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Okay, apologize for that glitch. There again. I think he’s just refresh your browsers again. It’s for one, two thousand and twenty two. Phones are open. I’m putting the number on the screen. Eight three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, joined by celestial wonders. First One, only one in the chat. Would happened here? There we go. It’s working for everyone else. Just say high in the chat. It looks like we had a temporary, I don’t know, some kind of a glitch. Okay, phones are open. I’ll be addressing some voice mails, but let me go ahead and go through a couple of the notes that I’ve taken. Today should be an interesting weekend. Trump’s gathering in Michigan. I’ve seen a few things. They’re indicating there might be something worth looking at. Also, here’s a creepy video, and I don’t know what’s creepier about it. I’ll let you see it. First, couple elements to it. I know most of you are probably Mandela fatigued, as am I, but here’s a guy actually showing real time baron stain to Baron Stein bears. It’s actually changing when it exits the bedroom. Now, obviously this is a hoax, but most people don’t think so. I creeps me out, man, I really like to be in this room anymore, sleeping here. You look at that. Shit is changing, right, they’re anyway, I I I just know weird net room. All Right, here you go. That’s a guy who believes that he’s been afflicted with an alternate reality shift. Earlier today, if you got my news letter, I admitted that the mentel effects real and that I’m actually gatekeeping the issue in order to prevent people from finding out the level of control they actually live under and that, yes, they’re tweaking with your reality just to mess with your heads. Like, check this out. I mean whether or not they actually had that power. They kind of do. You got to hear this, if you haven’t already. Talk about a real asinate. Vaccination is to get infected yourself and held not get it. If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine. Yes, she really has the flu, she should not get it. Again, that she doesn’t need it, because the it’s the bet, it’s the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself so that you have it again. Reality shifts as the norm. We’ve been discussing a number of things this week. I think a lot of people also are tired of the Will Smith getting slapped in the face thing. But you know, behind all of the drama there is a context in which it makes sense and it can be directly correlated with this slapping of the king ritual from Ancient Babylon Story, myth, whatever you want to call it, that involved the king getting slapped in the face and bring brought to the point of tears. Well, we saw that. Albert Frederick says you should probably ban me because I’m a silly little attention whore. You’re allowed to say whatever you want. You know we’re not going to ban you for that. I mean, we live in the age of what Ticktock, and it’s nothing but people just competing for attention. Just, I mean really does very little. You have you could do in the chat that would get you kicked out. You can call in eight three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Roger Stone in Roger Stone has a tramp stamp of Richard Nixon on his lower back. Roger Stone Hits Kevin McCarthy for denying Catherine’s claims adds fire to geop’s drug infused orgy controversy. You know, this whole thing is gone full swing the other direction. I seem to remember at time when the right was accusing the left of this type of activity, but every time I look it just seems like projection. And Roger Stone, they call a political trickster. Political trickster, Roger Stone is suggesting that there were that were some kind of legitimate basis for the names made by McCarthy. I mean that McCarthy by the Cawthorne, and he even back down on those stories. So there’s actually nothing to defend but stones there. Yeah, he actually has a tattoo on his back of Richard Nixon, and when I saw him associating with trumper on two thousand and sixteen, I thought, you know this, this cannot be anything other than an indicator that trump’s going to be some kind of Nixon esque figure in the future. I mean, this guy’s just toxic and I think that’s happening every day. I see more and more references to Watergate. Now here’s another interesting piece. So Jenny Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, the one who’s a major q and on cultist. You got Q and on cultists in high places. These are, and I’m looking at this as likely an indication we’re looking at some kind of a government run operation with this q thing, because it turns out that Jenny Thomas was associated with a major cult in the s. So here’s a video of Jenny Thomas talking about that weird cult she belonged to. It was a self help cult, but it’s been described as a fat shaming cult. But in this video, and this again, this is Clarence Thomas’s wife, who’s been busted for trying to get the election overturned calling for the release of the crack in in recent days. Yeah, she belonged to this bizarre called and she was one of these cult escape ees. It was called life spring, and so the group that formed around escape in the cult was called expose life spring. And I don’t think it’s a small deal, considering that General Flynn and the way he structured this movement, General Flynn seems to be borrowing a whole lot straight from the church universal triumphant. So it wouldn’t surprise me that someone else high up in q and on would also have involvement in some major league cult and these cults are, like I said, run by the government. I don’t think these are organic organizations. So here we go. I knew Judy Thomas. She was in a cult life spring. Here she is in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine add an event for former members, and it’s also very suspect that she’s a former member. Scientology has plenty of, quote, former members who really just go out there to fish for the enemies of the organization. So it just says to me high level mind, effing operative. But take a listenin another issue that maybe hasn’t been discussed as when you get who come away from the colony by the bellows in your life, getting involved with finding the halls or exposing it, and of the other angle is getting a sense of yourself and what was it that made you get into that group and in what’s what open questions are they? That still needs answer, and I think I’m really trying and struggling with the bands. Between them. I wanted those less than I want to he okay, just a typical I escaped a cult story. These were really popular back then. But this is another one. Generic cult life spring. These days it’s next him, and I’m inclined to think that a lot of these cult escapees are in fact members of the cult, fishing for enemies, you know, controlled opposition, and also I think they’re part of the structure, because every cult has an US versus them dynamic. You can’t have scientologists without suppressive persons. You can’t have phones are open, by the way, if it a plane radio. Yeah, I’m about to have dessert with my wife and some of this is like it’s a quite old, Smoky Mirror. How are you, sir? Oh, very good. I thought this was Albert Frederick, who seems to have some complaints he wanted to voice. But anyway, good here from you, Kyoto. No, no, it was to call it right now. No, no, no, I thought that was him, but no, you’re good. Yeah. So what’s going on? We’ve been looking today at I’ve been looking closely at this slap gate thing. I’m not quite fatigued with it yet. What do you think about this whole issue? Well, I tell you, it’s as you I think I’m going to indicated to you earlier. I’m a formerly a thirty year Hollywood industrial professional who was aired from his agency because I protested workplace discrimination for people who based on people’s own personal medical decisions. I think you know what that means, right. Yes, yeah, so they wouldn’t take the donald trump warp speed mystery injections. So they weren’t there. Are Not Allowed to work on Hollywood sets. So publicly protesting that, I was let go. But because of my years of experience in Hollywood, of course I do have a little bit of expertise that I think it’s only right that I would share. You know, and if you what’s bizarre to me, and of course anybody who listens to you or in our in our world, knows that it’s very strange how people are willing to accept who are in the profession, much like we might say physicians, medical research scientists are willing to accept pretty bizarre interpretations of how, for example, of virus might be handled. Okay, so in the same in the same vein, are you still admit? Yeah, going, please, going in the same vein. I think it’s only right that I share my expertise in that. Fact. That what we I’m flabber gas at people like as you, as you pointed out last night, people like Jim Carrey, who are, of course, experts at this, you know. I mean, my God, the guys, when the greatest actors in the world can’t he knows when he came. When he complains about will Smith’s assault of Chris Rock, he knows. Jim Carrey knows that that’s a stunt, that it’s an on camera stunt slap. It didn’t actually occur, but of course. But you we see all these Hollywood players. I mean we’re talking about experts in the field of acting and mystery and yes, all right, carry outrage looks real, it feels real and it’s it’s contagious and I think that a lot of people who are outraged by this follow the queue of these actors right and so in those Kudos again to Jim Carrey for actually letting us believe that suddenly he’s not capable of recognizing an obvious, you know, stunts, stage on camera slap which never actually occurred, because it goes anyone knows who watched the western in the s knows that when the guy punches the other guy in the saloon, they’re not actually connecting with the fifth to the jaw. Correct right, no cell, no cells. Whole Hogan Son said there was no connection there and it was right. I mean Yeah, plus, TMZ released a video where will smith was teaching people how to he was doing a clinic on slapping, a slap clinic. Here’s how you make it look real, and a lot of people were watching. So yeah, at TMZ exposed is back in November. So No, the guys no stranger to fake slaps. Once again we have literally experts in the field, which would be every single person in the Hollywood industry, going along with a imaginary agenda. We much like we saw in two thousand and twenty. They are playing much like we saw scientists and medical research, physicians and physicians going along with what’s an obviously incorrect assessment of something that happens every winter and every fall, which is the sniffles in the cops and the a keys and the fevers and the whatever is right is somehow a plague that’s going to wipe out humanity. Yeah, fundamentally, no different than saying if you don’t sacrifice to us, the sun’s gonna die. You know, and you do this predicting it with an eclipse. You know, it’s idea, probably fake, of these Aztec priest sacrificing people. Yeah, and that’s a that’s a that’s a fantastic example. I mean, as a matter of fact, I’m literally a halfbreed red skin. I’m literally fifty percent Mischka, which is what what you know as text call ourselves. Know Real Life, I’m actually half MACHICA, half European. And yeah, that’s exactly correct. I mean they we know, in the past of the ASTEC empire was probably at its death throws by the time the Europeans arrived, you know, and we’re you know, if you want to know what’s going on right now in the United States of America and the Western World, go back and study my ancestors from the you know, on fourteen hundred, late fourteen under. We’re talking about it. Yeah, it’s a priesthood, or claims they were, because the A F A failing a failing empire, just, you know, yeah, a priesthood. But they have this hour because apparently they are able to convince people that they control nature or can, and they have this ability to kind of have their prophecies more or less vindicated just by knowing the cycles and they can predict the sniffles, they can misattribute the cause very easily and seems like people have no attention span to really follow along with all these various syoups. They just replace one with another. Yeah, that’s yeah, and Kudos say to you and all your list is infinite plane. Who you know can kind of it’s almost is if are we here’s the question I have. Are we almost also playing along by even discussing the preposterous nature of this obvious fallacies? Right? That’s a good question, because it does seem like the conspiracy, theorist who seem to be opposing the system are a part of it, like it creates its own opposition. But I kind of think that what we’re doing almost exclusively is somewhat separated from most of those who are actually just countering with their saying, because I like to think of what we’re doing is being a little more objective. For example, what we’re doing is, yeah, very little to do with like queue and owners, who are very engaged in the whole deception, like they believe in half in a lot of the stuff, but just a Oh, that’s a really good point. That’s a really good point, and I mean that’s exactly that. That’s what I think separates infinite plane listeners and contributors and chat room, contributed from from like, for example, the Quet, you know, the queue and on us, who are clearly still caught in the left right paradigm, fighting the you know, the binary opposition to this clear an obvious live. Where’s you? Where’s you’ve gone? And another level, at one more level up. was with leveled down, but because I keep on, but because I keep on thinking of being planed or grounded right, but you go one more level up to say, you know, we’re we’re not just opposing it. You almost with your humor and your parody, for example today, of admitting that the Mandela affected are is you that you’re a gatekeeper of the mendooz old. You know, it’s you taken to another level where we’re taking humor as opposed to anger. Yes, precisely that. And this has been, I think, an agenda on their side, on the side of the of the big media, to always miss characterize the conspiracy theorists or the people see to the Matrix and as somehow wanting to destroy it, like like neo. What do they do? They arm up and they come out with the guns, and then you have the littleton shooters who look just like the Matrix people, and that shooting happens right after the Matrix and the media reached for that association and ever since then the association is always with the media. Has Been Conspiracy theorists are radicals, their domestic extremists, when in reality they’re mostly philosophical. They’re actually breaking things down that most people would never even consider. That is a brilliant point because of course, yes, and of course columbine was almost essentially saying look, here’s a guy who was actually that’s almost precognitant, wasn’t? I’m columbine was before the Matrix. Wow, I just suppose, but I just said. But anyway, they’re they’re making a connection between and Columbine, the Columbine alleged shootings, and the May to the point where, you know, they’re trying to make it look as if, yes, that the conspiracy theorist is a violent person, when you’re absolutely right, the infinite plane listeners and contributors are really so a lot. You know, we’re intellectuals in the true sense of the word, where you know, and we’re philosophers in the truths of the word. Yeah, because I noticed this pattern where they want to get rid of the wrong answers, call it dangerous and then remove it from our view and remove it from the Internet. And my take on it is that if you only memorize the right answers that are hidden or handed to you, you may not know what makes it right because you don’t have a basis for comparison. So they don’t want us to know the difference between right and wrong. They want to keep us in this type of ignorant state where we just believe the right answers and disregard everything else and that’s just there. I think that’s their ideal and ignorant, ignorant population that doesn’t even have a concept of wrong. You can’t get wrong because those answers aren’t there anymore. It’s very interesting. You know. I’m, of course, one of the one of our one of the infinite plane allies would be, of course, the at Secret Sun blog, that blogspotcom the secret sun, points out how how I think the I think it’s called Knowles first law, which is that whenever there’s a controversy in the media about controversy in the media about symbolism or about symbolism, usually that’s that controversy cloaks the exact opposite meaning of what the controversy is really hiding. So, for example, sure fiser sponsored the Academy Awards. Sure Jada, Jada is supposed to supposedly has a Lapecia, and sure that the next day fiser shows a cure for alapecia. You’re supposed to go that one level down. Fiser sponsored, you know, we the slap, brought attention to Jada Pinetts. That’s hair it, but actually it’s just fiser selling a drug. You know. See, that’s one level down right, and that actually this the suade. You’ve actually seen the deeper controversy, which is what you the deeper meeting of the whole thing, which you’ve actually shown in the infinite play. Yeah, exactly. There are layers of this thing. In fact, someone mentioned last night that the husband of Venus is Vulcan and he’s a blacksmith and a protector. Correct. You listen to speech, Will Smith mentioned protection multiple times and will absolutely a Smith and he happens to be a black Smith in this sense. And so he’s defending Jada in her green dress, who is a Venus stand in. Venus is in the audience, Venus Williams, and he defends Venus in the movie and even when he walked up to Chris, Chris called him Richard at first, as in King Richard. So this is obviously theater, but it also has these characters are playing on a deeper level where, yes, they’re embodying archetypes, and it is a hundred percent consistent with what we’ve seen in the past, like when Janet Jackson exposed her breast and it had the solar symbol piercing on the candlemass holiday. Well, that was mirrored because Venus was there during will speech showing her chest. I mean to a T. that’s right. In fact, you yeah, you might, at fact, I think you might have seen my tweet where I showed you. I can’t face the picture of Venus William. Would you’ll notice her left her her right arm is above her left breast, okay, and in a forty five tree angle above her her left exposed breast onto her shoulder and her right hand. No, sorry, maybe this opolite. Her left her left hand is is reaching underneath her breast and her right hand is her right elbow is touching her left hand and her right hand is touching her left shoulders. So it’s making a triangle around her nipple correct exactly the way, yes, but it was taking right right. So if you look at that ass in Astro Theology, from example, what you’ve seen there, if you if you’ll recall my tweet, is that you’re seeing a triangle. Okay, she’s making a triangle with her nipple, okay, which I feel, based on the work of secret son, is that they that that is the eye in the pyramid. All right, that, sorry, the eye in the triangle, which is different than the eye and the pyramid. If you look at the constellation Triangulum, to the right of that Constellation is a constellation Perseus, which includes the star Al Goal, okay, the Demon Star Al Goal, which is where the word Algal rhythm actually comes from, because the star Algal is a binary star that blinks, okay, goes in and out right, and that is a probably what is that is the key to the lazzle worship of these folks, all right, and so Venus is showing you the triangulum that I so so if you can, you can even search I in the triangle or I above the pyramid. Are Two different eye to see something. Yes, in fact, I have your very tweet up on the screen and they posted a link in the chat so people can follow you there. And Yeah, I saw this and yeah, this was done during his speech. And it also should be pointed out that while will was will was speaking, one he quoted Denzel Washington, which is interesting in itself because n’zel Washington recently played macbeth. Chris Rock had mentioned Macbeth before the punch and then he said that’s eve. He said this is art imitating life in his speech. I mean that’s a dead giveaway, if you know. If nothing else, that alone should tell you. This is selfconsciously pointing out that this is some kind of a play and he’s earning his Oscar in front of everybody crying on Q. There’s that’s what they aswer camper. And to your point just a moment ago about protection, is that if you look at the difference between the eye above the pyramid, will we cut the people called the Illuminati? I right, the eye in the triangle, okay, in the in the consolation Triangulum, and to the right of that the star Alghal in the consolation process. Right that, if you put the eye of Horace, which is that which or Al Goal in the triangle. Okay, that is a amulet of protection, right, and you were just talking about the most Meri talks about protection. So that’s why go to see I’d me, I continue the tweets. So go to tweets that to continuations down and you’ll see that link to the to the eye, the whole eye of horse in the triangle, which is that, which is about, which is an ambulant for protection. And I think it’s almost as if it’s not about fiser and a Lapisia. This routine was really about after all this shit they put us through, part of my French, about, you know, this virus and this Ukraine stuff and blah, blah, blah. They there was it. They did themselves a protection ritual at the Oscars. Does that make sense? It does, and I’m looking at the end. It’s very consistent because he emphasized the word protection and that was used repeatedly. And I watched the movie King Richard Right after and having watched the movie, it completely reiterates everything that you just explained. In fact, the movie has a subtext that connects to the present, the present appointing of Justice Jackson on for for she’s moving to the Supreme Court and in many ways it parallels the journey of Venus moving to the Green Tennis court. And then you have, of course, the consistent use of royalty here, you know, King this, King that and the Court of Court. Yeah, I that was. That is I can’t tell him. That is spot. I heard that last night in the in the was that? Yeah, I think it was just yesterday. Of course, had to be about the king, the court, the thing and of course the even just like you said, the exclusion of which is a great point, by the way, which will you kind of brushed over. I think you should emphasize that great point you made earlier, which is that sports like tennis or golf allegedly keep out them, the better, stronger players, and they make a smaller circle of people. It was in their kingdom and court to become the best when they’re because they’re not allowing in the the subjugated races and people’s and classes into their into their golf club or the tennis club. Do you remember the same yesterday? And the reason I brought that up is that this movie was illustrating the critical race theories take on America and the structural bias that excludes and so what King Richard did is in a very machiavelian way, which I think ties into this movie. But his character, he gets them into the system and you know, the basically become the first. So you have a parallel with the first Black Woman Supreme Court justice and Venus Williams first on the tennis court to fufull fulfill a parallel kind of role. And what’s more is that this particular justice is coming up at a time where one of the conversations is the Crown Act, which is all about black hair. Yeah, okay, Gugar. So you got the Crown Act and then Jada and her hair. In fact, one of the I found an article where Jada was talking about how in the movie The nutty professor, she had to put on a wig that wasn’t her natural hair and how it she describes. She used to quote. She said our hair is our crown. So Crown Act, the crowning of a new appointee, the recurring theme here of royalty. It ties in, I’m saying, and this is the parallel between the Justice in the Supreme Court and the Tennis Court Story and why these two stories actually kind of track together. And, by the way, she gets a pointed at that or no way, are you kidding me? Yep, on for four, and that’s also the seventy five. This is the seventy five anniversary of Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier into Major League baseball. So you have Venus doing something similar Jackie Robinson. Number Forty two. And do you know, just take a guess how much money Venus one on the courts in prizes. Forty two million. I’M gonna go for forty two million. Like you’ll find forty two all over the civil rights thing with all these sy ups when they script him like this. Rosa Parks, guess her age when she did that deed on the bus where she refused to move to the back, she was forty two. You know. So Anyway, I’m just pointing this out. It fits the same pattern. And Yeah, these stories you have the level of public sees the slap, then you have the story with all these various archetypes, and then you have it tying into the political narratives of our day. So they’re blending fiction and reality perfectly in front of us all the time. Oh my God, I’m like Tim hold them on set, honey, I’m talking to Tim moth and I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be right there right sorry about didn’t we have a effect? I’ve got a a attorney general over at my house for dinner right now. We’re having a deserve right now and I’ve got some getting some good scoops on the January six police got a tour of the Capitol building. So I’ll tune you into that. Laker, want run one thing by you, because I was trying to get ahold of an age. No, please, it didn’t we okay. So I have evidence in the form of an email with headers that was sent to youtube on behalf of this person who had actually committed identity theft against me and claimed my voice in order to get me kicked off of Youtube for a couple of years. Right there, that’s felony identity theft. So I need to I need to have this person indicted. He works for trump. I can prove this. We actually know the company everything. So I need an age. I need someone to advise me on how to actually go about indicting this person, and I think right now trump is so vulnerable because this guy was instrumental ine six. He’s the one behind George News, which promulgates the whole JFK junior thing. Marcus Goldfinch dot I see you. I have evidence there. This guy’s committed felonies. He could be indicted, he could be drined down to the public spotlight. It could be epic. Yeah, yeah, by the way, is assistant assistant? That The AG but I’ve got here. Someone else ever know? But yeah, sure, yeah, yeah, she’s a former assistant district, a journey Baba from from my own from my hood in the South side Chicago. I’m a have free resid born raised on the south side of Chicago, by the way. So anyway, I’m going to get I’m going to get her. What you you know how to message be out of the by through twitter or whatever. But you hook me up, DM as a kid, say and I will, and I’ll, and she is. She’s here, right here in Los Angeles, and we will figure this out and we’ll get we’ll get some consultation for you about that. Would sounds like a very strong case. You got there. Yeah, it is. I’ll D M U S anopsis it and honestly, it’s ironclad and there’s no rush on it. I think the process will sir, it’ll do its thing and yeah, anything at all would be interesting to hear from from the face. I think this person might know. So anyway, yeah, definitely and appreciate you calling as always, and all and plus plushy, plus he’s got some Great Epstein and go by the because she was in St Thomas Island, but all that stuff was going down to it. She was assigned to some of the enablers of Epstein to prosecute them. So you’ll find that past any as well. By the sorry you were saying so interesting. You know, because I was really looking into the idea that McAfee was involved in the drone footage of the Epstein Island and people had said he had a dead man switch and I’ve been waiting for that but it never actually materialized. But I was open to the possibility that mcafe had faked his death because he had faked heart attack before to avoid some kind of troubles in the past. But nothing so far. But yeah, I would be interested. You know, Epstein has a ranch close about an hour and a half where I live and supposedly, according that New Mexico. Where’s that by the New Mexico? I think think’s north of Santa Fe. Yeah, and supposedly in the basement there’s a life size portrait of just lane maxwell naked with a knife and I would like to see that painting. But it’s only been described by contractors who were involved in something having to do. Huh. Interesting. Yeah, that’s fast. That’s fascinating. Listen you, guys. I’m going to I’m going to go have some dessert, but you keep yeah, it will be in touch and I keep up the great I love all that. Your chat, by the way, there’s so many great comments. Going to be a chat and someone’s suggestions and they hold and you know in your lives steam in your what’s the other on discord, as well as the fun to keep up on that as well. So Kuda to all your lish just thank you to all the listeners of yours and in the chat and who keeping keeping the keeping the humor going. As we as Tim Asmon and in his folks, we decode the world. Absolutely. Hey, thanks for the call and I shared your twitter feed. I recommend it because, yeah, we have a massive puzzle here, millions of pieces, but we have a lot of people putting together and it’s a lot of fun. So, Hey, thanks again for the call. Have a great evening, but God God speed. But right, awesome call. And Yeah, he was the one who provided the the images here of Venus Williams and this correspond in Constellation. These aren’t accidental. There are no well, wardrobe malfunctions that aren’t coordinated. All right, let’s see what’s going on. Going through some comments. Dumb S says Epstein isn’t dead. Infinite. Mew says, it starts buffering here at the mention of just lane. Yeah, totally infinite. Mu Says, I’d rather offer the Lucian Biber’s laughter energy than fearful energy. Well, I agree. And the thing is, what we’re doing, I believe, is best described as an advanced criticism of the media itself, treating it as as a monolithic zeitgeist shaping apparatus, which it is. It’s not a lot of independent companies trying to find out facts for your edification. No, it’s all world view warfare. Nate dizzled one hundred and eighty seven says. Intermittent DMT TRIPS and IPS in the background. Can’t go wrong. Yeah, this thing with with Goldfinch, with George News, is a thing. So I’m not even going to bore any of you here with it. Most of you already know. But yeah, we happen to. This channel has made some enemies, and one of our enemies happens to be one of the main promulgators of the JFK’s coming back to save US conspiracy theory. And he happens to be close, as in friends with not only I vanka and trump, but don junior. I have everything that you could possibly need to make this case. But the best part about all of it is that he admitted in a bragging email. He admitted his methodology to how he was able to subvert our channel for years. In fact, if you go to my blog post about it, I have links to everything. I even have some screen caps where you can see George News had a correspondence with avanka trump, and this is all on one six. He’s been a part of it before and after. But the interesting thing about it is that the media has yet to uncover him, even though it’s all there. He’s a carrier of a White House key, so some people get keys to the White House. Apparently, the guy behind the que and on psy up a major insurrects shinist agitator has one of these. But one of the things that I brought up on the call here is this. scrolling down, he’s in the White House Correspondence Association. I’ve actually called them about this and I was thinking about going to DC later this month. But here we go. I have an email from him where he admits to identity theft, he admits to cyber squatting and to use. He admits that he used this method to scrube sixty of our channels off of Youtube. I have the email with the head durs. I have the recipient of the email, which was Youtube’s trademark department, and this was used to effectively kick us off of Youtube consistently for a couple of years. I called the FTC about it. We’re talking about identity theft and I looked into it where he is an identity theft is the fourth degree felony. So you actually have someone who’s in possession of stolen property in the form of several dozen web domains connected to Infinite Plane Radio or Tim Osmond. I’m not. I hate to name these domains, but he actually buys all the domains that might gets. He got he does cyber squadding and typo squatting in order to divert and steel traffic. But he is admitted again. He is admitted how he duped Youtube’s legal department. So this is a conviction. This guy can be indicted. He needs to be brought before jury. He’d probably needs to serve time for this. And the best part about it is I have a twenty nine page damage complaint for the cyber squatting and where he is it’s a hundred thousand dollars per domain. That’s statutory damage. Is Max and I think I can get the Max because this is a very obvious case of malice. It’s not some accidental thing and they take this stuff very proper, very, very seriously. A cyber squadding, it’s not a minor crime. So he’s in possession of stolen properties, committed multiple felonies, he works for trump and he is behind most of the queue and o nonsense, believe it or not. So the sinner this guy gets dragged out into the light, the better, because what it’ll do is it will probably be very entertaining for all of us at a minimum, but it’ll also help this channel get the reach and maybe even possibly even bring us back to where we were originally, in our original form, where it was also about organizing these art shows. We were kind of more active at one point before the demonetization. All right, let us continue. Let me go through the comments here. Mom with son says that was an interesting call. Are To thinking out loud? Says they all fake their deaths. It’s world stage, Hollywood ritual every day. Yeah, and he noticed that all these comedians being hit in the head. There’s a common theme here, but with rock in particular, he smacked across the face and his response was very classy. He didn’t really even react in a way. He didn’t escalate the situation. You could say he didn’t really react with any EGO. Well, his comedy tour that kicked off a couple nights later is called EGO death, the EGO death tour. Again, that kind of reiterates the whole thing, that this idea that the entire thing was faked. And then, what’s more, I was reading from the Jerusalem Post about this slapping the king ritual in Babylon, something about slapping the face a right of humility, but that the tears would be an auspicious sign for the country. So after he gets slapped. He goes on stage and listen to this from the Sun. Chris rock breaks down in tears on stage in first show since the slap. So before he even tells a joke, he walks out on stage, there’s an applause, standing ovation and then tears start pouring out of his eyes. So again they this is a very scripted event, obviously very elaborate. All of this undermines the idea that somebody actually got slapped because someone else got triggered by a joke. Another angle that they may have with this thing too is again maybe we need to put a mask on some of our speech. You know, you put a mask on so you don’t spread cove Ds. Maybe you got to put a mask on so you don’t spread hate speech or misinformation and comedy. Nate Dizzel one eight seven says, hope you win. I already won the cyber squading one. It’s just a matter of getting an address. So and there’s no trial with that one. Spongebob seven seven says, if you need a caller, I can call in. Sure, but let’s keep our conspiracy theories twenty century. I think nobody hears all into the make Hitler grade again thing, although the Werewolf story, I totally believe it and I’ve had a number of people comment about that. We had a caller who called in serving drinks to someone out in Germany and it appeared to be someone afflicted with lookanthropy. Eight three three, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Phones are open. Yeah, earlier today I put out a newsletter about how the Mandela Effects Real and I gatekeep and you know, basically it’s like this. Yes, the elite are controlling reality and they don’t want you to know. So sometimes they tweak with things. And of course, people like me, I come from a family. When I was kid I always knew about Ed McMahon in the big checks. That’s where our family fortune came from. But then one day I was told that it never happened, that Ed McMahon didn’t actually pass out checks for publishers clearing house or their prize patrol, and I thought I was going to go crazy because that’s where our family fortune came from and we all remember big check balloons, cameras. Is in the newspaper and anyway, I was told when I was old enough to understand, they said yeah, when we got the check. We got a non disclosure agreement and they’re not supposed to talk about where our money came from. So now I know that. Yeah, ed mcma then used to pass out checks. He used to for the publishers clearing house. He used to be part of the price patrol. A lot of people made money. They just don’t talk about it for a reason. So because of this, because of this there’s strings attached. My family is more or less conscripted to serve the agenda. So we kind of gate keep the Mendela effect. It’s kind of a family secret. So I remember Timmy and the well to beautiful day, the neighborhood. Look on your father. If you build it, they will come. I remember Dolly enter braces and how perfect she was for jaws, and I’m a huge fan, or was a huge fan, of Shazam Shazam, the genie movie with Sindbad, which technically doesn’t exist anymore. So my point being, my family, we work for the dark, Arconic consciousness that actually controls this place and our job here is just a ridicule. The Mandela affected because they’re figuring it out. They know that something is actually going on. So I wasn’t trying to apologize for gatekeeping. I’m just letting them know that these little reality tweaks are just the beginning. And if the powers that be, because they they don’t just change labels and logos. The powers that be are now doing anatomy changes, ask the MENDELA affected about how their heart has moved so they can wake up tomorrow. We could all wake up tomorrow with an extra finger and the only ones who will know something is off are the Mandela affected, and nobody takes them seriously. So they should just be thankful that the dark overlords are only screwing with our labels in our book covers right now, because it could get a lot worse. Chalk body outline, says. Publishers Clearing House has a real marketing team. That’s why people remember them. Instead of AFP, just a paid celebrity. Salty says. You’re going to give them Mendella Mares right. Well, hopefully they hear this while it’s still April Fools Day. Wouldn’t want them to get conflicted. Somebody takes this out of context and if you think about it, most mendella effects really are nothing more than just out of context sound bites. I mean the whole thing has been very well deconstructed. I don’t think anybody here is really falling for it. Kind of a well, we’ve already discussed it at length. All right, let me go through my minds really quick make sure we haven’t passed over anything crucial. Okay, again with the last caller, I brought up the Crown Act. Very significant because again the crown, the hair, the hair as crown and the significance of Jada being called out, and this should also be noted here. To just on this topic, there are a couple of examples of significant predictive programming. The Way and brothers did a skit where they beat up Chris Rock on stage like this is already happened before. But even more noteworthy in the nutty professor, Jada Has Eddie Murphy go up and beat up the comedian. But what’s more, and this ties into the Crown Act and it ties into Jada today, and the hair. If you look up Jada Smith and nutty professor, there’s an article I was reading yesterday about the wig that they made her wear. Jada Pinkett Smith reveals why the NUTTY PROFESSOR WIG was so bad. As a few articles about this thing and about how rough it was. And so this ties in, because here she is wearing this wig that she years later complained about and had nightmares about and had problems with the whole premise of wearing this hair that wasn’t hers. And it seems to me that this ties in perfectly, as in nutty professor she sends the Guy To beat up the comedian at the Oscars because of a hair joke. She sends her guy to beat up the comedian. And then add to that, rock himself has made a documentary about black hair culture, so he would know the sensitivity of that issue. Moreover, the Gi Jane Reference isn’t even technically a joke. It’s not even slightly funny, and Gi Jane isn’t. I don’t know, it’s kind of a nonsecultor like it. The joke itself, I think, would have fallen flat. It was all a set up and it wouldn’t have made sense anyway if she wasn’t sitting up front row. But again, another connection to be made here between that ask, that little bit of predictive programming in nutty professor, and what we just witnessed the other night. The actress opened up about her nutty professor Gig and doing donning some crazy wigs. The WIG was a quote rough one. Again, it’s a big issue here today and it ties into all of this. And then, of course you have the subtext of the hair, as crown cy obstacles has a recollection of skiffy peanut butter. No, the only Mandela effects that actually count are the approved ones that fit into the established binary. I don’t know if there’s a board of Mandela affected or how they come to it. Like, for example, if you have a miracle, the church has to send someone to verify it and it goes through a process of being documented, and it seems like the Mandela effected have a similar process for making sure that it’s an approved Mandela effect. By the way, a couple of things look forward to. On the second which is tomorrow, a Donald Trump will be in Michigan and Colin Kaepernick will be an honorary captain of a Michigan football team out there on for some spring game. So it’s kind of interesting that Kaepernick is going to be out there in Michigan and trump’s going to be out there in Michigan. Seems volatile, and so if you don’t know the backstory, it’s kind of not even a secret. It seems like trump was an influence behind getting Kaepernick more or less black bald, and so his last pass was actually thrown nineteen days before trump’s inauguration. It’s like on the so is it was in two thousand and seventeen on the first or something. So in this story, the two of them coming together in the same place the same time seems like some kind of set up, if you ask me. I have a few other things I can add to this, but I don’t want to get too deep into that character right now. I’m working on a series in my metascript decodes where I will be going through each character and showing the type cast. So, for example, we’ve talked about the type cast of Elon Musk, basing him somewhat on Warner von Braun, you know, because we all know he’s from Vaughan Bronze Book the Mars Project, a technical tale about the Elon on Mars, but I think his persona is even somewhat modeled off of Warner von Braun. What’s more, they’ve merged him with iron man, which has a lot of interesting connotations there, which I’ll get into. And then you also have a merged with this willie wonka kind of persona. So you mix up Willie Wonka, Tony Star Work and were nt von Braun, and there you have it. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, yeah, Dr Evil combined with the man who fell to Earth, spongebob. You want to call in, please call in. And yes, he’s gonna be at the Wolverines. And Hey, the group that sponsoring Kaepernick is called war wolverines against racism. So I’m like, I’m seeing some interesting build up here. Narrative wise, I don’t want to go specifically into that too far right now, but it will be a topic tomorrow. Will be monitoring the situation real time. Yeah, phones are open. Eight three, three, three one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. If you want to call in. I want to see if I can find that clip from last week where someone who sounded like Kanye called in in order to do a con Kanye West style freestyle thing. Infinite plane radio is a spongebob hi. Yeah, Tim, this is spongebob. All right. Isn’t it true that spongebob had that his house was near Epstein Island. No, I don’t know about that. It was just a pineapple, I thought. I know, you know it’s a bikini bottom pineapple. Okay, yeah, it could just be a but you were talking about Lawn Brown, right, yeah, von Bran, I think van bronze persona is kind of drafted on to this character we know of as Elon Musk. He said it. He’s an interesting man, because I’ll tell you what you know. I you know, you see, you mentioned not to talk about the Nazis, right, but I think with Bon Brown we have to and you have to understand that. You know, we all have different belief systems and one of you know my personal belief system from talking to fs people, you know, in the S, right before they died. They were great gentlemen. They told me it was all lies, you know, like no, none of that happened. This was all at the end, for sure, you know, like people are machine gun and people right, but at even then, not even that. You know, a lot of times they stayed. The SS guards, that all Switz, for example. Half of them stayed there at the place to take care of the prisoners and then they got lynched. You know, it’s all kind of a murky you know lies, right, but basically von Brown and the whole crew that was brought over here to do the Apollo Moon hoax, right, because I mean you know that it’s a Moonh right, because if you don’t, you know that was. Everybody knows a few conspiracy matters out there who think that man lends it on the moon, but most of us here are aware of what it actually right, and they also believe in like a gas chambers and I’ll scraps. Hey, look, really, look, I got ask your question. To ask your question before you any further. But Don don’t try to fill a bus around this one, because a couple weeks ago I lost three channels and I know. Look, let me like, here’s the thing. We’re talking about two thousand and twenty two, two thousand and twenty three. What’s coming in twenty three? And I get some people calling in with the very narrow view of what happened in the s somewhere in Germany. Yeah, I’m like, okay, look, if you’re going to call one thing, I know you need to tell me, like do you believe that anybody died on eleven or do you have a selective bias towards certain events, like do you believe in other events? That, I mean, this is what I’m talking about now. Is there a methodology here, like, for example, how many kids died at film the Blank School shopping? Now, any anything on the television is controlled by them and you’re not going to get the truth whatsoever unless it fits up their story. But most of this time it will never fit this stor. Okay, look, unders, here’s what I’m watching out for. I’m just watching out for this. If you’re going to give us any stories about Hitler’s a good guy, you’re not breaking news, NUSS. And also, look, I said it for Auntie. We get a lot of these like hysterical anti vaxxers out there, and look, I’m cool with whatever. I’m not anti anti rights, or I’m not anti poo facts or I’m like your but my point is, if you’re if you don’t have new any more, if you don’t have new information, then while I do inside, I got a new insight, and the insight is that they used prisoner of wars who had seen let’s go back to the main topic here, because what I don’t want to do is I don’t want to veer into where. But we’re targeted for censorship because, look, you’re not bringing any new information. We get it that there’s a contingent of people online who think that Hitler had the right idea and they believe the official story. Well, let’s make believe he didn’t, then, okay, you know, let’s sake believe he didn’t have the right idea. You know, but the thing is that they used people from his do we know this? We even know this, like that’s what I’m saying, like, like what space to stick in our claims your species. Look, here’s why. Because, like I said, it’s not a coincius. We lost them. Every time I let somebody come in here and say hey, Hitler, I lose a channel. So we get it. You look know. But let’s talk about von Braun. Yeah, okay, von Brown was accused of being a Nazi who use Jews in the building of the V to rocket and he was almost hanged. And this was right before they were doing this, was in the S, as they were doing the Apollo Moon hoax. Right, yeah, the VN that, like they did that here in New Mexico. And and so von Braun, a Bonafidnazi, was brought over to do work and I have a picture from here with Walt Disney. What do you make of this? Won’t Disney vone Brown connection? I don’t know that connection. I do know that they might have tried to befriended Ron Brown. You know, right, they always want to get you in on the group right, to control you. And but I do know that von Brown had personally witnessed what he at the time thought was the greatest man on earth. Right, we’re not going to talk about it, and then they use him to perpetrate a hope. I mean we’ll take me right. No, I mean Van Brown. No, I get I get it like I don’t. I get this part because this is all very fascinating and it is pertinent. You really cannot separate the the Nazis from NASA and their scientists and the experieaction and they kept them in concentration camps. You know, as they’re doing this Apollo Moon hoax, they’re not living in Nice suburban area housing, they’re living in a concentration camp in the United States that they’re doing the moon hoax for Apollo and they’re threatening to hang. It was in the newspapers when I was a child. I was born in sixty four and when I was a child I remember in the seventy three or seventy four, reading in the newspaper that Oh van Brown was a Nazi, killy, any use Jews, and they had to picture up some people in these striped pajamas in a cave. Really not working on your rocket. Okay, okay, and looks for listening. They I’m not trying to be rude here. I’m just trying to avoid the things that youtube view. Know, I’m not being on, not being a not se Bro. You know, we’re throwing about views on history of events and that’s all. We’re being in powering, just passionate here. So it’s all good, exactly, if I’m very dispassionate, because who would you use to perpetrate a hoax? Yeah, but people who like, if they open their mouth, they’re going to get hanged instantly, right, and they threatened. Okay, and on his you know what I’m saying. And you have to look at the pictures. You have to look at the photos of the people who they brought over for these operation paper clip. They’re also say rings to me. If you’re going to bring people in to take part in a mass of Hoaks, you’re going to bring people who are very, very much compromised, and this reminds me even lotately. We’ve noticed that among the various conspiracy, will say, communities, you find a disputportionate number of not only people who are pretty much feds, but people with very dark criminal backgrounds who are put on exactly and we found this to be a consistent pattern where I was like, why is is it the batter movement has speakers and half of the people the conference are quite literally on parole for bad, bad things. Well, now we’re right. And why is it that? Why is it that the United States can’t come up with some scientists who can make some bottle rockets right? You know what I’m saying, you know, instead they have to get really compromised people. But you have to understand, these people had just seen, you know, the Nuremberg trials. If you ever look into it, you’re going to find out one hundred percent every single person there was of a certain persuasion. But what do you know of the occult thing? Because what my interest in this really lies and is that all the other things, like okay, Jacket Carson, I know, are not about it okay, because what’s getting that from me? Because you got Jack Parsons, elrun Hovered Marjorie Cameron doing these the lemic ritual sex magic rights at the very genesis of the space program and that is the basis for all of it. So somewhere intersects with Nazi occultism. Right, I shouldn’t know. It does not, because the person we can’t talk about through everything in all of the Free Masonic temples in Germany, everything that was in them was thrown on the street so that people could to view it and it wasn’t allowed to be touched. And the person we can’t talk about, you know he built twenty six thousand churches, while the other Guy Style and destroyed fifty six. So you’re saying that now don’t you can say his name. You’re saying that Hitler was not into the occult. What about this? No shot. He was party. What it is. It’s just what they listen. I have tons of photographs of the like. It’s the Nurrenberg rallies with in the center of the Nurrenberg rally was the cross gigantic. This is and if you go to Jewish websites you’ll see them. They say that they show these. The main symbol of the golden dawn is the cross. The occultists don’t use pentagrams like you see in Hollywood. They look just like Catholics. I mean it’s the same basic religion. It’s just the the the estic aspect. And I’m asking, yeah, how we are talking about three hundred nineteen, you know, if this is like a long time ago. This isn’t the modern day kind of stuff that was going on. This isn’t like the s where they had Vaticanto where all of a sudden you don’t need Jesus, you know, to get to heaven. That said, there was a different kind of mindset and the SWA sticker comes from Hitler’s Church, where he was an altar boy. Ad On the on the tower is giant swastika is around the Cha, around the cross. It’s a European symbol, you know. And so the low thing is also a very important solar symbol and that’s huge within the golden dawn and the thelemic seeker societies. Yeah, I was just carried making a walk on that. I don’t know for sure, but I read that he was about La so no, but I do know, but it’s very difficult to go through the whole thing because it’s like a study. You know, you have to study this. But I can tell you that they coopt everything. You start to do something and you’re successful at it and you scare the hell out of them, they will coopt it all the time, every time, and turn it into something stupid and evil and then let it get rotten by the by the winds of time. That’s just how these they operate. It’s like a logical thing, you know, to do that for your enemy. Right and but I just want to say when we talk about von Brown, it should be known that he was threatened throughout the whole time to be hanged. Okay, and then all know that that’s that’s very insightful, because if what you’re se asking here, because what else could explain some of these people who are, you know, high up in this? Like I’m always wondering why don’t we have any whistleblowers among the crisis actors? They got right, either compromise or paid very well. Well, everybody at the Nuremberg child had their gonads crushed, every single person. That’s not a trial. Is that a tru sile where they literally crush your boat at literally they actually went into the room, grabbed the person, held them down and they crush them and they were proud of it. It’s written down in their little thing. You know. They’re they’re things that they did. You send me some stuff and as I’m interested. You know, I’m not trying to ignore things. I’m always interested in various accounts and I think it’s important to consider the source and then, of course, reality test these claims, but I’m very interested in this. Yeah, anything about von Braun intrigues me because really he was the these he sold us on this whole idea of space and this utopianism and in the way that we would go to ours. Yeah, but they had them. They had him literally by the Gonad. You know that right. You got to understand what was going on in his life. He saw his country being abused by these bankers, like we’re being abused by them, and he saw his leader go against them and they fought to the nail to stop it and it didn’t work. Take out a commend. They Gotcha. Do you believe the Admiral Bird lost four thousand five hundred men, ships and planes in the invasion on Antarctica. No, admiral bird has the same forehead as rothschild, the exact same forehead. It’s like to foreheads larger than yours or mine. He’s got this giant you know, as if they tied them up as a kid would like. You know how those in the South America they found those cone heads. Right. Well, roths child has a cane. Eddy asked that TILSA’s head forward all the time, and so doesn’t add moir bird. If you look at the video where he’s doing that long Jean’s interview about the flat earth, and that’s a flat Earth Block on the wall, you know, you’ll see that his head is wow, it’s like a giant. Interesting. That phrenology right. Anyway, Hey, this has been a great call. Yeah, pippy Lank struff asks what you call a Lazy Kangaroo. She’s I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t I’m still waiting for anouncer. I’m waiting for an answer. Anyway. Hey, thanks for calling in. Send me anything that you want. I’ll go through pictures. I’m interested in this. Other people are backing up your claim about the crushed gonads. It’s horrible. Anyway, thanks for the call. Here right night. Okay, Hey, thanks, Tim, love you. Bye, bye. All right, every night. All right, it was spongebob, great color, always entertaining. And Look, I’m not I’m not sensitive, I’m not gatekeeping, except for the Mandela effect. You can talk about whatever, but there are key buzz words that would correlate us with other people who don’t have as sophisticated of view on these topics, because what we’re doing is a far cry from hate speech. Sometimes we do go into mel information analysis, but that’s very different, very, very different. All right, let’s see. We’re looking at a picture here of Walt Disney and Werner von Braun. That was it brown or Braun? Is that a Mandela effect? Unfortunately, the Mendel effects now going to go away. I mean it’s so it’s so pernicious. There’s another example here where you got big money being made. In fact, there’s no flat earth money, but there is mendella money. There is an entire group of people out there who make them up on the spot. Like here’s one. This man claims that the Mandela effect changed what Chris Rock said. Now, I pointed it out days ago that he said something. He actually called Will Smith, Richard on the way up to the stage. But no, here you have these youtube channels. This is money bags where it’s like every day. I guess he just makes up a new Mandela effect. By the JELA thank you. Join me for voting to go to a three hundred eighty eight and criminal modelphic voting video series here on the money back something three channel. Okay, Mendel effect number three eighty eight. So I was under the impression that the Mendela effect that obviously aren’t going to have any most of them aren’t going to procreate for obvious reasons. So I thought, you know, the colts going to die because there’s no new effects and these are all things from movies, analog stuff, you s N S, nothing really new. And then I thought, you know, there’s no way there’s going to be another generation of this unless there’s some kind of a conference they start having kids and teaching their kids the Mendela effect, example by example. But Anyway, I thought it was over. But it’s not, because you have people who are professionally manufacturing these every day. So apparently this is a new one. But you are not going to believe this. I was waiting for this to happen. When we have millions of people concentrating on things, we keep seeing changes with them, and this is another example right here. Unless you’re like locked away in a room somewhere, I don’t know how you didn’t hear about this. Chris this Chris Rock slap thing by Willsbath walking. Okay, someone commented that the Mendela effected are all fifty plus. Yeah, that’s what I mean. I thought it was something that wouldn’t really perpetuate because there’s no new effects. But no, you have people making them up on the spot. Here we go and here he is basically confabulating. ha ha ha, like thirteen or four this is really bad. In fact, we play this, he actually counts every syllable of every ha ha and then compares it. This is this is absurd, but I’m going to play it thirty seconds Max. That was was oh richer. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, like thirteen or fourteen times. Is that what you recall? That before even tell you what I recall and what the spiritual scientists, which I’ll be out, I don’t recall how many times Chris Rock laughed when I watched at first I saw a muted version. I didn’t see it live, I didn’t form a complete memory. I had to watch it a few times. So this is where they kind of get me. This is where they expose that it’s a hoax, is they? The mendell effect isn’t real. It is a hoax. What they actually do is they start off with the false starting point, a pre supposition that their recollection is an authoritative source. So they are arguing from authority, the authority of their recollection and eye witness testimony is certainly not that reliable. So let me go ahead and play a few more seconds of this. We like linking his video down below, underneath it in the MORNFL section. Before I tell you go ahead in the comment down below. Oh and seth the channel. I noticed that only like fifteen twenty percent of the viewers are subs, I mean some of the channel. The incredible Bendel effect doesn’t okay, the mindell effects not going to go away. He says. Salty says all these fifty five plus rolls defending their perfect memories. Jared says I hate youtubers that talk like this. Yeah, I hate you tubers to talk like this and I hate tick talkers that put themselves in front of the information they’re pointing at and they point up and they bounce around the screen. It’s like, why do you have to be in the middle of it? It’s like, I’m it’s like you’re trying to watch TV and someone standing in front of the screen, like if you’re on a tick tock channel and you do that, please stop. All right, let me see what else here. Chalk body outline called it the Viagra effect, Spongebob says. Did I make sense on my call? Oh yeah, absolutely, you absolutely did. We didn’t want to get into this very, very, I don’t know, tedious topic of this denial versus that denial, and anyway it’s just outdated. Climate Change denial is the new thing to be talking about. All right, this is again someone to try to explain that this was a supernatural occurrence, that when will smack smacked Chris Rock, he said something that he no longer said, or something for subs I mean some of the channel. The incredible Mendel effect isn’t going away. This is proof here that it’s ongoing. This isn’t something that happened ten years ago. People like Universe is collided or something, I don’t know. Okay, the universe is collided with this slap Mandela fex not going away right. So it’s not going to go away, just so you know. Like I said, that’s the whole point of bringing this up. He goes on for a couple hours about this. I wasn’t even able to figure out what the tech with the quote Mandela effect is here. I don’t even know if this guy can believe this stuff. But let me play a few more seconds. It’s it’s got to be some kind of has got to be money attached to it. And you know, this guy has fortyzero subs the channel. Let’s get the subcount up. I’ve been sitting like for a year now around the same subcount. This is an incredible phenomens not going away. A lot of people are waking up to the Mendel effect and there’s no consensus on what’s going on, but it’s an incredible phenomenon and it so every few minutes he goes into this pitch for the Mendela effect, how incredible, incredible it is and why you should subscribe. He says this repeatedly. So it sounds to me like a sales pitch another. I mean there’s a lot of tweets here. Comes King. So anyway, just your typical Mandela effect e. They spend most of the time either selling you on the effect or hating on the nonbelievers. Issuing Mandela effect basically like we call fought wise or something. It’s some kind of hit that they’re religious leaders put out on you. They’re like Mandela Akbar like. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of list somewhere and I’m on it. All right, let’s see here, chalk body outline says there’s literally a Hollywood movie about the Mandela effect. Case closed. Yeah, winners, it going to be a Hollywood flat earth movie, but there is a movie about it. I watched it. It was pretty much more honest about the topic, because what a lot of the Mendela effect it will say is that they have nothing to do with CERN or Fiona broom or quantum computing, when no, you really can’t separate these things. You can’t just cherry pick and then claim your the authority on this topic. Salty, says all the talks in from the fast food keeps the memories sharp a f well, the one thing that I really had to emphasize on my last video on this topic is that you’re not even looking at a plausible explanation. It’s not a question of is it a Mendella effect or isn’t it? It’s not even an option. It’s a multiple choice question. M E is not along, it’s not among the list of answers. There’s just no way. It’s a nonsecuitor. That is not an explanation you would ever reach for. You just wouldn’t. So know, the whole thing is a I actually call it it’s a miracle. It’s basically a religion, but it’s a miracle that they’re positing fake miracles. It’s a magic trick that’s been miscontextualized. Rich flat says the dollar Menu Causes Mendela Effects. Well, it’s and it’s not even a problem with their recollection necessarily. It’s not like a it’s not an organic brain dysfunction. It’s not even aging. It’s not bad memory. It’s just a misunderstanding of a recollection, of a recollection versus an actual, authentic memory. And along with this you have an incentive to lie or confabulate or just go with the flow. And I have referred to it as the me effect. They call it the EMME and it’s because it does put you into a very solipsistic state. And they’re so far gone that they say that people like me who don’t believe it are actually very well appraised of it and we’re trying to keep everyone else out of it, that I’m a Mandela affect gatekeeper, which is kind of preposterous. It’s like saying that every scientist that doesn’t think the earth is flat knows it’s flat and they’re just trying to stop you from figuring it out. Salty, says scam della effect. Well, it’s very popular too. It’s trendy and it’s I look at it again, it’s more of a party trick. I look at it as a magic trick that’s been miscontextualized. They’re calling a magic trick supernatural phenomenon. I mean, this reminds me of the spiritualists who use the Weigi boards and they have someone rapping on the bottom of the table, so you think it’s the ghost of a loved one, like this is a yeah, you, I guess. Scam della is what someone said here. Yeah, we could go with that scam della effect. I was saying lie de Ella again, just to reiterate on this one. Says an article from Jerusalem Post, slapping the king on the cheek and ancient Babylon is a humiliation. Right, that serves a dual purpose. The custom of striking the king on the cheek and bringing him to tears on the fourth day of the Babylonian New Year deserves some attention. And that was from an article I found from two thousand and fourteen, noteworthy because of this recent event. And then Chris Rock did in fact follow it up with actual tears. All right, going through your comments, eight three, three, three, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, pippy link struff asks why can’t a leopard hide? You never asked, you never really answered your initial joke, Pippi’s like the riddler tonight about Kangaroos. If we can get an answer on that before we move on to the next one. I found it. What do you call Lazy Kangaroo? A POUCH POTATO? Okay, thank you. Why can’t a leopard hide? Pippy says a hundred and as many washing machines as you can carry. I’m sorry, I’m getting distracted by the chat. Oh by the way, Babylon be. They came out with an article. Will they apologized for calling Rachel lavine a man? Says Rachel lavine is a hundred percent of woman. We’re sorry for calling her a man, and this is a very bold thing they did here. This is from Seth Dylan. I want to personally apologize to everyone be harmed when we missed under this prey, this brave, beautiful woman. I’ll be stepping away from my role as CEO of the Bee to reflect on why we got it wrong and how we can do better now. I thought it was just low hanging fruit. You know, I didn’t really see this as a all that great as far as satire, especially now. I mean it’s kind of old at this point, but I thought, HMM, interesting Babylon be is taking this time to just back down, and I’m looking at the date, April first, and I’m like, would they actually pull an April full’s Day prink like this? You know how many people this is going to outrage? You know, the usual crowd. And yes, it does seem that this is just another one of their bits. says. We have decided to issue an apology after being caught in a culture war whirlwind of hatred and bigotry. We published an article naming Rachel Levine is our man of the year. Sometimes even satirists make mistakes. Our misgendering was hateful and sensitive and cruel. We were wrong. We understand that our attempt at comedy was really punching down at a wealthy and powerful government official. We had no excuse. We went too far. So anyway, the sarcasm kind of speaks for itself. I’m pretty sure it’s pretty sure. I mean, I don’t know. This is Babylon be. I like satire, I like the onion, but they’re always partisan. But the Babylon be is actually more often than not on target. But we’re at a point in clown world where it you can’t even make a meaningful distinction between an April fool’s day headline and an actual news headline. O G FEPPE says, obviously a Mam della effect. Another one of these things that came true, one of these jokes. We joke about how the space station transits were so detailed that you would be able to see Chris Headfield strumming his guitar, just making the point that these things were fake, that you’re looking at a space station is the size of a football field, two hundred eighty five miles above your head, seventeen thousand miles per hour. You take out a camera, take a picture, no motion, blur, crystal clear detail. I always found that to be problematic. Well, now it’s actually a thing, ground based imaging showing astronauts on spacewalks. I find this would be very incredible. Like if you zoom in on a plane, are you going to be able to read someone’s, you know, instagram from their phone? Like this is some exquisite detail. And we’re talking hundreds of miles moving object. Little Galaxy, says, Babylon be is a present day Oracle. Well, I think they’re serving as an example of how we’re getting to a point where accurately describing reality becomes increasingly problematic, and I think that’s intentional. I think we’re meant to have a language that doesn’t accurately describe what we see. I think we’re meant to be experiencing cognitive dissonance. I mean, that’s how this thing works. What else could explain Holly Weird Magic disguised as mere drama, these dramatic events that captivate the world. But then we scratch the surface and we find subtext, we find occult narratives, we find other stories, predictive programming indicating that what you’re looking at is anything other than Random Cup star says amazing clarity, at seventeen thousand miles per hour. Yeah, that’s kind of my point. It’s and when you when you ask them, you know, ask you, is this real or fake? You know we’re coming from the position of it is fakable. It’s well established that people have faked ISSS transits and actually fold NASA. NASA ran with one that was called, well, I think it was a saturn. There is an ISS Saturn Transit. They listed it at their astronomy picks of the day and they all fell for it. It took a while for somebody to debunk it. So NASA can be fooled, the average person can be fooled, and my contention is that they weren’t even fooled, that this was just one of the few that they actually inadvertently had revealed to be a hoax. I got exposed. I think they’re all, I mean all transits are fake. That one was. It’s just that this is one that you can point to that they admit was faked. And I’ve actually shown it to people and I would say, Hey, can you tell me if this is real or fake? And of course they say it’s real. You’re crazy for saying otherwise. And then you can show them how it was staged and how the NASA had to apologize, and they really don’t know what to say. And that’s because you have to be really honest. You have to be willing to be wrong, to admit when something you think is real is fakable, even if you don’t want it to be fake, even if you don’t believe it’s fake, to be intellectually honest, at a minimum you have to admit that it may actually cross the fakeability threshold. Is it fakable? And very little these days isn’t fakeable. What really can’t they fake? I mean, CGI joe kind of says it all. They’re sending people to Mars and if you want any indication of what Mars life is going to look like, there’s a new rom come on HBO called Moonfall. Pretty much shows it all. People today have such a low standard of evidence it’s not going to be hard to convinced people that they’re on Mars and that’s why I love this picture of Van Braun and and Walt Disney, because I think the connection here that I make out of this is Mars is basically a Disney land like total environment, and to get there they’re going to have to simulate space travel, which is something that Disney specializes in. Rocco says, can you give me a brief rundown on discord and how to use the platform? Yeah, absolutely, rocks. Chris Rock, by coincidence, was booked to play several shows in Boston beginning on Wednesday. Again, look at this article, just as by coincidence, search coincidence. And then, of course, it was called the EGO death world tour. And what better example of somebody behaving in an egoless way can you point at right now? Then Chris Rock getting smacked in front of everybody and not losing as cool anyway, the tickets spiked from fifty dollars to eight thousand dollars. Just another fake issue, and of course I played this couple days ago and play a couple seconds of it. It’s worth hearing because this is a great example of somebody who is not wrong, but something. I don’t know what you have what you would say about this. But Number Aska state senator, Bruce Bosselman, he got the memo that the furries and schools are demanding litter boxes and it just didn’t seem improbable to him, so he went to complain about it. He didn’t even question it. And I think we’re at this point where the notion that students are identifying as cats and are requesting litter boxes, yeah, it’s not off the table. It’s not unbelievable. It’s very disruptive within the school system. I think it’s very descruptive. was in the classes. I even heard from one person here recently said that a that a that a student identified as a cat and wanted a litter box. The school didn’t provide the litter box, so the student went had defecated on the floor. Really really, school administrators, what is going on Nebraska farm of education? What is going on State Board of Education? What is going on exactly now? Again, can you fault this guy for thinking that it’s plausible that students would actually be not only demanding litter boxes but protesting by not using the human facilities, creating a bit of a biohazard. Yeah, you got human furies running around the school defecating everywhere, and this I doesn’t question that. He doesn’t question the premise of this whole joke that he fell for. So I don’t really find myself laughing at this guy. I really don’t here go. I this is from John Kipper. I found the PNC post in last month. I blacked out the school name so they wouldn’t get attention and appears the school secretary said this wasn’t true. I recently heard that there’s some kids who identify as cats and I requested litter boxes in the restroom and the school is acqui asked can anybody confirm or deny this rumor? I’m praying it’s not true. So the school says it isn’t true. All right, so I’m going to ahead open up the discord server. I had a comment or ask how that all works. So the joint discord you either get into our patreon or go to infinite playing societycom join the newsletter there. Any one of these newsletter sites will pretty much give you discord access. So I’m going to go and put it up on the screen. So if you have not been to the server, will do a little quick guided tour. Okay, so here we go. The litterally, the the whole server is almost exclusively we almost just use one room for almost all of our research. It’s the room that says think and let think. Pretty much anything goes. People just post stuff, usually just a long the lines the conversation we’re having. Then we have these these fake space room, which I highly recommend, which is focused exclusively on space in a plane. Radio, Hey, what’s up, color, Hey, Yo, this is order thinking out laws Sincinnati. Hey, what’s up? Yeah, I was interested to see what you thought about this ritual at the Oscars. Oh, I was. I was just listening to you talking about that and when I saw the whole situation with like Chris Rock and we’re like will Smith, first thing I saw, what’s this is fake is hell, and I went to facebook and I made a post. I said that fake ass lap or something to that ability. I said, man, y’all all fell forward and then I said humiliation ritual. Now, the reason I said that was because I feel like that’s what we’ve been seeing for the longest we’ve been seeing these lives. I’ll play humiliation rituals with the just the smaller with, you know, some of the other folks that everything. I think it’s just we’re seeing them and it’s like now they’re getting more ridiculous this because it was like the first thing I told people was, how do you okay? We talking about Will Smith, Chris Rock, amongst a lot of other a list celebts, and not only are we talking about like just having these celebts in one place, we’re talking about this event, the Oscars. Now think about the level of, like our security that goes into these things. Do you really think if somebody had an outbursts and started storming to the stage, that they wouldn’t have some type of security Russian? And that’s how I told everybody. Come on, man, that would stage to begin with, because it’s like, you mean to tell me that when you get, and this is something else I saw, you get all these black folks at the Oscars coming for this, and will Smith just happens to be winning and then he makes this dramatic event happen right in front of everybody, Him and Chris Rock. And now the footage has come out from a different angle. What you seated it was faked and it was like if you really watched it and you go go back and you watch the footage. Ment the sound effect came before will even supposedly made any type of contact. Yeah, and then you can see Jada in the beginning. You you see her like everybody’s laughing, and then it’s like you’ll see her look up at a monitor, like she gets some type of que, and then it’s like at that point she looks up at the stage at like Chris Rock, and that’s when the cameras focus on it. And then I think that’s when will probably got his Q and that’s when he started saying what he did and in the whole situation went down. But when they showed it from the other angle, when will was doing all this, while he was going up on stage and coming back, Jada was laughing. Wow, wow, yes, that’s what I would expect. They had to be in on it before the event. They were in a room with a green spotlight in her green and real dressed this Venus archetype for the night and they said we’re ready for chaos, to cause chaos. So they went in there knowing they were going to stir something up. Seeing I think that. I think that right now, when you look at society, just the way to okay with something like that happened. If it takes me back to what I told you before, that I think that now it’s almost like a litmus test to see how dumb we are, not even how smart we are, but just how dumb we are. That it’s like they can actually take a skit. Will and Chris they did a skit, a skit that was done, like you said, about a way as brothers. I saw that on like on, like Tick Tock, amongst a couple other kids. Him and Chris Rock have worked together last several times. They did on the on the like fresh prints, and it’s like so I told people when I saw it, I thought it was another will and and you know Chris Rocks Kid. I didn’t even think it was anything serious. When I saw that the media was trying to make you serious, I’m like, man, y’all, y’all, kidding me, that’s Slat was fakes. He’ll, I thought it was and I think that. Okay, have you seen the like still shots of the different celebrity faces? No, I haven’t watched the still shots. What what they what do they reveal? Okay, when you look at the at the still shots of the different celebrity faces, most people look shot, because what I think? I think that most people look shot except for maybe two people. I can’t think of the guys name is, White Guy, blond hair, but him and beyonce. Jay Z looks shot, but beyonce laughing. And that’s why I think they were all tipped off and told this something was going to happen, but I don’t think they would told exactly what they yes, yes, okay, we’re going to happen that come out. Yeah, that’s I come. There was like no security, nobody jumped up, and then you have this dramatic who did they bring up there? Tyler Perry, who we talked about. They brought Tyler Perry up there. Denzel Washington. Everything, if I world stage, top Elide actors. Now you say world stage and that’s a phrase. It comes from Shakespeare and Denzel Washington. It just played mcbeth and right before the incident, Chris rocket shouted him out and said you were great in mcbeth. What you’re not supposed to do because it invokes the mcbeth purse curse. I think you’re supposed to call it the Scottish play. So there were reports and stories about how this was the macbeth curse and I’m like, well, there’s just another one of these inside kind of jokes or whatever. But when I saw Denzil as in mcbeth hanging out with King Richard laughing to the side, I’m like again, it just seems like all these characters are coordinating this whole thing. And then something else. You brought up King Richard. Like I said, my thought at movie and I think it was I think it was a damn good movie. But I’m gonna tell you something. What I think really should have tipped off the public was the fact that will get up on stage conjured up some tears. She’s a top tier actor. Now. I don’t know why people don’t get this. He cried on q and he made references to his character in playing Venus and Serena’s father. He made references and he got a little laugh. ha ha ha he he there. That’s the reason I was still that dude in the room just thinking, okay, nobody else knows that this is part of the show right right, like it was. It was just too obvious. But it’s like the rest of the society, man, I’m going to tell you. I’ve seen everything from now, especially in the black community. I’ll seen everything now from Hashtag protect the Queen, where it’s like now Jada is this, she’s this queen has risen and she stands for you. You know, women that are going through something and having people pick on her, and now your man stands up and everything that I thought will look like a pump and the reason and something else. I’m going to tell you something. Me and my lady was talking about this, not him. If you’re sitting somewhere right and you are looking and you’re with your lady or significant other, whatever, y’all sitting somewhere together. You’re looking across the room and there’s clearly tension. There’s clearly tension in the room. Your maze is going to sense that they’re looking at you. When they as soon as they see you about to go and react, what usually happens? Your make grabs your arm. Yeah, you may grab your arm. It’s a natural reaction. She didn’t grab his arm. She watched him jump up. Everybody watched him jump up. No men that were sitting around him, and this is something else. No men, no security, no nothing. Nobody did anything. They proceeded to let him walk up there and and this is why, and I say this I know a people are no folks are going to get mad when I say this. I thought that was a very feminine move. He got up, he ran up there, he slapped a grown ass man, supposedly in the face. Last turned around and walked back off stage and sit back down. That’s something women do. Well, I see what’s done. Well, you’re suggesting, I guess the inlet, maybe not the passive. Aggressive would be a way describing it. I think that it was very it was past to know what, but the way that I looked at it was like this. The way that I saw it, with this, it didn’t look like any real situation, because I’ve slap dudes before, so I know how to go. I know other people who have, and that’s and that’s the that’s just being real. That’s not the how. That’s not how that situation happens. Y’All don’t there’s not like a laugh and you walk back to your seat or whatever. If you don’t knock him down and fight or whatever, and it if you don’t knock him down in the ends, that whole situation. Y’All fighting or somebody’s going to fight. Something’s going on it was. So it looked like to me, when I told you, when we see these like Shakespearian and and, you know, we go back and we look at like, you know, Broadway and things like that, at the classical arts, he looked like he was doing like a classical muse what he walked up on stage, he performed that a slap and then he he ses, Sayed back in a violent manner and set his ass down and it looked foolish and I thought that it just it. It looks feminine, it Looks Grifted, it looks fake and I didn’t understand why nobody else saw that. You’re at the Oscars, one of the most esteemed, you know, seater script at Hollywood world stage. This is where they show off their work. They let will and Chris do a low budget Saturday night live type skid on the Damn Oscars. He earned it. Then he cried, he quivered his lip, he method acted his way into tears. And what do you make of the name of Chris Rocks Comedy tour that kicked off right after ego death tour? As soon as I saw that, I laughed Cuz I knew what it was. When I saw that it was the like ego death tour. And then it’s like he stood there on stage like symbolic of the death of, you know, his ego, because he didn’t fight back. As they look at they look at that as strength. Now I would have knock well ass out if, first off, he wouldn’t have made it on stage, because if you see somebody coming towards you, you look over to the side, if you’re in some place like that, to see if security it is coming, especially if you know this person is coming towards you and you think is violent. This person has just told you stopped saying this, quote unquote, and they’re coming towards you in a violent manner. Who’s going to just stand there and get the shit s last out, ever, so to speak. Nobody. That’s the reason I said this is such a big Lennis is like this. Is why I under saying had his hands behind his back. I think he had it hangs behind him. It was coming and to avoid an inadvertent flinch that would give it away. Mean for yes, he moves forward, and that’s what’s crazy. Nobody leans into a slap that’s in fear. And then right after that, TMZ posted a video of will showing a little boy how to fake a slab. Yes, yes, I reference that with you. The collar he gave a slapper leg. So he’s a pro and fake slapping. And you brought up humiliation, right, and I found an article in two thousand and fourteen in the Jerusalem Post about a ritual of slapping the king as a humiliation, right, and that this would be followed with the king exhibiting tears in order to guarantee an auspicious year for the country. So after the slap, Chris Rock goes on stage and he cries. He tears before he even speaks, right, CNS and and the thing is, I think that what a problem comes in is this. When I called you last time and we were talking about just the whole us experience thing and you know, in the plays and the world, I think that people aren’t making the basic correlation that when we mentioned things like the world stage and actors and things like that, they aren’t really connecting it to Hollywood. They aren’t looking at that. It’s like with we’re telling them that your favorite of celebrity whom you see in movies, television shows, commercials on, etc. They also they affect world politics they affect world politics, because I’m gonna tell you something. Obama said something years ago when he was when he was he said in a speech that every black kid won’t get to grow up and be the next little Wayne. And when he said that, what I got from it was he was he was making and the Courson he was like basically making it to wear. When you see a celebrity, that was like a basic standard that you want to get to, and every president that we have now, they always they go for the celebrity because they know that the celebrity is tapped into every level of society, from the older person to the younger person, because younger people are not into politics like that. Yeah, yeah, you’re going to get drink for people when you get celebrities. And then, like I said, celebrities go from homever, your grandparents, all the way down to teenagers with different ones. So it’s like you can easily use these NFL players, these NBA players, these rappers, these these actors, and now they mingle all of them men together. So it’s like I think it confuses people. They think that you’re just seeing little videos going on where you have situations where you have like like arguments and things going on. Those, I think, are the real destruy actions. I think when you see these big world stays like events, I don’t think that people really look at something like this will and Jada situation with the Chris Rock thing as a big world stage event, even when it blows over and it’s starting to blow because they know, we know. So it’s like now they’re starting to leak more things and everything. So they’re going to have will go through his further aspect of his humiliation ritual while they let Chris rock go through his. I think is is more a promotion. He didn’t get humiliated. No, no, he’s not. Sales went from fifty bucks to eight thousand. I’m scalper, eight thousand dollars right now. What not? Not Think about that. What kind of Mark Up is that? Right? It’s I mean, it lies. That is like what you see when in two thousand and twenty the highest earning rappers were all debt. And it’s because the right spectacular public deaths filled with intrigue and drama, and it sells records and you know what else? I’m thinking for tickets to go. Now think about something that’s just like all right, now, let’s say I call you up and I’m like town, Chris Rock is in town. Let’s go check out Chris Rock. It tick the fifty dollars I got him. I’m I’M ANA go ahead and charge it on my car, a hundred dollars whatever. And this situation happened. I haven’t bought the ticket yet, but this sit’s a waste. It happens. Then I go to bout a tickets and not a tickets of Damn Eightzeros. What that puts me into mind is this inside it’s trading. Think about some people on the back end who noticed was gonna happen and they then and they were already and pocket on the ticket sales. Yeah, I look, that’s that’s probably fair, because every one of these syups has had something attached to it. And when, when the covid thing started, Cardi bead blurreded something out about how she thought everyone is faking it for the money and she said she needs a light birthday as you want her check in the right after that. She’s heavily invested in Ppe and she’s super provacs. Yeah, there’s money to be made and I used to spell psyops with a dollar sign you know ps right op dollar sign because, yeah, it’s really about money. And you brought up Obama and he was a student of a Lynsky who really got behind the idea that politics is downstream from culture, and that’s why you can see all the children’s shows are politicized. You’re basically looking at them being educated on how to be good Democrats when they grow up, because, yeah, they influence them right away. And we see this very pronounced now with all these movies that we’ve been watching entire lives. And so to find that the nutty professor not only predicted this Jada Smith going after a comedian through her her spouse thing, but even after and more recently she’s been talking about that movie and the horrible situation it was for her hair, of all things. And you know what, I’m to tell you something. I think that with the whole situation surrounding her hair, I think that’s been like a long preparation coming, because it’s like she started dealing with that like some years ago and see cut off her hair. It was it wasn’t that long ago, I don’t think, but it’s like at the same time, you know how they kind of how they kind of interlace platforms. Like okay, they’ll start like she’ll cut off her hair, maybe like two years ago to three years ago, like a whatever. She’ll start going through hair problems, like I really start cutting her hair and then it’s like right now, something like this happens, and then it goes in the middle of all of these different women’s platforms going on and then you can use it all different other political platforms. I think they basically they stage. I think basically they set up these situations a few years back with certain things, with the JATA situation. I think all of this started just a few years back. And and the reason I say just a few years back because it’s like people say, oh well, she’s always been like a humiliating will right. Will has always his career. Don’t get me wrong, will is a phenomenal actor, all that, at a phenomenal rapper, all that, but wills entire career has been humiliation, ritual, if you think about it, his entire career, when he got into Hollywood, the first movies he did, you know, the like six degrees of our separation and everything, and and then it’s like he’s always had these roles and different things and it’s like his music has always been criticized by the rappers, even though he’s respected still he’s always been looked at it soft or whatever. I think will entire career has been based on being kind of like the underdog. Interesting. Now, what do you make of this? So one of the things that’s been brought up in the context of this new Supreme Court justice, and again we’re looking at a parallel story to Venus going to the Green Tennis court. Here you have this nominee going to the supreme court. And right now there’s a lot of talk about the Crown Act and what it stands for is create a respectful and open world for natural hair, and this is something Chris would know about. Chris Rock, he did a documentary on this topic. So Corona, the crown, this thing has si up attached to it, but this is in the background to this whole topic about his joke. So it’s another layer to the sy up and another connection between Venus Williams and the King Richard Story and the parallel in the real world with Justice Jackson fighting up against the Republicans, which they say their attacks against word seemingly aggressive, borderline racist, and it called back to third good marshal one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven. So, yeah, they tied in this ritual, this py up, this drama, say, up to this political event that’s occurring right now. And again she’s going to be an on the fourth see. And I think that that’s I think that when they when these things happen and it and it looks like a coincidence. It’s just that you look in at several situations like intromotion, we’re looking at like a several sits away, since that have been set in the motion, maybe like a couple years in advance. So we’re when it happens now, it looks like a coincidence. That is like, oh, she’s going through this, he makes this joke, this happens on the Oscar saw. So No, this was all said in the motion from from different it’s away that that they already has set up from a couple of years ago, and I think that it’s like that’s what really has the public’s up. If the fact that you have folks like us who can see these things and make correlations and just see patterns and and when you ask basic questions people, I think, I think right now it’s not even so much that it’s like we ask questions. I think that what we’re starting to see because of the way censorship has been done. When I told you, I think that there’s a censorship on art and the only way for you to really sensor art. Don’t get me wrong, once the person has like created the art, you’ve already lost. That’s warfare. Once the person has already created the art, you’ve lost. I think where the war is is going now is that you’re afraid to even be an artist. You have people out here that have very good content, youtube for example, very good content channels. That would be a lot that would have a lot more people if they didn’t shut you down for for having an opinion, for being an artist. Oh Yeah, and I think they have. They have created this sense of like they want you to allow the anonymous multitudes of no flakes to curate your content. They want you to gate rock yourself for fear of offending the wrong person and even the slap to the face. I’ve seen a number of articles about people who own comedy clubs, comedy club owners, mentioning that this could open the door to something ugly, that we shouldn’t allow this to be a new standard that you you counter speech with violence, and they kind of set nobody in the audience, and Jim Carrey remarked on this, how cowardly they were. They were enablers. Nobody in the audience rejected the premise that you never counter free speech with a force, but that kind of didn’t even get brought up. And that’s the R and that’s something else. That’s why I said I don’t understand why. And See, okay, you just mentioned Jim Carrey. We already know Jim Carrey is. He’s a damn grand where is it? But it’s just the fact, but just the fact that he would even speak out and bring up a point mislike very obvious. I think what he’s doing is he’s leaking back into that kind of character that he was like a couple years back, where he was kind of he’ll start to kind of speak, he’ll he’ll take like a basic quest and like a person will ask him about something or you’ll see something and make like a comment and he’ll go too far down the rabbit hole for most people. I think that basically that basic point he may I don’t think people understand just asking a basic ass question like you made to tell me. All those folks there, nobody felt any type of way that this man committed a violent act against something that was said as a joke on stage. He didn’t wait until he got his award and maybe do something Classy, man, you know, present something in the speech or something. No, you scream out and abcinity several times and then you storm on stage and assault somebody. It’s like, come on, man, that’s it makes us look like children and I think that, when you were saying it introduces this premise that it’s like, if you don’t like something somebody say, slap or now you go get a whole bunch of people ass killed. Yes, exactly. And Yeah, and this is again another further erosion of what I thought typified Americans, you know, are views on free speech. I thought it was we’re free speech absolutist. I may not agrees with what you say, but I’ll defend you right to say it. But now, and is being facilitated by the Internet and in the fear of misinformation in the DHS put out there, they’re saying, yeah, put on a mask, not for the viruses but for the mind viruses. Put on a meme mask like they do want us to mask our speech, and I figured that the mask when I first saw that thing on faces, I instantly thought this is some kind of communist Chinese party, that their party is somehow influencing us. It’s not about the virus. It’s about shutting the mouth and getting us used the idea of covering our mouths for fear of harming the collective. So the individual can harm the collective, they can spread dangerous memes, and so force might actually be justified. And I actually found articles on various people like bill and I, the Science Guy, even suggesting that we had a lock up climate change denialists for this very same reason. So I can make a joke about the earth not actually being subject to global warming. Well, maybe they need to use force to censor me because I can harm everybody with this thought. So again, yeah, this could lead into that area of let’s normalize force versus speech. Yeah, and I heard somebody even say, I’m trying to remember who it was, but it was recently. I heard somebody say something like for the people who who spread misinformation and and they caught and and they made some references to like the wop and and the and do like await movement in the conscious movement, like in everything that you know, anything that’s associated with consciousness, anything that’s associated with with with what I would say art, because you’re asking questions, you’re trying to think for yourself. Everything I’ve been seeing now as far alike, as far as like censorship, like you said, I think with the whole situation, with the pandemic and all that, it was just a cover to get people to start to accept censorship. Yeah, and I think here it’s like we’re accepting it and we’re accepting this slowly, and the thing is we don’t even realize, and I say we, I’m affectionately with the rest of our society. It’s like the general public doesn’t even realize that. It’s like every time you watch something on television, on the Internet, wherever, and it goes to a point where it starts to like affect the rest of society, like the way everybody feels it has people online arguing it. There’s always somebody making money somewhere, because somebody’s going to market a television show, somebody’s going to have some product, somebody’s going to do they it’s energy harvesting kind astantly. Yeah, exactly. We’re not going energy flows. And I brought up the Matrix earlier because it’s not noteworthy here that the ones who see through the Matrix are always presented as the ones who are going to try to tear it down. So they created this perception that the matrix breakers are a threat to the natural harmony of the program and you see this with Matrix. They live so many examples we could name where you never see someone who figures out, oh, it’s all a hoax and they just live harmoniously with it. No, they always have to escape it, they always have to fight it, and with a matrix in particular, a ton of guns. And I checked and yeah, the Littleton shooting happened a few weeks after the Matrix was out. So, yeah, this is this is their way, I think, of demonizing spreaders of information, free thinkers, and I think that’s kind of where we’re look we’re at today is free thinkers are the problem and that Freemas. I wanted to tell you real quick. Sure I’m not something else. I wanted to kind of tell you real quick. I was watching on on tick tock, somebody, somebody tagged me in a video and they were showing, like, you know, the wrappers, who were the big Zulry and everything. So they was showing a couple big pieces, like a couple big chains, and they had like the big medallions. Yet the medallions were, like I stout, prosthetic faces and the mouths and the eyes were movement, so it look like you had a real person’s face on you. And then they were showing the prosthetic legs on this on this Asian girl. They were showing how they put these like prosthetic attachments on her and they were showing how they were like they have like this. Then prosthetic jail that you can get, and change of faith. I think what’s happening now, like I said, they know, we know. They know that we know. So it’s like more information comes out and what they’ll do is they’ll start, they’ll start giving us more Hollywood information. They’ll start showing us more things and like Hollywood. And I thought about something that like Jonamande said. She was saying that, like as the years go on, we were going to start seeing the see kind of alluded to the fact that, you know, what what we see in movies is so much behind. She was she kind of put it in the sense that, like your normal folks in society, you won’t even know if you’re looking at someone that’s also wearing a mask. You may think that you have a relationship with this person and you may have a relationship with somebody that’s like on assignment. Yeah, exact, and it’s yeah, and it’s so weird because it’s like, and I think about that in the sense of this is how our relationship with these celebrities are. It’s like we’ve been seeing these celebrities for years. And then I’m ago, think about this. We’ve been seeing these celebrities for years. Most of these celebrities don’t even look the same as they did when we saw them from the time, like I’ve seen people like lll cool j and some of these other folks who came up around the time that I was seventeen, eighteen years old too, and we’ve seen these people like if you not only just gained a body mask, like as far as our growth, like going in, like working out, we’ve seen that faces change and people say, Oh, what they they get plastic surgeries. True, but you’ll also see where, if you watch a person over time, if they become somebody in Hollywood or in the NFL, in the music world, whatever, and they start to grow and become an a list. They never look the same as they did come I’ll put it like this. We know how a person progresses naturally. Even if you go through certain situations in your life, your face still retains a certain look, your body retains a certain look, even if you start working out. We see that growth in you. But I think that the reason we don’t see it in in these celebrities is is because we don’t see these celebrities every day. We only see what they give us, so we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know if you may be looking at the same person you’ve always been looking at, but they may have people playing this person in a different capacity. Because it makes me think about the Will Smith video he did where he says like everything is in a losing nothing is real, it’s all faith, where he talked about other blue screen. I can everything and then the blue screen falls and the blue screen isn’t even real. And that’s when I say the fourth wall perspective, where it’s like he talks about how he hadn’t worked out in a long time, but whenever you see him, he looks off fit like in everything. It takes me back to that commercial with Lebron James during the Super Bowl where you see him talking to like his younger self. I think that was so light that people don’t really understand just how far the whole technology is for real. God. Because, yeah, yeah, I don’t think people, because I think if they, if they, okay, I’ll put it like this enough. Stop. Whatever they show us, it’s just like they’re showing us the model that they’ve that they’ve already put out. It’s just like if we’re we’re the people that work at like apple, and we just drop the apple thirteen pro we already got the Damn Apple Sixteen pro. Know what I mean? Well, you know, this is interesting because I when I used to listen to Alex Jones, I recall he’s to frequently mention that the elite were forty years ahead of the masses and technology. Well, I don’t think that’s believable because of the way that it takes new things to develop, the iteration. They have to be field tested, they have to be used by people. Things don’t develop in a vacuum. You couldn’t have an iphone. Well, six come out of nowhere. They has to go to the ITERATIONS. However, I’m open to the possibility that the media is easily decades ahead of what we’re shown, including the video games, and they would dumb it down in order to keep us in the dark. So we’re seeing deep fake tech and we’re amazed by it when they’ve been doing this for decades using other techniques. But meanwhile we don’t know. I mean, for all we know, the ISS which is eminently debunkable, is purposefully right dumb down in order to contrast with whatever is coming next. So yeah, but you know what? But that’s the reason I said, just like in the when I called the last time, that’s the reason I said. I think that with this whole Meta thing that they’re giving us now, I think that the reason they’re packaging it to us, and, when I say package, in it to us with the glasses and everything and saying all where you could buy property in the metaverse. Smooth owns a house in the metal verse and the alls a couple companies in the metaverse and he has all this going on, Yada, Yada, Yada, with these other celebrities and all that. I think they’re selling you the package, because this now we’re looking at. Okay, I’ll look at it. Okay, I’ll put it like this. First, they could sell you time. Once you may sell phones and you can make calls and you had to have time on your phone. They could sell you time in something that you already have. Naturally, when they took plastic bottles and they made waters and they made it to where you can now buy water, one of the most abundant things on the earth. That and then, and then they say they sell you are when you go to put some air in your car, tires you paid to puss are in your part tires waiting. Will like now they are nothing could your level, they use the right that taxi the air that you breathe. And the next level is hell. Now it’s like Shit, let’s control and taxt how they think, how they think on a deeper level. People say it, but it’s like now we can actually see it and can actually explain it. This is it. This Meta is it. When I say they’re giving it to you in a box, that’s all they’re doing. Your world is better. When you show the the video where the guy was talking about how the student wanted to be known as a cat or something and the student took, you don’t saying, a dump or a piss on the floor and it’s like he thought it was so ridiculous, like you know, what are we doing? That’s the metaverse, meaning that’s your reality you’re living in right now. All that crazy stuff is going on out here. When they with with them giving you these glasses, only doing is finding a way to make money off of it. They put your ass in a box in the Black Mirror once again. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. And and this it’s so hardwiring into us that you know, we’re people. are going to be addicted to it, and I think all of this goes along with other brought her agenda’s agenda twenty thirty, getting people acclimated to that. You never leave your house because the environment’s bad enough. You just making it worse. So the metaverse is like a replacement for the universe and it’s a place there you’re not going to have actual freedom and options. It might look like infinite options, but if they curate it, yeah, they do indeed control your thoughts. Yeah, I think it’s just I think there’s just all they’re going to do is, I think, like with the whole quarantine thing. I think what that was was, like I said, I think it was kind of a soft walk and they just get they got you used to being in the house for a while. So they wanted to see what you were going to do, why you were in the house for a while. What kind of creative things would you come up with? And then the thing you is they started guiding people’s creativity, because they started out presenting things to you like artist started doing consciuts, like the versus bottles, where they started having artists come out and do these concerts online, like an everything, and then you have more artists that we’re doing shows online, that we’re being monetized. It was just they were seeing how they could actually test markets. And and now it’s like with the metaverse, which you know, facebook turning metal like in everything. Now it’s like, okay, we know what we can do, we know how to package it, we already have it together. We just wanted to see how you would fare being in the house for a while. Now let us give you another option for being in the house for a while. Not only would you be in the house for a while, but you can be in your own like world. You could actually have your own property. And then that’s the thing. And, and this is something to what it takes me to is this like you know how you go to the Google play store and you download a APP and it says that this APP has in APP purchases? Yes, I think. I think you’re in APP purchases, or when you buy houses, when you buy stocks, when you buy Bitcoin, when you buy in the metaverse. Like I said, all they did was they found a way to package this crazy ass or reality there that we live in right now. They found a way to put this shit in a box and package it to you so that they could sell it. That’s it, this selling your ass are, water time, all this other shit. Now they’re selling you thoughts. Yeah, you’re right about that. They are commodifying and making everything has a fee attached to it. And what you describe sounds like the movie ready player, one where you write the world’s yeahble slum. Everything’s just the standard of livings. Everything looks just so trashy, but the people are plugged into these headsets. So it’s almost like like a wave of drug addiction allowing people to escape. But the drug right is the media, and it’s just like when you when you men send the show upload, when you mentioned the show upload, I had wanted to bring that show up to you, like you know saying some months ago. But it’s like, I think that, okay, like I said, this reality we live in right now for what it is. It’s becoming to where now you can’t even say what’s real and what’s not, because we because we now have guidelines by law for you know, those type of things, like you can’t even okay, as a heterosexual man, I can’t make a mistake. And you know, saying this jender somebody or they they may take it as being offensive and it’s not even something I did. I’m intentional, yet it can be viewed as a crime. That’s the world that we live in now. So it’s like now, not only are like your thoughts being weaponized, your intentions are being weaponized. So it’s like now your entire life, to another degree, has become a vehicle of someone else’s control. And when I thought about upload, if they, like I said, we live in this crazy ass we’re already we’re a little boy or whatever, or a little girl can say that they’re a cat. They identify as a cat and take a prison a shit on the floor right right there, and it’s like because the school didn’t give them a litter box. And, and this isn’t looked at as crazy, we’re actually going to court for something like this and it becomes big news. Will we live in that type of world? Then it’s like, yeah, it’s bizarre world, and it is. That doesn’t matter here. Meta they took us here. They started with safe spaces, and safe spaces were a way that you could avoid being criticized by anybody. But it was safe space from right wing MEMES, people didn’t believe in climate change or whatever, and then it became social distancing, which is a way of the state mandating safe spaces, mandating that you don’t go to other people’s homes. So there you have I think the space age is actually the age of spacing us out from one another. They fin us out right, and then it’s the life space age as well, because it’s going to be like just, Yep, that’s that’s just like what the whole don’t look up, don’t don’t look up anything. Don’t look up this on the Internet, don’t look up that on the Internet, and also another meaning said that with the whole don’t look up. Think about it, most of the society I’m putting all the all this stuff. Is the reason I can go so much on this is because all this is stuff I’ve written in a book that I’m doing. But it’s the fact that most of us are looking down most of the time at like our cell phones, staring into the Black Mirror. So it’s like we’re looking down all the time. Don’t look up, meaning if you’re look can up, not even at the sky, but but just up in front of you, then it’s like you’re actually you’re paying some attention to what’s really going on. If you’re staring at the phone, then you’re staring into what’s being fed to you all the time and you’re looking down and through it. Yeah, yeah, you’re looking down into three reality filter. Don’t look up at reality grow. And you know what else I found out? Have you noticed? I don’t know if you if you know where you stay at, if they’re showing like a lot of chiropractic commercials, but I know here in like in like Cincinnati, we have like three three like chiropractice that have bought up all the time on the Damn TV, and then you have all these other ones I’m starting to see on these other channels. I think that the reason you’re seeing all these damn chiropractice starting to get a lot of business is because, with people looking down so much, a lot of people spines are out of white. You start to give your yourself pains in the neck, which he wish to give you head, a all type of pains in the back, in the growing everything else, your legs. It can set them off. I think that our cell phone culture, thislike smartphone culture, has given us more than just these when they talk about, you know, send out a radioactive stuff and everything and all of that. Oh, I think is given US physical ailments because we’re always crouched over and I think that’s why you’re seeing like a lot of different chiropractice and a lot of other suices. People have to go and get massages and everything, but you got folks who don’t even do anything athletic, they don’t go work out, don’t do nothing. Understand stress and all of that, but it’s like their bodies are now in the in the shape of somebody who actually needs a real massage, and a lot of it is from just looking at so damns cell phone, having your back, your neck bent down all day. So we’re you’re not looking up right if some business by right. Yeah, I almost like people. It’s turned is it’s turn certain businesses into like ambulance chases. Yeah, and it’s going to be exacerbated by lockdown culture. And lockdown culture is the norm. I used to talk about how, okay, you look at the number of hours that you play video games. The average person growing up. How many hours is the average person spend in a simulated outer space environment? No, less sitting in a basement, not really leaving hours at a time. To me, the whole video game culture itself was preparation of the Bos. Say that the video game culture started there simulation as replacement and getting you acclimated to sitting down for long periods of time. And of course, this idea of our bodies can towarding. Yeah, that’s probably intentional. It’s like H G wells the time machine. They want the masters to become the morlocks. We’re going to be locked down underground and eventually we will reflect that in our appearances. Right, and you know what? I have somebody. I had somebody recently, within the last few days. They were talking about Mars and everything, and then when I when I heard you earlier and the other caller talking about like, you know one of Om Braun and you know everything, it’s like, I think that that’s the missing length, is that the general public doesn’t know these people and no matter how much we spit these names and we say and we tell people to go in and and, you know, research these people, it’s not important enough to m I think that. I think that it’s like, okay, I’m gonna give you an example of something that I think mainstream media took from us, and I’ll say US meaning like those of us who talk online and we just kind of ask questions and we and we like discuss things. Remember when they remember when they came with the commercials where they were doing what’s his name that went up in the capsule and looked at the earth? Yeah, shatter and no, no, not Shatner, the guy from a while ago. Damn, I forgot his name right. You know, I’m sorry. He went up in a castle, him and his brother, yea, the Bezos and his brother went up there. That was in before. That is from a long time ago that they did there, hennessy commercial or something, where he went up and looked out the caulculate. Yeah, but the are August Picard. That’s right. Yeah, all water when he went a car. Yes, I think that. I think that his name came up so much because when I went back and I looked over the like analytics on Google, his name was one of the most searched for a while and I think that’s why they started making a commercials about it, because because it goes back to when I did the last call and I said they’ll put out information to then make us start to sound cartoonish, because you’ll put it on a commercial for for maybe like some alcohol. Know what I’m saying? Yeah, for example, how people who have not seen this, August Picard was the first person to go up to the stratosphere and he used a basically a pressurized capsule and he said right, the earth will he didn’t see any curve. He didn’t see any Christ said it appeared flat with upturned edges, whatever he said, it didn’t curve down. However, this was being used by so many flat earthers and it was brought up so often that wikipedia changed it and they said August Picard was the first man to see the curve of the earth and then the rcial came out, and so I’m thinking, yeah, there’s a there’s a connection here. They want to control our perceptions and sometimes they find out we’re looking at something and they have to bury it. We’ve seen this happen very, very recently. On the twenty two of February, Elton John Nearly crashed his plane and they were witnesses, and so there was a handling the horrifying spectacle of rocket man nearly dying on two D and twenty two. Well, coincidentally, this is two years from the day that rocket man Mad Mike Hughes, did his launch. And I think we’ve noticed this actually, that they are continually doing stories to drown out things that they don’t want people to find. So if you search rocket man crash too, too too, you’re more likely to find Elton John and I don’t think these are coincidences. It’s part of the Info War. And you know what, I’m going to tell you something. What it kind of makes me think about is what it kind of does is it gives premise to the whole Mandela situation, where it’s like with the whole I’m gonna tell you something. I thought about what I think about the whole Mandela like a fixed situation, and the reason that I’m bringing that up is because whenever you are dealing with like any type of history, it seems like anything Mandela affected, quote unquote, is always something that only somebody of a certain age bracket can really embrace. It’s not something that you’ll have maybe, okay, it’s not something that like you’ll have my son who be thirty. It’s not something or or my other son. Thats this like, you know, saying twenty. It’s not something you’ll have somebody say that. It’s like they can recognize one in in their generation. This is always something from back when we were like, you know, I’m saying children, and that’s why I think it’s I think that it’s almost like the Mandela effect is almost, to me, like a lightweight ripple sigh out they sent out years ago to see what it would do, and this is the bounce back effect. When you started having people saying, AH, well, things have changed in everything, I’m thinking like, okay, do people realize that, like business is rebrand and they don’t have to tell the public the but hell, if you don’t go and look it up, you’ll never know, they may change the name of something. That’s just the things where the name, where people say the name has changed or whatever, and it’s like okay, so what Shit? If the name has changed, the name has changed. So what what does that mean? You still haven’t showed me where. It’s like, okay, I will believe the Mandela effect. I won’t all the damn man della affects smoke, because I went and looked up stuff and did my own personal Mandela effects. That that I thought off the stuff that I saw on the Internet, and it’s like I could debunk all of it. So I think what it is. It was a lightweight rippled sigh. They stay sent out years ago and it’s like what we’re seeing now is a lot of people didn’t know about how business is rebrand a lot of people don’t know about how they can change information. When the Internet came, I’m available to the public where we could all be on it. Like I said, the most dangerous thing is that we can all talk amongst each other, but we also have to realize that it’s like, even though we’re talking to like one another, they still control this vehicle that we’re talking over, so they can sensor information, like you said August, but for card said one thing, Google changed it to another. And I think right now what we’re seeing is this Fahrenheit for hundred fifty one, where they’re getting rid of information. When they got rid of all the physical books and they started telling people to get rid of all the physical books and everything it gave credulous us to when they start changing things online, like wikipedia. Now the whole work. Now we live in a in a basic a wikipedia type world, where it’s like you could change facts now. That’s the reason, that’s the reason we now have. You can’t even just say facts now, because now we have terms like like alternative facts, all alternative true. What the Hell is a damn alternatives true? See, it’s like any scenarios. Nobody wants to be wrong, but it’s like what it does. It keeps US social confusion as to where you’ll never come to the truth if you’re if you’re part of the general consensus, because you’re giving a script to where nobody is ever wrong. We’re just supposed to just let everything go as it is, don’t question living this box where they sell you this crazy ass world that you already live in. Stair its your black marror and take your commands and live through them. And when you decide to die, I’m going to tell you something. And then they going to start selling your ass your own expiration day, like the like the show upload. You ain’t even going to have to wait until you’re going to, quote unquote, die. I think that you’re going to have a choice, that’s to where you could decide to basically donate your physical self while you go ahead and you let them do whatever they’re going to do. I don’t want to make any type of a substance like, you know, uploads or consciousness whatever, but your but I think what you basically going to do is what they getting you ready for, is like the Matrix, basically physically for real, where it’s like you’re really think you’re dead and your ass are really still physically be alive somewhere, while they’re basically sucking your ass and dry like a battery. But you’ve already sold yourself because because in the metaverse you can buy real estate, you can buy you could do everything, because you can have a whole lot. People have a wife and children in the metaverse. Now that’s the reason I’m saying why couldn’t you do? Why couldn’t you do like this show, upload him and say, okay, I say like him next week. Then I’m tired, I got enough money. I’M gonna go ahead and die. I’M gonna go ahead and you know, and just upload myself. It’s green, save the planet a little bit. By God, early the planet. I become a matrix battery. I don’t know this, but that’s what I’ll become. And it’s like and then, and I was trying to like tell somebody about that when we were talking about this Mars conversation. I was saying like, man, listen, you’re not going to Mars. What they’re going to do? Man, they’re going to ship your ass somewhere, probably over to like a China, underground somewhere, and one of those those big ass some amusement parks that they underground. You can look them up on Google. All that type of stuff is and I look at it like if they can make a civilization with a big Ass Disney style where underground, why couldn’t they make Mars any place? So it’s like they’ll sell you these tickets, they’ll send you somewhere, maybe Mars, Mars, maybe even outside of our perimeter of this quote Unquote Ice Wall, which I don’t believe it’s ice wall. I think it’s just it’s just the restricted perimeter that we can go. Mars maybe somewhere outside that perimeter, or Mars might be right here somewhere, but they just have your ass somewhere work like a Goola. Yeah, agree with this. And you brought up upload and this idea in the show upload where people are having their consciousness uploaded into this metaverse before their body expires. Yeah, that’s to me. is almost like they’re bringing back the notion of limbo where you have family members who died unbaptized or they died in sin, so you can pay the church and maybe buy them a better situation up there. And in upload they actually have in APP purchases. So they’re loved ones here on earth are paying for their dead relatives in the metaverse right to have their right an that’s the reason I said they selling you your crazy world as you already live in. They put it in a box through some damned glasses or whatever and, like I said, well, I don’t think. I think the next thing is this. It’s not even going to be to wear to where you you even have to have on your glasses, because it’s like remember when we first had like d movies, where you have to have the little red and Blue Lens glasses, yes, little paper glasses. I think that it’s like what we’re looking at. We’re in that paper glasses phase right, right now. I think it’s basically going to be, and I put this in my book, I think it’s basically going to be to where when you when you get logged into your Wi fi signal, so to speak, your hot spots, that’s going to be your personal matter, your hot spot, and you’ll be able to basically move it and take it with you wherever you want to go in the house. Like it could be five of Y’all in the house, you, your wife and the three kids, and it’s like each one of Y’all can really have your own particular destination, your own world within the House through your Wi fi signal, so to speak. I think you’re honest something. Listen to the phonetic resemblances here. You got cell phone, self, phone, iphone. Yeah, I think these technologies are all about getting us into our matrix pods. Yep, I’ve been saying that for years. Man, and it’s like, and that’s the reason it’s like I always felt, like I said, man, even though I can can call and and like talk about I started writing a book and just putting these thoughts into it, because it’s like, where else could he go? He’s are just those logical questions, and that’s why I, like I said, if they if we can see things, like I was talking about the kid, when you were showing the guy going off about the kid in school like and everything, these things are happening in this world right now that we live, in our physical world, if they can, can put that in a box and sell it to you and then have in APP purchases, in APP purchases that actually tap into how you think, how you process information. They’ve won the game. And then, and then when you and then they can sell you an expiration day become because we already know that. You know, your birth certificate, like and everything has money on it. It’s a it’s a big ASS on account number with accuses. So it’s like all they have to do. They get you to sign your own wheel like and all that, sign your own death date, you decide when you want to be uploaded. They go ahead take you do whatever they’re girl they’re going to do, and then they take your body, put your ass in a pod somewhere and use you until your physical body is no more to use, and then they’ll probably take and use that slush for something to start making hamburgers out of. You sell you did. Then you know there’s going to be no waste, soiling grain. Yes, Hey, it’s the ultimate and recycling and that’s where we’re headed and ultimately burning. Yep, the Green World Order. Yeah, you cover a lot of great material here, great stuff, and there to the book that you’ve been working on, because we need books on these topics that all the conspiracy books are ever going to find in the major chain stores, for the most part, are going to be what I would call blue pill conspiracy theories. These aren’t reality or decodes. These aren’t breakdowns of the script on the level that we do here, and this is something I found out just would like the book. Just would doing some research when I was first like just kind of giving people a little insight on what I was talking about. With a couple books I’m doing, like I’m doing one about the world stage and and the things that go on like around us and everything. And when I was kind of throwing that around and showing people some things, like a couple of publishers and all that, they kind of they kind of got quiet. So I decided, like you know what I said, okay, I’ll take and I’ll I’ll do Amazon for what, for what I can, but it’s like other than that, I’ll just do it myself. I’ll do the physical copies and digital copies myself, you know, for the ones that they won’t that they don’t want to do. But I’m publishing and doing all this stuff myself, man, because I don’t want them. Because one company, I show my book about smartphone, just the just a little small part, I gave them. The editing that they wanted me to do was almost like thirty percent. So I’m like no, I don’t, I want to give everybody my complete thoughts. So it’s like I’m going to do it myself so that I can make sure I don’t have to take out anything. Yeah, you know what that’s I think that’s important because our reality has been curated and gate capped even before the Internet. You know, to get through publishers, there’s just levels of hoops you get to jump over. Compromises, and you know, I just took up a side Gig, a side job for the actually start this weekend, because I don’t want to compromise this channel’s integrity in order to make money. I don’t want to say I have to censor people because they’ll kill our channel. For the most part, I want to be a free speech absolutist, and that means that this channel’s operating costs are going to come from somewhere outside of these platforms, because they will never allow us in here in our pure form. And we’re doing a pure critique, we’re doing anthropology, we’re in the sense that where we are looking at things as they are, and for that reason I can’t use their bias in order to filter what we’re talking about. And that’s the reason I tell people that, if I is such a scary world, that we’re living there for real witness like when you can see, just going back to the whole Chris Rock like you know, will thing, when you can see people sit there something that’s supposed to be a real, quote unquote event, watch it happen and then it’s like nobody speaks of the intention, nobody speaks of the violent act nobody speaks, nobody kind of came nobody in the play, in the in the whole scenario that we were given, nobody came to like Chris rocks a. So it’s like it played out as a social drama that looked bad, it looked at it looks sad. So I’m like, we’re constantly given these scenarios that never show people in a good light, and I tell people all the time that’s something that you’re going that we see a lot to you don’t see anything on TV that’s like empowering or you don’t see much that really edifies you. Most things that you see you’re watching crime dramas, you’re watching comedies, or you’re watching drama shows that are still about people that are going through conflicts. You are never watching it’s never anything that’s really edifying. So you always just giving this frequency, and I think that that particular frequency has something to do with how they affect how we spend, because it’s like, for some reason everything that that tends to have like a certain modulation to it, like a certain like a certain frequency. I I see certain like correlations in between things. This is always where you see the money making coming in. So I think that it’s like we’re kept at a certain level remedially as well as emotionally. So that will always will, will need to be medicated in like some type of sense. Either we’re using recreational drugs or we’re using state appointed drugs, through through things they’ll give us for a depression, because I think they keep us in depression, because because that depression state is the state where it’s like we spend the most money and we don’t end and when you’re and when you’re undepressed, you’re not paying attention, so you basically just grabbing and not even looking at what you’re grabbing for. I agree with all that and I think that also, like you said, the movies all set the stage. They have a this idea that, for the most part, man’s going to screw it all up. So all the science fictions start post reset. It always assumes we’re heading towards some major calamity, catastrophe. So that’s kind of built into Ye and to me that’s just why is that the starting point for a future? And then you couple that with two thousand and twenty? What was their response? Oh, lockdown and you know what to talk about about. No, what else I thought about. Jokingly, we were talking about the future and some I as somebody, brought up the the Jetson’s and I was like, hell man, the Jetson’s represent they represent the whole going green movement to the fullest. I was like, Shit, ain’t nobody even on the earth anymore? You living up in these big ASS towers, this fit like way up off the ground. We never saw the ground on the Jetson’s good point. The Earth with the earth was a dirty place, I guess, because we never saw the ground. And I and when I made that point, everybody just looked at me real crazy. I said, I said, Yana, y’all never thought about that. Like everybody was flying and you never saw anybody fall all the way to the ground. Even if something happened, they fall down a little bit, somebody would catch them or something. Nobody ever felt failed to the ground, not that I can remember any episode. No, that’s a great point because as we move into the space age, they’re getting this captual made to the idea that we don’t even belong here. We are aliens to the Earth. And of course this is all going to be exacerbated by climate change to where lockdowns for the climate is becoming a thing, and so what’s going to happen next, I think, is the next level of PPE helmets like the Jetson’s, where the fish bowl over the head and actually see people where us? Yep, I’m going to tell you I think is that. I think that it’s like all of the everything that we were given as, as you know, a predictive programming from back in the days when we were children. I think that it’s just there. It was given to us in a in a kind of primal stage, because it looked crazy, like, you know, cartoon ish. Going back to that, it was on the cartoons, and I think that’s the that’s one of the biggest hidden links that people the biggest correlations that people aren’t making is the fact that when I think about outer space and you give it a honest, real, honest, deep dive in it self, everything that you knew about like outer space, if it wasn’t the school telling you, then you had cartoons showing you, somebody’s artistic rendition of what that information at the school gave you would look like if it had flying sauces and other stuff in it. So it so it basically sparks your imagination as to being ready for anything. Cartoons they were going to give you to come. So now we go fast forward. They could tell you all about planets made out of diamonds where they like rain sideways, and they can tell you about a planet that looks like Earth that says that’s over here, in a planet that looks like Earth that’s overhead, but the atmosphere is like this, and give you all the scientific on equations. them the make it work? Why? Because they make all the variables. And if you made the game, then it’s like you control what can be made in the game. They put it back in the box again. So it’s like when they give you these planets and they give you this space, like in all that this information is basic information as a kid, and then they give you cartoons and we’ve never seen actual footage of space. We only see what they gave us. So it’s like now we’re living in the year two thousand and twenty two, we still haven’t seen actual footage of anybody flying something from this atmosphere, breaking through and going into space and turning around and looking at the earth. We should have that type of technology. Come on and we have smartphones, we have Wi fi, we have all this other shit, but we won’t have anything they can. Even today they’ll say, oh, there’s only hit us and it’s a cartoon and you are on different part. You really are, because the part tone. And that’s why I think that and that’s why I think it leads us into them, to CGI and the metaverse. Think about it, the better the green sprain and the blue screen technology gets, the better it gets, the more we can’t tell if it’s real or not. So they basically, they basically primed us from the time that we were like small children with the cartoons and we’re giving us this science class and in school for something that we would never see. Will never see out of space, because as many of us as children and said that we wanted to be an astra not nobody knew how to go and become a goddamn astronaut. It’s like you never knew anybody who was an actual astronaut who went in a space. I don’t know anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody has an astor not. So it’s like it’s something, it’s it’s one of those things where it’s like it’s a guard rail secret so deep that it’s kept out of people even making it and everyday conversation. That’s the reason I said nobody knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody for real that’s an astro not because it’s not something everybody just has in their family. Nobody, nobody has has an uncle Jesse who’s an astronaut. Know what I mean? Yeah, I think you write out there. Everything space, like, everything that you’ve given has always been Hollywood movies and it’s been cartoons and dis needs them. Who Dose was friends. That’s the reason I say, if we boys him and and and, you can make fake space and I can create a fake world here. I’m like, Dude, let’s make some money off this. Yep, and we can make this run forever. And there’s a point you brought up. You about the cartooning of everything, and a Douglas Trumbull, who did the special effects for cubricks two thousand one space Odyssey, said that they’re, quote, organic effects from fifty years ago look better than the CGI from five years ago, from two years ago. That basically the CGI is impressive, but it hasn’t quite perfectly approximated reality yet, and I think it’s intentional that if they continue to use real effects and make things real, we would become visually literate and we wouldn’t be really entranced by bad CGI. But now bad CGI is everywhere, ubiquitous and you don’t even have a comparison. So I think they’ve rendered the masses visually dumbed down when it comes to processing organic versus synthetic, and I think that that has been mission accomplished for the most part. Here they cartunified our our reality, our concept of the universe. Yeah, as well as as long as man strain media it’s the operating system that we all come in under, with the school curriculum and with our churches and with our family values, that were all gained off of the same man strain media system, just in a more primary form than this. Like we all, regardless of like, race, religion, whatever, we all we all bow and pray to the same God, whoever that God is that lives in the Black Mirror they get in the in the black monoliths mirror, who presents all the information that the actors on television tell us about the we there amongst one another and debate and we get emotional over and we and we lose friendships and we argue and we make a videos about one another, like and everything. This is this is the operating system that we were all boring to. That’s the reason I say, when people call me a conspiracy theorist, or they call me crazy, or they say, you know man, that’s stupid or whatever, I say I went to the same school that you went to and I got better braids. I went to the school of like Performing Arts here in Cincinnati with like with people that are now in Hollywood. I know a couple. I went to like school with a couple folks that are end, you know, saying Hollywood. So I’ve seen how certain families have put their children into positions. So I know how this whole thing goes. When it’s like when it’s like you’re you’re looking at something and it’s like you’re coming up in the same system amongst everybody else but you, but you have an opinion and it’s like your opinion. You would think everybody else would share the same type of diverse opinions, but they don’t. It’s kind of like now you sitting here like, wait a minute, so you need to tell me. Nobody else has a question for this, and they like now we good man, you crazy like you start to feel crazy, and I think that that that’s why we have so much going on with like mental health. I don’t think that all of these people are crazy. I think a lot of folks are really having stress related breakdowns, from the fact that you know what’s going on around you to a degree, or whatever. Something may be going on in their lives that’s affecting them and it’s like everybody else is trying to convince you otherwise, order trying to give you a remedy that goes against your common sense, and I think that’s where the war is, basically against your common sense. When they can turn your common sense again you, they can then turn you into anything, because you no longer question, you just blindly go. And that’s why I say with the Meta thing and then putting it in the box, soon you’ll be in your house your box, or you’ll be on your property your box, and you’ll be wi fide in and be able to create your own well, because it’s going to even the feel where you’ll have the little meat guy, the little weaklind tight do like a whatever, you’ll have the big muscular guy. You’ll be on the same field. When you get into these realities where it’s like they’ve already controlled society so much. We’re so depressed that we now need these realities as a way to get away smoking. We don’t work, no more. Having a drink, don’t work, no more doing other recreational drugs, don’t work no more. Now you have to have the drugs of a reality sequence. That’s where we’re going. The world is going to. The world is on a drug right now called the Internet, smartphones, and they don’t even know it and they’re just up in the doses. You know what you’re on. This World Economic Forum, their blueprint for this postreset world, the fourth industrial revolution, would have it that only twenty percent of the population need to work. So they’re creating a situation where there’s a vacuum. You know what a people going to do with their lives and their limit? There are limits that are going to be imposed because of the climate. Even before the lockdown started for the covid you had Gretta out there saying don’t fly home for Christmas. So I think, yeah, they’re basically correlling or coercing the masses to go into their own little subjective universes, their own little basically, it’s brave new world, little pods where everything is true, nothing is permitted, a total subjectivity, and that seems to be a way of, I think, getting us out of sight out of mind. Every time I go to the theaters here, I’m the only person at this big megaplex and look around and it’s like it’s almost like there was a plague, because they actually change people’s habits in so many ways and it’s been a nature. It is a revolution, this fourth industrial revolution, and they fast track many elements of it, and it’s all been about also, of course, making it more attractive to have everything at home and making it more attracted to not and think about that, and think about what you just said, what you just said when you said that you went that, you went to the theater and it looked like it was a play because it was was nobody there. Think about about that time. They’ve affected us so much that it’s like, even though they hopes this entire situation, they were able to create a large world scale on the keep using these words, a large, a large, grand scale world states, big ass I’m to tell you something. They basically turned the entire society into like one big ass like like a big ass shoot for a movie. They basically they turned it to a big ass movie scene, because I understand that feeling because I know here and Cincinnati when everything was supposedly locked down, lockdown. What it took me back to, and and if it’s anybody that there was here in like here, like like in the city, when the riots happened two thousand and one, where you weren’t supposed to be on the street and and the cops would coming like, you know, the pull you over, like if they called you driving, like unless you were going to work. It took me back to that because our streets look like a ghost town. All you saw was like a police cars and like business vehicles and a few other like you know, vehicles, like making a commute. It looked like that, and this whole pandemic situation look like that on a whole national scale. So it’s like I take it as in Cincinnati we kind of had a test run with like shutting down a city’s transportation. So I’ve seen this move on different levels. That’s the reason I say I think that the war is for us to give a different perspective and to be able to give other information, because, think about it, if you weren’t here back then, you would never know about that. They shut down are are like transportation like that. Anybody, anybody from here, men to tell you for three days and they only wanted on. The police was like like, you know, pulling people over if you wasn’t going to work or you wouldn’t like coming from work, or you wouldn’t in a in a like business vehicle. So I know how that feels. So in this whole pandemic set down thing happened those of us in the city. I know it kind of gave us like, you know, saying PCSD, to the days when we had to spend, like you know, that three days stuck in the house, basically watching the news until we could come outside, until until until the God on the news told us it was time to come outside. Right exactly. And what I like to point out to is what two thousand and twenty revealed, isn’t that at any moment they can turn us all into an unwitting participants in a major psy up and turn this whole thing into a basically a big movie production, like you said, but that it’s always been that way and they made it obvious in two thousand and twenty. So we’ve always been participating in a mass movie, a mass production, and I think this is the main concept behind cubricks work and why he figures so prominently in all this predictive programming, even including eleven. It was the idea that we were being dragged into the TV, that we are already something of a metaverse just from this. From go, from day one, you’re on the stage. But Two thousand and twenty made it very obvious that, okay, this is in fact a world stage and we are participating. I’m gonna tell you what, when you get a chance, go check out the show American gods. Check out, like I think it’s like the last. It’s one of the last. I think two episodes from the first season. There’s an episode where character Mr World is showing a same he’s talking about the same the the war of the world, seeing how it had the entire world scared. Just through the radio. He’s basically breaking down how our society has always been a basic stage and it’s like, and they do this scenario where it’s like this character Mr World as he’s narrating everything. They’re showing the scene of a town and people walking around in the town and then a bunch of violence breaks out in the town and a bunch of ufos come out of nowhere. Like in everything, MR world stops the scene and walks onto the stage, walks onto the scene and explains how to rest of the world is just like this and this is how they control us through, like, you know, smartphones, tim he basically breaks everything down and put it to people in dumb ass terms. He say we basically control you through what you see on the television. And then when he panned out, once he steps off of the screen, he panned out what you thought was an actual scenario in the mountains with a small town, had people standing around it holding lights and everything else, and it took him and what it should have done for people that really think was the whole moon landing. All of that. He eluded his that show often, but that particular episode, that’s what it made me think of, just the whole thing of how this has always been a days when I thought of, like, you know, war of the world, showing they showed you the fourth wall perspective and yeah, that’s been so to the fourth wall perspective the world legal worlds about is exactly the thing, because the whole premise of war, of the world’s is it’s a single radio broadcast and if that’s your only source and it’s telling you, hey, it’s the apocalypse, then yeah, you would expecting people to respond like that. And I look at the media as that one source. It is monolithic now, even though it looks like it’s got all a live ascets, it’s a monolith. It might as well just be one radio screaming some crazy story, telling us to and then people don’t realize that be that these are talking the heads. It’s The associated media for reason, and that’s why I, like I tell folks, this is why they change. They change the sports to entertainment, is because when they when everything falls under the umbrella of being entertainment, because if you look up, excuse me, if you look up most of these shows and you look in the in the like a last credits, if you see that small print that comes up another stuff, it says that this show is entertainment, even when it’s even when it’s something that’s showing actual events, like, you know, a reality show. Or whatever, even on the news at the end. I’m willing to bet that you could probably take some type of legal like, you know, saying legally’s book or whatever or somebody and find where it says entertainment somewhere, because it’s the same basic word. But they put this and basically and in mainly every program that’s like on television, because if it’s, if if it falls under auspice of being entertainment, then it could be dealt with in certain ways. Right. So then I actually be truelable fire in a crowded theater. Right. And you never and you and you never have to have certain content. It’s just like if you’re, if you’re, if you’re a news network, yet to have entertainment listed in your contract. Entertainment tonight, no, no, saying TMZ all that. These places are news networks, but they’re but they’re categorized as entertained, but they but they have their self promoted as being entertainment for the people. We give you, like, you know, some entertainment news. That’s the way they hide this. By saying that they’ve given you entertainment news. They’re telling you what it is. It’s entertainment, it’s scripted. What about this co and they say it’s another tragedy at this school, tragic event. I wonder. You know, a tragedy is a very specific word to use. You know, they’re not talking about that’s murder they’re talking about, you know, in the strictest sense, you’re talking about a play with an happy ending. M Huh, see, and I’m gonna tell you something I think about that. You just made that point. But it would take somebody like myself that has an artistic background or somebody that’s like into art to even know that a term like tragedy is usually associated with some type of satire that’s going to end horribly. It’s not going to have that good ending. Like when they say a tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. I tell people I think they’ve massage inistically. They have us in this like romance with death, like people think Romeo and Juliet is a romantic story. I said, man, that’s crazy as hell. If she are already dead, then it’s like Damn, I’m a cry, hit the funeral, but then life goes on. I’m not about to kill myself. That’s shit. Don’t that’s not romantic. I’ll think about you. I’ll take a damn picture. Might get a down Tattoo, I don’t know, but I’m not about to kill myself. That’s not logical, but this is what they give us as being art logical. That’s the reason I say we have to look at what they consider the fine arts. Who Control those fine arts? WHO’s in control of the like moderation of those fine as? It’s distribution into our society today. Like you look at okay, who’s WHO’s in, like, you know, send control of, you know, Broadway, Hollywood, everything else. Once you know that, then you know that you know who’s in. You know, you know basically who who like. You know what I’m saying. You’re we talk with a metiscript. Who Your who? Who you’re like sitting in the hands of the metascripts. You know who they are. And the thing is, the metascripts to me, or like that group of kids, like sitting around the table, or group of like writers that sitting around a table, some younger, some older, and it’s trying to come up with this scenario and the younger ones are saying, let’s go listen on the Internet to see what the hell like, you know, saying the order thinking out loud or, you know, some happy as is. It’s like, you know, send talking about they seem to be a little bit close on the things. I think they go see what the hell we know, and then and then it’s like they start and they go leak onto, like you know said, Netflix situations, because I told you, I’ve seen several characters in shows that I think are patterned after you. So that’s why I say I think they listen to us and they start to go from from from there now, because you can now use this all as like when you can, when you can, can take what’s coming out as the quote unquote truth, when the true starts to like, quote unquote, come out, because you are you can’t stop the truth is going to happen and they know that it’s going to happen. It’s a force of nature. So it’s like to know it’s coming. Then it’s like you have to be able to at least control it. It’s just likely, Jose Limited hang out. Yeah, it’s like stay in and in and, you know, consumed control of it. So it’s like, you know, the rest of us are put in a situation where the few of us who haven’t been completely washed out to the point where we were, where we can’t question everything that we put out. This starts to become their goes viral. That creates a virus in the system. We we’re the pandemic. I told people your covid for a reason, your the pandemic because you spread misinformation when you go viral saying things, and that’s when they have to come shut you down. So it’s like now you see where your whole reality is. When they start, when they say, when they start taking scientific terms and using them with, you know, smartphones and we’re and with digital terms and things like that, then you should know exactly where you’re being curated toward, what your world is. It’s like. If you’re one of us, then you see it. If you’re one of the regular folks in society, then it’s like for you, is just all. Well, times have changed, you. Have you heard what they say now? Okay, after eleven the main thing was the radicalized individual with the weapons of mass destruction, dirty bomb, nukes, whatever. Well, now it’s went from WMD to m DM. Just flip the W just. It’s just one of these little bit of a one hundred and eighty return on that. MDM stands for Mal disc and misinformation. So we got to watch out for the quote Threat Actors Online with their mal disc and misinformation. So see, now you have malware online. Now we’re connected to your thoughts and and your opinions. Now, now they’ve turned. Now they’ve turned. Anybody who questions order it has an opinion. You’re now looked at in this in this system where you can go viral. You looked at. Is malware by where? Yes, and and have you see? There’s a book that was used for hunting witches. It was called the the Maleficorum, the hammer of the witches. So even the Term Mel Mal Information, it actually has connotations with with evil magic, with witches that need to be hunted. Are Like, you don’t type, trasing, like the movie let’s it. No, no, said up Melissa sit like, yes, you know anything male, Malele of it, like, you know, saying, like anything that has to do with something that’s this evil. That term is at the beginning. So it has a negative connotation. So it’s like anytime they put it on the something. That’s the reason I said society about her. For the most part, it’s like so dumb down that they haven’t that they don’t. They don’t. They don’t even look up the etymology of words anything. And you looked at as somebody. There’s that you know. You know new you looked at if somebody that said like you, like you’re some kind of Nerd, or you’re in the or your it’s like now if it’s somebody that’s into like of a lot of information, and it’s like you are looked at at somebody who’s a threat. So you almost have to rebrand yourself under the title of being some form of like entertainment, because if you don’t say that your entertainment, then it’s like you are looked at its spread and mis information. So I just say I’m I’m entertainment. So I’ll put some comedy with it everything, because if you don’t, you are looked at it spread and misinformation, malware in the system where you can go viral. It’s crazy. Yeah, and you know what, after a term MEL information. That term was released by the DHS and I saw only a couple other news outlets covering and they said what is this? What is malinformation? Why do they have to invent a new term from misinformation? And when I heard mal information and immediately made me think of Maleficent, of the witch is hammered right, idea that we are witches, and you have the new inquisition, and that would be, of course the same. And you know what else crazy? No, what else is crazy? When we bring up that movie and you know the head dressing, everything that the she had, chloe Bailey had on a dress with that exact same type of horns and everything beyond. Where the RIHANNA? Where’s it? All of them? where? It’s like and it starts and it’s like, I noticed that even when some of these things are done in the past, it’s like the Algorithm will start picking them back up and they’ll start republishing these photos, these articles, they’ll start. They’ll start publishing blogs that might have wrote about them to three years ago. With this, they’ll make it news, I think, so that they can start to put these symbols, these images, in your mind so that wherever they want to take it, if they see, because I think when they see us starting to dig too deep into it and we really start to get into certain certain grounds in the rabbit hole, if they don’t really want to say, then that’s when they send out the guard rail committee and they start making us look. Real cartoonis by they start putting out movies and it started putting out netflix specials, television shows or whatever, or or they put out comedies and everything, where daily beast has a writer. Her name is Kelly whale and she would have been called off the edge, and I used to have a lot of respect for her work because I thought here’s a writer doing a deep dive, spending four years among people she apparently despises, and that she’s going to come up with like the definitive book on the flatters movement. And No, it was all hit piece and her final distillation was, oh, fighters, there’s are a bunch of Nazis who are really bad at rapping, and I’m like, that does not reflect anybody other than Eric Dubai, and Nazis have nothing to do with questioning the shape of the earth. But what they have done is they’ve just mastered this way of demonizing the outsider. So the masses don’t even write it right. It’s like will it’s just like what we said on the last car when they attached candace owens to it. And the way people feel about canvas owns is the way they’ll feel about anything. She speaks so so, if she, if she says I like the color paint, then it’s like anybody who doesn’t like canvas own and now hates the color paint. You you know where are. We’re a they’ve they’ve mastered real deep levels of like psychology and how to like manipulate people, Hollywood magic, psychology magic, to where now all they do is like you. Like, like we were saying last time, they associate things with certain characters home they know may not be as favorable to the public, and then it’s like whatever it is they associate with him, now it becomes a part of that person. And if you if you happen to have any views on that, that may be favorable. Like if you happen to question if the earth is fled, if you happen to say anything guest in this person, if you question the Nasza situation with the moon landed, then it’s like if can’tas own said, now you must agree with Canada’s owns hell, now I’ll agree with candas owners, but that’s the way the public will do it. That’s the way they’ll make you sing. Look at the heroes they give us. Gretta Thunberg and Kyle Rittenhouse. So you have a hero for each side and each side finds the other side’s heroes repugnant. Then you find out that Gretta and Thunberg, the most popular child crisis actors, were born on the exact same day, January three, two thousand and three. It’s manufactured and if you follow either side, those characters have puppet masters and if you’re following them, oh yeah, it’s your puppet master too. And then it’s just like when I was telling you the last time about the book coin tell pro. It talks about how in the book, just like Jago, who over, talking about how they’re going to crush any type of black messiah that may try to rise out of the ghettos and everything like that. So I take that and let’s just move that on a larger scale. Let’s move that on a larger scale. This is where I tell people I take that book. Now if if they had a government program, that Counter Intelligence Program coin tell pro, if they had a program dedicated to watching, quote unquote, black folks in the ghetto that day, they felt we’re doing, like a lot of things like that may have been questionable. Making too much money here in there Yada, Yada, Yada. If they had an organization that was doing that, wouldn’t you think that that would just be a splinter cell organization from something much bigger? If this is an organization that’s coming out of the FBI and the CIA, then why wouldn’t it be? If it’s just something that they have going for the black community? Why would it just be something for the black community? Why wouldn’t it be part of a larger, more grandeur scale as to say like okay, we’re gonna we’re going to go and we’re going to make sure that we don’t have the rise of like any in a modern day terms, it would be let’s make sure that they’re that there isn’t a rise of any auto hoaxes. We can’t have successful auto hoaxers out here because they may go spread of virus and society go viral and the information, their milware, they’re spitting may get into the system and effect our groundwork that we’ve already set up, and it’s like so. So I think that now what it is like you said. I think that it’s a it’s a situation where they have to control how we perceive thing is because if they can control our our perception. Then it’s like, like I said, they are already in our heads. So, you know, we’re just, we’re just. We’re got to be here. We’re here. They control every potential threat demographic Timothy McVeigh was obviously an FBI creation and right. Yeah, so any person that might offer some kind of legitimate challenge to the system is likely to be controlled. So they can control everybody behind them. And that’s been the case. And I did see an example, the guy that burned those three masonic lodges last year. Well, all the social media postings look like he was quoting us from here, but badly so. I think they d fact invent characters to demonize entire think tanks. I think they invent characters for for think tanks, and I think they also I think what they’ll do with this, this character invention, because I’ve seen like a few folks, no story in particular, but it’s like I’ve seeing like a few things happened over the years with certain people. I like you know, an event may happen and at a person’s face is plastered all over the Internet for two weeks this person’s face is there and they talking about it, but it’s like in the second week it’s done off a little and then it’s like by the end of the week is gone and the story is gone and you’re not even hearing anything about it, and it’s like, I think what a lot of people aren’t really like thinking about is it’s not that the story died down, that people stop talking about it, if that they stopped giving you access to the information that people were talking about to where they control what’s now online. So it’s just like if you know that somebody got shot up the street from you and you’re constantly talking to the people in the neighborhood, then you’re getting the updates, so you know what’s going on with the person, was going on with the situation. The rest of the world only get the initial update. So it’s like if there are any other updates the news, if you don’t get mainstream media pushing it as to where they become that vehicle for it. They know that the rest of society won’t even go look for the story if it’s if it’s not something mainstream media or one of the smaller outlets is pushing. So it’s like once that week goes up, because it’s like now something don’t even get to weeks, I would say, if if it happens on Monday, by Thursday something else is happening and you’re not even thinking about that anymore. Oh yeah, like radical Islam was cured by COVID COVID is cured right Putin, and Putin seems have been cured by Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock. Just one thing right laps the other thing off the new cycle and off the mind and the and that’s and it’s, like I said, and the Will Smith situation like that. That’s just like with the justice smallest situation, when that was with the whole courtroom situation, like in everything, I think that we’re looking at. We’re looking at bad acting on the worlds is. I’ll put it like this. We see it as like bad acting on the world stage. Everybody else is seeing it as like it’s just their reality. It’s almost like people in the movie. They live like it’s almost like people are just watching and it’s like like we have on contacts or something. So it’s like we see it like to where we can add and like menace, this don’t look real, this don’t look right, like you know, other people are like just really drawn into this and I think that now they can give us reumb ridiculous situations and it’s not ridiculous anymore. It looks we’re looking my own world. We’re looking at now. We’re looking at now Saturday night, last level, world stage events that could actually be looked at as being comedy. The slapping and everything. That was a Saturday night live skit comedy, that type of level. So it’s like now we’re looking at this, is where we’re at as to where they could actually use us like skit comedy type of situations and affects how people think, how people operate, how we how we interact online, because I can tell you how many times I didn’t get cussed out over saying that Slat was fake. People get emotional over what’s presented on the world stage. Unbelievable. Unbelievable that they will get emotional over what like. I mean this to me? To me, this actually says a lot about their acting ability, how effective they are at conveying these simulated situations as real in front of a live audience. I mean, give the guy another Oscar. You know, this is to me. I think, right, it must be so funny to be in the know on the inside and to know the horror world has no clue that. That’s why you can see the duper’s delight, because they get a rush out of this thing see and I think that’s the reason. I think that’s the reason, like I say, with the Wales Smiths is always I think that’s the reason. Where all of the other actors in attendance, I think that a handful of them knew that something big was going to I think, like I said, most people faces and I can’t I don’t know what the rest of the crowd look like. I’ve only know the few collises I’ve seen of a couple like well, non celebrity faces. They look kind of shocked, like they weren’t, like they weren’t in on the skin. But there are a couple other faces that look like like they might have known it was going to like they like they may have known something. What’s going to happen with it being the Oscars? That’s why I’m saying I just don’t get why most people don’t just question first this is one of the biggest, most esteemed celebration of acting. Everybody in the room is an actor or they’re involved in the whole acting industry. So it’s like, why wouldn’t you think this was acting if you saw no security, no police involved? Everything people like, well, the police got well later and everything. I said, that’s because this story is being written out later. So you I’m like, man, it’s like him now. It’s just a point where they’ve done it so much, like I said, with the war of the world and and and that, from all the way back then, it’s grown to a point where it’s like now they really have us in that same mind frame again, just just over reinvented, and it’s just a deeper sickness now, because I think that now it’s become almost a genetic thing, because it’s like now we have kids that you can give a baby a smartphone and they automatically become attached to it. Won’t put it won’t put it down. How you would that saying that what differentiates those who are still perceivers from the mere believers is the perceivers haven’t taken the TV screen or the martphone screen as their primary sensory apparatus. They still are in the world and even though we’re somewhat metaverse, were confused intentionally by the way they fuse real and fake. Know, the people who are being born and into the system at this level, that’s an extension of their body. They are transhuman at this point. And you know, when people are incredulous about the fake about the slap, you know, how could that be fake? Or even any event, I always raise this question to them. Is it fakable, like, are the people on the stage good enough? Could they have carried that out? And if their answer is no, they’re not being honest. When you’re talking about actors and Caleb Caliber, it is fakeable and right. That’s an important point to raise, because if you think it’s not fakeable, then you’re probably dead set with your presuppositions and you’re not open to the truth, and that’s an important question to ask. You know, is it, at least hypothetically, something that could be faked? And and you know what? Yeah, I’m going to tell you. I get the best response on like if something is fakable, from people that kind of came up with the same background. And I have as for us, like the arts, like people that have gone to see theater, like you, you actually seen people act on a stage. If you’ve actually seen people act on a stage, but you’ve seen like actual set says, and you seem like people have like a costume changes and you’ve seen one person play like three different characters and they actually nail each character where you don’t even see the same person playing a different character, know what I mean? And this is and and this is with just regular stage makeup, then I don’t think that it’s like most people realize that this can be done on a regular street, regular city street. It could be done in a town or a larger scale. It could be done in a lot of different scenarios outside of a physical stage, on a particular like, you don’t know, saying auditorium or whatever. It can actually be done outside. Like I said, if you’ve ever seen actors, like you know, send a performing on the street, if you if you if you’ve ever seen like a classical theater and you’ve seen other costume changes and the set changes and the sound and all of that. And the way is, you’re just seeing this with news cameras. That’s yeah, you’re seeing it with news cameras and a lot of it has already been filmed in advance so that so that it can be placed and it can be repurpose later on, because they’ll show you footage from New York City or footage from like, from like for ants, and tell you that it’s a whole nother city somewhere else a couple years later for a whole nother situation. And the public is a litterate to it, because who remembers that footage? Who’s going to really think about it like like that? It’s like you’re just going to take was given to you at the moment, because they know that the public memory last only just as long as, like, whatever they present to you, until the next story. Now you sound we else. Will Smith teaching people how to fake a slap? That might be a good way wake people up if they think the right was fake. Slap them in the face the way that will fake slapped Chris. It might shock them, but you’re not actually contacting them, and that right there would show them, okay, it’s fakeable right. And, like I said, now they have the foot is coming out from a different angle. Will you actually see that? There’s no contact? And then I told people from the time I saw the footage, I heard the sound effect before he even made contact and the way his his body turned and the way Chris was out position and everything I was like, man, I just couldn’t understand how to rest the folks and I was actually kind of shocked that it’s like some of the people I went to like performing us with that are actors and it dealt with like musical theater and things like that. How they were fooled by. I’m like, y’all, get the hell out of here. How or Y’all fool body is like all, this is who. Every day we’re starting the Will Smith True Slap Truth Movement, like this right lap gate thing is. I mean it might be a small thing, but you know what caused me to do a double take and actually pay attention to the news was one crisis actors Grin. That’s all it took. That was the glitch in the Matrix. That, YEP, set me free. Robbie Parker woke me up. So this slap is actually a very teachable moment in terms of media literacy, epistemology, everything and you know what else to it’s this. I I tell people, like, okay, I tell them go to like industry hoaks channel and check out the Nipsey Hustle video where you see the people laughing and you see I’m saying, can we do this all over right in cry right and all this type of stuff and everything. I’m like, I’d sell folks like man when we see this and this is and said. This is what I think is really the scariest part. You can actually present evidence. A channel like that can actually put together a presentation of all that is contradictory evidence, all that is evidence that supports that this isn’t real. Common Sense is aligned one hundred percent. People will look at it, see it, their common sense goes off like, damn, that is kind of and they’ll still go right back into that same have frame of mind. That group thinks like now. But still, yeah, I know why. This is the reason why is that I think the truth movements, the communities around this type of conspiracy, theorizing whatever they are, often without a methodology. So it’s hit or miss. They’ll say, oh, this one’s fake, maybe it’s fake, that one is real, this one I got to investigate. So they don’t have a methodology as we do, which is pretty much it’s fake until proven real if it’s an extraordinary claim and they don’t have evidence. And so by having a methodology here, we’re not confused and we will never revert. I will never go back to just saying okay, the news is back to being real again. Man, it was fake for a couple of years there. No, it’s because we thought out the game. And the people who are still on the fence, they haven’t had that paradigm shift, and it’s a big leap, I think for some, because they have so much faith in this thing, they don’t know how this system of lies works and that the the religions that have even used historically to control people’s minds have been supplanted by the media. And that’s what’s hidden in plain sight, is that we do have a world church. It’s a universal world church and it’s called MSM. If I got MSM a. You know what else? I’ve had the the these type of deep talks with folks, and it’s sites something else I’ve noticed. It’s not just that they don’t see it. It’s not even this. Some of them don’t see it’s and its. It’s to the point now where it’s like a lot of them. I’ve actually had people, I could say half of the people I’ve had real, real deep talks about things that want to pick my brain and we said we talked for hours they’ll tell me, like man, I’m scared to come out there where you are. They’re like, like, Bro, I’m scared today. They like man, that’s it’s because, you know why, but because it’s like, I think Hollywood, going back to like Hollywood, they put such a stigma on having free thought with movies like you, you know, enemy of the state, the Matrix, you know, the one where where people were getting arrested for like thought crimes. You know, they’ve put so much of a stigma on like if you think against what’s the like consensus thought, that you’re a criminal. So I think that now, with media being made with like a mainstream media being like a religion, to question anything that goes outside of what you’ve been presented with Mans by mainstream media, it’s like committing blasphemy against God. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, because I’ve had Christians, I’ve had people that are deeply religious. Over the this whole last situation, with the the whole lockdown thing and all that, I had people, I lost friends because of my opinion on things, not because they died, not because no, I lost friends because of an opinion. So I know that this run so deep psychologically and emotionally in people. That that. That’s that. That’s another aspect. That a virus. It’s a fear virus and as long as they can keep their their their fear virus at the rate it’s a cancer, as long as they can keep it growing and keep it festering. And you don’t and you don’t get people like us who question and we go viral and we start to cure little parts of that cancer. Now they’re not going to have that. They’re going to keep everybody scared of of leaving the situation like the movie the village they’re going to they’re going to keep people back there, not knowing. God real about a monster. If you, if you question too much, those monsters in the forest going to get you. So people don’t want to go in the forest. And it’s like they don’t realize that and they and they, and they don’t realize that it’s like that. It’s like it’s not it’s not even God. I I had people that actually equated what they heard on the news to how they felt spiritually, and that’s when it scared me and I had to kind of pull back and say, you know what I I I can’t keep badging these folks with trying to make them see what I see and you know, and question of things I do. I’m like it’s too far ingrained. Yes, so they have, for I’ve res my point where where they have to pull that plug out the back of it neck at some point, but it’s like right now they just not ready for it and I’m not going to be to want to do it. Yeah, in the movie Free Guy, it I mean it’s a wrong come, but it actually has a very profound message and there’s an aspect to it where it kind of mirrors the movie they live, where the NPC can put on the glasses that the living people who are playing the game where and they can see them as they do. So just like in they live, he puts on the glasses and he sees the controllers and he sees all the programming. Same thing. And Free Guy, well, he wants to have his friend put on the glasses. Hey, you got to see how it really is, and his friend doesn’t want the glasses. And that’s exactly what I’ve and and they live. And so right. I think that there’s people can only tolerate so much light, so much of this information at once. Inform overload. So what I try to do here is with this channel, is I want to only, for the most part, communicate to people who have already seen through most of the stuff. So we’re not really holding hands. Well, we’re not trying to pull anybody in here. What we’re actually doing is we’re moving forward and if someone can’t keep that, that’s fine and that’s what I’d tell people. I’m like, I’m like, man, I’m I’m not trying to convince anybody anything. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not trying to convince anybody anything they say. Then what then? What is your purpose? I said my purpose is to just share my thoughts, to share my questions, my opinions, my thoughts, because some of the some of the best books and the best presentations that you find on on like Youtube and other platforms are just people expressing that thoughts to using video, photos and and doing narration and making a diagrams of everything, their thoughts, their art. It’s like, as long as we can do that, will move on progressively. But when you get to a point where you can’t share thoughts, where you can’t even think anymore, to even have any thoughts for you to share. Then it’s like you now live in a world. It looks like those those old cartoons that they used to show us, those old they they used to show us these cartoons. They used to come on in the morning on the little cartoons before you go to school, like the great space coaster and stuff like that. But they used to have these days little abstract cartoons, and one that always stuck with me because it was kind of scary. It used to show these little these little like lump looking things on a planet that had like eyes and it showed like where something was like over this plant. It was kind of like we were like controllers, like kind of like the bigger controllers over the planet, like it was showing some beings that were kind of bigger and they did something to the little guys. They gave them a distraction where they all just stay glue to it, while everything that was going on around them was being shifted and was going in the Halle. They were so glued on the something that they weren’t even paying attention. And I remember as a child that kind of like lightly traumatize me because of the way it’s drawn, in the way like the music and everything is so I think that it’s like we’ve been given these subtle the subtle like kind of experimental programming, because I know for a fact cartoons and everything, especially the ones from back in the day when they would do those those like artistic cartoons, most of those were experiments. They were doing experiments on children, on us, to see how how we would be affected by those cartoons. They and I didn’t notice until I started finding information on how they would use cartoons and he’s like, long term, it’s experiments where it’s like they were show children. So like they would take certain cartoons that, like, you would only see if you were from a certain age bracket and with those cartoons they would then revisit that person years later, kind of like the just gid experiment. You right your side and then you see what it does their lives later and you see what it does that their life years later, like you see what the person’s perspective of it is years later, like you know how that how that car and you and they kind of lightly equate whatever happened in that particular cartoon to something going on around them and you see how how maybe that cartoon helped to kind of shape that person’s perspective and they start comparing it amongst others that have seen that same cartoon and they notice a correlation that it’s like people who’ve seen that must have all been traumatized in the same way I was, probably, and now when they see something happen in the world, they equated with something that it’s like they saw as a child. They gave them a traumatic experience that they couldn’t understand that it left them confused to a point to where it now, when you see something that looks Rom remotely, you know what I’m saying, similar to it or gives you a feeling of that, you you instantly go back into that child mind state, and that’s why I think there’s so much of a focus on children. Fascinating and I think you’re honor something here. We always talk about the movies and the music in the various ways they influence our decisions through the culture, and cartoons is another one of these areas. I mean, I’ve seen all the I’ve seen a lot of interesting bits of predicted programming, cryptic messages and all these films. But yeah, shaping our perspective because you know, when the the Nazis that were brought over here were rocket scientists and worldview warfare specialists. So just combined right rockets on TV space age. That’s, in a nutshell, what they were brought here for, worldview shape, and I don’t and I don’t think that that’s what seeing when they when they give us that story. That’s why, I don’t know if you saw the there was like a netflix special. I forget who it was on there, the famous actor, but they would talk. They were talking about those scientists and they were basically trying to go around the world and kill the ones who were left, and it was like, I don’t think that people really understand that. It’s like when you deal, when they say science, using the term science and the term scientists is now a cold term, a Buzzword, a scientist, and the term science is now like synonymous with just worldview opinion. It’s synonymous with like the MS and approved opinion from like from like Dr Fouchi or people like they’re or like bill ny or folks and and and like a scientist or just whomver they give us on television that they they they put doctor in front of. We don’t even know what this person is a doctor of. We’ve never heard of them before, but as long as they got doctor and they have a lot of and they have a lot of celebrities around them and they have a lot of MSM atension, we just as soon make an ass out of you and me. We we just assume that there’s somebody credible, and that’s why the MS and is then the religion to the world. Because, regardless if you’re Muslim, Christian, roster, woever, Catholic, Protestant, you watch the news and you then agree with people that are black, white, of different religions, whatever, you agree that whatever they’re saying on there is a fact, is a fact, and you don’t even know who’s the wizard of ours that’s controlled in a situation, but you’re just going to go by whatever this wizard of ours tells you as being fact. Yes, your scientists are given to you people you like. You have people in the new why were you got a Bible fundamentalists who’s something of a relic like Oh, you still take the word literally and it doesn’t fit in our modern world to say I’m a Bible literalist. I literally believe in talking snakes. But then we do have television literalists and they argue from the TV as an authority, and it has in fact replaced the religion for the masses. And Yeah, you have of a universal religion. You can have all your different denominations here on earth fighting, but you won’t believe in outer space. And then the bat is like the Universal Communion Wafer. So yeah, the universalize the faiths, all the religions and they have a universal priesthood that even the pope will get vaxed by one of these priests, which shows you, you know, which is the superior religion. Now it’s science, this sort of point religion instead of point now, where it’s like when people try to give me in these think tanks and discussions where they want to talk about like space, I feel like I feel like that Emosi with the I roll, because it’s like they all want to talk about Mars and a different planets and about space and what they doing, and NASA and and and NASA thought this on the other side of the Moan and you know, and it’s then in the third and it’s I don’t don’t get me wrong, at one point in time I was in that discussion. I believe all that. I was there one hundred percent I was giving my opinion on that and everything. But as time goes on and as you get updated information, and I think that’s the problem too. I think even in this quote unquote truth or community to conscious community, wherever you want to call it, I think that once a lot of us find out, like I’ll put it like this, once certain people find out some information, they get so excited with the information because it’s something groundbreak into one that it’s like they give that they get stuck right there and even when the information can be updated and debunked, they don’t want to take that leap because at that point they’re compromised by maybe if I make a move and I have to update this information and really be honest and and speak true, I’ll lose my following. So now we’re dealing with a thing us to wear this whole Internet. It’s a currency system of attention and nobody wants to lose their line, like because their limelight is monetized now and it also it also feeds them. It also feeds a bunch of depressed people and ego. So it’s like everything is compromised to where when now we live in a compromise society. One hundred percent. Yes, exactly, and again, I brought this up earlier today. That’s why I’m doing other things to keep this channel going, because if I played by the rules, we never would have reached any conclusions. We would have always have been more or less crolled into the wrong opinions by trying to go along with the consensus to avoid repercussions, to avoid the censorship. And you know, we lost three channels last week and I have no idea. I’m doubling down. I will not countel because again, yeah, everybody’s compromised and I’d like to keep this platform pure, uncompromised free speech, absolutists, no filter here. You’re right, but hey, yeah, you mentioned when you talk about the stuff, people might think that you’re crazy or it’s something it’s out of reality. It’s why would you even be obsessed with this stuff? The fact is, this is philosophy. We don’t burn right as, we don’t burn books. We are actually committing the crime of philosophy and we’re knowing the difference between wrong answers and good and correct answers, and that, to me, is what we’re actually creating here. This is a philosophical movement and they’re trying to stamp out any true philosophical movement that doesn’t end in nihilism or some kind of that’s pretty much the end of it, because I have a very optimistic view and the more I learn, the more I learned there’s less to fear and the more our methodology is honed, the faster we are at reverse engineering propaganda. So this is and that’s where I stand to it. I I’ll look at it as that Oh is kind of like that Oh say, and if you look on the bright side of things and you know stuff like that, it is sounds corny and it sounds cliche. is yet yet, in the end, honestly, if you notice, like it kind of takes me back to when you saw like like the older folks sometime, like we would like everything that would be like going on. Sometime, like older people be like Oh, whatever, and they just keep smiling and doing what they doing. It just doesn’t affect them. I think we’ve gotten to a point where it’s like we have to now battle with with this, with our actual emotions and the way we feel about things. Well, we see these events happening everything it’s like, don’t give it your energy, because that’s what they’re trying to harvest. Don’t give it to your energy online, like, unless you’re doing something talking about how is, how is how it’s being used against your energy. Other than that, this sucking from you like a vampire. And they and they need your permission. So when they so, when they present this information, and you willingly go in and you get emotional, when you start attacking folks online, or you start feeling like a part of you if now said, or depressed because of it, you’ve allowed them access. Yeah, absolutely, and that’s what we saw in two thousand and twenty. I just they they gave you a formula that would lead you to what immerse yourself and their negative propaganda. You go into their immersive Echo Chamber and all of your contact is mediated through their little nightmare scenario, and it’s quite literally like putting you into a movie and allowing then them to be your director. And Yeah, I think that that is the goal here. They don’t want to you know, parasites. The system is very parasitical. They don’t kill the host, they feed off it and it’s a very light system. Just just use it. Like I said, I think that when People Watch that movie to make six, like I said in the scene with the folks, like a battery. I think that people just look at it too literal when it’s like they’re other ways that they can just keep feeding off who, like I said, it’s not to kill you. That’s the reason I said I think we’re going to get to a point where, in this whole Meta situation and the upload thing, where you won’t even have to die. I think now people, nobody wants to die, to feel that pain and they have that whole experience that they they’ve seen other people go through, because they know it’s scary to them. From looking from this side of it, it’s scary. So it’s like if you can find a buffer zone, and they’ll give you a digital buffer zone where you can make a transition into something different. It’s like yeah, no, they’re not going to, quote unquote, kill you, like I said, they’ll keep your body alive like a like a host, and use it for something. You know, we talk, you know, it’s not usable as and when it’s not usable and more use the parts right, and when it’s and when it’s been not usable, then they’ll turn it into astral crea and they’ll they’ll get us themselves out of it and other stuff. And you know what, in California it’s on the tables, composting your dead loved ones. And what’s ironic about that is the guy who started Earth Day went to jail after murdering his girlfriend. Her and I’m like, well, I used to say, Hey, this is the most greenest guy of all. That’s why he started Earth Day. composted his own girlfriend. You don’t get any greener than recycling your exes. And now that’s a normal thing that they’re introducing. Wow, seeing and you know what, and that’s and that’s the reason I say that. Now they just packaged that and puts you in a box. You live in that crazy world. I’m saying this. Did this? Didn’t happen in the in the metaverse. No, no, saying this happened where we are right now. This guy, he killed his family out here, and people did this this stuff out here, and now they make laws trying to go ahead and make it legal. As somebody like, if somebody dies in Hell, you could use your family for you know, compost on your land, keep your loved ones on your land, make them a part of the land. Watch stick will come up with all the type of crazy fancy like a promotional things like, you know, some make your loved ones really a part of your land. Yeah, we mention up upload and these are these, these are TV shows were watching and it’s really dark comedy disguised as lighthearted. It is come, but it’s truly dark, Black Mirror level darkness. It’s like black mirrors and you standard and you know what, and I’m like, and I’m going to tell you something. It’s like I’ve noticed that lately that it’s like with the comedies, no matter how funny some of them are or how or even when it’s something that’s kind of there’s always this dark aspect of it. It’s like, you know, you’ll find yourself laughing at at something that’s like in an actual situation, in in this life, outside of the television screen or whatever. It’s not funny, but it’s like you’ll find yourself starting to get desensitized and and I’ll even start to make you and if you look at it for real, what it’s doing is just taking it back to the whole Chris Rock Will Smith Slap thing. And we’re watching all this damn dark comedy. It’s not only desensitized and you, but it’s also taking you backwards, is making you remedial. Yeah, agreed, agreed. Look, I mean I agree with Jim Carrey. He may be in on this thing or not, but his sentiment stands simply that it’s it’s a it’s an atrocity to the first amendment. And are the values that we should have in first amendments. Key, you know you don’t have that. You don’t have anything. And the fact that this guy was able to use force to shut down an idea and that wasn’t the main issue night, from the from the very beginning, and so that tells you they’re that’s a cultural shift. Like in this country now we snitch neighbors for coughing. Right after covid starts, people calling nine hundred and one because their neighbor costs. So now we know there’s been a big shift and I’m glad I know now that not everyone has the same perspective. And that’s the crazy thing is that it’s like now with the and if you look at the wilsmth cris situation again, like this, if the thing is like, okay, not only are they trying to censor what you’re saying, but it’s like and they’re in, they’re calling you mile, mileware to the system and everything else. It’s like if somebody, we’ve actually seen a simulation, askit performed on the Oscars of when somebody says something that you don’t like, you basically take action. Not Saying that you have to actually hit them and in mouth, but it’s like hitting somebody in the mouth is actually a term to like suing somebody, like when they say like, you know, saying hit them in the pockets and everything. It’s like yell in the hood is Prob Man, with somebody when you when you lose a lot of money to something, it’s like, Damn, you got hit in the mouth. No, no saying. It’s like. So that’s always been a term for something. That’s the reason I’m saying these things are all multilayer. It’s like this is money, this is it’s not even just the stagecraft of it. This is like the monetized aspect of it. Man, they’re going to make money off of this because because people don’t know and people are going to buy into it, it’s being something real and when they could take these Saturday night live type of skids and make them real and they can actually sell it and make us emotional off of it and it can sell you products and everything. Then you wonder why the hell we have such a mental health crisis going on and they’re doing all this on the say I, like you, know mental health. They keeping us so depressed. They can give us all this medication and they can misdiagnose people and give them more medication. And then, and then there’s the recreational drugs and, like I said, manstrein media is the the biggest drugs. So it’s like we’re constantly fed. Nobody is giving any time to sit quietly and actually assess what what’s going on around them. They keep you bombarded, whether they keep you bombarded physically, whether they they keep you bombarded emotionally, or whether they keep you bombarded through your smartphone. They keep you. That’s the real distractions. People are always say distractions are these like events and stuff. It’s not really the events. The distraction is the fact that, like you, pay attention to not only the event, you watch other stuff, tick talk videos, youtube videos, instagram polls, to working videos. Every day, though, they attention. That’s the key word here. You right, you’re playing attention. It is a current yeah, you’re paying your attention, your paying your currency to so you know so many stuff. You created so many bills, so to speak, because you got to pay Instagram, you got to pay, you know, facebook, or you got to pay pincers, you got to pay all these other platforms because you got to go and check them out and give them this attention. Got To pay him to where it’s like your depressed now when you can’t keep up and you don’t even realize you’re depressed. I had to find this out with just myself, with doing a business online and trying to keep up with the different platforms, so I know what the average person just trying to post and trying to and trying to find out what’s going on here, and you trying to do this and you trying to do that. It’s confusing to the point where it’s like you don’t even realize you have being depressed about a situation that you could really change by by just taking your phone and turn it off. Oh wait, till nobody turn look, but nobody turns off or phones. Those guys are but nothing something else to that’s hoping. So they’re being given a drug route and a simple meme that says the storm is coming can bring them back in. So they might be cold Turkey because Q hasn’t talked in a few months. Maybe they have been censored or they’ve been cut off twitter and they might somewhat brave free, but then they see some mean that suggests JFK is wearing a trump suit and he’s going to be in Michigan Tonight, and it brings it all back in a heartbeat. So it is to me. It is a relationship that is very much like an addiction. And you know what’s interesting too in this context is Jenny Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas, has been revealed to be a major head of the queue and on serpent, major cult leader in many ways, or believer in this thing, and I find out that back in the s she was part of a big cult in the country called life spring. So I’m thinking that q and on is a government engineered mind control cult that knows how to Hook people into these addictive relationships where they need constant reinforcement and they need constant anilation. Yes, they get handlers, they get their handlers. Yes, and I think that’s why I think that’s why? Just taking it from from like a political figure to just the entertainment where. I think that’s why we see so many of these entertainers where they’ll get with somebody else. Sometimes it’s not even an entertainer, you know, it may may just be a boyfriend or girlfriend or, you know, a fiance, like a something that there with, and then it’s like this person is is kind of a mysterious for a while, but then they start to give you like a little background on the person, so you get a little comfortable, if feeling like you know this person. But it’s like, in the time that they’re with this person, you noticed change. If you’re, if you’re really paying attention, you’ll not this change is going on in the media with this person, like they may start to get in trouble or they maybe be doing this, they may start to make more money, they may do this or whatever. They start to speak kind of different, they may have actions that’s different. That’s because, like you said, they have these kind of mentoring day type of folks. They come in and they become handlers for for certain people in positions, be it politicians, celebrities, entertainers, athletes, wherever, because you, because I think that’s why I will see when, whenever some of these people die, I noticed this. Will see whenever some we only know the persons spouse through them. We really don’t know a lot about the spouse outside of of like sometimes the big celebrity. So the spouse starts to become a celebrity in the person’s demise. Yet they live in this kind of mystery where it’s like like with everybody was kind of praising Lauren London after Nipsey Hustle died. She became the Queen. Everybody was praising Lauren London and then it’s like she disappeared. Know what I mean? It’s like these characters have an expiration day. So they know how to get the of lick on them long enough to wear once we’re on them. When it comes to the waning process, all they do is they just kind of take the bottle outside mouth real slow and they and they placed like another bottle in the baby’s mouth. And you don’t even miss the loan in London, bottle missing and the whole misty situation that was never known. I’m saying talked about again for real. They keep giving you these like pseudo updates on stuff. But it’s like this has been a couple of years and nothing’s happening, because you looking at a Hollywood production that they hope you forget about. Yes, absolutely, their masters of Misdirection, and we live in this worldwide, short attention span, world stage theater, and that’s why I think some people say, do things feel like they’re moving faster, and they’re really not. But we’re living more than one hundred and twenty four hour news cycle every day. You know, sometimes I feel like we’re having three or four days, you know, every day worth of content, information and drama. So it does feel like that and I think that’s all part of the SIE war as well. I think that the whole that the whole speed up thing is just the fact that it’s like when we started, remember when television used to go off at a certain time and you would see and you would hear, like, you know, saying you would see the airplanes and you would hear the military plan, like, you know, that’s the trumpets and everything, and it would go black into the like, you know, saying popcorns for and and all of that, which, you know, the static when television started staying on twenty four hours a day was the first level. But then when they when you started getting all the news networks started running twenty four hours a day on television, that was one thing. When we got in the in the advent of the smartphone, now you have twenty four hour news on your television, you have a newspaper you can get in the morning and you have a smartphone, you have where you have twenty four hour access to the news that you might have missed, news that’s going on right now, breaking news, other stories in other places. You’re given such a bombardment of news there’s like you don’t realize you’re in a constant state of being overwhelmed. Yes, exactly. And you know what we I think what we have done on this channel and what we continue to do, which is an innovation, is because it wasn’t possible before, is conspiracy theories or narratives that cohesively can actually compete with cohesive narratives that offer better explanations for what the news tells us. So better theories, conspiracy theories used to take time to rise to the surface into form. Well now, and I see the term conspiracy theory the way they use it. But what what’s changed is now as fast as they can pump out the propaganda. You have people tearing it apart real time, and that’s a that’s something that that’s the group of people they hate. That’s why they use such disparaging terms, because those of us who are actual philosophers here are causing a problem because for our love of knowledge, we tend to find the truth and it contradicts what they’re pouring out. But the real time deconstruction of fake news, it’s next level problematic for them. I’d like to Think, Oh yeah, it’s like, I’m going to tell you something, having a smartphone this kind of like smoking. It’s like, okay, at one time they used to advertise smoking on television. They used to advertise like they used to put ads about, you know, all the differenced its, Joe, camel, everything, and used to see the advertisements everywhere. And then it’s like, after a while, when all that a different cancer cases came out and they found all the different health risk and everything, then they stopped running the ads. But then after they stopped running the ads, they had to find another way to monetize it off the backing. So now we’ll run basically there like a yelly and dialect. The Problem Reacts Solution. Now we come with the whole anti smoke and thing and the cancer research or facilities, and you can know in the lung cancer society and and all that everybody’s linked into the health around getting better from smoking and sewings of tobacco companies and everything. And I think what a lot of people don’t realize, the reason I’m equating smartphones to like smoking, is this the reason that tobacco companies are still here in the advent of all this kick back about smoking and about cancer and about all this other stuff. And you got all the documentaries and you actually have research labs and facilities about, you know, trying to get rid of these companies, so to speak. These same companies are also in big hedge funds and on the board and they have members that the that are like silent members on the top boards to some of these medical committees about stopping smoking and about cancer. So it’s kind of like his so basically, to break it down, it’s it’s just like saying this. I’m the cocaine dealer on the corner. I’ll sell you some coke, some cracks from heroin, fenting all whatever, but I’m selling you this because I know I’m in rested in the Damn Health Facility that’s going to also give you, you, you know, your health care from it. I’m gonna give you your treatment, your outpatient treatment, your inpatient treatment. I’m going to give you your your your shots when you need them. I’ll give you all the therapy. I control both ends. I create the dope things and I cure the dope things with the smartphones. Vain about to shut down appleed ain’t about to shut down any of the these other companies that create smart phones here now, every time you look up there’s a new Chinese or a new company that creates a new smartphone. So nobody’s going to stop smoking, nobody’s going to stop looking at, you know saying smartphones. So they basically find a way to make money off of the whole thing and keep it spinning around. It’s just it’s just like when you look at crime and the city, people always wonder why crime doesn’t stop in any city. Crime will never stop in a city because if you watch shows like power, if you watch shows like all of the gangster movies, like the God father and stuff like that, or you watch like, you know said cocaine cowboys, a real documentary about things. Then you know the police are always in on it. How would they have a job if there’s no crime? There’s no money in solutions. Is No money and right and no one and no money losten. The money’s not in the cure. The money’s in just treating this the symptom, stretching them out the moneys and basically taken. What they do is basically take when the catch up is about to be gone in the in the Damn contenter, they hold it in the sink and they put water in it and and shake it up and they keep giving you water down catch up for your hot dog or your hamburger. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah. And and the public doesn’t the ones who never had it when it was real don’t know what they’re missing and they don’t write quality, and this is an example a quality. Why doesn’t Elk Gore ever take credit for saving Florida, because they were supposed to be under water by now? Well, because it was about curing the earth of global warming. It was about convincing us of this ever present threat that we got to pay to remediate. So the solution is throw money in that direction, but the ocean levels were never going to raise. But I’m just saying if this was a legitimate thing, he would have taken credit for it and he would have said I cured global warming, no more need for all this taxation and regulation. But no, they will never walk that back because they’re not invested in a cure, and that’s the reason. Like I said, you could look at a lot of things like that. Nobody. They don’t look at the fact that people have supposedly done certain things that affected world events or whatever, and it’s like and they take no credit for it as as part of there. They’re like resume or whatnot. Like you know, these things are stays and scripted and it’s it’s obvious now to people like us, but existed. When you watching play out every day and you see the way it affects other people, it could become frustrating. And this is where I think, as a quote unquote conscious, more conscious than most person, or or like truth, or so to speak. I think where it’s like, where where people like US suffer, is that we have to deal with the fact that it’s like we can’t have regular conversations to the degree that we would like to, with everybody. I can’t have these type of conversations really until our call here or until I get around certain individuals, and that plays a part in people’s daily interaction. It’s like, if you don’t have people that you can interact with on a daily basis that help to edify you, that you kind of like a steel, soft and steel. They help to give you more, you know said, motivation, perspective, inspiration. Then it’s like you’ll become dull, you become like, you’ll become complacent in thought. So with that, like I said, they keep us in a mind frame where it’s like we’re all just being contained to like ourselves in these boxes right exactly exactly, and and they don’t want any sort of interaction. Like it’s like they don’t want you passing notes in class. Only listen to the right here and opens to most people. And so for me the chat room that’s open is like notes being past that everybody reads, because I take the complete opposite approach. It’s not top down. We’ve really leveled the playing field with our information here. And Yeah, talking to other people was always fruitless. I didn’t know anyone who understood or experienced synchronicities or thought that it mattered, so it was not something I actually spent a lot of time talking about. I had to find rare books, and that’s why I’m glad you’re writing a book, because these are rare ideas and if we didn’t have the Internet, we wouldn’t be able to talk about it because people who are looking at this from this level are few and far between, or we’re spread out. Maybe we’re sleeping giant, as I happen to think, but you wouldn’t know because they keep us separated and compartmentalize. But books are key. You put out a book like when you’re ready. These ideas are so rare the people who are looking for them will find him. So, even if they don’t have anybody in their vicinity that gets it, you can find that edification in books, for sure, as right information is. And I’ve noticed something that they try to do with the whole literary industry is the like. As far as speaking of, I quote unquote, black authors, what they what they try to do with us a lot of times, so to speak, as they want us to write crime and drug stories or they want us to write Zame type love. Love Story is where you know, like the I’m saying that kind of its kind of soft porn type stuff, or it’s kind of a hood love story or things like or they or they want you to do the victim conscious books where it’s like, I used to be abused, that I’m and I’m giving you my story of, you know, redemption and everything and all that. Don’t get me wrong, and I’m not trying to downplay people that write a redemptive book. I’m just saying it’s over saturated with everybody that’s done ever had a traumatic experience and wrote a book. It’s like everybody’s writing in the same lane. Nobody is questioning anything around the world going on and honest enough to write a book about it and to push it and promote it. Instead, when people talk about writing books, when I when I talked to like people about the books I’m writing, the first thing they think is they ask, well, what? Well, what kind of money is in it? So I know the motivation that’s behind most people that have the right books, even when they write these damn trauma books, they know there’s a big market for that. So that’s so that’s like where they go. I know the right that’s yeah, I know that there is no market for the type of books we write. There is there is no market likes as far as no big mainstream promoting market. So I know that. It’s like I’m not going to get that same receptive type of promotion. So people don’t. People don’t. People don’t want to do something that they’re going to have to really organically work and cultivate from the bottom and grow their own audience. They want something that they can just tap being it a maze mind that. Like if you’re if you’re a talented right and you wanted to write a book about science fiction, well, if your book doesn’t involve the Earth heating up, mankind screwing up and the scientist as savior, you’re not going to get the the same traction and you don’t have the audience cultivated for anything but that. So they caught climate fiction. I was in public I was doing a lot of publishing and in my research I came across this phrase clify, and basically, yeah, anybody who wrote science fiction started using the climate as the antagonist more than anything and it’s like that’s because that will that will sell. So there’s a there’s a market bias and it does reinforce itself. And you know what, and I and and that goes all the way back to school. Like I said, they the operating system at a curriculum of school, with me going too the school of like a performing arts. I remember when I took creative riting for years and we used to have to write certain certain stories and do certain sight certain type of writing project. Well, when you were riding certain things, like say they had to write a story, worry about something, it was almost like no matter. I would for a while I struggle because I felt like I was being told what to write. My stories had to have, not the structure and of a story where you have to have like your character buildups and things like that. Know, I was given certain things, like I was told ways my story was supposed to end. Like you said, I have to have a calamity, I have to have this, I have to like have that. I’m thinking, why the hell do people have to suffer in my story for it to be a good story? Great question, by great question. Why do you like everything? Yeah, your process, then, is guard rail. So it’s like, how do you trust in the process? It’s the if the process it is is being compromised. And Guard rail. Yeah, absolutely, when you said even thinks right now, this is this is the correlling of the masses into a singular world view. It’s Super Monolithic and I think it’s important that we have books that don’t fit the structure, that go against it, because there needs to be look, alternative media is obviously just the fringe of the mainstream. The only true alternative media would be an alternative approach to media, and nobody really has that outside of those of us who are going off from the from the starting point of it’s fakeable and they are actively lying to us, but that’s our starting point. If that’s not your starting point, you’re in a dysfunctional relationship with media, and that’s where most people are. I think they are in bondage of a sort. Huh. But Hey, I look forward to your calls. Are always great, and I look forward to you publishing. I’m definitely interested because, like I said, we’re we’ve been talking about this, but the whole the censorship agenda is not going to go away. It’s super easy for them to digitally burn things, so if you can get something in a print you’re that much more resilient. You get into somebody’s hands, right, and there’s no sense or no snowflake can cry and cause it to magically disappear. I mean you can have a video, you’re about to watch it, somebody cries, videos gone and like hey, your video got pulled. It won’t happen with right. They’ll have to go into your house and Pry it out of your hands. Right. Have to save the information before they do it down fan high forces be one on it completely. Yeah, absolutely, all right. Well and well, this is a art of thinking out loud. Cincinnati. Definitely appreciate you calling again. I’m just looked at it. We’ been on for several hours here. Great time away APP that I’m gonna I’m gonna have to really I’Ma have to start save any’s no doubt. Oh yeah, and by the way, for everyone is listening to I’m now taking all of these live streams and I’m having them put through a transcriber. They’re all transcribed for SEO optimization. So that’s that’s always it’s a useful thing, just the transcription tool. But yeah, I’m hoping to find more people who see things not our way, but see things this way, unfilled right, so that we can kind of pull our talk together as always, or without a doubt. Man, I appreciate everything and Hey, I’ll be listening in on the on the next few nights because I’m I really enjoy a lot of the college there’s going to call and they’ve been giving me a lot of good information and you know how, you know, continue to be out here gather enough to information until I call it in next time. Cool. Hey, great hearing from you. And Yeah, I expect this to be an interesting weekend. Just a heads up everyone. Michigan Trump speaking tomorrow and Kaepernick’s going to be there on a football field as a pory captain for the Michigan Wolverines. So I’m expecting some kind of interesting drama in one of those two places. Yeah, cool. All right, good talking to you everyone. Going to probably end it here in just a few minutes. Thanks again. I’ll put up put a link to your twitter, your twitter account in the if you haven’t yet in the chat, and I also have Kyoto’s there as well, but without a doubt. Okay, great, thanks. Have a great night. Are Everyone. That’s art of thinking out loud, calling from Cincinnati. Let me go through some comments here. Oh yeah, we had a caller earlier. I believe he was getting a little, I don’t know, glowing, as the term. He was glowing in the other server Bot. If I ever have problematic people, I delete them from the screen because, yeah, we are a targeted channel. They want to conflate philosophy with flat earth, Nazi rapping or whatever. Always the misrepresentation. Thanks to Chalk Body Outline, says chalk body outline. Bought you a cop of coffee here, says quote. Thanks for triggering the men, dooz old. Oh yeah, that’s right. Today I admitted that I am deed a Mandela effect gatekeeper and that it’s real. I don’t know how they’ll take it yet. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. We will be covering that. Trump running among this is covid cooties. Just another, another great meme filled video. This is by Symbia. Thanks for joining and, by the way, right after this the youtube is going to cut off for like fifteen seconds and go back on, and that’s just so. This for our segment will be on Youtube and you can watch it or whatever, replay it, but it’ll be separated from the seven stream. All Right, thanks everyone for calling. Thanks for the chats and see you all tomorrow. To get out of the House and start up what you tell me too. I can’t be cold cut my life like hospital success. Back from you’ll be sleeping six dreaming my quarantee. They tried Insi’s profession, like all pretending around. Then want to represent killing me and knowledge of the uppers getting better because we’re so sorry to get a hulking business. We gonna and we get off room refreshment. Never Lock your conscious. Guess on a white is a kind of undevitable. Your lines are unreliable. Talk about Siving you. We could keep on playing. You just keep complaining to the game is on the scapeable unless you’re with the gangs. Come with avengers trying to make copy your senses. You get the Gen independent fucking psycopedia. We’re bringing into this, my sister, but I know why. See Delius, if you’re stupid, leave stuff, get a grip, some evidency of things. We don’t play no games. We still let this with the IPS all making an entrance, but stops, not the time. Interventions damageon with fecting so many men spectrum. We stand out, the propert don’t blend into the game. A tremendous moment. There’s nothing too for samblage. The MPLAN’s a penguin or Brimlin, just letting you know you’re wannaip in a plane. Stuver bending. We Start Light Tamping, getting off fears and breaking attention, but another whole tammy dig deep in the trenches. Can joining eventures QUEP BE SO sensitive? And six ship with telling fisssing, with the pain missing, with the pain, with the with the back, with the pain. All right, good afternoon everybody. It’s January, the fourteen, two thousand and twenty two. Shout out to Darth Klaus Vader. This livestream brought to you by Uncle Klaus’s bugs, perfect in ninety seconds. Intro music by Lucifer Tim that is the international flat Earth Anthem, and you might have thought that they killed the flat earth topic dead, but they didn’t. The BBC’s Flat Earth policy has just been revised and they now say they are not going to subscribe to cancel culture, and what this means is they will be impartial when they interview flat earthers. Join by Lily Bell says not going to get anything done today. Are Cook Pinch me, I’m dreaming and catching it live at work. Yeah, and just free information that the plan is to be alive every day at this time. Following Commander Loos, we’re here also on dark matter radio, and then the evenings will be open phones, although I am open to open phones earlier in the day. All right, you know, Zodi says that I’d come check it out. All right, appreciate you commenting. Anybody who comments will get a free blue wrench. It’s you can’t say it’s not valuable. This is the age of NFT’s Blue wrenches from infinite plain society are infinitely valuable and I’ll be handing those out later. Yeah, the BBC’s pledging to air views of flat earthers, and this is making a lot of people mad, because you’re not supposed to entertain wrong ideas. You’re supposed to burn them. You supposed to burn those books, delete those videos, cancel those people, mock them, misrepresent them, make Straw men and set those on fire and then celebrate grave dance. I mean, have you seen the way that the media, the mass media, is applauding those who grave dance on the Covid Dad? If they are anti factors? It’s like they they don’t think your life has any value unless you are a hard line Maoist Democrat. It’s really that bad. All right. So yeah, as I said, I was over there at dark matter radio listening to commander Lou in the mornings and he used the term conspiratainment, and I want to address this. This. Is Great to hear that term, because the idea of discussing flat earth might just be interesting. It might Pique your curiosity. Maybe you’re fascinating. You’re fascinated by the notion that someone could be so wrong related to the consensus, that someone could be that much against the grain and you want to reverse engineer the thought process. Maybe your interest is purely philosophical, but my thinking is they don’t want you to be entertained. They don’t want your curiosity engaged by things that they deem off limits. So they give you the x files, they give you the fringe, they give you their version of conspiracy theories that are acceptable, and they usually boring political stuff about baby eating politicians, like that’s not even a conspiracy theory, that’s an observation. Look, we’re way pass that, and so we find entertainment in this because it’s engaging. It’s the truth and we do it all the time. So I don’t shy away from when they say, Oh, this is just conspirattainment. Conspiracy can be ignore it. It’s like, just because I’m not screaming, run for the hills, grab your Mra’s, your guns or bibles, the new world orders coming. Just because I’m not going with the Info wars, we’re all going to die martial law line every day, doesn’t mean what we’re saying is invalid. And there’s this misconception that you have to be screaming the truth from a soap box and that the idea of entertainment value and production value is some kind of indicator that you’ve sold out or that you’re not legitimate in your pursuit of the truth. And I’m saying no, nothing could be further from the truth. I think we have to emulate the best in everything we do and I think we have to do better news promulgation then the MSM does. So not only do we analyze what they call conspiracy theories, we actually analyze the news. The news is promulgating conspiracy theory. Seven MSM is conspiracy theory central. Ever heard of global warming? COVID that is conspiracy theory central. So we’re conspiratained by their nonsense. If you notice, conspiratayment news daily. This is up my blog. We discussed the stuff all down into the plane radio a commander Loo. Very conspiratating, but we’re talking about the quote, real world, so that should tell you something. So I’m just saying that this term, this this term, is something that we should appropriate. Don’t let them say conspiratainment bad, just like they do everything else. That’s good. Just take it. Yeah, this is very conspiratating. got a problem with it because the news media is all infotainment and it’s barely even entertaining anymore, and it’s not even informative. It’s all disinformation. It’s disinfinit disinfotainment. You just says, Oh, news came in. China is making a fake moon to no joke. I saw their fake Sun rising. That was pretty good. Look just like a normal rocket light show, big flare. There’s a true says. I also enjoy a side order of cringertainment. Yeah, you know I’m yesterday I predicted that Alix Stein’s performance art piece there at the Dalla City Council would go viral, and you’re going to see him on. took a Carlson and it’s going to be the next let’s let’s go brandon. And even futurism is picked it up, and not that it’s good. Everybody’s calling it cringey. So why is this viral video taking an obscure Flat Earth and mainstreaming him? Think about that. Alex Stein is the most famous flat earth rough out there. We have a new face. It’s not mark sergeant, it’s this spastic guy rapping like Dr seuss level rhymes. But you can see it was so cringey. And you know what made a cringe Er is there is no music, is acapella. And and if you know, and I think maybe God did that, or whoever’s watching over and because it wouldn’t have gone as well, I think it wouldn’t have been half as cringey if he had some beat. Then it would have looked like he was actually trying to be a serious rapper here. But whatever it was, yeah, it was very cringe rotating and let’s see here see bass says that’s true. I get all my news from IPS and I’m only looking at the news that is being promulgated to the most number of people, because I want to know what the masses think so I can respond accordingly, like what are they going to do as next? What are they going to go raid from all the grocery stores next? What are we get to fight over next? So we have to know how they’re being directed and spooked the sheep will. So we have to know. You know, where they’re being guided and we have to study those who are guiding them, the shepherds, the Judas goats. Speaking of Judas goats, has anybody else, has any be here, found anything to contradict the idea that Owen Schreyer is the q and on Shaman with at a just mostly it’s just a facial hair difference, a demeanor. You talk about an actor, Bald Cap, but other than that, even the rings on his ears look really heavy, like they’re pinched on there. They don’t even look like a real piercings. I mean. Anyway, I’m still on. I’m still on the notion here that if Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, and we all know this to be true, then it’s not a stretch to say that Owen Schreyer is the q and on Shaman. And the interesting thing about this is I’ve been talking about the symbolism here of the q and on Shaman q sent me and he’s got a spear. And then, you know, six months later you got the guy stabbing his kids seventeen times in the name of q with the spear, a Harpoon Gun Spear. Many have General Flynn, who says I am the incarnation of the Archangel Michael. You know what, the image of the spear stabbing the snake and the guy who killed his kid for q said his kid had the serpent DNA. So you get the symbols stabbing the serpent, tip of the spear, reoccurring theme. You know, even the the far all right has been appropriating Saint George stabbing the dragon of the ATL says they’re doing it for xenophobic reasons, but the point is it’s a very potent symbol. So now you’ve got the face of Q, The guy with the tip of the spear in his hand running through the capital and they don’t shoot him even though it’s a weapon. And then you’ve got Owen Schreyer, the spokesmouth for Info Wars. He’s actually going to jail over this whole thing too. I mean he’s going to prison over this insurrection thing, and Info wars has been known for many, many years as the tip of the spear. So I’m just suggesting that INFO wars is as mainstream is CNN. Don’t think they’re outsiders. They believe in the moon landing and all that stuff. They believe in everything conventional. They just think it’s worse than they say. They think they’re understating it, not hoaxing at all. So here you have a clear example of what controlled opposition looks like, where you have a tea party like crowd limited government conservatives being represented by some lunatic with white power tattoos that are not congruent with this overall get up and outfit and who’s precise personality is all about new ages, m one world, is m taking drugs and imagining advanced technology is making life easy. He’s a utopian. I mean, that’s not limited government conservatives conservatism. That’s some sort of I don’t know what you would call it, kind of a hippie thing, but that’s kind of what they’ve done, though. That’s that’s another point. So the hippies are on the right now and for the last year and a half, two years, they’ve been demonizing the new age, specifically Yoga and associated beliefs and practices that take people away from mainstream science and beliefs. So Yogi’s are now public enemy number one. Plus they like to breathe. But they say that if you’re a Yogi, if you do yoga, you have a conspiratoril my mindset, because you think everything’s connected, you think you’re an a spiritual conflict with the world, you trying to overcome it and that nothing is as it seems, everything is an illusion. These are the types of things that they say make the Yogis bad today. So you know, interestingly enough, the face of Q is this total new ager who’s high on mushrooms and ascid and who knows what. And then the other representative of q is the guy stabbing as kid. And like they correlated, that for sure, because the guy who stabbed his kid did so on the anniversary of the Manson killings, Charles Manson killings. This is in in August. My point being the way you would destroy a movement or group of people in a target demographic is you give them a visible face, and that’s a face that you know nobody wants to see and you just tear it down. So this is a strong man they created. This is the face of q a tricky who says? James True did a stream on the men doozel today. Yeah, the Mandela effect, Mendozel, mint or the Mendingo, whatever you want to call it. Mean it depends on which timeline you’re on. I remember it as being Mendozel. The main body of Mendel effect believers called Mendela. Still there’s some Mendingos, but you know what, that’s how they look at it. So you can make fun. You can, because they any time they misspronounce something or they misspell something, rather than assuming they made an error, they assume they just jumped timelines. The universe just split, and that’s another very ridiculous thing, I guess, but it comes right out of mainstream science. You know that’s an acceptable conspiracy theory. Then not going to censor you for talking about the Mendela effect. Notice that you can make movies about the Mendela effect, and maybe it’s because it just advertises all kinds of corporate logos like chick fil a and Wendy’s or whatever. All right, let’s move on. Say thanks to everyone here who participates in the discord server and again thank you for the art and the memes. It’s endless. Every day I wake up, I look at my phone and there’s just new memes, new links, but more and more people in the discord server are spontaneously creating penguin art, penguinatty, and the basic premise of the penguin I’ve explained. It’s the perennial outsider insider. But also there’s this other notion, you know, because there are the outer ring bottom what everyone? How do you want to look at this thing? If anybody knows what’s beyond, it’s the penguins. They just have to turn around a hundred eighty degrees from the center and they can see. So they have insights that we don’t. I mean that’s the idea, sort of like aliens, but a little more down to Earth, because aliens are kind of watching but not intervening. But now the other side of it too, is I was reading about how the penguins are able to maintain warmth by breathing in a circle which is conspiring, which is what we’re doing, and by breathing in the circle they can raise that temperature to ninety degrees to where it’s like a campfire and if they didn’t conspire, they would all freeze die in isolation. So I kind of see this as what we’re doing. We’re conspiring, and the penguinatti emblem, the wrench, is the the badge of the MoD it means that you’re in the think tank and that you have every right to ban anybody who’s not in it, because we’re trying to preserve the integrity of the chat room itself. We don’t want trolls or distractions or the uninitiated to come mess it up, and so once someone announces who they are, we give them a wrench. They usually cleared, but anyway, there’s lots of Penguinatti art showing up and it’s basically just a penguin with a wrench. Usually it’s electric and you can make of that what you will. All right, going through some comments, Simon says luxury communism is the buzz phrase. Well, that’s what I believe. Marie Antoinette, I mean grimes, Musk’s wife or musk’s babies, mama yucky’s Mama, grimes, grimes, Musk Yucky. I mean, what’s with their names? But grimes came out saying that they can use artificial intelligence to perfect communism and you won’t have to work because, as she says, forced labor is not a vibe. So luxury communism. Right, nice idea. Let’s see, I found a couple of very, very, very important memes I want to share. I’ll be putting them up on the screen. Here’s something just to chalk up to conspiracy. Theorist being right again. Bite in CDC director quote the overwhelming number of deaths. Over seventy five percent occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. At least four. It’s like gunshot to the head. Up covid fell off a ladder. COVID passed out because the mask was on too tight. While driving, ran into a lighthole, flew through the windshield. Dead Covid. Like they figured it out. It’s been a shell game and it this is amazing to me that people are pointing at Joe Rogan. Another’s like, oh, they’re breaking the Matrix. It’s like, we figured this stuff out day too. We never entered into your this phony matrix. We didn’t get on the world stage. They they try to drag us on and they said come on, we’re going to give you a couple of stimmies. Just put on the mask, play along. We’re not really going to drone vax. You’s not comm Tony VACs drones. You’re not going to be dragged out of your house by Chinese troops and taken to a quarantine camp. Just pretend so we can brainwash the sheep and we’ll give you your hush money. And that’s what they did. They hushed everybody up. If you look at the screen, there’s another example of the Penguinatti Art, as you’ll see in our discord server. If you want to get in the discord server, go to infinite plane dot radio and it’s two dollars per month, although I’ve never kicked anybody out, so who knows, you know, someone might stopped paying, but whatever it is. The whole point of it is it supports the channel and it gets you involved with the think tank so that even if they shut down all of these different platforms, we still have the same core group of people as we have since really two thousand and seventeen. I know people with wrench tattoos. If you look at the screen here, while England was tightening the rules for population control, etc. Boris Bo Joe was dancing. Looks to be in a masonic lodge with a woman wielding a lightsaber and I think, I think this was the Byo B party that leaked. And he’s got a beer can. Okay, she’s getting a little close to him. This is bojoe. Now, I don’t dislike the guy. I’m just not convinced that he’s not Matt Lucas in a hideous guys like a synthetic mask, Matt Lucas being the comedian. And there are dots that connect. If you don’t believe me, if you don’t believe that Boris Bojo might just be a costume Matt Lucas, a guy who actually impersonates them on TV to threw you off. If you don’t believe it, look at Boris’s wife, Thirty Three Year Old Wife, Carrie Simmons, or sent Carrie Johnson now, and compare her to Kevin McGee, the late husband end of Matt Lucas, and tell me that Matt Lucas is late husband doesn’t look like Boris Johnson’s now wife. It’s a perfect match. Commer says, Yep, looks like it. Tim Oh, it is it? Trust me? Well, don’t trust me, trust your own senses, think for yourself. I’m not trying to tell anybody what to think, although look, don’t look up, you might see DiCaprio being an ECO hypocrite. See, this is the type of person who will tell you what to think and tell you what to wear, what to drive. He’s like, yeah, I burned three hundred gallons of diesel fuel an hour on my mega yacht, on my titanic, and I’m in a movie telling you all that the earth is a titanic and we need to shut down all this pollution. And yet here he is, a major carbon super spreader. I mean, what is his carbon footprint like? And we’ve joked that Leonardo DiCaprio’s carbon footprint is offset by his extremely tiny actual footprints, but I don’t think that. How is it that the feet are smaller than even, I think, his hands? I mean, it’s just way weird and disproportionate, like really tiny feet, like Joe Rogan sized feet, I guess. Anyway, I hate to do that, but you know, it’s just a meme. Joe Rogan’s not really that small. It’s one of those memes. I don’t know who started that, but my point with Joe Rogan I happened to I don’t have any issues with his program I think people holding to too high of a standard because he’s friends with elex Jones, so they assume he’s like some kind of truth teller and not just some paid gatekeeper, and I think it’s useful to have gatekeepers in your frame of Reference Anyway, just so you can know where they’re at. And it tells you where the masses are at and who they’re trying this is why look, this is why Joe Rogan came out just yesterday and or two days ago with Adam Curry and they said something about crater earth and they laughed at it. Why would they look into a topic so obscure and then laugh at it? Well, the reason why is they need you to be preprogrammed to ridicule the thing. Giant asteroid bigger than the empire state buildings going to zip past the earth. It’s Threezero, two hundred and eighty feet long, two and a half times the height of the Empire State Building. Potentially hazardous. Why do they make these comparisons? Statue of Liberty, White House, you know there’s always a meaning here, but anyway, this one looks like it’s shape, like a big empire state building and it’s going to hit us. What is it this week? On the eighteen, I believe I thought I heard some space drunk last night. Might have been gun fire. I wasn’t able to get to the bottom of it. I was going to go outside, but okay, listen to this. This is something speaking a gun fire. Alec Baldwin, Rust in Rust incident seems to be sort of predicted in a TV show. This is from pockets of the future. So it’s a TV show called the entourage, and in the entourage Bob Saget is in the show. And here you have a reference to the Baldwin shooting. I guess he’s being offered the opportunity to shoot a cinematographer or something. Birth Day. Real good, great. Maybe tomorrow you go get Christian Baio, we’ll let him execute a cinematographer. A few see it real gay. Yeah, maybe tomorrow will get him Christian bail and let him execute a cinematographer if he wants. And this is a reference to Bob Saget. So this would be Bob Saget doing an Allok, Baldwin. Great, maybe tomorrow you go get Christian but first day real good. Great, maybe tomorrow you go get Christian Baio. We’ll let him execute a cinematographer. A few see you later. Great, maybe tomorrow. So again, context TV show called the entourage, and you have someone’s being interviewed for a Gig. It’s Bob Saget, and one of the perks are going to offer him is the ability to shoot a cinematographer. So that’s sort of a weird Baldwin connection you can make of that, which you will. Posted by Tyler Dirton on zero hedge. Today, yachts to be exempted from the from the European Union’s carbon pricing plan. Okay, so, if this any confusion as to whether or not this entire green movement is just a big giant cauldron of lies, dirtan says, read on and you heard it. The yachts are going to be exempt you know, I’m pointing at Bezos and I’m pointing at a tiny feet there and I’m like wow, these these carbon polluters, these guys, these are the worst carbon polluters of all, huge carbon foot prints, these billionaires, these the ones who are the biggest climate hypocrites. They’re exempting themselves. Doesn’t surprise me at all. It says here a draft indicated that the tax would be phased in for passenger flights, including ones that carry cargo. Private jets get exemption through classification as, quote, Business Aviation. All right, so they have all kinds of little rules, though, which apply to you, not them. Of course they will always get around it. All right, let us go ahead and continue. I want to scour the headlines really quick. Yes, scientists are building an elevator space. Yeah, they’re saying they’re basically testing to see how far they can go. I think they’re turning our reality into science fiction, and most people will only see these things through the metaverse, through their lens, through their smartphones strapped across their face. It’s like a reverse they live, you know, the movie. They live with the glasses, the movie with Russian bids. They wear the glasses to see through the matrix. Well, in the new reality the glasses have to be taken off to see through it, but people won’t take them off. Now, who didn’t see this coming? Joe Rogan is a quote, menace to public health. Doctors claim in a letter to spotify. So about nine months ago I predicted this when they pulled Joe Rogans for two tracks. Said Watch, he’s being set up to take a fall. And this entire year he has been putting out meme after me idea after idea, treatments. Dr Joe Rogan is treating people like Aaron Rodgers. I think he treated macpar hard the flat earth or who odid on Ivor meckt in or whatever. I mean, he’s part of this whole syup. He’s not here to tell you the truth. He’s dishing out the propaganda that will help polarize everything and justify censoring podcast the way they censored youtube. You can’t have people speak in their minds. We can’t have people speak in their mouth their minds where they’re not properly filtered, because then of course other people might emulate them and do dumb things. That’s the whole rationale. They actually started this back with Logan Paul, I think, where he was tasering rats and videotaping suicides in a forest and they said okay, this is too much. This guy’s got twenty million followers, most of them our children, and he’s teaching them to Taser Rats and laugh at dead bodies. The guy was just going too far. Now again this is Logan Paul, the guy who is then drafted to headline the Flat Earth Conference. Wonder why could it be that they needed to put some dangerous misinformation super spreader in front of the topic about the shape of the earth? Yeah, that’s kind of what it looks like. So if you want to have any sort of serious discussion on any level about that, well now you got to contend with this. And I think Joe Rogan and people like Alex Jones, sir, of a similar function. I think really what their purposes is to put out all the bad ideas that justify censoring good ideas and ideas that are haven’t even been properly fleshed out. They want to kind of kill conversation. So we’ll see what the what they accomplish with this. But yes, two hundred seventy health and science professionals are signing an open letter to spotify demanding stricter policies on misinformation. So thanks, Joe. All right, let’s continue. Hoax linking COVID NINETEEN TO BACTERIA AND G mobile technology resurfaces in Africa. Okay, that came back now, I think it was last year or the before. People were burning five g towers and I loved into that closely because they said something like seventy seven five g towers. It burned and they claimed it’s because conspiracy theorists were worried that five g towers were correlating with the spread of this thing and so the towers were causing the virus. Well, the thing is, no one was ever caught. Well, actually, there’s one pair that was caught, and this is very suspect. You didn’t catch anybody. Nobody was bragging, Hey, I took down the towers on a hero. You didn’t have anything like that. At the end of it. At the end of the seventy seven burning, you had one pair of suspects arrested and it was a pair of I believe it was called model mayhem models, kind of a fund model mayhem. Yeah, a couple of models, and all you had were their headshots. Oh yeah, we did it for this reason and they weren’t establish conspiracy theorists and these were modeling headshots. So it looked like a big, probably CIASYOUP. They burn their own five g towers and then they just grab a couple of pictures out of a file. Yeah, these two did it. They just made up characters, just like in Utopia. If you watch utopia, you see an example of a news room directing the news creators in giving this character that they put on TV a backstory that was believable and they did it on the fly and they had people ready to I mean it was just that that level of Ministry of Truth. So anyway, yes, supposedly these people were burning five g towers. I don’t believe it. So now they’re saying that this is spreading over there to South Africa. Now I don’t doubt that people believe it, though. I know a lot of five gphobics. In fact, it was such a problem at one point that we we invited one of our leading five gphobus in the discord servert. We argued about it for weeks or months, and he was like, you don’t know the long term effects. It’s like right, but let’s there’s a point, though, where you can see the agenda, and the agenda was anybody talking about five g and correlating it to coronavirus instant van. They took out David Ike that way and then even David Ike may fall in this category of of what you would call a misleader or controlled opposition agent, where you share his content, they take you out. So I think basically, from my perspective, people like Joe Rogan and Alex Jones and David Ike, they’re basically suicide bombers. They run into where everybody’s talking and they just blow up. That’s what they do. There their purpose is to destroy free speech and then the ability for us to have the free flow of informations because this Joe said something. Now somebody’s drinking this or I mean it’s that, but it is true a lot of people do things, but people are responsible for their own actions. Look at all the crazy stuff the mainstream media has people doing. A Tony says the sequel book to Charlie and the chocolate factory is called Charlie and the glass elevator, the elevator that goes to the moon. Okay, so that’s an interesting point there, because Charlie and the chocolate factory, Willy Wonka, is one of the one of the bases. I think that’s the basis for the character of Elon Musk. So Elon Musk is iron man. He’s a little bit of his Daddy. Weren’t Van Braun? He’s right out of the book Mars, a technical tale about the Elon who colonizes Mars. But he’s got a great deal of Willie Wonka in him. And if you look, Elon Musk bought gene wilder’s house. He started a Candy Company called Boring Candy and he digs these tunnels to presumably some deep underground Mars base or something. So you did just think about the Mars base is being this place that you go when you follow Willie Wonka down that tunnel. Well, who’s involved with hyper looping? Elon Musk. So you got the boring drill, Hyper Looping Candy Company. It’s all connected. And then he buys the house. So Charlie and the chocolate factory. To me it’s just sort of like you go to Mars, you go in his rocket, you go to the Subterranean Mars base and you make candy to pay for your trip. Maybe. I mean I was thinking you’d be farming potatoes, but musk may have you making candy on Mars like some kind of oompa loop on a Red Planet. But Anyway, my point is the glass elevator is about space travel. So here’s another that’s just another connection here with Willy Wonka and Elon Musk and the space traveling common says five G’s not safe. When in full operation, it is a weapon. It just depends on how it interacts with you and may differ if you have metals and nanoparticles. That’s what I believe. It’s what you believe, but it’s not what you know. Portal Complex, says commanderlou broadcasting in g since eighty eight agreed, and I alist. I say this all time. I’ll say, look, I tolerate people’s beliefs, but I have to make the distinction between what I know them to believe versus what I know them to know. And you don’t know that to be true. Now, would anybody here be surprised at some of these things? No, I wouldn’t be surprised if people’s head started exploding, like General Flynn is telling people. Yeah, if you have two hundred fifty bucks, called General Flynn, he’ll tell you about the coming emp that’s going to shut everything down and anybody who’s been vexed is going to have a little head explosion. You don’t want to sit next to him. It’s going to be scanners everywhere. It’s going to be all of your walls. Let’s see here, not shoots as soilent blood candy. Hey, that’s not a bad idea. They’ll probably do it. They’ve already got soilent blood bricks where, when you go to Mars, they’re going to be taken your blood and mixing it with the Martian soil, the regulith, and they’re going to make these red bricks. So you’re going to be living in these, I guess, brick homes on Mars made out of ash ground of astronaut blood. And once they set that premise that you can recycle certain body parts or fluids, and everything turns very cannibalistic, and I think that’s the overall ethos. Anyway, this whole trip into common into space, is really about the TRIPIDA space communism, which is about moving property owners, will former property owners and formerly free people into confined spaces to do labor, to save the planet. I mean, the whole thing is just a ruse. environmentalism is always been a ruse to get you into communism, to guilt trip you out of owning stuff, to make you think you have to recycle when recycling is just how you pray to their Earth God, the original Green God. That’s why they’re symbols. The three arrows represents a few things. One of them is it. If you look at the symbol, it’s the cycles of death and rebirth, and he’s the God of Death and rebirth, resurrection. The three nails, well, crucified, saves, Die Reborn. The triangle pattern it makes also contains within it, in the negative space, an inverted triangle. So you have a Hexagram, which is the symbol of the Saturnian Earth God. So the cube, dumpster recycling been that you’re putting your plastics in. What you’re actually doing is you’re telling the beast, I’m sorry, you’re telling the the system, the be system, the the Earth God. You’re saying, Hey, look, I am a sinner, which translates to I am a consumer. I have a carbon footprint that is unnecessarily large and it wouldn’t be this large if I was up there in Heaven Mars. So you’re here on earth. You’re like, okay, look, I’m a consumer. I’m a lowly consumer, but I’ve separated my purchases. These ones can be reused, these ones are bad, and so this is confession, it’s an act of contrition. You’re separating your choices. These choices were sinful, or rather the sin these choices have a higher environmental toll. It offends the earth God more. And now what happens if nobody separates their choices in this way and nobody recycles? The Earth God gets so incensed by the reprobates that he just floods the place. So you have an angry God myth, and that’s how you propatate the angry Earth God. You recycle the original Green God. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Earth Day was started by a guy they call the unicorn killer, who literally composted his girlfriend. I mean, how green is that? Well, let’s see. Three asteroids to touch the earth today, and that’s from yesterday. NASA alerts three asteroids are passing Earth later today at different times. Two of them are potentially hazardous. Stay alert. Okay, so they didn’t hit us. Now this is an interesting character. You have this these oath keepers involved in this conspiracy to overthrow the government by sending in some guy with a Davy Crockett hat and a spear to go walk around in a mushroom haze like that was their plan, right. Well, anyway, they arrested the leader of the oath keepers. Well, we already know the oathkeepers is run by the feds. It’s basically a bunch of feds. So and then the other thing is the leader of the oath keepers, and I didn’t even pay attention to him. I looked at him. He’s got an eyepatch. He’s in the black eye club. If that doesn’t scream at you illuminati controlled opposition agent, then you’re just a do so I looked at this and I’m like, okay, this is obviously someone who’s going to fall, take the fall in order to smear everybody behind him, the innocence, which is true. Okay, let’s see here. Matt Gates and a bunch of q nuts are going to be oh, this is all getting really ugly. I’ll probably pass on that story for now. The whole thing with Matt Gates. He was involved with that Greenbird guy who had thirty three charges against him of trafficking underage people. What’s coming back to Haunt Matt Pizza Gates. So I’ll keep you up with that. The only thing about Matt Pezza Gates. That I find perplexing is according to Wiki he’s five foot seven, but in every picture he’s about six foot seven. Take a look. He towers over people who should be much taller than him. And I don’t want to go through the pictures now. I really would prefer

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