Jeff Bezo’s Titanic Capsized By Kraken In Seattle, Chris Rock’s Ticket Sales Skyrocket to $8000 Post-Slapgate, Litterboxes for the Furries, and Happy Darth-day Khlaus Schwabb 666.

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You can see those stars. Oh yeah, and able to see stars from surface on the daylight side of the see, there’s more than stars. You can see planets, you see part thanks for joining. It’s thirty three, thirty PM. Sorry, marks, thirty thirty three. We were on earlier today. In fact, earlier today I got a phone call from five minutes of fame and he said, Oh, I thought I was trying to call my doctor. So He mixed up Dr Oz and Tim Osman on his speed dial. Let’s see us here, spongebob, Bro Jetta, a j two hundred and sixty, sister d lean, dion, Danna, south, restless bear. Yeah, text message notifications went out, patreon notices, and anyone who is on the newsletter should be showing up here shortly. It’s a brand new youtube channel. They shot down three of our channels last week, and this always happens before a big SIOP. And what was the Big Siop? I mean, was it the slap? Do they not want infinite plane radio’s commentary on the Illuminati ritual? I mean hollyweird drama. I mean that’s really what we’re looking at. We’re looking at hollyweird drama covering up for what is actually an occult ritual, which we’ve been discussing on this channel and more has also been revealed in our research. But let me bring up this coincidence before we get any further, in case anybody here thinks that this is real. Everybody’s a winner in this thing. The ratings, the movie King Richard. I’m sure that’s going to do very well, but listen to this. So Chris Rock, this is a direct quote from the and I’ll pull up the article here, but it’s just by coincidence. Rock was booked to play several shows in Boston beginning Wednesday, before he and barks on his ego death world tour. This is the first time that Chris Rock has gone on the road in five years. Now think about that EGO death. They’re describing him as TAC turn like. He really didn’t have any EGOIC reaction. He didn’t act mift or offended. He played it off. It was super cool. So as far as I’m concerned, that man is egoist. That was a great response to a provocation. But now check this out, though. It’s a coincidence that he’s about to go on tour and then he has this drama, kind of like it’s always a coincidence that right before you going to release an album, you’re going to fake die. Well, listen to this. The ticket, the ticket sales went up from for thousand nine hundred and fifty scalpers put them on stubhub and they went up to eight thousand Bucks, eight hundred to eight thousand dollars. So the demand was high because they think that this first show is going to be a good one, because it will be his first public response to the Will Smith Slap. So this should be interesting. But again, if you had purchased some of those tickets for fifty bucks for his ego death tour, you could be flipping him for eight thousand dollars. So if this doesn’t tell you the whole thing’s a hoax, then nothing will, because the money always gives it away. All right, let’s see here. Dave Sim says, what’s The new Youtube Channel? Name just infinite plane radio. I’m always going to name it the same thing. We could call it infinite plane radio number one hundred and nineteen. Is that the number? On I think we’re getting close. Three channels, two strikes each two weeks. They put us down Lean Dion says, the I ps slaps. Yep, that’s why they didn’t want us down. They didn’t want us to talk about the stuff, so they pulled our channels down. It didn’t want us to be able to offer commentary that might unravel this thing, which it’s happening anyway. Even complete blue pill normies who believe everything they see are having a hard time believing this thing, which is funny. You know. It’s kind of like one of these it’s like a litmus test just to see how awake people actually are. And so you have the outrage coming from the Whoopie Goldberg, Howard Stern, Jim Carrey, and I was just reading some more moral outrage from Amy Schumer, who’s in shock. Amy Schumer, supposedly she’s a comedian. Well, she can’t get over the trauma. So a lot of people are traumatized. Now it is a an unsightly thing to see a comedian being slapped, because it’s like, wait, I thought this was free speech, and I think this is what they’re actually set in the stage for. In fact, Cathy Griffin is also pretty terrified by this thing. She says something to the effect of are we now have to do we now have to worry about the next comedian to get slapped? Now, coming from someone who posed with a severed head of trump, it doesn’t really mean too much, but it just shows you that these people are reading lines. They don’t actually believe this crap. But I think this is raising the question of whether or not free speech auto be free speech, like free speech is unmasked speech. And they want us to wear masks on the Internet, as in they want us to have the filter so we don’t spread dangerous misinformation, mal information, disinfo. So why wouldn’t they want the Comedians to be held of the same standard, and specifically Comedians, because they’re the ones who can kind of balloon test outrageous ideas and get a pass. So I think this is an anti free speech thing as well. They want to slap you on the mouth. Oh by the way, happy Darth Day. Our Dear Leader, Klaus Schwab, up there at the World Economic Forum, six hundred sixty six, is having his what’s his birthday? What’s his public age? We know these people are immortal. He’s been around since what several ages ago, like quite literally, what was it? Pisces? For Pisces it was what the age of the I’m not big on to astrology, but they are, and the great reset was certainly timed with the age of Aquarius. I’m placing him back at maybe four thousand now. I don’t know if they keep the same bodies or if they do serial reincarnation, like they just have their soul jacked into a new body when this one gets old. I actually read something. I had this very bizarre book and I can’t find it now, and it was about a group called the Illuminati of Thana Terros and it meant love and death or something. But there was some spell in there. I think it was called the Red Right, and I don’t know if people do this stuff, but it described this process of transferring one’s soul into the unborn in order to have another go at life and continue where you left off, and it even talked about ensuring that your situation is there for your reception and your proper I believe it was reintegration or something. Fascinating stuff, but there are people who believe in reincarnation, that’s for sure. Is it random? All right, let me go through the okay, Dustin Meult Testa says Smith SMITES Christ oh Chris. Yeah, interesting. I think there’s a lot of interesting things that you will get into here. When you look at the symbolism in the names, like will Smith. Well, he’s defending Venus. In the movie, Venus Goddess of Protection, and also blacksmiths, so you have a black Smith. Protection is the theme for Venus in the movie and the real life version, for this particular event, which was Jada wearing an emerald dress again, jade, green, Emerald. All this stuff relates to Venus. And then Venus was in the bleachers. Here’s in the stands, flashing, flashing her breast with a triangle form made with her arms the way they were interlocked, and it looked like she was sending a signal. And we’ll get into all the stuff we indon. Says the masses fail the test repeatedly. Oh, the litmus test. Yeah, they’re not awake. No, they’re quite literally living in a dream world. And that’s what we’re talking about. And for people think that’s hyperbole, I would I would recommend doing a little research into people who are in hostage situations, you know Stockholm Syndrome, or people who are in cults. There is a point where you are in a dream world and it’s often hard for people to reintegrate after leaving a cult, so that you go from one to the next and go from one bad relationship to the next. And I think that collectively, mankind is in a in a codependent relationship with government through the mass media trauma machine, because that’s all it does, is it? It promotes the fight or flight response and then directs the sheep accordingly. Only those who need the fight or flight, the ones who are motivated by who are ambitious or motivated by greed or whatever. They have ways of moving them as well, but they get all the sheet go in the same direction and it’s so perfectly timed. I mean, look at this psyop, look at this particular slap and how it has I mean really they I think this cured Putin. I was asking that question last month or earlier this month. I was like, okay, wait, seems to me that covid killed radical Islam boom and then put and killed covid. So what’s going to get rid of? What’s going to Cure Putin? So yeah, covid nineteen cured radical Islam. PUTTIN cured covid. What’s going to cure Putin and it might be the slap. I think that’s how serious this thing is. It seems UN serious, but it’s not, and we’ll get into why. I think this ties into a lot of other things, Meta scriptwise, but again by coincidence. He was about to go on tour and I remarked on this day one. But here’s a quote in a tearful acceptance speech. Now they don’t mention that he’s quivering his bottom lit like a pro earning that Oscar and that he’s practically clawing at his eyeballs to get the tears out. I’m surprised it wasn’t tears of blood. Did you see the way his finger pulled at his eyelid, kind of like Obama did post Sandy Hook. Anyway, in a tearful acceptance speech, Smith apologized to the academy and his fellow best actor nominees, but he stopped short of mentioning Rock. In his remarks, he attempted to connect the altercation to his on screen character in King, Richard. Yeah, this is not a coincidence. Quote. Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family. Oh, one more thing, and I probably have this in discord, if you listen to the audio, Chris Sounds like he calls him Richard Right before the slap. Anyway, Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family. Smith said art imitates life. I looked like the crazy father, just like they said about Richard Williams. How convenient, right. I mean, it’s a good thing he didn’t play Mike Myers, because then, I guess we could presume that Chris would have been hacked stabbed. All right, let’s continue now. This is all probably foreshadowing to something bigger. I think the slap may pertain to something a lean dion says, the coming catastrophe. Perhaps. Yes, the coming catastrophe was something referred to by William Shatner speaking of Michael Myers, and he said when he was in space the Earth looks super fragile and that he doesn’t know if it’s going to survive the coming catastrophe or I gotta he knows something about the coming catastrophe. Let me bring this up. Captain Kirk, who went up to fake space? Why did William Shatner mention the coming catastrophic event? The coming catastrophe? The real reason captain Kirk went to space. Number of people caught on to this and we’re wondering what is this guy actually talking about? So says here something about the coming catastrophe. I don’t know, maybe I’ve figured he was seeing global warming. That’s kind of the idea that we’re given here, is that when you get up high enough, then you can see how bad it all looks, which is kind of counterintuitive. It’s like, if global warming was that bad, shouldn’t we be able to tell, like the ocean levels aren’t rising? And yet when you go to space, way up there, you can see from way far away. It’s remote diagnosis. I don’t get it. Garrett summer said I had a vision of the sheep of the world. It has all been scripted. Yeah, I believe so well scripted is in they’re following a script. But the thing about the script, and this is the thing, the key point here, is that it is timed with the Zodiac and this Astro theological story of revolving around the personification of the heavenly bodies. So it has an objective connection to reality, and that’s why I brought up Klaus Schwab and this great reset, because it was all timed with the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, and these are not coincidental alignments. It was a specific conjunction that’s specifically tied in to the Christ story and year zero because of the timing of it and the winter solstice. And more recently last month, on the twenty two, we had the Pluto Return, which put it exactly at the point where it was in seventeen seventy six, July fourth, and I think right now the big split, the big crack, is between seventeen, seventy six and sixteen nineteen to comp eating visions for the world, and this ties in also to this space race. Are we going to go up in a space? Is Humanity going to unite as one, as capitalists or communists? Are we going to? And Look we’ve been we’ve been given examples, Bezos, Branson Musk, of what they’re going to do with this money. Our billionaire sustainable and they flaunt their wealth on purpose, bezos with his mega yacht which looks like a titanic. And this all ties in, of course, to this constant reference to the earth as being fragile. The Earth is the titanic, the West is a titanic. They use this as a metaphor, but in the movie don’t look up, it was the earth, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who was in the movie the Titanic, is in the role of a Noah like character, a scientist warning the world that we must do something to stop the comment. Now they don’t listen to the scientist, so they all die. Now they listen the greedy capitalists who want to mind the commet so they have more stuff to make cell phones with, smartphones with now you can contrast that with the other movie, Moonfall, which has a happier ending. But in Moonfall the scientist looks like a clone of the other guy. Same are same archetype. It’s like beard, unshaven, kind of neck, bearded, nerdy guy, very nervous. This guy’s a GORPHOBIC. In don’t look up and in Moonfall, both of these characters are constantly taking pills for their nervousness and the whole subtext is if you knew what the scientist knew, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, you wouldn’t eat, you would be scared of this sky. So anyway they use the same characters. By the way, moonfall world gets saved by a scientist look up. The actor happens to be thirty three. They have an obsession with thirty three year old saviors, if you haven’t noticed. In fact, some actor, just no, singer, just died from the wanted think his name was Tom Parker. Again, the word named Tom Means twin. died at thirty three. Twin thirty three. Lots of interesting symbolism in these things. The Twin Towers were thirty three when they pulled him and it all has to do with this ritual of this Phoenix, the burning down of the old building. Back Better, as Klaus Schwab would say. Again, it’s his birthday. Happy Darth Day, Klaus Schwab. All right, so let’s continue here. Cathy Griffin says. Let me tell you something. It’s a very bad practice to walk up on a stage and physically assault a comedian. Now we all have to worry about who wants to be the next will Smith in comedy clubs and theaters. Again, this is Cathy Griffin. Whenever I think of her, let me see you when find it. It’s a few directions we can go with this particular Harpy, but she’s pictured here with a severed head. So when I see these lefties calling for. Here we go, decorum. How can we allow these rules to be broken? Acting all offended, acting traumatized, like a like Amy Schumer, it’s like no, these people are arsonists when it comes to free speech. They’re here to destroy the very notion of free speech is a positive value. Again, they want free speech to be to be the equivalent of unmasked speech. It’s inherently dangerous. And why aren’t you wearing your mask? Flat Bastard says, if it shows live at the very top left, it’s live. That’s correct, all right, so let us continue. According to the news media, the mainstream news, will Smith’s slap was not to promote an Llopisia medicine by fiser. So some people said that fiser was going to make some money off this thing, but mainstream sources say it’s not true. We’ll see. Alex Jones refuses to appear at a deposition because he said it would cause them significant stress. Well, now they’re going to find him twenty Fivezero dollars a day until he shows up. Now he gets the money back if he shows up and it’s just a virtual appearance. But don’t worry, he sold enough Gwyneth Paltrow, sex goop relabeled a super mail vitality over the last three years to pay up. Let mean he offered thirteen of the the sandy hookers, I think, a hundred twenty thousand dollars a pop and they said no, of course not, it’s not enough money. Not that it’s about money. A Q and on conspiracy, theorist think infamous Oscar slap was a hoax because will smith is actually dead. Yeah, I was wondering about this. See, there’s a list going around of all the celebrities, all the baby eaters, all the bad guys that have already been killed by Q and by trump. So they’re out there doing military tribunals, but they don’t want to shock us, so they hire actors to replace those people. This is the world of Q. Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Ninety Four Academy Awards on Sunday, but now queue and honors are weighing in their own conspiracy theories about the incident. Look, if you’re sick of Q, go to Marcus Goldfinch dot I see you, and tweet it. Just share that. I mean this is something I’m not going to spend time on tonight. But we are at a point where I have direct evidence that q knows Iv Anka and it’s it’s a very significant given to that. Right now the trump’s are under intense scrutiny. They’re looking at another Watergate. I mean, Nixon was only hiding what, eighteen minutes of tape. Trump’s got to account for seven hours and thirty seven minutes, and take note to that really quick thirty seven. I don’t know what that number means, but the fact that seven hours and thirty seven minutes are missing might mean something. Garrett says, Chris Rock World Tour announced immediately. Yeah, I was saying that people were scalping the tickets from forty nine dollars to eight thousand dollars because the first show is going to be huge. No coincidences, all right, but anyway, trump, trump is someone, and and his family as well, who is is personally in q circle. Like Q, is someone who, for a very good reason, doesn’t directly interact with people because it would it would compromise the whole thing. The very fact that trump knows q is damning and as far as it takes away all of its plausible deniability about any involvement with the sy up of six. It tells you also that he’s an insider, but he’s playing into the script. You know, let me go ahead and call make a quick phone call live. I generally don’t do this. I mean it might be considered rude. However, this is a very extraordinary situation because I have here a few things. One, others have also caught on to this, that George News replaced Q. and again, George News is the one that replaced George magazine from JFK Jr. But will gets even more interesting here is that trump’s social media guy, Dan Scovino, was sending out tweets that reference q drops by the time stamps, and this was going on for a couple of years and I was wondering when is the Meetia going to pick up on this? Well, they have. It’s I think Liz Cheney’s even picked up on it. So now they figured this thing out and it’s only a matter of time until George News gets brought up. and I have email exchanges between George News and Ivonka and a few other things that they inadvertently linked, leaked through screen caps and other things. But Anyway, I compiled it all, I have admissions of guilt. And the best part of all, and so if you hate Q, this is why you need to get behind this again, Marcus Goldfinch, dot I see you, is that I have an email confessional, including email headers, about this person, which proves everything that I say. But he also admits to dozens and dozens of times instances of committing felony identity theft. So this is a fourth three felony. This guy could serve time in prison, most likely will and pay a bunch of fees. So if you want to see q dragged into the light and thrown in jail and create a huge mess for the whole trump crime family, only go to Marcus Goldfinch, dot I see you, and tweet this to someone you think might find it interesting, because the evidence is all here. The Guy got a key to the White House from Donald Trump, he got lapel pins from Mike Pence, he’s he was at trump’s last birthday party. Even recorded it. So, like I said, it’s all going to have to come out very soon, and I think right now might be a good time, because I’ve Anka’s trending, Donald Junior’s trending and they all know each other and I can prove it, and I’ve been in contact with some other people who arrived at similar conclusions and they all agree with me that what damns him is his relentless cyber squatting campaign against the Infinite Plain Society. I mean, really a dumb foot bullet if you think about it. Yes, Q has been obsessedly, but obsessively, buying up domains associated with this channel because of an ongoing dispute that preexisted his Gig here with Q, Whoever this guy really is, you know he’s been doing this type of Intel work and he was already trying to drive me off the Internet. Well, he got the wrong person, because all of his cyber squatting has made it so that he’s basically he essentially in possession of stolen property. Domain squatting is property theft and it’s a federally protected thing. You can’t just steal someone’s domain and there will be repercussions. And what’s more, he rebought all the domain so he can’t drop this. If he can’t throw the evidence in the river, he’s screwed. So anyway, just putting it out there. If you’re sick of all this q and on nonsense. I think we could make it a lot more interesting, because look whe they’re at. Anyway, let’s see what they say. We’re talking about this Q and on story that will Smith has already been killed. Okay, here we go. They claim the incident was a setup. The group has long been known for their online conspiracy theories accusing celebrities of child trafficking. A member of this channel telegram, said that Smith slapped rock to boost ratings and make everybody talk about Will Smith and Chris Rock and Hollywood and to stop talking about trump. User added something big is about to drop. So this is from the QUEU and on Great Awakenings Message Board. And someone else said it’s not a fake incident, but definitely clone because will Smith is dead. So there’s your q and on hot take on the incident. ME. Who are these people? And the thing is they are provably dupes at this point. If you’re a believer in q and on and you don’t know who goldfinches, then you don’t know you’re being let around by some mainstream media government plant. This guy was in movies fast and the furious. He was done actor Zena, the warrior Princess, very wellnown very well established. My point is it’s not JFK. Jr JFK’s not going to come back to save anybody and the whole que movement. Obviously, and we can see now again. I brought this up this morning. There so they could broad brush the last vestiges of nationalism as Maga Band, the American Taliban, and they’ve done it. And they brought out this new idea of the white al Qaida, of Nilla issis domestic violent extremist threat. Anti vaxers and domestic terrorists are aligning. Is From Dame magazine. I’m just following the trends to see where they’re going with these stories. And you can see. Yes, it’s all a set up, another reason to expose the whole que thing as a major style. Look, we I don’t think this is supposed to leak. That’s why it’s a big deal. We’re trying to expose the actor behind this big charade. OJ Simpson says he understands where will Smith was coming from on his Oscars attack on Chris Rock Chris Rocks fifty seven, by the way. Any significance there? There is, but that’s deep metas script. But there is interesting bits of patterning in here and we’ll go into all these things. If you haven’t watched King Richard, I kind of would recommend it for full context here, because he was playing King Richard, but where he hung out on the side of the stage with Denzel Washington, who just played Macbeth. And, by the way, Chris Complimented Denzel and mentioned Macbeth, which of course brought about the mcbeth curse. That was one of the things they had said, not Special Macbeth in the theater. But it’s also, I think, interesting, though, just that you had these this King Macbeth, King Richard, the macbeth curse all thrown in. Very, very interesting. Okay, Oj Simpson again understands where will smith was coming from. I go and take a look at that now. I don’t think he meant in the violent attack. I hope not. Anybody condoning this type of violence is in the wrong. I mean, I know it’s all fake, but you know, real or not, this is a very poor example to set that if somebody says something that goes too far and it offends the mob, the mob can slap. I mean, I was fine a snowflakes, not really. I mean I was annoyed that the snow flakes had the power to censor me, but at least the snow flakes are just snow flakes. You know. You can kind of just let them go and look their wounds. They get their way, you get your strike, nothing happens. But now you got to worry about the snowflakes fighting like words with fists or slaps. Let’s see here. I’m going through your or comments. I’m willing to bet that will smith isn’t a very conservative leaning person. I mean, the free speech thing is just gone out the window in the last couple of years, like we can’t have free speech when there’s an emergency. Can’t have free speech if it offends people. It’s like, wait, you don’t need protections for inoffensive speech, do you? Okay, let’s see here. OJ Simpson says he understands where will Smith is coming from in his attack on Chris Rock, and he’s also been tempted to fight back against Comedians who’ve made him the butt of jokes. Good to know. Not Going to say anything bad about OJ, although my theory has been that OJ Simpson lives in the basement of Megan Kelly or live there that he wasn’t actually in jail. So, if you didn’t know, Megan Kelly from Fox News is the reincarnation of Nicole Brown Simpson and this is all just another race war syoup. They sure love their callbacks, you know. By the way, in the movie King Richard They actually show the Rodney King beating. Just a heads up, because the rodney king beatings anniversary. I guess what thirty second anniversary would be. The anniversary is today, thirty. It’s also the anniversary of the three lodges that were torched by Mac part Haar’s buddy. And Vancouver, it’s van goes birthday and it’s let’s see, they passed the George Floyd Act on this day also. This is a very interesting day, the thirty thing. We’ve noticed this before. These dates are always chosen because of their numerical value when it comes to these rituals, these obsessive, obsessive, compulsive whiches and warlocks behind the media. I mean, how else can you describe them? Lindan says no jokes about Mike Tyson. You know, I think Mike Tyson makes jokes about himself. I just saw something. I got to check this. I thought he was selling some THC gummies that looked like ears. Yeah, Mike Tyson is selling weed gummies in the shape of a bitten ear. Now this is going to mess with the Mandela affected, because the Mandela affected believe that Mike Tyson literally bit off the guy’s ear, which didn’t actually happen, and so the bite fight, if you remember that. But no, this is going to mess with them. Mike’s ears have a bite mark at the top of the Gummy, right where he took off a piece of holly fields cartilage. Ear shaped edibles called Mike Bites, complete with a missing chunk. It has Tyson’s approval and he says the ears taste good. Okay, as a piece of the ear, I guess says this. One Thousand Nine hundred and ninety seven match resumed after Tyson bit off a piece of Hollywood’s ear. Could have that been faked? Has Anybody here auto hoax that thing, or does the not meet the here we go the standard of evidence, like, is it that great of a claim to say that Mike Tyson bit someone’s ear in a match? I don’t know. Yeah, Mike Bites. I thought it was beef Jerky when I first saw it and I was like, I would never go for that. That’s like simulated cannibalism, as it is phase polarizer says Mike is Hosting next year’s Oscars. All right, let us continue going through my Mindscom all open phones here shortly now. This is a speech from Nebraska State Senator Bruce Bostelmann. So apparently some of these people are so behind when it comes to memes, like they don’t know when it’s sarcastic. This is why, like you can blame this guy for the Alex Steins of the world. Well, Alex Stein, he’s like the only one. Alex Stein goes out there Andy cringe wraps about things, basically doing a Poe, a parody of extremism, pretending to be far liberal, provacs junkie. He just pretends to. Well, he embodies all these caricatures of the far left and they usually think he’s being legit, so they love them, and the other side thinks it’s funny, so they share it. He gets shared because, I’m saying, some people just don’t get satire or sarcasm. And here’s an example of that one. This guy saw some meme about how furries at school where the school he teaches and furries or, of course, people who dress up as animals. They identifies animals. Well, he got some memo that was a joke, that said that the furies were requesting litter boxes. And listen to his outrage. Were dress up as animals, cats or dogs during the school day. They meet now when they bark and they interact with their school, with the teachers in that, in this fashion, and now schools are wanting to put litter boxes in the schools for these children to use. How is this sanitary? How is this sanitary? He says, he goes on for a few minutes, and I mean this would be funny if this was Alex Stein. No, this guy, this guy actually, this is a state senator. He actually thinks that there’s a demand for litter boxes and schools to accommodate the students that identify as kittens. I’m going to have a discussion with see, you know, Smith about this. This is something I think. How can schools allow this to happen? I think it’s very disruptive within the school system. I think it’s very descruptive. was in the classes. I even heard from one person here recently said that a that a that a student identified as a cat and wanted a litter box in the school didn’t provide the litter box, so the student went d defecated on the floor. Really, really now, I guess in his defense, this to me almost doesn’t sound unbelievable. It’s another one of these things. Do we need to call this a hoax? Do we need to think when you get a claim like that students want litter boxes, like, is it that outside of the status quo? And maybe this guy’s got a point, like maybe he’s more right than not. School of ministrators, what is going on Nebraska Barn of education? What is going on State Board of Education? What’s going on if some kids can’t wear American flag and walk through the school on their shirt and you keep them out of school and you kick them out of school, but it’s okay if they were a cat costume and that’s fine and you have a litter box form and that’s fine, okay. So, yes, I can understand it from here. You can’t wear an American flag and walk to the school with the lake getting kicked out for committing a hate crime in a racism, but if you dress up like a cat, need defecat in a litter box. Yeah, you’re cool. Unbelievable. Superintendent denies the rumors of litter boxes and restrooms for the students. A school district in Iowa has been hit with rumor saying that students who identify as cats are allowed to use litter boxes in the school. Okay, so where do this start? Somebody’s laughing somewhere at this thing. Yeah, the rumor is that our schools have litter boxes in the restrooms to accommodate individual self identify as animals. But it’s simply and emphatically not true. Don’t they have flushable litter anyway, for furries or non furries? I mean they wouldn’t need the box. Yep. Senator Balsam and said he was assured that none of this actually happened. It shows how easy it is for lawmakers to believe this stuff. This is John Kipper. I honestly don’t find it all that unbelievable in retrospect. All right, let’s go ahead and continue here. Donald Trump’s in trouble boring bluepill stuff, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Check out this tweet. I hope it’s fake. Card declined. It’s like a dollar Store Register, card declined, pleased delete all tweets that violate your banks hate speech policies to process payment. Like we’re almost there and actually kind of feel like we’re here, where if you say the wrong thing, your card will declined. It doesn’t happen in that order, but I’ve had three channels pulled in the last week because of words. I mean, you just you would just if you just read tweets, let’s say you didn’t have any original content. You just read tweets and you read it dispassionately, as though it were an audiobook. You doing some anthropology, you just keeping a record hate speech. It’s just key words they have created, essentially, I would say, blasphemies. They actually have, like they might as well just have blasphemy law to prevent slappings and stuff. Infinite Mews, says our future. They already yeah, they it’s almost here already. This is almost not a joke. So we are at a point now where the memes that are parodies on extremism are actually impossible to differentiate from the real thing, like we live in a Poe reality. Let’s go and just put out like that, because the whole idea of the Poe. It’s pose law, and it’s just the idea that any parody of extremism that’s done well enough will be indistinguishable from the real thing. Pose Law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, every parody of extreme views can be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the views being parodied. So, yes, we live in a our whole world is just a parody of this extremism and yeah, you can take it seriously if you want to. So here’s the meme going around. It’s probably misinformation and hate speech. With whatever Chris Rock makes a joke about Jada’s hair condition at the author’s media goes nuts, pushing the awareness of this into mass consciousness. And then fiver brings a drug to market. Fiser happens to sponsor the Oscars. What a coincidence? Okay, let us continue. Just a side note here. Biden to lift title forty two, border policy allowing immediate deportation. Any time I see the number forty two in a big story like this, I take note. Generally it refers to blackouts, things falling, but yeah, nothing good. Generally, we’ll see. Okay. Now this is posted on twitter by Coyote and I’ll shares twitter link if you want to follow him. I recommend following people on twitter. We have a pretty good network of twitterers. Venus Williams arm. Now this is what I mentioned earlier. So while Smith was giving his acceptance speech, she flash flashes her her rust, but she forms a triangle with her arm. So Venus Williams arm depicts the Constellation tray, triangulum. So triangulum, and then it even has a corresponding star where her nipple would be, and it’s the Star l goal, which is the eye in the head of Medusa. So interesting there. I mean the point is she flashed that and it does connect to the bigger story. Now here’s a quick note on the I’m seeing more like this going around on this Watergate thing. This is from a twitter count outspoken Roger Stone is the common denominator with trump and Nixon missing tapes and calls. So do you remember I brought this up, that Roger Stone who was hanging around trump in two thousand and two thousand and sixteen before they kind of pushed him away? He’s the guy who’s got the Richard Nixon, tramp stamp, and when he was young he spent time on Nixon campaign. Well, he’s the dirty tricks guy. That’s kind of how he’s known. I think and seems to me that this is a bit of repetition. So when I saw Roger Stone and his association with trump, I thought there’s got to be some kind of Nixon thing going on here, and sure enough, Watergate is consistently popping up in my feet, references to Watergate, comparisons, and these aren’t flipping comparisons. These are analogous situations, although this one’s arguably worse. Oh G Febe says, just got here. Hope I didn’t Miss Anything flaptastic. Yeah, get on the text message alerts. And also, this is a brand new youtube channel. Let’s see here. Commander into Primu says George Carlin and Bill Hicks were the best Comedians of the turn of the century, educating people under satire. Yes, I agree. You know, Alex Stein credited Alex Jones with being a great comedian and I thought that was funny because he’s not a comedian. He’s a super serious run for the hills, get off the grid. The NDWEO’s coming to kill you, conspiracy, theorist guy. He’s not a comedian. Is there something that we don’t know? I’ll check this out. You’ve got will Smith doing the sign of the master of the second veil. This is posted by conspiracy Jordan says, Oh, I don’t know about that. Almost can’t read that one. Now here. Here’s the correspondences, just for anybody who missed the last couple of live streams. In the movie, King Richard, played by Will Smith, is defending Venus Williams in the Green Court and then she becomes Hims, a first, a first black female, basically breaking the this is an analogous to a in many ways not the same thing, but it’s sort of a Jackie Robinson type story. Number forty two and Jackie Robinson Day or somethings on the fourth. This the seventy five anniversary. But the context of it is if it weren’t for King Richard, if it weren’t for her dad advocating, they would not have had the they would not have made it. They needed that because the system was inherently biased. So there’s this subtext here of systemic racism built into the film and it all ties in. I think correspondingly. Two. One, he defended jade again, same character and he even references it. Art Imitates Life. He’s dressed in green jade, is embodying this Venus archetype. But then you also had Venus in the audience, which adds to this. So you have these corresponding stories, but all of it ties in, and this is the next area I wanted to kind of get into with this metascript thing is I believe that this journey or this yeah, this is journey of Venus through the tennis court and of course, green. It corresponds to the Supreme Court nominee Jackson, who is being brought up in the context even of the Crown Act, which has to do with discrimination against natural hair. It’s about black hair culture, and Chris Rock’s joke about Jada’s hair ties right into this, especially because Chris Rock actually knows what he’s talking about and he wouldn’t have made that joke, if I mean he shouldn’t have, because he’s done a documentary on this very topic. So the Crown Act has everything to do with the sensitivity around insulting her hair and him defending it. And the second part that parallels is Serena Williams, and the tennis court parallels this Supreme Court nominee being the first black woman, and again Supreme Court tennis court is a parallel here. And then you also have the parallel with the royalty thing, the use of the word court, King Richard, King Macbeth. These are all parts to a play and we’re looking at all these different pieces and it’s telling a pretty consistent story and it definitely parallels. And it has to do with the protective role that will Smith plays, and the word protection is what he uses in his speech and he even talked about not only protecting the not only being king Richard protecting these his girls, but he also was protective over the actresses. So He reiterates that. And again Venus, and this is one of the things we had picked up in our research here, is associated with well, one protection and two blacksmiths. So you see the subtext here if you just look at the coded Lane which you’ve got Black Smith, protection, Venus, all very well integrated. And also before Smith and Jada went out there to the front row where they could be joked up, where he could be the target of the joke, because it wouldn’t have worked if he wasn’t sitting in front. But before that they were backstage and they had been quoted as saying something to the effect of bringing the chaos. And they’re in a green room with the green spotlight again. All very, very much significant here. And then, of course, on for four, the day that Jackson’s going to get voted into the Supreme Court. On that day, for for it’s Jackie Robinson Day Espn, beginning April fourth, the going to commemorate his legacy. And we’re talking about the seventy five. Now I’m going through some comments. Jordan says a family of mine has ALAPCIA. He has no eyebrowser hair. Jada has a shaved head. Doesn’t look the same right. I’m open to the possibility. Could all be fake. Now again the head, which time at the head, and this this ties in to the Crown Act, which is all about this issue of black hair culture. And then, of course, this new Supreme Court justice is an advocate of the critical race theory, which is something opposed by the other side. It’s is one of these political football’s. Not a coincidence that Clarence Thomas is being put to the ringer for his connections to q and on very, very close to the tip of Q, and on spear that guy through his wife. But these aren’t coincidences. This is part of the story. So again on for four you’ll see the supreme court thing happened. And it’s going to be the anniversary date of Jackie Robinson breaking the MLB color barrier. Yes, David Prior, Chris Rock did do a documentary on the subject, which is why it would make even less sense that he would be making a flippant joke like this. Pop Sugar Rock himself made a documentary about black hair culture. Countless article has been written on it in the US, the importance in it in the community, specifically for black women. It’s an undie undeniable, well documented fact. So it’s a provocation, and I brought this up this morning, but again Easter, each star Venus. Then you have Venus exposing the breast and if you look into the ritual of it, Venus personified. You had the the goddess representative, and this hearkens back to Janet Jackson on the Green Football Field Super Bowl Sunday, next to the Justin Timber Lake, wearing the green shirt and she has an exposed breast with a sun on it, and this all represents, a course, the Sun God and his weening. But this is all a ritual to the goddess spring ritual. Write some more notes here, just more reason, sir, not think that there’s anything here other than a a ritual disguised as something else. And it’s clearly disguised as mere drama. And Look, will Smith is a well rehearsed crisis slapper. Here he is making it look like he’s slapping somebody. He’s teaching, I guess this is a young fan. He’s teaching his young fan how to fake slap somebody. There you go, so that you have will Smith simulating child abuse, and then listen to everybody clap, so it shows you he knows how to do it. He slapped his own hand and I think that’s probably exactly what he did. And this is from TMZ. Will Smith is an adept face slapper, even teaching youngsters the ropes and how to wind up and deliver. TMZ obtained this footage back in November showing will and his King Richard Co Star. Wow, okay, so this is a Costar from King Richard and he’s teaching him how to slap. This is kind of interesting, how to fake fight and flicks. So he literally taught a class on this. So here’s another reason. We got a list of reasons to not think this is an actual, real event. So you see all these people overreacting to it? Yeah, those are the true believers. Those are the triple vaxed, double masked, sleeping with their space junk helmets on. So yes, keep an eye on for four ESPN debut special project commemorating the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the MLB color barrier. Now there’s a few interesting things about this, and it’s all about this mind mapping of the the patterns here. But there are some fascinating things that are emerging which I’m going to have to do a specific mind map on, and it has to do with the number seventy five and fifty seven and it ties in to some repeated phrases, specifically black rock and also just rock by itself, and Blm and MLB tie in quite a lot with this bigger narrative. So if you didn’t catch it in two thousand and twenty during the Mambo Week celebration of the recently supposedly deceased Kobe Bryant’s birthday’s posthumist forty second birthday. NBA Celebrating Kobe Bryant’s forty second. At that same time MLB was all they were all wearing forty two on their jerseys for Jackie Robinson. So is a completely different person they’re wearing it for, but is forty two for MLB and NBA at the same time. And this was Kenosha week, during those Kenosha riots. This is also the time that Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther and was in the five bloods, a movie with a ton of predicted programming in it for two thousand and twenty directed by Spike Leo less, where he dies at the age of forty two. Now he played forty two. He Played Jackie Robinson. We’re talking about Chadwick Boseman. He had operation forty two where he put four point two million dollars into covid relief and some other stuff. My point being that number forty two, Jackie Robinson and a number of these high profile figures like Kobe Bryant, whose last interview on Earth, by the way, was with the twin of George Floyd, Stephen Jackson, forty two. So what I’m saying here’s all of this ties into this bigger I would call it this cy war, but it’s this clash, this race, Si war in particular, where they have the whole Derek schouvinism kneeling on George Floyd, representing, of course, oppression, I can’t breathe, which also they have taken the I can’t breathe to relate to the atmosphere. So the same system that oppresses the poor and kneels on their necks is the polluting system that’s destroying our environment. So we can’t breathe, so I can’t breathe. Eve is code. It’s also an Anagram for a better China, which makes sense when you look at China’s role in fomenting the civil and rest and probably bankrolling a lot of these major styops. Because Blm, whether or not you agree they have a point or how much they have a point, the fact is Blm is the is pretty much the Black Panthers, and that’s why I brought up Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther, the marvel character, but it tied into the Black Panther political group, because the Black Panthers, the movement itself, is really just the vanguard of the Marxist revolution. It’s the useful idiots for this world communist revolution domestically. So that should be an interesting week. I’m looking forward to what happens on for for let me go through some comments. Yeah, will Smith is a professional slapper and I’m assuming that Chris Rock got paid to get slapped. I’m just not sure how much you know. Can you crowd fund it? But look what happened with his tour. Like I said that. Now that’s the other one. His tour is called EGO death. What more appropriate name could you have for a person who could just so stoically take a slap in the face in front of the world? You know, he flinched a little bit, kind of gray, but you know, he took it very well. But again, by coincidence, rock was booked to play several shows in Boston beginning on Wednesday for the EGO death world tour, and those tickets went from forty nine dollars to eight thousand dollars with one slap. All right, let us continue. I’m going to go through the headlines. OJ Simpson says he understands Smith. Now here’s what he said. Let me get back to that, because Oj, the article makes it sound like, just by the headline, that he understands violent retribution. But that’s not what he’s talking about, because this is from the perspective of an innocent man. The gloves didn’t fit, he says. Quote. Look, I understand the feeling. In my life I’ve been through a lot of crap and every comedian in the country has an OJ routine and don’t think I wouldn’t want to slap a couple of them. He actually said Bitch slap, but you got to accept that it’s human. Simpson, seventy four, who ended up being convicted for armed robbery in Vegas in two thousand and eight before being proled in two thousand and seventeen, said he felt sympathy towards Smith. He said it was wrong to hurt the guy over a semi unfunny joke. Yeah, I I’m mostly in agreement with him. I think it’s funny that he’s opining on this. We’ve been talking about Oj lately because I think he was freed in December, but I’ve been waiting for Kanye to come out and do an OJ maybe go Manson on the situation and then follow that up with an Oja like ride into the sunset me. But quite that. I’ve been good, like on a white horse, not NEBRONCO, but literally Kanye and a white horse. Okay, here we go, OJ Simpson, but grows rock. Hello. It was unfortunate. I think will was wrong. Look, I understood the building. Now in my life I’ve been to a lot of craft when I was raising through young kids at every comedian in the country had old j routine and don’tely, I wouldn’t want to be slap the couple of the okay, be slap. Very classy he said, be slap. I’m going to use that. So that’s a man of self control. I don’t think he’s stabbed Nicol Simpson. I think that Nichols Simpson got repurposed as Megan Kelly, made the face of Fox News. By the way side, note doesn’t relate to anything, but F is six, Oh is fifteen five and one of six and x twenty four four and two six. So Fox is six, six six, if you didn’t already know. I mean I think all these big media corporations are pretty much overt in who they serve, the daily beast and even NBC, the Peacock. Nothing innocent about that. The peacock is how they worship Lucifer. I guess it represents pride the things. Kind of cocky and it as it’s, you know, the God’s most beautiful angel, that kind of thing. But yeah, they worship the peacock, NBC peacock, CBS, all seeing. I it’s all of them. Hey, let me speak it to Kanye. I have something here. Kanye called in, was it two nights ago? I missed the call, but he did a little thirty second freestyle. I believe I have it an audio here. I think it was Kanye. I got to take you at your word. You know, if somebody says that there’s somebody, how am I to know? And and even if, let’s say, somebody calls in and it is that person, chances are nobody’s going to believe it. We’re going to play this. Got A test to find. Walk up in the spot, look an extra fly. Till the day I die, I’m to touch this guy. Okay, now I’m going to think some more. Kanye. Okay, you ready ready, pompoop on site, site. Let me say you right now, for you give it up. How much do I not give a foot? Let me show you right now for you give it up. Thank you for listening to my Kanye free style session. Awesome. Thank you. Call back any time. Let me see if I’ve been a voice mail. Okay, I have some more voicemails. I’m men. Go and play some. By the way, the numbers eight three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four s and I figure it out. I was listening to the replay today and a clipped in my head. This whole world war three is happening because nobody’s beliefs and code it anymore. See, we thought that that chapter was over and that we are going into world war three. What they’re trying to do it? Okay, really quick here before I get back in that message. Somebody said she doesn’t look like the Fox Lady. And what happened to Goldman? Yeah, let me bring that up. Ron Goldman. Just take a look at his face, just to have a fresh in your mind, and it’s your opinion. It doesn’t look like Megan Fox. I would say ninety nine point nine percent of the people who look at that would disagree. With you. That’s not an argument in favor of it, but if you’re going to allege certainty, you’re going to have to provide some counter evidence, because it’s practically overwhelming. So let me go and bring up a picture of Ron Goldman again. What you’re looking at here is not governor newsome in better days. Bring up a picture of governor newsome for comparison, because they kind of I think that you could even draw, you can connect some dots here. Here you have governor newsome, Major Covidiot, mask whole Vaxhole, the whole thing, fascist, hypocrite, and these hypocrites and high places were just the worst. I mean, we really did get a good, good idea of where people really stand once you just gave them a little bit, give them a little bit of power to regulate your life, and they will micro manage every single detail. I think the worst part was when Maggie the block was saying that you you couldn’t have let me get her exact words. Actually, I don’t want to miss quote this and I’m searching Maggie the block. If you don’t know who Maggie the block is, she’s one of these ministers of unhealth and the name is Maggie the block. It sounds like some kind of like a a wrestler’s name, like you know, you’ve got names like what’s that one guy’s name? Hurricane Tornado, their names like the the Twin Towers World Wrestling Federation, and you would think Maggie the block, you know that’s got to be a wrestler name. But nope, it’s a health minister and she doesn’t look like somebody that you would take health advice for him from. Here’s an actual picture and that’s an actual name. That’s why I can’t get over it. It’s the most world stage name I’ve ever seen before and it’s quite obviously a mask. Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked. We were talking about Ron Goldman and how he grew up and became governor newsome. Can anybody hear spot a difference? I mean, anything that’s different here can be explained away as simply as cosmetic surgery. I mean it’s really that simple aging. But other than that I can’t spot a difference. I’d like to see Megan Kelly and governor newsome in the same room. Would they have some kind of weird chemistry? All Right, I’m going through some comments. O J peppe says, aren’t Venus and Serena Eunuchs? Don’t know how you’d know how I mean some of these, some of these assertions really wouldn’t change the outcome of the story. A finbar says Timothy McVeigh is an FBI agent, for sure. Yes, special agent Weiss, a ball. No, Timothy McVey did not die the age of thirty three. On six eleven o one inspired by the Turner Diaries, written by a Guy Born on eleven nineteen thirty three. No, he didn’t die. Nor did he actually stay at some compound. Thirty three acres, Peel box thirty three. Nor was his I mean, the whole thing is so laden with symbolism. Let me show you this one. This is a new one, another one of these thirty threes. Molly Rawlins sent this to me on twitter. So apparently the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop can be located at thirty three Thomas Street, New York City. Again, thirty three just got to be hoax code or something. All Right, I’m going through your comments. Yeah, no, I’m look, I’m certain here that the Megan Kelly thing pens out I’ve looked into it. So much weirdness out there I almost don’t want to touch. I’m looking at some of these things. I don’t even want to go there. They got rocks bloody head and Kevin Heart’s bloody head and they’re both laughing at each other and Kevin Hearts making these bizarre jokes about how the rock needs a prosthetic forehead. I mean, if they weren’t laughing, I wouldn’t know that they were telling jokes. I would just think they were just freaking crazy. But I don’t really see a connection between their words and their laughter. I don’t know what they’re on. Holly Weird. They’re all in the FLOCA. So this is holly weird magic disguised as mere drama, and that’s the key here. It’s all psycho drama. You know. It’s all there to get some kind of reaction out of you. But when we scratch beneath the service we find layers and layers of meeting connecting it to the mystery schools, the secret societies, and these are also covert influence operations. Simon says posted this and discord today, Venus Kelva, Venus the bald one, a legendary form of Venus, attested only by post classical Roman writings, which offers several traditions to explain the appearance. In one it commemorates the virtuous offered by Roman matrons of their own hair to make bowstrings during a siege of Rome. In another, Roman women lost their hair during an epidemic, hmm one if it was a pandemic. In hopes of its restoration, the unafflicted women sacrifice their own hair to Venus. So there is a connection here with with the Venus archetype and the baldness, and I would also say that the bald head being criticized does tie in and will, I think, undoubtedly raise awareness about the crown act, which I mentioned earlier. Again, they used the word Crown Corona, very significant, but specifically in this context, the Crown Act will have has something to do with one the joke that was made, but it also relates to the new Supreme Court justice, you know, because I think a lot of what’s going on here, you know, in this poworld, is they are making the world safer, and when I say safe, I should say secure, like maximum security, the turning it into a prison world, and they’re outlawing, basically outlawing thought crimes. They’re trying to and one of the things I think the slap was about is they’re redefining things for the new age, which you can think of it as the space age, but it’s the safe space age, as in they’re going to regulate every meme, every thought, mentally mask you. And this does tie in to Darth Schwab’s proclamation of a few days ago where he said something to the effect of the Internet’s going to need to be dealt with because there’s too much quote, misinformation. But you know, don’t worry about any of the stuff like long term, all their threats about censoring things, because they will, but the truth is we are not going to be affected by it. I have plans, you know. The next few months we’re going to have a consolidated infinite plane radio archives and I’m working on a project. I need to find some developers, but we have some ideas on how to consolidate all of our chats into one place. So it’s just going to get better. And if you got my newsletter today, I’m going back to work part time because I’ve been doing the split shift artwork and then infinite plane radio, managing the network, but the artwork thing I don’t think is the most constructive use of my time. So I’m going back to my previous job, just a parttime GIG, just transporting. I’m it’s kind of like Uber for the deceased. You know, every unexpected death, homicide, suicide, car crash, hanging, whatever, needs to be transported to the morgue. But there’s somebody who has to do that work and that would be me. I’ve done it before. It’s just a simple on call position, a few hours a day, a lot of driving, but I wouldn’t call it fun. But I actually feel like out of all the work that I’ve done, like I could go to health what I did at direct TV, just being a part of that company, slinging that propaganda, their entire ripoff system. The place has nothing but bad Karma. But I think that this work is something of a service to humanity, if nothing else. So you looks because people will say let make comments. I’ll think that it’s somehow something that you’d have to be warped in some way to want to do it, but the fact is someone has to and I think it’s a service. I really do. So I’m going back to it because I think it’s something and I had the person who taught me when I first got into that line of work was seventy seven at the time and and he was getting too old to do it himself, so I would just go meet him at the homes and I helped him do all the removals, and then I got into the field of embalming for a bit and then I got into just picking up the recently deceased that go to the morgue, the ones that have to be autopsied, and that’s the work I’m getting back into. So just a heads up. I’m doing this because I want this channel to continue to flourish, but we have so much stacked against us in terms of the snowflake culture and now the slap you in the face culture, that I want to preserve this and I also want to metastasize. You know, the reason why we have the Godzilla sound effect whenever somebody super chats is that we do have a major expansions and growth plan for two thousand and twenty two, and I’ll do it if I have to wait through a field of corpses to do it, because they’re not going to monetize us. I mean, they shot down three channels in a week. So anyway, it’s no big deal to me. It’s like I’ve always enjoyed work, whether I’m working at tell marketing firms or even self checkout Walmart, whatever. I’ve never hated my jobs. It’s just I don’t want to do a job that takes my mental focus away from mass media breakdown, and when I’m doing this type of job, you know I’m doing a lot of listening on headphones and stuff. You don’t I don’t work with people directly, because this is before all of the drama the funerals. This is just from the location to the morgue. Thanks, G says, at least you won’t get complaints from your passengers. Well, there’s one GIG I had where the Guarney wasn’t perfectly locked in place and it kept bumping the back of my seat whenever I’d hit a red light. I wouldn’t take that as a complaint. But all right, let’s go ahead and oh you know what, one of you bring up one more thing. One of the dumbest cliches I’ve ever heard, and it’s got to put put an end of this people would ask, do bodies sit up, which never happens. Most people can’t do sit ups anyway. But no, that’s I’ve heard that before. I’m like, why would people even think that? Jackie Jack says, I’m still tripping over to Col Simpson. How many others are recycled? Well, okay, I think Nicole’s Simpson took part in an an event that was, the course, meant to be very polarizing and it’s part of it’s par for the course when it comes to the the SID war that is being waged, and it’s all about the divide and conquer. And so I say these things sounding somewhat flippantly, but no, I don’t think we’re looking at news reporters. I think we’re looking at psychological operation specialist who are there to mind Fu and everybody that you know. Zuca bug posted this and discord Nice Avatar, by the way. I wish I could blow it up for going to see it. Says ips crack in the code and we have been decoding, and that is the right word for it. We have been crack in the code and it started in July of two thousand and twenty. I caught a commercial for the newest team in the NHL, the National Hockey League, is thirty. Second team, the Seattle cracking, and I’m looking on like wait, this trailer for the Seattle crack and looks like an emp attack on Seattle and it’s one minute and thirteen seconds long. And anyone who’s looked into predictive programming knows that one three kind of like N N and eleven. It’s one of these things that’s constantly showing up. But eleven three is always associated with some kind of nuke situation in Seattle. So I saw it’s cracking one and three and I thought something’s going down in Seattle. On one hundred and twenty three, which happened to be election day. As we got closer to election day me the memes started promulgating from everywhere they’re going to release the Krack in. The krack in was Lindsay Powell or no city, Sydney Powell, and as Sidney Powell had some kind of scheme to overturn the election and win it back for trump. So that was the kracking. Then the cracking was hunter Biden’s laptop. They kept talking about, oh, Hunter Biden’s got a crack pipe it’s going to ruin Joe Biden’s presidency. So I kept tearing weight, cracking and crack coming together these terms. And then, of course, Sid Powell is later replaced by Michae Lindell, the pillow guy, whose claim to fame is, Hey, look at me, I’m a former crackhead. Now I sell pillows and I still act like a crackhead. So, Michael and down. That then brings out this whole crack thing and I start noticing that the word crack and this constant refrain to a schism in our society is what I’m picking up on here. And as we get closer to Pluto, return onto two two thousand and twenty two, it became clear to me that what we’re looking at here is the deliberate fracturing of our society about along ideological lines, something that we pointed out on this channel for a bit. There’s a reason why the anti VACs group is also the pro borders and pro gun while the mandatory VACs group hates guns and wants open borders, because borders, whether it’s your skin, your front door, your national boundaries, these are all things that your relationship to these tells says a lot about your relationship to government, and the left likes a big, strong government protecting them, and the right says no, we don’t need a government injected immune system. We just need to be able to defend our own our own borders, our own immune system, our own second amendment. So this is this is the crack, this is the split. Then you had the ISS literally cracking and if you read the headlines, there are cracks in the ISS’s like. Okay, what’s going on there? Well, as you’ve seen, you have a big schism up above, as the space communists have separated from the space capitalists. You have Russia and China preparing their moon base, which will probably be built out of Astro Crete, astro creed, of course, is made of donated blood, hopefully donated blood, and regular the moon dust. So the space communes are separating. The Chinese have their own space station now and as as it goes, I mean even in the last couple of months, Russia has multiple times made basically insinuations that they’re going to leave. But anyway, it’s the crack, it’s the schism and it’s all been highlighted. And finally, on to to two thousand and twenty two this whole the whole month. Just a quick refresh here. On the second day of the month in the twin cities, and when you see the number two, think twin. Second Day of the month in the twin cities, a mere lock was shot by the police at six forty eight a m now. He was shot because they had a no knock warrant. So the code is clear here. The lock a mirror lock, no knock warrant, they go in, they shoot him. Now the name a mirror sounds like a mirror, and they shot him at six forty eight. They entered the door, the key went in the lock at six forty eight, nine seconds later they pulled the trigger on him. Well, six forty eight is a mirror of eight four six. Eight four six is the time that George Floyd was kneeled on. Eight hundred forty six is the time in the morning that eleven started. So eight forty six, six fourty eight being a mirror and a mere lock was killed in the twin cities. So this is kind of kicked it off. On the twenty second, that happened to be the day of Pluto Return, and this is where the crack and comes into it. So just bear with me for a second here. On the twenty second, the day that Pluto returned to the point where it was on July. Fourth, seventeen, seventy six. On that day there was a number of things, again reiterating this twin thing. You had twin Black Hawk helicopters. Both go down in Fork Canyon. Again a fork, a split, a crack create, you know, a fork is reoccurring theme. So we’re looking at these and I’m like, okay, what is going on here? While it turns out, and this is I think, the major reveal, it turns out that the Krack in was created by Hades and released by Hades. Hades is Pluto, same guy, same character. Also, Hades, Pluto carries a bid In’t, which is a two pronged spear. Another splitting, another reference to this, this reoccurring symbol. But again hades releases the crack in. So I saw two, two, two as probably the day where all this talk about the Krack in is going to finally manifest into something tangible, like we’ll see the direction things are going to go. We’ll know what the Kraken is that is being released. Well, on this on the the day after the killing of a mere lock. His father said he called for twenty two days a piece, and I remember noting that thinking let’s keep an eye on the twenty four. And of course, the twenty four we have the kick off with the Ukraine thing, which again there is a ton of predicted programming for that, a lot of it with the colors, the blue in the yellow, the headache inducing hues of blue and yellow. So anyway, yes, the Krack in thing all ties in to Pluto. All right, let me go through your comments see if I’ve missed anything. Van Go says, I oh, happy birth they by the way, van go says, I live right on the puget sound in the Seattle area. I’m waiting for the cracking to pop out of the water. Yeah, you know, eighteen hundred Amazon employees were relocated from downtown Seattle because of a crime wave. They said again, think kracking. Okay, I got two things on this one. Okay, so if you search crime wave Seattle Amazon, and this is big, this is metascript, this is predictive programming, Amazon Moves Seattle employees after crime surge and you have crime wave, crime search something in wait a minute, Amazon flee Seattle as deadly crime wave overtakes city. One thousand eighteen hundred employees. So I’m thinking here they’re relocating people because they’re making way for a major scio again Seattle. So let’s one step further. This is where I think it ties into the crack and thing. So if you search Krack in Jeff Bezos, it just so happens that Jeff bezos was killed by a kraken. He’s killed by a Kraken in the inside job on Netflix, episode six. I believe we’re flat earth. There’s hijack, his mega yacht and his titanic, and again titanic. It’s awesombolic the coastguards that they can tell your yacht and the shore. I got a better plan. Look, here we go. He was Jeff bezos getting killed by a crack in. It’s been a cracking hell. Yes, I’m about to collect done my yacht insurance policy. Hey, is anyone seeing Jeff Bezos? Is the fight over, guys? So there you have the Krak in killing bezos. Fascinating. Now I just searched cracking in bezos. I didn’t think I’d find anything else. Jeff bezos BUYS NAMING RIGHTS TO SEATTLES N HL arena. So this was recent. And here’s an actual meme of Jeff bezos as a crack in coming out of the water and wrecking Seattle. Fascinating, disturbing artwork, by the way, very fascinating character, typecast Dr Evil, complete with Don rocket and instead of the scar he does have, he did have a surgically, I believe, surgically altered I I called it the crate, the crazy eye jeff bezos. They’ve de emphasized it or they’ve replaced him, I don’t know. All Right, I’m going through some comments, enslaved by truth says the world and conflict, Microsoft PC game, Seattle, invasion by Ruski’s and shipping containers with new key boys. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. That’s what it’s suggesting here. So the kraken could just reference something from the water. And I have I’ve got hours and hours of metascript break down on the Seattle thing and I don’t want to go too deep down any of these tangents just yet, but we have pre reverse engineered some of the major psyops before they happen. What do we call that? precognitively auto I mean it’s here’s the thing. If you can assume it’s a sy up or that they’re going to do something based on the predicted programming, you have a predictive model there. You know, it’s like you look at stuff hindsight two thousand and twenty. But what happens when you start looking forward, like what is this cracking thing about? And again it’s going somewhere and it’s consistent. And for them to have bezos killed by a kraken. Van Go says. I looked into so much of this. SEATTLE SUPERSONIC SONIC BOOM, SEATTLE seahawks. Secondary Was Legion of boom. Oh yeah, here’s another one. So we were looking at Seattle for Ground Zero back on three hundred eleven because I had watched a movie called or series on Netflix again another Netflix called colony. So if you go to colony and you watch season three, episode eleven, it’s all about the thing called up the the Phoenix. This Phoenix operation like a group of rebels against the system where the world has been taken over by aliens. But you never see the aliens. Everything just turns all fascist. So episode eleven of season three, there’s your three e eleven. One of the characters says Seattle is ground zero for the reboot of civilization, and this was I was watching this around the time I think Chaz is stand was going on and I thought, I hope that’s not their plan, and I think it is the chas a Standian world order. But yes, the reboot of civilization starting in Seattle, and this is again was from show called colony. Well, what happened? Patient zero for the pandemic was in Seattle. He came down with the sickness. One Thousand and nine, one hundred and nineteen, very significant, and he was patient zero and the pandemic was declared in Seattle Ground Zero, three hundred eleven. And then we had the reset of civilization, not reboot, but same thing reset. And speaking of I have something else. I watched that movie Free Guy With Ryan Reynolds, and in free guy they have to reset the metaverse where all these characters live, and the guy who pushes the reset button is wearing a one hundred dollar bill on his shirt. So anybody’s looked into the Seattle producted programming has probably come across this. The Twenty Dollar Bill folded up gives you nine hundred and eleven on the back with the burning twin towers. The one hundred dollar bill gives you the space needle with an EMP nuke blast on top of it. But know you caught those numbers though right. One hudd nine, three hundred and eleven, predicting the ground zero for covid will check this out. There is a TV show called the office which I Never Watch, and on three hund eleven, two thousand and ten, as in ten years before the pandemic to the day, they had an episode called St Patrick’s Day. Original air date three eleven, two thousand and ten. Now check this part out. It was the one hundred and nineteen episode. So One d nine and three eleven, directly correlating to patient zero. One huddy ninety, Ground Zero, three hundred eleven. But it gets even deeper, because this whole episode is about somebody at the office catching the flu and ever and somebody wears a mask because of it, or somebody gets a cough and someone wears a mask and everyone thinks it’s weird this guy’s wearing a mask. Let me read this preview here because they also have a song by Harry Chap and cats in the cradle with references to children staying home because of the flu. So in this episode one hundred Nineteen episode of the office aired on three hundred eleven. Joe Bennett and Michael Clash Joe makes the whole office stay late at work. Andy and Aaron’s first date’s interrupted when Aaron goes home sick. So Andy pretends to be sick to go to her house. So you have people faking sickness, you have a Weirdo with the mask and you have this song about the flu and it’s ten years before the pandemic is declared to the day, and it’s episode one hundred and twenty nine, which is the date the patient zero caught the bug. And this is one example of hundreds of them. Only recently else up here, because Salty Siren says lovecraft articulates our shadow, shadowy astrology perhaps, and van go mentions lovecraft being onto something. Well, he is, I think HP lovecraft has this fictional universe where the elder gods and again l hello, he those who came from the sky, all this repeated symbolism. But the the elder gods that come down from the sky and they land in the ocean and have a city beneath the ocean and their leader is a big kraken called Cutulu. This big crack in character came from outer space and he landed at Point Nemo, which has science fiction tie INS, Twentyzero Leagues under the Sea. But it also has science fiction tieans because that’s where NASA drops their dead satellites. So the place where they have dead satellites falling from the sky, the spacecraft cemetery, is where the dead gods, the old ones or whatever, live. And these they’re said dead, like they call them dead, but dreaming. So they’re like comatose, but they’re basically comatose until something wakes them up, and the whole story is about how at a certain time, which is probably two thousand and twenty two, I don’t know. But again there’s a big crack in right there where all the satellites fall. Set L lights. Interesting patterning here, another connection between real life and fiction, which is what they always do, and that’s where the space needle will be landing if they take it down intentionally. Not The space need I’m sorry, the space station. Now the space needle hit the moon on New Year’s they did that kind of a hybrid fireworks drone show, a light show, and then you had moonfall and then on three four the back of the moon was hit by an arrant piece of space junk, if you recall that. Now, the space needle is a modern day obelisk and it was consciously designed to resemble a mother ship, like and that’s the tractor beam. Now here’s some symbolism for you, and this is why I’m doing metascript decodes these ten minute videos. So the space needle is in Washington, which is state number forty two. It is forty two meters wide and it takes forty two seconds to go from the bottom to the top again. The forty two has to do with Saturn and it has everything to do with space X. SPACEX and codes that number into everything. But it’s a very significant thing and that’s why I’m bringing it up here, just as the twin towers were very significant. They were culturally relevant. They were always in your face in these various movies. They were put there deliberately because they were built to be taken down. The construction started in one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, same year that nine and one became the emergency number in the United States and thirty three years later they pulled them down. Thirteen years later they go back up. Well, one goes back up, the one World Trade Tower. They were going to call it the World Trade Center Phoenix, but they didn’t because it would have been too obvious. Thirteen is a major phoenix number, death and rebirth. And Care to guess the date that they opened the One World Trade Tower? November, the third one. Three. These numbers are so consistent across all these various rituals. But my point being, the space needle is as significant in this metascript as the twin towers were. And it is an obelisk. And what what that means essentially is it’s the path to the heavens, it’s the it represents the God of death and resurrection. It’s o Cyrus. It’s just like The Washington Monument. It’s just like any of these rockets, same symbol, but this one’s modernized. There’s quite a lot we could say about this particular structure and I’ll spend more time on it in the coming days. But again the Seattle crack in. Let me bring this one more thing up. You’ll often see imagery of a crack in taking down the space needle here’s their actual logo. It’s a crack in over an anchor, but the anchors actually the space needle, as you can see there. And let me go and play the trailer, or parts of it, because the trailers the first thing that tipped me off. I S I was calling out this crack in meme before became a popular meme because of the election and this release the crack in talk. In fact, you’ll find even recently Clarence Thomas’s wife, you know, Jenny Thomas, had some kind of statement of the day about the here we go six days ago from the Weekcom release the Krack in Jinny Thomas’s post election tweets. Clarence Thomas’s wife to meadows release the Krack in. Jenny Thomas wanted to release the Krack in. So here you have it. Meet the kracking. And again this one caught my attention because it’s one minute thirteen seconds long and it’s a trailer in Seattle and it looks like an emp blast, possibly nukes, some kind of threat. Very ominous trailer. And again it’s in Seattle. Metal and then you have this tentacle with this demonic eye in the course dramatic music Seattle cracking, enslaved by truth, says the space needle, funded by the Pentagram Corp. Yes, yeah, I saw that too. There’s in fact recently had this renovation and they had a time capsule inside of it. There’s so much to unpack with the space needle. But what I don’t want to do is I don’t want to get too lost down various tangents now, because I’m creating a series of ten minute videos designed for twitter and Tick Tock my metascript dcodes and I’ll be doing short, concise, deep dives into each one of these significant events, monuments, persons, psyops and will build up a collection in that way and I figured what I’ll do is I will release them as premiers, but I’ll release them early to patrons, probably a day or so. I have a hundred of them so far, loosely outlined, but enough to where I could actually record them. I’m going through some comments. Grangerman says the Seattle crack and logo is a trident, just like the crane coat of arms. Spongebob seven seven says. Remember Biden’s enemy, corn pop, the switch blade, s eat thug, and now Biden sends switchblade drones to Ukraine. Interesting. Yep, corn pop, when I heard that speech, man, that’s when I had to really question you. Is this Guy High, you know? Is He high like on something that that’s psychosis and I couldn’t believe it when we going to play it to the play a clip here about the harrowing incident with a gang leader. I learned a lot cornpop and I learned that it makes a difference. This was the diving board area and I was one of the guards and there were a lot of throw the three meter board and you fell off sideways. You landed on adapts the darn cement over there, and corn pop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys, and I did. And back in those days, and joy things have changed, one of the things had to use. If you use pop made your hair, you had to wear a baby cap. So he talks about how corn pop was sharpening is razor on the sidewalk and he came out with the chain. This is after the six one left the chain. You. This is probably long after he talked about how when he gets out of the swimming pool his leg hair stand up like cockroach legs and the children are greatly amused by this. And then his story is so bizarre. And why isn’t his shirt button dug off? It? Six would let to chain you fold up. Me Said, you walk out without chain and you walked the car and say you may cut me man, but I’m going to wrap this chain around your head. I said, you kidding me? He said no, if you don’t, don’t come back, and he was right. So I walked out with the chain and I walked up to my car and they had that mode days used remember the straight race he had bang them on the curb, getting rusty. Put Him in a rain barrel. Yet him rusty? No, I don’t remember. I don’t know. Does anybody here, if older relatives, remember getting your knives rusty and barrels? All this stuff is so strange to me. But anyway, this might be the original Biden since David prior. Yeah, I kind of thought this might be bow biden in a deep fake, because you know, these deep fake masks aren’t even masks. That’s kind of a misnomer. It’s an entire hood and chest piece. And I saw a biden getting his second or third or fourth booster today and he had some pretty robust arms. I mean I think he’s Bow Biden, who would be what fifty by now if that move for eight, forty nine. But Anyway, let me play a little bit more. Yeah, Biden was an s chain fighter. I looked at him, but I was smart then, I said. First of all, I said, well, I tell you it, off the board, you get off the board. I kicked you out again, but I shouldn’t have called you after winnings. I apologize for that. I anyway, one other thing about him. The eyes are so deep set. You know, it looks very holloween eed to me and to spital that. You know, I don’t know something that that. It’s not just the eyes but the skin. It just looks like rubber to me. I’m sorry, it looks like rubber. Does anybody else think this guy looks like he’s made out of rubber? It just doesn’t look that real to me, but they only show you fake I guess I’d have to see him standing next to a real person to really see, but it just looks so fake to me. Aanks G says corn pop was much worse than the tricks. Rabbit Jordan says he was the gangster in the beat it video. Well, who’s playing Biden now? I don’t know, but someone sent me a convincing lead here. Someone had said, look at Keanu Reeves. There’s a story that even kind of connects it. And so, yeah, Keanu Reeves and Joe Biden do have a similar vacancy in their eyes and same skull shape. But does it fit the narrative structure? I don’t know. I still think the best explanation is Bo Biden. If anybody’s playing the role of Joe, it’s bow. Fake died at forty six, came back to be president forty six. Real Dad goes and retires. I think it’s likely. And I was looking at old VP Biden comparing him to President Biden, and when I put Bow Biden in the middle, President Biden Skull looks like Bow Biden skull does not look like Vice President Biden. Skull Salty Siren, says the Keanu Reef. This one’s very convincing. Yep, Hey, look at this. ONE PHARMACEUTICAL BILLIONAIRE SON BUYS A thirty three million dollar mansion after pocketing ten billion dollars on the vaccine rollout. Not Bad. Here’s a headline from the Atlantic. The world is splitting in two separate events are accelerating a shift that is transforming global politics. Again, this is the crack and again Pluto. One thousand, seventeen, seventy six, no coincidences. And the big split is, are we going in the direction of seventeen, seventy six, independence, freedom, whatever that was, or sixteen nineteen? And this is a I think there’s a split here because the advocates of the sixteen nineteen project are not with Western chauvinism whatsoever. So Western Chauvinism is the titanic. It’s the planet heading towards the comet. It’s the titanic heading towards the iceberg. That’s the story we’ve been seeing here. The world splitting into okay, blue sky, out of the blue, says. I think Biden is Prince Harry and Kamala is Magan. Now that would be some first class acting. Now David says, first America’s cracked, now the world. Well, let me mention this too, because as we were leading up to two, two, two thousand twenty two, making these connections between Pluto, Pluto’s return and the release of the crack, in Biden is then distributing crack pipes if you recall the bide in crack pipe panic is going to get people killed. Here we go bite into fun crack pipes? Yeah, because they don’t think you’re smart enough to smoke crack without their help and they don’t want you to share crack pipes because they wouldn’t want someone to catch covid from your crack pipe. It’s like, how about let’s not have a crack addicts be enabled here. But Anyway, the crack pipe story was unbelievable and I’m like, why would the president of the United States insist that we give crack pipe the thirty million dollars on crack pipe kits? Now, that’s not specifically what they are. They’re drugs smoking kits, but they are where they are. New York Times explaining the claim about Biden’s crack pipes. They have to actually try to talk it down. New York Times uproar over crack pipes puts Biden’s drug strategy at wrist, at risks. I. They said it’s harm reduction, so you’re not likely to catch covid if you’re not sharing crack pipes. Now the fact checks are saying that they don’t specifically fun crack pipe, but that’s a bit of sophistry. They’re literally putting crack pipes in everybody’s pocket. FYI, but my point is they’re doing this right when the Krakens about to be released. So I think it’s more about the actual meme. It’s more about the Zeit geist being painted up in a certain way than anything else. And by the way, I had a caller a bit of go bringing up cracked magazine and he said you got to check this magazine out. This is a magazine that was all over the streets of New York leading up to nine hundred and eleven, and most of the covers have some bizarre reference predictive programming for shadowing for eleven. So I’m going to show you. I’m just grabbing at random two covers of cracked magazine and you’ll it looks like mad magazine, one of these types. Okay, so here’s one says cracked building, we need new quarters. Now that’s not the twin towers, but it’s one building and it looks like it’s divided into and this is cracked kind of an eleveny, but this one’s more overt. This one has a plane crashing into a building buildings falling and the there’s a crack in the ground and it says Earth shake. This issue is a complete disaster. And again the crack in the ground on right between his feet. All Right, let me see him going through your comments. Thanks. Ge says it’ll be a hunter Biden branded crack pipe. I don’t even believe the Guy Necessari even has to be really a crack smoker. Could all be story, although I’ve seen his teeth. I don’t understand Hunter Biden, I really don’t. I don’t understand is his his obsession with photographing himself and he’s weird. It’s it’s not even good compromising material. You know, it’s just bizarre to me. And also I’m like, why is this guy, who’s what in his s taking these pictures and posting him like he’s some kind of only fans celebrity? Like nobody wants to see Hunter Biden, only fans. Yeah, Jenny Thomas wanted to release the Kraken. Just to stay on topic, we’re talking about this idea of something being released a crack and kills bezos. basils is employees are being evacuated from Amazon because of a quote wave. Now it’s a crime wave. Now there’s a dead giveaway that something is going to go down, because there was a pbs documentary called the bombing of Seattle, and Nice to draw attention to it a lot because it contains so much predicted programming, and it was episode number one three. The thing is it had some thing about drills conducted in a stadium and they were using vely blimps or something. Anyway, as a fascinating video, and if you searched bombing of Seattle or if you search Seattle one hundred and three, that would be the first thing to come up, and I’d reference this video frequently. Is PBS DOTORG and they pulled it, they got rid of it, it got removed from the search results. They they removed it, and I’m like, why would they do that? I wonder why. Anyway, I’ll probably find it and dig it back up. It’s a little late now, but I think we’re onto something again. Jeff bezos being devoured by a crack in very significant and this is in inside job on Netflix, and everything on netflix comes true. If you haven’t noticed, Finnbar says I used to read cracked magazine all the time. Shows you how pervasive the predictive programming is comics, movies, everything. All right, let us continue. This is all started by Zuca bugs artwork here, where it’s got a penguin on a whale well with what looks like a fifty col shooting right into the eye of the crack in and it says ips, crack in the code. And we’re going to go deeper. I am very serious us and methodical about this. You know, we’re not shooting from the HIP. This media deconstruction is outside of the realm of hate speech or conspiracy conjecture. It’s actually an advanced form of film criticism. But we’re actually taking our critique to the world stage itself and taking a metascript view here. And there is a script. There is no doubt. If you have any doubts at all, I would point you to a video I watched the other day in addition to any of our videos here, but there was a video by quantum of conscience, I represent I referenced a few weeks ago, where he went through the connections between the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and JFK, and these are beyond coincidence. And it’s just one example, one area, but it’s a major one where, if you’re going to say these are all coincidences, you end up in the realm of coincidence theory where you got to come up with a very good coincidence theory to explain all these connections. All right, let’s see what else we have with. We’ve been talking about will Smith and the slapping. Will check this out. Apparently Hulk Hogan said something. Hulk Hogan might have indicated that he botted a fake slap, and he would know. Hulk Hogan strong no cell comment has hulk a maniacs questioning will Smith’s Chris Rock smackdown professional wrestling superstar. Hulk Hogan wayed in on the smackdown. Quote. Strong no cell by Chris Hogan said, with no further explanation. The bleacher report defines no cell in wrestling as the act of not reacting to an opponent’s move. This could either be part of a gimmick or it could be a sign of disrespect. Rocks head swung back after he was struck, but he remained upright and clear headed. Wow, the funny man said, will Smith just smacked the shit out of me. Hogan’s fans on twitter believe the conflict was staged to bolster ratings. If you slow Mo and watch will’s footwork, you see his left foot hit the floor right at the second of impact. One HULKO MANIAC claimed. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I saw as well. Others said that Smith has turned heel, which kind of seems like it could be the case. They’RE gonna have to go send him to live with his auntie and uncle and Bel Air now. Heel is a wrestling term for a character that’s turned villain. So that’s kind of what’s going on. A designated bad guy here. It’s just a roll again. He admitted it in his speech. He said Life Imitates Art. Right, let’s see here. Joe Rogan’s flaming Joe. Apparently Joe Rogan has some kind of hemp infused energy drink. So you have this and you got Mike Tyson’s Evander holy field. We’d ears, but I thought this is interesting here. You know, you got this thing that’s called a flaming Joe and I think what he says here. It’s a clean energy beverage is what he’s calling it, and I’m wondering. I’m looking at a pattern and I’m thinking, are they changing the types of drugs that we do, energy drinks and that kind of thing to calm us. Not Calm US down, but to get people more integrated into the metaverse. Like maybe they don’t want you running around polluting, so they’re going to get you a different sort of energy drink. Maybe take the sugar out and combine it with THC so you can be comfortable with your head fully immersed in your CGI paradise. I mean, I don’t trust anything that guy gets behind. I happen to think he’s consciously taking a fall. You know, they actually regulate spotify a bit now because of Joe, and I did predict that back when Joe was first called out to be canceled, and back then it was for sexism. They just kept digging until they found something they thought would stick. O G FEPE says any mainstream YouTube channel pushing the slap is real are outing themselves as paid influencers. Yeah, I’d say so. got a comment from Paulyie boy seventy seven. He said, Tim you know that Staveley goes on Ebay and other places looking for Miss Prince to buy, and then he says they change the originals to full people I know I’ve had missprints from Ebay. I received a hornby train set and on one box it said Hernby. So pauly boy sven seven doesn’t think that hernby trains is a Mendela effect. He thinks it’s a quote the missprint. What a sheep. Obviously it’s a Mendela effect. That’s how they usually approach these things. But no, apparently staveley’s been buying Miss Prince Man. It’s like faking relics. You know, it’s unconscionable. Like imagine if you had a priest at a church and he rigged up the statue of the Virgin so during prayer she actually weeps and it’s just some contraption and just like water pouring of the eyes or something like that’s messing with people’s heads. Fake Miracles. Here we have it. Fake Miracles. Hey, I have a side note here. This is noteworthy, though. Steve Pashenic major que and honor. He would go on to the elex Jones program and hype up Q, hype up the crack in, hype up the idea that all of the ballots were water marked and that the election was just a sting to take out the bad guys. Well, anyway, Pashenic has a history of line and he claims that he worked through the national security buocracy classified positions. But anyway, I didn’t know this. He emerged in the S as an expert on the psychology of hostage taking and in the s he launched a series of novels with Tom Clancy. So Steve Pashenic, major q and on pusher, is co authoring books with Tom Clancy, who wrote so many of the psyops that we’ve been living through. I mean, this guy’s a metascript on the level of eleven covid dark winter. All these things are in the purview of Tom Clancy and for Pashenic a major queue and honor and Info wars guy to be connected with clancy. Yep, we’re looking at metuscript pushing agents. All right, let me go through my notes here and then when I hit the headlines up as well. We already talked about this. Senator Bruce Bostelman couldn’t tell it was a joke meme when somebody suggested that they needed litter boxes for the furies. Let’s see here. Let me go in and go to my voice mails. That’s what I cut off here. I had a voicemail from John Look at anymore. See. We thought that that chapter was over and that we are going into world war three. What they’re trying to do is set up the story for the whole ISSS thing to happen, which is really gonna implant and everyone’s head that if they don’t go get their foods there, that everything’s going to fall down, that they’re going to fall down if they don’t get their boost there because o nice one. Okay, so let me recap that. The first time the space station was pubably hit by space junk, where they actually did a big story on it, is like this summer they had a mission called celestial immunity, where the astronauts were vaccing each other and testing the efficacy of vaccines in space. During that mission, the space station’s arm, it has an arm, it was hit by a piece of space junk and it had a hole in it. So it was punctured in its arm. So we were saying, Hey, celestial immunity, space station gotten vexed. And then I start of pointing out the correlation between Outer Space and inner space, your circulation, our collective circulation in our and then outer space in orbit, and they’ve been correlating space junk, as in something’s contaminating orbit with the virus. Something’s contaminating or there’s a contaminant in your circulation that must be expunged or removed. So the space station being vaxed was the theme. Here. Space Station’s arm. Now again this is just a correlation between outer space and inner space. So on May twelve, a routine inspection of a robotic arm on the ISS revealed a five millimeter wide hole in its thermal covering. According to the Canadian Space Agency, the robotic arm, Canada arm too, was hit by a piece of orbital debris. Now again, the mission was called celestial immunity. What is celestial immunity? I have a few clips on it here. Just play short little note here, but it’s mostly about vaccines and getting vaxed in space to death. The celestial immunity investigation evaluates the effects of gravity on Functional Immune response. NASA astronauts Mark Band High and mega mccarthur performed activities to prepare for the investigations three week run the investigation. She uses Lempo site and type. Well, that looked fake. Hold on, I just saw something waving around and it shouldn’t get make our the performed activities to prepare for the investigations three week run. Anyway. They’re doing science and space. Now let me share this. The aliens among us, and this is an economist cover from August of two thousand and twenty. The aliens among us. How viruses shape the world. This is where I noted this very strong correlation between outer space and interspace. So what you’re looking at here is inner space. You got your AIDS, you got your coveds, got some t cells. Anyway, this is inner space, but it looks like a moon, some planets, some rockets and a satellite. The aliens among us. How viruses shape the world. So the virus is being correlated with an alien invader and therefore the carrier of the alien invader is the alien. The unvexed are the aliens among us, the ones who are shaping the world. Are The threats that have to be countered. They have to make the world safe because the alien invasion. So in this sense, the Anti vaxers are the aliens, because they are the super spreaders and they spread the information that leaves other people open to being inhabited by aliens. Now these are internal aliens. And then let me add on to this couple of things. One, the very first vaccine for Covid was called spot nick five and it was released the same day that. Out of Russia a movie came out called Sputnik, about aliens that enter through the bloodstream take over. Basically a parasitic, symbiotic relationship, a very unhealthy relationship, because it causes you, or the possessed person, to crave the blood of extremely terrorized people. That’s called Sputnik. Just another connection. Here’s another one. The very first ufo crash landing was Roswell, a place called Corona field. I went there during the first lockdown with my first stemi check and yeah, it’s called Corona field. So there you have it. The First Alien Corona Field, first alien crash or whatever, and then men in black. You Have Corona Park as one of the main areas where the alien thing happens, and you have a big space needle thing there. Now I’m going to have to watch this movie. I admit I didn’t watch it because a lot of people that annoyed me liked it, but I might have to go watch it. It looks like it might be good and as a few clips that I’ve seen. I might watch it’s nights. It probably ties into everything now that I’m seeing Rona Park space needle some things up here. Salty says outer space is always looked microscopic. To me, outer space interspace and if you want to know what’s the furthest reaches of the universe, or if you want to look at the furthest reaches of inner space, like micro and macro, you have to go to the experts. Okay, so we’re talking about this inner space, outer space thing. Alien invaders as internal just a reoccurring theme. Fascinating little area, though, of really the sidewar where they have made these connections consistently. That way you’re fearing the anti vaxer as this alien threat all predicted programming. None of the stuff is coincidental. Let me see, I’m going through some comments. Here. Van Go says, I thought they’d use these rig elections to push the block chain to vote because of the Decentralized Open Source Ledger, but I’ve been wrong. You may be right. We’ll see. Grangerman says. I just looked up magazine number one, hund and three and it has a corona pooping out of box on cover. Let me take a look. I think you men pop out of box on cover. Okay, mad one three, and it does have a corona like thing popping out of a Jack in the box and it has a ufo on the side of the Jack in the box. So it’s got the UFO thing, it’s got the corona thing and it’s got the one three. Very interesting. Well, WHO’s ready for the aliens? And I can just just looking here, I’m saying aliens all over this thing. All right, let us continue going through my headlines here at now I’ve been doing these morning live streams and that’s meant to be daily, and I’m going to open it up two calls. I have some people and other parts of the world that want to call in, so I’ll be opening up skype for that purpose as well. Here all the Hollywood celebrities to blame when you’re facing starvation due to lack of energy, fertilizers, farming. Okay, yes, the ones who are causing global warming. You want to know who the main offenders are. Not a coincidence? Let me bring this up. Why is Leonardo DiCaprio the face of don’t look up a major climate change movie. That is the subtext. It’s you know, it’s about a comment hit in the earth, but no, it’s actually about global warming hitting the earth. Listen to the scientists, listen to the agorphobe who’s scared because the sky is falling. So you’re supposed to believe this guy in real life as a climate change warrior trying to stop the polluters? Know he’s got a massive carbon footprint, despite his tiny baby feet. I mean everybody knows this by now about Leonardo DiCaprio, major, major climate hypocrite. Don’t look up his record on on his pollution, on his carbon footprint, but Leonard, Leonardo DiCaprio, major polluter, major offender. And yet here he is during these movies, playing these roles where he’s somehow against climate change, he’s for the science. So what gives? Why would you play a role and then live away that’s completely opposite? Why would you be such a hypocrite in public? Well, I think it’s intentional. He’s playing the role of a hypocrite. He’s playing the role of a polluter, of an unsustainably wealthy person whose carbon footprint, you know, we really can’t have that because it’s going to inadvertently punish everybody else. But these are intentional and I think this also relates to why so many of these gun grabbing types do movies where they’re constantly using guns, but they over do it with the guns. Look at the Matrix now. The Matrix is also significant in this respect, because here you have a movie that’s blamed like a week after and the three weeks after the movie comes out you have the columbine shooting. So these things are correlated, and the columbine shooters are dressed like characters out of the Matrix. Not a coincidence, the trench coat Mafia. My point being the people behind these movies, like the witch housekis their way against guns. They are terrified of right wing militias and gun owners. So why do they have these movies with a a guns? One of the main features of the film? I think it’s to scare people about guns, to exaggerate how powerful they are. So to me it’s sort of like this. Here it’s sort of an intentional hipocras. Here a cope of stetic says April, the fourth month of the year. Usually consider the second month of spring for to Hey, I’m looking at for for Jackie Jack says, I’ll come back for a replay with a note Plat Pad. Great Info. Hey, check this out, by the way, if you go to conspiratainedcom or even conspiraitament dot live, I have a new site here which also mirrors my live streams. So it looks like here’s Aout twenty people listening on the radio players if you just want the audio. And I do get replaced through there as well. But anyway, one of the new things that I’ve started doing is transcripts. Now they’re not perfectly edited. I have to go through them later, but someone mentioned taking notes. So if you go to the conspiratament blog, you do find my archives there. I mean, I post them everywhere I can, but this is just another place and a couple of things. One I try to make the best choices for my family, and the podcast player there has transcripts on the screen, but we also have the daily transcripts posted, and I did this for search engine optimization, because we’re constantly saying things that you know, we’re using words memes that the media uses as well, and they like to take things and then put it in their context and I like to compete, like I really resent the fact that conspiracy theorist has been replaced with Conspira racist and a conspiracist mean clever word games, but you see what they do there. So yes, I’m doing my best to optimize for search engines all of the podcast content and also to make it more searchable. If you search infinite plane radio, you can’t help but find us, and that was intentional because despite having lost a hundred and twenty channels on Youtube, we’re still eminently findable. Grangerman says. Mad Magazine Number One nineteen has mccloss key on the cover. Let me take a look. Also, I have a newsletter which I highly recommend. I think we have forty one issues out so far. If you go to my twitter account, twittercom slash real Tim Osman, and right below my twitter profile there’s a sign up box where you can get on the newsletter, weekly newsletter of Infinite Plane Radio. Again, I’ll put a link to that as well. It’s on review and it says weekly, but usually it’s a few times a week. We’re on issue up next. One’s number forty two, but if you look here at to some of the headlines, go ahead and bring a few of these up bat out of Wohan. The world’s simulation moonfall review met a script analysis. Pluto returns on Tuesday. Rush at the threatens to shoot the space station. Anyway, anything that’s interesting going on I tend to do a newsletter on. There’s about forty of them here, all of them with links. We have receipts for every claim we make here, and if we make a claim and it sounds outrageous, it’s probably something we’ve fact checked in double fact checked, because you can have a thousand points that make your case but you have one thing that goes against it and that’s the thing that they will hone in on. Take a look at this here. Welcome to a world without rules, says the poster. Here this is Batman in front of a building, and the bat shaped whole burnt into the building looks verylevy. Not a coincidence. Batman and joker are constantly used in all the major transformative psyops. They represent order and chaos, of course, the police response to the mass shooters. They’re always showing up in their Batman costumes, and also the bat as Phoenix, a burning bat. The Phoenix represents the burning down and building back better formula it’s the same thing with the dove. Noah’s dove shows up after the flood. So for this present reset, it’s not the Phoenix. They’re not burning things down, we’re not being flooded. It’s not the dove, it’s the Bat, and the BAT, of course, is the catalyst for the reset, the bat born virus. All of this predicted in these in the artwork of all these different movie posters and comics. All right, let me continue again. OJ Simpson says he understands where will Smith was coming from. We’ve been talking about the Illuminati, Venus Lucifer slap ritual again. So many interesting little connections here between all these characters. Specifically, though, the one that fascinates me the most is Denzel Washington showing up and being called out as Macbeth, there boy, there by invoking the Macbeth curse, but King Macbeth, King Richard, laughing after the slap. Very interesting. All right, there’s all kinds of weirdness of the queue and honors. Almost don’t want to get into it. Twitter brutally MOX Q and on Prophet blessing three Oregon geop candidates. It’s getting very culty and I’m also noticing a lot of talk about the border, and that only happens near the election and they get everybody chanting build the wall, build the wall, and then after the election everybody forgets about the border. Polk at seventy eight says thanks, Saturn for IPSSANITY. Yeah, there are a few channels out there where you do have a post world of view perspective. A lot of people do call the BS, and what I think separates us is that we maintain the think tank, which is essentially a forum, a platform where anybody can say anything uncensored, so we can pull together our information, because I look at this thing as a puzzle with a million pieces and I’d rather have a thousand people working on it with me, and that’s been our approach for a few years now. And when I started this channel, I didn’t know anything about how I didn’t know how deep it went as far as the I mean, I I picked up on things here and there, but I used to jokingly say that there’s no meaningful distinction to be made between the news media and Hollywood, and eventually I realize, okay, that’s not even a joke, that’s just a starting point here. All right, let us continue again. Clarence Thomas’s wife, interesting character, but this is kind of a counterpoint to the new Supreme Court justice. They’re just showing the polarization of the parties. But here we have Clarence Thomas’s wife, talent, telling Clarence to release the KRAKEN. So a major q and honor there. We’re looking at what looks to be a new water gate, so that should be interesting. Yeah, unfortunately they took down three of our channels, but one place you can go we will never miss anything as soundcloud. Here’s a link. We had a caller or the other night, I think it was spongebob, had an interesting story about not see werewolves. You won’t want to miss it. Sandy Hook family seek elex Jones’s arrest. Now they’re not going to get that, but ELEX Jones is being fined right now twenty five thou dollars per day until he shows up at some deposition. Now he gets it back at the end, but just kind of shows you that that they’re really trying to make the point that if you call a hoax a hoax, that will be repercussions. And look, that’s another reason why I’m going back to my old job, because I want to double down on our unfiltered, unmasked speech. I don’t want to backtrack. I don’t want a cowtow to the communist terms of service just to stay afloat. I think quite the opposite. So if we have all of the channels operating costs covered by something unrelated to the channel, then it remains pure and free, because what we’re trying to do here is we’re maintaining a level of honesty that’s practically illegal. Right now. Okay, next voice mail. Hey Tom this is lastly, the astrologer in New York. How are you? I’m calling to leave you a voicemail, but it’s not to be played. Please online. I just okay, I’ll stop that right now and okay, so let me go ahead and go through this voice mail. Fascinating. I’m looking at the transcripts. It’s a three minute long voice mail and then it continues on for another forty seconds. I’m not going to play it live because then the person won’t never call back again. We don’t want that. Appreciate the message and I’ll definitely go through it and then I’ll comment on it if anything else comes out of it. Definitely appreciate that very much. Okay, it’s been a great evening. I did want to put this out there one more time because now is the time, because of the heat on the trump’s right now. Here’s a link in the chat. I can say confidently that I dosed the real q. This is a fact, verifiable, easy to see, undeniable, and now I think might be the time for this to get out there. So, if you want to see Q, and this is just going to make things very interesting for us, for this channel in particular, if you want to see q tossed in prison, q is Real. Q is presently committing felonies. Is Buddies with Don Junior, with Ivanka. They all know who he is. I have proof of that right here, and we could have this person indicted. Q is Real. Q is a trump confidant, an insurrectionist. Whether or not you think or know about how fake one six was, it doesn’t matter from this perspective, because we’re just looking at the fact that our channel has been severely messed with by somebody hired by our government. This guy’s dood or something, and so I have everything that I need to actually have this guy indicted on felony identity theft, cyberus. I mean it’s crazy what he’s done, but I made a good record of it and I can back everything that I’ve set again, Marcus Goldvench Dot, I see you share that if you will, because the sinner this gets out, the better things are for everybody, and I when I say fun. Basically my intention is to I feel like everything’s been damned up for a couple of years. A lot of the suppression on this channel is all going to be released at once. Our mean pool is a reservoir. It’s a big damn it’s cracking, so we want to release the crack in here. Anyway. Thanks for joining everyone. This is thirty three degree by Lucifer Tim same time tomorrow, actually, probably earlier and possibly in the morning.

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