The existence of the new technology is jumped. That requires there’s no way. All right, everyone, it is, which is night two thousand and twenty two, very early on May eve. May Day’s coming, very important day for commies and Satanists everywhere. Pagans also shouldn’t conflate the two, that is, one eyed jack in the shells mud flood, and whether you believe we live in a world that is literally on top of a buried civilization, or if they just mentally mud flood the masses with regularity, it’s kind of the same notion. You know, are we operating on a blank slate with a fake backstory? Collectively? Do we have some sort of collective amnesia? Seems like it. We’ll talk about that if anybody wants to talk about the mud flood notion. The reset is part of this, this idea that the reset we’re looking at now, the great reset, the Gretta reset into this green world order. Is this not just another reset in a long succession of resets where they drag humanity into a dark age? And that’s kind of what it looks like me mentally. They’ve already done it. They’ve already pulled the wool over people’s eyes, a digital hoodwink where the average person can’t tell the difference between real and fake and they assume it to be real unless it’s proven fake, and the people who prove things fake are thought criminals. Thankfully you have us here so we can sort through the disinformation and misinformation save you a lot of time. We have a lot of researchers full time breaking these offense down, like if you were worried about that subway shooting in New York. You know, Frank James. Yeah, that was a staged Si up and it completely correlated with the Batman movie and the riddler character. And the reason why they had that sig up go down is to really impress upon the public consuming this Batman movie and this nightmare universe that, yeah, this is a real thing and it works. All right. Let me go through your comments and see who has joined us. We’ve been joined by Messenger one hundred and six Bte Liam Magnum van Thul, messenger love no six, tricky who, Oh sure, lean, Dan Cup star, Fat Elvis Junior, evolvet lean, dion m e Sagittari’s arm society. Hey, thanks for joining us. A Jose Martinez preciate the coffee. He sent a message with it. He said I’d rather give a donation to infinite playing society for movie research then to give stavely beer money. And I do a lot of movie research. I’m on Hulu, HBO, Netflix and now showtime, and it’s really difficult. Once you sign a contract, it’s like a contract in blood. I mean, I swear they’ve got some kind of I don’t know, maybe some kind of demonic hold over my bank accounts. But like I remember doing a Netflix free trial and I canceled it because I didn’t want to support QTI’s and the other garbage that they’re all about. And next thing you know, I unlock my cash APP bank, my cash out debit card and boom, Netflix takes out ten bucks. Like how to that happen? Did I give him permission? Did I sign my name in blood? And I just don’t remember. And it’s like that for all these companies. So this month I dodged the e graveling attempts of Netflix, and then HBO gets me, so I’m stuck with them for a month. But anyway, anytime one of these movie companies manages to Hook me for a month, I managed. I just go through and I check out what what are they putting out there and what can we deconstruct? Will just use this as an opportunity to do some opposition research and to know what the masses are being goaded into. I of the opinion now too, that so called gun culture is mostly phony, this idea of America having this obsession with guns and that all of the movies that glorify gun violence are actually anti gun. And this is given away by the fact that most of the actors who play these roles are anti gun in quote, real life, the Wichowski sisters hate guns and they hate militias. And yet look at the Matrix movies, which supposedly inspired the littleton shooters. So I look at the entertainment media there as all sent it’s all put out there to basically give us our world view, which is what will be discussing tonight. We joined also by Rome, we pole, cat, seventy eight, infinite, muse two necks. Okay, so let’s go ahead and go through the headlines of today. We spoke earlier today, we talked about a few things. Will kind of readdress some of these things. I looked a little deeper into the situation with Rofkin, banning or not banning, kind of banning Owen Benjamin, and I think it really brings up this topic of people’s misunderstanding of what free speech is and what it isn’t. We talked about the Satan to rocket falling to Earth, Marjorie Taylor Green suggesting that Satan runs the Catholic Church, and you know, these might not be separate topics. So here she is invoking the name of Satan again and again. Satan is in the church, and you have the Catholic League. All heard about it, and then you have the big Satan to rocket that Putin’s threatening to launch at Boris. So I’m like, wait, is there really a difference between the Pope genuflecting before the obelisk at St Peter’s Basilica at the square there? You know, is there any difference between that and this obelisk that they named Satan? I don’t think so. When you look at the use of the name Satan, it’s often used interchangeably with Saturn. It’s not a hundred percent accurant, but they have the right idea for the most part. We’re talking about personification of nature, the Horn Deity which has been conflated with Satan mistakingly. But you can see the obelisk is a consistent symbol here, and I don’t think it’s inaccurate either. I’m I think they’re all part of the same theater here. But yes, the pope and his obelisk, they’re just the old school version of what Elon Musk, a modern pope, the new pope, Pope Elon, is offering, and his obelisk literally flies you to heaven. You don’t just pray to it so you can get beamed up there when you die. No, you can literally go inside of his obelisk and it’ll fly up there. Let me open up phones as well. Eight thirty three, three, one, one, nineteen eighty four, Cup star says mud, flood and mud bloods. Well, you know, the astrocrete is the thing that they’re going to build your homes out of on Mars and astrocrete is made out of blood and Martian mud, regularith mixed with blood or sweat. So I see. I assume they’re going to work you probably to death and then they’ll take your blood and who knows, maybe your bones could form like instead of Rebard, just use human bones like. Doesn’t it sound a little nightmarish that they’re talking about creating infrastructure out of recycled human remains? soilent grain is come home to roost, and the movie was set in two thousand and twenty two. So it’s about time, and I think it’s all of it is about getting us into the idea of this ideal of the ultimate in sustainability and recyclability, to the point where you’re even recycling one another. This is why I was talking about the Green God earlier, the one that they worship on Earth Day. How, essentially you’re worshiping Osiris as the God of recycling, sustainability, death, resurrection, this whole rebirth thing. It’s all about recycling reincarnation. We also talked about JFK JR having sex with Jis Lane Maxwell, and we’ve been wondering if Alex Jones has eaten his neighbors yet. It only took him six weeks into the COVID lockdowns to crack, so I’m assuming is the homes around his home are probably empty. Tunick says so willent green is people. Well, Astro creed is going to be people, and that’s not the grossest thing. That they have come up with. They going go through some voicemails. What’s going on? Tim Nick, first time caller, actually exclusively listen to you through spotify and on the prince. Okay, excellent. And Hey, by the way, spotify, and you can get the link below in of these videos on posting links. Now spotify is allowing me to host my video archives. So it’s not just audio there, it’s also a video. So if you aren’t able to keep up with me on any one single youtube channel because they rate they delete our channels every couple weeks, a spotify, just like soundcloud, will be a consistent record. But sound claud you have to download it to get video. Spotify is now a video I signed up early, early on, and I think shoe Rogan was like the test subject. So yes, spotify is now video. You can find us there. Just go to infinite Plaine, societycom or any of the links posted below. Coup Star says in Russia there is a road of bones built on the dead road workers that helped build it. Yeah, I think that’s part of the development here. We’re talking about space communism, these goologs in outer space, these closed systems, and I think part of the idea of getting you I used to the idea that you can take your body fluids, your blood and your sweat and your tears presumably, and actually mix it with the soil. It’s like blood and soil. It’s this concept of, I think, bonding the collective to the land itself, really putting their roots in so their kids will grow up there knowing yeah, this was literally built on the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors. But space communism’s a thing always, you know, the Russians were always about that from the beginning, and I think that outer space utopianism is actually the Trojan horse they used to get all the capitalists to go along with the program. They knew environmentalism was a communist hoax. They knew that environmentalism had been appropriated for the use of advancing this other agenda. Yeah, it’s easy to see through, but then they see the rockets and they think, Oh wow, technology, market driven technologies, capitalism put a on the moon, not communism, that’s what they think. Well, it’s not about putting you on the moon or on Mars, it’s about getting you to accept the premise that that is the ideal way to live, and then we can therefore say we ought to live on earth as we do on Mars. I’ve read their blueprints. I mean they very open about the stuff. They just blab about it all day long. So now they’re talking about eating one another. We’re rather starry, building in Fort Building homes out of dead people. Recycling people is now a thing. We talked about that earlier today. The Unicorn Killer, Iron Horn, guy who originated Earth Day, composted his girlfriend. That’s how environmentally friendly he was. I mean he’s really living it. We joined by slave rescue hound P trip of one hundred and three WOK alt you split. Yeah, we did take a break, while didn’t really take a break. I was on a workcation and at the end of it it’s not really going to pay off. So I’m going to double down on this. So I’ll be live in the mornings and evenings. I’m also working on publications, animations and everything else, but I figured, you know, if I put the same amount of time and energy into this that I did into that job for the last thirty days or twenty five days, it’ll definitely pay off more than eight dollars an hour, which is what that boiled down to get. If you want to call in eight three, three, three, one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Let go and finish this voice mail death hoax a verse three episode. There’s actually video of eible comparable to like Joe Rogan’s podcast, and it was great. That’s the only one that I could actually got to watch because I listen to you at work watch you. So yeah, if you can somehow get video up on spotify like continuously, that would be huge for me I’m sure for a few other people too. So anyways, take care, appreciate that first time color and we are now archived as a video on spotify. If you if in a plane radio, what’s up slave, hey, what’s up, slave rescue? How I’m good to hear from you. What’s going on? Hey, what’s up, Broo? So check this out right. I found I got some funny stuff real quick, good, real quick. So I’m watching this movie with my boy the day called get him to the Greek you ever seen a movie get him to the Greek no, I have not, but you heard of it though. It was like with with the kid from Badass, the fat dude, set Brogan, not bad as Jonah Hill Super Bad. Yeah, Jonah Hill, the fat okay, Jonah Hill, all right, he alright. So he was like working for pup and his record studio or whatever. Just that. There is more the movie, but my whole thing is so check this out. I remember watching this movie years ago, but I didn’t know all this shit that I know now. So I’m sitting there, you know, smoke weed and Shit, watching the movie whatever. Man. So the fat dudes laying on the couch and this one scene. You got to see it. I don’t I don’t know what this black eye thing is, but man, check this out. So the fat dudes laying on the couch, as he’s laying on the couch or showing all these paintings, because it’s that do Russell brand, you know that do Russell brand. He was trying to get Russell brand to come to La. All right, yeah, that’s the theme of the movie, trying to get them to the Greek fest or whatever. Okay, so check. He’s laying on his couch and shit, and they’re showing all these old Roy with all these pictures of these old royals like paintings. Never noticed it before. Check it out. They all had a black eye. All of them. You got to watch it, Bro. So guess what, though, that’s not the kicker. The kicker was as soon as they got done showing autumn black eyes that I’m old like European royals. He the first word out of his mouth was Seattle. Wow, okay, that’s intriguing right there. So they had to throw it. They threw that in there. And this black eye club reference is also a noteworthy considering that Russell brand has branded himself literally with the thirty three, with his tattoos. His tour is all about the thirty three. You know, he’s ultimately an insider. He’s totally down. Yeah, you got to watch yeah, yeah, he’s totally down, Bro, that. But Joe, Oh, it was so much throughout that movie because of because I’m man, I might apply watch that movie like five years ago. That was probably like when I probably wouldn’t even listen to the Yah yet. So I knew, you know, my shit whatever, like let’s talk about any hook and a bunch of all types of Praisey Shit, but not the extent of the buffoonery, that fakeness, like everything’s fake. So so right. So chat. So I said, you know what, man, let me just do a fucking random google search on black eye rituals. Like I just started putting all bunch of stuff with black eye right. So luckily this dude he debunked the whole thing. There’s this guy named Seawan leary. I couldn’t get him on twitter because I wanted to tear them up, but I couldn’t find them. Not good with that kind of stuff, man, but to do names, Shawn. There he debunked it. Check it out. He said that. So I found this article about this, the Guy Bunking, debunking that it’s not a cult ritual or whatever. His name Sewan leary. Okay, so he says that it’s not a it’s not a conspiracy, it’s not an Illuminati thing, it’s not a join the club freemason thing. All these people. is even naming all these people, right, they all, all of them, got the Black Guy due to cosmetic surgery. Oh, that’s his explanation. Okay, so that’s how he debunked it. It’s cosmetic surgery, bruising. None of them waited the two three weeks for the bruising to go away and then show off your skin. They all wanted to show off the bruising as if like, you know, like signifying. You know, I got mine. What a joke. I mean, I wanted to tear them up so bad, but I couldn’t find them on twitter and I just said fuck it. But I hopefully one of Youall, somebody that’s listening, I’ll find him on twitter. At that came out because princes, yeah, me, Prince Hal him up. Who Prince called? Philip? Prince Philip had his did he have his eyes done at what ninety five? Now, that doesn’t that doesn’t make sense. And then also the other Oh, the old og, prince, Yo, bro it was all of them, because even the debunker, do well, the dude that was trying to debunk it, was calling out all these names, are like Christy, and then he like tried to make fun of like, you know, how some of them are is rich as others or you know I’m saying. So he tried to make fun of a couple of them because they’re like broke or whatever, like they’re not down, just because you know what I mean, that Shit don’t mean and whatever. You know, I okay, let’s Le Fun that money. Do you think that if if I’ve Anka trump got a black eye. Do you think should go walking around showing that off? Do you think if Donald Trump had black actually, these people are so fucking like uppity you think they’re about to let somebody see them with a black eye, like they’re from like a regular middle class plates man? Yeah, right, man. They’re having surgery just to make sure that the blood that the black guy gets taken care of quick you can on me like the fuck out it. That’s yeah, that’s that doesn’t make sense. It would cross at it. I don’t buy it. It’s like, what is sh yeah, exactly all that stuff, but but it just showed me, you know how, like you know, how they got it. They got to do some what do you call this a you know, when you put this IDA and yeah, they have to kind of them amazing. They got put that fire out a little bit and try to find a way that, you know, I mean, because that black guy thing, there’s something there with that. There’s something there with that, just like I always take hey, the stuff that they try to ridicule you or try to be got it. They got it. You know, get rid of it real quick, like when Joe Rogan brought up the traitor. Yeah, we start leaning that word towards I don’t believe this crater earth necessarily is the answer. I don’t know that the earth is an infinite plane, but what I do know is that merely asking the question, it’s something they don’t want, because they don’t even want you to check out the edge. And that’s what I want to do, that’s what we’re doing in our discourse every day here, and you can see their reaction. And, by the way, Russell brand was once married to Kate Perry, who’s obviously John Ben a Ramsey grown up. MMMM. Also, he’s been down forever. He’s got to be deep insider. Yes, they oh me, come on, how many of them? Other than the sport? That leads to maybe a couple. They’re already been down since forever. Many people were born into yeah, it’s likely heard of the Moon Child thing that Elsa Krall used to talk about, and the you know what, that I’m here. That so the the the Lee mic, the three mic group, this cult or whatever, the Oteo. They’re all about this thing called the magical child, where they believe you can time the birth of your child astrologically and invoke certain influences into it and such a child will be born with magical abilities, as they say. So but anyway, the whole idea with this flame a cult, though, is about how, in the new age, every man and woman in their cult will be a star, and they never quite explain what that means. What’s it? A metaphor of one. I’m starting to think here that we’re looking at planned lives, lifetime roles, and it mixes with this whole occult thing as well. So I think this idea of death packers, I got see what I mean. I think there might be something to this idea of planned birds and that, yeah, these are lifetime actors. He was born for that role and so was she. Yes, completely, I mean because they even do it with like come on, you think Justin Bieber was just picked out at some Mickey Mouse Club Shit like Justin Timber Lake and all that? These people were grown from net since conception. Man, it would since conception. I believe the same with Lebron and some of the huge profile athlete and the singers some of these people did. It was it was planned long, it was planned. They were playing B yeah, you can find references to Donald trump going back sixty years. So yeah, we’re here up. It was already there. Oh my God, they got people sold. They God, you know what, I’m be honest with you. I might hate you and on as more than juice. I don’t you know. My My podcast name might be called straight hate because we got to say hate speech. So I want to name it or just have the something named straight hate. But I’m starting. I’m starting to hate you and honors Bro. I swear to God, and I’m just the mean motherfucker. I’m talking Shit, but at the same time, man, they are annoying and they think beat. They really. How stupid can you be? Man, I’ve seen this, lady. Yes, I have trust man. I seen these people in his RV today, bro, completely, Bro I swear to God on everything I love. The RV was completely wrapped with Donald Trump’s body on, like some type of the movie. Three hundred likes more ripped up dudes body and Avanka and all these words and ready for round two. He was like rocky about bowl on one his side. The whole RV was just trump and of ancle bro and all these different images of it, like him being God, man, Oh my God, it isn’t throw up. Almost threw up, brother. There’s a there’s a system here. There’s a methodology. They are they have turned q and on into a cult that actually venerates the Kennedy’s as the bloodline of Christ, and trump is their agent. So they actually have a religious fervor about them. And are these people government agents or they that diluted and they have that much expendable income to yeah, yeah, like, is this a government agent, Rv, or are you just this fucking stupid of Mountain Dew man? Like, I don’t get it, Bro I hit. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I mean it’s it’s frustrates me that are populous. Is this fucking stupid man? It’s frustrating. Yeah, it is, because, whether or not there’s any truth to their basic core narrative about the deep state, what they have done is they have smeared anybody that goes against the mainstream media for a turn. Actually, that’s what they did with that shit man. That’s what they did with you. You’re going to be pulled as soon as you say anything against the television. Oh, you’re a queueing honor, you’re a fucking retard, this, that and the third. Do whatever you want to fight. They’ll say you’re PSYCHOPA, you’re dangerous, that you’ll kill your kids. They have all kinds of stories they put in there. I can’t even criticize him if I put them, if I put Q and on my title, they’ll pull my video for misinformation. I can’t even accurately describe the move. Damn. Oh, like, Oh see, that’s when I started hating you, Bro, because I used to disrespect Christians and Muslims and all these little different not disrespect, but you know, I make fun of the Shit a lot of times. I make fun of religion. That’s I started my whole journey. And, okay, the whole thing was, but the whole thing was when I started making fun of Jews, Bro, I turned in the aid off Hiller. I couldn’t even post anything. Everything changed and I’m like, oh so I can disrespect Chris, Muslims, anything except Jews, Bro. So then I went it’s our turned dream, it were rasing. The new thing you can’t criticize is global warming, and I’ve been saying for some time that the scientism religion has replaced the Judaeo Christian religions. It’s replaced at all. And now they’re saying if you criticize global warming, you can’t post as on twitter, you can’t post on pinterest. Well, global warming is just angry Jehovah. It’s the flood God all over again. So you’re telling me that, like your they literally made law that you can’t even speak against it. Not Law as yet, but these platforms, all there’s essentially yes, yes, if you want to get famous, you can’t say that exactly. Exactly, you can’t criticize global warming. And if you criticize global warming, I’m just saying that that’s the same thing as saying, Oh, you can’t criticize their God, you can’t criticize their holy book. Well, this is flood myth. Is Not Science. It’s based on the old myths. It’s such a joke, man. And then either led your cars, Yo, man. I’ve been hoarding. I’m Hoarding v Eight engines, Man, Yo. Anybody listening to this? Man, by yourself, a Ford expedition from two thousand and two do about ninety eight? Do you need a Ford Expedition? And and you need a few vehicles that are gas powered in that are known half a million mile into a mile million mile engines. You need them and you better go get them now because the prices are going to keep going well, you go buy car dealerships. I remember like cutting do certain car dealership, going to parks and stuff like that, but Oro and the the parking lot used to be holded. Now, even the huge car dealerships, it’s just like the stuff that’s on frontline. Basically, they got some stuff in the back, but it’s like it’s done and you better start hoarding some gasoline engine and not none of this two thousand nine hundred and nine knees on Centris and shit like that. No, from old to and down shit that you can work on yourself. There’s eighty million of them in junk yards. It runs on pure gas and it has to be from before two thousand and two man, point blank period. I truly believe that with all my heart. Man, I’ve got two expeditions in a bulic country. I’m not fucking around. Think about it. Twenty thirty is only what that’s like six years from now and they want to discontinue like gasoline cars, and then all that’s going to be left is these crapshit these. I mean I got a two thousand and eleven cameras, but at the time it’s crazy. I made money off the shit man a lot of money. I’ll never sell it. But at the same time, when my thing is this, those those all those cars after old two are trapped. They’re going to rust out. And those engines land train. He’s wanted to plan offer lessons. No doubt this is yes, that’s what they did. That’s why GM got rid of the three point eight. You got to get your hands on either if you want to stand like that’s why I got the sentry. Get to three point one or three point eight. I would stay away from the fords, today’s. I’d go more Ford Truck, F one hundred and fifty or expedition. I’d go GM sedan. But my thing is, man, gets your hands on some gas powered stuff quick that’s in decent shape, because it’s over. Man. It’s a great reason. And to try to force you into these rivetings, kid. It’s the great reason the Rivet Tans and these testlas, all that garbage. When it’s you. How are you going to afford to fixtyse shits? You’re not buying that shit. Knew you got a buy that. You you think you can add the money to fix the riveted or all the shit they’re coming out with? You’re right, you’re going to be riding a bike, just like they want your slave at interesting. Blank. You’re interesting. You’re right about that. I’ve even heard some of the more radical, if our mentalist and Seattle, talking about literally coercing people out of cars over here. Yeah, there’s there’s that element of bicyclists in the jester costumes where they have some political leverage and they are just taking control of the roads. It’s like you have your bike trail. Why are you taking up these lanes? and to me, I think it’s a power move. It is like you said, man, they use so many government they got so many governmentats and then they got so many people, like you said, the price of that to add you put out and you guys fucking you had to turn your phone off. All I’m saying like, come on, man, these people don’t care about who are lying to many people that come man, they come on to be but go give him a hundred out of the day. You’ll go ride around on that bike and act like you’re fucking whatever. You hate the gas and all that Shit. Man, don’t do it, man. I’ll do anything. Man, fucking lunch and fifty bucks. Bro It’s all damn things. We live in ut Adword Bernay’s world of PR stunts that manipulate the mass consciousness, and people are influenced that easily. This is I’m lave rescue hand. Everyone appreciate your call. And you see you have a channel on Youtube. Have they allowed you to maintain a channel? No, no, no, no, I’m I want to start one, but I want to start a podcast, something just I want to name it straight hey, I don’t know if they’re going to actually let me. Would let someone get the name of that, but you know, check it the name of my fit Yo. Man, thanks for the call, man, and everybody say, you know, do you think? Man, get some get some down dead serious, get some gasoline engine and at least one. At least have one good running card from late s or early early to thousand, man, preferably a va to like a Ford expedition or or I don’t know, man, just get to to truly believe that, man, because you’re not going to be driving around. Then I think you’ll let you grandfather some old shit and stuff like that, but for the most part people are going to be stuck mind either new shit they can’t afford or you’re gonna have to fix up these two thousand and fifteen, two thousand and twelve, all these garbage that are coming out with its trash, like you said, playing obstimately, all they before did it. Chevy did it, they all did also. Hey, thanks again for the garbage bank, for the INFO about that. would be with Russell brand and all men. You gotta check that out. I’ll get that. You got a nice thing, tank man. Check that out. I really want you to see that. We’ve got to figure out this black eyed thing, man. Yeah, I’m going to figure that one out. I’ll get that clip. All right. Thanks again for the call. Appreciate it. All right. Are they going that slave riscue hand? He called in starting off with a some information about that movie of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, where apparently it involves a black eye club reference and then a conspicuous use of the word or the fright, the name Seattle Lean Dion says, misinformation laws in the EU already. Yeah, so pretty much they’re going to criminalize not believing in global warming, which is like saying if you don’t believe that God punishes sinners, you’re committing a crime. I mean it’s it’s not based on science. Philip David does not believe that elex Jones of Bill Hicks. Hey, you can, you’re free to believe what you want to believe. We have facts on our side. You can believe that Kate Perry isn’t John Ben a Ramsey. I’m pretty sure that all these death fakers have disinformation squads that counter people like me, or attempt to. But you know, the cats out of the bag on some of these. You can’t put this back in. So look at John Ben a Ramsey and her parents, I’m sorry, Kate Perry and her parents. Now let’s look at the parents of John Ben a Ramsey. And then you tell me these aren’t the exact same people. I’m a I’m something of a super recognizer. Maybe it’s because I draw a lot and I’ve always done art, and so faces stand out to me. And yes, I can even see a physical resemblance between Cape Perry and John Ben a Ramsey his father. Look at John Man a Ramses father, look at the forehead and they look at Kate Perry’s for it. I mean I just think it’s the same family. They haven’t even updated their hair cuts. Dad’s a little cooler now. I think he’s got an earring kind of hip, but other than that, mom didn’t change anything if you really look into it. But anyway, it’s it’s already settled. This is settled. It’s not even a conspiracy theories and observation. You know, they’re part of the Sy up entertainment complex and they took part in that early drama. So they symbolically sacrificed their daughter to the cult for a lifetime of looks like opulence. I mean, look how they’re dressed. All right, let me go through your comments. Anything else that I’ve missed here? Tominoid two says Green. Theft auto not bad. Yeah, that’s what’s going on. We’re being coerced into the Gretta reset and Greta greet. A great reset does correlate to the great work of the new age, the lemic cult, and the great work of the Masonic Order, and it’s all about the great work. Is the great reset, is the Gretta reset. It’s burning down the old starting new. The the LEMITES worship the new Christ as a child horace, and they say it’s a child because it doesn’t have in the baggage from the parents. It’s also an androgen make of that what you will, Philip David. It says that requires proof. So this anonymous guy on Youtube is trying to say that lex Jones is not bill Hicks. All right, that’s cool. Feel free to call in with what you have that would disprove it. But we have a pretty solid structure that connects it. And also in this might be inconvenient, but you’ll notice that a lot of the death fakers, they all are on the same circle. And Owens Shroyer is obviously the queue, and on Shaman in deep fake, and as Alex Jones, Forty five or sixty? I mean, look at Alex Jones. Tell me he’s forty five. Come on, he’s sixty. He’s Bill Hicks’s age. Jared Boord says Bill Hicks Being Alex is one of the few I actually believe. Oh yeah, definitely. And this has to do with not one individual fooling people, but this is actually part of a bigger pattern and this is why they’re so sensitive about it. Even today, like if they’re sensitive about it, because it’s about gatekeeping, comedy, gatekeeping a certain outlet for for information, and you know how they like to control information and means they want to make sure that we’re not laughing at the moon landing. Now we got to worship that. We got to laugh at the people who don’t believe in the moon landing. So they want strict control over comedy and I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of comedians that are gatekeepers within the conspiracy world, keeping people entranced by the ssiup entertainment complex and not looking too deep behind the screen, behind the surface. There and Alex Jones quality’s one of them. So there’s a reason they don’t want you to know. All right, let us continue going through my mindes. Okay, so today is which is night, Walpurgis night. It’s also happy birthday Travis Scott from Astro world as he’s doing a documentary. I think it’s called crushing concert. Now check this out. So the this is also the anniversary the founding of the Church of Satan. It’s a very important day. This is bigger than Halloween for the Pagans. The veil is thin now. I mean it’s just after midnight. The actual celebrations going to be about, you know, twelve hours from now. But here’s what I wanted to point out. Look at the Google doodle. You know how they have this thing for Google where it has a different theme every day. Well, right now it’s GSIX six, so you have Google doodle six six. Root Sixty six is where Isaac cappy was found, or where he supposedly died. Anyway, I think it’s kind of interesting the two go together because way they have it laid out, it’s just a bunch of sixes across the top. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Again, how many years has it been since the Church of Satan was founded? But this is their anniversary date. This date has a very special significance, as we’ll get into. But okay, Philip David doesn’t believe Bill Hicks is all shown say, that’s cool. How much is how much is Bill Hicks paying you? How much is Bill Hicks paying you to try to cover up that this is in fact verifiable, that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, and this is this is not just about Bill Hicks Being Alex Jones. This is about a methodology. This is about a template. This is about how the SI up entertainment complex gate keeps culture. This is about CIA deep faking. This is how they do what you would call weaponize anthropology. This is all about cultural control, infiltration, bottom up, grass roots. The elite need to control the masses. You can’t control the masses if you don’t have your agents planted early, and that’s what you’re looking at here. There’s a lot of symbolism with the death of Bill Hicks we could look into. I mean, this is an entire topic. You can’t refute it by saying I don’t believe it. Your argument from incredulity does nothing against the weight of the evidence that we can present here. So you haven’t presented anything, Philip David. So, whatever Bill Hicks is paying you, he’s overpaying you, to be honest. Bob Sapp says Kate Perry is hot. Well, we brought up KPE Perry because she’s married, or was married to Russell brand, and that Russell brand movie has some references to the back the black eye club. That will be digging into, by the way. The last caller, slave rescue, how said he hates Q. One of the main operatives within Q that has not been recognized yet by the mainstream media or the J six committee is George News. Well, George News just opened up a twitter account. I think they have eight thousand followers now. They just opened up a little while ago. They have three hundred thousand followers on telegram. Within five minutes of his account opening, I was blocked. Why would somebody who has three hundred thousand followers, who works directly for Donald Trump, take an interest in blocking infinite plane radio? It’s interesting if you look at my blocked list. Philip David, you want to call in and defend Alex Jones’s I mean, what is I mean? Actually the fact that he’s Bill Hicks makes them cooler, but if you want to take that from him, feel free to call in. I’m starting to think that Philip David is Bill Hicks. Why did you call in? You know, we used to have a caller that people were convinced was mark dice. So I said, hey, caller, what do you think about this theory that mark dice is Actually River Phoenix? And he got really silent on me and the next thing you know, mark dice on twitter, who has probably a million followers, blocked me and Mike. Why would mark dice block me? did I reach something sensitive and what’s the connection here? Mark dice, originally John Conner, was introduced to the SI up entertainment complex. By who? By Alex Jones, you said, I mean they all run, they all flock together, they’re all part of the same click. They’re all back stagers. I’m kind of working on a concept for a book about the deep fakers among us, and I’m going to call it the back stagers, something of a mind map, plus the narrative structure that shows how this all works. Phil David said he can’t call in. Right, you can’t call in because you’ll obviously sound like probably Bill Higgs. All right, let’s go ahead and continue through the voice mails. Hey, you mentioned recently the illuminatist of Fan and Tero, and I was wondering if you had any more to add to that. How much to you about all of that, if you had any stories? It looks very interesting. Have a good night. But okay, the the Iot, the Illuminati of then than a terros. They’re the ones who write all the books on, quote, chaos, magic, and I did have this synchronicity, you could say, with one of these books that had to do with this concept of how they approach what we would call magic, and magic is one of those topics that you’re meant to ridicule, and I know why? I mean, can you tell me the difference between magic and prayer? Is there a difference, you know, are we not talking about this notion, whether it’s superstition or not, that you have some kind of control or maybe some kind of ability to seek some kind of intercession? The idea that they’re that the perceiver has some influence and what is perceived is what I’m getting at here, and I think that’s ultimately what’s at the core of magic, and so I’ve been looking into a lot of these various schools of thought on the subject, specifically sigil magic. The chaos magic is one that the caller referenced, which is simply, I guess, a distillation of various schools of thought but stripped of all of the Judaeo Christian imagery, you know, without like you know the word Demon, people think demon and they think horns, monster, evil, hell. These things don’t exist. Hell’s not a biblical concept. A demon was never associated with monsters or malevolent things. It really refers to more like a an intelligence, kind of generic genius, I think, is what it actually means. Let me go through your comments and on the screen you’re looking at Greteth Thundberg, eating bugs rather catching a moth. Bob Sap says, I ate a quarter pounder FROMCDONALD’s today. Now everyone says my breath smells like human clockwork. One, one, three says. Has Taylor swift being Anton lavey’s daughter been debunked? Yeah, that one’s like thirty years off. I mean same hair, same eyebrows. That’s about all you can say. A similar brow line, but no decades off. Infinite use has interesting, time for the live to start buffering. It’s back now. Bill Hicks and mark diced at it. Yeah, Bill Hicks and Mark Dice, or Bill Hicks and River Phoenix are launching addos attack or something. LICKETY SPLIT, says Paul McCartney. Is Lucille Ball. All right, let us continue. Philip David is really, really mad about this. I’m really thinking it’s Bill Hicks listening. Let’s talk about Owen shroyer being the Q and on Shaman. And if he’s not, then they’re really super close in way too many different here we go. Is Owen shroyer of Info oars playing the role of the que and on Shaman? Now I searched Owen shroyer q and on Shaman and one of my blogs popped up first. So the whole dead Internet theory thing, I don’t know. It’s not a perfect record and it’s certainly not accurate or objective, but it’s still useful for storing things out in public. So if you’re looking at the screen, on the left is the qe on Shaman, not his makeup. On the right, there it is with his makeup, or it’s Owen shroyer. I mean, you tell me, you tell me there within ten percent, like they’re ninety percent the same. So my point is this. If the q went on Shaman was played by Owen Schreyer, you know tip of the Spear Info Wars. Now it goes into the capital to spear. If they are one in the same, then this even makes it more likely that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones, does it not? Philip David would call in, but he’s afraid, I think. I don’t think he’s mad, I think he’s afraid. Eight three, three three one one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. I’ll even put the number on the screen. So if you want to maintain this notion that Bill Hicks isn’t Alex Jones, if you want to keep promulgating that silly conspiracy theory that they’re not one in the same, then call eight three, three, three, one, one, one thousand nine hundred eighty four and will hear it. Jared says, I don’t think Owen is a queen on Shaman because I watched him interact with the flatter with box or on a stream. He’d have to be in two places at once. Interesting. But then again, do you know that the flattered boxer is not an agent? I mean does push the Dome, and that’s very questionable. Here’s another one. Is A Q and on Shaman. Owen Schreyer of info wars and disguise spy got the difference. I can’t his ears a little stretched out, but that’s because of the heavy earring that nobody would wear. This is literally just a disguise taking out of some department at the CIA, just so generic. Oh, be a radical patriot. Yeah, because when your patriotic you wrap your head in a flag. No, you’re not supposed to put the American flag onto garments. Anybody’s been in the military would know this. So this is a caricature. This is meant to demonize. Nobody wants to look like this. That’s absurd, infinite. Mew says there’s quite a similarity and facial features. Well, if it’s not the same person, it’s so close that it is noteworthy and to not notice it is to be unobservant. Sink Lloyd says Owen was suggesting Indian costumes like the Boston teap party. On the day he wore the Queue Shaman garb. So there you have it. If Owen troyer even referenced the sons of Liberty and the whole tea party thing, then it even makes more sense that this was the concept makes perfect sense. There’s more. It’s not all. There’s a lot more. So I even studied their gesticulations, their body movements, how they speak, because if you do any transactional analysis you’ll see that only like ten percent of what’s conveyed, of the words you got tonalities, facial expressions, body language is most of it, and there is a body language match. There’s a physiology match. They have the same build. Are you telling me that? The Q and on Shaman, who supposedly what doing mushrooms? What is he doing shamanizing? You know, this guy is clearly at the gym as much as Owen Troyer. Look at the forearms, look at the shoulders. So again, look at the way that he holds one finger up and he points when he talks and he’s trying to get attention. Same exact gestures. And conveniently, the Shaman’s wearing gloves, because the hands would be a dead giveaway. And if you didn’t know, they have printable fake roll on tattoos. A fake tattoos have been a thing forever. So if the tattoo thing throws you off, then you don’t know what they have in their disguised apartments. You have to study the work of Jonah Mendez, who is the CIA chief disguise for twenty seven years. She gave a lot of the stuff away. It was previously classified. Just how good the disguise technology is. And this is just basic theater again. Fake Tats, wearing white power tats, dressing like a viking, which wasn’t really a thing, but now there’s some TV show about Vikings, I think it’s on Netflix, that they’re associating with the white nationalists. Okay, so here I did a Mashup, swapping out their eyes, swapping out their mouths and then their noses. So they the idea here Owen Shroyer, Info wars, tip of the spear, playing dual role. Symbolism of the horns is duelity, by the way, dual roll suit and tie, and then wild man. There’s a few of the things I could add to this that would build upon this narrative. But yeah, definitely it’s the same guy. It’s not even a sophisticated disguise. They just messed with the hair a little bit. So now who’s fooling? Who? Is Owen shroyer tricking Alex Jones? Who’s actually Alex Jones? Yeah, Alex Jones is elex Jones, not bill Hicks, but he got tricked by Owen shroyer. Oh yeah, right under his nose, tip of the spear. He let this guy have the MIC. Next thing you know, he dresses like a Viking and he storms the capital and ruins freedom for everyone. Damn. Too Bad Alex Jones didn’t see that one coming. No, if Owen shroyer is the Shaman, then Alex Jones is Bill Higgs. Just protoge. If you think about it, we’re just talking about a bunch of deep fakers hanging out together, setting up the far right, and then you throw on the spear symbolism, the tip of the spear or the que and on of the spear. And then the guy in California who said q told him to kill his kids with a spear. No coincidences, infinite. Mew says for sure they could be brothers. Right. I listened to him on the Phoenix and enigma show too, and what’s weird too is that he’s got all kinds of Tattoo. WHO’s that would suggest that he’s a white nationalist Neo Nazi, which completely goes against the idea of being a Kumbay Yah. I love everybody mushroom taking Shaman like. Which is it? Do you love it humanity, or is it Hale Hitler? It’s kind of hard to say. Bullet zero, one hundred and fifty thirty six says. Is that even a fake tattoo? It looks like a sharpie. Philip David is in here. Okay, so, Philip David, I’m going to grant you that. Alex Jones is forty six and he’s elex Jones and he’s not Bill Hicks, okay, and he just happens to be as funny as Bill Hicks in exactly the same ways. Okay, so I’m just going to grant you that because your incredulity is so damned compelling. So Alex Jones is Alex Jones, but look what happened. Good natured truth seeking elex Jones allowed the tip of the spear to be coopted by the deep state and the que and on Shaman was Owen shroyer. Somebody needs to tell him, somebody needs to tell him. Hey, Alex, looks like you let the devil in. You’ve been duped. He fooled us all. Unbelievable. I’m almost William Bet here that Philip David thinks that will Smith actually slapt Chris Rock without Chris Rocks permission. Probably believes that, and I’m not ripping on you for your beliefs. I’m just pointing out out here something about your frame of reference. And why would you defend it any I’m not defended, but why would you be defensive about it? We’re just analyzing facts here, and bring me some facts to substantiate the idea that elex Jones is alx Jones. Vladimir Pewt and could declare a new world war within days with mass mobilization of Russian Forces Defense Secretary Warrens, and he’s got Satan to geop lawmakers are still spreading the claim that kids are pretending to be animals and demanding litter boxes. So do you remember that Nebraska Republican who was angry because furries were demanding litter boxes and were using the floor in protest of lack of litter boxes? Well, that was obviously a joke, but he couldn’t tell and, in his defense, you can’t tell if it’s a joke. You can’t tell if it’s fake or not anymore. But anyway, more of these geop lawmakers are spreading this and they don’t seem to know that the thing has been a joke the entire time. So you had to representative. Steve Driskowski said there’s something going on in our schools. It’s called Furry. I looked it up on Google. Kids are identifying as animals, they put on tales and they demand litter boxes. Anyway, there’s there’s a reason, though, why these stories are so believable. So before you mock these people for actually being worried about having to accommodate furries with litter boxes, you have to understand that we live in. There is something going on in our schools, according to this something called Furry. So again, I know where this guy’s coming from. I don’t even find this to all that funny. It’s like, well, yeah, I think that I wouldn’t be surprised at the furies start demanding litter boxes and get them. And I think it’s spelled Fu Urry. I looked it up on Google. Here I got to got to get back into my computer. It’s described to me that we have kids in our schools that believe that they are animals and they are identifying, I’m told, as animals. Identifying as animals, they think there are a cat, a cat, they put tales on and they demand that they have a litter box in the school. Has Anybody else heard that? All right, so furries wanting litter boxes, but the story here is geop lawmakers are spreading false claims that kids are presenting to the animals. No, they are claiming it, they are identifying as such, they’re just not asking for litter boxes. Have you heard about this furry thing and what I mean? You’re now there might be a market for that, though. You know, litter boxes for furries, if you have a D printer. I’d invest. If anyone wants to partner. All right, let’s go ahead and move on, salty says. Why does it always have to be a cat? You know, I’ve seen a furry. I saw what appeared to be a furry, like a Fox furry, walking hand in paw with the appeared to be a member of the Mexican mafia a certain part of town where those things aren’t uncommon. I’ve seen furries and I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to use litter boxes. In fact, debt marvel, or d marble rather, had a video on van life where he showed how he was able to effectively use a litter box in its van. It wasn’t the litter box, it was like a five gallon bucket with litter in it. But what’s the difference? I mean, he’s not a furry, although I don’t know. I mean I haven’t really kept up. We play a few more minutes of this deeply confused geop state rep your district of minor a long ways the way, but I’ve talked to others here. Tell us what you know about this. I’ve got the dictionary. It’s it’s in the dictionary on Google. Madam Speaker, when I heard about this I heard that they were actually cutting holes in the uniforms where tails and then put in some cases the students were putting on fake tales and in some cases one of the parents in it was responding to what was happening in the school where a child that believed themselves to be a cat didn’t have a physical tale but had an imaginary tale and they were sitting at it. I think it was a lunch the table and lunch room and this imaginary tale was there and a student came up and sat down and the the child that believed themselves to be a cat screamed. Okay, okay, so maybe when everybody’s hooked up with the Oculis, when we’re all met a verset, a hundred percent immersed and we all got the lenses in her eyes, maybe we’ll be able to see people as these avatars that they believe themselves to be. So you won’t accidentally sit on a furies invisible tale because you’ll be looking through your lens and you’re like, oh, there’s a tale there and this is a furry not a human. You just sat on my tail. That was imaginary didn’t exist in my district, and I won’t even name the school. I will say in my district I had a pastor come to me and he said he is being told that in the one school district, and I’m not saying this is the case, we don’t know. It’s unconfirmed, but he is being told by multiple people that there’s a there’s a letter box in one of the locker rooms. Is that? That’s my or bathroom? That’s my understanding. Hey, you know someone out of contact Alex Stein and say hey, man, you should go to the city council, just as a furry and demand a litter box, you know, and they would not know that he was joking. Let’s see here. Oh, Philip David says, what is your proof that Hicks was Jones? He’s still on it. You know, I swear that they pay people. They pay people to do this. Kalamento says, do legal rights extend to imaginary friends? Aka, you assaulted my imaginary friend. Right, right, all right, Philip David is glowing, as they say, infinite. Mew says, no way. Alex Jones is only forty six, if so, he’s had a rough life. Yeah, when I look at Jones being forty six. I’m like, do I really want to take super mail vitality? And I had dine and I’ve met him and horse paste. I don’t know. I have my doubts. Now Russia the rights to abandon Nassa on ISSS and join China’s space mission, outraged by Western sanctions and pose over its invasion of Ukraine, Russian May and its collaboration on the ISS in favor of China. If you’ve been following infinite plane radio, you knew this was going to happen last summer with the cracks on the space station and all the space beef. And this makes perfect sense because you already have conversations being had about a communist moon base. Yes, China and Russia making a base on the moon. So that breakdown of the International Space Station is the fall of the Tower of Babel. It’s happening. It’s not all at once, but it’s happening. Jared, it says alix Stein was with the blaze. Isn’t the blaze? Glenn Beck, you know, there’s a really great piece of audio I’d recommend for Philip David. It’s from the blaze. In fact, you can find it is on the Glen Back Show where they actually did a side by side of Alex Jones and Bill Hicks’s voices and using that they made the case that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. So no visuals, just audio, just inflections, tonalities, cadence, rate of speech. And this is from an episode of the Glen Beck Program Five years ago. They’ve already made this case. Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks, the blaze Radio Network. And again the audio is what gives it away, in my opinion. I’ll go ahead and find this clip. Really fast performance artist in fact, who was a great impersonator, would frequently use the accent you just heard. It’s the okay, here we go, the same he’s comparing the voices voice people. This is pat gray with Glenn Beck, and here he is comparing and contrasting the voice of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones, and I think he sealed the deal. Legendary comedian bill fix does this voice sound familiar to you? The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this. Summer, good summer, bad summer, a mix, but the good ones don’t ever want to org and eyes the bad was in the want to organize because they lost that for power. Powerful consciousnesses don’t want to dominate other people, they want to empower them, so they don’t tend to get together until things are really late in the Games. Then they come together. Evil’s always defeated because good is so much stronger. Of course, it’s unmistakably Alex Jones, the same owner of this voice, the song I wrote when I lived in a dumpster. My eyes are in my closure, staying in my fresh stings. You can see this. You’re not nearly as wasted as I am. Actually, that was Bill Hicks. Hicks was a now they go on for about fifteen minutes with this many comparisons. Even Bill Hicks is impersonation of Hill Billy’s is the same one Jones. Does my children listen to people who’d back you? Fake part I got so apologize for the beats. Those are more annoying than the bad words. But he’s comparing Bill Hicks freaking out to Jones doing the same, which you hear right here. I want you to go so the only other person and I’ve ever heard go off the deep end like that is. You guessed it, Alex Jones. Alex is very aware of the Bill Hicks Theory and addresses it from time to time on a show. Apparently, sometimes he vehetmently denies it, but sometimes he mistakenly slips up and admits the truth. I carried on the charade for more than fifteen years anyway. You know, this is an old topic. We’re just doing this for the benefit of Philip David and he’s willing to accept whatever he’s told to believe. That’s fine, none of my business. I mean I have a lot of Mendela affected friends, very open minded here. Engineered supply chain shutdowns are clot shots against the global economies. Anybody starving? Yet has bill Hicks eating his neighbors? Yet Vladimir Putin test fires and ICBM that can destroy France in one shot. Now, if you watch these rocket tests, even the fearsome Satan to missile, they’re faker than the rockets that NASA has their faker than North Koreas. These are just it’s all just CGI theater. BLIMPS, cylindrical blimps with Jettisis to take off. That’s about it. Russia boasts that the new missile will obliterate borish Britain. Must be a joke about Boris. I’m sure again Satan too is going to destroy us. Satan’s been in the news. MTG Satan. Russia’s state TV warns that Nuclear War is probable and, quote, we all die someday. There’s a consolation. s three seven says Mandella meets. Where my bills are paid? You’re asking the wrong person. I’m technically the God blocker. That’s what they’ve called me, the Mendela affected. They say that I’m blocking God because the Mandela effect is a path to, I guess, some better way of living universe where we have more conscious control over reality. I mean it’s a nice theory, it’s a nice they with our they promising. It’s kind of Nice. I also call it the miracle effect and some of the recent mendela effects that they’re asserting or that we’ve been given bodily changes to adjust like God, for example, according to Brian Staveley, gave us some extra glands in our mouths when covid started to fight against the bacteria that would otherwise have killed us. Like you know, that’s that’s nice. Little just just kind of a nice way of shoe horning it in there that God is using the Mendela effect to communicate to us. So, therefore, is a spiritual thing. And you know, the question I’ve been asking, though, is is it wrong for people to believe in something that’s false if it gets them to where they want to be beliefwise? And maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s fine that some people are convinced by the shroud of torn maybe that’s enough, even if it’s a false hope. Maybe that’s enough for some people. I mean fine, if you want to make that argument and say that the that the Mandela affected or untouchable, then why would you even criticize the believers in the mainstream media or any religion for that matter? I’ve been very critical of religion for a long time for a lot of reasons, and I think it’s because of the walls of ignorance. All right, I am going through some comments here. Kleamenti says which night? Why do which is picked this day? The significance? What? We’re exactly six months from Halloween. Why May Day? Good question. Okay, let’s see here. This is the eve of the Christian feet feast, day of Saint Walpurga, an eighth century abbess in France. I know the Church of Satan celebrates this day. Travis Scott, this is his birthday. Probably not a coincidence here. It is the reason why they choose this night. April thirty is halfway between the Spring Equinox and the summer solstice, so this would be analogous to Halloween being halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. And this is why you have the cross a associated with the sun, in all the symbolism, because it’s all about the quartering of the year and these holidays that are diametrically opposed to one of other across six months. All right, so that’s the thing and the course, the celebrations would begin, I guess, sometime later on tonight. I don’t know if anyone here has any plans, but I’m just watching it because these pagan holidays do seem to correlate quite often with the big psycho dramas commoner says, April thirty is the eastern Orthodox Easter, so it’s the night before one of the eastern Orthodox holiest days, Zinvlla says. Wallpurgus was the original title for the Black Sabbath Song, war pigs and war pigs, is the one that references the generals gathered like which is at black masses. Oh, I see war pigs and wall purgus. You could actually get that anigrammatically you have to get rid of the R, but I mean the El, but otherwise, yeah, war pigs. All right. Let me go through the headlines, which is kind of perusing them at the moment. Here. Could Marjorie Taylor Green’s Satan controlling the church stance break up the Republican Party? How offensive is this? When she said that the Roman Catholic Church is controlled by Satan, this is not really an extraordinary or shot walking claim. Many Internet Christians and que and honors are basically Internet Christians. They don’t go to church, not that I can tell. For the most part, their concept of it is that they are part of the true church that doesn’t have the institution attached to it, and so this is actually kind of consistent with what they’re always saying. The media is controlled by Satan, the church is controlled by Satan. I don’t know why that would be considered to be that offensive to their base. Marjorie Taylor Green feuds with conservative Catholics over her Satan remark. A top geop candidates, one with deep q and on roots, compete over who can make your brain hurt the most. Yeah, Ron Watkins was at a debate today. Ron Watkins believed to be Q, very close to Q. He’s the Guy Behind the hn boards and these others. Anyway, he was at this debate and he made this really bizarre answer. I had this really strange answer to to the Russia Ukraine thing where he seems to think that the keystone xl pipeline is somehow connected to why Russia invaded Ukraine. Just kind of bungle the whole thing. I don’t know how serious he is as a candidate. I know that he’s his own biggest donor. A slave rescue hound called in and mention how these people who are obsessed with trump are very much invested in it, wrapping their vehicles and images of trumpets idol worship. Listen to this guy right wing pastor. I will never criticize trump, quote, because God chose the man. Mississippi pro trumper, Pastor Shane Vaughn, said people who criticized trump are going against God. Quote. This is about a god that appointed a man, and I have enough Italian in me to know what loyalty means. He said. So they do believe that God is working through his bloodline, the Kennedy’s, and trump is going to bring the Kennedy’s back. All right, going through some comments here. Looks like there’s a big debate in the chat about Alex Jones and Bill Hicks, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and block Phillip David from showing up on the screen until he calls in. And it’s not a free speech thing. Too often you have agitators do the cry bully routine where they they keep hammering at something and they claim they’re being censored. Like no, you got the response you wanted. If you have some information that can help us see through the see through this Bill Hicks Alex Jones Confusion? Yeah, please call in eight three one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty for why don’t you disabuse me of this misconception? I’m wrong about this, right. And also let Alex Jones know that Owen shroyer is moonlighting as the que and on Shaman and making everybody look bad. Marger Taylor Green says she doesn’t recall advocating from martial law. Yes, she’s very forgetful. You can tell she’s a politician. They have a very convenient way of forgetting things. She also spelled martial law amy RS HDL, so obviously she knows what it is. Infinite plane, Radio Heny, what’s up, damm its film? Hey, what’s up film? So you’re the one who claims that Alex Jones is not bill Hicks. Very interesting conspiracy theory. How did you arrive at that? Well, it’s not actually a claim that I made. I can’t claim a negative. You’re claiming that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. I’m asking you to prove your claim. See, I can’t prove a negative. So it’s your claim. You have to prove it. I’m just saying that your proof is a new segment and nothing more than that. So, if that’s your proof, why are you convincing a bunch of people to believe it? Or if that’s not your proof, do you have any other proof that you want to bring forward? Well, you actually misrepresented my argument. I had more than just that audio clip. Did I not show pictures? I guess. I guess our pures not evidence. And have you wait? Have you looked into it? Have you looked at the comparisons of Bill X and elex Jones herself? Yeah, yeah, look, all I’ve seen is a couple pictures that make it look like their teeth are the same and they smoke the same cigarette, but that to me is not proof they’re the same person. You really got to come a little with a little better proof than that. What about a physical resemblance that is so striking that they’re easy to confuse? Is that not enough to even raise an eyebrow and consider this in the context of I would never, I would never see anyone that saw footage of Bill Hicks and one of the stand up specials and Alex Jones and would get confused about that and know it’s only certain pictures that show their teeth in a certain angle or show them holding a cigarette a certain way. That’s not proof, man. That’s the only that’s that’s what I’m saying. Well, let me has the that’s not even a contradiction, because if you know what actors are, and we’re assuming we’re dealing with actors, the person you see on the screen usually bears a little resemblance the person signing autographs and there’s a reason why. It’s an act. Do you think there’s anything to the common producer Kevin Booth? Yeah, Dude, I think that’s the entirety of it. I think, if you look at it, that’s the issue. Right, Kevin Booth created a story and he convinced you all to believe it. So it doesn’t need to be true because Kevin Booth said there was a script and his friend Bill Hicks gave it to him and and that that’s what happened. In well, he writes a book where Bill Hicks is riding in the car and he says, Oh, we got away with it, didn’t we? Like, that’s not proof. That’s Kevin Booth desperately trying to get you to believe something. Okay, now, do you going to do it? That’s cool, that’s really you, but you believe not through. Do you believe that there are any people in the world stage who are pretending to be someone they’re not as in do you believe in spycraft? Do you believe in deep fakes? Do you believe the team makers everything used? Yeah, you know, I will tell you this. I just look at it from the point of like what I haven’t fully debunked, and now the Bill Hicks Alex Jones one I fully debunked. So that one’s just what, let me ask you, sound like. Is there? Is there one? Is a one? Is there one that you stand by? Name one that you stand by? No, I wouldn’t say any that I stand by you. Here’s what I’ll say here. Not really compelling, given you’re ready, given all the bs around the Oj Simpson trial, and when you really look into that you can find out that that probably wasn’t as as reported. Well, that really brings a lot of fascination to the idea that Nicol Simpson is Megan Kelly. You know it’s and now once that idea started getting some steam, now Megan Kelly’s kind of off the world’s days. It’s like that. That one’s interesting. It’s kind of sexy, but that’s not proof enough to believe it. Now, do you believe the official story? Do you have proof enough to believe what they told you happened? What’s the official story of Nicole Simpson getting murdered? Yeah, do you have enough information for that? Were satisfied? No, when I happen, dude, I was a little kid. So I wasn’t able to really look at information like that, but now that I look back on it and with a set of discerning eyes, that’s not that’s not the way trials are carried out. But wasn’t real. was she killed? Was Nicole Brown Simpson killed by OJ Simpson, as described on TV in your estimation? I can’t. I can’t speak to that, but you can’t speak to it. Wait, wait, wait, either you accept the media as a source or you don’t. No, no, well, look, here’s what I can do. I can I know how to chew the meat and spit out the bone. So if I hear some bullshit, I put it in my phone. No, I’m sorry, you have learned. You either learn more, you either trust the source or you don’t, and you’re saying that you do, but you, you’re saying you go with the default until you can debunk it, and so you haven’t denoked it. Therefore you believe it. You have to. You there’s no gray area here, otherwise you wouldn’t be so certain that elex Jones is Alex Jones. Look, man, the reason I’m certain is because if you really go look and you can find some videos of Alex Jones and he was young, just getting into radio, and that dude looks nothing like Bill Hicks. And this is in like the early to mid S. and if well, look, well we made we need to hear would that may not be coming from the same from a reference. Are you familiar with Jonahmandz and any of her work having to do with deep fake technology and it’s application in the sci up entertainment complex, the news media? Because if you’re not going out really are not familiar with how deep fakery has been used for generations, then none of the stuff hasn’t got it will okay. Do you think that the Challenger was a challenge explosion real in your mind? No, that wasn’t really in my mind. So what happened to the seven astronauts? Dude, I don’t know. That’s probably a question better answered by people in that timeframe. But I think have you looked into it? I Have you looked into it? And then if you haven’t yet, then why don’t you believe it was real? Because I’ve seen photos. Well, because I’ve already done them due diligence on NASA. So it came from NASA, right. So I don’t have to go much further than that. But outside of that weight way, you think that they can make the challenge explosion, but they can’t fake a comedian coming back as an obvious d fake. I mean I don’t know if you’re using the same level of discernment looking at Jones as of did look looked him. I’m saying they are faking it. Look, they did fake the Challenger and they are faking that a comedian came back as a different person. Right, you just didn’t fall for one and you felt for the other. That’s all I’m saying. No, I don’t think you’re using a consistent methodology to look at all these things, because your evidence, what is your evidence for Nicole Brown Simpson actually being dead? You know what? You can’t say you don’t belie. I don’t if you don’t have counter evidence of what they claimed, the status quote risk. It’s really yeah, that’s really not one that I’ve done done enough due diligence on all I’m saying. As I consider the source, I look at where it came from, I look at a couple other inconsistencies in the trial and how it played out, and I would say that there’s some fuckery there, whether or not that fuckery is all the way to the point of them taking the cool Simpson, bringing her back as a newscaster or any of this. To be honest, that doesn’t really matter, because whether she did or she didn’t, the point is that we’re focused on that and not the other bullshit is going on in the world. You know, like what? Actually, I think there’s plenty of other thing is, it’s key here is we’re talking about. If we’re dealing with fakery on this level, then the news media is simply not what the average person thinks it is. It’s actually an extension of world government and it’s Monolithic. That’s the part they’re trying to hide, in my opinion. By the way, there’s a comment to here who says asked Phil if he has any super male vitality left. Kind of sounds like you’ve taken it all at once. Well, that just sounds like a comin. I’m just I’m just trking and with again, that’s the obviously we’re not striking, that’s our that’s our chat, and the people do look look like I’m mean. Look at the screen and tell me Bill Hicks isn’t Elex Jones. Look at the screen and tell me that titles to his FO. Okay, hold on a second, let me see. We see the screen right. Wait, be there. I couldn’t. I’m on my phone so I couldn’t pull it up. Well, look, I’m this. This is an interesting topic. Deep fakery hasn’t been debunked. If Alex Jones is not bill Hicks, it doesn’t change the fact that this is standard operating procedure within the psychological Operation Entertainment Complex. It’s par for the course. I think it’s more likely true than not true. I would still need a debunk when I look at Elex Jones, I see a sixty one year old comedian. I don’t and it’s frame of reference goes back that far. I don’t see a forty six year old. Have you listened to much of bill stand up? Like, how much have you sat? Have you sat there and listening to you know what’s funny about this is I was listening to Bill Hicks for some time back when I was first into I think is Richard metster’s disinfo series, and I was looking into a lot of the stuff and then I came across Alex Jones and even before I heard the conspiracy theory, I thought Alex Jones, Bill Hicks, and I was like why they call this Guy Jones? So, no, I mean I automatically thought that organically when nobody interfered. So No, I mean it didn’t even shock me. I think it’s I think it’s funny that people are so vehemently against it. The Gate keep this one almost as bad as the gate keep some of the the NASA death fakers, like you know, Neil or I’m sure. What is it, Neil Armstrong? What is it about a Russian Eury Gaggerin? So, I mean this is not just limited to Jones or fee little comedians here and there or actor. What is it in the content of Alex Jones? Is Conversation that reminds you of Bill Hicks, like when Bill Hicks would tell the audience, Oh, you know, you should go home and take five dried grams of mushroom and then you’ll realize that life is only a dream and there’s nothing to be scared of because death is an illusion and you know there’s nothing to be afraid of because I don’t find I find it all extremes, something like that. And then you hear Alex. okay, let me go and list. I’m gonna I’m going to play this called Alex Jones show. And you think those are the same two people? Yes, I’m going to play a clip for everyone listening here, a sin, as we term this call. It’s can be Alex Jones talking about specifically what you said. Bill hits would rant. He would go off about how you could transcend with drugs and see through all these things. Alex Jones has an identical thing about DMT and seeing elves, among other things. So yeah, I’ll go and play this clip so you can see that. No, it’s actually in many ways he hasn’t changed all that much. I mean I think Elix covens is very similar. So appreciate the call. preciate the skepticism. Who and I’ll definitely dig deeper into this and I’ll find my best quote evidence and then see what you think and hopefully we can follow up with this later. Cool. Thanks to him. Hit me up with a wrench to brother. I’m not I’m not a troll or glowing or any of that stuff. I’m just a skeptic dude. I love your show. Cool, definitely, I’ll get around to it. I’ll get your ranch, Philip. Have a nice night all, right. So let me play this clip here. As Else Jones saying that the government is using dmt to talk to aliens. Is the main project side literally have an alien base and they are literally communicating and they’ve got like astronaut level people taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with these things and making intergalactic deals and that. And again, that’s what the government believes and says they’re doing. Who says him? When you say the government, that’s a book. So again, yeah, this is pretty much the same character. They cover the same topics. I don’t think they’re all that different and I think Alex Jones is actually very funny if you listen to the commercials. In fact, he was just on a podcast with Sam Tripoli and Eddie Bravo and Hitler or Hitler and he’s like they’re inviting him to say hey, you need to come out to do some stand up comedy fifteen minutes. We know you’re not bill hick, but can you do some stand up comedy? We all think you’re funny. So you know, they I think it stamps Tripoli said, people think you’re bill Hicks Anyway. And Yeah, okay, so it’s just a coincidence that he happens to be a natural comedian, as I would say, as funny as Bill Hicks, as extreme. Same history onics bombshell. Elon Musk replaced. Maybe we’ll look into that. I was looking at the weird story about Elon Musk’s father, who adopted a girl. She grows up. When she’s thirty, they have a baby. He’s forty, two years older than his daughter. Text messages show that Sean Hannity was taking orders from trump on one six. You know when Sean Hannity got his start? I think a second Ja Day on the job. He got his start on eleven. See Jared word says. This one my favorite clips of Jones. Look at the splits. His thanks Phil Hicks. Is Jones. Perry is been a well really, what it comes down to is burden of proof, and that’s what we’re fighting over here. I mean not fighting fighting, but you know where we have a bit of a dispute over who owns the burden of proof. And if you default it to the media, then they get a pass on all kinds of things. If you default too extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, then you’re left in this area is gray area. We have a lot of questions. But what we have found here, the common thread that connects all the death bakers, all the terror attacks, all the fake school shootings, all the hoaxes. The common thread here is that we’re looking at a methodology for Monolithic Media Control, quote, globally. That’s what we’re looking at. So it’s not some sneaky guy faked his death. Elvis faked his death. He got sick of being famous. Jones, yeah, he’s a death faker. No, it’s not simple. It’s not simply individuals and isolation. I’m saying this is part of a broader strategy and as I got into the call with slave resci on a kind of brought up this moon child thing that Alister Crowley and company are part of, and I think that might be a key to seeing what they’re actually about. When you look at the significance of death dates and birth dates to these various cult members, it all kind of makes more sense when you think about lives planned in advance. We have predictive programming showing that Donald Trump was going to be donald trump and that a donald trump was coming, that this character was going to be on the world stage fulfilling this particular role. And this stuff goes back sixty years. Elon Musk is in a book called Mars, a technical tale about Elon colonizing Mars, written by the Nazi and pal of Walt Disney, Vernivon Braun. Nothing questionable about Van Braun being friends with Disney. Let’s see common it says. I have never called, but I will in Vegas comes into the conversation. If you talk about the Vegas Hoax, I’m always open to talk about that. The most interesting thing about the Vegas hoax fifty of the people that were shot at were shot at again exactly thirteen months later, and that doesn’t shock anybody. In a different state, no less. On the night that crisis actors were doing a drill based on vegas down the street from where these people are shot at again. Media calls these Erie coincidences. We know it’s scripting. Somebody at send me an email comparing rupert murdock to Darth Schwab. They do look alike, but I don’t think it’s the same person. It’s getting. It’s another one of these instances where get to a certain level on the Illuminati Dung heap and everybody looks related. A breaking news. The owner of Los Vegas drops Bombshell Announces They Will Welcome Colin Kaepernick to join the raiders. He deserves a chance because he quotes sacrificed. We’ll see how that turns out. A lot of interesting metascripting there. Here’s another one. Is Jimmy Hendra X, twenty seven club or actually Morgan Freeman is rush limbaugh. Jim Morrison is Amy Goodman, another one of these twenty seven clubbers. We have a probably about half a dozen of these. Various Twenty seven club members at all kind of fit the same template where they went from kind of Hippie or rock and roll, kind of extreme aunt, I guess, counterculture, right on over to doing media. That’s kind of the story here. So of course you know Jim Morrison Twenty seven club are coming back to do rush limbaugh, right wing, Janis Joplin dying. Coming back. It’s Amy Goodman again, time about media gatekeepers. All Right, let me see here, going through my twitter feed. That’s real Tim Osman infinite playing. Saturday will be tomorrow afternoon. We’ll have a open phones. A lot of topics. If you want to get on the newsletter I’m going to be sending out a newsletter tonight, probably in a few hours here, just kind of updating everybody on where the channels at. We’re live on telegram seven, we’re live on rumble. We’re now doing video archives at spotify, which is huge. Common a says Kaepernick’s a good fit for the raiders. Always played like he was a pirate. Okay, here’s my interest, though, throwing using one eye. Okay, here’s my interest in Kaepernick’s character. He was born on eleven three, which is a very significant date in the world stage having to do with this Phoenix and the reset. But his name Colin Kaepernick. Colon is derived from Nicholas Kaepernick, from Copernicus, as in Copernican Revolution. And so you take you know, you take out Nicholas Kapernicus and put him as the symbolic figurehead or leader of a Revolutionary Marxist movement and it takes on a different meaning. And then you look at the significance of the kneeling, which has taken on greater meaning since Derek Shoven kneeled on George Floyd again, that is an event which ties together many other psy ops. It was a elevening of America, his kneeling, also his black balling from the football field has actually been blamed on trump in many ways, and so you have this trump versus kaepernick dynamic here. And you know, to me, I think that his role is more than just a ball player. I think his role on the world stage is far more significant. And then you find a lot of interesting things when you look into, for example, his show on Netflix, colon and black in white, and how his Costar, chestly Christ can interesting name. The beauty queen, jumped from the Orion building twenty nine floors and landed on forty two street thirteen am as reported by TMZ. Anyway, there are just so many connections between him and the SI up entertainment complex and BLM. It’s almost deserving of its own mind map. But Anyway, what I’ve taken from this is that his role is far more significant than merely being a ballplayer. He’s calling out this notion of, you know, systemic racism is what kept him out. That’s what’s being pointed out here. And his role in the world stage was strongly foreshadowed at Super Bowl forty seven and two thousand and thirteen, when he was quarterback for the thirty three minutes of darkness. You know beyonce was performing at that one. But you have thirty three minutes. They called it the black out bowl and I think there’s something coming up to. So the black out bowl had thirty three minutes of darkness. What were they doing? Pizza Party beneath the bleachers? I don’t know. POWER OUTAGE STOPS SUPER BOWL for thirty three minutes. So my take on this, though, as far as the subtext is he’s the quarterback during a game where it goes dark for thirty three now you see him kneeling. And what is he doing by kneeling? He’s standing or he’s kneeling, everyone else is standing. It represents, I think, somebody standing against the the darkness of the world. That’s he’s taken a stand against what he sees as a principle evil. So like the idea here, of course, is Jesus dies at thirty three and he’s standing up against the world of darkness and he, of course, is crucified. And so I look at Kaepernick kneeling as symbolic of a period of a crucifixion, of being a Living Testament to the evil of the world and the evil of the concept of evil has been reintroduced in our modern paradigm as systemic racism, systemic oppression. They’ve reintroduced sin, you know, with the idea of the carbon footprint and the virus. But evil as a concept has been reintroduced in a way that they can diagnose it. They’ve taken it out of the religions and they put it into mainstream society. And I think that’s his role here. I think his role on the world stage is to be a martyr for this particular cause and it’s very layered when you go into his character and the world stage. Like check this out again. Already mentioned his name being significant with the context of revolution. But Colin Kaepernick’s bloody gloves. So this is again a connection to his world stage persona. His bloody gloves were auctioned. Well, if you look at his gloves, says here, game worn, blood stained. So if you look it looks like they have blood on the palms. Think Jesus, stigmata nails through the palms. Then you have St Francis. Like Kaepernick, Saint Francis took a stand against the world and materialism and worldliness and he gave up all his wealth and he became this austere monk. So you have this idea of sacrificing everything. And then if you look at Kaepernick and his role and his persona and the word sacrifice, you know he’s part of this Nike campaign, your go night. Kaepernick sacrificed his career. He sacrifice it all for this moment. Kaepernick Nike ad here where he says believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. Now, the interesting thing about this one too is that this ad was thirty three year it was thirty years old when he put his name on it there, but this ad is something he want an emmy for and it was produced by somebody with the last name Kennedy, which stands out for a few noteworthy reasons. And also, if you look at this Nike Ad Campaign, you find a lot of Christ like symbolism. You have, I think, is a soccer player with this where he has his arms out and is covered in blood. Very common theme here, you know, sacrifice. But Anyway, my point being, it’s all ritual drama, world stage characters. These names are probably chosen for them before their I mean these name Games are chosen, these are roles that are laid out for them before they’re born. All Right, I’m going through your comments. Someone says question out the ceremonial. Ceremonial connections typically Western, or is there significance via eastern or Voodoo? Well, you’ll find that the classical astrology, the planets, the associations, they correspond across the board for the most part. Good question, though. That was one of the things that the new age movement, and Crowley in particular, were focused on, was amalgamating all the different traditions and then putting them underneath one umbrella, universalizing it, which they’ve done. All Right, anyway, I’m going to go back to the seven live stream here. Appreciate the callers and at least if I’ve any more voice mails, and me going actually have a couple more. Let me go through these voice mails and then we’ll go. Hey, IPS, is ready or not? First Time I called in, but I just wanted to give my take, an opinion on something. You were talking to a pshakeologists talking about how movies represent the bigger picture of what’s going on and the FOO fighters recently lost a bandmate. But when I was going through Fandango, looking for movies, came across the movie called Studio six hundred and sixty six. It’s about the FOO fighters moving into a entino mansion to complete their ten album. Once Day grow is in the house, he finds himself grappling with supernatural forces that threatened the completion of the album and the lives of the band. It’s kind of weird and eerie that the bandmate just died and this movie was released in twenty two. So two thousand and twenty two, the guy dies right after they release this movie about the band being possessed and being haunted or whatever it may be. Optics are pretty strange. Just wanted to give my take on that. Maybe you look into it see what you come up with. Are you appreciate the call ready or not? And Yeah, that is a very interesting story there. So David Growl and studio six hundred and sixty six has some interesting coincidences. Beyond coincidences, though. So this movie corresponded to the death of their drummer, and so this is again one of these instances where you see a blending of the world stage and what’s on the movie screen, and this is an intentional merging of the two Taylor Hawkins, here we go. Joins as bandmates in studio six hundred sixty six. In the film, grawl gets possessed by an evil entity and a taxi other members of the group. Hawkins is death is the most memorable moments of the film. Okay, now, Taylor Hawkins death and it’s disturbing links with studio six hundred and sixty six. Also, the imagery of studio six hundred and sixty six has a there’s an album that’s released in the movie and the album actually has the six pointed thele mix star on it. So it’s not your usual hexagram. It’s the same basic symbol, but this is drawn with one continuous motion, not to intersecting triangles. And the significance there is that when they’re doing invocations and evocations, summonings and banishings, they’re tracing these symbols in the air, and so it’s kind of hard, I would imagine, to trace a sixpointed star without lifting your pencil off the page, so to speak, and so they make it unicursal. So they’re using true to form, true occultism. You know, in these movies or in this studio six hundred and Sixty six, the foo fighters movie is about a blood sacrifice to the devil who rules the music industry. Also note that David grawls associated with Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, who may or may not be rivers Cuomo. You know, Kurt Cobain, another twenty seven club or, to bring that up again, and some believe that he is wheezer rivers Cuomo. And recently rivers Cuomo was on a podcast with Rick Ruben, the producer, and they were talking about this and Rick Rubin actually said, Hey, let’s just do this interview as though you are a death faking Kurt Cobaine. Like they openly just talked about it. They addressed this as though it was no big deal, and maybe it’s not. Rick Reuben Interviews Rivers Cuomo as if he were really Kurt Cobaine. I played some of these clips. It’s pretty good and he actually does throw in some bread crumbs. Are He’s like, well, if you look at so, if you look at in bloom, we can see them already wearing the glasses. So they played into it. Is it is it real? Is it legit? I think part of the rationale he explained in this hypothetical interview, just kind of Freestyling, I guess, or spitballing. He said that it would make sense to change John Ros into something that has more longevity than Nirvana. So is rivers Cuomo a squeaky clean version of Kurt Cobain? Interesting question. But Anyway, back to David grawl and studio triple six. This is from vigilant citizen. The circumstance. This is talking about the death of the drummer. You know, let’s get into the connections to the movie here. Okay, here’s David grawl with Taylor Hawkins and here he is with Kurt Kobain, and look at these pictures. It looks almost like the same picture. Similar, repeated story. Okay, so let me find out what the other links are between the two. Okay, so why would Taylor Hawkins be killed? Some might respond it was a blood sacrifice carried out by the occult elite. Of course, this might sound crazy to some. However, when you look up to the context to this event, things take a disturbing turn. They released a horror comedy called Studio six hundred and sixty six, about blood sacrifices to get into the music industry. Watching the movie is now surreal. It blatantly exposes the Occult Mindset of the Music Industry and depicts the gruesome murder of Taylor Hawkins by a demonically possessed David grawl the premise is simple. Girl wants to do something different for the foo fighters ten album, so they go to a mansion to record it and they were unaware that in the s another band had recorded there. Okay, so that’s the basic theme. And he gets possessed and then, of course, the person from vigilant citizen points us out. If you know a bit about a cult symbolism, you’ll recognize the UNICURSAL hexagram. Although the symbols quite ancient, is popularized by Elisir Crawley, prominent member of the Oteo Golden Dawn. In short, the presence of this symbol on studio six hundred sixty six is not random. It’s an extremely deliberate choice and it points to real occult concepts. That was my take on it. That’s not cheesy, that’s not accidental. Okay, after murdering, okay, this, this fits in with two thousand and twenty two. All these people are like up in arms about Disney grooming kids and it’s like, well, now they’re preparing people for cannibalism. As David garrawl becomes increasingly demonic, he starts killing his band members in grewsome ways. After murdering Chris Shifflet, grawl eats him. The occult elite is truly obsessed with cannibalism, while the rest of the band doesn’t understand what’s going on. The neighbor of the message sends them a message. The sacrifice feeds the book. So these murders are literal blood sacrifices a book made of living human flesh. The premise of it sounds just like a knockoff of the Sam Rainey Film Sam Ramies a evil dead, so it’s probably not even all that original. Now this is got to be hard for the family to watch. Imagine you watch this because the guys actually dead now. But he was killed with a symbol being tossed like a Frisbee and it decapitates him, says once hawkings is done recording he’s decapitated using a symbol. In light of what happened talkings, one month after the release of the movie, this scene takes on a disturbing meaning. Nate mindel gets stabbed in the eye and for one or two minutes gives the one eye salute. So okay. Anyway, this is pretty much in conclusion here. The Forces and symbols displayed in studio six hundred and sixty six are not fictional. It’s a real cult. Dates. His death was on the Vernal Equinox. Appreciate the voice mail. Let me go to the next one, and that again was from ready or not a rooster is called a cough and cop goes, okay, I’m gonna go and cut off that voicemail until I can preview it offline. I don’t know where that was going. All right, this has been great. I appreciate the calls. Everyone get on the newsletter if you’re not on it. We will be doing infinite plane on Saturday tomorrow. This is now my full time job and my parttime job. I’m not doing anything else. My attention is not at all divided anymore. I think I need to be increasingly immersed, especially as we go deeper into clown world, a world where it’s entirely plausible and it actually should be expected that at some point the furries are going to rise up and demand a quality in the restrooms and they’re going to demand litter boxes in every public restroom. This is world war three. Another track by murder Hornets. After this, I’m going to go back to the seven and you can catch this on the replay. Oh, that’s right, some snowflake melted, so we can’t play World War three anymore. At least I can’t, because I’m locked out of about a hundred different channels. I notice that, yeah, Youtube is we know what it is, but we’re here because we have to maintain a presence in what is a public comments kind of like twitter. It’s kind of the same thing. Anyway, this is Pope Elon when I jack in the shells, and I’m going to return to seven. It’s like, if I mean we’re going to die someday, and if you got to pick some place to die, then why not most you know, if if we’re born on Earth, why not die on March? Seems like maybe be be quite an exciting but as I think, given the choice of diing on earth of Dion Mas, I’d say yeah, sure, I’ll die, and you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake. Wait for the sonic boomssion procession. Like allons pretended find the trip around the pin with water down a blessing old as only gonna get this, then nothing to represent. Killing me with knowledge of the uppers getting better because we’re so get a wholes and we offer. Let never lock your conscious ess on a way is uncle kind of go undebtable lines are unreliable about saving. We could keep on playing. You just keep complaining to Games on the SCAPABLE, unless you’re with the gangs. Come with a vengers trying to come to your senses, to get the Jim Independent. YEA fucking Psycopedia we’re bringing into this mysterterio. But I know why. I come see you, because you must eat the league. If you’re stupid, leave stuff, get a show, some evidency of things. We don’t play no games. We still let this the ips all making an entrance, interventions dimension with fecting so many men spectrum, we stand out the property. Don’t blend in the gator drems momentum. There’s nothing close resemblance to the emplas a penguin or Brimlin. Just letting you know you’re running. If in a plane, stever bending, we strit light, tamping, getting off fears and breaking attention. But I know the WHOLESO met get deep in the trenches. Can joining the adventurous queck being so sensitive, you six ship were telling fissing with the missing, with the pain, with the pain

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