“Dr. Evil Erecting Tower of Babel in Virginia” 4/24/22 INFINITE PLANE RADIO

“Dr. Evil Erecting Tower of Babel in Virginia” 4/24/22 INFINITE PLANE RADIO


Good afternoon, four hundred and twenty four two thousand and twenty two. Opening 

track auto hoax by chief crow and the flat earthworms. If flat earth gets 

too much heat, you can always just say it’s no, it’s flat earthworms. 

Just got to change the emphasis, like I change the L for an 

eye FIA earth, and I tend to get by the filters without them putting 

the wikipedia link below everything that I say. Let me see wo’s in the 

chat here, and thanks the chief crow for that awesome track. It’s really 

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but it’s because we know how to read the script. Joined to buy 

Infinite Mus Portal Complex, Salty Siren, Linda Curtis, Ob Ninja, evil 

coyote, Zinvalis. I saw a coyote the other day. You know, 

I started the afternoon with a roadrunner side thing which I put on my instagram, 

and I got back from work and one of the last things that I 

saw on the way home was a coyote. Both the cody and the roadrunner 

have interesting myths attached to them. They’re associated with trickery for various reasons. 

I think with the roadrunner, might because their feet apparently leave tracks that make 

it appear ambiguous. Are they going this way or that way? The kind 

of pointing forward and backward. Let’s see. Joined by Salty Siren, JT 

thirty three, Portal Complex, oh sure, a a P TRIPPA three. 

Thanks for joining. Same with battery seventy nine. I’m going to go in 

open phones as well. If anybody has anything to add to this. I 

want to start off with this topic, though, the the tower of Babbel 

thing, then we’ll get into the Batman burning in Colorado, if you didn’t 

see that, the guy who set himself on fire in Colorado, I believe 

it was an environmentalist or something, but the main thing about it is his 

name suspiciously close to Bruce Wayne. I think it’s win Bruce. So when 

Bruce, a fifty year old, sets himself on fire and it was some 

kind of a climate change protest. There you go, Bruce Win. And 

he actually tweeted about it in advance, and what he tweeted was there was 

an article from edxtorg on Climate Change, the science and global impact. So 

on Halloween two thousand and twenty, he replies to that tweet with a fire 

Emoji and the date Earth Day, four two two twenty twenty two. So 

it appears that this Batman went Phoenix, since he went burning man on us 

as a climate change protest premeditated. I’m just pointing it out because the symbolic 

value of his name and the proximity to the Batman Movie, and we’ve been 

discussing the symbolism of the Phoenix in recent years, how it corresponds to the 

reset and how the bat has been used as a phoenix since the dark night 

rises and these other Batman films. That all tie in to contemporary psyops. 

Even this most recent Batman released on March fourth, the day that the joker 

from the Boston bombing has his death penalty reinstated. The movie itself has many 

tie ins to que and on and to specifically Frank James, the subway shooter, 

among other tie ins there. So it’s just part of a bigger pattern. 

So we have joker playing the role of the Guy Burns the system down, 

a joaking Phoenix who before the movie was doing climate change protests. So 

the joker, Joaquin, was doing fire drill Fridays with Jane Fonda and got 

arrested for it, and they had an image of the earth burning and it 

said change is coming. So this is all repetition, only it’s on the 

other side. So now it’s Batman as the Phoenix in this ritual, which 

we’ll get into here. and His name when Bruce. There’s a couple of 

notes about it. Fifty year old win Bruce from Boulder, Colorado set himself 

on fire and from the US Supreme Court and Washington DC. Oh, he’s 

from Boulder, but he did the burning in DC. So it’s a DC 

burning man. Again. DC has some interesting connections, connotations with the whole 

Batman franchise as well, but also with the burning man, the thirty three 

year old guy who set himself on fire on the ellipse in two thousand and 

nineteen, thirty three years after another guy did it. So these are rituals, 

in my opinion. Anyway, this activists. When Bruce was a Shawn 

Balaw Buddhist, he posted his date of death along alongside a climate change link 

or climate science link, with the Fire Emoji. He also had a quote 

here about Carl from Karl sagon quote. Anything else you’re interested in is not 

going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. I 

can’t breathe. As I’ve been saying, the I can’t breathe slogan has been 

expanded from just I can’t breathe because of oppression, from western chauvinism, Derek 

Shovin. That was all theater, but they’ve expanded it to I can’t breathe 

because of capitalism itself and the system which requires defense by the West, by 

the police, and the system is inherently bad for the environment. I can’t 

breathe because capitalism. So I can’t breathe is actually a slogan. In my 

opinion it’s a revolutionary communist slogan, kind of subtle but in our faces. 

So Carl Sagan said, anything you’re interested in is not going to happen if 

you can’t breathe the air. Don’t sit this out, do something you are 

by accident of fate, alive at a critical moment in the history of our 

planet. So clearly, Bruce Wyn, citing one of his radical priests, 

Carl Sagon, was burning himself in defense of ball earth. Like, what 

if it’s not a ball? What if Carl Sagon was lying or just deceived? 

What I ball earth is just really code for ball as in the Earth 

God that they all secretly worship. I mean, that’s what I think. 

So this guy immolated themself for some Pagan God and doesn’t even know it. 

Or maybe it really was a legitimate protest against the conditions of the world precipitated 

by Republicans who don’t believe in global warming. And it’s your nonbelief that actually 

triggers the wrath of globe. It’s not your pollution itself, because if you 

give enough money to the Democrats and you allow them to force you to tithe 

or cap and tax or whatever, yeah, you can actually cool the planet’s 

anger again. The angry God is really just a way of scaring the public 

or the believers, and I think that the angry God idea, the flood 

God, has been brought back with global warming, and we talked about this 

quite a bit and this morning I came across this article, which I’ll get 

to, about bezos how he’s literally building the Tower of Babel right now, 

and that’s the helix shaped tower, the headquarters in Virginia, which just got 

green lighted. So I see this article on World Net daily and right beneath 

it I find this link. Are the ancient stories in the Bible actually the 

template for what happens in the news today? The answer may astound you. 

So I I click the link. I’m not going to go through it now 

because it’s a book that has erroneous conclusions, but it is someone else who’s 

pointing out the pretty obvious use of biblical stories templating modern events. So the 

templating, for example, the floodmths the Tower of Babel is being reintroduced right 

now with this Jeff bezos thing. So in the book metascript to coded, 

I discussed the space program is symbolic for the Tower of Babel. Uniting man 

one language, that being the Internet, one mission to go as one from 

Earth to the heavens, you know, as a collective. So then look 

back to Neil Armstrong. What did he say when he stepped on the Moon? 

One small step for a man, one giant leap for all mankind. 

Like it’s kind of a strange turn a phrase. What does it mean exactly? 

And what I’m thinking it means is it means that man is now made 

this incursion into the heavens and it’s part of a bigger script, which is 

I’m about to get to here. I’m seeing a lot of people moving in 

here into the chat. I want to point out one more thing. The 

burning man in two thousand and nineteen, who sets off on fire in the 

on the ellipse in DC. Yes, here’s thirty three. They didn’t say 

why he did it, but he was wearing a shirt that had USA on 

it. So I got the message. Here us a burning. And what’s 

more, there was a bus that passed in front of the camera before he 

burned. His name was Arnov Gupta and the bus had a one hundred and 

twenty three on it. So that’s when I started looking at Election Day for 

two thousand and twenty. I was looking at eleven three in that date, 

along before and that date, eleven three has many specific things related to this 

burning man concept, in the burning of America and in particular, like it’s 

not a coincidence that the thirty three year old twin towers burned and the new 

one was opened on eleven three. There’s so many clues here. It’s all 

over the place. You know the apple I, Phoenix, iphone ten released 

on eleven three. We have many, many examples mapped out here showing the 

consistency of their symbolism. But the burning man is a very interesting one. 

And the burning man festivals went on from eighty six to two thousand and nineteen. 

They were consecutive and then they were shut down because covid well, the 

one in two thousand and twenty was, I believe, virtual, although you 

did have a protester who set himself on fire on the anniversary day, which 

was probably a coincidence. But then last summer, on the anniversary date of 

the burning man festivals, Kanye West had himself set on fire at the Dawn 

Day event. So let us continue. Just wanted to kind of walk into 

that because we were talking about the burning man as a symbol and then here 

they have the burning Batman, Bruce Wynn. Okay, so back to the 

story here of the Tower of Babel and Bezos. So space is the replacement 

for the Archaic and Competing Heavens of past religions. So this new world view 

we’ve been given has a universally acceptable replacement and it’s compatible with all the religions 

of the past age. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian, Jew, 

Muslim or atheist, you all believe in outer space. Well, that’s 

the new utopia that they’re creating. It is the replacement heaven. So it 

is significant here that Amazon stands out as a representative of the Tower of Babel 

concept because of its A to z collection of all things published, sold distributed. 

Amazon is a Universalizer, which is a word I made up. I 

couldn’t find it, I had to add it to my dictionary. It’s a 

unifier, the new universal faith, and universal is really what Catholic means. 

So I’ve been talking about this world view being given to us through the monolith 

which they screen and censor, and this is part of it. It’s a 

huge part of it. They need universal belief in these basic facets. That’s 

why twitter is censoring climate change skepticism. Everybody needs to believe in the flood 

God, the angry God, the punishing judge. Flood Myth needs it’s been 

brought back and it’s almost mandatory. Actually it is. You can’t graduate high 

school if you don’t believe in that stuff. The science has become the religious 

doctrine at this point. A blue origin also connects bezos to Nimrod, the 

builder of the Tower, as it allows man to invade heaven, and Jeff 

Did just that on July twenty two, twenty one, on the anniversary the 

first man on the moon. See that, one of the richest men in 

the world poking his head into the heavens on the anniversary of man making that 

first step and is lift off was at eleven, a M which I which 

I’ll get to here. It ties into everything else and likely the common director 

of both eleven and Apollo, eleven being, of course, cubric. On 

the sixth episode of the Netflix show inside job, bezos is on his mega 

yacht, another symbol of the Tower of Babel concept, the concept itself just 

being too big to fail. Hubers a modern titanic, a product of the 

richest man’s conceit, too rich to fail. But on inside job, which 

is eleven reference. Eleven was an inside job. That was a slogan started 

by Alex Jones, Aka Bill Hicks, who I’ll put a link to it. 

I watched and Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and hibbler productions episode, which 

was actually kind of funny and I’ll get back to it. So I was 

doing review on Hitler’s documentary on Flat Earth called level or level two, which 

we watched in discord last night and I took some notes. But anyway, 

inside job. It’s a eleven reference and it’s a Netflix show which makes fun 

of conspiracy theories. One episode six, Jeff Bezos is on a mega yacht, 

which again titanic, and a Krack in devours him. So bezos is 

mega yacht. was making headlines around that time that the movie don’t look up 

was trending. So don’t look up a movie that has an earth killing comet 

as a metaphor for our failure to listen to the science on climate change because 

of the greedy capitalists. So you have the don’t look up as trending and 

we’re basically seeing this as a metaphor. Leonardo DiCaprio was the face of the 

titanic, so this draws and inference here that Earth is the titanic, the 

Commet is the iceberg. Climate change is the iceberg and what’s in the way 

of US solving the problem, mitigating the wrath of God or this judgment? 

Listening to the scientists and in don’t look up. The scientist is in a 

Gorphobe. He’s got bad anxiety because he’s terrified of the climate and of what’s 

going to happen. Well, anyway, they don’t listen to the scientists and 

the earth gets destroyed. They let the bezos is steer the ship. So 

if we understand that this earth is our titanic in this narrative, then we 

must decide. That’s what we’re being told. We must decide. Are we 

going to allow the richest men on earth decide our fate? And there is 

no doubt that biblical stories and events are used to template our modern world view. 

So Noah is literally the modern Noah, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

They even use the dove. So the story playing out involves the worldly ignoring 

the replacement for the godly, the scientists and their warnings, and they will 

suffer the consequences the kraken. So Pluto’s return July fourth one thousand sevent hundred 

and seventy six was where it was what two hundred forty eight years ago. 

It returned to that precise location on two hun and twenty two, and this 

relates to the kraken which destroys bezos. Again, the man is building the 

Tower of Babel and it returns that place and Pluto releases the crack in Pluto 

is just another name for Hades. So here’s a few quick points to tie 

this all together. Jeff Launches at eleven am on the day man sets foot 

on the moon. This is man’s incursion into heaven. And Nine and eleven 

has obvious connotation to the falling towers and the dissolution of World Unity. So 

you have the world trade towers being attacked and New York City templated biblically off 

of Babylon. Genesis eleven nine the new King James version. Therefore, its 

name is called Babel, because the Lord confused the languages of the Earth and 

scattered them broad over the face of the earth. So the reverse of eleven 

has everything to do with the fall of this tower. And one hundred and 

nine is very prevalent in many psy ups having to do with this skyfall agenda. 

This falling from the sky thing is a recurring theme. It’s that release 

state of Donnie Darko, which has many hundred and eleven connections, but the 

number one hundred and one nine has this connected to it. Richard Branson launched 

nine days prior to Bezos on seven eleven, which was the forty two anniversary 

of Sky lab falling to Earth. And what’s more, Branson used a space 

plane carried up by the white night to so if you’re not familiar his space 

plane, which you know, you think it’s kind of a goofy concept of 

plane in space, but it’s carried by twins, like Twin Towers, so 

goes between Twin Towers. There are many interesting facets to the Virgin Galactic which 

I’ll make a separate video on as a whole different set of symbolism they use, 

but the twin towers are there and again this relates to cubricks work and 

this is all tied into cubrick. He’s probably the director of this drama that 

we’re living through where a space plane approaches the twin wheeled space station and this 

particular sequence has startling resemblance to the image of the plane crashing into the twin 

towers and it suggests a common director. So if you look at the sequence 

here, space plane a few days later, a launch on the anniversary date 

of Apollo Eleven at eleven. These aren’t coincidences. They’re inferring something here that 

the Tower of Babel is about to fall. And I haven’t put much about 

this in this particular newsletter, but when you get into the symbol of Babylon 

in two thousand and nineteen, you have the fire on the Cathedral, the 

tower burned Notre Dame, and at that time we were deconstructing the symbol as 

oft. There Our lady, and it does seem to be the case that 

you can actually link the ISSS to this tower of Babel concept, and so 

it falling may actually be the physical thing like that they do to show us 

the towers falling, the scattering of the cooperation intern nationally. The International Space 

Station is sort of a glue that binds us together. We may not agree 

with everything down here, but we all agree at least on that. At 

least we want to move on as a species. Well, maybe not. 

So I suspect that the one World Trade Center, which is one thousand seven 

hundred seventy six feet tall, maybe also tying into this tower of babble. 

One Thousand, seve hundred and seventy six has to do with the declaration of 

independence, and also that’s the year of the founding of the ILLUMINATI. You 

can in first some you can take some more out of that number, but 

I’m focusing on the idea of the Declaration of Independence and the tower, possibly 

as a middle finger to God, because I suspect that the subtext of the 

Declaration of Independence Maybe Declaration of independence when God non Serbian, you know, 

the idea that he’s not going to take second place. So the crack in 

the titanic, the Falling Tower Motif, this could all be about how this 

one world unity that they’ve created is designed to break, to finalize the great 

reset and the build back better. Of course, can’t start until they finish 

washing away the old order. So they have to make an example of the 

bezos is of the world, of these rich men, space cowboys who want 

to become trillionaires. They have to say no, that’s not sustainable, that’s 

not going to work. They’re going to crash space ship Earth into an iceberg, 

into a Kraken, and so this is the consistent story we’ve been told 

my interpretation of Bezos, Doctor Evil erecting a tower of Babel. Let me 

go through your comments. Echo Charlie says, why Supreme Court in your Earth 

Day? Yeah, it seems like it was probably an Earth Day event. 

The Earth is burning, USA is burning. Let’s see. Q is the 

keystone, says, once upon a brick. Oh, cubrick is the keystone. 

Yeah, cubrick. Cubrick is very integrated into this whole story. He 

really is, and all of his work connects to q of all things, 

because the entire q script is actually based on the Kennedy’s Linda Cutter says, 

full metal jacket ended them singing Mickey Mouse. Yeah, I remember there’s something 

about that, Mickey Mouse, and they deal. We live in a Disney 

universe and everything is so phony. But the Pluto conjuct with U S A 

in seventeen seventy six ties into this a hundred percent. And what’s more, 

the sixteen nineteen project is also competing. So you have two competing visions here, 

the sixteen nineteen and the seventeen seventy six. Seventeen seventy six was part 

of a an info wars tip of the spear thing he said seventeen seventy six 

will come back again if you attempt to take our guns. To remember Alex 

Jones going all gun Karen on Piers Morgan. I mean it was a an 

interesting point, I guess, but he was very agitated and he screamed seventeen 

seventy six will come back again. Wasn’t bad. I mean it will commence, 

as what he said, but the idea that they’re going to take the 

guns, I think that’s kind of it’s a red herring. I think it’s 

part of a never ending political football. But yeah, let’s go ahead and 

take a listen here to Jones’s reaction, if you remember that, because this 

is where I first started noting seventeen seventy six as a met the guns. 

Stalin took the guns, Mal took the guns, but Ol Castro took the 

guns. Any you know show this took the guns and I’ve heard of tell 

you one thousand seven hundred and seventy six will commence again if you try to 

take our firearms. Does it so recently Marjorie Taylor green also associated seventeen seventy 

six with the one six event. Now Sixteen nineteen is from the other side 

of the plattle’s political spectrum and has to do with shifting our perspective back from 

when this small group or this group that represented their own interests found in this 

nation, versus being more inclusive about who was here before, and specifically starting 

with the arrival of the transatlantic slaves. And this is the idea that we 

have to set our frame of reference back, but it is again coming from 

the left. So you have sixteen, nineteen, seventeen, seventy six, 

and this may be the Kraken, this may be the big one of the 

major divides here. Like to get into the symbolism of these events. When 

Derek Shoven in the twin cities was kneeling for eight forty six on George Floyd. 

Well, eight forty six is the exact moment that that plane hit the 

tower. That’s when eleven started. It’s code. Mercury was rising at eight 

forty six am on that date. So why forty six? It’s part of 

their code. We’ve deconstructed the numerology to some degree. I’m not in their 

meetings, but what we can infer here is that it’s definitely a code for 

a fracture, a split, a civil war type stuff. So on the 

second of February, a twenty two year old so again to their symbolism is 

so obsessive, which is in warlocks with OCD like that, counting vampire and 

Sesame Street. Onto two, twenty, twenty two, a twenty two year 

old in the twin cities gets killed by the police in his own home. 

But his name gives away the whole story here. It’s a no knock warrant 

which they had to cease because of this. His name was lock. A 

mirror lock some I’m thinking, okay, lock, no knock warrant makes sense, 

but a mirror, a mirror of what? And now look at the 

time stamp. They shot him at precisely six forty eight, which is a 

mirror of eight forty six x. So they’re telling our story, or the 

story here, of this fat fracturing, of the schism to competing visions and 

the idea of the Pluto conjunct has to do with Hadis. Pluto is hadies 

and Hadi’s releases the Kraken and the crack in is a meme that they’ve associated 

with the election and the disputed results. So you have your crack. They 

were cracks in the ISS back in the summer before Russia started talking about abandoning 

ship breaking apart, this international cooperation, letting the tower break apart, and 

this tower again is what unites us in our quest to the heavens. And 

this is all about, again, the scattering of the language the Internet. 

So I thought for some time that this tower of Babel as a metaphor is 

all about our ability to even engage in commerce being significantly disrupted, and of 

course, the language being the Internet. That’s a major unifier. Just a 

coincident here. coincidents, Erica Bear said. My wife is watching the show. 

Everybody loves Raymond. In season three, episode fourteen, Raymond says he 

was born at eight hundred forty six am. That episode is from January eighteen. 

One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Netflix is new Dave chappelle special. 

Eight hundred and forty six. Well, eight hundred and forty six is 

the time of Dave Chappelle’s birth and he took this coincidence. He said it 

haunted him because it relates to George Floy’s from George Floyd’s plea for his dead 

mother. So a couple comedians with that birthdate just side notes. Here now, 

crying out for his mother. That sounds very much like a scripted ritual, 

don’t. Don’t the Mason, the Mason’s do that hailing distress, calling 

out with their mother, when they cry for mercy for the widow’s son? 

It seems like it. The whole thing was definitely scripted psycho drama. Okay, 

so we’ve been talking about the burning man in DC, the joker as 

the Phoenix, the Phoenix representing the burning down of the system, and that’s 

what the Climate Change Activists Actually Represent, Shutting Down Society, shutting down our 

economic system and replacing it with something sustainable. Notice next to joker’s hand, 

and here he is. This is Joaquin Phoenix, walking as a phoenix. 

And notice to his left hand, right above it, you see the logo 

for DC. So burning man in DC. I think these codes, these 

symbols, kind of speak for themselves, especially when you look at how integrated 

they all are. Joined by Rocco. Thanks for joining, Frank Murr. 

Kevin Moran Says Disney in the metascript. Your thoughts, Tim Oh sure. 

I mean Walt Disney and Werna von Braun have everything to do with our modern 

concept of space. And then you look at all these different films and how 

they were used to bring us these ancient myths in a new context, with 

the new heaven being space, with the new gods or the old gods represented 

in new ways. Darth vader is Saturn, Luke skywalker is the sun light 

walk in the sky and these are lessons of the teaching everybody. So you 

see Luke Skywalker lose a sword hand and hang from across in cloud city before 

he gets saved and has his hand reattached. Well, the sword hand represents, 

you know, the Light Saber. It’s the same symbol as the obelisk 

and the Sun God with his castration, his thing getting chopped off by the 

darkness, by Saturn, the Lord of the night. Whatever it is, 

the story set prince of darkness, Darth Vader. Anyway, it’s a repeating 

story, but the symbolism tells us all of it. But it’s not there 

for the masses, the Profane as they call them, the hoodwinked. But 

they’re consciously using Biblical templating. That’s why I point out this modern flood myth, 

because twitter is now saying that they’re going to stop criticism of climate change 

and I’m like, wait, can we? Can we still deny God? 

Can I say I don’t believe that God’s beeting mad at me because I don’t 

go to Church or whatever? Are we allowed or not believe in God’s wrath? 

Because twitter is going to censor ads that say you don’t believe in climate 

change. And I believe we have a case here that climate change is a 

replacement myth that they’re trying to make us believe in. They could show us 

the evidence. I mean global warmings thirty three years old and I don’t think 

anything’s gone under water yet. And if you look at the exponents of the 

climate change doom narrative, they’re the biggest hypocrites of all. We have already 

discussed Leonardo DiCaprio on his yacht with his conspicuously and notably small feet, but 

his yacht massive carbon footprint not offset by the small actual footprints. Major League 

hypocrites. And they do this on purpose, though. They want you to 

see what is causing our downfall. That way we all just kind of go 

along with it and say, okay, well, makes sense. We screwed 

up the environment and it’s not we, it’s them, and it’s always the 

ones who are, of course, saying do as we say, not as 

we do. I really quick here. Elon Musk is something of a he 

for some reason, a lot of people on the right who are suspicious of 

people like Bill Gates have no problem with Elon Musk, and it’s because of 

things like this. Elon Musk Compares Bill Gates to controversial pregnant man Emoji in 

a tweet mocking the billionaire’s belly as a B killer. They censored that word, 

whatever it is. Tesla’s chief executive, Musque, has an estimated two 

hundred and forty nine billion dollars to his name. He’s expected to get richer 

with a twenty three billion dollar share bonus just as Tesla posted its record three 

point three billion dollar quarterly profit. But anyway, yeah, he tweeted Bill 

Gates pregnant next to a Bill Gates or next to a pregnant man Emoji, 

and so that kind of memory, that kind of meme game. I mean 

it’s it’s pretty good. It’s commendable. I don’t know if it’s original, 

if he’s got a board of people scouring the net for the best memes out 

there, but it is commendable. And it does kind of make people like 

him trust him, even though he wants to put you in a goolog on 

Mars or simulated Mars base. So here you have Bill Gates and he’s not 

wrong. Bill Gates with the pregnant man Emoji. Now About Walt Disney. 

Will probably get back to Disney. You know, we talked about Pluto today. 

The Planet Pluto has on the dog Pluto’s face on it. Both of 

them just kind of were discovered in one thousand nine hundred and thirty were found. 

I mean it’s strange. Pluto coach is so young, it’s disputed often 

and we pretty much have a perfectly flat solar system except for Pluto, which 

have it has its it’s kind of skewed seventeen degrees, which puts it below 

the ecliptic, which makes him the God of the underworld. It’s just part 

of their astro theological story. In addition to Pluto, on Pluto you’ve got 

the game with Rones, House of Stark Logo on Mars, the Star Trek 

Logo on Mars. Both of these tied to musk, because musk has the 

starship to take us to Mars and Musque is iron man Tony Stark, house 

of Stark, iron throne. These tie INS are so intricate they’re undeniable, 

by the way. Then you have me miss the Death Star, the moon 

of Saturn, darth vader Saturn. Saturn’s moon looks like the death star. 

Mercury’s got Mickey Mouse on it in the form of a few craters. I 

haven’t looked too deeply into that one. Now when we get into this topic 

of what we’ll get into this Marjorie cameron a little bit here and her relationship 

to l Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons. You’ll will find some more things along 

these lines. I don’t want to get too distracted. Let me go through 

your comments. The main thing I want to focus on, and we’ll probably 

get back into Disney a little bit, is the Tower of Babel concept and 

Jeff bezos. Well, we may as well continue. And when we talk 

about Disney we kind of have to add into it Pixar, and one of 

the best examples of what I’m talking about the programming would be wally, which 

has this thing called directive one, one three. Again, note the use 

of this this number one three with relation to this falling of the Tower of 

Babel the burning of the system, the burning of us. A directive one 

hundred and twenty three was in the movie wally for kids, which had to 

do with abandoning the earth because it’s covering too much trash. So everybody moves 

into a space arc. So they’re saved by the space program you know they’re 

they’re literally taken above the world as it’s judged. Probably not everybody. There’s 

no way you could fit billions into one of these ships. But the idea 

of a space arc was introduced. So this was noah, and Noah is 

on his arc and he’s waiting for a sign. When can I go back? 

When have the waters receded? Well, the sign comes in the form 

of a dove with the branch in its mouth. So it’s a symbol of 

peace, I guess. But the idea here is the flood waters have receded, 

we can begin the postreset. Well, in the movie wally they send 

a little white robot down to Earth, looks like a dove and it finds 

plant life and it brings it back up to the ship and it says it’s 

time to go back to the earth. So they recreate these stories, but 

you find out that directive. One three is code for set and it’s a 

reverse three eleven, but one and three again. These numbers nine, hundred 

and eleven, one nine. They use them in a in a mirrored way, 

like I mentioned, with a mirror lock. By the way, the 

Batman movie has a lot of interesting crack in tie INS, a lot of 

interesting tie ins to this idea of a flood. It happens at the end 

and it ends with Gotham under water on one six, which is a mirror 

if you look at the water, as a mirror of eleven. So another 

connection between a major Batman production and a big SYOP. They’re all interconnected. 

We found a scene in dark night rises where the guy without the mask goes 

up to and says something along the lines of I’m not afraid, I don’t 

need a mask, to which the Batman says the mask isn’t for you, 

it’s to protect those you love. Like that’s a statement right out of two 

thousand and twenty, seven years ahead of its time. And then Batman takes 

out a covid ball shaped like a covid shape, grenade, smoke grenade, 

and he throws it and it creates this mushroom cloud so you have predicted programming 

and I think we’re still waiting on the mushroom clouds. Okay, I’m going 

through your comments. Kevin Moring says Mickey has always been a racist. I 

don’t know about that, although wouldn’t surprise me. You know, hear the 

grooming stuff. I’m more concerned actually about the cannibalism stuff. We have food 

shortages apparently. I don’t necessarily believe in it, but these are the stories 

were being told about all these various food production facilities being hit by airplanes or 

something, which I’ll get to. I do have a list if you actually 

care, but yeah, I guess it’s pertinent here. I’m just wondering how 

much of this is hype to sell food items like Mr’s. You know, 

this is the type of stuff that happens every election year, the same types 

of fears. But it is the year of soil and green so if there 

are going to be shortages, I think now would be the time. Food 

processing plant fires. Jenna lovecraft reefs, as my cat likes IPS. Here 

we go. There’s a weird trend going around. It’s food processing plants catching 

on fire. Since the beginning of this year they’ve been a high number of 

food distribution plants catching fire and creating massive damages. But why so? Here’s 

an image on the screen firefighters spraying water on a plane on top of a 

food processing plant. As your standard is an independently on company. On April 

nineteen they release a statement that their headquarters were destroyed a total loss. April 

twelve, tailor farms, processing facility and Selinas, California, overnight fire. 

There was concerns about a own a storage exploding. February twenty two there were 

several employees at the hospital after an explosion that Shearer’s food. This was in 

Hermiston, Oregon, North Carolina. February first evacuations as a fertilizer plant caught 

on fire. Food and water shortages have been a theme since the pandemic. 

Again, this is all part of I think, maybe a theme. But 

again you tie this into the Disney cannibalism push and maybe they’re going somewhere with 

this. Lynda Curtis says there is a mirror of the character Mickey. He’s 

from space. Send me a link. I saw an image of the name 

Mickey as the logo, as the when you look at the way it’s spelled 

and if’s if you put a mirror below it, it’s spells wicked. Okay, 

it’s an other dimensional counterpart character to mickey mouse and it’s yexem es m 

or Mickey Mouse backwards. So yeah, there is an invertion and inverted version 

of it and I have an image of it here. Very strange. There’s 

a lot of strange things about Disney. Here’s what I was going to mention. 

Kenneth Anger, who was one of the head members of the Church or 

Satan when it was founded. He’s a filmmaker. Kenneth Anger was a Mickey 

mouseketeer and he was involved with Mickey Mouse, I mean Walt Disney, when 

he was a child or young and he said Mickey Walt Disney was obsessed with 

spankings and certain types of clothing where the bottom has a flap that opens. 

I mean really insane stuff that he said. But Anyway, this guy produced 

a movie called inauguration of the Pleasure Dome starring Marjorie Taylor Green, who represented 

the horror of Babylon for Jack Parsons and L run hobard in their rituals. 

They’re at the beginning of JPL, you know where rocket science and black magic 

and science fiction were merging with this bizarre sex magic cult. So this is 

noteworthy, I think. I mean this whole roll of Disney with the Nazi 

van Braun very significant. In fact. When I look at Walt Disney and 

Vaughan Braun, and I was looking on the day, I can’t help but 

notice. I think that well, I mean sorry, Vaughan Braun his persona, 

his persona itself is probably the basis for Elon Musk’s persona. You know, 

when he’s out there in front of the audiences speaking about his rocket engines 

and he sounds he sounds like a rocket scientist. He sounds like he’s trying 

to explain very complex things to people he know he knows can’t possibly grasp it. 

So he’s got a kind of sound like he’s lost, like he’s struggling 

for work. And I’ve listened to the Van Braun and he is very musk 

like. Now I’m not suggesting that Elon Musk is the son of Van Braun. 

That’s not his dad, but it has been suggested and I do see 

something of a resemblance. Here’s Van Braun hanging out with JFK. Trust the 

plan trust the plan queue and honors, and I have nothing against Q and 

honors. I understand what they’re coming from, but you have some issues here 

to resolve, some conflicts, like what does this mean here? Is the 

good guy trying to save you, even though he was behind the Moon fakery? 

Or was he not behind? And then you look at the role of 

Kubric it’s pretty obvious that, in my view, in many ways, JFK 

is just a character directed by Kubrick, like I think our presidents might actually 

be reality TV show stars for all intents and purposes. I know that sounds 

bad, but if it is that way right now, was it ever not 

that way, like the news? What did was the news real one point 

and it got coopted by some bad actors? Did religions used to be good? 

So I kind of get the idea here that we’re just looking at standard 

operating procedure and we’re just now noticing how it works. And there’s nothing original 

about musk’s rockets. By the way, all these ideas are pretty much borrowed 

from Vaughan Braun and I have found some interesting images where many of these iconic 

shots have actually been imitated by musk, which is a repeated theme here. 

You’ll find many world leaders having their photos taken in ways that associate them with 

others, Magga cults, most insane conspiracy theories, trump rally, goler claims 

Princess Diana Jackio are alive and ruling the world. Last year they didn’t want 

to talk about this stuff. I would talk to the more mainstream queue and 

on experts and they said no, nobody believes this, this is just fringe. 

No, this isn’t fringe, this is core doctrine. If you struggle 

to loot, like I got a good idea what’s going on in ukline. 

When they went into Kline and they found these labs, they believe that made 

that the deep state is possibly going to use a bio width and on Russian 

people, because they’ve been just like that. They were collecting R D and 

they in China they’ve been collected their DNA as well. So trump and Puddin 

right now are the only one successfully fighting against the deep state, I think, 

as well as Chet who chee. She’s Jimping, so she’shmping. Is 

fighting against the he’s a good guy. Oh See, oh, he’s fighting 

against the Ma because, think about it, he’s not part of the CCP, 

but she’s imping. Do you think he’s working with Putin and trump against 

the deep state? I think he probably is. Yeah, probably. Okay, 

so I saw this coming. I knew that Putin was going to be 

somehow made into just another version of trump for the trumpers, and it’s absolutely 

true. Once upon is says I saw a pick of JFK, the Bohemian 

grow feeding a deer, reading wearing red shoes. Wouldn’t surprise me. Well, 

look, the person that we think of, JFK, I think is 

mostly a construct, and they’ve associated him with Jesus in some some manner. 

They managed to turn them into Jesus for the queue and honors, and at 

first it sounded like a joke or some fanfic run amuck. But no, 

this is actually a major part of the storyline. It’s about a second coming, 

and I’ve been been talking about this all day. We started off this 

and that about how modern events are being templated. Ancient stories in the Bible 

are attemplate for what happens in the news today. So why wouldn’t you have 

the returning Christ story being used again and again? And I found other examples 

of this one and I think we’re being set up for some Major League sciops 

this summer. So I expected to be very interesting. I don’t. I 

don’t think the queue and honors are wrong. I just think that they are 

misled, as in they got the storyline right. They know their doctrines, 

but do these doctrines correspond to reality, or is it purely a world stage 

event? Here’s a meme that really sums things up regarding the political right in 

their love affair with Elon Musk. So Bill Gates says, let’s make more 

vaccines. The Guy Says No, you will put micro chips on our bodies 

and track us. Elon Musk says I will literally put a micro chip in 

your brain. People in the rights say Nice. So they’re cool with the 

micro chip from Musk, but not, you know, they’re cool with the 

idea of a savior coming from technology if it involves, I guess, Elon 

Musk. I mean it’s the same exact program. Musk is just as much 

a Greeny, a green fascist, as gates. So is our F K 

Jr. I mean some of these people cancel out their own credibility by believing 

in this, this flood myth and that’s why it’s central. That’s why I 

said it’s it’s a crucial part of their world view. They need you to 

accept this one premise because it sets the stage for everything else. Going through 

some comments, once upon time, says, dorothy clicks her red shoes three 

times and goes back home. You know in the JFK assassination storyline there’s some 

wizard of Oz subtext. You Have Jack Ruby who takes out Oz ruby slippers 

in Oz you also have a lot of Macbeth tied into that story and you 

know they actually played or performed Macbeth at the White House before JF K was 

assassinated. And the Macbeth story has returned to US mostly in the lion king, 

and there’s some interesting connections there we could probably get into, especially when 

you make connections between JFK and Lincoln, because I think that there’s a well, 

the common thing. In fact, some queue and honors have reached so 

far as to think that Lincoln was also part of this special royal bloodline, 

and I don’t mind any of that. Unbelievable by the way. So let 

me go back to this in case an if you missed it and if you’re 

on my newsletter you’ll get these breakdowns that kind of show you where we’re coming 

from with some of these things. So the riddler was an anonymous domestic terrorist 

with a doomsday ideology, a profit of doom. The guy that shot up 

the subway, Frank James, called himself online the profit of doom. The 

riddler had an insane live streamed rant about the mayor. Frank James Threatened Mayor 

Eric Adams on Youtube. So the mayor and villain dialog that you have in 

the movie is actually mirrored with the subway shooting. Then you have the riddler 

is a q type and he’s having a war with what he believes to be 

a corrupt elite, and q and on is also about going after these elite 

with an end goal of a national guard rollout military tribunals. So the idea 

is that queue and honors well be there when it’s time for the tribunals. 

So the movie ends the Batman movie ends after the riddler’s digital army becomes real 

life. So his followers online meet him on Election Day at the big stadium 

and they prepare for a mass shooting. And the way they filmed the movie, 

I think they were trying to correlate this with one six. The scene 

is also reminiscent of the Dande to event if you watch that, which connects 

us to the whole seventeen seventy six pluto return thing being that the Dawnde event 

was a dark, flooded stadium and the performers were wearing rain boots. So 

here at the end of the movie of the flooded stadium and then Batman, 

of course, saves the day or whatever. But the whole point of it 

is it ends with Gotham under water on eleven six and, as I said, 

if you have eleven six up to a mirror that’s horizontal like a lake 

or a flooded Gotham, it’s a reflection of eleven. Very subtle, but 

if you’re looking forward to see I mean they program eleven into all the Batman 

movies and once you’re aware of it it’s hard to not see it. Even 

the the poster with the bat shaped hole in the building looks like an and 

eleven shaped nine hundred and eleven plainehole. Let’s continue here, going through the 

riddler movie. Just a few notes if you haven’t seen the new Batman movie. 

So in the riddler’s final video to his online community. He gets emotional 

about how the community was there for him. And one of the big things 

about the queue and honors is that they’re being abandoned by their families and they 

are going into these self reinforcing echo chambers. So this is part of the 

media’s idea that we can’t let the super spreaders of bad ideas or those who 

carry mind viruses to exist separately. We can’t let them become variant factories. 

We have to separate them and Vax them individually or sensor, you mentally VACs 

them, have them put on their digital masks. And the whole thing about 

the mask too. Okay, so the riddler was attempting to unmask the corruption. 

So unmask the corruption was a reoccurring phrase. They’re like, HMM, 

interesting, because they just did the unmasking thanks to that judge Mazzell, or 

judge muzzle, appointed at thirty three even though she was unqualified. So she 

calls for the unmasking and this happens to be on the anniversary of future, 

a futures track masks off being released. So on the anniversary of futures track, 

which came out in two thousand and seventeen. Masks off. Judge muzzle 

says masks off, and the tie in here future goes by Pluto and future 

produced Dawn Day with Kanye. So you have a direct connection there as well. 

So again we’re talking about masks off and the riddler saying he’s going to 

unmask the corruption, and this is of course a partisan victory for the anti 

vaxers and the right. Now in the movie the Election Day is called one 

new election. Again, this is an and one new election is like three. 

It’s like a major day. This is a crack in event. So 

you have the crack in which was brought up in reference to November, the 

third and overturning the results. So here you have the end of the Batman 

movie. Election Day looks like dawn day to dark and flooded and the queue 

and on or parallel group, the riddlers group, set off bombs to flood 

the place, which is a course releasing the Krack in the flood waters into 

the stadium. And one other thing. The riddler opposed the great renewal. 

So just as the right is opposing the great reset, the riddler opposed the 

great renewal. So the sub way shooting was a psychological operation, and here’s 

the point of it. It was intended to drive into our minds the reality 

of this new monster that they’ve created. You know, they created bowl cut 

shooters, they create all these various like the Islamic terrors. Threat was presented 

to you in the form of fiction first. So this was designed to drive 

into our minds. Hey, we got these riddlers everywhere. So it’s the 

mirroring of reality, the eleven, six, nine, hundred and eleven. 

This mirroring is intentional and pervasive. Just as the joker movie preceded two thousand 

and twenty a year of left wing chaos, I expect this movie to be 

followed by right wing violence. Both the riddler, joker and Batman archetypes are 

used in these events because they operate outside of our norms. You have the 

regular police and then you have the SWAT team. You know, the regular 

criminals and then you have the terrorists. So what we’re looking at here is 

predictive programming and the paving of the way for what I think is going to 

be an interesting summer of right wing Patsy’s or psyops that are coming from that 

side and ultimately I think it’s aimed at mental health and censorship, or the 

idea of branding people with the wrong political opinions as mentally ill, weaponizing psychiatry 

for the purposes of censorship. And here I have a screen cat from the 

movie I killed your mayor because he was not who he pretended to be, 

meaning he was wearing some kind of a mask. The riddler, the profit 

of doom, was ranting about mayor Eric Adams and the New York City’s mental 

health system. So this mental health system also connects to the joker again, 

who is in a mental asylum. It connects to the joker movie, which 

is, you know, someone who fell through the cracks of the system that 

should have saved him. And then, finally, the final tie in here 

is that you have this new dark Maga esthetic being pushed by trump’s followers that 

they want trump to be the Batman. So this is another tie in here, 

the dark Maga rising. Now, finally, one final point on all 

this that kind of ties it all together for me and that’s why focus on 

this today. This Batman thing, in addition to the Tower of Babbel thing, 

is that the burning man joker image has a parallel in the burning of 

Bruce Wynne in DC, the guy with the name suspiciously close to Batman’s name, 

dying after setting himself on fire. Maga bant brand near Maga rebrand marketing 

trump as a fascist savior. I’ve already talked about this. This is the 

young Turks. They happen to cover this. I don’t always agree with them. 

However, he hear they’re just reading off and observing some things and drawing 

attention to it, and it’s just important to note that this is a concerted 

effort. Now, what they say is Maga dorks offer rebranding effort. Runs 

for President in two thousand and twenty four. He hasn’t officially announced it, 

but we all know he’s going to do it, and so trump supporters want 

to rebrand him. They argue that he was just too polite in two thousand 

and twenty and that things need to change a little bit. So they’re going 

with this dark Maga theme because their children and they think everything is a game. 

Well, it is a game, it really is. So they’re right. 

A Q and on chronicles, covid nineteen vaccine, a snake oil, 

but injecting old yearn into your arm is good. Yeah, Christopher keys doing 

that norse code. Are White supremise reading too much into the Northman? Now 

you know why they gave the Q and on Shaman wearing animal skins. Can 

Hollywood tell its historical tales without appealing to toxic ideologies? The Viking blockbuster has 

been hailed by white nationalists as keen to exploit European mythology again. Just set 

ups in advance. I was talking about this briefly yesterday. How the Matrix 

movie really set the stage for the idea that people who see through the Matrix 

become violent insurrectionaries, that once you see through it, you want to get 

armed and dangerous, which is why, right after the Matrix movie came out, 

they did the littleton shooting with it. came out dressed like neo and 

shot up the School Jenna Love Kraff reef, says, Miley Cyrus admitted on 

stage her last marriage was a farce, just like when she plays Aisha Curry. 

You know she was handed Montana, a character who played a dual role. 

That was completely obvious. And Ayisha curry was in an episode, but 

never in the same shot. If you haven’t seen the Aisha curry miley Cyrus 

conspiracy theory. It’s that Aisha Curry, the wife of Stephen Curry, the 

NBA player, is in fact a deep fake of Miley. Now there’s an 

episode of Black Mirror. We’re Miley Cyrus plays a pop star who kind of 

wants to get out of her contract, but her aunt controls her and doesn’t 

want to lose that revenue stream, so has her killed and replaced by a 

digital deep fake and nobody notices. Sounds legit. So the main theme are 

the ancient stories in the Bible actually a template for what happens in the news. 

We were talking about Jeff Bezos and the Tower of Babel that he’s building 

and how I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that what we’re seeing 

with Bezos is Nimrod, that the tower of Babil is sort of a metaphor 

and that he is part of this. I’m what is the strange story a 

tower of Babil? Maybe the is why bezos is leaving. There’s all kinds 

of stuff in the metascript leading up to this idea of this crack in taking 

down America, the titanic, the Tower of Babel. It’s the implied lesson 

behind don’t look up, and part of that too, don’t look up means 

don’t look up information that might counter what you’re being told by your experts. 

Don’t look at other religious doctrines. Stay in this echo chamber. It’s not 

safe to look up other information. So don’t look up is also suggesting self 

censor, put on your digital mask. I mentioned this the other day. 

So we have this Russia performing course correction of ISS to dodge space debris. 

So on the twenty three they dodged space debris. Days before I saw a 

number of articles about what would they do if there’s space debris? So it’s 

hard not to notice. So this is just another character they put on the 

stage and my contention is that the fall of the ISS might be the thing 

that ties it all together. So I mentioned Marjorie Cameron briefly. If you’re 

not familiar with the origin story of really what the space program begins, and 

I think the space religion begins, where you have a merger of science fiction, 

of mystery, Babylon, new age, black magic, occultism and rocket 

science. That would be where you’d find Jack Parson’s Lur n Hubbard and Marjorie 

Cameron. She was an actress. He was a naval guy, intelligence I 

think, but later founder of Scientology and Jack Parson’s rocket scientist. American counterpart 

too, Alisher Crowley. But one of the other connections I found here today 

is that doctor strange is a new movie that just came out, doctor strange 

and the multiverse of madness. But apparently Tom cruise has been trying to land 

a roll as doctor strange and I’m like, HMM, that’s interesting because doctor 

strange is clearly based on Jack Parsons. So again Jack Parsons hanging out with 

Marjorie Cameron, who represented Babylon. Well, in this doctor strange movie, 

the Co Star, the other character, is the scarlet witch. So the 

scarlet witch definitely corresponds to Marjorie Cameron because in the context of the Babylon working 

she’s called the scarlet woman. So this is Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. 

I don’t I haven’t watched the movie. I don’t know if there’s an l 

run Hubbard counterpart or something, but this is based on the same archetype. 

Let me going and pull them up. In fact, a Jack Parsons and 

doctor strange. I believe they’ve already been compared before. There’s a movie about 

him called Strange Angel as a whole series on ABC which is probably mostly accurate 

as far as a biographical but here’s an image of Jack Parsons with Marjorie Cameron, 

who played the role of the scarlet woman, and again they correspond to 

Doctor Strange and the scarlet witch. And this would connect Tom Cruise, interestingly 

enough, to l run Hubbard and the Babylon working and if you go into 

the store you find that this Tom Cruise is, I think, fulfilling a 

role. He’s been playing this archetypal hero and of course the name Tom Cruise 

has some very special significance to the idea of a resurrection, a second coming. 

But what’s more, Marjorie Cameron represented the goddess Babylon because in this new 

age version of mystery Babylon, of this Egyptian mystery school that Crowley brought about, 

in this new iteration of it, they replaced the name Isis with Babylon 

and if you look at the symbol of Isis, the goddess of the night 

sky, you can see why the temple the ISS why it’s clearly a temple 

but you can see why the name Isss and Isis would be significantly close. 

But the idea here is you could call it not just the ISS or Isis, 

a temple of Isis, but you could call it a temple of Babylon, 

because that is the new age name for Isis. So you have this 

pair on the screen here that corresponds again tying in Tom Cruise, to this 

I would say, ritual. And if you look at the movie Vanilla Sky, 

there’s a very pertinent scene where he confronts a woman with red hair and 

she introduces him to Lle Life Extension, the company that puts his body and 

freeze so that he can be resurrected into this eternal life. In this simulation, 

again recurring symbols, reoccurring characters. Let me go through your comments once 

upon it says I just saw a bowl cut walk by. I don’t have 

a flak jacket. Dangerous out here. No, actually bring some squibs. 

All the bull cuts have been fake and they’re all using squibs. If you 

got to, if you watch any sigh up breakdown, you got to really 

look at them. It’s even find it. Jim FETZER did one. I 

got to find as well look at the subway shooting breakdowns, because it’s pretty 

obvious that there wasn’t blood on the ground. But then someone walks by the 

trench coat and drops what appear to be blood bags on the ground and the 

blood bags are stepped on by the actors and they squeeze the blood out like, 

you know, catchup packages. That’s pretty much what a squib really is. 

Anyway, to get back to this really quick here the ISS the Temple 

of ICE’s Temple of Babylon, the Tower of Babil, the uniting of Earth 

to space, and this is another connection here, is that the World Trade 

Towers in New York again templated for Babylon, as revealed by the Cathedral of 

St John The divine, the largest cathedral in the world, there in New 

York. On the pillars. It Has New York as Babylon and it has 

it been hit by a flood. Ms Can find that because this was design 

way before eleven. Yeah, the Twin Towers on the Cathedral of St John 

The divine to pick the new, to pick New York as the new Babylon, 

the most powerful city in the world. But if you look here, 

New York as Babylon is being hit by a flood and the Batman movie ends 

with Gotham under water. On eleven six. Obviously eleven reference. Yeah, 

it’s this is the ritual carved into stone. My point being the architectural feature 

of these Twin Towers is reflected in the Twin Towers, I’m sorry, in 

the solar array of the ISS. So I’m suggesting that there’s a continuity of 

architecture between the Tower of Babel Monument on the ground and the one up above 

reaching into the heavens. One final note here, since we brought up Tom 

Cruise, and the only reason why he’s been on my radar here is that 

it eyes wide shot was a cubric production and Cubrick is heavily involved in this 

whole space program. We find out crews is going to space to film a 

movie and when you follow the lead there you can see that, no, 

he’s playing a bigger role and it has to do with the emerging of the 

merchants of the space program. And there’s more. At the very first Oscars 

after eleven, Tom Cruise comes out and talks about how he wanted to be 

an astronaut and he thinks, shouts out Stanley Kubrick and the significance of this. 

This is a few years after Kubrick has died. Why would you shout 

out Kubrick at the First Oscars after nine and eleven? Let’s because he’s the 

Director of eleven. When the Great Director Billy Wilder, was asked what makes 

the movie unforgettable, his answer was simple. This is the first part I 

want to mention magic, little bit of magic. We’re all here tonight, 

are sitting at home watching because something came off a movie screen. A little 

bit of magic touched our lives. So he’s talking about magic post nine hundred 

and eleven and man, nine hundred and eleven was a magic show and he 

knows it. You can see the DUPER’s delight here, in my opinion, 

and you always remember where you were, the theater, the popcorn, the 

people you were with when it happened. It’s one thousand nine hundred and sixty 

eight. My family is living in one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, 

which was thirty three years before eleven. So the towers were thirty three. 

Also, the year that one was made, the emergency phone number here in 

the United States. Ottawa, Canada, the movie with Stanley Kubrick’s two thousand 

and one, a space odyssey. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What 

is life? What is space? What is existence? I was six years 

old. Now again he’s part of Scientology, that Jesus Christ of Scientology and 

Vanilla Sky. He dies at thirty three in this resurrected and this ties in 

do that ritual the Babylon working with Marjorie Cameron, l run Hubbard and Jack 

Parsons, and that’s why I’m bringing up him. And it’s desire to be 

doctor strange. There’s a definite connection here, because of course scientology is a 

space religion. NASA is a space religion, Space Odyssey, the movie. 

I think this is all part of the new world orders, control over culture, 

where they’re basically introducing us to this new heaven, this Utopian Vision, 

the Universal Heaven that Unites Everything else beneath it. And I knew right then 

and there I wanted to be an astronaut. So there you have it. 

Want it to be an astronaut giggling about movie magic, Post Hundred and eleven. 

By the way, his movie vanilla sky that had just come out, 

full of symbolism, has a lot of predictive programming for eleven and the coronavirus. 

That deserves really we should probably do a whole video on that in itself. 

But when you go into the script Tom Cruise trying to connect himself with 

the scarlet witch and doctor strange, is pretty clear to me that, yes, 

he is definitely walking a path that was already laid out there. He’s 

living cubricks script in many ways. Definitely an insider in my opinion. Mountaineer 

three three says he was six. Really, no way. Kids don’t think 

about that at that age. Right. It’s probably all code anyway. That 

would be my take. Okay, that’s been great. We’ll probably going to 

take calls later on this evening. I’m also going to open up skype. 

kind of waiting for the next couple hours to determine if I’m going to be 

on call tonight or not. So if I have the night off, we 

will be live to take calls. I have a few other notes here. 

New York’s new tower of Babel about the World Trade Tower. Any the notes 

that we discuss are going to be posted at minescom. We also want to 

discuss the burning food supply. Doesn’t relate to soilent green, the space fence. 

Great article here by James Fetzer destroying the narrative, forty reasons why pandemic 

never existed and lots lots more. Anyway, it should be an interesting week. 

Trump’s out doing all these speeches. Dark Maga rising, so I’m on 

the lookout. Just paying attention to this whole thing, with the right wing, 

extremist archetype being put out there. Death toll in Afghan mosque bombing rises 

to thirty three. So you know that’s real. All right, pregnant man 

Emoji tweeted by musk causing extreme offense here. How is this not just stay 

straight up gas lighting? By the way, what are they trying to tell 

us here? All Right, I’m going to go and put a link in 

the chat here as well for the news letter if you haven’t signed on. 

Mountaineer says there will always be dead bodies Tim Oh, yes, definitely, 

I mean it. I just do transporting, so I don’t even get my 

hands dirty. It’s a nice job. I get paid per mile and I’ve 

been putting in a good number of hours, so it’s going to help this 

channel out. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, we’re on Rumbull again, 

and we’re also live streaming seven on telegram. So if you go to 

any of these links, even my twitter account, go to the pinned tweet 

or mindcom at the top rumble, telegram dlive twitch and we’ve an audio feed. 

And these are the seven and we also have the text alert links. 

So if you want to get message alerts, I’ve made it very easy to 

find those. There’sn’t a hundred and fifty of you so far getting those, 

which again, it’s a very, very helpful because of the way that we’ve 

been chased off of channel after channel. It’s been like a hundred twenty plus 

so far. Anyway, we’ll talk later on open phones and you can find 

me on skype. Just search infinite plane radio, which makes it very easy 

for people who are overseas. This is Lusefer Tim thirty three degree. Will 

be back the cross. I saw the most amazing thing, the sun of 

blue. Myself, very well, myself. I am myself

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