“MAYDAY, SATANIC PORTAL ABOVE THE WHITE HOUSE” infinite plane radio ,5/1/2022

“MAYDAY, SATANIC PORTAL ABOVE THE WHITE HOUSE” infinite plane radio ,5/1/2022
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Be telling me different things. I supposed people in the strange, but I know the thing in the Games, since I find out the day I live on it. I’M gonna different plane, she’s gonna have your plane. The news is fake. It’s trying to choose my faith. I know the muses, face music push in the global stays, like news on the radio, Auto Holk. The whole is the stage. It double like I’m trying most do my thing. Don’t want the fingers trying to make change it to my pasture. But an infinite game. If in a plane, playing no games, if in the gave me and playing no games. If in a plane, I’m on the infinite plane, infinite plane, and wouldn’t I loving the strange because I’m on the infinite different things. I’m on the infinite plane. Even play still with the if the game. If we got your mouth, I can’t pick flowers like a much. All Right, made a two thousand and twenty two. It’s May first, although it’s still kind of April thirty, which is night. I’m pretty sure this would be technically the witching hour. It’s just after midnight. A shout out to NEO MO GUCCI FLIP for this track, infinite gang. I’ll put a link in the chat if anybody wants a copy of it. The creator of this track actually is a regular color or was. We’ve had a number of our channels pulled and oftentimes we lose touch with people, usually just temporarily. All right, let me go through your comments and see WHO’s already here. I sent out text message, notification, sent out a blast, so everyone should be arriving. Anyone not here is sus. mean. What are you doing not here on the night that all of the witches and warlocks can be? This is which is night. Anybody not here? I don’t know. Do they have another obligation? Joined by Travis Cloud, Infinite Muse, Frank Mer, deep fake feet, Brian Bruce, Eve, our salty sire, and Jordan. We Oh sure, in clap trap, cat, Bunny, Buffalo O. Sure, feds, I’m sure, our watching salty siren. I’m sure there’s a lot of people glowing in the background. Also, joined by Jordan and the restream bought. Other people are piling in now, so let’s go ahead and give them time to show up. A few of the main topics, though. The main one really is the conspicuous presence of Satan in the new cycle. May Day, Satan to and Satanic Portal above the White House, furries at Satan’s church. Do they have litter boxes at the Church of Satan? I’d like to call and find out. So let me go and go to the newsletter just to kind of explain where I’m coming from pointing the stuff out, because I think it’s very, very conspicuous what’s going on here. I think we’re looking at the Zeit guys being painted up right now. They’re decorating for the holiday. So today is which is night, while purgus night celebrated as the halfway point between spring of the Spring Equinox and the summer solstice. So it’s just like Halloween, halfway between the autumn Equinox and the winter solstice. So I’m somewhat expecting a sigh up this weekend. But look how much Satan is pervading the news cycle. Political Dirty trickster Roger Stone claims to have seen a satanic portal open up above the White House and I have audio and video of that. The Satanic Portal. Even Mick West from metabunk has had to address the Satanic Portal. Marjorie Taylor Green, Aka dog the bounty hunter, without his rap around shades, is scapegoating Satan for abortion and illegal immigration, claiming that the Cathollic church is controlled by Satan, which would explain a few things. Putin is launching Satan to at Boris Johnson. Satan too is a ICBM, nicular weapon, etc. Scary stuff. I think it’s just a May pole. It’s just another way for the secret for the cult that runs the world, to flaunt their obelisk. Google’s doodle today has roots sixty six on it, with the very conspicuous, very sixy looking G, which gives you a pretty blatant six, six, six. Again, it stands out just because of all days, they chose this day. They chose the high point on the Pagan Calendar. Today Satan was trending on twitter because of likely all of the above, but today is also the fifty six anniversary of the Church of Satan, a church that is openly control by Satan. Their leader, interestingly enough, is called Maga. We’ve been talking about the female form of Magus, the witch Maga trump is he the horror of Babylon, scarlet Lena, the scarlet hat and all kind of fits. There’s some connection here. I’ve made this correlation. Make America great again, replace America with Babylon. Make Babylon great again. Why would you have make Babylon great again? Well, because it’s fallen. And so if you look at the imagery, at the Horr of Babylon, she’s saying that, you know, Babylon has fallen and she’s got the across her brow this message, and it’s just seems to me kind of conspicuous. The hat is pretty much scarlet as well. And then it says Maga. While she’s a sorceress, she’s a witch. We’re talking about the horror of Babylon, and so trump comes out with the hat that says Maga. Well, Maga is again a witch. So I pointed out before that maybe if the and I don’t think they do, but if the transvestigators do have a point, then maybe there is something to it. Really warped stuff, but this is just the reality we live in. So the leader of the Church of Satan celebrating their anniversary tonight is Maga, or they also call her Mama Satan, and she’s the longest running figurehead for the organization. Today’s also the birthday of Travis Scott, who produce ust the Ashwall here’s behind the astral world concert where a bunch of people got crushed, but he’s doing a documentary called concert crush. Now a couple of things about that and we may look back into this. The astral world concert occurred exactly to the day, six hundred and sixty, six months and six days from the founding of the Church of Satan. So again he was born on the founding date. And from Saturday April thirty one thousand nine hundred and sixty six to Friday November the two thousand and twenty one is six, six, six months and six days. No coincidences here again. The whole set looked like a portal into hell. They were Fiftyzero people in attendance. Nine were crushed. This actually corresponds to the rock slide festival where there was a similar setup. Pearl Jam performed. Nine people got crushed. There’s an audience of Fiftyzero, just like astro world. Fiftyzero, nine crushed. Interestingly enough, Travis Scott, the birthday boy, was wearing a pearl jam shirt in his video escape plan. That aired a couple days before the crushing concert. So that shows for knowledge, shows a pattern, shows a script. And one other thing that might suggest we’re looking at a script here. All the people chanting, I can’t breathe at the concert are soon and they’re being represented by George Floyd’s family attorney, Benjamin crum. I can’t breathe. So anyway, this is pretty much where you’re seeing all of the Satan in the news. It’s in the politics, it’s in the well, it’s on the calendar right now, major holiday, of course, and it’s being mentioned all over the place. So let’s jump over to Roger Stone, because again Satan’s been trending Google doodle root six hundred and sixty six, Russia’s wagon Satan to and MTG’s blaming Satan for abortions and I legal immigration. And now this long time geop dirty tricks a Roger Stone has discovered a satanic portal over the White House. Now this portal again, I think, ties in to astro world. There you can say it. It’s very, very clear. It doesn’t move day or night. It’s harder to see during the day, but you see it at night and I’m absolutely convinced about the inherit. There it is again about the inherent evil of what’s going on in the White House, what’s going on in the country, and I think it’s imperative that people know about this, that people have good faith, that Christians know about this and we begin a national essentially a prayer assault to close the portal we were born for this moment. I have it for sure, for I’ve been prepared. Okay, so he wants to close the portal that’s opened up above the White House and I guess what they want to do is they want to pray for it to be closed. And you know, who are they going to pray to? That would be my question, because he’s aligned with General Flynn and this q and on. Really, it is a religious organization, cult and it’s based on the I am temple. It’s based on spiritual warfare, and so praying away the evil here would be kind of consistent with this group. So who are they praying to? If we look behind trump, I see a picture of I’m sorry, if you look behind Roger Stone, I see a picture of Donald Trump and they might be praying to donald trump. There’s we have a video, I played it last week, of this guy who was praying to trump because he’s pulled over by the police and the police were about to break the windows on his car. Man Prays to trump to save him from the police. And the queue on narrative is based on the idea that the Kennedy’s are the bloodline of Christ, that JFK and his son are coming back, second coming stuff and when they come back they’re going to save the world. But until they can get back here they’ve got trump as their agent. So the idea that trump would be someone they would pray to isn’t actually that far fetched. And before I go any further with the insanity of Roger Stone, who’s got a tramp stamp of Richard Nixon, I’m going to play this trumper praying to trump so he doesn’t get a parking ticket. I see you. I’m saying, guys, please just pray for me, please. As Gray it’s got his hands up to get a warrant. I know, I know, I know, my laws are you’re gonna have to get a warrant, sir. So he’s being belligerent, a very agen dy, but you know who knows? A lot of these people believe they have a an understanding of the law that transcends anything. The police say. But here he goes into this flailing kind of victimhood. Looks like a flailing liberal, but he’s a right wing. It’s amazing how these behaviors if all just found a new home. This is not what you would expect from the right ring, or at least I didn’t think so. But now the right wing are hippies and they’re activists, flailing on the street their cry bullies. At this point. This is definitely absurd. But here he is literally praying to Donald Trump. Now I commend them on remaining so calm with that signal on. It’s because everything that’s going on, it’s because I’m an honest man. I love you all. Please just pray for me. My hands are up, my hands are up in there. I’m not doing anything. Please just pray for me, please. Somebody taging Donald Trump. Donald Trump, if you can hear us, please, Donald Trump, and please save me. Please save me, Donald Trump, please. I’m asking. Please save me. All right now, I don’t know exactly what happened to him afterward. I don’t think trump saved him. Going through your comments, Tony Driscoll says trump is the horror Babylon. I think so. Only for you. Says may first is my birthday. Happy Birthday, as of like right now. Brian Rue says JFK has a covered no worries. Wonder if they cloned Kennedy for the hell of it. They say he’s in a medbed, this thing that they have. They say that he’s in a bed where this Zombie JFK, or maybe he never died, but that he looks exceptionally young. And there is this thing. You’ll see it on Sunday. Look on twitter. It’s called Kennedy Sunday, where they quite literally have a day of worshiping the Kennedy’s and think about a Sunday. It’s about worshiping his son, JFK Jr. It’s a NEO Christian cult. Among other things. CLAPTRAP says Hazard Lights. Okay, those could have been hazard lights. All right, all right, let’s see here. You know, I drive sometimes and I don’t feel like buckling up and I hear the little alarm, the little Ding Ding Ding, and to me it’s just like a contest. I’m like, I’m not going to let some Ai, I’m not gonna let some computer boss me around, I’m not going to let some machine win, and so has the noxious stimuli, the Ding, Ding, Ding, and I ignore it just to show it whose boss. I’ll drive for five miles, knowing how annoying it is, but I just I won’t even, I won’t even just buckle up just to shut it up. I won’t even press the button. I just show him not affected, not affected by its little annoyance. I’m the driver, all right, mayday Satan to satanic portal above the White House. Let’s get back to Roger Stone talking about the Satanic Portal, about the White House and how we can pray it away, for I’ve been preparing this for in the country and I think it’s imperative that people know about this, that people have good faith, that Christians know about this and we begin a national essentially a prayer assault to close the portal. We were born for this moment. I have it for sure. For sure, I’ve been preparing this for for this moment my entire life, without even knowing it. I just I was a political warrior, but this is no longer a war in the political realm. That’s rue. See, it’s not political, it’s spiritual. The deep state, the white hats versus the black hats. This is the framework that the I am temple, the church universal triumphant, used, only they called it the great white brotherhood. What it’s all about, this secret spiritual war. It’s far beyond politics and I believe that the Satanic Portal. Again, it’s that’s what the headline says. Satanic Portal both the White House. It was actually addressed by metabunk former presidential advisor, Roger Stone. Let’s go and mention that. Former presidential advisor. Says that there’s a portal above thing. Well, thing is and this is explained by Mick West, and I don’t automatically disregard what mickwest says just because he’s an obvious government show and gatekeeper, but basically his evidence comes from these photos and one of the things that Mick has done is he has shown how easy it is to replicate camera errors, Lens flares and then pass it off as a UFO or second son. You know crow triple seven seven seven seven seven, the Roskin YouTube channel that deals with the lunar waves. Well, all of his effects from his lunar waves to his second son. Apparently they found another son in our solar system and nobody noticed, but this guy with his particular camera. All these effects can be replicated and have been by Mick West. So what I’m pointing out is this the main evidence for there being a satanic portal above the White House is that you have this lens flare that someone who’s an amateur photography has misinterpreted. And this is why I find Croa triple seven, seven, seven sevens evidence, quote unquote, so dubious, because he’s been doing photography for decades. If you’re a training photographer, you know the errors. You wouldn’t mistake a lens flare for another son. Yet he does and the subscribers don’t question it. So this is not new. This reflection of the sun is not a new thing. So again we’re just looking at this is most likely, according to Mickwest, a wet camera effect. Is what he called here. Wet Drop caustics, the water on the cover bends and fuses the light. The hexagonal shape comes in the shape of the cameras aperture. So there are plenty of explanations without reaching to satanic portal above the White House. So Anyway, internal reflections causing lens flares or satanic portal above the White House. You know, take your pick. Reality subjective. You can believe what you feel like, right and and I do know how it comes out. Now let me say this. So He’s taken this Lens Flare Time about Roger Stone, who’s got a tramp stamp of Nixon. He’s taking this Lens Fair flare as evidence that, know, his whole life he wasn’t doing politics. He’s fighting a spiritual war. So are we to take him seriously that he’s now a spiritual warrior? I don’t. And is this any different from the Mandela affected who are confused about how memory works? Thinking that? Thank you, clap traps. As we at IPS appreciate the support made. A Space Force needs to make headline news with something. Where are our tax dollars going? Excellent question. May Day. It’s May Day, or Beltane Bonfires, more pagan celebration, may polls, but made a one word is the distress signal. It’s also noteworthy that Russia, and I pretty much called this when the space station was quote, cracking, Russia has officially decided that they are no longer going to cooperate in the International Space Station. There is a crack in the Tower of Babel. That’s what that actually signifies Russia will pull out of the internal space station over economic sanctions. The head of Russia’s space agency says that the country would leave. So that’s done. It’s about to go down. Let’s go ahead and continue listening to Roger Stone, who’s now spiritual because of a lens flare. This for for this moment, my entire life, without even knowing it. I just I was a political warrior. But this is no longer a war in the political realm. That’s right, and and I do know how it comes out, because I know how the Bible comes out. But I don’t know exactly what the plan is. But I do know that closing this portal is crucial to victory and I want others to talk about it or others to see it. You can look it up online. You can go to that live cameras up every night, folks up down. By the way, I predict you theou now take it down so people can’t see it run. But but this is not some practical Joe. This isn’t some conspiracy theory. I’m absolutely convinced that this is a STAS demonic. It is a in it portal, it is access to this earth by the so a demonic satanic portal above the White House. And the evidence is a Lens flayer and the guy here named Robin Bullock. Robin bullocks, he’s just like yet m nodding unquestionably. Yep, it’s got to be. There’s no OCCAM’s razor, no hitchins razor, no skepticism here. Nope, definitely a satanic portal, and the Democrats definitely drink adrenochrome coolaid and they eat babies. Yep, Uh Huh, it all makes sense. I mean, at this point it’s really that subjective. And this guy used to advise trump and as a picture of trump behind him. Let’s go and wrap this those who are evil at only by closing it will be we will be successful in saving this nation under God. Okay, so we got to save the nation by closing the portal. And again, what are the odds? What are the odds that a portal above the White House would be trending, a satanic portal on which is night? This would be like happening on Halloween. Just for context, this holiday right now is the midway point between the Equinox and the solstice, just like Halloween. And so when I’m suggesting here is that this is to cartoonish. If there was a satanic portal above the White House, if Russia had a rocket named Satan and MTG was causing Satan to trend on twitter by talking about him like he’s a real person on Halloween, we would say, okay, this is just they’re just reading a script. This is got to be a joke. While it is a joke, all right. So let’s go through the other things in the news letter I posted here. So again, it is true that the Astro World Concert happened six hundred and sixty, six months and six days from the date of the Church’s founding. Well, Satan to fall to the earth, signifying the end of the Tower of Babel and the beginning of space wars? I kind of think so. So the split in the space station represents a schism, a continuation of the schism down below, and it is really accentuated by the presence of the billionaires. You’ve got a very clear picture here when you see Jeff Bezos with his cowboy hat going into space. The significance there is that we’re looking at are we going into space as space COMMI’s living sustainably, a continuation of the green world order, or are we going to go up there as space cowboys? Capitalist? This is a new frontier. Let’s create trillionaires. This is the central question in the movie. Don’t look up. This is the question we’re all being asked. That’s why they had bays those posing on his mega yacht looking like Nimrod, you know, is all pumped up on growth hormones and he’s on his mega yacht. The mega yacht is a symbol of the titanic. Don’t look up. The Earth as titanic. It’s all metaphor. Tower of Babel unifying, a symbol of man’s hubrists again a titanic. And one more thing. Netflix, which predicts the future, has an episode on inside job eleven reference, where Jeff bezos on his yacht gets eaten by a kraken. So there you have an inside job nine and eleven cracking taken down. The Tower of Babbel reference built into it. And he launched, by the way, in his cowboy hat, on the anniversary of Apollo Eleven. He launched at hundred and eleven am today, and this is from July twenty two thousand and twenty one. Today, billionaire Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, again richest man in the world, sticking his head into the heavens. He became a space cowboy, launching himself outside of Earth’s atmosphere for ten minutes while, what? While wearing a cowboy hat and boots. To put it very plainly, this was a bizarre uniform for a new sort of final frontier. See, wild west, it can be exploited, we can go mine asteroids, etc. So this is all just a provocation. The guy is not a cowboy in any sense of the word, but this is all symbolic. So now, with the Russians leading the space station, it’s pretty clear that the division is going to be along the lines of space cowboys versus space commies. Here is the trending Hashtag. Earlier, Satan was trending with forty four thousand plus tweets. Speaking of the number, forty four, four years, four months and four days after, Elon Musk tweeted how much does twitter cost? He bought it four hundred forty four billion. So these numbers, this is beyond coincidence. I mean the Travis Scott thing, six hundred and sixty six months. No ways at a coincidence, not when you combine it with the shirt referencing the other concert. It says birthday on that, I mean on this date. Too many coincidences piling up. Now we find that Elon Musk was asking about buying twitter exactly four months, four years, four days before he does. Or forty four billion. What does that mean? Clap trap says, I tip forty two dollars, just to wink at the space game. Appreciate the support. For those of you who didn’t know, I spent most of April working a parttime got job that turned out to require basically a full time schedule. The Hours wise and when it all panned out paycheck wise, it really was less than eight bucks an hour and I’m like, I can’t really take away time from research. I’d like to be immersed in this. You know, this isn’t this isn’t something that I do as a parttime thing. It requires fulltime research. I’m interacting with people and we’re engaged in so many projects in the job was a huge distraction and, like I said, it didn’t pay off. So I figured I’m just going to double down on this. So in addition to being my full time job, it’ll be my parttime job, no other distractions, and it’s all facilitated by listeners. We are truly independent, Brian Bruce says, west world. That’s why bezos built the clock. Now bezos? Yeah, he built a forty two million dollar clock inside of a mountain in Texas, a tenzero year clock. And, as was pointed out by Zerith the alchemist the other day, Tenzero is a reference to Saturn as well being well Chronos. The clock Saturn time. Forty two covert way of representing the symbol of Saturn. Fours. The Cross to is the side collect it’s a symbol of the grain deity, the reaper. But tenzero years is a reference to Saturn’s Tenzero Day circuit. Takes Tenzero days for Saturn to return. Now, speaking of returns, that kind of ties into the Pluto return topic here. So I’ve been thinking about the return of Pluto. Now Pluto is hades same character and on the twenty second of February, Haiti Slash Pluto returned to the point where it was on July the fourth, seventeen seventy six. Now seventeen seventy six is immensely significant. Has All kinds of second coming and Phoenix connections. It’s notable that the one World Trade Tower is one thousand seven hundred and seventy six feet high, that tower having been erected upon the ashes of the Twin Towers that were thirty three when they were burned down. There was a thirteen year period that elapsed before it opened on eleven three. The second coming is implied also in the height. Seventeen seventy six divided by two is eight hundred and eighty eight, which is the number of Christ. So Christ plus second coming is kind of encoded into it. So here’s my point. One seventeen seventy six was the year of the declaration of dependence, but also the founding of the ILLUMINATI. So that number has some great significance here. So where it arrived is signifying to me a second coming of Pluto, a second coming of Hades, and it ties into this seventeen seventy six number. And here’s the important part. I look at declaration of independence in the subtext here as perhaps even have a connotation of the fall from heaven, decoloration of independence from God. What I’m about Hadis in this bigger storyline, because the idea here is Haiti’s releases the kraken. And again the Kraken has been a major symbol since the election of eleven. Three. That’s the date that the one World Trade Tower opened. Another Tower of Babel symbol one and three. So again Jeff Bezos, on inside job a movie with a eleven reference, gets killed by the KRAKEN. Haities releases the kraken. So I’m seeing again. The Mega Yacht is analogus the titanic. The Tower of Babl a monument to the richest man in the world and his hubris. We have the space wars pitting the COMMIES, space commies, versus the space cowboys. So what looks like to me, just my sig my thinking here, is that the Kraken, in this instance, the coming crack in thing that’s reference that’s being released, may have to do with something that splits apart right now, the outer space warfighting terrain that makes it now completely off limits to anything other than what’s a war fighting domain. Now that’s kind of where we’re moving here. I think that’s what’s next. Z in Bella says there’s a tool album tenzero days. They’re very big on the Saturn stuff. CLAPTRAP says. Have you looked at the images of the forty two million dollar clock. It’s a giant one eye symbol. I haven’t seen it. I’ll look. Lean down, says gone or the days on. The astronauts had to be peak physical fitness. Yeah, well, they sent Captain Kirk to space to emphasize again the final frontier unregulated. See, they don’t want us to go out. This is what they mean by cowboy. They don’t want you to go out there unregulated. They made this very clear in the Mars TV show, or show on Netflix, which was a sort of a pseudo documentary. But basically the space cowboys were the ones from Texas who want to drill full oil and Mars and they cause an earthquake and destroyed the base where the scientists were trying to discover life. One group trying to discover life, led by women, Sis Women, the other group led by male space cowboys with their big drills to go and rape Mars and they cause an earthquake. So that’s kind of a story that we’ve already been, you know, fed here about how are we going to approach outer space as space cowboys or as a with this sustainable business model? And I think this is definitely why they had basils go out there, this cowboy hatting. He looks down at the Earth, richest man in the world and he looks at it and he has to know how fragile it looks and he’s like, I did that am is on is responsible for how much of the collective carbon footprint? I mean, if man gets judged, if we get flooded, it’s because of people like bezos. Then he goes back down and he gets on his yacht. So here’s the interesting parallel here. And it ties into this tower of Babel thing, because just the other day in Virginia bezos got approval for the Helix building. And this is more symbolism, showing you how consistent this is. This connects him. This connects him with Nim Rod, the Guy who built the Tower of Babel. Five days ago, Amazon’s new headquarters was mocked for its awkward shape. So he gets mocked for his rocket. He gets mocked because it looks like a big well, it is. It’s a felic symbol. It’s what it is. It’s an obelisk. But he gets mocked for it because the media acts like it’s just a coincidence. Well, now he’s being mocked because his new headquarters looks like the Tower of Babel. Amazon’s Helix shaped tower, the centerpiece of its headquarters being built in Virginia, has been hailed by the Magno Corporation is a feat of modern architecture. It’s going to dominate the Washington DC skyline. So this is something that’s been talked about for some time. But again, this is just touching on this idea that he represents. Nim Rod Building a tower into the heavens with his space program with Amazon, A to Z. It’s about Hubris, the richest man in the world. And then, what’s more, just as Nimrod was flaunting God’s will by building the tower and making this incursion into heaven, we’re looking at a parallel story. He didn’t care about, or rather he didn’t fear, judgment in the tower falls genesis eleven nine or whatever. Again, reverse eleven. Well, what did BEZOS DO? He went up there and he saw the damage that he did to the earth and he went back down onto his make a yacht, the least sustainable man on earth. My point is he’s flaunting the globe, the wrath of globe. He’s acting like he doesn’t believe that his carbon footprint might trigger some response. So I look at him as definitely playing the role of Nimrod, Baiting God, bating the globe, daring it to tip over his tower hard again. It’s made a May first two thousand and twenty two, Brian Bruce says cowboys versus aliens movie. Trying to remember if there’s anything to it. Well, the idea of outer space being this new frontier is threatening to the status quo and the statuss who look even Bezos, is said back in two thousand and seventeen. It’s kind of free civilization before we destroy the earth. So if you allow a bunch of billionaires to go out there and bring back trillions of dollars in wealth, it destabilizes the world. It enable it in aables many more people to own megayachts. We can’t have any more bezos has running around, and that’s the story here. So I think we’re seeing a story. I don’t think that he’s literally this big of a hypocrite. I mean, I guess it’s possible. Okay, so again bezos used to call him crazy. Nothing not to make. It’s not ad Hominem when I’d say crazy eye Jeff bezos. I am pointing out they can the conspicuous symbolism and the symbolic value of the accentuated eye, the eye of horace. When I covered you see it with all of the cult members and I always noticed with Bezos it seemed to be kind of built into his image early on. And what’s more, it could be a surgical alteration. That wouldn’t shock me. But what’s more, he’s from New Mexico, kind of a mysterious origin story and in many ways, becoming the richest man planned to go to Mars. Mysterious origin story. He mirrors the man who fell to Earth, David Bowie character who, like Jeff Bezos, lands in New Mexico mysterious origin, creates a world spanning corporation, becomes the richest man so that he can go back to Mars. So bezos is a bit of Dr Evil, he’s a bit of the man who fell to Earth and he’s a bit of Lex Luthor. Apparently hadn’t seen this one, but one of the main things is if you look at his is early imagery, especially, and this is also connected with Doctor Evil, who has the one eyebrow raised. If you look at the earlier pictures of Bezos, it’s unmistakable that there is something up with the eye. It’s accentuated. And with his wealth and money, if he wanted any kind of asymmetry corrected, he could afford it. So I always thought, okay, he’s got some kind of implant. Maybe that eyes how Lucifer interfaces with the world directly. But I don’t think it’s a coincident. That happens to represent or symbolize something very significant to the cult that he’s a part of. And there is made thirty three billion dollars the first quarter during covid made thirteen billion in a day a month after. Can I looking back at the clock, the ten thousand year clock does look like an eye, single eye. Fascinating. It’s a binary mechanical computer that’s not going to age well ten thousand years and it’s already behind the Times. Anyway, it looks interesting. Definitely looks like the eye of Saur on. Fascinating. It looks like something out of that dark crystal like does it suck the souls out of the Gafflin, the Little Elf kids? Very, very disturbing looking piece of ARC artwork there. All right, let me go through some comments. CLAPTRAP says they’re going to build a clock and have it hidden inside the mountain. Yeah, it’s not even going to be a mount rushmore thing it’s inside the mountain. Makes even less sense. But anyway, bezos is Nimrod building the Tower of Babbel. The Tower of babble equals the titanic. The titanict getting killed by the crack in on inside job is a clear eleven reference to the takedown of the Tower of Babel, represented by the ISSS. Just pointing out here. There’s a network of storylines and threads here that connect all of this. Okay, let’s go back to our main topic. Okay, here’s a related subject. Will Tom Cruise is movie on the Isss be more realistic then what the isss shows us every single day? So that’s the problem. That’s got to be a an issue here. So for the for the sake of fake space, I’ve been saying it would be best if they do WTC seven the ISS before much longer, as in pull it, because if Tom Cruise films a movie up there, he’s going to confront the issue of how to make his movie not look too much better than NASA footage. This would be a an emergency if the public notice a contrast, because the ISSS CGI has been stagnant for well twenty years. It’s barely keeping up with consumer level entertainment. The propaganda is not keeping up their crisis actors are noticeably terrible compared to Hollywood actors. Well, the government special effects in space are just as bad compared to Hollywood special effects. There’s a chasm that they have not overcome and they cannot upgrade the special effects and the ISS to Hollywood level without people noticing, because we’ve been looking at a twenty two year plus Blooper Real, twenty two years of constant buffoonery. You can’t suddenly have these people doing barrel rolls, you can’t have them suddenly flying around. No, they got to look like they’re dangling on harnesses. Peace Circle Three hundred and sixty says, why does it have to be a satanic portal? You’re talking about Roger Stone. Yet why does he suggest it’s satanic and why do we have to pray for it to close? Why? Maybe it’s not a satanic portal, maybe it’s a peace circle. The International Energy Agency is calling for climate lockdowns to reduce fossil fuel usage. We called it here. The pandemic was really just an excuse to go after the infodemic, the free flow of information, which they’ve done, and the infrastructure or the attitudes need to be shaped. Everything need to be prepared for a lockdown culture, because the long term agenda was humanities going under lockdown to save the planet. Of course, unless you’re Jeff Bezos. Look when Jeff bezos falls, when this tower of Babel Falls, the world will rejoice. Americas something of a pariah. It Has Been Disrespecting God, Aka the globe, for some time. Since the COVID lockdowns didn’t crush the economy, they have another excuse. But again, this was obvious before, and now, in the wake of these food plants being hit by planes and random fires, I’m thinking someone needs to check on Alex Jones as neighbors. If you remember, back in the COVID lockdown, six weeks in, he was talking about eating his neighbors literally. But I’m seeing a lot of hype about the food shortage, which fit. It fits in with this twenty twenty too thing. And where is this all leading us? I believe we’re all being led into this great reset mentality that suggests that sustainability is the ultimate ideal. So we’re not going to Mars a space cowboys. There won’t be any cowboys on Mars. No Maga, no guns, no Republicans, no fossil fuels, no individuality. You know, this is a collectivist enterprise. We’re going into space as as a collective with becoming a multiplanetary species, and we have to leave behind the things that destroyed the earth, like ego. You have to become selfless. That’s what Jeff bezos represents, a man building a monument to his ego so big that he imperils the entire quote planet. And so they have given us the idea of outer space and Mars as this ideal, and they even got the capitalist on board, people who believe in private property, free enterprise. They think space is great, they think it’s about going to some paradise in the sky. So the idea here, I think, is to set the premise that if you can get them to accept the idea that you have to live this way and it’s perfect, and if you can live that way on Mars, why couldn’t you do it on earth? It’s utopianism trying to create a perfect vision based on something, a pie in the sky, a vision. Look at he says Communitarian Space. Exactly. This is the great reset, which is the Gretta Reset, leading us into the soilent green world order again. The Russians are abandoning. This is s s five hundred tons of metal. They already threatened to drop it on us. I’ve a one more reference to the whole Satan thing just because of what night it is. So there’s been this story and I just playing the clip. Yesterday the Geop, a lot of the geop leadership, seemed to think that furries are trying to get the quality in restrooms so that the new thing is that going to have litter boxes in the restrooms. So it’s not just about having an additional restroom for non binary but now rushrooms need to accommodate those who think that they are animals. So the geop is going out there complaining about how far off we are from our, I guess, sense of collective sense of reality or something to where. Now, yeah, we have people demanding to have litter boxes because they think of themselves as animals. Well, it’s not true that there are furies, but here’s a couple of things about it. One, people are scoffing at these Republicans for thinking this was real, but they’re not scoffing at the furies. So you have people with tails and furry ears thinking their animals, living like animals, treating themselves as living avatars, like they’re in a metaverse that you have to respect. Their invisible tales. Can’t sit on their invisible tail if it’s on the chair. My point is that’s not the weird part. The weird part is calling it out as weird. But my final reference is that the Church of Satan, and I went to their website and I thought, is this a furry website? Because when they do their ceremonies, and presumably right now, as we speak, they’re in the middle of one, you can go to their website they’re all dressed up like animals. I see goats, I see pigs, I see cats, animals, and I went into their books a little bit here and some of their writings, and what I found is they do believe that man is just a another animal and that they recognize their animal nature. They dresses animals in some of their rituals and so, yes, I’m not saying they’re furries, but the satanists identify as animals, so I’m kind of curious. Do they have litter boxes over at their temple? Thank you, Bruce. Appreciate the support. He says. Thanks Tim. Keep Rolling. The twenty four seven replays are great. Thank you very much for the support. And yes, the twenty four seven replays are going to be ongoing and I’m going to be curating stuff from a few years back and now that they have more times devote to this, I’m going to be recording a podcast separate. I’m bringing back the very specific topic oriented podcast which will get into Lochnar, says happy beltane. Anybody setting fires tonight? Isn’t that what they do may pole? I’m expecting some something this weekend. It’s too good of an opportunity and the elite or too obsessed, as I’ve been pointing out here, the Google’s doodle and against Satan trending. Not a coincidence. Okay, I’m going to open up phones here in just a moment. Want to go ahead and prouse my twitter feed and make sure I haven’t missed anything. I often your mark things on twitter. So yes, Russia is out. It’s a big deal because, you know, I pointed out this summer that there was a crack in the space station. This is being commented on extensively. I’m thinking a crack on the space station sounds to me like another way of saying that the schism is reaching up above. So now to hear that Russia is quitting the international space station over sanctions, not a surprise. That’s from Bloomberg. The Tower of Bowel is crumbling. Then you have Putin personally threatening to nuke the west. So now it’s on the table. Satan to again. That’s trending. Planning to potentially nuke the West. Roger Stone spotting a satanic portal over the White House, and this definitely corresponds to the fifty six anniversary of the Church of Satan and Travis Scott. Okay, so I’m going to open phones now. I think I caught up with everything here. Oh yeah, Marjorie Taylor Green talking about the Catholic Church being controlled by Satan. That it’s again not a shocking claim in my view, but the timing of it stands out. And so now I’m looking at this White House communications, the WHCA dinner and during the dinner Joe Biden is the focus of some comedian statement and for some unknown reason he gives himself the sign of the Cross. No explanation, so I’m going to go and show you the screen. Here’s Joe Biden grinning like a joker before and doing the cross. Yes, that night of the Philadelphia Bulletin Evening Newspaper. That’s right, table lady too, yes, tonight. You don’t now. There’s no context to it. Why would he suddenly give himself a cross over his body? Maybe it’s to draw attention to his Catholic faith, which would make sense considering the Anti Catholic bias being attributed to the political right. Okay, thank you. Clap traps, as made a got its start as an international distress call. In one thousand nine hundred and twenty three is made official and forty eight. It was Frederick Mackford who was a senior, okay, officer, at the airport in London. He came up with the idea from Maydax. It sounded like the French word made her well made a and the implication of something falling from the sky is what somewhat makes me think this may have to do with Russia’s decision to vacate the ISSS and Russia was just talking about dropping five hundred tons of metal, possibly on to Seattle. And by the way, and I’ve been vindicated, I don’t need mainstream media to back me up on this because it is true and the truth is going to come out. I was trying to get out. I was hoping to get out to DC for the W HC a dinner. George News was there. He tweeted from there that George News actually blocked me on his twitter within hours of creating it. Now the significance is that the queue and honors believe that George News is Q, and they have for more than a year, and the news media has not yet picked up on this. The major authors have not picked up on this and I feel like they’re covering for him. But look at this now. The Queue and honors think that the storm is still coming, that trump is going to announce the storm any day now and that the storm is going to come from it’s going to be announced on George News’s platform. That’s the new line. Here’s the queue and honors are looking at. Does anyone else here think that the tweet will come from George News? My fellow Americans. So they’re waiting on a tweet that’s going to announce an emergency broadcast and then the military tribunals will begin. RUSSELS bear says the storm is long gone. Lochnar says all the Satan talk in the Google stuff around beltane not a coincidence. railer o five says Marty mcfly was born on six twelve and sixty eight, the same day Rosemary’s baby came out. Interesting Rosemary’s baby, that movie has a lot of parallels to would say. Devil’s advocate has been gets a job and the wife doesn’t know, but he’s now hooking up with Satanists and then while she’s drugged, she gets impregnated to have the Satan’s baby, which is what happens more or less. Thank you for the support. Thank you. As person who says here a D support Q. I think it’s what he said. We Study Q. I think that the person who wrote Q, or the people or the Department or the agency is the same agency, the same department, the same people who wrote hundred and eleven. So that’s kind of my take on it. I don’t think it’s organic, I don’t think it’s new and you know this should get you to question things a little bit about it. You know who had the script on q and on before before the queue honors Marilyn Manson. Look at Marilyn Manson’s video, Coma White, and it’s all about JFK being the second coming. He plays the role of JFK. Rose mcgawan plays the role of Jackie Onassis, very significant name, rose McGowan, the Rose Cross, Rosa Crucian. It’s the same basic symbol here. But what we’re looking at is in this video he plays a role of JFK and it’s about the nation’s in mourning because Jesus came back and got killed, but luckily there’s going to be a third Jesus coming and they’re going to call him president white and he will unite the world. Now this came out in nineteen ninety nine. The thing about it is the coma white video has for knowledge about this entire Q and on story line about JFK JR being the savior, essentially the third Jesus. But now here’s the tie in. This is what pretty much shows that this is in fact the correct and the same script. The music video for Coma White was shot in February of nineteen ninety nine, inspired by a script that Manson wrote called Holy Wood. It featured the idea that there was Jesus, JF K, and now they’re waiting on the third and final savior, president white. So here’s what’s more. This is the tie in that shows you that this is definitely part of the same story. The coma white video was delayed because of the death of John F Kennedy Jr. So basically, Manton had issue a statement about the video because of the controversial timing of his video and how it connected. He said. Little did I know that the tragedy and the accidental death of JFK JR would follow. So how would he know? He’s supposed to apologize because it’s a video predicted something here, but this is what the queue and honors actually believe, and so like well, what does he know? I dug a dug into it a little bit more and I found Manson has some other cubrick connections that we’ve explored. Going through your comments, a lot of people are saying the storm is long gone. Infinite Mus Roman, Polanski, Rosemary’s baby. Yeah, and another thing, Rosemary’s baby. Those might just be a rumor, but I believe that Aunton Lavey from the Church of Satan was a technical adviser, which is noteworthy because Roman Polanski’s connected to the Manson event. In other words, his Sharon tate killed by the Manson called and the Manson killer, Susan Atkins, was a member of aunt mivey’s church. Okay, let’s see what have here. Was Aunton miveya technical advisor for Rosemary’s baby? Legends revealed says he acted on many dark films as a consultant, including Rosemary’s baby. Now I don’t know if that was him in the scene where she’s drugged and she gets impregnated by the devil. Fascinating. But he’s an interesting character for a few reasons. One, his connection to the Manson killers, to his connection to the night Stalker Richard Rameris. And three, if you look at their trademarked Pentagram, the one that this church uses, and again this is their fifty sixth anniversary, they have a very particular way of representing the goats head symbol where they spell the word and Leviathan in Hebrew characters at the points of the star. So it’s not the group in I believe Michigan with the statute. It’s not the same group that’s doing the reach out to children. It’s a it’s the older group. But if you look it’s spells and this is I think code. This is encoded here. It spells Leviathan around the circle here. And then his name, Anton leavy, is probably a fake name. I think it’s definitely fake name. I believe his real name is Howard Stanton. Now, if you look at the Baphomet, the actual symbol of the goat sitting on the statue, it was designed by guy named aimed Levy, you could see the name a life is Levy or Levi l eve I. So anyway, the main Deity or God that the Satan is pray to is Leviathan. So I think it’s interesting that Anton Lavay, if you were to do an Anagram, you could get leavay or Levi a thought pretty much leviathan encoded into Anton Lavay and I think it’s intentional. And again Leviathan. If you look at the I think I think this might actually also be another reference. It’s a here we go dark magician reference. As a few references here that are worth looking into. I know the fifth degree in their church is called a Maga. Okay, and go in love. Liathan is a sea serpent. Okay, here’s other part of it too. So Leviathan is the sea serpent, which might be another way of representing or pointing out the Kraken, which again being associated with who had hes Lord of the underworld, and who better to represent that than Anton Leave Ay, the Church of Satan and, of course, their veneration of this deity cracking. And what’s more, I’ve been pointing out that there may be some pretty strong connections between the Kraken and this crack in like deity called Toulu from the lovecraft mythos. Now, the connection here is this this cracking like character came down from space the elder gods, l Saturn reference and they landed at Point Nemo, according to the story, which is the exact place where NASA says that they are going to drop the ISSS, that when they decommission the ISS they say it’s going to be dropped at Point Nemo, the space graveyard where the International Space Station will be dropped. So, anyway, my point is is this. You have this fictional character, this fictional crack in from science fiction that lives in this place. That corresponds to where Jules Verne had Twentyzero Leagues under the sea and where Nassa says they’re going to drop the ISS the spacecraft cemetery, where lights in the sky go to rest. It’s the space craft cemetery. Well, in the lovecraft mythos this place is called city of the dead. So it’s basically a cemetery beneath the ocean called Riley. Now there’s one more connection here between K Riley’s, a fictional lost city, meant it’s a sunken city in the South Pacific, and prison of the entity called Cutulu, dead weights dreaming. So all these connections are interesting enough. But then it gets more more intricate here, because anti com of a and the leviathing connection ties into Catulu because weirdly enough, and I looked into his book, at the end of the Satanic Bible, one of his ritual books, it actually has a chapter on HP lovecraft and summoning this crack in cutulu character the influence on HP lovecraft on occultism. Let me see if I can find the reference there. But yeah, specifically, Anton the A has HP lovecraft in his books and they do believe in, or rather they take it seriously enough to have a ritual to summon this fictional deity. So there you have another connection between Kutulu and the Krak in, straight from the source. Ryla says, does Youtube not let you do super chats? Yeah, we’ve been demonetized on youtube since two thousand and seventeen. We’ve been cut off for a lot of reasons, and obviously it’s because we used to be able to basically sustain this channel and do things just on Youtube. But they they used the ability to demonetize you to coerce you into plane by their rules. All right, Bruce, says. Lavey Anton, the H is silent. Yep, I can kind of see it. They’re we says. The text message just came through. Satanic interference. Maybe I got the time zone wrong. Did the text messages just go through? If you missed anything, if you just arrived late because of the the Gremlins or whatever, there will be a replay after. We’ve been talking about Roger Stone, the Satanic Portal and the trending Hashtag Satan and the significance of all of the above in the context of the world stage. Brian Bruce says there are Larpi cutulu cults that no one has ever seen. Yeah, think about that. We’ve got the Church of Satan literally prays to Catulu. They face the ocean and they venerate Leviathan. There’s a okay, I see. Thank you, Cet. We had IPS appreciate the sport. Marilyn Manson mocked the story of Adam removing his rib to make eve, saying he had done just to self indulge interesting. Sounds like fake news, although it’s not all that unbelievable. We live in an age where the the furrey demographic is mobbing up to demand litter boxes. Let me go through some headlines here. Russia’s quitting the ISS over sanctions. Putin’s going to nuke the west, over Ukraine. Roger Stone shows photos of a satanic portal over the White House. Again, that’s amazing to me that you’re able to take from a simple lens flare a spiritual transformation. Like I’ve been in politics my whole life, but now I know what was that one? I think it was the watchman. I was watching an episode of the watchman where a kraken falls on New York. Now here’s another connection. We talked about Hades, the crack in Haities. Reute releases the KRAKEN and in this context, you know, Pluto returns is hades. So it just seems like, well, maybe there’s something something to this Cultoolu thing, because the whole story with HP lovecraft is that they’re dead but dreaming, meaning at some point they’re going to come back up and again. Hunter Biden’s crack pipe was a major pusher of the crack meme. And then as we reached the point of Pluto Return, as we reached mid February, getting closer to Ututwo, suddenly Biden’s White House was all about putting a crack pipe in every pocket and I’m like, why is the crack pipe? And hunters laptop was trending again, thanks in large part to Marjorie Taylor Green. So the cracks being put out there. And then I’m looking into the Biden character and and why would his son be, you know, constantly being used to promulgate this particular meme? You know, what is this whole thing and thinking what it’s got to be all just to build this narrative. Then you look at the name Biden and bid dint so the character hadis the deity carries a two pronged spear, like a triedent with two prongs, called a bident’t he releases the Krack in and he’s often pictured with dogs on a leash. And of course he’s a guardian or he’s at the gates. The dog is at the gates to hadies. So it is kind of noteworthy that as we were entering into this Pluto Return, not only is Biden passing out crack pipes, but Biden’s telling weird stories about leaving dead dogs on the doorsteps of here we go, Biden tells a story about putting a dead dog on a Republicans doorstep. This is again leading up to this something in Biden. Dead Dogs, doorways, crack. Seems like there’s some kind of storyline building. And then, sure enough, yes, turns out that hades carries a bidnt, it’s got a dog on a leash and releases the kraken. So it’s all stories. My Point? All right, let me go through your comments. Here a jared board says. It doesn’t show up in my feed yet you have to get on the text alerts. Bottom line, we are not going to be treated as guests here on Youtube. Seventy three seven says news is crazy lately, more than usual. Or is it just my state? I think it is. I think they have a way of intensifying the news and then it goes mundane, and so they make it go really intense, they have some kind of an event and then it comes down again, kind of like in an abusive relationship, which is what collectively mankind is in a dysfunctional, codependent relationship with media. And to maintain the Stockholm Syndrome control it does require a periodic beating more or less, and then a cooling off period, and right now I think psychologically we are taking a beating. Not a coincidence that this morose, depressing, disturbing Batman movie, very gloomy, dark stuff, comes out and it perfectly ties in with a shooting in a Boston subway. They’re trying to program us to expect that we have these dangerous people on the Internet with their Internet communities ready to pop off at a moment’s notice. I’ve OAR said if you wrote these characters in a story, you would think it was shit writing. Oh yeah, and if you were trying to sell the ISS as a movie, you wouldn’t get you wouldn’t sell the movie because your special effects are too terrible, like, oh no, green screen glitches, are you an amateur? Find a real editor. What explains NASA’s terrible video editing skills? I think it’s this. It’s not coming from the free market’s not coming from competition. They’re not paying for the best because they can’t, because they’re not being honest. They’re doing covert operations. So they got to basically work with government employees. That’s why. So some guy who’s got a certain paygrade is doing the editing and he’s got some manual and it’s just buried. There’s no artistry to it. CLAPTOP says amber needs to be heard as she’s a victim of Johnny Depp. So the amber heard Johnny Depp story is interesting, kind of a reverse of the Evan Wood Marilyn Manson interesting connections there. How old is amber heard? Does anybody know? Thirty six years old, born April twenty two. I’ll look into this character. I’ve listened to some of this. I think it’s all drama. She was in Aquaman. Okay, yeah, we look into it. I think it’s all drama to build up hype for these actors. Squeeze a little more ticket sales, get some hype. It’s how you get attention these days. I’m still waiting for Kanye West to go OJ on Pete Davidson, who’s Dad died on eleven at the age of thirty three. Certainly not a coincidence. Hey, we have a new song by Chief Crow that I’m going to play before we leave, so don’t let me forget. But also I got to play this. This is a track called the voice of q from one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, and this is being shared widely by the queue and honors. So I’m going to play it in its entirety. This is the voice of Q. Okay, I’m not going to play it in its entirety. I’m going to play thirty seconds of it. I can hardly do it. This is worse than auto tune. I feel like I’m punishing everyone. Just play ten seconds. It’s open Q. So is that the voice of JFK, JR JFK? Who is q? I mean, is that Marcus Goldfinch? I don’t think so. It’s time traveler. Anyway, this is not that bad. I think it would be fine if it had the Q guy taken out. But if you listen to the lyrics, it’s all about receiving a transmission from this intergalactic Federation of Aliens or something that’s Communica. I’m surprised that youtube hasn’t censored this, like how did this one escape the filters? Anyway, this is the voice of Qu one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. I could see General Flynn dancing to this. You know, he did a karaoke of we ain’t going to take it and we ain’t going to take it. Was the last official q drop. Granger man says the Cutulu character looks like Davy Jones from the pirates of the Caribbean. Okay, so the basis of the Catula mythos is that the gods that created man, the Nanaki, the elders, the one that’s felt to the earth. Well, they’re not rep toys. Their squids, that there were some kind of comment that fell the oceans, are an alien body and the octopuses, the squids, are actually hyperintelligent aliens and their progeny rule the earth in their stead. So it’s the squid people, not the reptoids, if that’s to be believed. Brian Bruce says that would be playing during the entire Kennedy mass tomorrow. Okay, yeah, that’s this was shared by queue and honors. Yep, they definitely shared that. We says they steal some of those lyrics from the Beastie Boys. Lots of cue programming in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two. For some reason. Someone says, yeah, I think the queue and on story is something that was written back when they wrote eleven. I really think it goes back that far, if not further. Let’s continue going through my minds. Talked about Jeff Bezos, space cowboy. Ukraine welcomes back thirty three soldiers. Medical expert laments the exodus of thirty three thousand doctors among amidst the covid nineteen pandemic. Just disparate news pieces, all somehow connected to that number for some weird reason. Here’s an interesting mashup. But you know, picture it’s worth a thousand words. And you know, a meme like this, this, this is like beyond just artistry and we talk about our memes here. We have a mean pool like here’s here’s a text message I sent to me. Are you an artist? I make memes. Oh, so you’re a philosopher, and I think that’s true, because what you’re getting into with memes is condensed ideas that are optimized for transmission. So this is a meme that’s worth plenty. The Gretta Reset, where you have a mashup of Darth Schwab and Grette Thunberg, and I’ve Long said that Grette Thunberg is probably just an am animatronic Avatar of Al Gore, and I think I can substantiate that. But what you’re seeing here is the face of the great reset, and note the eye being covered. Another one of these eye of horrace references, new age reference. This is the same thing with Bezos. Is I a Gretta Anagram for great the great work of the occultists, the great work of the Freemasnic, the great work of the ages. That’s what we’re looking at here. The Green World Order, the Green Revolution. Everything we’re seeing is really just a cover for this great reset that was planned long, long before even Klaus Schwab was born. So we are living through the Gretta reset. The reason they chose her ties in to what she represents, the child of the new age, that Andrew Gen Post gender lambasting the older generation for ruining the planet, deciding to start with a blank slate. That’s what this represents the age of Horace, and that’s why the eye is covered. Horace is Mars in the Egyptian Pantheon. So the Mars Age, the Mars utopianism, is really just preparing you for the age of Mars, the age of Horace living on Earth, as we will on Mars, sustainably in homes made out of astrocrete and probably bones. Brian Bruce Says Gretta and Rittenhouse are part of the Nazi twin breeding program after they fled to Argentina. I wouldn’t be surprised. Gretta and Kyle were both born January third, two thousand and three. They’re both nineteen now, but, like what are the odds? Same Birthday, completely antithetical characters. You know, she is the opposite of him. She’s the annoying child activist, child actor on the left and he’s the one on the right, and they each represent the opposite of the other. She’s been she’s probably been boosted five times. She’s got the good blood and Kyle pure blood. She’s definitely anti gun and we know where he stands. These are not coincidences. All right, let’s continue interesting comments as always. Ryler says Kubert and Q, The winged serpent movie, also came out that year. Interesting. Yeah, the q story is very intriguing because it definitely ties in to this neo Christian cult that’s been introduced and trump is its savior. And this should say something about trump. Mean, we know he goes back sixty plus years in the predictive programming. In other words, we were prepared for the Donald Trump before he was who he is and before he arrived on the scene. If you look on the screen, I have some new stickers available. This is the hades or Pluto version of the PENGUINATTI with the the bident looking wrench. I made that in February. Anyway. It’s a sticker. I put a link in the chat. I’m putting a lot more of the artwork that I have on two stickers, bumper stickers, if you go over to the Tim Osman Dot win and I’m also doing some artwork. Like I said, I’m putting more time into really just this channel. So another one of the ways that I’m able to keep this channel going is art sales, t shirt sales and decals, a lot of products designed by XPOC. We do have a couple of decals left, I’m sure, but they’re probably going fast past. In fact, there’s one here. I’ll put it in the chat infinite plane Radio Flying Penguin dcale. Get them while they last, although I am taking the sales revenue and reinvesting, so there will be more if you miss them. Peja says the Penguin is mightier than the sword. I agree. Let me play this really quick or read this. I’m been I’m doing a bit of research for my book onto the deconstruction of the mendella effect. Now, I don’t believe in the Mandela effect explanation. I do believe the Mendella affected are experiencing something. It’s just a question of is it authentic? Is it a spiritual, supernatural effect? So, for example, earlier tonight we were talking about Roger Stone. Well, did Roger Stone have a legitimate, special spiritual awakening, or did he see a Lens Flare and misinterpret the Lens flare as a satanic portal above the White House that he needed to pray to? Close? Like? What’s more likely? So my point is this. I think we’re looking at false explanations and then people allow their own explanate, their own answers that make them happy suffice, even if it’s not the truth. So the more I dig into the Mandela effect and again I’m working on a book which is debunking it and I’m writing more chapters, I’m adding on to it. It’s a work in progress. I’ve released it as a PDF, but it’s going to be a hard back, definitive final say on the topic eventually. And one of the things I find about it most interesting is that it can all be explained if you really look at the dynamic between eyewitnesses and interrogators. So I’ve been looking into interrogator bias, faulty eyewitness testimony, retroactive interference, tainted witnesses, etc. And here’s what I came across last night in my research. That really nails puts a nail in the mendellaft coffin. So if Nelson Mandela’s coffin wasn’t nailed shut before, because apparently he died before and came back, it’s nailed shut now. This is from wikipedia on the topic of interrogation. Unethical officers can use suggestive questioning in interrogation rooms. Such interrogators use different techniques and questions to get people to confess. They use response framing when getting people to falsely confess. Okay, so response framing is what I’ve been talking about. Why is it that, if the reality is shifting, to change our logos, to change our bodies, to change reality, how come it’s always either or? Oh, are you a Mandela affected person? What do you remember? Chick Fil a with the K or without the K? Either or? Well, I remember with both. You know, I remember a different logo altogether doesn’t count. It has to be either or. Why is that? It’s called response framing. This false binary with the Mendela effect. Questioning is all about setting up the interview process to get the answer you already wanted, from the perspective of the Mandela effect pusher. So this is from the article again. Response Framing gets people to falsely confess. This is when the interrogator purposefully limits certain answers and suggests others. For example, they would ask someone if they were at the house at one, two or three o’clock, forcing them to think that it had to be one of those choices. This will cause people to recall things from the prompt instead of their memories. So it’s like a multiple choice test, but the answers are all loaded, they’re all stacked in a certain way that you’re going to get the results they want you to get. So response framing gets them to form an answer from the prompt, not their actual memories. Response Framing is used by unethical or unskilled police officers. I think it’s also noteworthy that some of the bigger mendel effect pushers out there, well one of them anyway, is the son of someone that he claimed used to be an unethical police officer, and I’m like, HMM, you know, are we looking at agents that are purposefully gas lighting so called truther’s sabotaging people, screwing with their minds, or is it all just a coincidental connection here, like where did he learn this room? Where did this come from? Because it is quite literally a wrong explanation. You know what, if there’s a big movement that starts off of the idea that we have to pray away the White House, you would you stand by it, even though you knew it was lens flares? I wouldn’t. And the Mandela effect is basically a mental lens flare. If you don’t know how your camera works and you draw an erroneous conclusion, you might end up thinking there is another son or two or that there’s a portal above the White House. It’s the same logical error. Thank you, Ministry of Truth. We had IPS appreciate the support. Ministrer truth says. Quote. How dare you, Penguins and your misinformation? The DHS will get you and your question marks on your keyboards. Yeah, the DHS or Nado or China, someone’s going to send in the blue helmets to take the keyboards. Will actually just the question marks. So they’re going to kick down your doors, probably tie everyone up, hold you at gunpoint. Your whole house is held hostage. They’re going to go into every room and they’re going to take the question mark off of the keyboard. I don’t know what you’re going to do for a Ford Slash, but they’re getting rid of question marks. This is another reason why the Batman movie was based on the Riddler, the guy with the question marks, as the main threat to society. Leandian says. Joe Rogan likened musk to a quote superhero, and Cathy Griffin called him a white supremist. Yeah, interesting how you could say the same thing about Kyle Rittenhouse. To the right he’s a superhero, to the left he’s a white supremist. Okay, let’s continue. Commenter says Roger Stones Connections to Roy Cone is interesting. I will take a look. When I saw Roger Stone affiliated with trump, I kind of foresaw that maybe there’s going to be some new kind of Watergate. That guy just trails controversy. All Right, let us continue response framing. Is that really what is causing people to think that they’re being affected by the MENDELA effect? Like, I mean, you could use the same thing with Lens Fliers. Now, what is this? Is it a satanic portal or not? Well, maybe that’s another option. Maybe it’s I mean, I mean, is it a satanic portal or is it just a peace circle, regular portal? Maybe it’s a Lens flayer, but they don’t want to put that out there. It’s about controlling options. I’m let me go through my minds, if you don’t forgot, go to minds. If you haven’t followed before, it’s a great site. It’s uncensored and at some point I’m going to get the white label version and it’ll be our own internal social media site. I really like what mines has available here with its groups. It’s chats, but I used I mostly use it to store links, things that might get deleted from twitter later, any bits of information, any important memes. I try to store it all here plane society, if you want to follow me there. I’m going to play this clip here. This is from Utopia and this just shows you how the average, normal, typical environmentalist looks at children. So here’s a woman on a train, her child is sleeping on her lap and he’s talking about the carbon footprint, the unsustainability of bringing a new human into the world. You know, I do think that we hope got responsibility. I just do. Know you’re right, we do, we all do. Why did you have in them? Sorry, nothing use his cobbin like a first world human, yet nothing uses carbon like a first world human. I mean, this guy’s darker than agent Smith calling human beings a virus, but this is what the environmentalists actually believe. How dare you breathe? You created one. Why? Why would you do that? He will produce five hundred and fifteen tons of Cobbin in his lifetime, as forty trucks with haven’t him was the equivalent of nearly six and a half thousand flies to bat us. So He is guilt tripping her about the carbon footprint of her child. Thank you. Is it Ko Xu Cuckoo? Interesting spelling. Life is easy when you’re aware of the world stage, it’s true, because the world stage will drag you into its dramas. Like you know how emotionally disruptive, contentious, diss I’d say, dysfunctional relationships are mentally draining. Well, that dysfunctional relationship is one that most people have with the with the world as mediated through the screen. Look how the mask Karen’s rose up against the face nudists shows you how simple it is to for people to get emotionally involved to the point where they make enemies out of people who were friends. And this happens because they think it’s all real. Claptrap says the Batman movie sucked. I’m sure it was a failed eight episode TV series that failed to get a contract with the streaming service. It’s really hard to argue with that. There wasn’t a lot of dialog. I mean, if I wouldn’t say it sucks it’s based on a graphic novel. If you’re into graphic novels and the art, you could take any screen cap and make a poster out of it. Like it is a beautiful film and it’s a genre thing. But if you’re into dialog if you’re into thought provoking stuff, I mean it’s kind of a mostly brooding. You know, was it Netflix and Brood? But my take on it, though, is that this was clearly also a propaganda piece to convince the American public that the queue and honors are a threat to society. The riddler represented q and he set up all of his followers to go shoot up the election. It’s purely just used to program the public into believing the riddlers are real. Ryler O five says. Keep the streams coming. Oh yeah, we’re looking at every night, open phones, every morning. This is my full and part time job. I always, you know, prefer to do both, one of each, and so I’m doubling down. I don’t regret the last month of working. You know, gave me an opportunity to really think about my future here, how we can optimize things. I look at as it was a work cation, because the reason I took the job was to bring in some extra money to really accelerate everything that I’m working on here. So it wasn’t a step back, but it’s not the best approach moving forward. There’s too much going on to pay attention to this part time. And if you step out of this, you can see where the average person is just going with the flow. You can be among the misinformed, you can be like us and be the informed, or you can be uninformed and not pay attention. But if you’re uninformed, you’re in a very vulnerable position because you won’t know what the Hell’s going on. When they flipped the switch press the reset button. You won’t know who to follow, what information is it when? In other words, ignorance is not a defense here. You can’t tune out. There is no off the grid. The game is being played. There is a world stage. If you don’t know the game is being played on you, you’re going to be played. It’s sort of like it’s there, whether you want to admit it’s there or not, and end the idea of sticking your head in the sand doesn’t save you, because we’re born onto the world stage. The idea of the metavers as something we’re merging with is misleading. Its misdirection on purpose, just like they show US digital deep fakes. Look with the technologies at look what they can do. We can’t tell the difference between real and fake. Well, we’re cross that line decades ago with deep fake technology using basic stagecraft and disguise synthetic skin. We’ve already been deep faked. We’ve already been met. averst people already live through the screen. It’s already happened. We already live in an augmented virtual reality. Pepy says, I love the sound of Dino Fepe Claptrot says comic movies are supposed to be fun and comicy. Batman try to make it. Took a realist make it, made it look too realistic and took the fun out of it. Yeah, I got to show you this Batman through the ages. I saw this meme Batman through the ages and it just shows you how progressively it’s getting darker, like visually. In other words, it was very bright, bright colors, very cheerful looking, and then it gradually got darker and darker. To wear. It’s like you’re watching the new movie and it’s like are you my squinting? You’re already in a dark theater. I fell asleep like ten times. I mean it was I felt like I was dreaming. I kept falling asleep through the movie. And it’s not that it’s boring. Already have a hard enough time staying awake during movies and then here you have a movie where the screen it’s just it’s it’s comfortable to fall asleep too, but it’s intentional. It’s all part of the artistry. But yeah, it’s definitely gone from comicy, as you describe it, into something else. And we also ought to mention that these Batman movies are very integrated with some of the major collective traumas like Sandy Hook, like the Boston bombing. Not a coincidence that this Batman movie came out on three four, the day that the joker from the Boston bombing had his death penalty reinstated. So they’re connected to very dark topics and what it represents to and I guess we could mention Batman’s great grandfather was the founder of the skull and Bone Society. They talked about this on the original series. But the joker and the Batman represent something here. The joker movie was about class warfare, killed the rich. Batman’s privileged. He’s rich. So you have this dialectic here. Joker preceded two thousand and twenty, the summer of left wing riots and violence and activism. So the Batman Movie, I’m predicting, is going to precede a summer of right wing extremist violence. So the right wing version of Antifa, the riddlers, are going to be unleashed. Dark Maga rising, the whole Donald trump going dark, becoming the Batman. That theme is being pushed out there with this movie, with the introduction of the riddler as the ultimate enemy. And you know the riddler was all about unmasking the cabal, the corrupt elite politicians, just like Q. and as the riddler movies out there you have that politician or the the one appoint the Jut the appointee, the trump appointee, the judge Mizzell, who said masks off like that’s interesting timing because the mask issue is definitely a right wing Que anon issue. Also, on another note, mask off by future. Here’s about future. The video mask off. This is predictive programming for the pandemic. This isn’t two thousand and seventeen. He was already making masks cool. But the track was released on four hundred and eighteen, two thousand and seventeen. It’s called mask off. Future is also known as Pluto, a future produced dawned too with Kanye, so his association with that event is very significant because that event coincided with the Pluto Return. Also again mask off. The anniversary date. Masks off four hundred and eighteen two thousand and twenty two. It goes into effect for eighteen two thousand and twenty two without an expiration date. I’m going to find it here. Her name is Mizzell, which sounds very close to muzzle US District Judge Katherine Kimball, muzzle and Temple, Florida, April Eighteen, two thousand and twenty two, voided the national travel mask mandate. So masks off four hundred and eighteen. Fascinating timing, too much to be a coincidence. Too many ties in to the movie with the riddler who, like Frank James in real life, quote unquote, was threatening the mayor. Had something to do with not treating the mental or the mentally ill. All right, let’s see here. Brian Bruce says I’m going to call in but I always get bad service at Comment Ping Pong Ya phones are open. Eight three, three, three, one one thousand, nine hundred and eighty four. Okay, so claptrap says he skipped to the end to see the flood. Yeah, spoiler alert, but the end of the Batman movie got them is under water and Batman mutters something about how it is underwater. On Eleven six, what does eleven six? It’s an upside down an inverted nine eleven. So what was eleven eleven? Was External Aliens or external threats, external terrorists attacking? So the inversion would be domestic violent extremist. This is why, on six hundred and eleven, you know, three months before eleven timothy McVeigh, then thirty three, was executed. So he was a domestic violent extremist. So I think that the six or the eleven six reference is a reference to domestic violent extremists being the queue and honors who blew up the damn and cause the city to flood. And at the end Batman is up to his waist in water carrying a torch. The symbol there. Well, the whole thing has been bat as Phoenix, the Phoenix reset symbol being synonymous with the dove, post flood symbol. Flood fires, whatever wipes away, cleans the slate. It’s all the same. Build back better. Well, the BAT has been the Phoenix Symbol for the last well ten years now, since dark night rising the bat, the Burning Bat, bat as Phoenix. And what was the catalyst for this reset? The bat soup, underheated, I think. Get to heat it up to a hundred and sixty degrees. I think that’s the actual recommendation. But yeah, underheated bat soup. That was the catalyst. Yeah, wild game. I think if you look at the recommendations, wouldn’t absurd story. But this my point is it all started with a bat. There’s another movie I highly recommend called Daybreakers, two thousand and nine movie, where it actually says at the beginning it all started with a bat and it’s about a vampire bat or bat virus that infects the whole world, precipitating a global lockdown and the world needs to be saved. And it takes place in two thousand and nineteen. More predictive programming. And here’s the thing interesting to this movie was released on January the Eight, two thousand and ten, so January eighth happens to be the birthday of Elvis Presley and David Bowie. daybreakers DB David Bowie in the forty two s encoded in there. Elvis died at forty two. Just kind of pointing this out because the main character in the movie, one of the main characters, is a guy named Elvis, played by William Dafoe, and it is the blood of Elvis in the movie that saves mankind from the virus, because Elvis figured out, and he’s driving this car, a firebird, a Phoenix, Elvis finds out, because he’s a vampire, that he can jump start his heart by giving himself a dose of sunlight or something, and then he basically becomes man savior. Strange movie, but it starts off at the very beginning with a poster that says it all started with a bat. All sorts of two thousand and twenty tie ins to this movie. daybreakers definitely worth looking at. CLAPTRAP says the riddler looked like bubbles from the trailer Park Boys. I thought he looked like Bill Gates. He had the Bill Gates Bowl Cut. I could see there’s emblance there bubbles and Bill Gates. They have a similarity, and I think they consciously decided to go with that look because they wanted the bill gates, as the secret leader of the opposition, locations in the US, to avoid at all costs if nuclear war with Russia erupts, of the predicted programming is already told us, emt, that’s our emp. I’ll that’s your magnetic pulse, high altitude detonation above Seattle. It’s encoded into the one hundred dollar bill. Last time I talked about this, my life stream got shut down. Okay, so Russia says we have counterstrikes. That will be lightning fast, probably a reference to Satan. To Satan falls like lightning. We have all the weapons we need for this. No one else can brag about these weapons and we won’t brag about them. We will use them. So Satan’s coming to Seattle anyway. Cities to avoid, locations in the US to avoid. Let’s see if you’re on the map here, and this is according to experts. Okay, so top list would be military facilities where our nukes are located. Washington naval base, kits up my Tanna, the Malstrom Air Force Base Nevada, Nellis Air Force Base Colorado, Wyoming, Warren Air Force, North Dakota, Texas, there’s the pantext plant, White Man Air Force based Missouri, Louisiana and Georgia. So apparently there’s about five states. And additionally to this, that we can look at where are four hundred nuclear silos that are spread out. So if you’re not in any of these areas, okay, it says here. Second you’ll want to be away from any of these bases because these will be primary targets as well. So there’s a map here, a map of all major bases created by a user named a Riyanist says the list of army bases in the states is long, but you can find the major one here. In addition to military targets, the Russians will likely strike major population centers, particularly those that have political or financial significance, such as DC in New York. Again, I’m thinking Seattle. Sadly, many of those that aren’t killed by the initial strike will wish they were dead. The nuclear winter that will follow will be horrifying. Okay, so dark winter or the division, you know, the one of Jake gyllenhall comes out two thousand and twenty two. The division is about the dark winter, written by Tom Clancy again. Guy wrote nine eleven. And then, of course, Jake Gyllenhall in the Division awkny twenty two is a big deal because he was in Donnie Darko, which has all sorts of both nine eleven and two thousand and twenty predictive programming the Division Two thousand and twenty two. In the near future at pimp pandemic virus is spread via paper money on Black Friday, decimating New York again going paperless. This’s this was a theme. It’s why the joker was burning the money. A group of Civili civilians trained to operate in catastrophic times are activated in an attempt to save who and what remains. So then you have it dark winter. Fascinating. So the dark winter, according to the study here, would leave places like Iowa at below zero temperatures for seven hundred and thirty days in a row. Very little be grown during this time, so the vast majority the population will die from the resulting famine. This is a victory from mother Earth for Gaia. By this time the Earth’s population will be long dead. The world’s food production will crash by ninety plus percent, causing a global famine that will kill billions by starvation. This is pretty much the starting point for every single science fiction movie out there. The one hundred comes to mind, most recently post nuke Holocaust, humanity reboots reset. You See a theme here? Brian Bruce says the game of thrones is told us that winter is coming for eight years now. Yeah, winter is coming, frozen, I mean global warming, is misdirection if anything. All right, let us continue. I don’t believe in nukes, by the way. Now can they simulate it? Oh yeah, it’d be super easy to simulate it. Downtown Seattle cleared out some, I think eighteen hundred Amazon employees, because of a crime wave. So they’re already clearing the stage. One thousand. Eighteen hundred employees moved out of downtown Seattle. Why? What could be going on there? DUE TO VIOLENT CRIME WAVE? Or could it be the Kraken? Now, before Sidney Powell, the cracking came out about eleven three and the crack or the election and this schism being introduced on whether or not the election was legitimate. Before all of that, the Seattle crack and released a trailer, and this is when I started noticing this meme. So I was talking about the cracking meme before it went viral and it’s because the Seattle crack in release this trailer and it’s a one minute and thirteen second introduction to this the latest team in the NHL, and the video or the trailer was one minute and thirteen seconds. I thought that’s interesting. One minute thirteen seconds. That’s how long it that’s how long the challenger was up when it exploded. But the trailer for the crack in looks like an emp. It looks like a crack in comes out and kills the or destroy Seattle. Electromagnetic pulse, some kind of a wave suggestive of maybe some kind of sub aquatic detonation. Maybe it’s some kind of I think emp makes most sense because how are you going to fake a nuke with so many observers and the Internet? They don’t have the control that they used to over the flow of information. So I could see a high altitude thing pretty much serving the same function. Here’s the trailer again, just a minute thirteen seconds, lightning coming soon, and then the logo itself. You have the anchor with the crack in on it and the the Seattle space needles built into it. All kinds of interesting symbolism and numerology and coded into this. Seattle is in Washington state. Number forty two, space needle, forty two second ride up the elevator to get to the forty two meter wide restaurant at the top. The symbol of the space needle is primarily it’s the obelisk of the new age. The space needle is a symbol like the tower babble, of a tower that reaches into the heavens, but it’s an obelisk styled for the new age, the space age, consciously designed to look like a flying saucer. All right, let’s see what else we have here. Russia’s threatened nukes off the coast in the past. YEA, exactly. We’ve already been prepared for this. And there might be something else as well. With remember last October you have the killing of, well, Helena Hutchins, quote unquote, killing. Forty two year old Helena hutchins killed by Eli Baldwin, but they had a connection through another, Tom Clancy. So when Baldwin Shot Hutchins, I was looking into this and I think it was John the bondcom actually pointed this out here first, because I hadn’t watched the movie, but it happened in October, this shooting, and it happened to be noteworthy that they were both connected, as in Baldwin and Hutchins, by the hunt for Red October. He was in the movie and she’s from the place where the movie, the story takes place. So there’s a hunt for Red October connection with this shooting. That might play into this. And then also we’re looking at another one of these, Tom Clancy’s debut novel by Tom Clancy. So many of this guy’s books have just become world stage psycho dramas you know, on eleven, the only American astronaut up there at the time was actually watching nine hundred and eleven from space and listening to the audiobook of some of all fears by Tom Clancy, which basically describes and eleven. Okay, so let’s see here. What is this story about? Plot summary. During the Cold War, submarine, this is the thing here. The kraken from the what from the water? Right during the Cold War, Marco Ramius, a Soviet Navy submarine commander, plans to defect to the United States with a typhoon class ballistic missile submarine. Red October. So Red October’s the Kraken. It’s equipped with the cutting edge silent propulsion system known as a caterpillar drive. That makes audio detection by passive Sonar Difficult and enables the submarine to sneak its way into American territorial waters and to launch nuclear missiles with little to no warning. Interesting connection here. And there’s more. So he shoots hell, the Hutchins h h interesting when you break it down. It goes deep with all these different characters and this fake event. But he also shoots Joel Suza, the cinematographer, the director. So Joel Susa was well, he wasn’t killed, but his birthday, June fourteen, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three, significance there. That’s Donald Trump’s birthday. So ELC Baldwin, the person on earth most visibly distorted and disturbed by the trump derangement syndrome. He portrays trump on SNL. He even said, Baldwin Baldwin said that he wished for a meteor to hit the White House after playing Donald Trump, that playing donald trump was so distasted. Playing Donald Trump made me hope for a meteor to hit the White House. So the significance. Here. He shoots a guy with donald trump’s birthday. He’s the most Auntie Donald trump person in the world. And then, what’s more, six hundred fourteen ties in again to this meteor thing. So he wants a meteor to hit the White House, a meteor to hit trump. He shoots a guy trump’s birthday. Don’t look up. The movie don’t look up had come out and one of the first things that really stood out to me as they said the earth is going to be hit by by a comment in six months and fourteen days. So this movie is trending. It is trending on Netflix and as it’s trending there’s like this big sonic boom above Pennsylvania and this story’s out and I’m like, wait here, look at this comment. Dibiasky, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago, is the same size as this thing, which is on a course to collide with the earth and crack up in exactly six months and fourteen days. Six months and fourteen days. Don’t look up. So I look at six months fourteen days. Object falling from the sky, meteor to hit trump, born on six hundred and fourteen. He shoots a guy six hundred and fourteen. There’s something of a subtext here. There is a connection. Thank you, Satan, to rocket. We appreciate the sport. He says. I’m painted black and white because I’m filled with steel chess pieces that will act as pipe bombs on destination. Yeah, detonation. Yeah, look at the Satan rocket on the right, to the right of the Google doodle with the GSI six. That looks like a six sixty six. Why the Black and white checkers? All right, let us continue. Fascinating filled up with steel chess pieces. All right, let’s continue down the line. Here we’re talking about the trending Satan. Why is it trending? Happens to be which is night? This can’t be a coincidence. Fifty sixth anniversary of the Church of Satan. No way are these coincidences. The White House correspondence dinner was today. I’m looking through it because George news was there. Aka Q q is in their midst. All right, let me go and go to my voice mails as well. We had a great voice mail yesterday from a first time a caller about David grawl and the in the death of the foo fighters is drummer and how that connected to their recently released movie. It’s just so amazing how these we’re seeing these parallels real time. Batman movie comes out and we have a real life riddler in the form of Frank James. It’s definitely not a coincidence. At this point we don’t even do conspiracy theory here. What we’re mostly doing is making observations, like here’s one. They brought the founchy out again, and I mean is Founchi just a role that somebody plays? MAYBE ELLEN DEGENERES? I mean, look at this. He’s definitely wearing a mask. You can see the neck is giving it away. This is a rubber hood h what is that? So they’re reacting to a closeup of Dr Fouche’s neck and Dr Fouchy. Let’s talk about world stage names really quick. You take the name Dr Fouchy, you rearrange it, you Dr. just switch the letters around and you can actually Spell Dracula if you bend the F down into an a and use the eye as an l. You know it does Spell Dracula, but also doctor, and then spell founchy backwards. Doctor, I cough. Can’t be a coincidence, but anyway, if you look here, the mask is kind of coming off a throat at the neck. It’s poking over the tie. That’s a rubber flap. That is not a CGI error, that is not a green screen. This is a rubber hood fucket. That what thell is it going on here? Oh, yes, it does. Now the thing is, masks that are so real as to be full proof are the original deep fakes. We have been deep faked with this type of mask for a long time. It’s one of the really one of the main secrets, one of the big secrets, and this is only recently declassified, and, coincidentally or not, when this was declassified, that the government uses deep fakes with these masked people, these masked agents. When this became common knowledge, suddenly we were flooded with other stories about well deep fakes, digital DP fakes, and it seemed to me that this entire thing about digital deep fakes, we can’t tell the difference between Tom Cruise and the CGI version. It’s all a diversion. They put that out there so that we don’t realize that no, we already fell into this trap decades ago. It’s not a trap that we’re about to fall into it’s a trap that we already fell into and we were born into. Mayde A. Today’s made a black moon and solar eclipse should be interesting. Now I want to close out here with dinosaurs in space by chief crow in the flat earthworms, but I’m going to put a link in the chat as well and also on minds, so I want everyone to go over there and play it in its entirety. I’m just going to play a clip here for the replay, but there’s a link. Go to mindscom infinite Plaine Society, and I’m also going to put a link in the newsletter. There we go. Link has been post did. I’m going to play this track here.

This is chief crow and the Flat Earth Worms. New Track, dinosaurs in space. And by the way, if you showed up late because there was a glitch in the system and the text message is went out and now we’re late, there will be a replay and I’m also going to be posting the archives shortly after dinosaurs and space, chief crow in the flat Earth Worms, please go visit this channel. Dinosaurs in space, dinosaurs in space, dinosaurs in space, dinosaurs in space, dinosos in space, all the place. Dress steak pizza,

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