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All right, everyone, this is space, is fake AF chief crow in the flat Earth Worms. Three hundred and thirty one two thousand and twenty two, one hundred and twenty two PM mountain time. I sent out notifications to everyone on the newsletter, but I’ll be reserving the text message blast for tonight when we do open phones. I don’t want to spam people’s text alerts, so I’m only doing it during open phone broadcasts. Joined by Frank Murr, Osher, Linda Curtis, advanced settings and others. This is just a continuation of the twenty seven stream, but this section will be premiered afterward. So if you show up late or in the middle of this, no big deal. I started off with that song because there’s there’s a headline today just kind of stunned me for a moment here, because this used to be another joke of mine.

Do you remember? I used to talk about how you can see too much detail in the ISS transits, how it’s just not believable to me looking at pictures of world record record setting long distance photographs and then looking at what’s supposed to be images of a craft two hundred and fifty, three hundred miles away, and comparing the two and seeing that there’s just so much detail on the ISS. So I used to exaggerate a little hyperple you know, it’s a yeah, you can see the astronauts in the spacewalks. You can see Chris head filled up there strumming is guitar. You can see Don petteet up there losing stuff or whatever he does, acting confused, whatever it is. You can see them waving down at you and it’s a big joke. There’s no way you can see people three hundred miles away and in detail enough to identify individual persons. But I’ve been saying that it’s an exaggeration and a joke. But if you accept the transit photography that they give you, you do see a level of detail wearing. You could actually work out where a specific astronaut is. Now this is more than just an argument from incredulity. I think it has to do with is it even possible, and we’re talking about a space station transit, where a photographer is able to see two astronauts actually walking on the thing? So I used to say this as a joke. Then I went on to some debate with a guy who went by mctoon and mctoon and I were talking and I said there’s way too much detail, it’s too close up. You can see the astronauts waving at you. And you know, he kind of laughed it off as just a mockery here. But now, a couple years later, it’s no longer a joke. Man Photographs ISS from Earth’s surface, captures astronauts in space and it gets even worse, or better, I guess. Update to spacewalkers image from the ground, and this is an image where it’s a closeup, so they have a an actual side by side. And this is just to convince you of something, because one of the one of the criticisms that still stands is that you can look at ISS footage any time a day or night, look at the cloud patterns and it will not match what you see on the ground. Occasionally they’ll give you a snapshot and they’ll say, oh look, this is the hurricane from above, but generally their footage bears no relation to the weather on the ground. You could not you the ISS footage to plan a family vacation and trust that you’re going to see accurate weather from above. It doesn’t match, but now here. What what they have brought you is matching video footage with on the ground photography, supposedly ground based image three two, three, two thousand and twenty two, composition by Philip Smith. And so here you have on the screen, if you’re looking a very detailed image of the ISS now you can make a make out the various modules.

You can actually see the details in the solar array. So you can work out the size of each of these features just by looking at the specks that are published. And you, like I said, you can work out where the astronauts would be. Well, they’ve done it and they actually have arrows pointing to where the astronauts are. You can see them installing a new camera and then they have this juxtapose with the onboard camera that shows the astronauts doing the work in quote space. Now, I always point out that the photography from space is super crystal clear without fail when it’s an astronaut taking a picture from inside the craft, but whenever you have the video from outside of the space station, it’s always diffused lighting, kind of blurry, as though it’s underwater. I wonder why that is. But Anyway, yes, this is the story.

During astronaut spacewalks there often photographed, are filmed, but rarely to someone capture spacewalk from the surface of the earth. He said. Quote. I feel like I just made a once in a lifetime image. It’s the first ground based picture showing spacewalkers on the ISS again, it’s incredible astro photography. If you choose to believe it, then you’re a believer. Do you know this to be real? Well, I looked at the video and it’s really a leap of faith. Do you trust that that camera that you see in the video, that that telescope there, is actually recording what they’re going to show you after? I mean there is a bit of trust implied here. You get a trust are not lying and people lie. Don’t believe me, you know, I try brought up mctune. So I tricked mctune on purpose. Let me go ahead and bring up what I did here. So I wanted to make the point that there is no way that they can make a distinction between real and fake just based off photography. So this is a big one. I showed mctune and all his globe defending buddies. I said, Hey, what do you think of this magnificent photo of the ISS transitting Saturn? Again I pointed out too much detail and if you look you can see there is the ISS transiting Saturn. And they said, seems legit. We have no reason to out this. This is real and you’re dumb for not believing it. And I said will surprised. Even though this was from NASA’s astronomy pick of the day, it turns out it was a major league hoax. So they couldn’t tell and I presented it to them. I tricked them and then I rug pulled them in front of all of their viewers to show them that they are believers, not knowers, and I’m not a believer and I don’t have enough information to know. So I’m kind of agnostic, critical and skeptical. So I don’t get clowned like they did, like I clown them the way this photographer clowned NASA. But my other point here is, was NASA even clowned? No, I think they just got caught. So it says there was a spectacular astronomy video that went viral another German astro photographer and it showed the ISS passing in front of Saturn. It was spammed all over twitter and facebook. And why? Because the people who believe this stuff don’t fact check, they don’t reality test the claims. The reason went viral. It went viral because you have a lot of dupes, and it’s not the flat earther’s that are the dupes. Here goes on to say it was cool. Catching such an event takes an extraordinary men of skill and planning. There’s only one problem. It wasn’t real. Oh, imagine that. I thought everything that NASA presented was unequivocally real, and if you doubt it, there’s something defective with your mind. No, turns out they don’t even know the difference between rule and fake. So he used images he can posited. Then he can posited the images together and made a video. So this is beyond just this is beyond just a simple composite photo. He did the whole video and he tricked people somehow. And here’s what he said. I managed to photograph the ISS in front of a planet. In this case it was Lord of the ring, Saturn. Everything happened as planned. You can see the video on Youtube. Oh, there’s evidence, like I saw the video on Youtube of the guy photographing the astronauts flying over his house. I thought, I mean, this is just so corny to me that they can just continually pass the stuff off as real. But you have to remember who they’re actually catering and pendering to. People have never questioned any of these things. You know a lot of people, I call them conspiracy theorists, I call them conspiracy nutters.

A lot of people actually believe that man lended on the moon. Still and moreover, they’re so confused that they don’t know that, by their own ridiculously low standards of evidence, if what NASA says is true, then the moon is made out of wood, because the moon rocks. It was revealed we’re all made out of wood. So either NASA’s lying about everything and they didn’t go to the moon, or that’s big chunk of petrified wood up there. Take your pick. Anyway, this guy presented his evidence on Youtube. He says this is a great achievement for me, is an astro photographer. This takes time, patients and preparation and luck to get a shot like this, and the hard work pays off in the end. So there he is, congratulating himself and then you go over to NASA’s astronomy pick of the day. Oh, it’s not there anymore. They replace it with an equally realistic image of a spiraling galaxy out there. By the way, galaxies are flat, solar systems are flat. The Universe is pretty much flat. It’s not a sphere, it’s not a ball. You’re not on the outside of a ball universe. You’re not inside of a hollow universe. No, it’s flat. A lot of flatness out there. So you want to laugh at one flat speck of matter called Earth, go ahead, laugh at flat earth. Your whole universe is laughably flat. Your solar system is ridiculously flat. And if you don’t let Pluto into your club and make it a planet, it is flat because Pluto’s the only deviation seventeen degrees below your flat solar system plane. Anyway, let’s go on. The video is convincing enough that it got past a lot of people, well, not the flat earthers. That’s my point. Flat earther’s have a point. The Earth may not even be flat. It might be a big CGI ball for all I care. I’m not really don’t care. My point is it’s not about the shape. It’s about world view. Who presents it and how you know what you know? And do you know what you know, or are they presenting you a false idol and then telling you you’re responsible for its condition because you’re not recycling enough or whatever? Anyway, let me go on. Says when I first saw the video, and this is from slatecom true believer in this whole space program obviously, he said, I was amazed, but then it bugged me to catch the ISS in front of Saturn in one frame of the video. The odds of that are pretty low and it looked too crisp and clean. But that wasn’t enough for me to declare it fake. To Crisp to clean. So let’s address that for just a moment. You are talking about a craft moving seventeen thousand miles per hour. There’s no motion blur and that kind of bothers me, especially because the only reason you can see it is it’s reflecting the sun. The light is just it doesn’t seem like it’d be that consistent. But yes, are able to get astounding detail, which I’ve always said is a giveaway. It’s a hoax. That’s why I said that you’re likely to see astronauts hanging out dangling off the side Chris Headfield playing his guitar, you know, because it’s such a it is such a joke, but now it’s real and we’ll get back to that. But Anyway, here’s how they found out it was a hoax.

The ISS should have been twice the size of Saturn, but they are the same size in the video. So, speaking of relative sizes, I had watched a plane cross in front of the moon once and I got to thinking, hm, that plane is like three miles away, iss two hundred and fifty. How come the ISS transits seemingly depict a space station which is the size of a football field, a hunt three hundred feet, as the same size as a commercial airliner, even though the airliners three miles away and the ISS is a few hundred like that kind of stood out to me. And also, if you can see astronauts on the space station two hundred fifty to three hundred miles away from your backyard, then what if you focused on a plane? Would you be able to see what the with the pilot is tweeting? Do you know what I mean? Just seems like there’s a a scale problem here. Okay, let’s go on. The ISS is brighter than Saturn, but they appear equally well exposed. Yeah, people who know about photography can debunk this stuff when they look critically. People who know about video can have a good time laughing mystery science theater three thousand style at the Terrible Science Fiction Reality TV movie called the ISSS, because if you know anything about video editing you can spot the the hoaxes in it. In fact, I was actually just watching a video today and I’m just I’m not going to play it. But there’s a ceremony aboard the ISS because they do a bunch of ceremonies, a lot of group hugs, like, if you’re going to be an astronaut, you better be a hugger. No social distancing in space. Anyway, the guy in the left is passing some symbolic key because the cosmonauts are handing over the keys to the Americans and I hope it’s not some kind of an indication that maybe they don’t want to be on board for what happens next. But Anyway, the guy in the leftis handing in the key, has an obvious green screen edge around his entire body. The entire time.

You can you can clearly see that that environment around them is not actually there and these are really bad special effects. They have not aged well. This was this is very realistic ten years ago, I’m sure, but no, right now it doesn’t match our reality, the reality that we see. It looks phony and CGI has improved and the stuff you see in the movies has surpassed this. If you watch the movie Moonfall, they have better special effects than the ISS and that’s a problem. So that’s the reason why I first suggested they’re going to have to pull it down, because this is limiting. How far then go up into space? Let’s see who else has joined us. JT thirty three, good to see you here, Kimmy Cool Obie Ninja. Again we’ll have text alerts blasted tonight before we take phone calls. Astronaut on a spacewalk captured on film from Earth. Again then this is such a an unbelievable thing to me. I’m not going to let this go to me.

This is them just trying to maintain a continuity of the illusion here, but I think it’s interesting again because I’ve made a joke about it and I made a joke about it to someone who is debating me about the existence of the thing, and even they agreed that it would be a preposterous claim. Now let me get to the next point here. This is just something that came up randomly. I had a meme that I was going to share, and you know I like to investigate what I’m going to share first. So I saw this meme and I thought this is too good to be true. In ancient Babylon you had some ceremony from the New Year. Supposedly, statues of the gods paraded through the streets, looking like the Oscars, in front of whom a king was required to kneel. A high priest would then slap the monarch. Tears had to flow from the king’s eyes as an omen to the prosperity of the country. So I thought this is got to be some kind of a joke. Now I’m looking at this as okay, so if this is true, then yes, will smith cried, but it rock? Chris Rock, would be the one who would have to cry for this to be the actual thing as described here. Anyway, turns out that there is indeed something to it, and this is what was kind of astounding this morning. I was like wait, this is way too obvious. Slapping the king on the cheek in ancient Babylon is a humiliation right, that serves a dual purpose. This is from Jerusalem Post. The ancient custom of striking the king on the cheek and bringing him to tears in the fourth day of the Babylonian New Year celebration deserves some attention. Now, this article is from several years ago. Now. You know, my monitors going to sleep right now. I don’t know why, and I’m looking at the audio and code or in my audio is still going out there. So I’m just going to continue until my monitor wakes up. But I was bringing up this Babylonian King slapping ritual and Chris Rock had a performance last night. He had a comedy show. I think the place called Wilburn Theater, but anyway, he showed up and had a standing ovation and during the standard the standing ovation, he reportedly cried tears. So he was slapped and then he gushed. Okay, my monitor is off, so I don’t really know where to go with this other than probably, wow, this is going to be a problem. Okay, well, anyway, this has been great. Just a short catch up on everything, and I’m going to be doing this any anyway, every single day and posting it to the Conspiratimement News daily, just catching up with the things that want to be discussing in detail later that we’ll be taking phone calls on, etc. Okay, but I have no control over the live stream. My Monitor is quite literally down, so what I’m going to do is just terminate the whole thing for the time being anyway. Have a great day.

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