Zach Hubbard = Death Faker “Josh Greenberg”?

Zach Hubbard = Death Faker “Josh Greenberg”?

Now we know why he doesn’t speak about the actor-driven reality.


  • “Death and legacy Greenberg was found dead in bed by his girlfriend who had returned to their shared home in Gainesville, Florida on July 19, 2015. The Gainesville Police Department stated during the preliminary investigation that neither foul play nor suicide was suspected in his death,[11] despite his dying from unknown reasons. Greenberg’s mother said he was in full health at the time of his death, and dismissed the possibility he had taken his own life in the aftermath of the company’s collapse, claiming “he was more relieved than depressed about the settlement, as it had ended the long-looming lawsuit.” The later autopsy failed to determine an actual cause of death.

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