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In the opening scene, he defends his girls the way he defended Jada.

Will Smith Apologizes Onstage For Slapping Chris Rock As He Accepts...


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I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping Cuz theyvee that solomite flies auto hoax. You can find all these tracks that infinite plane radio. Thank you for joining it is March twenty seven, two thousand and twenty two and the lead story this evening. And if you look at the screen you can see will smith poking his eyes to summon forth tears. So the lead story is Will Smith Punched Chris Rock over Jada Gi Jane Joke, and I don’t see Gi Jane is a negative character. It’s a favorable comparison. But he went too far. Now is this fake? Is it real? That’s the question. I’m asserting it’s fake based on the surrounding circumstances, presentation and his subsequent speech where he cried. But let’s go and play this first. You just watch it first hand and listening that will form plan. Like please, Lord Jada, I love you, Jane do can’t wait to see it. Now I can understand punching him just for not being funny. These people are paid to be funny. Nothing about this is again, I’m inclined to think the whole thing’s rather hoaxy. But let’s go and watch this and one. Okay, I’m about here. Oh, rich ha ha. There you have it, the punch. Wow, wow, will, it got some. It got muted here. There’s some other clips you can find where it’s not muted. He makes a sarcastic remark about how it’s the best programming on TV. Will Smith says, keep my wife’s name out of your mouth, buck old. Okay, that was a greatest night when history television. Okay, his jaw does look kind of crooked right there. But was this real? Was it fake? Let’s see what anyone here in the chat believe. It’s real. I think someone in the chat was saying there’s no way they could have faked it. There’s no way an award winning actor part of the PSI up entertainment complex could possibly fake a slap. No Way. Next thing you’re going to tell me wrestling’s fake. Well, there’s actually a war going on out there in wherever. I’m suggesting that. Will Smith is a crisis actor. So after this he comes out and gives a speech, and this is key. He gives out a speech and he says art imitates life. I must look like the crazy father Richard Williams, and I’m like, who the hell’s Richard Williams. What is this about? Well, it turns out that was just a way to really tell us the story of what his movies about. It’s really about, seeming based on this and his speech, the movie is seemingly about a very protective father figure having to protect his his girls. And here we have Smith playing this out in real life now at his acceptance speech in front of the Illuminati Pyramids, with his crisis actor tears glinting in the spotlight. He says quote, Art Imitates Life. Ha Ha ha, I look like the crazy father Richard Williams. So he talked about having to quote protect and he used the word protect several times to protect his co star who played the mother of Serena and Venus in the film. So he was protecting her and so he carried this role into this performance in front of everybody. I’m suggesting this is a Scyop to sell the movie, because now I want to go see it if this is the level of acting we’re going to see. I think that’s what we’re supposed to take out of it. But there’s more. I think this also might have some kind of relation to this ongoing war on free speech and jokes aren’t jokes. MEMES are actually bullets. The same people who want your bullets, that want your guns. Yeah, they want your memes. The come in for your memes. And speaking of like I said, we have three channels pulled last night because of our memes. I’m something of a free speech absolutist, though I’m not going to censor anybody. What we’re doing is a form of anthropology, in a way, alien anthropology, examining a world stage which is separate from the world, and so what we’re doing is so academic in my view, just from our perspective, that we shouldn’t be branded as participating in hate speech. We shouldn’t be branded as conspiracy theorists. But anyway, that’s kind of beside the point. They don’t have any way of discerning whether or not you’re bad misinformation or just analyzing the misinformation. And so yes, they pull our channels down, but that’s why you get on the text message alerts. So everyone here who’s on text alerts, you got directed to the newest channel. All right. So my rule basically is these things are fake until proven real. If it’s an extraordinary claim, so is it extraordinary? I would ask that someone gets up on TV and slap somebody and sits back down and doesn’t get arrested and then gets an award for being able to simulate things convincingly in front of an audience. Some comments. Jordan says Willie taking method acting too serious. Right, that’s now again. This there is a plausible story here. You know, his wife being attacked and apparently she was sensitive about her hair. So I did mean her onto Gi Jane. Probably too soon. Hopefully they don’t take down my twitter account over it. Oh, G FEPPE says, stupid ball joke. Shake my head. Chris Rock can insult better than that, and you know it’s to me again. It’s not. It’s not a bad comparison. Gi Jane is not really a it’s not a derogatory association. Flat Bastard says. Cry Sis actor. I tend to say crysis act whore. It makes the point, I think, a little clearer. So again I’m suggesting here, and in his own words, art imitates life, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, that this is him taking his movie character into real life and showing how he will step up and defend in front of everybody. Move over. In discord. Said slightly entertaining for a minute. Every year there’s some contrived argument or whatever, so I guess they had to escalate from words to an assault this year. People are getting desensitized. Reminds me of Kanye walking on stage with Taylor swift and being an ass at the grammys. That was probably staged two. Exactly who here doesn’t think it’s changed, I mean stage? Who here doesn’t think this was premeditated? and His speech that he gave? I don’t know if he was reading it, but I the speech that he gave was clearly connect. It was spoken as though he was a character and I didn’t know who that character was until speech King Richard. The film. He plays Richard Williams, and he said, quote, Art Imitates Life, I look like the crazy father Richard Williams, and he laughs. So there he is on stage scraping out the tears. Any he laughs at his own association with the character he just played. I guess you would call that duper’s delight. But slightly after laughing he goes right back into the sad face, the tragic face. So to me it’s a hundred percent looking contrived. Matt Walsh says pretty sure that any normal human being who walked on stage during an award show and slapped a man in the face in front of thousands of people would be in handcuffs within fifteen seconds of the assault. SIOP SCILL says. At two hundred and nine, the fresh prince says, yeah, he’s going to go back to live with this auntie and uncle and Bel Air. He says, Denzel said to me a few minutes ago, at your highest moment, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you. So he had this prepared speech. It was prepared, he was quoting Denzel and yet it is attached to the supposedly spontaneous thing. And he looked Chris Rock was grinning. He was grinning and I don’t know, is this connected all these comedians being hit on the head falling? I don’t know, but this is another comedian getting hit in the head. So there’s another part of this pattern. You had what she is? You a comedian? Joy Behar will say she’s a comedian, fell and hit her head. Then we had the other one, the VACs hole something. Heather McDonald fell and hit her head. Bob Sagga turned out, fell and hit his head and then he had. You know, just this is just a recurring theme. Now you have Chris Rock getting slapped. So is there a story? Is this connected? Are they trying to kill comedy, like SNL has been doing for decades? But I mean are they trying to maybe even put boundaries on it? Like you know, comedies funny, but funny can also be hate and we can’t have hate. So and look, even Klaus Schwab, our leader, I mean that’s what else I’m going to call him. You know, people seem to respect this guy in his vision, and we’re going towards this reset thing, into the great reset. Well, Klau Schwab is even talking now about the need to do Internet lockdown. Is the equivalent, essentially, of virus or remediation, but for a mind viruses. He says there’s, quote, too much misinformation, too much misinformation. It’s like the movie. Equilibrium is their end goal. So look, I think he earned his Oscar Lady, and says then he won the first Oscar for the character. Exactly. Isn’t this amazing to me? This is the merging of the real and the fake. Stepping off the screen, these are the people who know there’s a backstage, that there is a world stage man aside from us, but the people who are part of it know a couple of other questions about this. Let’s say it’s real, or even if well, look, we know it’s fake, but the masses are going to believe it’s real. So what message are they sending? Free speech, comedy off limits? It sounded fake, but you know, if they really wanted traffic, they could have just had funnier jokes. There’s no reason to had this awkward thing. I’m thinking this is part of them also sending a message. And remember, all these people are all about masks and and triple vaccinations and and social distancing. Where’s all that? So Anyway, will Smith also does not set a great example for scientology. Does that not include anger management courses? You pay for all those courses. And again, would a world class actor be so easily triggered to respond like that if it wasn’t a publicity stunt or a political message? So I’m I’m on team fake. Anyone here think it’s real? Your mom goes to college, says, humiliation, ritual scripted. Yeah, like the black eye club, something like that, Stephen Granger says. Someone make sure Chris Rock doesn’t fall asleep too soon. I see Jordan pointed out there was no foreshadowing. Ratings didn’t go up, only the clips after. Yeah, but my thinking is this might make people want to go see the movie, because I want to go see it now. I would not have known about it otherwise. Yep, so he won an Oscar for the same angry protective character. It’s perfect. And Look, I’m saying it’s fake until proven real. And if your evidence is the TV, then what I would present to you is what you saw on TV, plus the subtext, the mirroring of his movie character. To me that enough is to suggest this thing is part of the PSI up entertainment complex. Then you look at these characters themselves, these entertainers, and is there anything spontaneous that’s not rehearsed? Are they going to let one of their puppets attack another puppet on TV like this? I don’t think so. Jordan says, why not have security tackle for effect? Right, that’s more to me, more of an indication that the whole thing is fake and the joke was boring. It’s just some lame reference to just like you see a bald woman and your association is some to me more movie from decades ago. Like that’s a bizarre association. It’s not a funny joke. It’s Holly Weird. Jennifer lovecraft Reef said, yes, that’s a holly weird joke, and that’s kind of what I’m suggesting. I mean, he probably deserved the slap just for the lame jokes, just another government gesture disguised as a comedian. Okay, from going to open phones. Eight three one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. I believe have a voice mail. Let me go and start with that. got a testify, walk in the spot. Look an extra fly. Till the day I die. I’m a touch this guy. Okay, now I’m going to think some more Kanye. Okay, you ready, ready, up on site, site, let me say you right now, for you give it up. How much do I not give a foot? Let me show you right now, for you give it up. Thank you for listening to my Knye free style session. I will now proceed to do the grape fruit technique. All right, that was a Kanye freestyle session from an anonymous caller. Might have been Kanye fascinating. Thank you. That was an award winning performance right there and that was not staged. I didn’t know that was coming. All right, so we’re discussing the fake event contrived a tuna x twelve put up a pull on twitter. which is more real, and you can answer in the chat below. Which is more real? The Smith Rock at the Oscars, the war in Ukraine or neither? So far, thirty three point three percent find the Smith Rock event convincing. Forty seven percent say neither. So I kind of invalidates it, but anyway, only nineteen percent find the war convincing. So more than yeah, more than a third are more convinced by this than by the Ukraine. Not that they think it’s real. The question is which one is more real. They could both be in most likely our AK AF Maxwell said that sounded like Kanye. I thought so too. I really thought so, even in some of the NU once there. Should I play it again? Is Only it’s just a thirty second. This is a great this is a freestyle performance. Let’s play it again. got of testify. Walk up in the spot, look an extra fly. Till the day I die, I’m a touch this guy. Okay, now I’m going to think some more Kanye. Okay, you ready, ready, pomposite site. Let me say you right now, for you give it up, how much do I not give a foot? Let me show you right now, for you give it up. Thank you for listening to my Knye Freestyle Suession. I will now proceed to do the grape fruit technique. Jared Board says I can’t believe Kanye called IPS. I kind of can, because we’re kind of an open door if you think about it. Seven eight hundred number, no filter. I should put that on the screen right now. Call in, no filter, and the thing is you have plausible deniability. Anybody could call in and say there anybody and even if that is that person, they probably just won’t believe it, which is very it’s kind of weird and ironic that stuff happens. There was a time when it was believed that mark dice was calling in regularly and during one of the calls, just to mess with them, I started talking about Joaquin Phoenix and I said, isn’t it interesting that if River Phoenix didn’t actually die and he came back as mark dice that he is now, and he put him side by side with the joker, like politically on the opposite side of his brother. One’s left, ones right, and I was just kind of pointing out just the irony of it. You got this ubertrump guy and got this far left guy and how they’re on opposite sides and their world stage personas couldn’t be more different. And the more I talked about it, I thought he got kind of uncomfortable and the next day mark dice blocked me. So I’m like, well, this in Mark Dice Call? And if so, why would he be bothered about drawing attention to the River Phoenix Hoax? Jordan says there’s no cops inside the Oscar show. It’s private security detail. Okay, I can see that and I wouldn’t have expected there to be any kind of altercation. They wouldn’t expected it. Kanye was prohibited from going. Now that’s noteworthy. You know, just a couple weeks ago, a last week, the big news was Kanye was no, that was the grammys. But Anyway, drama on a night like this, you know, with everybody be watching on a Sunday night, random, I don’t think so. Slightly entertaining for a minute, as Moose said, and I was looking at the again, you look at the tearful apology and you see a crisis actor and I’m just looking at it as this guy is earning that trophy. He earned that trophy right there in front of all of us, even you haven’t watched the movie. All right, let’s see here. Yeah, it’s a hoax because he’s defending his character. That’s my main point. So if you have anything counter that, my main point is it’s a hoax because it’s mirroring his movie character that he’s winning the award for. Now, the smack could have been real. I’m just saying it’s staged. It doesn’t need to be a fake WWe style slap. We don’t know how much Chris Rocks getting paid to be slapped. Would you let will Smith Slap you in the face on TV for a few million bucks? I bet a lot of you would. And he’s laughing after this and Slomo, let me go and play it. You Watch them both laugh, because this is an act slow motion. It’s clearly a that’s a solid, open fisted slap. Again, the fact the slap could be real does not invalidate the idea that this whole thing is staged. In fact, if I was going to stage something like this, I would insist on a real flap slap. It’s not like he punched him with a close fist. Your mom goes to college, says, a will Smith’s lap is probably like getting smacked by a wet noodle that smells like essential oils. Yeah, that’s another thing to consider too. You know, look who’s doing the slapping. Jordan says, emotional reaction to a wife being ridiculed over. Yeah, hair condition, that is true. But the way you handle that is you just don’t say anything and you let Chris get the flak after. But the idea that he has no control over his emotions just doesn’t really say very much for scientology. She get his money back, I mean, if nothing else, Ericabar says you can make fun of her, but you can sleep with her and have an open marriage. But interesting point there. I guess there is some talk about that, but this joke was really just kind of bland. It wasn’t even personal. He didn’t even go there, and he probably could have, but considering the location the stage. Now we do crisis actor analysis here and when you look at the way people fake like they’re crying, it often does involve physically touching the eyes. That’s often a part of it. And again he was quoted as saying art imitates life. I look like the crazy father Richard Williams. It’s a good thing he didn’t play my Gol Myers from Halloween. You know, argumentates life. Oopsie, like that’s no excuse. Okay, let’s see here. Got A lot of interesting memes to go through. Sec McFarlane said this means he’s moving with his auntie and uncle and Bel Air. Yep. Now I just got something random. I was going through my linkedin and I follow Gary Vyner Chuck Us, this Marketing Guru, and he said no amount of marketing is going to sell a bad product. And my response was vaccines sell well. I just don’t really get his point. I guess, like there’s so much garbage out there that only sells because of good marketing. You use marketing if your product is crap. At least that’s if as I’ve understood it. Oh, by the way, I had to coin a new logical fallacy to start saving time, because it we’ve been going head to head with all these Mandela affected people who don’t want to look at the alternative explanations, and I’ve been called a God blocker, which is a new term to me. I’ve been called a consciousness assassin and a god blocker. And basically what we’re what we’re looking at is a an explanation for confusion, for discrepancies, but an explanation that doesn’t logically follow. It’s Mandela effect is very nonsequitor and you could easily replace Mandela effect with magic and try to convince somebody of it. Oh the reason why you don’t recall this precisely as magic, and you’ll see where it’s actually going. But here’s the thing. I coined argumentum add mendozledom to attribute misspellings, common misperceptions and apparent discrepancies to a supernatural change rather than human error. So if the first thing you do is you reach to supernatural change rather than error, as in you misspelled a word, the dictionary changed magically, it wasn’t you, that’s kind of what I’m suggesting. Is just the IT’S A it’s a fallacy and you’re making an argument from Mendozelum, so I feel free to use it. Save yourself a lot of time. Jared Board says Kanye should call in and do a live performance. We’ve got the thirty some seconds, and why would he be listening to this channel? Maybe because of the Kanye West World Burning Story we’ve been covering, and I’m not sure how that’s going to turn out. I’m still kind of expecting there to be some kind of blow up and we’ll get there some kind of new OJ. Now I said that a few of my channels have been shut down, and so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been going through those channels and capturing comments so I don’t Miss Anything because I won’t be visiting those for a couple of weeks here, two weeks. Three channels all kicked off, and you know what, I’ve noticed? They tend to shut our channels down before big syops. All right, let’s see here, going through my common feed, railer five says Staveley and his buddy clearly looked like they’ve been drinking. Look how flush they were. Staveley’s wavering stance and expressions, plus the yelling. These guys drink and then do their stick. Maybe the alcohol helps them stay in character, as long as they don’t talk too much. Maybe I’m wrong, just an observation. Yeah, some people have been suggesting that the Mandela effect pushers are all government actors. Who are spreading misinformation to discredit the people who notice that the news is fake by distracting him with a shiny new object that says all forget the news. Realities fake. But then they taken it a lot further. You know. It’s almost jonestown level insanity. But we’re not going to talk about that right now. I just brought up the fallacy because it really helps, I think, save time. Here’s the MEME, too soon. Yeah, I did mean before I found any sort of explanation, I did see a mean pop up of of Jada on Gi Jane. I don’t think it’s offensive. Should I delete it? Well, they kill my channel over it. All Right, eight three, three, three one, one, one thousand nineteen eighty four. I put a link to my twitter account, Real Tim Osman. I have these new shirts available on society six. This is a design that was actually created for us by Mick media. Well, not necessarily for us, you could say against us. I was interviewed by a reporter from Mick Media and afterward they put this graphic on the screen and they talked about it and they said you have these people who divide news perceivers into two categories, the auto hoaxers and the auto believers, and it was explaining what we’re always talking about here, that those who accept what they see on the screen at face value are in the TV, they’re in this augmented reality, the world stage, they’re in the SIM and so they put this graphic up that actually has somebody in a TV, which is perfect, and then for the auto hoaxer has the all seeing I. So I didn’t create this graphic, mic media did, and they buried the story, deleted the video, but I kept it. So there’s a link if you want this shirt. It’s very useful. It really is, because you’re either or you’re on one side of this divide or the other. Which side of the green screen are you on? And most people don’t even know how much their reality is really propped up by green screened special effects, deep fakes. And again, deep fakes are nothing new. The types of DEP fakes that they don’t want you to know about, only recently declassified, are the hyper realistic masks that are so really full proof. I mean here’s something to look at, to look at the skin quality. So here you looking at Joe Biden from decades ago, and then here we’re looking at CGI Joe Biden. So when you compare the two, one of the things that I noticed instantly is the skin quality, as in the older Joe Biden it looks like an expensive Halloween mask, but the skin impeccable. I mean it looks Masky, is what I was saying. It looks like this whole thing is just a rubber hood. And then here you have the old Biden, like his skin looks better now than it did then. So the idea that this is some actor, and I would say the skull size is somewhat, well, a whole lot smaller now. Recently I was contacted by a listener who suggested that we may be looking at a hyper realistic silicone mask over the skull of neo, and that’s what we said yesterday. President Neo. He has an interesting explanation for it, and at first glance I can’t help but notice that their eyes are similarly vacant and there skull shapes are very similar. Anyway, all of those shirts that you saw. You can find him on twitter. Yesterday we talked about the supposed death of Taylor Hopkins, another example of the blurring of real and fake. Here you have a movie about a fictional band and the fictional band releases an album in real life on three hundred and twenty five and on that day the drummer dies. Well, in the movie about the fictional band, the drummer dies and he’s killed in order to unleash demons. So the story on this one, if you missed it, foo fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, is passed in studio six hundred and sixty six. The movie he’s killed by David Graul in an effort to create a song that unleashes demons into the world. So there’s even some foreshadowing. The trailer ends with his death and in the beginning he mocks David grawl asking if everybody feels a sense of death. So studio six hund sixty six relates to real life. Seems very, very hoaxy. I think they’re going with the O D angle on that particular death. Real or fake. I’m leaning towards fake. And so we dug a little deeper, because David Garwel, of course, is associated with Kurt Cobain and the twenty seven club. Sigh up there. So in fact I have a few things here. Yere rivers Cuomo, this is kind of just a side note, but there are some who believe that Kurt cobain’s death was faked and he came back as River Quomo, something he could do the rest of his life, and we did find this interesting interview with rivers Quomo and Rick Ruben where they play act as though this is true and they talked about the conspiracy theory where Kurt cobain faked his death and came back as rivers Quomo and they talked about yeah, but I did wear them in the big nirvana video. It was in bloom so it’s just like a little bread crown for people are really paying attention, I guess. foreshadowing. Yeah, you know, I was actually shooting that video. They gave me the whole idea. I was looking back at it I was like, you know what, I look pretty, pretty cool man. This is just like the biggest Fu to what everyone wants from Nirvana. There you have it. There’s Kurt Cobain as rivers Cuomo, talking about why he did it and how he even gave you some foreshadowing. He gave you a hint in the form of music video where he wore the glasses, these trademark glasses. Okay, I have some more information here about Chris Rock and whether he’s going to file a police report. Let’s take a look, and thanks to infinite emperor for posting this link. We have real time, well, what the daily beast called Shit posting into a Bolivion, but we have real time news drops all the time in our discord server. Chris rock declines a file police report after Will Smith Slap at Oscar’s LAPD says. You know, I’m with the commentary who said that a slap from will smith would be like a wet noodle, that it probably wouldn’t have been all that damaging. Little Galaxy Fifty six says, looks as real as the bore at eminem stunt. Let’s see. Going through your comments. Okay, again, phones are open. Eight three, three, three, one, one, one thousand nineteundred and eighty four. David Pryor says, I was a big nirvana and in bloom was a weird video because they acted like a band, like Weezer, so that might have been a tell. Like I kind of think that they were actually telling us the truth. We talk about Nirvana and Weezer now. I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve been told that Nirvana Kurt cobain was called wheezy. Well, his singing style, style was supposedly mocked as wheezy. I don’t know if that’s true. Weeezer Food Fighters Talk Weirdo. Kanye West Justin beaver and Illuminati, secret societies. This is where David grawl says he’s Illuminati by nature. Very strange interview. Here’s David grawl hanging out with the now deceased drummer one, two, hey, come on, high way too. Hell Yeah’s definitely highway to help. Okay, so this is just an interview about music, but they’re talking about the Illuminati here and I’m trust me and I’ll play that clip. And of course the movie they did is about demonic summoning and putting demons into their records, and this is from like four years ago. So this is kind of interesting. Really. was there analys like dare this? It’s start talking about dimension. It’s dimensions, secret societies and human natty. There a rapper name illumin naughty like an a Uge of the RS. And come on, Cololuma, naughty that now they’re going to use. I’m a Lumina, I’m Illuminatty, I’m Illuminatti by nature. So there you have it. Just some weird comments about secret societies, Illuminati, some kind of shout out to drake, Kanye and Justin Beaver, who many believe is the weekend weirdly enough. But there are a number of ways, number of areas with that kind of touches on our bigger discussion, the idea that you have these deep faked celebrities, deep fake politicians. So the idea that Kurt cobain would come back as rivers Cuomo or that Justin beaver has a week end job, a sidekick, it’s not that out of the ordinary. It’s one hundred percent facable, and these are things that we have a great deal of evidence for. Let’s see, Leandon says groll is arrogant and annoying. David Pryor says kurts quote. Death allowed them to form two new bands, s three seven says still s music. Yeah, well, anyway, if you have anything more on that one, the whole studio six hundred and sixty sixth thing, I don’t think I can get myself to watch it. I did look at some of the imagery and I did see a six pointed star, but not the usual six pointed star. It’s the UNICURSAL Hexagram, which you wouldn’t use unless you were deep into Crawley. Let me go and play a scene of will Smith earning his trophy, getting the Academy Award for Slapping Chris Rock, basically getting into the character that he played in that very movie. And here he is talking about it, and notice the hand sign he’s pointing up and he’s in front of the Illuminati pyramids with a little Lucifer or whoever that is, the character in the triangle. I mean to me, this is all just ritual. There’s no way these are spontaneous. Again, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, but let’s listen to a speech, because you’re going to see some dooper’s delight, you’re going to see some, I think, mockery and I think there’s even a tell when he says that art imitates life and the way he says it and again, scientology. I can’t really separate that from L run hovered and the entire space program the entire world view that we have, you know, is predicated on the world being what it is, a ball in space, and the space religion is a big part of this and I think l run HOVERARD’s role with Jack Parsons in Scientology, and then Marjorie Cameron is very significant, she being an actress. So it’s always been about the installation of a new religion, and religions all need their pageantry and that’s what the celebrities do in the system. They serve as the the idols. Okay, well, I’m going to play this extept and speech. will go ahead and go through it. Now they start off acting like nothing happened. Now he’s not crying, he’s not upset. He said plenty of time to cool down. He should be thankful that nobody cuffed him. He’s laughing, laughing, laughing. Okay, get ready, put on the tragedy mask man Richard Williams, with a fierce defender of his family. So he starts off. Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family, just like me when I went up and I punched Chris Rock. So just hearing that that he starts off. Excuse me for losing my cool. No, he starts off with my character that I just play, that I’m witness and ward for would have done what I just did in this time in my life. In this moment I am overwhelmed by what God is calling on me to do and be in his world making this film. I got to protect. Aren’t new, Elison, there’s a word protect again. Again he’s talking about it. To protect, you have to take abuse, you have to be able to have people talk crazy about you, you have to have people disrespect you and pretend it’s okay. So then, right after this, he recites a quote from Denzel Washington, suggesting to me that this is all contrived. Leaving Sin Sarina, I’m being called on in my life to love people and to protect people and to be a Ribert to my people. Okay, there’s the tears. Now you might think those are real. Maybe I think so. When he’s a trophy award winning actor, the slap could have been real. But this is, to me, method acting, and he just did so something very you know, I imagine there might be some kind of a droned Russian a minimum even doing a big hoax like this. But again he wants to apologize. Now he doesn’t apologize to Chris Rock from what I can see. But I want to get to the part where he talks about art imitating life. I know. To do what we do, you got to be able to take abuse. You got to be able to have people talk crazy about you in this business. You got to be able to have people disrespecting you. I gotta smiling up pretend like that’s okay. Richard Williams and what I love than could be. Then I’ll said to me a few minutes ago, he said at your how is moment, be careful. That’s when the deuble coup. Okay. So there you have it again, talking about Richard Williams, like, what does it have to do with you just assaulting somebody on TV? So it doesn’t really follow. I want to be a vessel for love. I want to say thank you to Venus and so now I can see the method acting. I don’t think this is real. If you do, well, you know, I guess he wins this trophy. But again I think it’s more method acting than anything. And the tie INS, the way he’s tying in this assault to the movie and to the character. No Way, no way, this can be real. That’s what I want to do. I want to be an ambassador of that kind of love and care and concern. Now, if that’s love, I don’t really want any of it, you can keep it. If your idea of love is slapping people in the phase. I want to apologize to the academy. I’m apologize to my phone, my fellow not a knees. This is a beautiful moment and I’m not, I’m not. I’m not crying for winning an award. It’s not. It’s not about winning an award of me. It’s about being able to shine light on all the people, Tim and and trap. Thanks for the shoutout. Now listen to this. Okay, this is the part that I’m looking for, where he says that this is an art follows life moment. and to me that would be the big giveaway that you’re looking at a staged for a staged event is when the actor refers to it as stage or unreal or something like a movie. And for him to say this is an art follows life moment, like yeah, that’s typical of a of a sy up. And then there is a dooper’s delight that I caught as well. Going through some comments here. David says he can probably make himself cry. Lean said high emotion at the moment, can channel it into tears. Three seven says looks like a breakdown to me. Interesting. Yeah, again, just the way that he was able to parallel with the movie. It sounds like a really clever way to actually sell the movie going. Get back to this for just a moment, just less than a minute left of this entire speech. I wanted to skip over the boring part and I couldn’t quite tell when the tears started. I mean, it looks suspiciously to me like he was at dragging the tears out of his eyeballs with his finger, and and Trevor and Zach and so Nya and Demi and, as you new, in the entire cast. Anyway, all of his enablers are applauding his assault. Nobody has stepped in to suggest to him that he almost got himself thrown into jail. Okay, we have a few people who are convinced that this is an authentic breakdown, and this is great. I mean, this is what we have to do. We have to be critical and if it’s convincing, it’s convincing. Again, doesn’t mean it wasn’t staged. These people know how to act and I would imagine that a slap in the face is a small price to pay to pull off a stunt like this, and I think this might even have like a here it is. I think this may have a political angle to I think this is also gonna get us to really have a conversation about whether it’s worth it to have unmitigated free speech. Now here he is making a reference to the whole thing being a performance. Art Ema tates life, I look like the crazy father. Looks like they said, the Tire Williams family. Again smiling. Art Emma tates life, I look like the crazy father. Again, Emma tates life. I look like the crazy father. so He’s smiling broadly. Art Imitate it’s life. I look like the crazy father. And then now, mid smile, he goes right back into tragedy face. Both like they said, he pulls a Robbie Parker. I learned about crazy bother and just like they said about Richard William but love will make you do crazy things. Sniffing always helps. And then, of course they’re ready to focus on her. He says love will make you do crazy things and then they focus the camera on the one that he’s defending out of love. So that was a it was a punch done out of love, and they kind of just threw Chris under the bus. He’s a guy out there, the free speech absolutist making jokes. And do they arrest Chris? Had her knitting friend. I haven’t heard from him. I’m starting wonder they did. They throw Chris and jail? Is Chris rock going to serve time for hate speech? Salty Siren says. The emotional crack is there for people to see. I don’t think he actually had a breakdown. Weendian says. Hollywood heartfelt is so cringe. Yeah, this is super cringe, but everybody here’s probably crying. This is fulling people and this is the type of acting that they put on TV to get people to give up their guns, to give up their dino juice, to give up their freedoms. It’s like all you need is just some convincing actor. The ones who can actually shed tears when it warts, the ones who can actually shed tears get to be in the big movie. The ones who can’t, they become crisis actors, the ones that you see at these one off events. The only tier I’ve ever seen from a crisis actor, crisis actor was at one six, two thousand and twenty one. It was a pro trumper, but she had an onion in her clean x. She had like a handkerchief with an onion in it and she’s wiping her eyes. She got busted. All right. Let’s see here, going through some comments. David Prior says the audience loves it. O G Febe says. Hashtag Free Chris Rock Finnbar, who won best actress. Yep, a real or fake? If I had to take a poll here, I think nobody here is convinced that this thing is real and his performance was good. Those are real tears. I believe it. Maxwell Cooper says they’re probably all together now at the afterparty in a pizza shot basement drinking baby blood. Yeah, I think so. I think they do that after Saturday night live. The last time I watched Saturday night live it was Elon muskin grimes. It was the only one I’ve seen in years. It was actually pretty decent and you I was looking into it. Apparently Musque is lonely because grimes left him for that naval intelligence officer and this naval intelligence officer and and grimes are apparently very, very serious, as in u haul serious. So they just had a baby. She and musk and now she’s out there dating Chelsea Manning, but what I read today was at Chelsea Manning actually had a uhaul go over to where grimes is. So they’re together, Chelsea manning grimes. And now musk is out there, almost seeming to me depressed, talking about how he doesn’t think that we should live that long, that he doesn’t want to spend or invest his life into life extension because he thinks that we already asphyxiate the planet. I have some very dark comments from Elon Musk. I don’t know if he’s having some kind of a I don’t know, maybe it’s a depression, but yes, musk has, you know, been kind of abandoned, more or less, I would say, and is not taking it too well. Let me spe I can find that quote, because he did say that we are asphyxiating the planet and he even said something about we shouldn’t allow people to live that long anyway. Yeah, Lonely Elon Musk says humans shouldn’t live longer they will asphyxiate society. Elon Musk has humans are trying to live longer and this will stop society from advancing. And DTV quote not afraid of dying. It would come as a relief Elon Musk. So Musku is suggesting that we shouldn’t have leaders above a certain age because they’re out of touch with the present in the new generation. But he talked about death, so he’s no longer talking about immortality, uploading his consciousness into a synth, living forever in some digital paradise. Nah, he’s ready for the relief of death. Some things up. Someone check on Elon all right? David Pryor says he misses the witch. You know, he does have some interesting X’s. You got to look into the writings of believe your name is Justine Musk. She wrote some books having to do with essentially clones in underground bases, satanic ritual summoning fallen angels to inhabit the cloned soulless bodies and animate them. Interesting stuff. Musk admits he’s lonely after his split with grimes. Says that he’s scared that we are going to asphyxiate society, referencing politicians that are older than the bulk of the population. Fascinating. Lonely Elon Musk does not want to help humans live longer, so he no longer wants to help us live forever. Strange. I think this is a major turn. I was thinking he was going to be one of the first ones to sell us on the uploading of your consciousness, and I mean selling. I think that’s what they’re going to do. We’ve been talking a lot about Klaus Schwab and the coming Ai God or this idea that, and this is what I think musk is leaning towards, the idea that human beings are voltile, erratic and we need something a little more cool headed, like some kind of a I bought, and we just brought up will smith because he was making out with Sophia. One of these sins that they brought up there to the UN o g peppe says musk should date sophia, the robot, who says he isn’t already. You know those that could be the surrogate. We don’t know who the Serrogue it is. For Baby Two. It could have been Chelsea Manning. Is Chelsea manning the surrogate? Would that work? I think it’s confusing a bit there. But so the main story will Smith faking. Well, it’s a staged event, but it was a real slap. We wouldn’t even call it a false flag, we call it a hoax. Chris was paid to get slapped on TV. That’s one thing you can take out of this. Your mom goes to college says Sophia and Jada have the same hair. Do Right, good point. If you haven’t seen Sophia. Sophia also happens have a significance within the GNOSTIC cult. You have the Goddess Sophia and embodiment of wisdom. Sophia is not a goddess than classical sense, but is associated as associated with wisdom, the divine feminine. And then you look at Sophia the robot, which is basically a Muppet, a muppet given a script that basically it’s just like Gretta, essentially Gretta Light. It’s a Hansome Muppet, but you got to look up robot or you won’t find her. I guess that’s a disparaging term to call a robotom muppet, robots. Sophia and her goals for the future. I mean I’ve I’ve listened to this thing. I think it’s very problematic. It was designed obviously by a man. It’s it’s not difficult to see why I would arrive at that. So many questions I would have, like who decided Sophia’s gender? WHY GIVE IT A gender? That’s kind of problematic. So many problems with this thing. Now this thing has been brought out on stage and Jimmy Fellon flirted with it. Just kind of worrying he and those others over there these these when he’s a snl associated with some disturbing things. He had her on and she brings out a miniature robot version of herself. Let’s just play this clip. Celebrities making out with Sophia the robot or flirting, well, way awkwardly flirting with her, and it’s like they’re normalizing it. So here’s a short clip of Jimmy fellon talking to the robot and it’s mini me. So cute. They’re pretty, says too, and they’re pretty, says to I’m going to put you back down now. Okay, wow, that just kind of scared me. Creepy or not? Yeah, creepy, all right. Let’s see here. Wrestles bear, says, Sophia getting passed around. Little Galaxy Fifty six says. Theory of females less threatening, right. They didn’t want some AI bought claiming to be the ultimate intelligence man splaining things to us. But I listened to it and I was like wow, it’s just basically save the planet, no more capitalism, get your vaccines. Basically, we’re going to destroy the planet if we don’t cut back or carving footprint. Stop reading so much. It was a big downer. That’s not what I would expect. Some super intelligent being, some distillation of all of the ideas and information out there like this wouldn’t be the best you could come up with. Gretta is probably a better scriptwriter. You know, I found some hopium circulating. So if you haven’t been following this story about the Gina Thomas, see if Clarence Thomas’s wife was texting to him leading up to the one. Six of it that all of the bad guys, Hillary Clinton and all we’re going to be shipped off to get mo and killed. And I like bringing this up because a lot of queue and honors or q and on friendlies don’t want to admit that it is, at the end of the road, a very bloody end, a bloody storm, their storm they’re trying to bring about. The whole queue and a thing. It ends with killing a bunch of people. So here’s an example. This was on at on upcom. I would call this bad hopium. Trump told you a dozen times. Biden is shot. The actor playing the president is now under a dissolved corporation that holds no power. It’s bankrupt, like writing checks with no account you saw the flags. The gold fringe is gone. One Thousan, sevent hundred and seventy six constitutional republic. The DC OWL is captured. It’s all theater at this point in DC. So what the the nonners are circulating is the idea that we’re going back to a seventeen seventy six constitutional republic, which is fascinating considering the Pluto Return, which was on two to two Thousan and twenty two at the point where it was back July four, one thousand seven, hundred and seventy six. But they’re suggesting that trump still in control and the political theater of the days just to keep us entertained while they finish up the work of beating the deep state or whatever trump’s doing. I mean it’s kind of sad at this point that it’s gone on this far, but it came back because Jinny Thomas and her tweets, and her tweets are bottom of the rabbit hole, like she’s basically suggesting yes, please overturn the election. All these bad actors are going to be sent off to Guantanamo, and I don’t know how she would have fallen for it. Makes me think that this is all part of the bigger sty up. Maybe take it seriously when a coup advocates talk about throwing people into Guantanamo. I do find it weird how people can kind of emit this fact. The first I heard about q was that the draining of the swamp, the killing of the deep state, meant a lot of executions and tribunals. But Clarence Thomas, Thomas’s wife, is a q and on believer and she’s full on, like fullblown q and on. Alex Jones is being targeted for arrest. If you didn’t know this, the Q and on the sandy hookers are trying to seek his arrest because he didn’t show up to two different depositions. Now you should know by now that Bill Hicks is backtracking, I mean sorry, Alex Jones, backtracked on the whole story and is insisting that the thing is real and the people who thought it was a hoax didn’t have reasons. No, they didn’t deconstruct the news. No, no, no. The reason why you don’t believe it’s reals because you had a psychosis. So, on top of backtracking on the story, doing a flip flop, doing the Rogan on us, he was also crowdfunding off his listeners for his legal defense, when at the same time he was making millions, more than a hundred sixty five million dollars off of sex coop, Gwyneth paltrow sex coup repackaged as super maile vitality. That’s a lot of money. Your mom goes college, says of Sophia. That’s Gretta Thunberg, one model. Interesting. Well, they took her out and they gave her right human rights in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, it might have been a trial run. Alex Jones says he’s treated worse than people on death row after dodging Sandy Hook deposition. Watch them pull them in anyway. So these are the topics. Is Jenny Thomas A Q and on Fangirl? Is Jones going to jail? Did Chris Rock get paid to get slapped by Will Smith? I don’t think he would have done it for free. Like I think it’s safe to say that Chris Rock got paid to get slapped. How much do I have to pay to slap Chris Rock on the face into on right on TV? Just slap him right in the face. Apparently it’s for sale. We could crowd funded. Let’s crowd fund it. Lets crowdfund just someone hit up his his handler and say hey, we got some money, we want to slap him on the face on TV. Like will Smith. Did we know that he’s a crisis actor? Because if it wasn’t totally staged, as it appears, then he literally consented to getting slapped in the face on TV. Not There’s anything wrong with it. I mean it’s all just show business, all right. Going through some comments, og says Thomas is currently hospitalized with a flu like infection could be exiting the world stage soon, which, Thomas, if you want to fill me in some more details there. American social media platforms should stop enabling Russia’s Z campaign. They’re all worried about the Z and the Q. I’ve noticed this war on memes, and this is the reason why they’re going to war on memes. It’s about an infodemic people can rally around simple icon and Oh, Clarence Thomas with the flu right, yeah, I saw that. I was like, HMM, what’s up with him? And then this comes up. But anyway, it has caused stir among the queue and honors. Like I thought it was done, and suddenly I see hopium going around, and I pointed this out yesterday. JFK Junior, or somebody pretending to be JFK JR convincingly enough for the queue and honors, is now selling anti aging cream. So he’s hawking anti aging products. So they’re kind of back. I would say that the Q and on movement is back. President trump decided to reveal the secret anti aging product he’s been using. This product renews the cells in Your Body and makes you look younger. Have you noticed? He looks younger, and I did see this airbrushed photo. Now, speaking of trump looking younger, I came across a channel called Super Recognizer, and this is something worth looking at. Super recognizer seems to think that Donald Trump is a construct, not even a real character, and that this reality TV show, he mean trump was he was called the King of reality TV at one point. But anyway, there’s a video that kind of convincingly posits that Donald Trump might actually be martin sheen in deep fake. As unbelievable as it looks at first glance, and this is one of the common tactics, though, is that when you have somebody being repurposed, you totally invert the major things that you would look for. So with trump, of course you flip the hair back. Doesn’t look like the same guy. The exaggeratedly Orange Hue of his skin could be part of the ruse. There are some similarities and the super recognizer video brings up some points that might suggest there’s something to it. A guys matt coming up, so I’ll go ahead and play a clip from that, and then I have a clip from Matt Quantum of conscious I wanted to play. That’s also rather intriguing. Again, what we’re looking at is this notion put forth by Super Recognizer, that Donald Trump is not donald trump, that we’re looking at a complete fabrication, a skin suit, something that was never real. Again, this is Donald Trump is Martin Sheen. Super recognizer. I don’t necessarily agree with this. It’s my first time looking over this video. I saw it today and I thought fascinating, and he has some some clips in here from Marshall mclewin which are worth listening to, about how politicians are selected based on their charisma and what that means. The TV president and the reality TV president. How is this possible that they look so much alike? Martin Sheen played the president on TV for seven seasons, from ninety nine to two thousand and six, almost two full terms. By then we were very used to seeing this phase in the White House. Many of the people who think trump is the opposite of what a good president should be credit President Bartlett with embodying that ideal. He looked like he belonged there so much that some Irish people wanted Martin Sheen to be their president for real. Okay, so we’re looking at these comparisons. Will play a few more clips here. The visuals alone may not give it away, because disguise is intended to throw you off. No matter how alarm we become at trump’s chaotic rain, we can keep calm and carry on because subconsciously we have seen that same face play the role maturely, and indeed people have turned to rewatching the West Wing as a sort of escapist balm to soothe the pain of trump’s aggravating president. Now you’re looking at the two of them side by side. The video is called Donald Trump is charlie sheen. Hilarious title, but let me play this clip. This is someone who’s written extensively about media and it’s influenced. This is Marshall mcluin speaking. When the politician goes on TV he has to have charisma or he’s dead, and the some people of charisma means looking like a lot of other people, like chronkite are you. If you reassure people by resembling a lot of other people they know and approve of, you have charisma, but if you don’t have a resemblance to a lot of other people who are socially acceptable, then you had better stay out of politics. Martin Sheen played the antitrump, the president people wish they had instead of trump, but he also played the president that they’re most afraid trump really is the independent populist Greg Stilson from the dead zone who launches nukes on a mad whim. So what super recognizer does and is what we do as well, as he goes into the story lines and how they merge to other but he does a little more he does some facial comparisons worth looking at. And then when he merges them together, as you’ll see, they do sink up pretty well. So at a minimum you’re looking at a very interesting coincidence of a president resembling a television president. Another one of these mirrored situations we’re talking about. My take on it would be it’s more likely that trump would be stylized to look like a TV president. Then he’s the same guy. But let’s go and listen. Unrelated people look this much alike by accident. And it gets better. Look at this. Even people who quote look alike don’t have the exact same proportions between features on the same size head. And it’s even more dramatic when they’re laid on top of each other. Everything lines up perfectly. So make of that what you will. There is a curious alignment between their faces. There’s there are some obvious differences in skin tone and hair, but these are surface things. But beneath the surface they line up pretty well. And then not only that, but not not only do they physically line up, but there are stories do the president and of course, TV president, reality TV star. This is one of these situations again where it’s the blending of the world stage with the real world, as like with this this sy up tonight with Chris Rockin Will Smith. There’s no significant blurring or difference between the layers, David Pryor says. It doesn’t look the same to me. You know, in Westworld, whenever the simulations are shown something like a glitch in their matrix, they all say the same thing. It’s a preprogrammed response. That doesn’t look like anything to me, like they’re innoculated against anything that might break their programming. So again I’m looking at this and I don’t see it. It doesn’t jump out to me at first. But when he put them together and then overlapped him, I was left kind of thinking I’m going to have to bring this up tonight. Proportions between features on the same size head, and it’s even more dramatic when they’re laid on top of each other. Everything lines up perfectly. then. I’m not saying you’re preprogrammed. What I’m suggesting here, though, is that there’s a bias towards not making these. I mean, in fact, it’s a symptom of mental illness in the DSM to scramble identities like this and then construct elaborate stories to make sense of it. So yeah, I mean this is something that’s not really a you would be, I would think, kind of fooling yourself to automatically assume these things to be true. I mean, these are things to investigate, but no, I don’t see it either. Doesn’t jump out at me at first, but this overlay kind of does. It’s curious at a minimum, but you’d also have to compare it with the other angles that may contradict it. What about their heights? What about their walks? So, and the voices. So there are too many other factors here. There’s no significant blurring or difference. But yeah, the voices would also give it away. straordinary alignment of all features, except for the hair. They’re basically the same picture. I would also say they’re not the same in the nose. There’s there are similarities, but again, the question here is are they close enough? CAN YOU BRIDGE THAT GAP? Is there a level of disguise that could turn person a into person be? You won’t fight, I mean Justin Beever, doesn’t look like the weekend at first, and even then does he? Well, only the features that you can identify. Oh, here we go. What’s he gets into the nose. Let me see what he says see if there’s anything more concrete. One difference is these Weird Maxi Pad looking flaps on trump’s nose. What’s going on here? Are these inflamed sinuses or some kind of prosthetic? But that’s not the main problem with trump’s nose here. What’s up with this shadow? Now? PROSTOTIC noses our thing. Prosthetic noses are certainly a thing. And now he’s pointing out how the shadow on this picture doesn’t make sense. Very black to black, as if the only light source is directly overhead, which is clearly not the case. Without that heavy shadow, it’s the same nose and that shadow is fake. This is an error level analysis, showing that the compression rave for that specific part of the image is inconsistent with the rest of the image. Classic trace of manipulation. But why alter a photo of trump? Is it supposed to make him look better? So here he’s suggesting that there’s some modification. Now he goes back to some of his others that are far more convincing. Here we have Yury Gaggerin and Neil Armstrong. Strong shows a strange anomaly on his neck. Is this related to the bizarre story about Yury Gagaran’s telltale neck mole? Maybe not that, but the question remains. Why manipulate the photo at all? Telltale neck mole? So, if you don’t know the story, the first man in space, Yury Gagarin, dies in a mysterious fiery crash. They couldn’t find his body, much like a lot of these ritual deaths that are based on the Sun God who’s dismembered and they can’t find his body. They couldn’t find his body until they found a small piece of flesh with a mole on it and someone said, oh, that’s him, I recognize it from the mole. Very strange story, but I kind of think it’s an inside joke because he was something of a Soviet mole, if he did indeed come back, as Neil Armstrong, as super recognizers pointed out, and I think there’s something to that. Now, a super recognizer has a few other areas he goes into regarding this theory that Martin Sheen and Donald Trump are one and the same, going back into the catalog of Martin Sheen’s work, let me go and play a few more seconds and then we’ll move on. Sheen has been described as a friend of the Kennedy’s. He’s played both J and R F gay. Yeah, okay, here’s the other part of that’s kind of interesting because you have this obsession with the Kennedy’s, with Q and how this has to do with this idea that the Kennedy’s are coming back to save us, and so another interesting note here is that Sheen has played these roles actively, an agent of the Kennedy family, narrating a gradual disclosure of these swamps roll in that legendary mystery. Sheen has been described as a friend of the Kennedy’s. He’s played both J and r f Ga, and his son Emelio directed a film about the night that Bobby was retired. His son Amelia directed a film about RFK forty two being killed by Sirran Suran shot with a twenty two. I think it was a one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. Anyway, this is very interesting. At a minimum, I’m not convinced necessarily, but the more I hear at the more I’m compelled to look. You know, I’d like to have a d bunk and the first place I would look of course, would be probably contradictions. Same play, same time, that kind of thing, anonymizing disguises. We still don’t know the half of what it means to be a poly celebrity. Now he’s also suggesting to another point that he makes. The final point I wanted to get into here was he suggests that these presidents are actually composite characters, costumes, Rodeo clowns for us to focus on, and that that’s all they are, Rodeo clowns. Let me go ahead and play that clip owd management ruse, a crowd management ruse, that the president is not a person, but a crowd management ruse, like a Rodeo clown, distract us from too humanize the president literally, not to make you like them, but just to make you think they’re human, not because they’re really lizards, but because they’re fictional characters. The president is a crowd management Ruse, a lightning rod or Rodeo clown made up to distract angry bulls, that is, to distract you. It doesn’t matter if you despise them, as long as you’re thinking about their continued so is that it? Are we looking at Rodeo clowns? This clown world order might be a real thing. Okay, so last night checked up on the Chris Rock drama. He’s not pressing charges, and that’s probably because he has been paid. Definitely get on the newsletter infinite plane dot radio, infinite plane societycom or going patreon infinite plain society, because Youtube is right now trying to scrub us again. They pulled three of our live streaming channels in the last twenty four hours. The last time we had a purge like that was in August, September. They do this periodically. I’m always worried whenever we get too close to a thousand subs or certain number hits per week, we start setting off red flags, and we’ve done it again. If you just got here, will Smith defended his family in front of the world by slapping Chris Rock the same exact way that his character would have in the movie. He’s winning the Oscar for. So he wins the Best Oscar for role that he literally plays out in front of all of us, sending some very mixed messages. Is it okay to slap people? Are Comedians like? That’s what I was thinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if they arrest Chris Rock for this. And it is a real slap. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s a staged event. You know, they do blow things up, they do control demolitions, they do have to have some special effects, but that’s again to me, that is not that slap is not a point in favor of this thing being real. It looks very, very contrived. Actually Looks Rehear First Cup Star says the slap makes me suspect Smith’s egi status. Do you mean CGI suggesting it’s a hoax or EGI ELITE GENDER INVERSION? And Are you suggesting will Smith is a woman, which is what I think you’re suggesting? All right, let us continue. We’ve been talking about the Boring Mandela effect. I do have the book. I lowered the price down at three dollars if you want to read the ebook. Timmy never fell down the well. It’s this simple. The actor that played timmy grew up and wrote a book about it, about being timmy, and the book was called Timmy’s in the well. He was making a joke because, out of everything to me fell into, he never fell into a well. So the people who claim they remember that are not recalling a memory, but a memorized account of what happened. We’ve deconstructed it and, as a result, we’ve determined that there isn’t actually a Mandela effect. It is a nonsecutor to reach for that as an explanation for what is really just a common misperception, an apparent discrepancy, a miss spelling. So I came up with a new logical fellacy to put this whole thing to rest. Argumentum AD Mendoozledom to attribute misspelling, common misperceptions and apparent discrepancies to supernatural change rather than human error. It’s that simple little galaxy fifty six says that was a feminine slap. Cup Star says he slaps like a girl. Yeah, I don’t know if I would use that. I like the wet and noodle like. It did look like a wet noodle. It didn’t look like he actually meant it. You know, if he had a close fist, if he had knocked him out cold, then I would have believed it. But no, I think that was pretty fake. Youtube sent me a nice message. They said thanks for your review, because I I basically sent them a note about what I thought about being banned and why? I was suggestingly review my channel again, and they said, did you know that most creators never get a second strike? Check out our commy guidelines anytime you’re unsure about posting content. And I don’t know if this was a joke or not. Why did they send this to me? Second Strike? I must have had four hundred strikes by now. Five hundred. How many strikes have we had on this channel just in the last day? Two hundred, forty five. Grangerman says a female swimmer could have slapped him harder. Oh Gee, peep says this isn’t the first time will Smith has slapped him in in public. Yeah, look, I’m leading towards theater. I think it’s all theater, fake until proven real. A lot of people seem to be taken into this one. I’m not that. Check out this diagram. I don’t know if this is being patented yet or well starts spinning, spinning in his grave. Attached Generator to spinning or a well? Infinite Energy? Our energy problems have been solved. kind of a sarcastic remark just about how almost overused this nineteen eighty four thing. Is this analogy? But it’s actually true or well, will never stop spinning in his grave. That’s why I put the number up as eight three, three, three, one, one nineteen eighty four, because it’s a reminder that the year is one thousand nineteen eighty four. Always has been, always will be. David Pryor says YouTube is going to send will smith to slap you. Look, they’re going to say that the slap was justified. That’s the problem here. They’re justifying it. They’re justifying the idea that some free speech is it just goes too far and you’ve you’re justified to use violence and force to stop it, and that’s my problem with it. I don’t think you should be allowed to use force. Here’s a couple of things I saw on a twitter account and I’ll share a link. It’s that Donnie Darko twitter account where he goes into this theory that trump is the antichrist. So he may not be Martin Sheen, but he might be the antichrist. Elizabeth Christ trump dies on six six sixty six Fred Christ trump, so you have the the Christ and the six six has kind of built into it. I don’t know if that means anything to interview, but I take note of these birthdates and death dates when it comes to the world stage characters, and the more I look into it, the more I’m saying that, yes, the evidence in favor of trump as anti Christ is in fact piling up at an alarming rate. So we’ll be digging into that. David Pryor says Fred trump was Maski I wonder if he was someone else. Fair question. One thing that’s undeniable is that the trumps have been written into the world stage, that this is like a this is something we’ve looked at closely, but you can find references to trump as far back as one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight, you know, a movie, a couple of TV show and then also this one in a movie. Hey, does anybody think this is weird? Here’s a clip of Kevin Hart suggesting that the rock is wearing some kind of prosthetic on its head. The Way I got I’m a fucking kind of section. Again, this is a Kevin Hart. Go do something, man. You know what, I got something to fass. I got something for you. Ass. Do it again, do it. so He’s talking to the rock on instagram live and the rocks interrupted as breakfast and I’ve been saying for some time that the rock is most likely wearing a basically a body suit, you know, I mean maybe he is working out and stuff that. I look at it and sometimes I’m wondering, are these celebrities faking it? You know, like Chat Hanks, we’ve often wondered, you know, is that some kind of a chest suit? So we’ve been talking about the rock is being either pumped full of Sentthal or wearing a big rubber muscle suit, because he’s impossibly huge. Can’t even walk through doors anymore, except sideways. So listen to this. But again, I’m a quick going in. I quit going in. Let the people see how you look during the daytime. News Flash, DWAYNE, forehead isn’t real. Okay, news flash, DUANE’S FOREHEAD isn’t real. Well, he says forehead, but it’s it’s it’s prosthetic. He’s laughing saying that the rocks head is prosthetic. And Yeah, it’s. I mean it’s funny, I guess, but he’s really laughing like he knows something. So that you have it, Kevin Hart, Revealing that the rock might actually be prosthetic. All right, going through some comments here, Jackie Jack Says Kevin Hart is big jackals. I worked his shows. Horrible Cup Star says head wound on high rim. Are you talking about the Chris Rock thing? Yes, what’s with all the Comedians in the head wounds, the comedians getting while falling on their heads and now getting slapped on the head. And now this is unrelated, but maybe not. Kevin Heart roasting the Rock and IG live calling him basically prosthetic, and I’m just suggesting that there might be some truth to that. O G FHIP I says the rock is a marshmallow. Could be. I recently watched HBO’s DMZ, very good series. It’s just a single season thing, but a couple of things that stood out. The leader of the one that consolidates everyone and allows the DMZ, the D military zone, to remain independent. The leader, her name is z like, kind of ties in, I think, with some of the news about this Z. So the main point about this movie, though, that I find interesting is that this is a projection for the future post civil war America, where you have an entire part of the country that doesn’t want to go back and they’re all fighting to maintain their independence from the USA. The USA are the bad guys in this whole thing. And of course it it’s run. This is all just programming and I think you can see where it’s going. It’s pretty obvious you look at the arch types they use and the narratives, the stories and, like everything else on HBO and on Netflix, all of the strong leaders that replace the men or women, and this is all just preparation, in my opinion, for something. But it’s a great series, DMZ, if you want to see what the ideal is to the political left, and the ideal is, of course, a shutting down the economy. That is part of this a green world order. It’s about reversing the industrial revolution, it really is. It’s about this return. It’s like an agrarian reformation in this this communist takedown of freedom, disguised as some kind of perfect society, and it’s anything but. If you watch this and you carefully pay attention to the subtext, you’ll see that there’s a there’s kind of a bit of engineering here going on. Okay, Finnbar says, what’s the name? The name of the movie you recommend about a girl raised in an underground bunker that imitates space. That would be orbiter nine highly recommend it. Orbiter nine. I’m not going to give you any spoilers. Easy to find movie, very well done. Let me know what you think if you’ve seen it. It ties into the idea that deep space is quite literally deep, deep below. This is a video. I’m going to share a link. This is by quantum of conscience. People have been asking me if I’ve watched this person and I haven’t, but I took the time and I found a video and this one’s great. It’s called reality breakdown fifty Lincoln to Kennedy coincidences, and what he does here is he makes a very, very strong case for something that we talked about quite often, that there is a bit of scripting going on in our reality. And even if you don’t agree with this or don’t believe when you are confronted with dozens of coincidences piling up, the burden of proof gradually goes to your side. And what he has compiled here are just a number of these coincidences that show these really uncanny connections between the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy. You know, recently we were talking about this because meat loaf, supposedly meat loaf two words, was supposedly at the JFK assassination and he saw the blood of Kennedy on the Ford Lincoln at Parkland Hospital. So I’m like wow, he sees the blood of Lincoln, I mean the blood of Kennedy, on a Lincoln like this. This Lincoln Kennedy connection goes back and forth. Then you have the Ford Theater. Were linking at shot. So Ford, Lincoln, Kennedy and the dates all correlate as well. So I’m going to play about thirty seconds here, maybe about a minute. This is called reality breakdown. Fifty Lincoln to Kennedy coincidences, think, because that’s rare. Most presidents come from a governorship or the Distinguished Senate, the House of Representatives. Me People don’t realize it’s really consider peons compared to senators. Senators one. He’s selling about how both Lincoln and Kennedy came from the House of Reps. but again there are many other parallels and that’s what he’s going through. Fifty of them to the House of Representatives was in forty six, of course, a hundred years apart. Eighteen forty six, nineteen, forty six, number seven. Each was elected to the presidency in sixty eighteen. Sixty, nineteen sixty. Number Eight. Both defeated incumbent vice presidents to win. That’s very rare. That’s number eight. Number nine, their vice presidents were both named Johnson, last named Johnson. Really. Okay, that’s my threshold. Will keep going. Number ten. Andrew Johnson, vice president, born in eighteen o eight. Lyndon Johnson, born in Nineteen O eight. Number Eleven. They both were ship captains. Number twelve. They both suffered from a genetic disease, in the case of JFK Addison’s and in the case of Lincoln Marphan’s disease, but both genetic diseases. Both were shot in the head. Fourteen. Both were shot on Friday. Fifteen. Both were seated next to their wives when shot. Sixteen. One shot in a Ford Theater, the other shot while riding a Ford. Seventeen. Each assassin did it in his place of employment. The assassin did it where he worked. Both of them boost many people realize. He was an actor at the fourth theater, which is now for another actor theater. Interesting. Okay, so it goes on there. They’re definitely many more and they get pretty intricate. And the dates. I mean look a few of these. Ten of them, twenty, thirty? But no, he’s got fifty of them and there are some. There are more you could go into if you’re willing to stretch a little bit, but I think he went with the ones that he figured would go over well with the ones who are most in denial about the proposition that our reality is scripted. Let me play a couple more here the the Ford Motor Company Museum in Dearborn Michigan. The Ford Theater is a museum today, but nevertheless the seat is there. I’m gonna say this one again. It is truly my Boglin. Thirty nine Kennedy seat in the Lincoln car where he was shot is in the Ford Museum. Link Kennedy’s see from the theater where his shot is in the Ford Museum. Again, it is truly my Boglin. Thirty nine Kennedy seat in the Lincoln car where he was shot is in the Ford Museum. Lincoln seat where he was shot is in a museum called Ford. Unbelievable. Forty there. So the pattern here, though, is the mirroring, the the repetition, but there’s a mirror here anyway. This is fascinating. I was a sent this video and you know, this is what I’m interested in. I’m interested in the facts, what you can verify. That’s the main thing. I could care less about somebody’s particular explanation for it. A lot of people think all this was done by the Demi urge by God, this is done by magic. This is sink, this is a Mandela Effects Cern did it. You know, I don’t really care for people’s explanations. We can will get there eventually. To me it’s really about the facts and this is a great documentation. Only two times an incumbent vice president ran for president and lost. Incumbent VP Nixon lost to Kennedy and sixty, and incumbent VP breckinridge loss to Lincoln in sixty. There’s another one. So this is excellent work. These have all been verified. All right, let’s see here. Let’s move on. Recycled stories, recycled crisis actors. Even global warming and your is just a recycled flood myth. It’s quite literally that it’s a flood myth, for the atheistic world order doesn’t have God, but it has science, and the science says cut down on your wicked consumption of fossil fuels or you will get the flood. It’s the same program Jackie Jack says the Mendela effect makes perfect sense. I kind of don’t think so. Oh Oh, you mean my book, My moment, my Mandela effect, py up dbunk, makes perfect sense. It does. And you know I’m not doing this out of some kind of means spiritedness to block anybody’s path to immortality, as was said by that Nathan character hanging out with Brian, his drinking buddy, whatever. He said that I am speaking to me a God blocking soul? No, no, a God blocking consciousness assassin. I’m a God blocking consciousness assassin because I’m debunking what is tantamount to a mind game to get people to accept a false premise and believe in what I believe are fake miracles. And religions have been faking miracles since well, since the first religion. Religions are basically about miracles and and this connection to the divine that the priest can give you. But yes, I put out a book, the Mandela Affect debunked, explaining how it has more to do with memorization and eye witnessed testimony being notoriously unreliable, and the whole premise, or the whole basis for the Mendela effect really is the idea that you can trust your recollections, like implicitly, like your memory is perfect. And until I see a spelling be champion coming down with the Mandela effect, I’m just going to assume it’s people who are really bad at spelling. Like I kind of described it somewhat sarcastically in the book, as though a bunch of F students were conspiring to say that they where the a students and to have the a students to post, because that’s kind of what they’re doing. They want to say that they have the right answers. Everyone else is wrong. It’s a fascinating phenomenon religion, and it is a religion. I think it meets all the it ticks off all the boxes. It’s a religion and it even has the main thing that religions are about, infidels, the nonbelievers that you can rally against. When have you ever heard a Mandela effect enthusiast not spend most of the time complaining about how the rest of the people don’t see it, how they’re all affected, they just don’t know it, and to me that’s kind of not fair. It’s like saying, Oh, you’re a sinner because you’re not part of my religion, or you’re an infidel, like I don’t get. Well, I don’t have to accept your labels. I’m not a part of your religion, so you can’t call me a denier of whatever your God is. And if your God is this the spirit of Nelson Mandela, whatever you know, I don’t necessarily have to even respect those beliefs. We’re talking about observational data timeout information. We’re talking about trying to get to what’s actually real and separate it from all of the augmentations. And then here we have false explanations. See, let’s move on now. The Mandela effect is a very sensitive thing for some people because it has become sort of a defacto religion. And when I say it’s become a religion like I mean it in the sense that it actually offers salvation. And what was very clear the other night when we heard the review of the book, is that they see this as a way to escape this reality, as though this is like what I mean if you really hate this place. I think an attractive idea, but the ideas that they are accelerating their spiritual evolution and that they are transcending the limitations of time space, that they’re escaping and that I am blocking them by contradicting it. And that’s where they get off calling me a god blocker. So when I said that Nelson Mandela is their God, I’m not really mocking it. I’m just going off of what they tell me. I’m blocking their God. So I have a link to the audiobook version of it, which you can listen to free. It’s about fifty minutes long and I’ll post a link in the chat and right there. It has the ebook right below. So if you want to check it out, here’s some reviews. Their’St for Truth says rip the Mendella effect. ZANNUSI says I don’t think you can debunk M e, as people misremember all the time. I assume you mean to debunk alternative reasons. I can’t listen for fifteen minutes. No, I’m debunking the me. I’m saying that the okay, here’s the thing. The Mandela affects, the discrepancies are real. Their explanation is not real. So Mandella effects are real. The Mandela effect is not meaning. Mandela effects are just miss labeled, misremembrances. The Mandela Affect itself is a miscontextualized magic trick. That’s what it is. It’s a magic trick. David says it’s a crappy religion. Yeah, that’s true for most religions. I mean false promises, fake miracles, a hatred for the nonbeliever. Yeah, I’m underwhelmed, I really am. Spacecom carbon footprint of huge observatories raising climate change concerns. Isn’t that great? How they can attach that again carbon footprint. This is all just code, you know. They want to get rid of your carbon footprint. They want to get rid of your footprint, they want to reduce the amount of air you consume. When Elon Musk is talking about people who are too old are asphyxiating society, I find that to be kind of worrying for someone like musk. You know he’s depressed because Chelsea manning stole his wife and Their d printed baby. So maybe he’s got something going on. I’ve been wondering, you know, is musk some kind of doctor evil in real life? I mean he doesn’t have the Doctor Evil Typecast that Jeff Bezos does, but I think about these forty two thousand cubesats. It’s like, what is he really doing with those things? Because, if you didn’t know, forty two is a number associated with hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy Specifically, and the movie starts out with the world surrounded by Cube shaped alien spacecraft and they blow up with the earth. That’s how it starts. And of course he escapes. So Musk sends out this car to outer space, which I think symbolizes his own escape plan. But the car goes up there and says don’t panic on the dashboard, a reference to the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Now again the movie starts out with Cube shaped craft blowing up the earth, and I’m like, well, who has a bunch of cube shaped craft surrounding this place, Musk? Maybe that’s not a coincidence and it wouldn’t take very much to turn those sataloons into kinetic weapons, rods of God, you know, simultaneously basically destroying major cities. I mean forty two thousand what kind of damage? Space Junk Armygeddon courtesy of musk, some kind of like evil supervillain. And again his recent talk is kind of got me wondering about that. He has been a little morose. Not a good sign. I mean normal, he’s the opposite if he follows twitter. All right, let me go and replay that voice mail. Someone was asking. We got a voice mail a little while ago from what someone might have been. Might have been Kanye West. It’s Kanye West freestyle. got of testify, walk up in the spot. Look an extra fly till the day I die. I’m a touch this guy. Okay, now I’m going to think some more. Kanye. Okay, you ready, ready, pump, pomp pop on site, site, let me say you right now, for you give it up. How much do I not give up? Foot? Let me show you right now, for you give it up. Thank you for listening to my Knye free style suession. I will now proceed to do the grape fruit technique. All right, that is one of our callers. Again. preciate all the callers. Everyone in the chat and comment section always appreciate all of the input and we always have great callers. Even the randoms are often great. Whether that was Kanye or possibly Alex. is it Alex Stain or Alex Stein? Must be another Mandela effect. What could be? Anybody I mean we have a lot of good voice. Actors are calling for a moment there is sounded kind of chief Crowey, but I don’t know, I’m leaning towards Kanye. All right. So, Hey, this has all been great. Appreciate everybody calling. I’m looking in it looks like the Internet consensus is that it’s probably fake, but everybody sees it on TV will think it’s real. It should be pointing out. I should point out that Jada Smith was very sensitive about her recent hair loss, medical reasons, health reasons. So it wasn’t fair game for a joke, which makes me wonder would that look? Would he come to the STAGE WITH RANDOM JOKES? Would He Addlib or would Chris Rock have it all together and have everything already scripted? Because how did he know that front row Jada Smith would be there bald? How did he know? And, of course, are we to believe that this was just kind of random or scripted? So just the fact that he made a joke about her hair, which is something that you know, how would he have known? And if he knew, I think it’s safe to say he would have been aware of the reason for it any so, anyway, the whole thing looks me. Looks kind of like hoaxy and staged. Oh G FEPPE says arrest will Smith. No, I think the consensus is going to say arrest Chris Rock. So let me leave this. Let’s just leave with this prediction here. My prediction is that the media will fault Chris Rock and will Smith will come out as a hero for defending his family and defending the honor of his wife in front of a bully, using the weapon of free speech and comedy, which are the new weapons of mass destruction. They’ll call it mal information. They made even remove the term joke from our lexicon and replace it with Mel Information Jokes that aren’t funny. The Big Brother. Basically, anyway, this is loose. Ten thirty three degree. Have a great night. Will be live early tomorrow. I’ll be starting off the seven live stream again, hopefully on the new youtube channel once it’s been verified. So we’ll be live again in about twelve hours. Get on the newsletter and don’t miss you the cross. I saw the most amazing thing, the sun of blue close knowledges myself very well. Myself

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