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All right, three thirty two and twenty two infinite plane radio. You know, I believe, this is the anniversary of a bunch of a sonic lodgers burning in Canada. It’s also the anniversary of the George Floyd Act and the Rodney King beating, Rodney King having been beaten for one minute nineteen seconds, clubbed thirty three times. Go and share the stream. I’m sending out notifications. Will be right back. Okay. So let’s see what’s going on today. We’ve been talking about slap gate and a deeper level of analysis then. Was it real? Was it fake? Obviously it was staged. Whether it was real or fake, that’s kind of beside the point. Why was it staged? What was the point of the slap and did it have a broader meaning outside of the context of a couple of individuals, you know each other having, you know, violated personal boundaries, personal stuff, and I’m saying this is actually ritual and what you’re actually looking at is a bigger bit of theater encoded into what you’re seeing on the screen and it ties into the character King Richard defending Venus and Serena. These names are key on the Green Court tennis court, and this ties into defending Jada, jade green in the big green emerald dress. And of course will Smith, I believe, plays the role of the blacksmith Venus in one of her personifications as bridget, which will go into has at an association with both protection and Blacksmithing, which is very intriguing here, because we’re talking about a personification of Venus. And one of the things that stood out more than almost anything else was during Smith’s apology, Venus herself, the tennis player, is out there exposing her left breast. Now, how does this all connect? Well, that’s a Janet Jackson esque call back, if you recall to the super bowl ritual where they exposed the breast of Janet Jackson next to Justin Timber Lake, and this was not a well, this is not a wardrobe malfunction, it was a fertility right representing the weaning of the Sun God, represented in that particular ritual by the Blond Justin Timber Lake, gold hair associated with the sun. So this is all ritual, is what I’m saying.

And the defense of Venus, both on the stage and in the movies, and this is on the h or hbo actually these things correlate. King Richard did the slap. He was playing the role of his character and also, interestingly, he was laughing, yucking it up right after there with Denzel Washington, who just played Macbeth. And so there’s a now that’s now beyond just that, and I mentioned this yesterday. Right before the slap, Chris Rock said the name Macbeth. He didn’t say that Scottish playwright or that Scottish play. There’s a thing this thing. It’s called the Macbeth curse. So this is like well known among all of these actors. According to folklore, Macbeth was cursed from the beginning and has to do that coven of witches. But they refer to Macbeth as the Scottish play Pete Trepa said. What’s the message? That’s what we’re discussing here.

Actually, I think I know. I mean, I’m not in their pyramid baby eating rituals. I can’t tell you everything, but based on my assessment of the subtext of the story, it actually ties in to King Richard defending Venus, and this relates to well, here’s what it gets down to. Venus was and Serena were both entering into the green court around that they were previously excluded from because of systemic racism. That’s the story here, that, yes, they were two of the best players, but they wouldn’t have been discovered had king Richard not advocated for them and gone against the grain that they were rejected. He was rejected constantly, one seeing the head of a tennis coach saying the chances of both these being mozarts is laughable, basically.

So he didn’t listen to any of that and he continued to advocate for them against the inherent bias, and they made it to the top of the tennis courts, and I think the term court here is very significant. So my suggestion, my take on it, is this so Venus is defended by King Richard in order to get to the top. There at the same exact time, right now, and we’ll talk about first black woman to succeed in this arena, and now we have the Supreme Court nominee, black woman supreme court nominee, who has faced criticism. That has largely been looked at as something of a bit of an symptom of the same exact kind of ingrained attitudes that Venus on the tennis courts faced. So there’s a parallel here. What’s more, I believe that there’s going to be some Supreme Court confirmation on let me double check this. I think it’s on four four, which also ties into the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson. So we’re talking about the Supreme Court pick and this is going to be a judge, Judge Jackson, and that’s going to be on four four. Again, the whole point of it is too we’re looking at this televised award show with a subtext where the real life staged event connects to the character in the movie, but it also pertains to this other concurrent event, which is a pretty major event. We get into it. So that’s kind of where I’m looking at here. Let me go to my comments before you get any further. It’s a broad question to ask what’s the message, but I think these things are multifaceted, because it’s also raises questions about one free speech, comedy. When is comedy not comedy? When is when is it incitement to this is about meme control, thought control, and comics have in use for all this stuff. What’s more, the issue of black hair has been raised and that kind of criticism, and this is all attached to this bigger picture of entrenched racist attitudes in America, which is why it’s significant that the new justice is being lambasted by the right for advancing critical race theory. And you know, I don’t have any opinions on the stuff one way or the other. I’m just commenting from the outside that this this assessment of America, you know, because I don’t trust official history one way or the other. You ask the Democrats, the Republicans are the racist. WHO ASKED REPUBLICANS? They’ll say, well, the Democrats with the slave owners. So you know, you tell me. But my point being, I’m ESPN is debuting a project commemorating the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier for Major League baseball on April fourth. So this is another connection Jackie Robinson. Mr Forty two, you know, the number forty two very significant in all of these race war styops. You know, it’s also significant that Venus received forty two million dollars in a ward in cash prices on the tennis court.

So on. Four for we get a Supreme Court justice breaking a gender color barrier thing, and this is all going along, tying into the story of Venus doing the exact same thing Supreme Court, Tennis Court and on. For Four, it’s the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier for MLB. So it’s a very interesting day. I’m going to on the fourth. It’s gonna be very interesting to watch, but to have all these things time together. So my point being one more time, just to quickly reiterate, this slap ties in this bigger issue of breaking color barriers, both tennis court Supreme Court, and also about respect. You know, is it safe to joke about these things or are there certain lines that need to be drawn? So this is all, I think, a psychological operation more than just a slap. I would join by the missing sister D’s in Vellis portal complex, mom with sons Kevin Mooring, style salty, Sirreen, jpd white, the hbi Se Travis Cloud, Jared Board’s Cup Star. Jared Board says no offense to him. But how long are conspiracy theorist going to talk about this slap? Yeah, this is something that happens whenever you have a trending story. The people who don’t see the bigger subtext, will immediately say let’s fake, let’s move on, let’s talk about vases again. No, this is actually bigger than just the slap. We’re looking at also an astro theological, occult ritual. This is the other aspect to it. So Venus, the planet, the socalled plant, whatever you think that thing is up there, this representation of a goddess is associated with copper and the color green, among other things, and this is very significant. Just as Mars is associated with iron and the color red, Venus is green. What color was jade? Wearing? Big Green Dress, Jada, so that was connecting her to Venus. Again, will Smith defends Venus in the movie and in real life, of Venus Standin and is a lot more to it. Rock himself made a documentary about black hair culture. He made a documentary about this, so he knew very well what he was saying. This was a structured joke. So again we’re digging into the deeper level of the PSI off here also Venus, Ishtar Easter, the timing of this, and now here you’re looking at Janet Jackson, like Venus, Williams breast exposed and you’ll notice around her nipples. She has the sun. Well again, bridget ritual candle mass, the green shirt, Sun God rep this is the weaning of the Sun God, who’s born on Christmas. This is why Venus Williams had her breast exposed. Okay, so then you have this. Venus has a blacksmith and associated with protection. So what did the blacksmith just do? Will Smith, black protection protected Venus in the movie and in front of everybody. So in front of in front of the entire world, you saw Venus’s blacksmith defend her. This is kind of a another layer to this thing. I guess a few other things you could point out is that prior to this staged event, Smith and Jada were backstage in front of a green screen where there was a green circle of light, a green spotlight on the wall. She’s in her green emerald dress and they’re posing and laughing and talking about bringing the chaos. So when we cease to find new information about this, we will cease digging. But I think this is a great opportunity to point out the hypocrisy in all the true believers who call you crazy for noticing patterns, noticing subtext, noticing double meanings in the news, these symbolic, ritualistic events. The people who think that everything’s real have to look at the stuff and this really slaps them in the face. So I know I’m going to continue to focus on this. I don’t think we should be dismissive of things just because it looks trivial on the outside. I used to ignore the Kardashians. I keep up with the Kardashians now because I know how big of a part they are in the SI war and it’s all CIWAR. If you find evidence of real war, please let me know. Cup Star says it’s not the slap being analyzed, it’s the script. Exactly. Salt Saren said. It’s not the slap, it’s the story correct. All right, let us continue. Oh yeah, someone else. There’s some other stuff in here. It’s all fun to me just to look at how these other rumors spread like that fiser is an Oscar sponsor and they’ve gotten LLOPCIA drug coming out. Look, that’s an unorthodox marketing strategy, but I don’t doubt it. Remember that guy with the underwear bomb? This guy packs a bomb and is underwear and then he goes to the airport and for some reason he doesn’t have to go to the body scanners. Yeah, Umar Abdul Matulab, the underwear bomber, twenty three year old Norwegian terrorist, total crisis actor. I mean we looked into this. This whole thing was one hundred percent fake and staged. But he goes on a plane and then his UN with his underwear bomb and it starts to go off and the guy next to him, this hero, is like, I thought he had fireworks in his pants and he puts it out. I mean it’s a great story, but anyway, the result of this story was now we can pat you down like they use this stuff. You remember the shoe bomber, underpants bomber, then you had wheelchair bombers. All these things are staged. I don’t mean to get two side tracked into this thing, but but anyway, my point being, these events sell things schools. You know, after Parkland I was like, you know what, we need to get some we need to get some designers, some fashion designers, and talk to some people who do work with Kevlar and let’s design some Kevlar backpacks, because you know how the schools we’re doing clear backpacks so they could see guns, because school shooters. Of course, packet in their backpacks, but look bulletproof backpacks and high demand after Parkland shooting. So there’s money making opportunities around all of these things. You know, in fact, I should bring this up, the school shooting drills. Okay, pre COVID, pre pre COVID, there were school shooting drills everywhere, and the amount of money that the schools made. That’s the thing that hadn’t really been discussed very much and I remember looking into it.

It’s one of these things where it’s like, you know, I learned about how the pro life industry is a multi billion dollar industry. It’s like, oh, that’s not going away. They’re the last ones who want the abortion to stop, and I think it might be the same with all of these siops. But yeah, there’s somebody making money. Follow the money, Keybono. All right, let’s continue. Salty says Black Rock CEO, failed announcement same day as Christ rock slapt yeah, that’s interesting again, Black Smith, Chris Rock, the Black Rock. This is all coade and that’s why it’s worth looking into. Now, if you’re looking at the screen, that’s total pro sports. Another coincidence for you. Coincidence theorists, Venus Williams had an unfortunate nipple slip during will Smith’s acceptance speech. Very interesting again, King Richard was the one who defended her and King Richard was hanging out with Denzel Washington after the slap and laughing, and Denzel Washington most recently played Macbeth. And then the mcbeth curse ties into this. Super Fascinating. This might be a predicted programming, but it might be fake. Like there’s this fake one spreading around has Chris Rock with some kind of pad on his face. Yeah, that was a hoax. Don’t let the hoax hoaxes distract you from the hoax. Don’t let the fake fake news distract you from the fake news or prevent you from discrediting the fake news the people who believe it, because they’ll put out fake, fake stuff. I’ll look at this crisis after got exposed. Meanwhile, the real crisis actors don’t and they think the fake one being exposed is evidence that there aren’t any crisis actors. It’s just such a mind game. But this one might be fake. Independence Day One thousand nine hundred and ninety six. Captain Stephen Hiller, played by will Smith punches an alien because it made fun of his wife at the Oscars. Now there actually is quite a lot with will smith punching and slapping people. I think he had done this a few years ago. He had slapped someone because of I think the guy try to kiss him. But there’s another one here too. I actually have a video of will Smith slap a teaching a kid or teaching an acting class, it looks like, on how to slap. So here’s Will Smith demonstrating how to do a fake slap and this is reported on by TMZ. Are you going? I’m going to do that right, you just turn your head when I go all right and don’t. Okay. So Will Smith just apparently slap the kid, but nope, me slapped his own hand. Pretty convincing illusion. And then the kid. Then he instructs the kid to fake fall right after. I mean it’s so easy to do. It’s fakeable and I always say it’s fake until proven real. If it’s, if it’s an extraordinary claim. Here we go. Viral image of the altercation between Chris Rock and will Smith has been digitally altered. There was one where it looked like its some kind of pad on his cheek, which again it’s just ridiculous. The fake fake stuff is ridiculous. There’s real fake stuff. We can look at this, real evidence of hoaxery. Let us continue. Kind of a side note here. Jesus was crucified on Dog Wood. We were talking about Dogwood last week. I think get tied into the story with Evan Wood and Marilyn Manson and the Dogwood tree in his backyard where he put his parents as ashes. But anyway, a legend has it the Cross on which Jesus was crucified was made from a Dogwood tree. And if you’ve seen a dogwood tree, you couldn’t crucify someone on it. But it’s because here God decreed that on that day the dog would from never again grow large enough to be used to make a cross.

So just bring this up. Dog would interesting symbolism there. If you look at the way that the petals look, it kind of looks bloodstained white petals. Interesting looking plant, but again, dog would just a heads up. Someone sent that to me. All right, let’s continue. We talked, we’ve been talking about this Eastar Easter ritual and you know we’re getting close to holy week, so this might all tie into that. Jim Carrey wasn’t cool with it. He was totally sickened, and this tells me that you know, this is all just bare. This is the official version, is that the slap was real. I mean look at Full Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey was sickened, he said, sickened by the standing ovation. Now real or fake? It actually was sickening. I called them a Nablers. He goes up to give a speech where he didn’t even apologize to Chris Rock and he quotes Denzel Washington and then he says life imitates art. I was behaving like the character out of the movie. So he kind of gives away the game. Plenty of Dooper’s delight, but again it’s real and it’s going to be a real serious issue to be discussed among the actors. I think he just earned his Oscar. All right, let’s see here, Obie and Ninja. Oh yeah, Hey, thanks, thanks for coming, said glad to catch it. This is a brand new channel. Last week we had three channels pulled. It’s getting kind of obvious to me that’s a big SI up coming. It’s just been a pattern. Something I’ve observed is that whenever there’s a large or a large scale psychological operation, something that’s gonna be International. My channels tend to take hits. I’ve just noticed there’s something of a pattern, like maybe they know more or less where the intelligentsia of the Internet going to go, so they go ahead and cut us down in advance. So just a heads up something’s coming. Put in had his twenty two anniversary. He was elected pre Russian president in two thousand. Interesting note here from Misha, kind of a site. This is kind of related. Trayvon Martin died on the nineteen anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing from the ninety three one in a development called twin lakes, similar to George Floyd dying in the twin cities nineteen years after eleven. Now it wasn’t perfectly nineteen years after eleven. It was in May, however, on eleven. That was the one where Derek shoven showed up at the hearing. Like, why do they have shoven at hearing one and eleven? It’s because these events are about nine and elevening America. Eleven’s not just about Ground Zero in New York. You know, I brought this up earlier, that today’s the anniversary of the Rodney King beating. Well, he was beaten for one minute nineteen seconds, one hundred and nine hit thirty three times. And you know, by the way, by the way, in the movie King Richard, there is a scene where it shows the Rodney King beating. No coincidences here again, today’s the anniversary of that and it’s the anniversary of the Masonic Lodge is burning. Let me go and get into that really quick because we know, well, we knew a Mac Parhart was friends with a guy that did this.

So someone burned three masonic lodges last year on This Day. And why? I think, I really do think this was a SI up aimed at this channel. I don’t think that’s a stretch. If you read this article you’ll understand what I mean. So you have the guy named Benjamin or Ryan, Carlson Coleman. Now O Ryan is actually known to the Egyptians as oh Cyrus. I didn’t know this until last January when chesslely Christ fell from the Orian Tower and crashed or died on forty two street. I’m like, wait, her name is Christ, she jumps from a building called Oriyan, which is actually Cyrus, and dies on forty two street. So here’s Benjamin or Ryan Coleman, forty two years old, and this forty two year old burns three lodges because he says he had said, that Mason’s and the Illuminati are putting thirty three is on everything. Like he actually made these public statements on his social media accounts. That made me think that this is an invented character designed to make us look crazy, like we’re somehow putting hits out on lodges or something, or pointing out the bad guys. Here’s some examples of what this guy posted. Now I didn’t think this guy was a real person. I assumed he was an agent. Then I find out that this guy’s friends with Mac Parhar, who may or may not of fake died. And and by the way, MAC parhart followed a mutual friend on instagram a month ago after he died. So you figure that one out. So Ben Coleman again, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman is also the name of a lantern. I just cleaned three satanic clubhouses and nobody could do anything. I will stop the mind control. so that’s one posting by him. Anti Masonic conspiracy. Theorist charged with arson at a masonic hall. So I think this is a false flag. It’s kind of my point. At hundred and seven am on facebook he published a message saying I just cleaned three satanic clubhouses. He was flat Earth Anti Freemason in anti mask. This is also covered by the day fodies were north shore had one of their busiest mornings ever mark thirty when they were called to a fire at the Lynn Valley Masonic Lodge and then an even bigger one at the North Vancouver Masonic Temple on Lonsdale. Philip Terran, who lives across the street from the Linn Valley Lodge, so there were sounds of someone knocking down a door around thirty am. Evan fled the scene after a person had thrown something into the building. Taren tried to battle the blaze with his fire extinguisher until North Vancouver district fire crews arrived. Just before seven am, our CMP received reports of a fire at the Duke of cannot lodge number sixty four, also known as the North thancover Masonic Temple, on Lonsdale near twelve. Firefighter was from West Vancouver re called to assist their city and district cohorts. Then he third fire around thirty am on ripert street in East Vancouver at the Park Lodge Massonic. So this guy’s complaining about how there’s three threes on everything, thirty three s on everything, then he burns three lodges on thirty. I find it very hard to believe that this could be real. But again, we looked into this character, Benjamin Ryan, Carlson Coleman and flat earth Fokker calls in and he says, oh, that’s my friend and I understand why he did it. And I was like wait, how can you possibly justify this? He could have killed somebody, could killed a lot of people, could have killed in a pet. I mean, who knows? He could have killed. He could have taken innocent life with arson, who I don’t condone arson. Yet this is one of these things where, Oh, it’s just a flat earth arsonist. Oh Yeah, if you get into the flat earth there, at some point you’re going to want to burn stuff down. Give me a break. Flat Earth or busted in Freemason arson spree. Now, was he even a quote flat earth? I don’t even think so. I think these agents are basically used to smear groups. Oh let’s just label him flat earther. Colemans facebook page contains anti freemason attacks. Now, notice it’s anti freemason. It’s not anti Jew, not Auntie Reptilian. Nope. Okay, so let me see what it says about this is again from the daily beast. The Coleman has been charged in arson, with arson, with what in one of the three blazes, and will face charges for the other two. Goes on.

This incident wouldn’t be the first time a flat earth or attempted to burn a Masonic Lodge. They wrongly believe the planet is disc shaped and they blame the government and others accused the freemasons for concealing the Earth’s true shape. Goes on to say a large section of the flat earth members are grounded in the general conspiracy world. This is sergeant mark. Sergeant told the daily beast I feel bad for the masons because they’re the most public of the secret societies. Okay, fascinating, but again, this guy was anti. Now check this out. They know each other. Is this a coincidence? He’s anti vaxx. He says he believed the masons were controlling the world’s largest tech companies and they were part of a plot to harm people with the POKIES. He also reportedly promoted a flat earth face, a flatter facebook group page, and he’s friends with Mac Parhar. See it, even says it in the daily beast. In the daily beast, this guy’s friends with Mac Parhart. Common is timy. You notice how around the same time last year you were analyzing the same type of news. Masonic Lodge is burning. Actually, this is from last year. This is a hoax of versary. So happy hoax of versary to the Mason’s of Vancouver. Par Her, who did not return or request for comment. He did well. He called me and he said well, he is probably just fed up from being locked up, locked down and he snapped. So when par hard defended this, Guy Thought Weight something’s weird about this. Then I find out they actually know each other. So says here. Mac Parhar made headlines when his you in his this is again the guy who supposedly just died when his yoga studio was shut down after he claimed that Hot Yoga could cure covid so mac was saying that hot yoga would cure it. You just get a room with a bunch of people and you breathe hot air, heat up the room. And it will kill it from the inside. That’s not as bad as Bob nodle. Bob Know it all from form. It was. It still globbusters? Are they still around? Bob Know it all from globe busters. Once claimed, and actually have the transcripts for this, that you can basically use a blow dryer and heat your insides, heat your along. That’s what he was saying and you can cure pretty much any variant. And he lost his channel over that or he’ll had a strike for dangerous misinformation. And it’s like, I can’t I can’t imagine any doctor recommending Oh yeah, just take your hair dryer and and basically just suck on it. Give me a break, but that’s globbusters. And I think he said get the heat, turn the heat up fifteen degrees per hour. All right, let me go through some comments. Yeah, this is hoax, a versary coverage of the three lodges that burned. All right, let us continue. Want to see if there’s anything else in here. Now. This is written by Kelly Wild, who recently published her book off the Edge, which is supposed to be a book about the Flat Earth Today in the flat Earth’s but it’s hyper focused on Neo Nazi rappers pretending to be flat earther’s. She kind of missed the whole point. I don’t think she did her homework. She said, Oh, yeah, to bunks itself two miles away. There’s eight feet of curve. You can’t see somebody from two miles away. I mean, there’s no way she could be that comp that ignorant. Actually, I don’t know. Daily Beast, all these mainstream media types are so insulated they have no idea. I think it’s funny. I have no interest in bringing them up to speed, yet keep on reporting on propaganda as though its firsthand information. Keep yourself in a bubble. Oh, it doesn’t really affect what we do. Now this is some interesting news that may relate to this channel. For years, queue and on influencers and decoders have been using scovinos social media content as a cipher, believing he was using it to send messages from the former president. Now this is something we’ve talked about. I followed a number of popular que and on channels on twitter and found that they were using trump’s social media guy to cross reference q and on drops to communicate. As it related to the one sixt thing, this is true.

It’s all in the script. I’ve seen it, but it’s actually coming out now, which is kind of interesting because I’m wondering when I’m going to can’t be more than a few more weeks when George News is going to bubble to the surface. When George News bubbles to the surface and when it’s discovered that q just migrated, it’ll be fun for this channel because we’re the ones that actually made that connection. I’m going through some comments. Awesome. Yeah, people getting Deja Vus. It’s a for getting dejas vous. It’s because this is a hoax, a versary. If you want to get two the most recent youtube channel, because they do shut our channels down all the time. Make sure you’re on our text alerts. Now trump is pretty much go in the path, I think of Nixon, Nixon Watergate. He had what twenty minutes or eighteen minutes of missing audio? Was Enough? Well, we got seven hours, seven hours of burner phone conversations right now making trump look pretty bad. And now you have this. Now. Look, I know as well as most of you know that the one six fake insurrection was a stage riot, that nobody died, nobody cried Rosel Roseanne Boylan didn’t get trampled to death with her Gadson flag. That said, don’t tread on me. Ashley Babbott’s not dead. All staged, all fake. However, we’re doing world stage analysis and this is what the masses believe. It’s true. And so in the quote real world, right now, a trump is openly asking Putin for a favor, and this is actually being promoted by George News to his three hundred thousand followers. That’s why I came across this piece. But trump was calling on Putin to release Info about Hunter Biden’s crack pipe or his laptop or whatever. So somehow it looks like he’s kind of asking Putin to help him, but not help America. It almost comes like comes off is the enemy of my enemy. Not Quite sure if this is going to be looked at as treason, but take a listen. He says this is on just the news. She gave him three point five millions. Now I think Putin mask mandates are expiring for a simple reason. But on a second. I Have Ron Paul’s useless son here. Rand Paul is such a such a hypocrite and a phony. You know, Ron Paul whatever you think about Ron Paul, he made more sense than anybody. After the lockdown started. He made the most sense. In fact, it was on like three twelve. He actually put on an article called Corona hoax or something and he said that this is an authoritarian’s dream come true. Like he nailed it, and the next day his son came down with covid. Okay, let me go and play this mayor of mosque as wife give the Bidens, both of them, three and a half million dollars from that’s a lot of money. She gave me three and a half million dollars. So now I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think you should release it. I think we should know that answer. All right, so is that treason? I don’t know. Everyone’s calling everyone else guilty of treason. The Queue and honors have preconvicted all the Democrats of treason and they’re just waiting for the emergency broadcast alert so they can start the executions. And Yeah, whether or not you take that seriously, that is the core belief of the queue and honors that they’re going to have to kill the deep state. So there will be death if they get their way. Political violence and I look que and honors hated when I bring this up. It’s like, Oh yeah, you actually are part of a an ideology that has been handed to you so that they can convict you of terrorism. That’s what I think. Look the I’ve been saying for months, maybe, I mean a year now perhaps, that the Quran radicals have been replaced with the Q and on radicals, and what they’ve done is they’ve taken the Great Satan Narrative and they’ve handed it over to these guys locally, domestically. So now you have DMV’s or no DVS, domestic violent extremists who have this ideology that makes them want to kill the Great Satan within our government. So they’ve been handed this thing. So you can’t say, you know, not all Muslims are tearrit member that argument, not all Muslims are terrorists. Well, you could say. They’ll say not all q and honors are terrorists. Well, well, the basic thing, though, is, are you or are you not espousing the idea that there is a great Satan? And if you are, then who is the Great Satan?

Any point? Oh Hollywood, oh Hollywood, elite Democrat elites, Blood Drinking Adrenochrome, Satanists, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, all these various pop stars, and you can see it’s the same targets, so q and on. Is just a new iteration of the same ubiquitous terror threat that they created and it’s the same exact solution. The Patriot Act. And I remember, you know, Alex Jones was kind of pressingent on this. Maybe he had the script, but he had said some time ago, and remember first I heard I laughed. He said, Oh, yeah, they’re going to they’re going to turn the Patriot Act onto the white al Qaida, mic white al Qaida. Now you know, Al Qaida translates to the base with a foundation. The Base El Kaida is the base, a broad based militant Islamic organization funded by Osama Bin Lauden. So now the the white nationalists, the ones who want to shoot the five g towers and put us into a blackout and create a race war, etc. Yeah, they’re called the base examining extremism. The base a violent right wing extremist group that promotes a race war and the creation of so again, what’s what’s the this is so perfect, the parallel. I mean the base, the Base Quran q and on Great Satan. Great Satan, they just literally moved it over Vanilla Isis Grangerman, says. Bruce Willis announced that he has a phasia, which is one of the side effects. All right, let’s see going through your comments. Yeah, Hey, look, I’m by the way. If you want to get the archives to the show, you’re going to have to join soundcloud. Soundcloud is the only place on the Internet where you will have everything in order start to finish. Something like almost seven hundred recordings on here, and that’s not all. I’m sure we’ve lost some, but anyway, you got you’ll have to go to soundcloud or any of the podcasts. I wouldn’t bother seeking archives on Youtube. I can’t log into ninety percent of the Youtube Channels that you are listening on. So if you didn’t know about this channel, we’re up to a hundred and twenty plus, and I’m also suing Youtube Right now, and right now it’s civil, but there are criminal charges I’m going to try to bring up against Youtube for identity theft. I had an identity thief falsely claim trade marks on my channel, on my voice, and Youtube went along with it and has been going along with this since two thousand and seventeen and I actually have letters. I obtained emails from the PERP that were sent to Youtube’s legal department. So I don’t know if some individuals responsible, but they are. So yeah, and I been looking into it. I filed my lawsuit back in December. It may take up to six months, depending on you know, to get some kind of progress, but I’m patient because I’m going to win. So there will be a point soon and we’re already preparing for this. We’re all have my own platform as far as all of my videos, all of the archives and a chat module that will merge all of our chats. We will have it all eventually, and these are just things I can’t really speed up, but what we can do is just, you know, patiently await the process. I trust the process. I trust it because I’ve relied on it and it does do its thing.

It’s just not as fast as I would like. My cyber squatting case is actually really good. It’s solid, it’s air tight, ironclad, no trial necessary. It is a legitimate damage complaint. All I need is an address and I and a Rit of execution and I will be claiming a significant amount of damages and it’s all statutory and the the PURP here, the defendants in New York statutory damages for the type of cyber squatting. And if you go travel damages, multiple years of renewals, it’ll be a large, large sum. And that doesn’t even get into the civil or the criminal. This is a person WHO’s guilty of Felony Identity Theft, felony wire fraud, felony average. I mean it’s it’s so bad the number of counts I’ve counted, I actually have spreadsheets. Four hundred plus instances of perjury, because every false DMCA takedown, every false copyright claim is an act of perjury. Every time he claimed my voice, every time he falsely represented himself as the trademark owner and took down one of my channels, he and Youtube are both complicit in this. They committed fraud. So, anyway, didn’t mean to get into that tangent, but sometimes people are trying to find my archives and then like you’ve been doing this for a few years and I can’t find you. Yeah, that’s because our channels actually being suppressed. Alex Jones refuses to appear to deposition, claiming it would cause them significant stress. Sandy Hook families reject the settlement offer from Info Wars. Yeah, so this is in Alex Jones pretending like he’s being censored. No, he’s not being censored. I actually think some of these bigger channels are there to censor the small channels by putting out the memes that are there to get you targeted. Like I think if you wear a q on your shirt, you’re basically making yourself into a useful idiot target for one of their sciops, for their smear campaigns designed to capture or catch anybody who sees too clearly, which is what we’re actually looking at here. So if you know that Sandy Hook is what it is, you’re a thought criminal. Alex Jones here it is taking a fall. He’s not fighting it, he’s not calling them out the way that Jim Fetzer did. Jim FETZER’s in court saying I’m not going to this is a crisis actor. This is an actor standing in for the actual plaintiff. You know, there’s a number of good things about Jim Fetzer’s battle at Sandy Hook that are worth looking at here, now that I think about it. You know I mean it’s ancient history, but not really. I mean there are things happening every day. It’s the methodology, though. This is the thing they want to hide.

They want you to think, Oh, you’ve got the news broadcasting things, telling the truth when they can, but sometimes fake news gets through, or one out of ten stories is fake. You know, the methodology is that they’re not primarily reporting reality, they are primarily producing world of views. And so in this case Jones is taking the fall. Now, I mentioned before he raised money for his defense. Yet, and he failed to mention this live, he has made a hundred sixty five million dollars in Gwyneth Paltrow sexcoop, rebranded as Super Mal vitality, hundred and sixty five million dollars in the last three years. So he can afford it. But anyway, he offered to pay thirteen plaintiffs a hundred and twenty thousand dollars each for saying the massacre never happened. A hundred twenty thousand and they rejected it. They rejected it. Not Enough money for not enough money for the sandy hookers. So is he fighting for you? Is he on your side? Is he a martyr for truther’s no, not at all. He’s actually murdering the truth, because the truth is the thing is eminently debunkable and it’s a huge glitch in the matrix. I didn’t question the news until I saw a certain sandy hooker’s smile. And at the time I was doing work at in the deathcare profession and I was used to being around bereavement families and states of shock, people crying, etc. And so when I watched that scene I thought weight. You know, I spent all my time at that time I was working at the office of the medical investigator as a decedent transporter and I was doing funeral homework here in their transports and sometimes at the funerals, dropping off flowers. So I was just and that’s one of the reas I quit. I got tired of being around people who were in states of shock, people who are in brievement. You know, it’s just it gets to be a little much to have to always have that side of life in your face.

So I left that behind. But when I saw the Sandy Hook thing, I thought weight. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never seen this level of disconnection from any kind of real personal attachment to the thing it just it rang phony and it does to this day. I think that’s when people really called out the fact that the crisis actors were bad. It wasn’t just the fact that we’re laughing at crisis actors and pointing out the hoax R it’s the fact that they’re actually terrible. And so we’re really just critics here. We’re not engaging in hate speech or slander. We are critics. Echo Charlie says, we need to put the archives in seeds DNA and put them in into Arctica. Yep, commoner says. Was the Oscars slap a scripted ritual? Do you have to ask? Yeah, actually listen to yesterday’s live stream and the day before that. It’s one hundred percent scripted. Not only scripted, but it’s based on his character from the movie, which gives you know the clue. After the event he gives a little shout out to the role. He says, Oh, I was acting like the crazy character King Richard. Life follows art, Ha, ha ha. I mean sad face. No, the whole thing was fake. Rick himself on, rock himself, Chris Rock, knew about the sensitive issue of criticizing Jada the way he did. He himself made a documentary about black hair culture, so that’s a documented fact. Again, the fact that she was front row right there. And of course, again we talked with the symbolism here King Richard Defending Venus, Venus being associated with the color green, among other things, but Jada, jade green emerald dress, being defended by will smith the way he defended Venus. It rhymes for a reason, and this all does correlate to a first black woman ascending to that position on the green courts of the tennis courts, and the same thing happening in the Supreme Court with Justin Jackson. Again, Venus has a an association with blacksmithing and protection. Black Smith protection all code, all symbolic ritual language, rock and will Smith, our bf stick going to probably give you stories to justify believing that it was an organic, real slap, but they always do. It’s all story. I think there are too many tales and too many gives giveaways. Also, this ritual does in fact tie into this. We talked about this earlier today Janet Jackson exposing her breast at the Super Bowl and candle mass. It’s a ritual to bridget to Venus, to the to the goddess and it represents the weaning of the Sun God. That’s why she had the solar symbol on her piercing next to the golden haired Sun God representative, Justin Timber Lake at the time of the year where again sun is the Sun God is born on Christmas, so by that time the weaning is happening, and so he’s the weaning is the the exposed breast. Is All about the The Sun God and the goddess. And here she is, Venus Williams, doing exactly what Janet Jackson did, and she did this during will’s speech. It’s all just coded and symbolic communication. Again, there’s another thing here I want to point out. There is the connection between Judge Jackson being and on April fourth when he hear more about this. But it’s mainly this. Will Smith Defends Jada, King Richard Defends Venus. Venus needed protection on the Tennis Court Keeton G Jackson and Supreme Court. The issue that they’re raising with the psyoup is identity politics, acceptable discourse, an attack on free speech because of course comedy goes too far and violence is justified to stop bad memes. That’s the other part of it. If the MEMES are bad enough, if the jokes are harmful enough, and these are there or toxic enough, yeah, we can use violence to stop it. Again, the Denzel Washington quote is huge. He’s up there quoting Denzel Washington, who just played Macbeth. Then you see Macbeth and King Richard laughing at the side of the stage. And the significance here is the Macbeth curse. Chris rock shouted out. He actually said Macbeth shouting out Denzel Washington, and the Macbeth curse was then manifested when he got slapped.

But listen to this headline. History is repeating itself with Jackson’s race based questioning. So they’re comparing the treatment of the new Supreme Court nominee to that of Thurgard Marshal in one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven. Parallel story. And it’s all about the courts and firsts and color barriers. And that’s again why it’s significant that on April fourth, looking at the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson, Echo Charlie says, what about the arms? At symbolic look at the arms. Yeah, that’s what I was saying. She’s making a triangle with her arms. So there’s definitely something to unpack their the the posture. And then here’s a picture laughing with Denzel Washington. And now this is also a significant if you watch the movie Macbeth, it’s filmed in black and white. That in itself is key. What’s more, beyond the Macbeth curse, I would say, is Denzel Washington is a he played Malcolm X, and there’s some interesting connections here when you get into the metascript and the director Spike Lee, which will probably get into very soon here also, you’ll note it was about a black king losing his head. Black and rock, also, separately and together, are major metascript key terms and words that we’ve been noting really since probably when code kicked off in that black Monday market crash commenced infinite plane radio. I love my I have extension one hundred. Yeah, you got it. Oh Shit, Tim Yeah, this is a quota. This is a cold working numbers him. Oh my God, I hit. I’m actually at extension one hundred. That’s why I thought this is weird. What can I help you with? Now? I’m calling my doctor’s office. Oh okay, I hit. Then’t let me ddle left. He would last number I dialed on this phone. No, I thought I was hitting called back the last number and I was hitting call the last number dialed. I’m a Buffoon, man. Oh, that’s cool. Sorry, bet though. No, no, this is five minutes of fame. Good to hear from you, and everyone here in the chats happy to hear. Oh, you were, were on the you’re actually on the well, you are on Youtube. I’ve been so busy I didn’t even get time to listen to Youtube. Yeah, I mean good. Managed to squeeze some time in today. I sent out a text notification, but yeah, will be in touch. I hope everything’s well with you. This has been a fair man. I wish I even knew what you show. Was Rambling and you know. Man. All right, well, I’m going to catch up after I get done here. Thanks, Kim brother. Extension one hundred. Hello, many have extended thirty three for the next door to sweet one, O one, all right, have a good day. All right, be good. All right, let’s see. Let’s continue. ECHO says, okay, triangles, tim well, yeah, exactly. You know that. You look at the symbolic language and hand signs and it’s usually pretty obvious. The triangle thing, her triangle where she it mirrors this. So here you’re looking at will Smith on the stage in front of these three triangles and he talks about the privilege to quote protect, and that’s in quotes to protect, and of having the privilege to protect the actresses. So he gives a speech about being a protector for Venus, and again this is consistent symbolically with what Venus represents. And then, of course Venus down there with her Janet Jackson Esque Wardrobe Malfunction, which I do not believe is a wardrobe malfunction. Coincidence is and accidents? Yeah, I don’t really believe these things. Look art imitates life. I look like the crazy father Richard Williams. When I heard him say that during the acceptance speech, I knew then it was fake and I well, I watched the movie right after and I wouldn’t have otherwise. So that also suggests that we’re looking at a pretty good pr stunt. You know, they got me to buy a ticket. All Right, I’m going through some comments. Yeah, how did Denzel Washington know that the devil would come for Smith at the highest point? So many coincidences that’s why it’s funny when somebody asks is it fake? I’m like you should be asking is it real? Fake until proven real. When you’re dealing with the pathologically lying si up entertainment complex, it’s all about deceptions. Anyway. Okay, let us continue. Just going through my notes to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Again, this is also significant here. Activists Apply Critical Race Theory to Utah’s beauty industry. So the issue of black hair culture is a sensitive topic to be flippantly mocking in front of the world, especially at the Oscars like that. So that was an inflammatory thing. It was not a flippant bad joke. It was a targeted statement, I think, intended to incite a broader conversation. And it’s not a coincidence that the Supreme Court justice is being being a question by the right as as being mess going to find some direct quotes but, like I said, they’ve related this to one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven Jackson questioned on Supreme Court’s shadow docket. Want to find some of the stuff in the hearing because it was pretty much clear to me that there’s a contradiction that putting up here. We’ve got Clarence Justin Justice, Clarence Thomas’s wife being a major q and honor. Here we go, Jackson hearings, fall prey to fringe Q and on theories. Dick Durban accuses a geop of appealing to q and on crowd with Jackson attacks. So again, the point of it, my point here, is that she’s being, quote, attacked. Howiy channels Q and on with attack on Jackson. So you have this first. You know this. This is another one. It’s a parallel to the story of Venus Williams. And again King Richard Defends Venus, will Smith defends j Venus, and I think what you’re seeing here is a parallel as someone else rises to the court, a parallel story. There’s a need for defense and it’s all about her being under attack. And it’s the same forces doing the same during the same doing the same types of attacks we’re talking about in the movie. It’s really a bunch of well, I would say it’s racist and entrenched attitudes what you would expose with crt. No coincidences. Commoner says, are you available for a skype this moment? Yeah, if I wasn’t expecting any calls, I could possibly do it. I actually have to get back to work. I am working to maintain this channel and I’m only a couple days off from the next patreon payments. Everyone here who supports this channel, Patreon, I have to say thank you again, because without that we would not be able to even maintain the schedule that we have. I’m trying to work towards something more like a five days a week open phones. There’s so much research to do, but I’m I’m very much I have a conflict of interest. In fact, I actually called one of my old employers. Kind of funny. We were talking about the funeral home that the deathcare profession thing I called the state morgue, because I used to do decedent transport and it was a pretty good gig. I could get a forty eight hour shift beyond call and get basically almost eight nine hundred bucks for the week. So I may go back into body transport. So I’ll see what I can come up with. But Anyway, thanks everyone for hanging out. Will be back, possibly later on tonight. Sign up to the newsletter and if we are you won’t Miss It, and this is actually on. The go ahead and send out one more thing here in the chat. All right. So, if you didn’t get on the newsletter, just click the link get on. All right, this has been great. This is autohoax, or GTFO, by chief crow in the flat Earth Worms and again. Yeah, we’ll be back to a regular schedule and hopefully taking calls soon. Store, store, Star, Stark Star,

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