Ron Watkins denies knowing George News, the #2 Qanon influencer and the source of the Q-drops:

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Because my computer appears to my open broadcast software has gone on and off. Let me go ahead and take a quick break here. I’M gonna go ahead and go back to let’s go to chief crow and the Flat Earth Worms. Will be back in just a moment. This is airship. Want to get the audio stream back on. Thanks everyone here for your patients. Get it’s May the nine two thousand and twenty two lie world order. All right, didn’t take as long as I thought. You hearing some Airship, the chief crow on the flat Earth Worms. I’ll put a link in the chat. Okay, everything’s fixed. Looks like the the lie world order sent some of its Gremlins to chew through the wires on my obs but I think it’s fixed, geefunk says. I think he’s dodging you. Well, look it. I think he has too. My plan was to go out to Arizona. We’re talking again about the Ron Watkins, the suspected suspected of being Q. I mean, how big is that? You know, q sent the guy with the spear that almost destroyed democracy. You know the Q. and on Shaman, we’re talking about the Osama bin Laden. Of this, of this entire movement like you think that they would have some kind of interest in figuring out who this person is, and I got the leads, I got the information. So let me go ahead and go through this before we go any further, because I was calling up Ron Watkins to answer for this because he knows who this person is. So Marcus Gold Bench is behind the que drops. He’s behind the que drops. Watkins owned the websites where the que drops were being dropped. He’s operating George News, which is a continuation of JFK Junior’s magazine. When this is how close this guy is to trump, and that’s why I focus on this. The person behind George News is physically like he basically polishes. Yeah, he’s trump’s shoe polisher. He’s there at his birthday party. He was there physically when trump was being interviewed by peers Morgan just recently. They don’t hide their anonymous connection anymore. Anonymous charity, anonymous Q, George News, they don’t hide it. The screen cap hears from George News’s latest live stream with they’re talking about how Kennedy’s a part of an ancient war against the evil bloodline rulers of the earth. Kennedy’s are noble like, like royal blood, and they’re fighting the bad royal blood. So again, this is an extension of JFK Junior’s magazine. George News has about three hundred thousand followers. On telegram it is the number two, I would say, the second biggest queue and on influencer. He’s in direct communication with Code Monkey Z. They forward each other’s telegram posts. So it’s kind of strange to me that Ron would pretend like he doesn’t know this guy. So Anyway, George News and is an extension of George magazine own by JFK Jr, and they believe that this is going to be used to announce his return to the world stage, that JFK is Jesus Christ part two. And here we go, like Judy says, when Jay Junior comes out, the storm will be here. They pretty much all believe this. So George News the telegram has two hundred and eighty eight thousand followers. It is run by Goldfinch, who is, for all intents and purposes he’s a confidant of trump. Now I know who he is because of an unrelated trademark dispute. I knew of this person in two thousand and seventeen when he operated as MG TV and he was the one who caused David Hog to go viral as an actor, and I have all this from web archives. He’s tried to scrub it and his name has been deleted MGTV. His username has been deleted from New York Times, Forbes, vice, Yahoo News, anybody who’s covered this story has actually scrubbed it. So he’s some high level agent and they’re covering his tracks, but I have undeniable proof here that this is the same person. So Q is a real person. He’s very close to Donald Trump. He has a huge audience with this radical fringe of the what the Real Qla drinkers? The fringe, are the right, and he’s the one who’s been encouraging the notion that trump’s could be reinstated. Once I started drawing a lot of attention to him with his q drops happening in the George News Youtube Channel, he started pausing them and they even set it here. Why would we transmit our battle plans to the enemy via social media? The eyes are on us since the drops were paused, and this is a reference to the queue drops that were paused, although they continue. What they also do, and this is finally been picked up on by some in the news media, is they will the queue and honors will reference Dan Scovino, who is trump’s social media guy. His tweets with previous q drops. So if he tweets at two thirty five PM, it’s a reference to que job number twohundred thirty five. That’s how they communicate, communicate back and forth. Jim Stewartson, who’s a big researcher in this area, has even noted look, George News has replaced Q. They already have George proofs. Look into it. I have the number of screen caps from various things where he shared that he’s in communication with Ivanka trump of all people. And we’re talking one six like. So this guy needs to be brought in by the on six commission, if you ask me. So here’s a social blade profile that he cannot delete that shows that this person is the same person through social media links at a little backdrop, just to know who this person is and why he has taken an interest in me. And this channel is a he made a significant amount of money in like two thousand and five. He was part of some some supplement company called EAS. He’s on the board and it’s sold for hundreds of millions. So, anyway, the social blade account for mgtv actually reveals who this person is. We’ve got facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, things that haven’t changed, things that he cannot scrub. Anyway, a few more things. So, trump, if you ask anybody among the queue and honors who George’s they all know. Like this is not even a secret. I never knew that George, Aka the anonymous collective, actually was stating now that JFK JR is alive. So the great awakening dot win found this piece here from two thousand and nineteen, where George News was talking about how, yes, indeed, they own JFK junior dot live and that they are talking about the disappearance and what really happened on what he said that day. We’referring to the plane going down. Have more here. This is a key handed to Marcus Goldfinch by Donald Trump, a key to the White House. He’s also been given lapel pins by Mike Pence. He’s definitely in the fold and again, he knows who he is. Partnered, I would say, with Code Monkey, Z Ron Watkins. I’m going through your comments here just see if I’ve missed anything. Yeah, there’s a black screen when wrestles spare walked in. Yeah, I started talking about this and they sent the Gremlins to chew the wires on my obs but I fixed it. Okay, let’s continue. So George News has been part of this whole for chanting. From the beginning they’ve been this guy is behind Code Monkey Z. In the documentary on Hbo Code Monkey Z, Ron Watkins actually admits that they communicated. Marcus goldfinch works with RFK Jr. He is a frequent guest at Marlgo. So if the Kennedy’s had an issue with John F Kennedy Junior his magazine, they had an issue with George magazine being published, like a trademark dispute or a copyright, they would have said so. Now they operate it with his blessing. So anyway, we know this person is. My point being is that I got involved with him due to a trademark dispute, cyber squatting, and so he is stupidly in possession of stolen property. You know, you can steal property and you can get rid of it, but when you steal a web domain, yeah, you’re pretty much saddled with that piece of stolen property for some time and he stole dozens of domains. I have an email from him that he sent to Youtube’s legal department and this is being brought up in my lawsuit against Youtube, which something will happen with that this month. It’s been six months, but basically I’m suing youtube over identity theft committed on well, with their permission apparently, because he emailed Marcus Goldfinch emailed YouTube. He emailed their legal department and he said he was me. He said my voice was his. He actually claimed it. So he was able to occupy my place on Youtube and give me unlimited copyright strikes. Here’s an actual direct quote from him. Here’s and he sent this to someone else, but I managed to get a got copies of a lot of these emails and I could talk about how later. I won’t talk about it live. Quote. Here’s my reply. That led to his youtube channel being terminated yesterday. Referring to me, he made seventy plus come here. He’s talking about me and how he was able to get me shut down. He said the burden of proof is meant to be on him to prove that he owns the copyrights. But what I started doing when he made complaints was I rebranded my channels to insinuate that I have more right than him to use his names. I own the net web domains for Tim Osmancom, Infinite Plain Society, Dot Org, and he lists many more. So he started buying a bunch of domains and he said I plan to do this a year before I started hitting IPSS channels so hard. So far thirty two channels terminated, eighty individual videos deleted. So he goes on to describe how he prepared a year in advance by buying web domains. He prepared years in advance, while year in advance at least, to shut me down. And he said here, whenever Tim he sung up me, whenever he tries to upload a video, I can take it down for infringement under Youtube’s policy of someone uploaded my creation. That’s why he’s so frustrated. My Tim Osman channels so heavily branded that youtube gives me the benefit of the doubt. He goes further too, and when this goes to court this is all going to come out because as a part of the settlement I have a lot of musicians who are probably going to have to also make claims against this guy. He says I made copies on Soundcloud of all of the music ips uses for his videos, and fifteen seconds of a track is enough to warrant a strike. So what that means he was actually the uploading music that I would use on this channel from other, you know, artists. He would take these tracks, put them on his soundcloud and use them and claim he owned that music to shut me down. So he’s making false claims of ownership on other people’s property as well. But now here’s the email that’s going to condemn him. This is the one that really does him in, because we’re talking about felony identity theft, and this is why I called Ron Watkins, because this is a big deal. A guy that works for trump, who polishes donald trump’s shoes every day. Literally, that’s how close they are. This guy has committed felony identity theft against me and he admits it here in this email that he sent to youtube forwarded messages. Now this is again something I obtained in two thousand and eighteen as part of a trademark suit. I mean, I don’t want to go too far into it. But it’s called a DMC, a subpoena, and you can find out a lot. You can pretty much. You look, if you publish anything online, you’re not anonymous. There’s just there’s this illusion people have that you can hide behind proxies or that you can be completely unaccountable, and it’s just not so. And goldfinch is going to find out the hard way here. He is a black hat hacker. He was trying to destroy me, ruin my life. I mean he told me this, you know, harassing me, my family. He thought I was going to disappear. But he’s pretty much scroochs. Like I said, he’s in possession of stolen prop pretty all these domains, and I have like thirty some domains that I can trace to him that he is used to steal traffic from this channel. Now, who hired him? Who put him up to this? Is it personal? Will find out eventually. So, in addition to this identity that this is what he did. Okay, this is an actual email. He said Dear Youtube, and this was sent to trademark support at youtubecom. So Youtube is going to answer for this when I see them in court this month or next month. Dear Youtube, I am the legal owner of the name Infinite Plain Society, Tim Osman. This is me in the video speaking. To prove it, I’ve pointed up my domain name and identity, Tim Osmancom, to the Youtube channel of the same name, as well as infinite plaints deciety dot org, and I’ve copied myself in this email using my brand identities. Let me know if you wish to communicate with me via those email addresses. It helps. So this is where he established a line of communication with Youtube’s legal department and Trademark Department and he claimed my identity. Well, identity. Theft, as a four degreef felony conviction can result in up to eighteen years in prison, finds up to fifteen thousand dollars, attorney fees everything else. So that’s just kind of the long and short of it is that there is an individual here who is some kind of operative, works for trump directly, whose friends with Code Monkey, Z Ron Watkins, and he’s committed felonies that he could be indicted for. This guy out to be in jail. So here he is on a video on his telegram where he actually posts that he’s got some documents that this to me is also kind of showing how this guy’s been somewhat careless. He’s got his George News Mask, says secret US Senate Committee on Homeland, Security and governmental affairs, and then on the inside of the document he shows that it’s one. It’s page seventeen, which is a que reference and the best is yet to come, George Dot News, and then number seven, four five, referencing some q drop. So he actually shows here that he writes the que drops. I mean, this is no mystery. We’ve solved it and that’s why Ron Watkins called back and he sounded kind of nervous, in my opinion, because if this gets out that Ron Watkins knows George News, George News gets out, if that gets out, it could mess up. There a little sigh up here, ready or not? Thirty one says, what’s up, Tim and crew? Hope everyone had a good weekend. JFK Junior. Back to the breakdown. Yep, somebody kill that tinderbot. Unbelievable, you know, I don’t know how it happened, but there’s like a bunch of bots that are just infiltrating YouTube. I’ve, like I said, I go to other live streams that tinderbot is going everywhere. Does that even work? Join by Haiti, Belanger says, happy to see you live. Join also by Cup Star and I’m in raw. Awesome. Okay, so let’s get back on topic. I got sidetrack cause I managed to get a hold of Ron Watkins and try to get him to answer for his relationship to Q, and he denied. He lied. So he’s going to make a great politician. Okay, J Armajuicki, Ohio geop candidate, was a January six participant and he denies being associated with Q, but he painted a big q slogan in his driveway. Again, he’ll make a great politician. Another liar. What is with all these liars who act like they’re trying to reveal some big truth? That’s why I called this live stream lie world order. I’m like you guys want to follow someone who is operating under some kind of false pretens you want to follow trump, even though he’s secretly working for the Kennedy’s. You want to work for you want to basically, the people who follow this are willingly following deceivers, and to me that’s very problematic. All right, what let’s continue. Yeah, I’ll take calls. If you want to call in. We says you ruined his morning. Okay, let me go through the topics that we’re covering today. Oh yeah, let’s go and get it back into this one, because I’ve been watching this TV show. It’s called Pentaver. It now pentavert is a TV show by, well, Mike Myers, so it’s got, you know, the humor has way too many references to you all. You can you know what to expect. It’s Mike Myers, very low brow. But anyway, the premise is that this secret society, this Illuminati like group, is recruiting people because they want to be the good Illuminati and they want to cure climate change. And throughout it they make fun of conspiracy theorists, but I notice some of their ideas kind of stand out to me as things that we’ve kind of brushed with, like this here again their leadership. They wear penguin masks, like very penguinati, I have to say, the plague masks. Also, they travel underground via this mono rail called the musk, which is very interesting as we’re always talking about how elon musk is going to Swiss cheese the planet with his Boring Company and, like Willy Wonka and his tunnels, send people beneath the earth. Okay, here’s another one. This is a truth or van in the movie. Covered in stickers NASA lies. There’s a q and on sticker global warming is a communist lie. You see how they mix real and fake like that’s true. Global warming is a communist lie. Bush new. Yeah, that’s that’s a half truth. Bush knew what, because the whole thing wasn’t even what they pretended it was. Jet Fuel doesn’t melt still beams. It really should say CGI plays don’t cause control demolitions. But Anyway, this is your truth or van from this movie. And then on the inside of the van they have a character who I I’m pretty sure this guy is inspired by debt marble, the former flat earth or the guy from behind the curve. A lot of these former flighterth there’s are now doing multilevel marketing in pretty like Shitcoin Rugpool operations. Not all that impressive, but look at this here. It’s like a demotion. So here you have this truther in the back of his truth or van, using his his toilet in front of everyone. I mean this is just van life. And the thing is the van life movements is kind of interesting in this regard, because it seems like, just like they want to demonize yoga instructors and conspiracy theorists, the MSM is also had it for the van lifers. So they love to make them look foolish. But my point is, D Marvel did actually put out a video where he showed you how to basically use a litter box in your van, and I was like, what does this have to do with flat earth or the truth or eleven or media deconstruction, and it’s like, well, nothing that. That’s what kind of my point here. It just seems like we’ve been fed a lot of misrepresentations on purpose by plants and agents. Can let me play. This is Paul Harvey in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. This is when global warming was, what about just about a year old. Global warming is going to be thirty three this summer. This is again Paul Harvey, and look, you could not say this today without being censored. We goes by. But what some researcher tries to scare US or trick us out of research money by claiming that the sky is falling and with the Willing Complicit Day of headline hungry media. A recent crisis of the month had to do with global warming. Crisis and owne sounds familiar. Loosening up over the United States. We would. Wow, I didn’t expect you to be on this early in the day. It’s Lynn, Hey, what’s up, and too, I haven’t talked to you in a while, so I just sort of took a odd chance. Yeah, Hey, you know what, I was just talking to Ron Watkins and I asked him if he knows who marks goldfinches or George News, and he denied it. He denied it. Wait, wait a minute, George News. He couldn’t deny any knowledge of that. That’s what I’m thinking. George News is like the second biggest q and on influencer, next to, you know, Code Monkey Z Ron Watkins, and he said he didn’t know who it was. He didn’t know who mark jokes. Sir, clarify this for me, Ron Watkins, he has a brother also, is that right? I think it’s his involved in it’s his father. Okay, okay. So, and aren’t they the ones that own for Chan or a Chan or what? Yes, yes, exactly. They’re the ones with the Chan, the Hchan and now Ron Watkins, of course, is getting into politics. So they que and on first showed up on for Chan. Is that right? That’s correct. And it was all on Ron Watkins is site. And in that HBO documentary he admits that he’s the only person who’s communicated with this Q, that he’s the only person who would be able to have right. But so he’s going to claim I don’t know who q really is, but of course I still communicate with Q. is that is? Is that? That’s another words. Oh, yeah, I know Q, but I don’t really know him. Is that what he’s saying? It just seems like he has no plausible deniability and he denies that he is Q. He’s kind of vague about it. So I just thought, you know, I’m going to call him because you know he’s doing his US House campaign in Arizona and he’s been reachable. So I’ve been calling him and trying to get him nail down. I need him to answer. Do you know who George News is? And he called me. He called back in and he said no, he said he didn’t know. So he’s lying. I got him lying on record about his that’s good. That’s good. Get these people recorded lying as much as possible, because when you look at what at what they’ve tried to do now, I don’t know, you know, we can argue about how successful they’ve been in perpetrating what what I view as simply a postmodern version of the old Bolshevik Operation Trust. Have we discussed this before? For your listeners, if they should be string it up again, Operation Trust is definitely worth mentioning in this context. Right. This was really a brilliant idea, although I suspect that Lenin and the Bolsheviks picked up this kind of tactic from hanging around the German general staff. After all, it was Germany that created that put Lennon and his entourage in this sealed train and secured their trip through war torn Europe to the Finland station and from there to Petrograd, where they began organizing for the Bolshevik takeover against the provisional government. After the first Russian revolution. The idea was the Tzar was overthrown, but the new provisional government, which was a lot of liberals and socialists, but they wanted to stay in the war. They stayed in the war on the side of the allies, which was devastating to Russia. I mean Russia was bleeding, it was hemorrhaging from this stoop and war. I’m talking, of course, about World War One. And the Bolsheviks promised peace, land and bread, and the most important being peace, which was they were one way or another, they were going to settle things with Germany and and the war Sir Russians would stop bleeding and dying in this, in this war that they hit, that that the czar had led them into. Well, the so operation trust was the fake Anti Bolshevik resistance. So this would correlate with que being fake ANTIDEP state. Yeah, the ultimate controlled opposition. Chris, the individual who’s credited with really implementing this brilliantly, I think, was Felix Desert Zinski. That last name is hard to spell, begins Dasy. Felix deserves incity. He was a pole, a not Russian but Polish, of sort of impoverished but noble background. But he joined the Bolsheviks early on in the S and became he found of the Cheka and he implemented Operation Trust, which was really the most comprehensive, innovative approach to creating a controlled opposition. That I think that had been seen maybe since the Roman empire was that sophisticated. Because what the bull? What the new Bolshevik government was able to do, among other things, was to recruit foreign intelligence agencies, and especially the British intelligence organization, to subsidize and support not only their their diplomats, but many of their spies by creating a fake anti Bolshevik opposition and giving it credibility. Now, the weird thing about it is I think this was actually called the Union of Russian monarchists, which is kind of crazy, because that’s the just they were going to restore the Tzar, and I don’t think anybody wanted to do that at that point because the Roman ass were thoroughly discredited because they had led rush into this disastrous war that had destroyed the country and sacrifice so many deaths. But the point of it, those like Operation Trust, trust, the plan pacifies the group. It’s like, no, we’re actually winning when they’re losing. And that’s what the queen honor has been told. Oh we’re winning, the deep state is losing the war. Just hold faith, stay home, don’t resist any of don’t go to work, you know, lockdown and let the deep state be let the swamp be drained. So it was a successful thing. I think it allowed the entire American right, the Patriot that allowed them to just kind of go along with the program with whole covid lockdown, and no one’s resisting any of that anymore. The the whole technocratic religion has been installed. You can barely criticize global warming. Now they’re going to criticize. You can’t put out ads on twitter that have anything critical global warming. You can’t post things on pinterest now. So it seems like this Operation Trust Reboot, this q and on thing, was a success and it’s not quite over yet, because apparently a lot of these que and honors are now getting into politics, although they’re trying to deny now or downplay their original fanaticism. I have watched q from long before I even knew you existed, because it was being discussed heavily among a circle of youtubers, is before they were all flushed out of Youtube. I probably came across at first listening to Nathan Stoltman on lift the veil. He actually invited some individuals on to be interviewed. One of him was called Borok, the scribe, a guy from South Africa, who said he was the original Q, that he helped set it up. But then there were others who wanted to claim credit for it, for example Defango, who’s really just a troll. He said that he established you because he considered himself the founder of the kick. Well, Q supposedly grew out of CACADA or CICADA. CICADA right. It’s a similar or a similar I guess you call exactly well Arg and Erg. If it’s, if it’s if it’s if it really involves stree action, that’s a LARP. If it’s strictly a computer network operation, I call it an ARG and alternate reality game. That’s more accurate. It’s an alternate reality game and they just like any religion or any cult, when it becomes a closed system, echo chamber, it’s essentially an alternate reality game, only this one’s very interactive and I think this game is being operated by people like General Flynn, this Code Monkey Yephee, and they’re consciously, I think, operatives in this. This is not an organic thing. I think it’s a PSI up and it’s it’s absolutely working. I mean the hopium out there. You have Q and honors who are convinced that JFK junior is going to reveal himself any day now. Well, that’s at the very that’s at a very low level. Obviously the people running this don’t believe that. But one of the things that emerge, and a lot of people got involved in this one, for example, was Uni rock. I think you’re familiar with him now. He just came out of the sort of the Gamer world. He had a Gamer following. He do these videos or he spent hours basically testing video game, you know, playing video games, and I guess there’s a whole culture out there people who get together and they watch others play video games and then they rate these games, and that’s basically what he was doing. But he knew he did a little bit of sleu thing and determine that the he actually caught people, how do I put this? Hijacking the drops, as they were called, the queuing on posts in real time and discovered that it was a group. Are rant that that it was just the sort of group of people who all had the password to the que drop thread on I’m not sure if it was still on for Chan or it already moved to eight Cham by that time. By the way parenthetically, fortune and H and we’re famous, as I recall, for port being porn, porn versions of twitter. Is that right? I think it’d be more accurate to say that they were free speech absolutist. So they allowed they built themselves up a lot around a lot of anime, porn and basically antisemitic cartoons. Basically, it’s kind of it. That’s all you get there and I find it a lot of a lot of the stuff they show on these for chance sites I always found to be repulsive. They call it low Lalli, which is like Lolita. Basically it’s like Japanese anime focusing on girls or young people, right. And so I’m like, what are these people really about? Are they against the deep state? Are they you know this? They’re just as weird as the pizza gate thing, if you ask me. Your audience should understand. If you go to Japan and ride the fantastic mass transit system they has have their during a rush hour, you will see businessmen in their seats reading what are called Manga, which are these Japanese comic books. We used to have things called Zens here in the United States, znees. This is really sort of the the precursor to to to. I’m trying to see what the compared to this idea of a sort of underground literature, like ground you can’t graphic novel and in Japan it was completely legal. Completely it’s completely another words. You can see a very conservative businessman reading one of these, if they have to leave it behind on the seat beside you. And you look at this stuff, it’s just really weird. I want to say comic book, but it’s not exactly comical. And you’re right, some of it is really I mean tentacle Porn. Part yeah, it’s sadistic. It shows torture, it shows, oh guys are crazy stuff and to me it’s a testament to how well controlled and highly socialize the Japanese are. They can read this stuff, even be addicted to it, but not actually go out and commit crimes. Another it’s not actually go out and rate children and things like that, but they still read the stuff, I guess, and fantasize about it. Poor not. You know, if you got a hotel room anywhere in Japan and you’ve got the the cable TV hooked up, invariably you’ll see this. A lot of porn on there, a lot of porn. Some of it might be sort of blurred out well, but for chance in these sites they had a conduit for that kind of Manga and and hint I these these forms of exactly part and you know, this is also where a lot of name culture around peppe the frog built up. But it again we’re looking at free speech, absolutism, if you can stand the eye or of the ads they put in there, which is one of the reasons I never got into the fore chanting. But again we’re looking at Code Monkey Z as being code monkeys. He right, yeah, that’s important. Well, Code Monkey Z, according to UN Rock, was this group of individuals that had access to the password and we’re basically going out there and pretending to be q but using the cue. Another using that thread, and he identified a vander steel, maybe Dustin nemos. They’re are a crowd of these grifters, basically, who are associated with Jerome Corsy. Oh, drunk her back, by the way, Jerome Corsey, he’s someone who did the heat, the major, I think, Q and on pusher, right, but wasn’t he on Alex Jones quite frequently for some all the time, constantly, constantly, and then joanes sort of repudiated him by saying, well, he was, he’d become an alcoholic, or he was drunk half the time or, you know, he another was. Jones sort of try to separate himself from this. But you know, Jones is just another to me. He’s another reptop swimming around in this feted swamp. You know, he isn’t really particularly important in relation to this. He’s just, you know, like the way he flip flopped on see Andy Hook right, you could see how trifling Alex Jones really is, how insignificant he really is, because he can flip flop on a dime. And and his claim, of course, in defensive backing down on Sandy Hook and stabbing wolf how being in the back, and all the other talented people, and there are a lot of talented, dedicated people, that produced really good documentary evidence of what a hoax Andy Hook was. It included the Independent Media Solidarity Group. They, they, they made a number, a couple and up a couple of excellent long documentary videos, including their their last one, I think, was called the life of Adam or basically a prove that Adam lands. It was an arg he was a completely fabricated social media personality and then, in fact it had initially been set up by Ryan Lands, who was really the only son of the lands of family, but I guess set up this fake ID as Adam lands. And then they are they fascinating stand. This almost like a standard operating procedure, but this explains quite a lot. You find that with a lot of these sandy hookers, the way that you come up with the victim is you’re just using photos from a quote si or the perpetrator, or the perpetrator right. You create fake victims, you create fake purps. In the course of creating fake victims, like dead children, you might use pictures or digitally altered pictures of real children, you know, and that’s where people start looking at the pictures to say, wait a minute, this one who sang at the Super Bowl, supposedly as one of the Sandy Hook kids. It looks exactly like one of the pictures they put out of the one, one of the ones who was supposed to have been murdered. The whole thing is so crazy that when you think about all the people involved in this, right on up to the NFL, because you have to end the president, but Barack Obama. He sat there with one of the allegedly one of the sisters of one of the Sandy Hook victims, you know, on his lap and had pictures taking everything else. So the Sandy Hook hoax really just right on up to the top, right on up to the top, just like eleven. The capstone event is well, Capstone Evank. Yeah, and that, by the way, was pointed out by Sophia small storm in her excellent video unraveling Sandy Hook, was one of the earliest and which she pausits the existence of a sort of a model of of media that describes what she calls to dimensional reality, which is what you see on the screen, and then threedimensional reality where they kind of acted out in these drills, and she identified the HC Pomeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program, FEMA, federal emergency manage, an agency, cap stone events. Obviously these were events that they spent millions and millions of dollars on and they they moved a whole whole village people into Newtown Connecticut and set them up in the houses and then repurchase the houses. You’re talking about a major like conducting a battlefield, like a war. I look at as like a logical war campaign. Look at as a movie, like where I live, like there’s a movie being filmed across the street of this high school. We have a film companies everywhere and if you know what you’re looking for, you can see them. They put their signs up so the Union members know where to go, where their staging areas are. But you could have these multimillion dollar movies being filmed almost in plain sight and if you’re not part of it, you wouldn’t know. But these are big productions and I look at a lot of these psy ups as really just almost like a guerrilla movie, but with bigger budgets and and it’s just like it’s just like it’s so easy for them to superimpose these fictions upon our reality these days, and Sandy Hook was, I think, one of the sloppiest examples and it gave us an insight. Like I was recently looking at one of Russian vids’s most recent uploads from a few years ago, where he was showing that some of these videos that have been scrubbed, you see so many examples of the parents talking to the camera while kids are laughing in the background or people are smiling. I mean they had a great time that day. Oh yeah, and they all made a lot more well well paid for it. The definitive clip on this is, of course, a Barack Obama’s attorney general. I guess he’s a Triney General Deputy to Eric Holder address of your group of people, where he says we’ve got to brain wash people to get them to go along with gun control. We have to brainwash people. He uses it that word. That’s that’s sort of the that’s the summary of the whole thing. We’re going to stage these events to tear it, to scare people, to intimidate them, to terrorize them in to brainwash them into accepting gun control. Of course it’s never going to work. This is what he said in the wor right before the basically the school shooting generation started, or the mass shooter generation. So before we had these nonstoff stories about school shooter shooting up schools and guns being a problem and epidemic of gun violence, before we had that being drilled onto our heads every day. Yeah, Eric holder came out and he said that they’re going to have to literally brainwash everyone end yeah, every day, make the anti gun message a part of school. Another thing that I recall was MONTEGRIFF and I don’t know if you were familiar with him. He determined he found evidence of involvement of some big shot Democrats in the queue and on hopes, and he actually started calling it a Clinton at cute. How did he put any he called a queue and on, but he spelled it with a K for Clinton. or he said basically that this, that this involved members of both political parties were running this operation, and that tells it’s coming out of the Pentagon. Really Wow. See, that’s at one point I had said it wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary Clinton was cute, because this is got to be an operation to set up the right. But I’ve also been wondering how come this George News thing isn’t getting out there. Is He protected? And the only way he’d be protected is if this is a bipartisan psy up behind the scenes, because otherwise this would be too good for some Democrat to say hey, look, there’s this guy committing identity theft and feloniese. And he works for trump. Let’s expose him. He’s probably behind Q, but nobody’s taking my story. So I think it’s because it’s a bipartisan psy up and he’s probably protected. Oh yeah, definitely bipartisan and part of the intent now it is, of course, to make trump’s followers look stute, look insane, look stupid. Another thing I recall was from one of the earliest trump rallies. I think it was shortly after he got the Republican nomination, or might have been doing a course of his pursuit of the Republican nomination in the advance, in the run up to the election of two thousand and sixteen. Someone took a video of the crowd at a trump rally and then zoomed in on individuals who were holding signs, and this is before Qu I think, and they identified the faces of some of these individuals as members of the cast of Saturday night live. In other words, he actually had people holding up signs with slogans on them at a trump rally that were members of the that were on the crew in the cast of Saturday night live. Wow, see that one. That wouldn’t surprise me because when I look at the one six insurrection thing, those people in the animal skins, the the Viking costumes, the Medieval Warrior costumes, they look like Jimmy Kimmels people. They look like the types of people that Jimmy Kimmel hired to go infiltrate the flat Earth Conference. They look like like actors, and Jake and Jelly obviously an actor, and so you know his father’s a Democrat judge. So I mean it wouldn’t surprise me if, because SNL has done nothing but make fun of those people in the QUEU and honor since it wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that this thing is an elaborate siw up being run by the other side. I mean, why else would you have people like Tom Hanks and Ellen degenerates, another far left celebrity types, being demonized consistently being accused of being the worst offenders? You know, like Tom Hanks is like the main Peto wore like maybe he’s playing a role, maybe he knows that they are feeding them some missinformation. Yeah, and and the other thing, of course, is we’ve talked about cult psychology, that the real overall strategy here is is organization and Propagation of cults. A cult it can be really tiny, but if you’ve got individuals really hooked on it. You can manipulate them into doing things, you can make them your Patsy, you can make them your stooge, own every queue and honor and now a patsy and any right wing violence that goes down be blamed on them. The New Batman movie that just came out has the main villain as the riddler and quite literally, the riddler is basically q and the q and on followers go to a mass shooting at an election. But what’s more, the riddler character in the movie paralleled the subway shooter in the bronch that they just had in the in New York. So they, I believe, the the media is conditioning us to accept that the queue and honors out there, the riddlers, the ones with the question marks, the Internet conspiracy theorists, that they are a domestic violent extremist threat. They’ve created that perception. Now I have to confess I had never watched a Batman movie because I just wasn’t interested. I remembered the Adam West course, sort of can’t be satirical halfway comic television series from the s bat name, which had which I don’t know that that had rob been in it. Didn’t it. See, this is the thing about these Batman movies. They’ve eliminated Robin. Is that rights is up because of the pederreist angle or what? Interesting? No, I hadn’t thought about that. But do you have Batman with how do you have actually, and this is also the case with the I finally sat down and watch the original, the original Batman movie with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton and Kim Kim Basinger. Is that her that’s in that? Yes, and, of course, to me the defining moment of it in that is where the city is in chaos and the riddler, played by Jack Nicholson, is up on a huge platform and I guess he has helicopters dropping money on people, right. Yes, that’s when he dropping money on people, the joker, but yes, definitely, and they’re dropping money right, and the gas them or something. But yeah, sure, that was back. That was when, by the way, before it went all dark and Morose. Yeah, I thought, well, that’s a pretty dark one too. I thought, well, after that, who would make another Batman? Why would you bother? You know, that’s about the best you can do. Critics were a little bit harsh on the original Batman movie because it was first of all the miscastling and Michael Keaton. He’s not a very big guy and yet in this the film they have, they show him picking people up, you know, and having super human strength and all that stuff. It looks kind of ridiculous in a way. And the love interest is his pursuit of Kid bassanger. But, like I say, they leave Robin out of it completely and to me, you know anybody who remembers the DC comics version of Batman from the s right on into the S, you don’t have Batman Without Robin and my guess is they’ve eliminated Robin from the narrative entirely because of the gay, potentially gay, subtext under that. The you know, he’s in the comic book. Robin is a ward of Batman, of Wayne Bruce, Wayne wealthy multimillionaire, and that would raise a lot of eyebrow. I think maybe people weren’t as wise to it when the comic book was coming out with that, but to me there is so much mediocrity about Batman. I just don’t get it. When I heard that this incident had occurred out in a Ror Colorado at a I guess a premier showing of the dark night is that the original dark nights rising. The joker shooter goes in and just as the movies about to start, he goes in and start shooting everybody. And I could think the trailer before actually was a movie with Sean Penn where’s some gangster movie where the gangsters actually come out of a movie screen and shoot the audience. But yeah, that’s one of the major here Batman Si up tie INS, along with the Boston bombing. Yeah, joke. Well, we could talk. Yeah, joke. The names that they joke ards are NAIA. Get this joke. Car SARN IVE’s death penalty was reinstated on March fourth, the day the new Batman movie came out. Well, you know, I run into individuals on facebook are convinced that joker Sir Sar and I and his brother Tamerlane, Tamerlane Sir and I’ve were well, they think that that the elder brother was actually shot to death by the police, Chris. The police claimed that they shot him, and they think that the younger sarin I have is basically stuck drugged in some dungeon somewhere. I mean there are people who think that real patsy’s were set up in the Boston Marathon bombing and they think that very likely. They look at James Palms, they say this is somebody who they’ve drugged and they’ve used as a patsy in this hoax. It looks like it. Of the Michael Hoffman, who wrote secret societies and psychological warfare, pointed at the UNIBOMBER and even the son of Sam, suggesting that these are real patsy’s that are being drugged and dragged around. I mean, you could make the case with people like Nick cruise that yeah, they could easily be manipulated and pushed around that way. I mean I tend to the imagine. Imagine this. Imagine your you’re isolated, you have no family and you can be I mean, you think they don’t use people like this, like like gang members or people who get picked up by the COPS and they’re facing years in prison and the cops say, well, you got to do is playing this plut you know, being be in the school play. For US play this role. And when you look at the pictures of Derek Shoven, for example, they’re two Derek Shoven’s. There’s the original Derek Shoven. We see on the video with his knee allegedly on George Floyd’s neck, who easily looks twenty years older than the mug shots of the Derek Shoven we see in court in it, in the Mug shot and on trial there in Minneapolis. So you’re led to wonder who is this younger guy? And I had somebody actually say to me I feel really sorry for the actor who has to play the younger Derek Shoven, and he really looks completely different from the Derek Shoven in the original video that kicked off all those riots. He has a completely different face, a different body. He’s younger, he’s trimmer, he’s thinner. He know, it’s so obvious. Anybody can see that. And so you know, someone’s thinking to me that this individual they’ve got saying to me that the individual they’ve got playing the younger version of Garrett shown maybe some kind of hostage, somebody who they forced to play this role, because you would volunteer to play the role of the good part of the paste. Yeah, exactly, and you don’t have to wonder about this like like, okay, Kyle writtenhouse, for example, why isn’t he in witness protection? You know how is he not a target for a life? Whether this event was real or faked, the guys got a target on his back. And yet now he’s becoming this right wing kind of Stephen crowder type agitator. I think, and just seems like that would be a poor career choice, you know, to make yourself the face of this particular thing and then un unless you were so, unless you were so thoroughly compromised. And I think about all these people that flew down to Epstein’s. I went on the Lui to express and partied at his mansion and all that stuff. I mean, unless you were so thoroughly compromise, it basically got to do anything. They anything, they tell you anything, they say. You know, we can’t discount the possibility that there are a lot of people being blackmailed out here, a lot of people. It’s easy enough. They can bust you, they can frame you, they can plant evidence on you, they can do anything they they can deep fake you. I mean I’m watching this series by Mike Myers. It’s meant to be it’s stupid funny. It’s stupid funny low, low, lowbrow comedy. It’s called the Pentaverate, about some Illuminati type of group. But the way they recruit people is they kidnap you and bring you in and then they stage your death on the world stage, so the newspapers come out and you die in some embarrassing way. But now you’re part of their click on the inside. So their idea here is that, yeah, once you get in the clutches of this group, you’re pretty much a pawn. And so if you’re looking at such a far reaching conspiracy as we describe, yes, not outside the range of possibility here that you do have real patsy’s. I think it sounds reckless, but you could talking about a disposable character. I could see why. Now you’ve had some experience with socalled secret societies. Are these venues in which potential patsies could be recruited and then deployed for these events? Oh, that’s an excellent point. There I would I would say more than likely. Yeah, definitely. You would have the fodder, you have the fanatics, you would have the compartmentalization needed. You would also have, I would say, the skill sets. You know, really fundamentally, when you look at what the freemasons are doing, it’s theater. It’s all you can call it. Ritual. You can call it performance. Are you? You got it, theater psychodrama. They’re reading lines that were in costumes, and this becomes increasingly evident in the higher degrees. From for on up, it’s like thirty two, where they’re sitting in a theater looking at a stage with elaborate backdrops. So basically, what I’m suggesting here is that world stage psyops could be perpetrated by this particular quote secret society, because all they do is theater. It would seem like this would be what they’re designed to do. So you know, the cultic aspect of it is really that’s where you see the organization. Now the task for us here. So I see this because, you know, to me it’s like trivial pursuit. I want to get into this aspect of it because I think it explains. Mandela effect is simply trivial pursuit. You acknowledge that. Yeah, Mendell effect is taking the game of trivial pursuit and making it a sort of cultural norm, I guess, or a car or a do I put it a their spirit, because they make it a miracle. And you know what, you’re right. It’s like trivial pursuit and right. And what is the under what is the message of trivial pursuit? The neitiative trivial pursuit is that it doesn’t matter what you know, because here’s what they’ll do. This is and I never play trivial pursuit. I remember when it came out of to seem boring to me. Basically a memory game. It’s a memory game. But here was the problem I had with it, because my knowledge or trivial pursuit is from seeing it played on tellus screens and sports bars. I they’d ask a question that might actually be important, like something about cosmology, something about the month, the sun or the moon or or which star is the brightest in the sky. You know, they would ask us. They would answer question. It might be legitimate science, history, politics, and then they would mix that in with a question about, you know, who played laverne on Laverne and Shirley, like, who gives a flying fuck? You understand? In other words, what they’re the message of trivial pursuit is all knowledge is trivial. Gotcha, I might say. I might say wait a minute now, the think of a question that might actually bear upon a subject of importance. Right, it’s not true. You’ll pursuet. It’s not the love of knowledge. It trivializes it. If anything, exactly, it trivializes it. And if you look at something like like to me, Joe Rogan is about trivializing everything. I mean whoever he brings on an interviews. In effect, he’s true, he’s effectively trivialized the subject matter. Right, it’s that’s what he’s done, because you know he’ll bring on a Hollywood personality or screenwriter or, I don’t know, a celebrity. Its celebrities play this game. Really have like well, I’m just as a important as this or that. Right, when they’re not. They’re not. They’re trivial they’re trifling. You know, they do commercials, they sell soap at whatever. But, and that is what Mandela effect is all about, is let’s trivialize memory. Let’s say that remembering this thing is it is just as important as remembering like remembering the logo on Volkswagon or Ford, or remembering which, whether whether Ed McMahon worked for family publishers or publishers clearing house is just as important as remembering, which as remembering that Hitler marched into Sudayton land. Yeah, I could see that. I think that. You know, like, Oh, they’re just as important. It one led led to a bloody war and then the other. Nobody. Who? Why would anybody care about it? And what they see all anologist trivial. Joe’s thousand or so guests, all of his guests, for the most part, are true believers in all of the world stage theater. So these are the least informed, most brainwashed people, whether they are complicit or not in it, they uphold the big lies of our time. So it’s trivilizing and it’s also just false worldview reinforcement. And then Joe’s there to laugh at any idea that goes outside of the accepted areas of discourse. And then he of course, he’s there to be the opposition. So he’s the one pushing the opposition line like he’s an ant CNN when really know they’re part of the same club. And on the Ford logo thing, I just came across this yesterday and this has got to be devastating for Staveley. The reason why the Ford logo has a curl on the F isn’t because of the Mandela effect. It’s because Thomas Edison and, and I guess the story Goes Ford and Edison were buddies and that they combined Thomas Edison’s initials into the Ford logo by putting a swirl on the f. So close up the F actually forms a Te for Thomas Edison. So look at the time that we’ve spent explaining something. It’s really super trivial. It really is. I mean what, Oh, there’s a subliminal messaging in this symbol, or they’re going to try to turn it into something important, and that actually define you know. I tell you, you defind Joe Rogan as mainstream media. Now that is what mainstream media is, the trivialization of everything, and the message underlying that is you are powerless. You think you know Sandy Hook was a hoped. It’s trivial, it doesn’t matter. You think you know. Yeah, you think you know nine hundred and eleven was staged. Well, that’s trivial, that doesn’t matter. Let’s argue about whether they used directed energy weapons or nuke or just plain old thermide or let’s argue about that, because in the end it doesn’t really matter. You Ain’t going to be able to do a goddamn thing about it. You’re going to have to sit there and watch it. And this is really summed up by that statement. We’re an empire now. Do you remember that? This is something that Ron suskin publicized and he attributed it to Carl Rove in the immediate aftermath of eleven, where Carl Rove said, I guess a journalist was asking more how do we know this or how do we know that? And Carl Rose said, no, you don’t understand. We’re an empire now and we define reality and as we make reality happen, you have to stand outside and judiciously analyze what we do. If you can find out a repect to say, yeah, that’s how it begins. What we’re an empire now, where every empound when we act, we create our reality. That’s fascinating and when you’re studying judiciously as you will, will act again. Okay, now this sounds like a megalomaniac. Oh that’s how that’s it. That’s Carl that’s how they all think. That’s how they all think. When you see that smirk on George W Bush’s face, all that that monkeys, that that smirking chimp expression and actually interesting that that that coincides with the Joe Rogan’s a calling card, which is at laughing chimpanzee. Oh yeah, he never gets tired of comparing human beings two apes. He never gets tired of making a comparison. And I can say it’s like this. This paradigm they’ve given us is man, is between ape and alien, which is the evolved man, genderless grays all blended into one, technologically advanced, and we’re trying to shake off the ape and move towards alien. So this is where science is our savior, because the aliens are just technologically advanced humans. And Yeah, you’re right, that’s why he uses the APE and that definitely is when I look at George Bush, I see that kind of a chimpy smirk, his dupers marking chimp, the smirking chip, and he it doping delight, is what some people call it. Doping Delight. So, Carl Rove the last part of that quote here, this is the best part. He says will act again, creating other realities that you can study too. We are hit histories, actors, and you will bring and you’re any what we do right. All you can do is study what we do, you have no impact on it at all. And that’s the underlying message of all this, and that’s why it’s very important when we get into discussions with people about this, that we prioritize we say, don’t you see what’s actually happening here? Why are you getting caught up in the details of it? I think quantum of conscience, Matt McKinley kind of raises question. He said these people will have US spending the rest of our lives deconstructing their hoaxes. It trying to analyze the details or how did they do this and how did they do that? But that’s the point, isn’t it? To keep us so preoccupied where their hoaxes that we lose sight of what’s what the real agenda is and what’s really going on. What are the real genders? transhumanism, social engineering, total control? You know, the business about the alleged leaking of a supreme court reverse, the potential reversal of Rosy Wade. Now what’s as though that were as though it really were going a random the leak? Yeah, yeah, some kind of you know, at first of all, calling a leak is ridiculous. I just call it a release. They release this information. Now. What’s what? What would that mean? Two years into vaccine mandates, in other words, the practical messaging, the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, says you take this vaccine and the boosters or you lose your job. He fired New York City workers who refused to take the vacts. They all lost their jobs. That’s reality. See, that’s concrute reality. But what’s the messaging there? The messaging? Me? Messaging there is that the government, the state or corporations have the authority to make you do whatever they want to your body, including taking experimental injections that haven’t even really been formally approved by the FDA, that have only been authorized for emergency use. We can make you do this. That’s the messaging. Two years into that, after the forced masking, after the force social distancing, after forced vaccinations, are they now going to turn around and say, Oh, it’s your body, at your choice, they’re trying to take away your choice to have an abortion. Well, they’re already took away your choice when they mandated vaccination, didn’t they? Yeah, isn’t it? It’s such blatant, in our face duplicity and the hypocrisy of the left on this matter is typical. They’re ignorant of their own hypocrisy. It’s like you know this. The worship of governmental power is definitely a double edged sword. And just I saw this cliff where these lefties dressed up like out of that movie, whether women have to wear the masks over their face, the handmaiden tail, they go into a church, a Catholic church, because they’re again they’re protesting the right to a board. But the point of it is they weren’t protesting the mask mandates and if you look at the movie handmade and tail, it had more to do, I think, with the mask mandates and the lockdowns and all the is totalitarian overreach. Then, simply this rovy way political football, and just ironic that now they have a problem with government authority, now they have a problem with overregulation and total loss of privacy. And so anyway, again just apparently mindless hypocrisy. Yeah, apparently, yesterday or today before, I guess it would have been yesterday, mobs of, I suppose, leftists wearing masks, all masked, went in and disrupted some Catholic masses, is that right? Some Catholic services, and they were dressed up like out of the movie, the TV show handmaiden tail, which is a better comparison to two thousand and twenty in the the Covid lockdowns and the enforced masking and all these social distancing. So it’s like they’re wearing the uniform that was appropriate for protesting two years ago and they’re wearing it for this. Just so out of touch. So, you know, if anybody even wants to try to talk about rody way or abortion or any of that, the first question to ask them is, do you believe in vaccine mandates? Do you support them? That the state has the right to dictate to you. You got to take these shots as often as they like, because if you surrender to that, and what you said in effect is you have nothing to say about abortion, the state can force you to get an abortion if they want, as in the case of China with their one child per family policy. I don’t know if they still pursue that or not. Think they might have changed that because actually I think they see this really does emphasize what a skis schism we have in this society, where we have two different universes sharing the world stage right now and there’s just contradictions out in the open, and maybe this is part of the part of the system, the blatant contradictions, the the land of confusion. You know, it’s purposeful. That’s why I titled Today’s Life Stream Live world order, because even in the best case scenario for the queue and honors, they’re following people who are engaged in lies, psychological warfare, spycraft and deception. So they worship that. It’s like a worship of a form of macavelian power. Yeah, and and how far will it go? Will See, that’s the thing. It what starts out as a Larp then spills over into reality and and you may see actual well, like what we so after did gew reg floyd psycho drama. You’ll see real destruction. You’ll see real kinetic warfare against small business, mostly well business in JE, against the cities, against small business. But you’re right, this is key because this is class warfare. It was telegraphed with the joker movie and you know, Occupy Wall Street and these communist groups are like, Oh, we got to take out the one percent and share of the wealth. Well, really, what you’re talking about is setting the premise that will allow them to destroy small business. Than everything else. And that’s what they did in two thousand and twenty. They they stood down, they snitched on businesses that was still open. Meanwhile bezos is raking in the billions. Yeah, I have a friend who lives on the eastern shore of Maryland who I went drove down to visit. I guess it was a it was it was in two thousand and twenty. I think it was in in March or April of two thousand and twenty. I drive down there and he’s somebody’s great in ocean city Maryland. He somebody’s grown up down there and see you know very much. You know part of the life in the culture down there. And he told me that on our what a chilly, wind swept, cloudy day, out there on a deserted beach, there are a couple kids playing or young people out there, and someone actually called the went to the trouble to call the ocean city police to get out there on the beach and tell these kids they weren’t allowed to be on the basically threatened arrest these kids for being out on the beach all by themselves on a cold, windy day because they re violating the lockdown, the quarantine so and and he was already inclined to think it was a bunch of baby boomers that have vacation home down there. Got A lot of them that had the money to buy these second homes down there. And you know that we are having a pandemic and no one should be allowed to run up and down a beach all by themselves. was crazy on a cold, windy day to call the police on some people on the beach because they’re breaking the rule. They’re supposed to be locked in with the rest of us. Yeah, that’s the kind of mentality you’re dealing with. That’s the exactly the SNITCHING, the people calling three one o their neighbors for coughing. That’s what we’re up against, the elite. We think of I use the word Elane, I think the small group of Cabal, but truly it’s them and the multitudes who do their bidding. So every person is an enforcer of this thing. I have another topicing to bring up really quick with you Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage. Well, the security that let that happen where the same security for the astro world event where those nine people got crushed, and the same security that did the Las Vegas Harvest Festival. What are your thoughts on that? Well, all these as with the Will Smith Chris Rock thing. That’s why they call it slapstick. Who Nice? That’s why they call it slapstick. It’s caught. It slapstick comedy. That’s what it is. It’s not so funny actually, when you think about it. But it’s all an act, it’s all staged. If there was a do you really believe that security in the Hollywood bowl would allow someone to come running up on the stage and assaulted performer, standup comic? I mean that’s absurd. That’s ridiculous. Slapsticks one that. Oh, they were just caught. Yeah, they were caught unaware. It’s a side up. Of course it is, and that means Dave Chapelle’s in on it. That means Crob Surpriseriss rock got paid to get slapped in the face and I don’t think you could pay me enough to get slapped in the face on TV. So right. And Will Smith and his wife, they got paid to do a commercial for visor, because so obvious to me. What’s your name, Jada Pinkett? Yeah, Jada, right, right. So those people have an entire crew of makeup artist, hair stylists. If there was any problem with her hair or her scalp, she could have worn a wig, a hair we’ve a turbin any number of expensive fashion options. Instead of announcing to the world, oh I’ve got a Lapacia, you know, why parade her in there at the Oscars to show off and advertise her Alapacia when there were any number of a attractive fashion options available that, you know, where no one had to know. Would it? Would you want to go around advertising people I’ve got a LAPCIA? Know, it’s kind of like when these celebrities and religious leaders and politicians come out with the black eye. It’s like the reason why we call it the black eye club is that with their egos and their makeup departments and their vanity, there’s no way they’re going to show off an injury on their face like that. It’s grotesque. So they’re telegraphing. It is storytelling. It’s a prop right, right and will Smith, I don’t really I don’t care about what sort of relationship he has with his wife. That’s their business, but I can see really degrading and cheap for him to allow himself and his wife to be used as advertising props for viser’s new alopecia prescription pharmaceutical medication, which is all that was. It’s all that guerrilla marketing. It’s a PR stunt, like everything else in this world. On May the fourth I saw Zelenski wearing a start war shirt. You like, may the fourth be with you, and you have the starfighter on his arm. I mean it’s it’s getting to be the point where it’s like where does the reality TV show end and the reality begin? And I’m like I can’t find the reality. Everything on TV is pretty much a curated reality TV show. I mean, at least that’s what it looks like. But, as you say, there’s a point where it goes knnetic, and that’s probably the whole purpose of this. You know, they put us into a their their fun house mirror world, and then they full of plug on things. And I was talking to someone I was getting grocers last night. I was talking to someone about he was an anti vaxer who used to be outside protesting, and he was like remember how it was when they pushed a button and everybody panicked about toilet paper? Wait till they do that for food, and it got me thinking. If there’s anything that we’ve learned, it’s that the if there is a reset button, if there is a button that can just cause everything to go into a hard reset. It’s really what they do on the TV, you know. They push up, they some they push the right button and everybody responds in unison. And it’s that’s their main power. It’s their power to tap into all of the true believers at once with one unifying, panic inducing message. Of course, back in the day before television, we have radio and movies. But even before then you could fabricate a war in Cuba, as Hurst did with his newspapers in one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight. What did he say to Frederick Remington, who he sent down there? And remington wire him there’s nothing happening down here, it’s dead dull, and her said, don’t worry about it. You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war. But in those days, all you how our newspapers and print doesn’t have the emotive power that movies, radio and, as you say, television has. There they can reject images, they can bring out a fish. US We’re in uniforms and MAYRE’s and senators and governors in there and to stand behind a completely fake media narrative and lend their credibility in their authority to saying, Oh, yeah, we’ve we’ve had a terrible mass shooting here and and of course the media is always there to raise the possibility of copycats. You always hear that from the media when they’ve squeeze the maximum emotion they can out of one of these fake events. Is and never forget we’re concerned about the threat of COPYCATS, that people will be spontaneously be induced to commit mass shootings or terrorism because of stories like this save it. So they it’s a catch twenty two. Well, we’re inventing this situation, we’re staging it, we’re fabricating the narrative, we’re making it as an extre extreme and as threatening as possible. And Oh, by the way, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this because it could lead to real copycat reproductions of this kind of event. And I guess sooner or later you’ve got minds out there that are weak enough and easily programmed enough that that maybe you really will have a spontaneous shooting. I wanted to point out something about the Brooklyn subway event. Yeah, and and tell me. I think the movie, a Batman Movie, starts out with the subway shooting, by the way, another tie in. But yeah, Frank James, the subway shooter. What are your well, the day it happened I came across another story. Well, here’s here’s the reality. Had Not that event occurred, that media narrative occurred when it did, what would have been the number one media narrative news story coming out of New York on that very day, that Tuesday? I’ll bet you can’t tell me. No, I was totally distracted by the SCY off. What was the thing that wasn’t being talked about? Well, the second highest executive in the state of New York, the Lieutenant Governor, Brian, his last day the states me now Brian. He was arrested and indicted for corruption and bribery. It should have been a huge story. When the Lieutenant Governor of New York stay has to resign and as arrested and indicted for corruption in bribery, is that a national news story or not? I mean, it’s not like he’s a lieutenant governor of South Dakota or something. We remember when Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, had to resign and be replaced by Kathy Hopes Shul he resigned. Who was? Okay, you’re right, Brian Benjamin resigned. Yeah, Brian Benjamin was arrest I’m think about this. That’s major. That is major. Okay, now, one of the solar stories in the Batman movie was the riddler was unmasking corrupt politicians. He even uploads a youtube video threatening the mayor, just like Frank James in real life did so. It also kind of fits in this Meta narrative that the New York Lieutenant Governor would be arrest would be arrested and indicted on bribery and corrupt isn’t it obvious? Isn’t itself evidently obvious, as it seems to me, that the Democratic Party establishment stage this event so that no one would be reading or talking about the arrested, indictment and resignation of Lieutenant Governor of New York? You know what? It was slapped together so fast they could exactly. They couldn’t even get the squibs to bust until somebody in a moved. Exactly. I would not be surprised, Mike. Let’s do a Boston bombing light really quick. Yeah, what go I what can we do? What can we do? Well, Brian’s going to be arrested and indicted. It’s been it’s going to be all over the news. It’s going to be V that would have been the number one story in new you. I. Would have been the number one story coming out of New York nationally. But at this point no one even knows about I mean it is out there if you go looking for it, you know what I’m saying, if you go looking for Brian Benjamin. Yeah, it’s out there, but no one is there any level of awareness at all. It’s reduced to background noise. WAG The dog, Sufish at this, the WAG dog. That’s what I called it, right, that’s exactly what I called it. I called that Brooklyn subway of that a wag the dog to cover for the arrest, indictmond and resignation of the second highest official in New York State. Who would be the one? Who you know? Just to remind you, of course, Andrew Coromo clustered all the senior citizens in the nursing homes to kill them off. Sammy the Bull Gravano has something to say about that. But what do they do? They made they made quomo’s harassment and manhandling of some of his the women who worked for him. They made that the story. They made that the reason he resigned, and we have yet to there’s still an investigation going on into the deaths in the nursing homes and whether Coromo was responsible for that, isolating and clustering the senior citizens there where they could die off, using the the pandemic as a pretext. But now he had to resign because allegedly he is his sexual harassment of underlings who worked for him. And then immediately he’s replaced by the Lieutenant Governor, Cath the Hopeshwan. What does she do? She makes a speech thanking God for giving us the vaccine. I will always that is what people will remember her for, that clip of her are making that speech where she oh, it’s it blows your mind away. It’s tiny’s praying at it. They’re selling salvation. I’ve been saying that from the beginning and when she came out, when they I was like, okay, now it’s pretty obvious. They bridge the gap. This is the new church, this is government salvation from the technocrat scientism religion. And if she had been forced to resign, as Cuomo was the governor would be Brian Benjamin, and he would be the one imposing mandates. He would be the one firing state employees who refused to take the vaccine. But obviously they decided to remove him from the scene. I don’t know the DP. I understand that the corruption charges against him involved bribery. So it’s it’s it’s guard variety political corruption, but this is how the Democratic Party is run in New York state. It’s a good example, though. On these psyops have multiple utilities and that’s why I examine these events. I have. I examine the well, the timing of them. The timing is usually the first key that will tell you right what it’s for. And but, by the way, and if you caught it, but after this call, I’m going to play a clip I got from Paul Harvey from one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, when global warming was a couple years old, where even then he had brought up that the media had a monthly crisis to keep everybody fearing the skies about to fall. I mean it’s just amazing how this is just their standard operating procedure. They never change. Yeah, the no agenda odd kist currying to Voor I, which is pretty tame really. For a long time they talked about the six weeks cycle that the FBI runs. Were every six weeks they got to have some kind of terrorst scare, and so they stage one of these things every six weeks to justify their budget, to keep it in the in the public view as a threat, as an ongoing threat, and they identified it. They timed it to six weeks. They said every six weeks they got to come out with one of these things. That’s incredible. That’s that’s probably get regular, like fire drills or anything else. You know, yeah, it would make sense. There’s there’s got to be six weeks cycles. There’s it’s like there’s nineteen year cycles. I think that the covid nineteen is the cycle that replaced the nineteen years of the war on terror, and I think maybe after nineteen years of this it’ll be something else. But I think they have bigger and smaller cycles and it’s all about keeping the sheeple moving along this timeline that they author and create on their stage, on their big alternate reality game. Yeah, yeah, that’s what they’re running. I should mention it connect you with a standy Hook. There’s some new stuff that I saw. It just came out some more pictures that have been discovered one of the alleged victims. They’ve got a picture of her after the fact, still alive. So actually they got a picture of her, a several pictures of her. It’s including some prominent ones. And then I think, I don’t know if they have they might have one of her at the Super Bowl. So and another’s just always stuff coming out about Sandy Hook. That there’s always stuff. As people dig into it. There’s so many sandy hook has more holes in it’s a Swiss cheese. It’s crazy. The whole story is full of holes, know, which makes Alex jet which makes Alex Jones failing to even show up in court and defaulting on that judgment, even more despicable. And even then just don’t feel bad for him. He says he’s broke because Alex Jones got a two million dollar Dono in the form of Bitcoin, like yesterday. From who do we know? From whom? Anonymous? An anonymous bitcoin donor two million dollars. So Jones is doing pretty well. He definitely plug into this hole. They use him and that, course brings us back to Ellen Schroyer, who comes out of the Alex Jones stable, who, I guess we still think maybe was the queuing on Shaman. Is that right? That’s the culd. I heard of Jacob Chancelly. He has not walked that. He has not been able to disassociate from that. And you know this. To me this is like Alex Stein, though, actually went out and hosted Alex Jones and he says there’s no way Jones is Hicks because Hicks was two inches taller. That’s his refutation. Yeah, I don’t know what to think about the I’ve never known what to think about the Alex Jones Bill Hick. They were only one who could answer that would be Kevin Booth because he knew both of them. Or No, yeah, no, he’s been yeah, and then he’s the one who’s sown all this deliberate, deliberately his own ambiguity about who they are. So yeah, that’s that’s another but here’s of it. Here’s the thing. I never heard of Bill Hicks until people started saying Alex Jose’s I might have heard him mentioned, but I never saw one of his shows. I didn’t think his comedy was I might have you know, I went and I listened to some of his routine’s I wouldn’t all that impressed. I really wasn’t. But apparently Bill Hicks had a large cult following. So you know that that kind of lures people into it. And now if you say, well, Alex Jones is really they repackaged Bill Hicks and faked his death, why would anybody care? Well, I guess Bill Hicks had a larger following than than I may have realized. It could be, it could be. I think it’s interesting as a lot of sensitivity around the issue, but to me it just shows this templating. This is basically how they if, in my views, a template here of you have a social media have an influencer and the influencer is being repurposed or repackaged in some way. But it’s like a standard operating procedure. It seems to have comedians be put into rolls of gate keeping comedy. Yeah, yeah, the gatekeeping comedy from what’s here. Allowed to laugh at what? You’re allowed to poke fun out, what you’re allowed to question? Absolutely, absolutely. And Jones, to me, anybody doesn’t see how they own him everything he does. I mean Jones promoted everyone from queuing on he was one of the earliest promoters of Q, and on to Isaac Cappy. Joe Said Isaac Cappy on there and basically giving him the biggest audience he would ever have. So you know, Jones is Joe is definitely working for them. He’s working for them. This is a new documentary on flatter at that Eddie Bravos in and he made he says several times in this documentary and and he talks around it. He says you can’t go to the edge, and ELEX Jones actually offered to pay for somebody like Bravo to go to the edge. And Bravo and hibler and the others on this new documentary that they’re all behind this flatter documentary, but they’re all against going to the edge. So I see it all as gatekeeping. And Eddie Bravo’s another comedian who now does conspiracy gatekeeping. And you don’t get to be much more of a gatekeeper than to say, Oh, you can’t even go to ant Arctica, which just isn’t true. I don’t know, I really don’t know. I mean I are you telling me you could take a boat all the way down there and look for yourself? No, I’m saying that to end the conversation with you can’t go to me is kind of a nonstarter because especially you have no Jones saying he’s going to put money in to it. And here’s a guy who can get two million dollars from an anonymous donation. I’m pretty sure if anybody can send an expedition to the deep, deep deep South over the wall, it would be Jones, and I refused it. I did Google and Ductr go search, just like one or two words searches, and my God, one link after another about this. Is a few weeks back when they announced this settlement where Jones owes millions of dollars to the Sandy Hook parents. I have never seen so many stories out there about Alex Jones getting a judgment against him by these aggrieved Sandy Hook parents for like millions of dollars. I mean dozens and dozens, and it’s like they really were cranking it out and I felt to myself, well, who’s really is anybody really paying it? Would anybody be paying attention to this? Otherwise, no way would anybody even care or know about it. But boy did they run it out there. And so yeah, they’re Jones is a voluntary volunteers to be a punching bag for this and let them use him for this. But here’s my question to you. You know, it’s like the that line out of Shakespeare Hamlet. Methinks The lady doth protests too much. If people see this, don’t you think that they’re but that people who might otherwise never have even taken a second look at Sandy Hook? Ordinary people are going to say, Hey, I’m curious about this, I want to take a look. And if they do take a look, the first thing you’re going to see is I’re going to see Robbie Parker, they’re going to see Wayne Carver, they’re going to see gene Rosen, they’re going to see the McDonald’s laughing and eventually interesting cooper eventually they will succeed in getting rid of all of the conspiracy theories about the thing. They’ll get rid of all alternative explanations. So all we’re left with is the mainstream coverage. And I think what they’re creating with Sandy Hook, because I mean they’ve had ten years to work on this, is I think they’re creating a new holocaust denialism, almost an industry about it where now you have a whole body of people working on the problem of anybody who questions the news is now associated with this horrible moral thought crime. And so Sandy Hook denialism is a business and it’s probably just just now getting started. There’s a hazard in that because by doing that they’re drawing attention to it and some people who are already skeptical are as their attention is drawn to it, they’re going to realize it was a hoax. So yeah, there was remixed involved in that. I was a believer in the news media. I listened to like, I mean, I wasn’t not a I wasn’t like lacking in critical thinking. I was really focus on my life and I just wasn’t paying attention to the news very right. But you probably thought that JFK really got shot for Oh yeah, for sure. But then when I saw, I mean I was already investigating, you know, the roles of you know, potential roles of secret societies and psychological warfare and cult mind control. I just didn’t know the big picture. But when I saw the attention at Sandy Hook, when I saw Robbie Parker and I saw a smile, that’s all it took to get me to question things. So it does have the opposite effect. And then in the chat rooms on a video discussing sandy hook, somebody said don’t look at Flat Earth. Well, I had not questioned NASA to a heavy load degree at all. I didn’t believe the moon landing was anything other than a ruse for some reason, but I didn’t question it that deep until I was told by Sandy Hook investigators not to look at that. So yeah, there is a thing where telling people not to look behind the curtain tends to get some people to actually dig. Oh, if you even mentioned flatter earth, in many circles people who consider themselves truthers will ridicule you. Yes, so ridicule. They’ll make fun of you. You’re another stupid flatter people who know not eleven was an inside job. Well, ridicule you for raising the pro the possibility of flout. You know, a flat you know I don’t like that phrase flatter if, as you know, I use the phrase alternate cosmology or alternative cosmology. Yeah, why, given that? Why give them a straw man to burn and then say it’s your no, it’s like that right, like net like being a no planer with respect to eleven. No, no, I say there was TV fakery and that TV fakery strongly implies that there are no real planes involved. But that’s not the point, that there are no planes. The point is that the TV faked us out by shown a fake video. That’s the point. TV fakery is the issue here, not whether they use missiles or drones or just bombs in place or, you know, whatever they did. The point is it that that that it was a tell televised media propaganda hoax, TV fakery. Same thing. They by packaging the MEME, and I really think they did this with flat earth, and I kind of in a way, I kind of blame Eric Debay for it, because he was a one that really started this shit. I mean he was the first one they had out there doing this and it’s like, let’s see how let’s see how extreme and how shocking we can be by taking an idea and packaging it in such a way that it immediately polarizes people, because a lot of people haven’t even taken the time to look at it and they’re immediately going to say, well, that’s ridiculous. Would he mean flat earth? That’s absurd. You know, they’re going to they’re going to turn it into a laughing stock and in a way it does kind of distract from the idea of Nassas fakery, doesn’t it? Is a hundred percent. Yes. Yes, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a discussion with someone about Nassas hoaxing and fakery and someone drags matters into it and I have to say Whoa so I said that has that is a completely separate issue. The nature of the universe that we live in, the solar system, that’s a completely separate issue. What we know is it NASA is giving us fake pictures, principally the blue marble that used to show up on every iphone, that that’s fake, that’s a digital fake, that the ISS is a fake, that the Apollo Moon walks are laughably fake, that that famous video of President Richard Nixon talking to the Apollo astronauts on the Moon in real time with perfect sound, perfect sounds transubmission, that that’s a fake. And the question of what kind of world we live in, that’s a separate issue that’s worth talking about, worth looking at, but it’s completely separate from the fact that NASA has been lying to us. You know, it’s like, once you find out that they’ve been hoaxing you and taking advantage of you in Lyne to you, virtually anything’s possible, right. Yeah, and then that’s the case with eleven point, where, instead of the topic of evidence based criticisms, I was talking about research that has physical evidence we can point too, like Oh, look, this photo is using Photoshop, this does not match up. And there was a lot of photography on the space station that was being analyzed very critically before flat earth even popped up, and those people asking those questions weren’t immediately ridiculed, their photographs were addressed. But then once you bring in the flat earth, the Dome, the Biblical side of it, and then all these personas and the community, they got totally distracted. And I think that was the point, because why would you bring a Bible to a conversation about analyzing photography looking for right? Right? A lot of these foot and this is the people who I really came to despise, the people who are corrupting speculative alternative cosmology, are these Bible filmers, because they’ve got to drag their Bible and their religious agenda into a discussion that should be strictly evidence based, say they’ve got. All they’re doing is they’re using the the not just the flat earth but but the challenging of NASA. They’re using that as a platform in which to advance their own ideological religious agenda. People like Robb s CIBA and the people have to drag their Bible into any discussion about about cosmology, when not want to bring it to a conversation about climate change. And and you know, because if you’re going to make that standard argument, you can say, yeah, climate change, it’s real, it’s in the Bible. God does right, it’s predicted in the book of revelations. And Yeah, it’s no, no, no, we can talk about the Bible is a completely separate as a cultural and as a literary product, which all. That’s all it is. It’s literature, that’s all it is. But and, and this is the same thing. Well, there’s so many issues or people they don’t really care about the issue itself. Abortion is one of those. I suspect a lot of the people who are all right to life, right to light, right to life, they don’t really care about babies or life or anything like that. They just want to flog their Christianity in your face. You know I you need to believe in my religion or your baby killer. You know that that’s that’s what they’re doing. Yeah, is it strange? And years ago the whole story was we got us save the children from the underground tunnels where they’re being trafficked, cannibalized and use the satanic rituals for their adrenochrome. Save the children from the deep state, and now it’s Save the children from the gay kindergarten teachers. Like these are both kind of strange propositions, you know, like nobody likes the way that these things are being represented. Nobody’s actually for that. But my point is, how do we go from Save the children from the satanic cannibals to save the children from the Liberals and their influences? It just seems like moral panic and this is just a different flavor of the month or whatever. But apparently they’ve got enough kindergarten teachers out there to get on ticktock and validate your worst fears. Yes, that’s the other side of it. It’s like, well, they do have a point there, but are they leaving behind the kids in the tunnels that are being harvested by the reptoids in favor of these ones. Like which children are they all save? First? Yeah, to me, the first thing out of my mouth when I encounter this is you should have had your pulled your kids out of a public education system a long, long time ago. You’re worried about them being grooms and being introduced to sexuality and gender at an early age by teachers who have their own ideological agenda to impose. I said, probably much more threatening to these kids is being taught that we walked on them falsely, that we walked on the moon. You know, the public schools teach kids we walked on the moon. That’s a lie. That’s a terrible lie. They’re teaching kids that planes knock down skyscrapers. That’s a lie. At long before you know. There are so many reasons not to have your kids being indoctrinated in, brainwashed in the public education system that this question of gender affirmation or sexual preference being introduced to little kids. That’s really the least are your worries. For that matter, if you look at the objective results that the school systems have accomplished, Oh my God, we got an illiterate population. We do we have good visually illiterate. They can’t tell visually is something is real or fake, if it’s a picture or if it reflects reality. And you brought up William Randolph Hurst. We said you furnish the pictures and all furnish the war, and that was possible. Will then to do with newspapers, create a war with photos, because that was the entirety of their world view shaping mechanism. was just the print media. But now with the digital they lost control for a little while, but they’re getting it back and I think that the more they consolidate media and the more they universalize their censorship standards, the more they’re going to have that power all over again. And so they’ve created true believers in the schools. Like the moon landing. It is a big deal that they believe the moon landing because they don’t know what to be true. They believe it. They believe the buildings melted from the jet fuel. They don’t know it. So we have a bunch of believers plugged in to this monolithic media mind control apparatus. So I think we’re about to see what happens when they really start synchronizing all these billions of brainwash. He’s onto the next major syup. Nine and eleven was done with poor CGI effects. Whatever comes next, I think, is going to be a level deeper. Yeah, they’re they’re allowing their kids to be turned into these like zombies based brainwashed. I mean, it’s just it’s a terrible thing. What really brings it home to me, and you might want to play this clip. I watched that. You know, the scene of George W Bush sitting in the school room down here in Florida with the little kids holding that my pet goat story, and then Andrew Card comes in and whispers in his ear and all that. I didn’t really that didn’t. I didn’t really think much of that one way or another. But we’re really freaked me out was the actual way in which that teacher was conducting the class, allegedly ostensibly teaching these kids how to read have you. You should play that again. Okay, I’ll play that clip after this call. And is this the cliff where the teacher is saying get ready, get ready, get get ready, and I’m not. And I know people have focused on the kite playing. Yeah, that’s that’s that’s interesting. That’s very interesting. The choice of words there. But more significant to me is, Oh my God, is this how they’re teaching children to read in a group? By repeating things on q by Road? I see, I see the way they I got. That’s mind destroying. That is mine destroying. Get Ready, get ready. Yeah, you got to play that, because that that was what two thousand and one can you imagine what they’ve done to the school systems by now? Systematic brain damaging so that are cognitive impairment, maybe some kind of sap cognitive sabotage to prepare us for the tick tockification of our culture, in our society, the breaking down of everything into small, bite sized chunks. That’s probably a part of it. And yes, the kids are chanting kite hit, steal, plane must cut. You know, Vari know what they’re saying. There’s no greeting comprehension there. There’s no meaning in that and the fact that they all have to do it. Look, do you read in a group by recitation, allowed repeating things? No, you read by yourself. You pick up a book or a newspaper or periodical or you get online and you read and you reflect and you think about what you’re reading. It’s an individual act. It’s an act of individual cognition. It’s not some rote repetitive ritual where get ready, you understay. It’s not like that. That’s not learning how to read. Yeah, I think this was an MK ultra session with George W Bush there with his baphome a book or my pet goat story. This whole thing was just so ritualistic and surreal looking back at it, and I’ll play this clip after so people can hear what you’re talking about, with the way this teacher was teaching these children how to read, supposedly. Yeah, I got to check out. You got a I got a doctor’s appointment to afternoon, so I got to watch the time. What time if you got there with the level, thirty is it’s thirty am mountain time. I believe it’s I am hours ago. Ryan would be like thirty most likely. Yeah, I got okay, well, I got a little. Appreciate your time very much. We should catch up again soon. A number of people will in for a round table and they be doing soon. So yeah, we should definitely talk to good very soon. This has been great. Thank you again for all of your input there. Yeah, have a great day. Play that clip right, that clip with the focus on the idea of, you know, kite playing. Yeah, that’s that’s interesting, but my God, look what you’re doing to the minds of the kids and tell me that this is how you learn how to read. I don’t think so. Yeah, I’m going to play the any culture clip. Have a great day. Okay, so let me go ahead and play this clip here. This is George W Bush. Get ready to read this where the best way to get ready? Yay, yes, sound it out, get ready, sound it out, get ready. What wered? He yes, boys and girls found this word out. Get Ready. What words? Yes, deal, read these words the fast way to get ready. Lays, playing, get ready, Rus, yes, must, let’s read these words the fast way without making a mistake. Get Ready. Bad. Yes, tip to get ready. Hey, yes, get ready, sale, yes, deal, get ready, yes, playing, and ready. Must, yes, must. Those peak. You’re reading up from your seat and then they duck. They all duck to get something beneath their seats, but they all duck really fast. That, to me really stands out as kind of bizarre, like this is this, to me, is a happening. So this is happening as nine hundred and eleven starts. So this is mercury rising. Eight hundred and forty six am. Plane Hits the building and here they are chanting kite steal playing, must, yes, I get ready, Y, yes, get ready, yes, the okay, ready, yes, playing and ready. Much, yes, much. You’re reading open. You Hook up to lesson right. And I think another element here is he’s reading a goat story and to me goat story suggests scapegoat, and the scapegoat was Osama Been Lauden with his goatee. And if you look at the origin of the word scapegoat, it refers to a the ritual release of a goat. Here we go, in the Bible the scapegoat is wanted. Here we go. It’s a biblical story. Has To do with the sins of the village being put onto a specific goat which is been released into the Wilderness. So in a way it’s carrying away the sins of the group. A scapegoat, a person who’s blame for the wrongdoings, mistakes or faults of others. The scapegoat was released into the Wilderness, taking with it all of the sins and impurities. So in other words, the blame. So Oh, some have been lauden with his goatee. Is The goat story. That is referenced in the goat story that George Bush has. The words scapegoat really means escaped goat, because it’s running away. Goat sent out, the goat that departs. And what was the whole story? It was Osama bin Lauden running away, hiding in the caves, ancient Judaism, the the scapegoat was a goat designated for absolute removal, for the symbolic removal of the People’s sins, the outcast in the desert, as a part of the ceremonies of the Day of Atonement. See you have an outcast in the desert again. Goat story confirmed here. Osama bin Laudon the scapegoat. There is a couple of other elements to this story, but let’s move on, getting back to a few of the notes I took here. Okay, so you furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war William Randolph Hurst, and that’s going to be our future here again, I believe, where we’re already pretty much there. But you have enough of a presence of a counter media that Zelenski’s movie, he’s in right now, is called out for what it is. But in the future we won’t be able to tell. M A SAGITTARI’s arm says. This show blows my mind. I love it. We says Lynn, get on the M E round table. Yes, I’m going to get a Mandela effect round table, going a tim and vic on. One says in Hebrew, bad ass female bar is, male Batman, is literally the female man, reminiscent of Baphome of Rocko. Cow Zone says he saw doctor strange and it opens with a Kraken and ends with America Chavis kicking the Mago which into another universe, another Krack in reference. Okay, let’s see here. In regards to the video we just watched, battery says, well, that’s creepy. Get Ready, they’re bowing to Bush, says David a prior. Well, it’s a major ritual going down and they have that happening. Here’s monograph from Operation Clinton, who said that the Clintons were behind Q, something we touched on. I got into the que topic today because I got a hold of the person believed by many to be q and he denied knowing who Q is. And let me play this clip again. I started to play this. This is Paul Harvey from thirty two years ago. You know, thirty three years is how old global warming is. This thirty three year old style. They’ve been doing this for some time. Here’s Paul Harvey, though, just talking about this m how the media has a crisis of the month. It’s always about the sky falling. Barely a wheak goes by, but what some researcher tries to scare US or trick us out of research money by claiming that the sky is falling and with the willing complicity of a headline hungry media. A recent crisis of the month had to do with global warming and ozone whole is opening up over the United States, we were told, the effects of which we’re already measurable in an increase in skin cancer. On the contrary, destroying chlorine around the polar vortex has been declining since January. A major objective of a recent shuttle mission was to determine the scope and scale of the so called Oh now the holy ozone story. It’s another example this wrath of God. What’s puncturing the hole in the ozone? It’s what you’re concerning, the things that you do to make your life better that are being scapegoaded for incurring the wrath of God. Thanks again, m e Sagittarius. Arm Society says. This key the keep the show going. This Planet Needs Infinite Plane Society Wisdom. Oh yes, and we have a great pool of callers and researchers. We have five hundred sets of eyes. We have thousand eyes in the discord server right now working on this million piece puzzle. Benton says, I’m scared of ozone holes. Yeah, what happened to the hole in the ozone? Maybe they ran out of money for the proper Ganda Public Attention Span. They need to keep reinforcing it propaganda wise or goes away, because it’s a lie. Lies need constant reinforcement. Lies Er high maintenance, and the truth stands on its own for the most part. Not these days, though. These days it doesn’t really have any defenders, because it’s defenders are all products of the big lies. They’re actually unwitting participants in the alternate reality game. They are still more or less mostly deceived. One foot in the Matrix, one foot out. I believe causes someone just to go even deeper into deception because they’re not using the proper methodology. Queue and honors are not close to the truth because they reject mainstream news. Let’s see you go through some tweets here. I’m at Real Tim Osman Elon Musk put out a tweet suggesting that something might happen to him because he sent some cube sets to Ukraine. Hopefully he has a food taster. There’s a documentary out called two thousand mules, intended to make people mad about the two thousand and twenty election. It’s a it’s one of these things. It’s just so it doesn’t even matter. You know the public will believe what it’s told and it’ll go along with the the media has a just such a dominant influence. I mean, what did we see in two thousand and twenty with the election, the the campaign, mean, Biden was there, barely. They’re mostly a Hologram, empty parking lots, totally pathetic. You had Kamala Harris with a body double. They just didn’t seem to have any sort of attraction to anybody. And then trump is filling up these big arenas and then the results are the total inverse. So you can see why people have questions. And then, of course you’re not allowed to question it, which makes me think, yeah, it’s probably. It’s probably the the case that they intentionally allowed it to be rigged to create this schism. But they were. This is all again under the premise that the trump is part of this. I don’t think you can separate the trump’s from q. You can’t separate them from this sting operation. That one six was like I saw an image of Joe Biggs, is a free jo now in jail over this one sixth thing, like Owen shroyer being charged with all kinds of things for being a participant in one six. It’s like, why don’t they call out that the thing was a hoax? No, it’s because this is like this is a major historical turning point. I check this out. The latest Star Trek is suggesting that the world ended as they know it. Or they they’re looking back at US and they’re saying, yeah, World War three started on one six. This is when the latest star Trek I’m going to play this clip. We’re wrong to look like your world today. Recently I was treated to a glimpse of my future. Is Not all I’d hope. After all, what good is there and knowing your future? Friend of mine asked me that recently and didn’t understand what he man until now. Now this is from the new star Trek and someone said the Godzillaoise is drowning out of you know, I gotta figure out how that works because for some reason I don’t hear the Godzillaoise. Everyone else is hearing Godzilla, or it’s pink, the Penguin Zilla. David a prior said. I heard this an IMP attack on the new picard show that’s coming. I have some predicted programming. I could point two on that one as well. And it still looks like Seattle’s going to be the place. And some of the headlines are suggesting that Pootin has lost his mind and he’s going to launch a nuke because he’s gone mad, which will see again. This is the latest Star Trek, talking about how World War three started on one six at the capital in the US. I’ve seen my future. Let me show you yours. Ar Conflict also started with a fight for freedoms. So they show you one six with a fake neos hanging in front of the capital. Are struggles also started again. This is a looking at some of the signage here. Dear Global List and health bureaucrats, F your masks Mrn a poison shot. So this is again star trek blaming Q and six for the end of civilization as we know it now. Started with a fight for prenoms. We called it the second civil war in the EUGENICS war. Finally just wanted more thrate. So you have it, the second civil war. Oh breek says. The new Kendrick Lamar video uses multiple deep fakes, will smith included. We know I was talking about the new movie Pentaveri with Mike Myers, and one of the things about this TV show, and this is on Netflix, is that it has to do with a lot of fum death bakers who are then given these new roles as part of the secret society. But another key point is that Mike Myers plays like five or ten different characters. This shows you how effective deep faking is this technology. He actually plays the for for of the five members of the pentavery. Therefore they’re did. They’re all distinct characters, but this is showing a look snl Saturday night live these actors. They’ve all been a part of this SI up entertainment complex for such a long time. They use these comedy shows to reinforce the dominant propaganda messages of the day, and there’s a conspicuous number of SNL actors who have been like, for example, James Belushi, Christopher Farley, Diet thirty three and then seemingly coming back with new roles. We says, I’m very disappointed. Star Trek is turn commy. Yeah, I always looked at space and science fiction is this is what capitalism, or maybe not capitalism, but this is what technology is going to bring us to. This is what free market activity does. We create better products and there’s no limit. Eventually will reach the stars. You look at the science fiction genre and outer space is just technology getting really good until man conquers all limits, including the limits of the physical earth. But now I look at it as from the beginning all of the outer space science fiction indoctrination programming has been to get us away from the world of private property, the world of freedom and independent individual freedom and liberty, and into this collectivism, into the space goolog as the ideal, and I think that’s always been the case. Pure propaganda, as entertaining as it is, and of course it gets you to accept certain things without even you know, like without it, without ever addressing it directly. You just assume space is real, as described science as real as describe global warming. Obviously can. We started out today talking to Code Monkey, Z Ron Watkins, an American conspiracy theorist and administrator of a Chan. He played a major role in the spreading of Q and on. If you didn’t know, Ron Watkins is running for office now. He’s gonna probably get elected. There’s a number of people queue and honors that are getting into politics and they’re trying to dissociate from it. He’s running again. He’s going to be a think he even put ninety five thousand dollars of his own money into his campaign. So he’s going to be more visible as time goes on and as being the face of que for the most part, I think, well, he needs to answer for this. You know he’s gonna run for office, he’s going to be a public servant. He needs to answer. Does he know who George News is? So I intend to find out. If you want to catch that on the replay, it’s the very beginning. I give him a call and then he calls back and he denied knowing George News. Let me play this clip of Eric holder about brainwashing the children. I’ve also asked the school board to make a part of every day some kind of anti violence, anti gun message every day, every school, at every level. One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we just have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday. We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way. Okay, just brainwash them and then you have twenty years of fake skull shootings. I think that’s been accomplished. Same thing with global warming brainwashing. Here’s an image of Ron Watkins at a queue and on event standing in front of a que. It’s a queen playing card in front of a seven so q and seven seventeen que. Again, there’s no deniability here. They can’t claim that they don’t know q and on. Congressional candidate Ron Watkins calls himself a digital rows of parks. I mentioned the other one, the other queue and honor Jr Majuski, Ohio Gop candidate, claims he’s not a QUEU and Onbeliever, but he put a giant que and on two thousand and twenty mural on his driveway. Tominoid says Elon said something about creating a star fleet for real to save the world. So we should do that. Yeah, definitely question everything coming from Elon Musk. I mean he believes in the great reset, he’s people, he’s in the entire green world order agenda. Thanks again, battery seventy nine, for support. Thanks, Jose. Appreciate it very much. Going to be back, no doubt. We’ve goat later on today, this evening to take calls. We’re following a lot of stories at once right now, but I want to catch up on a few things. FBI warns lawmakers at frustrated queue and on conspiracy followers could turn violent. Means that Patsy’s are being set up as we speak. Again, Musk said if I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing you, and Musque is mentioned in this new TV show. It’s the underground transit system the ILLUMINATI use and it’s called the musk. I’ll be watching some more of it the Pentaveric, just to do some reviews and see what they’re getting US prepared for. Next world, new SPELLCOM Ukraine film studios and Hollywood MSM connections. Found some interesting stuff there as well. I’m going to go into and I have so many Mandela Effect D bunks coming in that I’m going to probably do like a five minute video on every single d bunk. Debunkable emmy effect, one that has an obvious, traceable explanation, and I mentioned this today on the call. The Ford logo has a curl on the F and the Mandela effect he’s maintain that that wasn’t there before, thus proof that reality has shifted. But the reality of it is Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were B F’s like Lavernon Shirley. They had homes next to each other in Florida and in Jersey. They were just so close that they put te on the Ford Logo. So if you just look at the F by itself and you cover the bottom half of it, you get a Te Thomas Edison built into the four logo. You can’t say this is a Mandela effect because it’s too intricate of a story, too many details. And again on the screen here’s a picture gop house candidate deny supporting q and on, but has a video of himself painting trump to queue to q on his property. J R Majuski, now that didn’t happen, did it? That’s a prophecy that didn’t come true. Now I know, if you remember, I played this of the day. Hopefully you forgot, but he’s a rapper and I might play a couple bars here if anybody wants to hear this rapping congressman. Let’s see which songs we have available to us. I know if he has an album out yet. Okay, here we go, Maga, rapper who painted his lawn for trump to protest the two thousand and twenty election. Okay, here we go. This is a rap called stop the steel. Or is this one? Let’s go brandon. Let me see. David Pryor says if musk died, he would be replaced and nobody would notice. Yeah, if that didn’t already happen. And I was looking at grimes on one of her videos on our tick tock videos, and I thought she kind of looks like musk in a deep fake, like her mannerisms. You know, you have the ability for actors to put on a suit that shows them as somebody else on the screen. kind of like in the Hobbit, the guy who plays Smigel, well, he doesn’t actually have those proportions. He’s a regular actor, but when he moves you have this animate truck, well, this animated puppet version of yourself. But when you look at it side by side, you can kind of tell. Okay, it’s the same actor, it’s the same person being expressed through a digital avatar. And I started thinking that maybe grimes is just a digital Avatar for trump. I mean I mean musk, like grimes and musk. Maybe it’s the same person, and maybe these babies are d printed animatronics. I don’t know, it could all just be DGI. There’s no way they’re going to get rid of him, though. He is our Martian savior. All Right, let me play this clip here. This is JR Maju ski want to make us woke and force us to get the VACS. I think pictures with the BOB will get us the over lax not up of fun at the Mendia is a serious disease, but come on, man, squeeze your cheeks when you sneeze. Was Focus all ice cream while he’s crapping his pain. We want our dreams in our freedom. This is our life, all right, there’s some Maga wrap. That’s my juice. Ski, running for Congress again, says he doesn’t know anything about Q, but he painted a big to q, to q for Two thousand and twenty on his lawn. Such liars, really. They’re so comfortable bins because this is the lie world order, and the better the liar you are, the better you win. And now they even lie against reality. You know, this is like what Carl Rob it said about where an empire now and we control reality. It’s the media. Is Pretty much that. They have a monol at they control over the minds of the most people. Also, yesterday was happy. It was a birthing person’s Day. So happy birthing person’s Day everyone here. Belated. Okay, I’m going through some comments here. Seef I’ve missed anything. A Woodward said. I saw a four truck at the bank. It had a loop, but that’s just from a tizing logo changes most emmy effects right. The the idea of a reality shift or some major change shouldn’t even be an option in most of these cases. In most of these cases it shouldn’t even be an option. All Right, let me see him going through your comments at anybody here like that rap. I’ll put a link if anybody wants to look them up. Majueki Betty has some some used q flags he could sell you. All right, this is the lie world order for five, nine, twenty two. I see some people in chat talking about Project Blue Beam and I’ve seen some very incredible and convincing holograms and a VR whales and dolphins at public events. And Yeah, we’re just about there. Look at the low bar that has been set. There’s such a low standard of evidence when it comes to well, pretty much everything, that I don’t have high expectations about convincing aliens at all. I’ve been seeing a lot of, in fact dummies in Ukraine, literal wooden actors which look like the training dummies that we used in Fort Lee, Virginia. Like we don’t live in a simulation simulation like a matrix simulation, necessarily, but most of our world concept comes from simulations and drills. Art of this has been great. I’m going to be back later on tonight to take calls. If you have anything to say, if you want to leave any comments, feel free to leave voice mails at eight thirty three one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. They’re just so many things to cover right now, but I wanted to do as much of a catchup as I could. So many prophecies not coming true, whether it’s space rocks coming down to kill us or Q and on prophecies. But the commonality between these prophecies, whether it’s hopeful or doomsday prophecies, is they just don’t come true. It’s almost like it’s almost like it’s designed to be that way, like a carrot on a stick or something. Okay, this is the rest of chief crow and the flat earthworms airship. I’ll put a link to this truck below and get on the newsletters you don’t miss the replay, and also get on the text alerts ashes

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