the biggest threat is your airborne inhalation threat. If I’m telling you, if they did put some type of like Du or something, or some type of weird metal and it powdered and you ingested it, then inhalation is real. It’s not a that’s that’s legit. It’s like when you walk down impact ranges that have been straped with like DU rounds from the Air Force, like thirty millimeter, and you go in there and disturb the layer of dust, that inhalation will will affect your lungs, it will make you sick, it will cause cancers. I do believe that. I don’t think that’s conspiracy. But as far as like the Sarah Connor on the stance and your skin burns off like in Tito, I think that’s total Hollywood, totally. I don’t I do not see that one bit. I’m glad you brought that up. You know that’s there’s a ton of predictive programming that always points at mostly Seattle, but a lot of it is about this idea of this big terrible nuke coming. We’ve been prepared for it for so long. I mentioned James Cameron in the Terminator. So it’s like this inevitable thing that’s going to through the front us at some point. And just recently they move eighteen hundred Amazon employees out of downtown Seattle because they said crime wave. Yeah, and I think they could probably fake it. They would need to use some kind of more mundane munitions and some CGI enhancements for the TV, but I don’t think it’d be hard to fake a nuke necessarily. I don’t then be hard to fake anything, just knowing what we know. I mean even going back to when do little fire bombs Japan. I mean you would think those guys were pretty legit and you couldn’t psych them out a fake amountain. But I mean, everybody’s in fact out. It’s because it comes from the Position Authority and people submit and we’ve been trained, Kay through twelve and then college to just submit to authority. It doesn’t matter. I agree with you. They’re probably going to do an emp and say your phones down because of this and then show some CGI. That’s good enough. But you know, it’s like I remember when, you know, commander low was talking about his you know, when he was in the Cold War and stuff. Yeah, when I was in and I could physically see it and look at it and sometimes you can’t even tell what it is. I mean it’s real, it’s physical, it’s there. People are working on it. And I made a comment they run convoys in the middle of the US and all they’re doing is just it’s just daytoday operations. It’s nothing sinister. It’s a bunch of people just doing their jobs. And you know, if you see like the blue truck and then like you know, humbies or whatever, it’s they we did it all the time. It’s not a big I think people kind of overreact now because everything so nutty and crazy, but man, they’ve been doing it forever. It’s you know, I’m saying any like Tom clancy their books. They use the entertainment media, they use the books to populate the imagination with scenarios that are actually impossible. So we get six months of training or whatever to learn about this or that threat and how to combat it. Meanwhile you have a lifetime of propaganda to convince you this thing exists in this specific way. And it’s such a consistent pattern. You know. I mean you can Netflix and it shows you what’s going to happen next with regularity. So nukes are apparently on the table next, and that’s the thing. You know. Look, I’m just an average guy. There’s so many people that have been in the military just like me, and you did then there for six years or twenty years. There’s so many people didn’t push through it. It’s compartmentalized. They have terms, like you remember the movie broken Arrow. So Broken Arrow is is actually a term. You just can’t key up on our radio and say hey, man, we lost the nuke. Can’t do that, okay, you have to use like you know terms, and that movie is accurate because when you steal it, it is called a broken error. But they should have changed the movie because once you steal it and then use it on, you know, like another person or like use it domestically, it turns into the term nuke flash. So they should have changed the movie title. Yeah, it starts out of broken error. Yeah, they have times like doll Ford been be yeah, they have like yeah, they have terminology. You probably know an Mpz, like you just can’t say stuff over the radio. They have to you know, but it’s like, I know, general stuff like that. There should be so many Americans that know that. There should. So. They’re so many people that get goes through the military. They should know that. I don’t want nobody calls in. Let me bring this one up. The the idea to okay, so like eleven. You know, you look at the twenty dollar bill folded up, it looks like the twin towers burning. Yep, it’s been pointed out that the hundred dollar bill looks like a space needle with like a burst above it, like an IMP verse. So you’d be much easier to do a high altitude fake nuke, because then you don’t have to explain the lack of the spectacular thing on the ground. And then you have a wider radius of EMP. So you have this emp burst. It goes wider, goes farther, because the things higher up. And so I’m kind of expecting there to be some kind of blackout in the Pacific Northwest. That’s kind of what I’m expecting. Yeah, and I don’t have my hopes up for spectacular graphics. I mean what a letdown covid was and look how we just shut everything down with very little visual effens. But I don’t think an emp, I don’t think a blackout would last very long, because that’s their control mechanism. So with the longer you get to think, in my mind, the longer they black out, the more people are going to wake up and go, what are we doing? What have we been doing? Oh yeah, as long as they’re hope to the divice, you know. Yeah, it would be a limited for sure. Yeah, because they need to reapply the brainwashing. And this is kind of why I said earlier early. This is why I said earlier that Biden emphasized that Russias about to do some kind of revenge cyber attack. Why would he put it out there in uncertain terms that rush is about to do it? I think it’s because something’s going to go down and they want to make sure that we all have the right interpretation. Yeah, I mean, I mean, wow, we privy to that information. That’s so, we did. It’s such ridiculous show right now. It’s like why would you tell your adversary, like if you’re locked in a battle, why would you? Why would you? You know, Televis your move or you know, I’m saying like wow, would you do? That’s so, that’s so stupid. Boy, it’s been the military, like what the Hell? You don’t do that? Yes, clearly. Yeah, like, yeah, why are we getting weapons on that? Yeah, we’re being told you what to expected, and it’s, you know, to me I look at it as they’re all same team behind the curtain and they’re fighting for our benefit and it’s it’s such a clown show. But you know, you started the call about not normies and stuff, and what I say these days is we’re not conspiracy theorists here. We are doing advanced media criticism as critical conservers of information. So we’re just gaining situational awareness by studying all the available information. So it’s not even conspiracy theory and the socalled normies their moral high ground or intellectual highground is false. All they know is what they’ve been told. So I’m going to continue, yeah, you know, to dissect news on this level and continue to raise questions and not believe something without an attendant burden of proof. But, you know, as someone is working around nukes, you are convinced that they could indeed simulate it fake it. Yeah, I think they could simulate it. And I and as far as like what would be like a legitimate thing that would come off of it, I would say like inhalation of some type of aluminum or do you or something like that. I mean that that’s been normally do things. Okay, so they say, like there was a nuke and there’s fallout, you have to wear a mask. You think that could be a like they could have a lockdown. You think you must lock down because of fallout, because one of the things that we I was when I was in the army or it was about decontamination, and one of the things that you were things you could do is spread it around unless it’s been decontaminated. So they could use that as another lockdown mechanism, just like with the exactly I went to Korea and I did my anthrax and I did my MBC and I will sucked rubber for a whole year. So we had the bleached buckets, some nontape. We did all that, man and like we were talking about early on Covid of like Tim spotel on, like if this was real, they we wouldn’t be doing eat like you said, car washes would be full operation. You know, it was so evident at first. They come on, people are not going to be behind this. We’re all the people who have served are like, oh, this is bullshit. You know what I mean? Like we even in the in the military, when we were just going through the motions and doing, you know, training and stuff, was way more intricate than this is supposed to be real world.

Oh, at a minimum, at a minimum. Look, okay, so the world’s going to end. It’s a critical problem. So we all have blue buckets and put our recycles in. Well, if the world’s going to end, because covid where’s the red buckets? You did? You tell me they couldn’t put red buckets for PP. That was my first red flag exactly, because I used to dispose of, yeah, medical waste as sort of a side thing when I was doing some work, you know, just so you know, you can’t throw away medical waste in the same place where we throw away municipal trash. You GET EPA, finds the danger of transferring bloodborn path the GIN’s etc. So somebody’s mask with some kind of contagious thing that they say could kill you. Yeah, that should go in a red bag. And No, it just goes out of the right not truck. I use that too. Yeah, I use the except same thing you were saying. I’ve used all that and they just that get this blank stare like, Oh shit, it’s a good point. It’s just everybody’s going through emotions. Man, it’s a Lart. It’s an actual Lart, but the normies don’t want to call it a lart because it terrifies them to know that life is a Lart and that, you know, they’re the people who they look up to you to get their information from. Are Pretty Nutty and I think that that scares them to that. I think it what it is, a comfortable lies versus uncomfortable truth. I mean it’s yes, you know, yeah, exactly, you know I mean I’m saying. I mean on this channel it’s like we’re comfortable with question marks rather than accepting false explanations. False explanations are all they have and that can keep you in a very small, safe, comfortable echo chamber. Yeah, I mean the people who listen to this channel and get I’m not really a digital guy, I don’t have a digital footprint, but I’ve been in a chat for but you know, like, Hey man, we are the tip of the spear. I mean it’s like Verra and Lakitty. Need to stop the bickering. I mean stop at Y’all, make up, because listen, it’s like restlesspare calling in. Ninety nine percent know we’re a hundred percent smarter than everybody out there. I’ve never encountered anybody, anybody that listens to the channel in my area, but I’ve had dialog with or talked about things. Dude, it’s kind of frightening. It’s like who are we? You know what I mean, and hey, you’re leading the way to your us is a tip of the Meta, script of the beach, tip of the beak because the Penguin Mosca motto, or Master Rather, that’s but tip of the beak because the penguins at the very end edge, the fringe, the bottom of the ball, whatever it is, and if it’s looking a hundred and eighty degrees from center, then the furthest extreme you could go would technically be the tip of that Penguin’s beak. Yeah, and they’re all wearing tuxedos. Yeah, we need some type of pain when handshake or some tot of blue ranch tattooed, or we could spot a person, you know, we kind of do like a wrench handshake. They might ever have a maidens are always thrown a little. Yeah, actually, seriously, for some time I was getting a lot of wrenches, like blue wrenches, sent to me, mostly anonymously. I have a collection of big pluy wrenches, like if I needed, if I needed to have a mob go out with yeah, we got the wrenches to do the damage or take apart something. Yeah, or if you have your you had your media team go out, like if they had a microphone, and I was they probably wouldn’t it as like a camera, but they could have like a blue rinch microphones, like Oh, that’s that’s IPS right there. It’s in a plane, but the blue rinch man. Yeah, yeah, I see. We got the press passes. We have our media yeall over the place, but that would be an actual stylistic upgrade, some kind of stylized blue wrench mic like the icon I was creating. I have a reporter Penguin. I’m on. Good idea. It kind of looks like a Biden. What do you call it at what do you what is the that? Not to try it? Yes, the bide it. It does the yeah, looks like a bite it. Yeah. Yeah, I saw that. My looks like Pluto’s bite. It’s yeah, awesome blue. Yeah, appreciate the call very much and and definitely we are, yeah, man, onto something here, tip of the spear advanced media criticism, and absolutely so. We’re going to keep this going and you know, thanks to people like you and everyone else in the chat just keeps the conversation going. It’s a known I mean off here to yeah, I thinks Tekma. Call to him. He keep up a good work, man. I appreciate it, man, awesome. Thanks.

Have a great night. All right, excellent. Appreciate the call very much and I’m going to have to take a closer look at the nearby Manzano Mountains, which are likely hollow. Let me play this clip here. This is NPC killer, another one of these memes we brought to life. This one, I believe, is what that Damn I’m film, mask, mask, dy. When I tear off your mask, you die. And this is from a meme where you have an individual asking NPC, if I take off your mask, will you die, and his answer is yes. Of course that didn’t happen, but a lot of them believed it. They really believed it. It’d be like literally just taken off their immune system. You just took off my immune system. I’d be walking down the street, I’d see masks on the ground and I’ll be looking for bodies. I’m like, there’s no way somebody lived and made it more than fifty yards from where they drop their mask. The body should be close by and I looked and I never saw them. It’s almost like it was just a security blanket, a security dirty sock for the face. Yeah, dirty sock in your face will protect you from the devil. All right, again, thanks to the callers. Appreciate the chat. We’re back to the seven stream. Yesterday I give a shout out to Russian vids, who purportedly changed his name from Russian vids to RV truth in solidarity with Ukraine. Apparently that’s just a meme, doesn’t mean it’s true. So just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it’s real. Just because it’s a meme doesn’t mean it’s true. Anyway, I’m going to turn it back over to the seven get on the tech message alerts and the newsletter. So if you miss this it’s going to replay on the other channel, probably not too far in the future, maybe a couple hours from now. But we are keeping the two seven up. I’m uploading a lot of music and other things as well as the archives. So if you want to stick around again, we’re going to be probably live in the morning. This is the forty two anniversary of the Georgia guidestones. We were kind of expecting something just given the date. Three, two, two, forty two anniversary doesn’t mean that something hasn’t happened. We just haven’t been privy to it. If it has. Anybody hears anything, hit me up and discord and if it’s big enough and we’re talking about we will discuss it live. Anyway, thanks for joining. This is chief crow and the flat earthworms, auto hoax. Put a link to the track below. It’s on band camp so you can download it plant while you drive. It cures road range fece. You just inch. You know I ain’t got another crisis actor or party my body tell the Communications Act of one thousand nine hundred and ninety six sa feel to your eyes and circul he’s just another bad joke. You can be DOT boky like I don’t believe everything, like a new that you and my tree. You know I ain’t a crisis actor. You are listening to infinite playing radio. Stick around for live call in shows. Stay for the music and recent replays. Join US at infinity. That plane Dot Lim four hundred and twenty four seven live chat with other

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