Infinite Plane Saturnday 5/28/22

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Booking, which is something I experience with the scientologist as well, and it’s part of their strategy. Like, here’s an example. I mentioned the the Leemite group that I was involved with. So these guys, this group, they call themselves the infinite playing society. Sometime thing. There’s a lot of penguin usage. Actually know how to scared for Walter. I’m trained in it. IPF. Yeah, back to me from the placid hope, all the Boup, all the books roup, rel the books up, all the books, the rebel abody. Thanks for joining us. It’s infinite playing Saturn Day, five hundred and twenty eight, two thousand and twenty two. Phones are immediately going to be open. Eight three, three, three, one, one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. Text message notifications went out, as well as news letter notifications, and you can sign up for the newsletter free. You don’t have to sign into the discord servant become a full fledged, full blown member, at least not right away. Most people will once they see the value of being really an insider to all of the biggest syups of our time. So right now we’re talking about a couple of parallel say ups, as well as the bigger picture. We have memories here, unlike the world, which is largely been tick tokified, we don’t just exist in three minute chunks, but we go way back. We go back several years, except for twitch. Twitch was going back as far back is two thousand and seventeen with us, and they got nuked the other day. or No, they didn’t get news. Actually we did. Twitch decided that we are harmful misinformation actors and they kicked us off of their platform. No hard feelings. Were not looking back or focusing on Odyssey instead. So I often talk about the patterns. I have a medicine, have a book where I put out this notion that what we’re actually looking at isn’t the work of God, the devil, the Dema urge, but rather we’re looking at metascripts. We’re looking at riders working on the world stage itself. And I was speaking about the significance of Tom Cruise recently in this script and how he came to my attention because of his affiliation with Moon Landing Hoaxer Eleven director Stanley Kubrick, and this was in his movie Eyes Wide Shut. Now there’s a lot of things we could go into a lot of paths here, but the main one was how Tom Cruise is in terms of how he’s been typecast. He is our he he is like America’s hero, born in the USA. His actual birthdates coming up actually seven three, which is very significant to the dog star, significant to freemasons and Reptilians. Can’t say that on tick tock anymore. They’ve banned Reptilian talk. No, but with regarded Tom Cruiz, he’s this hero, top gun and now maverick. These movies the course for spaced thirty three years apart. They started producing maverick when it hit thirty three years. That’s when they showed the trailers and I looked and it was like, well, Tom Cruise is done. Forty two movies. A lot of this numerology was really standing out with this particular person. I pointed out how Tom Cruise divorced all of his wives at the age of thirty three. How as the scientology Jesus, it makes sense that he’s this personification of the sun, which is the hero. That’s what the role is like Luke skywalker. That’s a hero, and the heroes often die but they always come back. Right when you think it’s all over for them. So in this case Tom Cruise, his name actually means twin cross. Twin Cross, would you know? Thomas means twin and twin cross would suggest second coming, resurrection. I noted how in Ventila Sky, he plays a thirty three year old who dies. This is the guy who owns a magazine called rise. He dies and then he comes back from the dead after three days. Very Jesus Christ like, not unintentional. So this continues, this this type of pattern, with this numerology, and I’m just looking at this and it’s just amazing how it consistent and predictable it is. So the new movie maverick comes out, and Maverick, by the way, here we go, lights the fires with thirty three million dollars through two days at the box office. So thirty three million dollars, just another one of these connections. I would even say top gun, and top gun too. You know, what we’re looking at here is also related to the idea of the twins and the Gemini. We just entered into Gemini. So now twin cross, twin guns and, of course, Twin Towers. And how old were they twin towers, when they burned and fell? They were of course, thirty three years old, sort of like Pete Davidson’s Dad, who was on the inside, supposedly. Let me go and check out the chat. This is infinite plane Saturn Day. It’s a weekly thing. We gather around and kind of review what happened the previous week. I was alive. Last night we just played a premiere of that. Then I saw someone in chat, sadly and autohoax, or casualty, was forced to sleep on the couch for saying that a certain shooting was fake, and we all appreciate you taking one for the team and the truth has to get out there. Aj Two thousand and six, Jenna Lovecraft, reefs thirst for truth. Three seven Shennon Jones exploring again. Dave Hazel Day, Dave hoax me no, Davy Hazel and Dave hoax me tea dog. One hundred and thirty five is joining the raft. Mom with son says, bring on the bots. Yeah, the bots are taken over. Its skynet. This is the robot wars that we’ve all been waiting for, and they’re just a bunch of annoying chat bots that make it impossible to communicate with each other. And it explains twitter. Twitter, twenty percent of its users are bots. Eighty percent are in NPC’s. So it’s like wait, eighty percent or NPC’s twenty percent or bots. So it’s like less than one percent consist of people like us, joined by Salty, Siren, Benton, G Cub Star. Cup Star says light the fires. Sounds like a signal. I would agree with that. Rocco says false flag versus total hoax? That’s the question of the day and I’m using this event to really point something out here. There is a actually have some notes on it that get very specific, but there’s a very specific reason why the word false flag is being used, and my contention is that the first line of damage control for any kind of disbelief with regard to a sigh up is to call it a false flag. So I’m actually asserting that the socalled truth movement is actually damage control for the MSM. You can call in and prove me wrong. Eight three three one one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. If you want to try to prove me wrong about anything in here, anything we assert, by all means please do. But the fact is it seems to me just observation after observation that the false flag narrative is MSM damage control. It’s like a heel, you know, the guy in wrestling that you’re supposed to hate, the guy that’s supposed to lose every time. That’s what we’re looking at with the false flag explanation. So if you’re still using that, I’m like, what are you MSM, get off the world stage already, unless you like their ridiculous costumes and rules, joined by rich flat Hillman Avenger. All right, let’s go ahead go through some of our notes of the day. Opening Track autohooks, a revolution MVP, the hardware Vandal, featuring the voices of Ronnie and Johnny, a couple of white, Canadian, black, Hebrew Israelite simulation flat earth’s. They try to recruit me the other day, which is strange. I mean we’ve been so dismissive of their appropriated God. I’m like, send me a lightning bolt and I might take a look. I want us. I want to point this out to we’ve been talking a lot about hadies, the haties return. Last night we had a phone call. We talked about persephone and all of this well last year, and this shows that it’s not just me this think tank. We are prescient in the sense here we’re reading a script and clearly we’re reading the earlier chapters and the later chapters actually do reference back to what we were uncovering. So last September, on September twenty two, here we are talking about the autumn Equinox. I was talking about Gabby Pottito and her body trending. Well, the discovery of her body was trending and this was just in time for the end of Virgo. She was the one who was taken away in a van, kidnapped or disappeared by her husband, boyfriend, the Brian Laundry, was his name, like brainwashing, brain laundry. Anyway, would be van life. Or Gabby Potito was murdered in our disappearance was a trending topic just in time for the end of Virgo, and the autopsy was conducted by Dr Baden, who examined George Floyd Corpse. Actually, I think have a correction here. Dr Baden commented on the state of her body and what the maggots would be doing at that time. I mean they actually references guy, but he did examine Floyd’s corpse and Epstein’s. I think he did JFK and he was definitely there for Adam Lanza. The story of persephone, which is virgo personified, is of the abducted spring maiden taken into the underworld at the autumn Equinox, at fall in other words. So what you’re really talking about here is the dark half of the year, that’s the underworld, fall winter. It’s all just a story, but this is all tying in here. So we were already looking at persephone going into the underworld, being kidnapped by hadies. So hadis is entering into the picture in our narrative here as of the last autumn Equinox. So this is another astrological narrative regarding the changing of the seasons. On nine two two, the path of the sun’s annual journey places it directly over the equator, giving us the equinox, equal day, equal night. Thus begins the period of libra, symbolized by the Scales and scales, black and white, course, the balance. So as the year slips into the dark half, or the fall and winter months, the version of the story goes into Hades. Now this is where it gets into Pluto return and the ceremony on February twenty two, which included Marilyn Manson alongside Kanye West. And interestingly, Marilyn Manson plays the role of a hadies in the kidnapping in mind control of Evan Woods, who released a documentary on that day. The trailer came out on two toto. She releases a trailer for Phoenix rising. Well, I watch it and she basically is typecast as Alice in Wonderland, as persephone, as Lolita, as and even in the movies, talking about Evan Woods in Westworld, the main character, she’s playing this character. Even in West world you could say that Dolores is persephone and the men in black is Hades, if you’ve seen that series. My point again is we were already looking at this story of the Virgin of Virgo, of persephone going into Hades, back in September. Now, on that documentary, by the way, with Evan Woods, where Marilyn Manson abuses her and tortures her. The first two words he says to her, as she’s looking over a balcony, and this is part of the script, and how I know it’s all fake, he says to her don’t fall, and part one of her documentary is actually called don’t fall. So it’s an inside joke because of course she falls. It’s the fall. She’s persephone and he invites her over and they work on a script called Alice in Wonderland. We could go into these stories again, but my point is we were noticing a lot of virgo and a virgo sacrifice to come, and it happened in the form of Gabby Potito. And now we have, of course, this hadis return thing and this is these. This is the second coming of Hadies, by the way. So Pluto’s return on two to to twenty twenty two is a reference to it returning to the place where it was on July fourth, seventeen, seventy six. So it’s actually the second coming of this quote, Hades, Lord of the underworld. Another interesting connection, because there’s a lot of second coming, a lot of resurrection in the metascript, and much of it seems to point to Hades and Pluto as much as anything else, as much as JFK or who else is scheduled to pop up. Seventy three seven, says Monday, meteor showers, the stars are going to fall from the sky. Now, on that note, another one of our accurate predictions forty cubesats fell a few months ago, right after Douglas Trumbull, the guy that did special effects for two thousand and one of Space Odyssey, passed away. Yeah, forty cubesats fell and two cubesats apparently almost hit the Chinese space station, one in July and one in October, and so I’m like wait, China’s reporting that months before they had been almost capsized, I guess, by a couple of cubesats. Well, that makes forty, two arrant cubesats. So a way, and just bring this up, the narrative of stars falling from the sky is biblical, you know, the idea of the dragon bringing a third of the stars down, and I’ve been looking at space x and NASA. They’re all just kind of part of the continuous play about the war in heaven. And isn’t it interesting how it’s the dragon capsule and I believe in the metascript decoded which I released while ago, but I’m going to have to update it, I put a mention in there that it would seem to me that it’s likely the dragon capsule might be responsible for knocking the ISS down and possibly triggering some kind of Kessler Syndrome. Where one cubes at hits another, hits a satellite, hits the direct TV satellite, hits a spy satellite, hits a weather satellite and then it all rains down. Get Your Space Helmets on, you might as well. And they’re going to. There’s going to be helmet Karen’s. So if he can get away without wearing a helmet, good luck. I mean you got away without the mask here and there, but it’s gonna be much more difficult and your helmet texts me. All right. We are joined here by that s SOB battery sutday nine says it’s Ronnie and Jason. They have the best flat earth map and model in this realm. They have an open challenge for anyone to go on a livestream and debunk them. Now the thing about models, and again battery Sunday nine is talking about Ronnie and Jason. I’ve been saying Ronnie and Johnny. Is that a Mandela effect? And they have come up with a map that explains the observed reality from a flat earth perspective and no one can debunk it. But no one can really bunk it either because no one’s going to go test it. I think it’s as valid as the globe. I’m going to go fifty one, forty nine in favor of Ronnie and Jason having the accurate model over the globe, but I don’t think it explains everything. I think it’s too early and we’re I think we’re lacking too much information to come to a conclusion about what everything is. So I’m not really all that interested in models, but I am interested in their observations, if they have any of those. The problem is we’re talking about Ronnie and Johnny, the White, Canadian, black, Hebrew Israelite simulation. Flat Earth’s the once a problem, I mean just the trouble with their approach here is the they often mistake camera footage or photos for actual evidence, and so from a camera’s perspective it may look like this sun is in the clouds and it’s local and it’s all just we live in a CGI universe. But Um, there are explanations, there are optical illusions that these are just basic things of stage magic, stagecraft, and the Nwo site a siyoup entertainment complex. They use all forms of manipulation, subliminal visionual illusions, and if you can’t see through visual illusions or explain them or how you can be tricked. How are you any different than the average globe believer? I don’t believe in lunar waves that’s caused by being overcaffeinated and having a shaky camera arm when you’re trying to record the moon. I don’t believe that there are multiple suns that were just not noticing because we don’t have the right camera filter, and I don’t believe that the sun is literally in the clouds, no matter what it looks like from certain angles. But again, I’m interested in their observations. Maxwell Cooper says, I swore it was Ronnie and Johnny. Maybe your reality shifted. No, we can certainly call no. Look, I’m happy to debate them. Obnin, just as made it. Thanks for the notification. You got the penguin symbol or signal. Excuse me, we’re trying to get a three hundred text message blast, three hundred people strong, a three hundred penguins strong raft here were more than halfway, and what that will mean is we can be terminated from any platform and we can reconstitute in mass anywhere, anytime, and it doesn’t have to be in the metaphors. We can go meet verse with this thing, like show up at this place, bring a blue wrench. Rocco says, Haha, your helmet protects you. Look, they’re going to make this argument, they’re going to say something about it, and I’m guessing here that the helmets that they’re going to sell us, I’m going to come from Amazon and they’re going to have some kind of oxygen tank attached to it so you can bring your own air supply. You know how it’s like when you go to this is like what don’t thinking here’s like they’re going to make it sort of like rude not to bring your own air supply. That’s where they’re going with this. There’s some true says. No one can debunk it because Ronnie’s mom bands everyone. Well, the issue here is they want to debate, like you want to debate. I don’t have anything to bring against it. I want your information. I want to discuss it, but I’m not in here to fight or to have a contest to see who wins. I’m not going to be satisfied with any model that doesn’t include a thorough explanation of the perimeter of the socalled globe, whether it’s ice and penguins or a whole lot of neat new continents that we haven’t been told about, because that’s what a billionaires go, you know, to mine asteroids, hunt dinosaurs, fat Elvis says. The title says it’s the twenty seven. It’s the twenty eight. Let me see if the title has been updated. Okay, I must have missed the end of it. Now let’s go back to what the title is. Just to remind everyone, is infinite playing Saturnday? Yesterday we talked about strain days. In the world of school shootings, there have been a number of things. Yeah, infinite plain Saturday life. Thanks for this. I’m going to fix the date. In the in the world of school shootings in the SI up entertainment alternative universe, it’s been very, very busy. And I was right about this thing with the saint. I had picked up on how this guy, the shooter, Ramos, and again Ramos Ram sociated with Mars, as someone pointed out last night, aries is the ram the shooter was presented as like a saint, the way that behind his hetty had a halo, and I noted this because three days before on USA Today there was a headline article about how, in for Chan right wingers are turning shooters into saints. So I’m like, wait, Saint, he looks like a saint. And now they’re saying there’s some guy named saint involved in provoking one of the shooters. And both the shooters used discord. The supermarket shooter used twitch. Anyway, we picked up all kinds of, I would say, glitches here in their storyline, continuity errors. But it’s not a coincidence that twitch kicked me off. We only use twitch for archives. There are only a couple of people there. Ran Thirty three and I believe, a Victoria. But anyway, they knuked twitch because they said we’re promo getting harmful, dangerous, harmful misinformation. So if either of my too twitch listeners were harmed by any of our memes, I apologize, although it’s too late. They’ll never hear that because they terminated my channel. They said I’ve in banned indefinitely, infinitely banned society. They should have just said infinitely. All right, let’s see. Battery says they like conversations to they went on fed and jearns show. They won’t be going back. Oh yeah, they went to the the baby truth or show interesting, interesting format, but yeah, they probably got some on them, but I would be interested in having them maybe arranged something if they want to talk, because I think there’s a lot of new information to consider. The only reason I ever took Ronnie and Johnny’s view seriously is they were not trying to push the idea that were under some kind of glass bowl like I always found that made me claustrophobic. It’s like, give me back, take me back to the globe. I don’t want to be under some glass bowl with a bunch of water on top, on top of a footstool with no explanation as to what’s outside of it. That’s the other half of it. Anybody who says that there is a dome is only telling you half the story, because the same story that tells you that there’s a dome says that beyond the Dome, well, it’s the edge of the footstool, because the earth is on a footst which is underwater. So I’m trying to imagine. What kind of footstool can you put in a swimming pool? It’s not going to float if it has a terrarium on top of it. How can the Earth doesn’t just float away off the footstool, unless God’s on the footstool, but then why would you need a footstool if you’re underwater? God or not? Se Three seven says. No one died, no one cried. Cops protected the shooter from the parents. Had to make it look real. Yeah, this strategy of having parents outside was already used before. I believe it was in a San Bernardino one. And the other part of it too. The inaptitude of the COPS is on full display, and that’s because they want people to say, Hey, look, no matter how good your cops are, their faced with overwhelming force and we can’t blame them. So the outrage against the police as manufactured. And the savior, of course, was a off duty boarder patrol agent who was getting a haircut and he got the call and he used to shotgun and someone had pointed out, I think it was Cup star, that haircut might be a reference to budgetary cuts. So there’s some kind of clues here. I would say there’s so many clues here in the storyline that just tells you it’s all plugged into the midterms. But some people are married to the idea of trauma and tragedy and dead kids and if you say, Hey, nobody died, it’s great news. They they basically want to kill you. They live really want to kill you. They want to shoot you for every victim that you say didn’t die, no matter how anti gun they are. And you know, I had a question. You know, I was thinking about this. I was like, right now the anti gun crowd is out as like, don’t you guys want guns in case the queue and honors go wild? Like that would be a good sell for the left. You need guns because there are que and honors out there if they believe the news that the queue and honors are a bunch of terrorists. Because, you see, the right wing was utterly convinced that radical Islamic terrorists were everywhere. Now they never manifested, but it had them arming up, buying kevl are, going to MMA, had a lot of the people on the right ready for war in the whole patriotic thing. And it’s like, why doesn’t the the threat of queue and honors and Fascists and Nazis everywhere get these guys to mobilize? They never do. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like they almost only do what they’re told to do. All right. We’re going through comments. Truth. Hurt says he used his barber’s shotgun. I looked at his picture. I didn’t see like any indication that he was halfway through a haircut. The stories thoroughly unbelievable, but it’s basically a repeat of a few other events we could mention. But I would ask this to anyone who wants to debate whether or not people actually died. Show me the blood. There is no blood in Buffalo. Show me the tears or the blood. will take either or tears or blood. And I think maybe, maybe the reason why people find these stories believable is that these stories are based on things they see on TV. And you know, the American people won’t believe anything until they see it on TV. WAS THAT NIXON? I believe that was. Here we go and believe that was Nixon. But you know, my thing is on TV and I watched this last night. This was the title the live streams talking about stranger days, and here I actually have a picture of the boarder patrol cop to save the day. Will look into that too, but if you take a look here, I was watching stranger days season four and it opens up with a notice that we’re sorry that this episode that was filmed a year ago mirrors the tragic events of Texas. So you may not need to actually go see blood on TV, on the news, because they’ll show you dead kids on Netflix. They’ll depict it graphically. So I often talk about how they fill the public imagination with things that they want you to believe that are going to be presented on the news. Just like before they started dropping space junk, before they had cubesats falling, they would inundate us with Netflix and movies that have space stations falling, debrief from the sky, moonfall. Don’t look up. It’s a common theme. Well, now you have two shows I can point to here, one called FBI and stranger things, both of them dealing with school shootings, both of them dealing with lots of dead kids, both of them, and this stranger things is especially graphic. So my point is millions of people now have in their programming dead children, children at schools, mourning children with mental problems who can’t get help. I see all the agendas all over the I’m watching stranger things, episode one, season four. It’s nothing but agenda after agenda after agenda about mental health, the mental health crisis that wasn’t diagnosed in the S and this school shooting tie in. And here’s what it says at the opening scene. So if you didn’t know there was a shooting, let’s say you just don’t watch the news, like you know, I don’t like the news. It’s terrible. I’m just going to watch Netflix and chill while you watch Netflix. And it says viewers may find the opening scene distressing because of the unspeakable violence in Texas. So I’m having to wonder, wait a minute, would it not be distressing if it weren’t for the shooting? What difference does it make? It’s like you’re depicting dead children anyway. So it’s kind of already distrussing. You already cross that line. I’m going to catch up on your comments. Truth hurt, says. What kind of off duty cop doesn’t have a gunhandy? Yeah, I have our hero on the screen here. The hero off duty Border Patrol, not a cop. And again this is part of the Anti compresentment operation, just like they did after Parkland. It’s a red herring, which you’re actually looking at here. Is Not a it’s not a false flag. And I’m waiting like if you think it’s a false flag, call now and explain to us what we’re missing, because I didn’t see the blood. All I saw was the agenda. Eight three, three three on one thousand nine hundred and eighty four phones are open. It’s not a false flag. It’s a PR stunt brought to you by the same people that brought you Netflix. And, interestingly enough, speaking of PR stunts, public relations stunts, the father of public relations, Edward Burney, is a great uncle to the founder of Netflix, the first CEOS cofounder. Yeah, so here you have it. boorder patrol. So what is this here? I’m not sure exactly why they chose a boarder patrol over a regular cop, but he’s guy. Ran In and took out the shooter. Seventy three seven said. I looked up a bulletproof book bag from my son. I might buy one. After parkland bulletproof backpacks were up for sale. Truth hurt, says all the crisis actors. Point towards complete fabrication. Yeah, exactly. But here’s the here’s the dual roll of news and entertainment. They separate the two. The entertainment is what prepares you. Like I said, it softens the mind gives you the ability to conceptualize horror, and I think this is part of what narrow linguistic programming is about. It’s about programmed associations with stimuli and usually, as far as NLP goes, it’s done intentionally, but in this case I think we’re being programmed. So your programmed with this horrific imagery. Now you can conceive of it. If you never thought about what it would look like to see a bunch of dead children over the place, well, Netflix just gave it to you. So now you look at the news and now this unspeakable thing, this unimaginable atrocity, is actually readily accessible. And I think it’s also the fact, the truth, that the video games have really stretched the imagination of a lot of people so much to where when they see some scene like a ninety pound weekling shooting twenty seven people, including himself, headshots all the way kicking down a door, they see the stuff and it’s believable because they do it all the time vicariously through their video games. Nick, the NASSA PIMP says, is there an IPS report and going down to town this week see if there’s funerals or Hasmat teams. Certainly these things are all eminently debunkable. In fact, there was a someone who actually showing how the truck had obviously been dropped off by a tow truck. The kid didn’t crash his truck and get out and run to the school thirst for true says you don’t need a bulletproof bag. All you need is a tiny book to deflect bullets, like the girl at Parkland. She’s a copy of the diary of vent frank to block bullets from a Nazi shooter with the Maga Hat and an AK forty seven during Holocaust class. Parkland was great. You know, Parkland is actually the name of the hospital where they took JFK after the assassination. But belt buckles not just tiny books. Belt buckles also deflect bullets. So do bras. I know that passports can survive melting steel. They can survive explosions. passports. I believe there are a number of indestructible materials out there we can list. So No, you don’t need a full on bullproof bag. All right, let’s see. I am going through your comments here. Kevin Morn says, is that Standard Board of patrol dress code. You know what, this looks like to me. It looks like this guy went to the military surplus store. It looks like he’s buying gear off Amazon and talking about it on online discussion groups, like Nice Dad Shirt to go with everything else. But they say he killed the guy with a shotgun from the barber. That doesn’t look like standard uniform. But again, I’m not really even trying to debunk it. By I mean we can, I mean we could go in if somebody wants to, and that’s what we have reporters for. I have a few ideas for leads. You know, we could take Wolfgang Hell Big’s lead. You can go into this. And we were actually talking this morning about whatever happened to sidethorn journalist. He used to actually go to every single fake event and make a big scene. Sydethorn journalist and conspiracy grandma. But the problem is he got violent. He started making threats and vice covered him and vice recorded him getting arrested, and so it became this. Now the people who call it the hoaxes are dangerous. So sydethorn journalist disappeared and the judge ordered conspiracy grandma to go to a mental home. Sounds kind of glowy. Anyone care to guess how many scenes sidethorn journalist independently investigated? Sydethorn Journal is here. It is conspiracy theorist harass sutherland springs church goers. To conspiracy theorists arrested conspiracy granny and sidethorn for tormenting the southern Sutherland Springs community. Anyone could want to guess, though, how many events did these two unravel? How many do they go to? And here’s a hint. Any time I put out like a poll or question, I ask how many the answers thirty three, the same number of bullets that Frank James Shot into the subway. says. The pair believes that thirty three of these tragedies were hoaxes. They actually put out this reward. They’re going to give out a hundred thousand dollars to anybody who could prove that there was a victim. Now that sounds like they’re legit right there, putting their own money on the table, and they are going out to these various scenes independently investigating them. But the reason why I don’t think that sydethorn journalist in conspiracy granny are legitimate is one they got arrested in front of Vice. That alone stands out as very kind of suspect, mainly because vice is usually there to prop up all the psy ups and bring down the image of conspiracy theorists in the minds of the average viewer. So here’s Sydethorn, journalist. But again as a few reason why I think this might be staged. One, they went to thirty three events. Two, they got arrested in three. It’s one thing to say I’ll pay a hundred thousand dollars for somebody to show me a picture of a dead body from a scene, because you know the scenes a hoax. So you know they can’t produce it. So you’re not going to lose your money and there’s no incentive if there are no victims. So I always thought that was just a clever, ruse kind of a trick. He should have said I’ll give a hundred thousand dollars to anybody who participated in a simulation sold and packaged to the for the public as a real event. You could probably get some low level crisis actor to come out for a hundred thousand dollars easy, but they wouldn’t do that. So anyway, this is rise of the crisis actor, conspiracy movement to two thousand and eighteen. So just as this was getting started, just as many of these vents were being exposed, this guy side thorn, journalist, comes out harassing people. He threatened to hang somebody and worse, and then here’s conspiracy granny on the screen. I’m going to play a clip I don’t want, but we go to everyone in tex is just to confirm. See hundred thousand dollar reward, but again their reward is for something that doesn’t exist. We go to everyone in text is just to confirm what we already know to be true, and then there’s no doubt about it when we get there. So I’m scient it’s a fact. We want y’all to go look at the bullet holes that aren’t there. So I like the reporting that went to thirty three scenes. I like their passion. I didn’t care for the violent confrontations and I think it was an inside job, to be quite honest. But but they stand out because this is the only other group of investigators that didn’t called a false flag. So I’m thinking either they are very legitimate and they’ve been persecuted by the system. He got arrested on gun charges and Texas and she was ordered to go into a mental home. Or we’re looking at a couple of controlled opposition agents designed to make it look like people who don’t believe the news are violent gun offenders with mental problems. We, says, heard a brass Oh, bullet bras, but not bullet proof bras. Yeah, that was a shooting that happened. It might have been the one in Daytuna I, Ohio. I’ll have to look into it. I’ll put it in my notes here. I’ve got to find out the manufacturer. Joseph Bender’s here, says. How’s it going everyone? Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Yes, infinite plane, Saturn Day. It’s rent, says. A few GLOWIES, a term I don’t have a right definition for. Yeah, so glowy refers to feds, is what it refers to. So basically, somebody’s glowing means that they’re probably an agent most glowies. Let me go ahead and find a better definition of this. Okay, what’s the deal with people calling the buffalo shooter a glowy? What does that mean? It seems to indicate they think it’s it’s fake or he’s a plant. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Like you’re glowing. I’m going to have to look for the origin of the term. If somebody can help us. Eight three, three, one one thousand nine hundred and eighty four battery says. Tim has a great point about Normi is getting their blood boiling when you tell them at no kids died. Crazy, I know. It’s like what are you? Are you? Are you a secret adrenochrome addict and you’re fraide. You’re not going to get your your booster this week. It’s like, no, those kids didn’t die. I should be good news. And then like, how dare you? How dare you say that this wasn’t a real horrific trime, crime and tragedy? How dare you? And the rationale here, course, is manipulation, guilt tripping, which works for most people. And they’re also trying to align the people who see through the psyops with Holocaust denying Nazi racists, because you’re a denier. But glowies are feeds and there are many people we’ve unearthed here. There are feds among us, there are feds and peds, hate to say it, and it’s not just in the conspiracy arena. Then I brought this up yesterday. Tick Tock adopts a new lizard people conspiracy theory. You can no longer call out the REPTI. Reptoids at all, and you’d think it’s because you don’t want to offend the reptiles, but no, it’s because you don’t want to offend another group that some people say are reptiles. Yeah, the term glowy originated from the chance, says replicant J and they’re pointing it out. But the Chans are where all these shooters come from. Why do all these shooters use the same manifesto and they use the same websites, they use the same boards for Chan? One of the fore Chan guys, or a Chan now, is Ron Watkins, believed to be q by some. He’s not q. He was thirty three when he went to the cyber symposium to try to flip the election and now he’s running for Congress. But the people in the Chans, the fore Chans, they’re so brainwashed they don’t know about hoaxes. They think these killings are real. Let me go ahead and show you what I’m talking about here, because I think it’s important to be accurate. So let’s kind of get into that area of discussion here, because I think it matters a couple of points here. Also, Spirit Jordan. It said earlier I was in robbery homicide before I retired. Details were never given. Witnesses were kept away from the MSM. The Sy up is a scooby Doo show exactly. ALKA NUKEB says one of the children was doing a drill the time. Were said. So yeah, that got out there. Okay, so false flaggers. Okay, so false flaggers. They hate autohoaxers. They also hate it because they don’t want to be associated with the bad people. That said, nobody died, and so the false flaggers hate autohoaxers as much as the MSM hates as much as I hit the MSM. It’s kind of interesting, but I’m saying autohoaxing, calling things out as fake until you’re given enough evidence, is logical rather than just blindly believing. Moreover, false flag theory is actually damage control for the MSM. In case you missed that, the other night we had a live stream that was up for replay and then it went dark, like no one was able to watch it and the sound was off, but it wasn’t deleted and I checked and I’ve never seen this before. It said your video has been locked and I haven’t had a locked video. I’ve had I’ve had a hundred and twenty two plus Youtube channels and I’ve never had a video quote locked. Well, anyway, one of my videos was locked. A couple hours later it was unlocked. So I got a message from youtube the video you uploaded between this state and the state. Here we go, your video may have been set to private by a bug in our system and we’re sorry. You can go to studio and change the settings back. So it was a bug, basically, the tell me. So thanks for letting me know, a week after the fact, why you suspiciously blocked one of my videos in the middle of the night. mattery seventy nine says. Do you ever check out godlike productions, massive conspiracy form run by the CIA? Yeah, look, if they’re pushing false flag MK ultra shooter, actual casualties. There run by the CIA or their dupes, and you’re free to follow dupes or CIA plants. I mean, I’m not trying to shame anybody for not doing their due diligence and then running with half baked truths that have been handed to them by federal agents stabbing the entire truth movement in the back doing damage control for the M S. M unwittingly unpaid damage control agents spirit Jordan made the connection. Glowing means they’re obvious. Thank you for that again. Top Gun Maverick lights the fires with a thirty three million dollar opening through two days. Again to twin international box office. The story was published at eleven nineteen. Probably just a coincidence, but I often notice that when they have a big news release, often the time will tell you something. So it wasn’t just stranger days. It was also a show called FBI that somehow managed to predict the shooting. Concurrent programming UNC Q. Bullshit put out here that there was in fact a training situation and active shooter drill going on, and you can find chilling images, according to the New York Post, chilling images showing students at the shooters high school playing dead during a recent drill. So that’d be interesting. Look you got you get their school yearbook and here’s one photo whether they’re playing dead during the drill, and then here’s their actual obituary photo. No coincidence there. All right, phones are open. Eight, three, three, three, one, one, nineteen eighty four. Tea For two says Christ’s Church was a sy up killery. wrote the manifesto and got paid six million. Well, she probably plagiarized it. I believe that twenty eight percent of the Buffalo shooters his manifesto was plagiarized from Brenton terrant, who helped inspire him and was the reason for the king super’s shooting. King Super, another supermarket, was shot up by a guy who did it in retaliation for Christ church, as if it makes any sense. They love to tie these events together. Here’s another connection if you missed it. So the tops shooter drove a Ford Torus. You know, a bull. The tops shooter, course, is a right winger and I think the bull. And then he’s in buffalo buffalo horns. Is a nice connection to the Q and on shooter, rather the Q and on Shaman with his spear. So this is all, I think, symbolism, the horns, the vanguard of the revolution wearing the horns. And at one hundred and six PM Ramos was taken into custody. This was all reported at one hundred and six. Now they said he was taken into custody, although he’s dead. So I’m not sure when it became death from just merely being in custody, but it was one hundred and six. One hundred six would be an obvious connection to the q and on Shaman, January the sixth. And by the way, the buffalo shooter had a twitter account. Q and on one hundred and six. Two Zero, two one. All Right, I’m going through some comments. Feel free to call in. This was America’s, I would say. Some of Said America’s Christ church, referring to the tops shooting. This is just another sandy hook. Okay, here’s some more concurrent programming. If you miss this show, they make sure you don’t miss the news. If you watch Netflix, you try to bury yourself in some kind of entertainment bubble. Good luck. They’re going to say, we’re sorry, but this shows exactly like what just happened, the season finale, no less, of FBI has been pulled by CBS because of the shooting in Texas. So the episode was called prodigial son. Now, from what I heard, part of this show, part of this episode, it had something to do with the police kicking a door down without a warrant because of a suspected shooter. So they’re just again setting the framework for you know, there are times when the fourth amendment and due process is just something we can’t afford to wait on. And I’ll think about this in context of the hero. So, if you didn’t know, one of the main stories is the police weren’t going in. They waited forty eight minutes. Some guy was getting a haircut, some border patrol guy. He borrowed a shotgun from the barber and then he went and he took out the shooter while the police are still outside. So here you’re saying, where you’re seeing the public reacting, what was the problem here? Why didn’t the police respond? Well, here’s why. It was given away in the season finale of FBI. It’s because they want us to say, look, do process is too slow. We need to be able to act more immediately and do process is all about the presumption of innocence. So now if you’re walking by a school with a phone in your hand, we can’t can’t presume you’re innocent, we might as well just shoot you because that could be a gun. That’s kind of their mentality here. A screw do process. That’s why I always point out the Scooby Doo justice nature of these things, where the media determines who did it and why. They take the mask off and tell you the whole story before the end of one episode. That’s not how investigations work. It’s not a television show. Well, it is now. It is a television show. The news is a television show. It’s it’s a perpetual, protracted, multiplatform reality TV show that’s purposefully conflated with news reporting in order to keep the public in a dream world, which they are in. It’s thirty three says no more Q. can’t we just have a nice summer? I would like to think so. A lot of the queue and honors are actually melting down because JFK has not returned. But I don’t think it’s over yet. In fact, let me show you what just came up today with regard to q. So Queue and honors are there to poison the well, they’re clueless. They worship JFK junior. They worship a dead Democrat who they believe is alive or coming back from the dead, and they believe that he’s you know the story. They’re drinking the qulate, smoking the Crak pipes spelled with a que. So there’s a new storyline out here. Listen to this. This is from que and honors. Does America have the stones to call it what it is? It’s a false flag to take our guns. It’s actually child sacrifice. So they’re calling this satanic child sacrifice. Now this is not a new story. After Sandy Hook, Alex Jones had me thinking, Hmm, yeah, this has got to be a satanic sacrifice. Why else would they do it? Is No way. It’s just political for political points, killing kids. But this is what the queue and honors are saying. So they’re calling it a false flag. So do remember yesterday I said You have the MSM view, then you have the false flag review, which is ms m plus. This is the false flag review. Its mainstream is right. There was a bad event, but they don’t tell you the whole story. It wasn’t just a psycho killing people. Know it was a child sacrifice. That’s MSM plus. I’M NOT MSM plus. Alex Jones is ms m plus. Your friendly false flagger, your friendly false flag. Theorist is MS M plus. Their story builds on mainstream propagated propaganda lies, whatever call it, it builds on top. We’re coming in here basing our assessment on reality tested claims. So it’s MSM minus. It’s like, well, what do they say and what can they actually prove? So we walk out of here MSM knowing the facts. Conspiracy, theorist that push Otto, push the false flag or real death angle? Yeah, they’re adding on, they’re piling on to the nightmare. But my dead kids? Yeah, but Ma dead kids. That’s their refrain. It’s like, Hey, man, it’s a hoax, good news, we’ll try to figure out how this thing works. But my dead kids. Why are you so obsessed with other people’s dad kids? T forty two says q could be trump’s son. No, actually, Q is. If you didn’t know the story. They actually believe that Q is JFK. That next to q is what are you know, the alphabet qrstuv. So Q is Jfk, are is JFK, Jr q plus is trump. They have a whole mythology about it. Spirit Jordan says, for your information, we had an active shooter training at Lvh Casino Convention Center Vegas. Okay, good, good. There’s like a one to one relationship between active shooter drills and active shooters, and that should at. That should probably explain a lot, because if you’re going to pull off a hoax, you have to have the people in place from the top down. You have to know who’s not in your club and who is so that you can pull off a sy up with the collusion of media and government police. And so that’s why I was saying the other day it’s not a coincidence that there was a drill at this place right before. This is commonplace, and when they start doing drills for alien abductions, you’re going to see the only place where kids are being abducted by aliens are the places where they actually have done the drills. Somebody’s paying for the stuff and it’s big business. We says the average, and you say we’ve been living in the dream time, but now it’s the time of awakening from the dream. We’re going Meta, we’re going deeper, Kevin Moring says, Tim your view of the Vegas shootings. Well, my view of the Vegas shootings, I would start off with the evidence provided shows that this was a PR stunt targeted at the right wing gun lovers by making it look like, Hey, look, you love your country music, you love America, Apple Pie and guns and even you are being attacked. That’s where they had fifty of the same people recycled for the borderland or borderline, which is interesting because borderline personality disorder. It was all about mental health with that. One of veteran with PTSD shot them in the second event, which was mirrored real time by a drill down the street. So my view the Vegas shooting, if you look at the movie, I don’t recommend it. I think it’s the the second hangover movie. It opens up with the song called thirteen by Danzing of the misfits, and the song thirteen has a lot of the the song thirteen opens up the video, the movie hangover and if you look their opening sequence mirrors the vegas shooting in several key ways, even the way that the characters start off of the movie laying around in front of their car, like the people who are dodging bullets. But my view on it is at like everything else like let me let me ask you a question. What’s your view on Apolo twelve? Was it real? I mean Apolo Leven was fake, but what about a Polo twelve? What about a Paulo Seventeen? What’s your view on that. What’s your view on the Mars mission? You know what I mean. Like my point is the production company produces a hoax. What would make you think that their next production isn’t going to be a hoax? And as far back as we go they’ve been hoaxing us. Maybe I can find that bit of predictive programming. I’ll pull it up later on tonight. Rocco says, I’m curious about the recruitment for these actors. No one whistle blows. Well, I think you’re looking at a military operation. It’s we’re not looking at just regular people. That I mean. There are mass casualty drills that you can go do, you can go work for all kinds of companies that do these things, but as far as the ones that make it to the mainstream media, you’d have to have some level of security clearance. You’re engaging in SI war. And I have a theory too. Let’s say that you hate guns, that you’re a hardline leftist liberal and you hate America, and someone says, Hey, we have a GIG for you and it’ll help America, because you know, guns are really bad here, and most of these people are probably brainwashed, so they think that the guns are actually killing people in schools, because guns kill people, and so they might agree with the goal. Like, if your goal is to get rid of guns, why would you blow the whistle? Same with climate change, for example. Let’s say you’re a scientist and you work in climate science. At some point you may realize that you’re engaging in ideological warfare, but maybe you actually believe that capitalism is bad and maybe you like the end goal of environmentalism, which is a disarmed populace. I mean, I’m just suggesting that we may be looking at activists, revolutionaries, like why would you whistle blow if you are part of a world revolution which is targeting the challenger, which is America? And that’s kind of the narrative as I see it. America’s the primary challenger to the one world system, what it stands for. Individual Liberty, rights, free speech, due process, guns, the stuff that they’re attacking. So it makes sense to me that nobody bullw the whistle because they’re burning the system down. Thirst for truth, says Vegas shooting use bullets made of Plato headshots that didn’t kill. Three to the chest. All survive, no problem. Yeah, that one guy took a headshot and I was watching the video and I’m like, what is this? A SHAMPOO COMMERCIAL? It’s great hair. I don’t see where the bullet went, and he’s like, yeah, the bullet went in here, but then they went around my skull and out here. It’s like, I could believe there’s nothing in that particular cranium, but there’s no way that. He had a traumatic gun injury to his head and the next day he’s on TV shooting a shampoo commercial. Kevin Moring says we’ve never been to the space or moon. I have that’s just a feeling I have. Well, this is an interesting point that you bring up. So I think we can conclude, based on a lack of evidence, that space is a movie and the moon landing was a movie. But most people who go that far, even those who debunk the moonlighting, they still believe in the space station and the Chinese space station. They still believe in Starlink satellites that are actually orbiting. So whatever’s up there, it’s not orbiting. It’s not orbiting a ball. But how do they get people to believe in lowers orbit? Well, they are able to fake it quite easily with APPs. You know, it’s kind of funny. It’s like you could probably convince people pokemon’s real with an APP. It’s all confused people are these days. Salty says it’s so weird that liberals want to take away liberty. So opposite world. Yeah, everything is the absolute opposite. And Yeah, I’m for anyone who wants to know Q, the actual que patriot, Q, and on. And I have evidence and I have more evidence. I have so much I haven’t even dropped because I have moles. Some of our moles are so deep they have blue checks in enemy territory. But the actual person who did the que drops, que patriot, Q, Clarence Patriot. Yeah, he’s a New Zealander, he’s an actor and he’s an MMA. I wouldn’t say he, I guess. He sells sporting goods and supplements, possibly, possibly human growth hormones, who knows what, but he’s very popular with the MMA crowd. The person who’s Que. He’s friends with Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo and he knows Alex Jones. So you know, it’s fascinating here is that Joe rogan would have a huge credibility issue if it ever got out that he’s actually friends with one of the main persons in the que Si up that he knows this guy and how close this guy is the trump. There are a few people who are going to look really bad when this gets out. And I say in because it’s out. I can’t put it back in. I can’t put the genie back in the bottle, the toothpaste back in the tube, Q and on has been docksed. replicant Jay says. Lol, Corsey sells supplements. Yeah, it’s a good cover, I think. Kevin Morran says the COMEDIANS always know. Yeah, there’s a lot of Comedians, by the way, gatekeeping truth. And these days, though, a lot of COMEDIANS are dying. Have you noticed? They’re dying, they’re hitting their head. Pete Davidson’s about to be Ojad just retired from SNL and then he had ricky gervs said he’s about to die after he gave some kind of performance on some special where he made a lot of jokes that were cancelable, offensive and hateful. So he’s going to die. And there’s someone else that just died, another comedian, and again I think it’s part of a PSI UP. I think the COMEDIANS are dying because they’re killing comedy, they’re killing free speech. Like you remember, before Covid a lot of people are talking about CEOS disappearing and they shut down business. Well, now they’re shutting down comedy. I think it’s pretty clear where this is headed. Spirit Jordan says my biggest hurdle into our all psy ups is World War II. Okay, a good question here, a good point to bring up here, like could they have faked something big like World War II? How much of this could be SI war? How much is theater of war versus actual physical fighting? And people have these ideas of war from where? Where do you get your ideas of people shooting at each other in the field of you know, in the heat of battle, carrying each other off the field? Where do you get all these images in your head if you weren’t there TV? Where do you get all the images of dead kids piled up and kids mourning and children suffering from trauma when the parents don’t and the teachers don’t notice? From TV? I’m just watching this new stranger things. It’s all programming. So we have our concepts of things. It’s almost like the Mendela effect, where you’re given enough suggestion to formulate your own false memories or concepts of things that you hold on to as though they were memories and you defend them. So, when it comes to something like World War Two, how much of it could have been faked? While say this media was far more centralized then than it is now, even though it’s kind of reconstituting and congealing. Back media used to be far more centralized, I would say, and it would be far easier. Remember William Randolph Hurst said time, one of the biggest publishers. He said, bring me the photos, all supply the war. Well, today that wouldn’t be enough. You wouldn’t need just photos, you need video. You, he said, you furnish the pictures, all furnish the war. You’ll need actors, you’ll need all kinds of things. You’ll need fundraisers, t shirts, activists. But back then maybe it was as simple as a big media conglomerate. You monopolizing what everybody sees and hears. Let me play this Clip Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady talking about how, yeah, there’s no need for a fourth amendment. If we see you in the vicinity of school, we’re going to put a bullet in your head. Be sheriffs to eliminate the threat outside of the school before they ever get to the children. We’re trying to do that now. If you have trouble understanding that, let me give it to you in polk county vernacular. This is the last thing you’ll see before we put a bullet through your head. If you’re trying to hurt our children, we are going to shoot you grave yard dead if you come on to a campus with a gun, threatening our children or shooting at us. All right, tough guy. Florida Sheriff Gradie Judd probably believes it’s real, probably well intentioned, and this shows you how the media radicalizes people. These people are on edge. Why wouldn’t they be? Again, chilling images show students at the shooters high school playing dead at a drill before the event. Okay, I’m going through comments. Some people say, yeah, look, we’re talking about the sy up entertainment complex. And when did it start? You know, wey did fake news replace reporting? was reporting something that was going on organically and then was hijacked at some point? Was Media hijacked as part of some bigger takeover later? Interesting questions. John The bond John The bondcom I highly recommend it. He’s done a lot of work in this area showing how many of what people have mistook for examples of bombings these various wars, specifically, I’d say Pearl Harbor, can be found to actually be nothing more than just clips from various documentaries. So a lot of people have a documentaries as their basis for their concept of history, and Netflix, I think, serves the same purpose. I’m very skeptical about everything. Obviously, Kevin Moring says, fake news was called propaganda in in the day. Well, these days people just think that propagandas with the other guys, believe and propaganda isn’t just lies. It can be faithful reporting by well intentioned reporters. It may just be, though, that their selectivity and what they ignore is the propaganda that they keep you from looking at what’s beyond the world stage. That’s why I call the false flaggers guard railers, because they keep you from getting off this path that everyone else is on, keeps you on the path because once you fall off the path you can see the operation for what it is. And I don’t know anybody who’s deconstructed a shooting or or a terror attack, who then goes back and then assumes the next event to be real? There’s a methodology here. Battery seventy nine says. I’ve spoken to several vets from World War Two. Just a bunch of generalized larping is what they did. Yeah, I’ve I knew someone who was at a Denny’s and was talking about how he was parachuted in and he killed a bunch of people in Iraq with his knife and his a r fifteen and he got a purple heart. Anyway, I looked into him and it turned out he was flat footed and dropped out of basic training. So you know, people can tell stories and people want to hear it. Most people believed it. Sadly, his girlfriend believed it and I actually shared the findings. I’m like, by the way, yeah, he it’s stolen velor more or less, and I was actually called out as the problem for pointing out that this person made up war stories. A lot of people don’t want the truth. How dare you say nobody died? They’re, like I said, they’re so married to the trauma and to the nightmare they don’t want the good news because the good news involves admitting that they’ve been duped, admitting that they’ve been wrong or mistaken or fooled you. It was it Mark Twain who said it is easier to full a person than convince them that they’ve actually been fooled, and I find that to be the case. Very often, much easier to trick someone than convincing they’ve been tricked. It’s the cognitive bias at work, plus Ego. Look at the Mandela affected. A lot of them are going to extremes now. Isolating look isolating, labeling the nonbelievers as denials denialists. Like I was already tired of being called a climate denialist, but now I’m a Mendela denialist. I’m actually a Mandela denying SOB Kellamento said, movies during World War Two looked like high definition and the war footage looks like garbage. Better Tech in World War II than people think from the footage. That’s an excellent point. Excellent point there, because I look at NASA and I’m like, why are they using graphics special of efects that are not only aging badly, but their spacewalks are using very bad film like they we have better. They’re not using high death they do. When they do it even looks faker. They’re really bad at it. Somebody needs to coach them. I mean, I think they’re going to move away from green screen, but here’s a thing. You can’t move away from green screen and then suddenly use one of these other three hundred sixty degree or three hundred and sixty, you know, the surround screen rooms, with the led screens. You can’t move from one type of augmented reality to the other without people noticing. So people look at the ISS as they have for twenty plus years and they’re used to seeing people, and they don’t know it, that are actually hanging from chords, people that are using straps, and this affects their posture, how they stand and how they hold themselves. So once they move away from that technology into something new, it’s going to look smoother. The next generation of astronauts are going to look a lot better, but they can’t really put them up there in this old station. I think that’s why it’s coming down. By the way, I think they have to bring the space station down soon because the special effects are kind of limiting progress. The limiting factor, the reason they can’t go to the moon bases is they have to upgrade their special effects because you can’t have special effects from two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and thirty conspiracy thugs. As the first step and receive truth is knowing how evil the enemy is. Many people can’t accept how evil they really are. I would replace the Word Evil with tricky or adept with special effects, because a lot of people don’t know what’s in their bag of tricks and they’re very tricky and it’s all magic show. It’s more magic show than horror show. The doing magic tricks to not killing people, and a lot of people who think it’s a horror show don’t want to let that go. They don’t want to think he was just magic. And again it’s good news. I shouldn’t have to emphasize that. It’s good news when you find out that people didn’t die, but some people don’t take it too well. A right. Appreciate one joining and the comments. It’s infinite. Playing Saturday twenty eight, two thousand and twenty two, mostly doing a recap on everything from the previous week. I expect this to get more interesting, this story that’s unfolding, especially as we get closer to the mid terms. I have to reread this point from legal man US law review. Most people think and act as though the government version of some event is presumptively true and must be disproved. Or you’re the KUP. They have it backwards. The presumption should be on their version. It’s a lie until it’s been independently proven true. So referring to CNN, referring to their own reporting about their own fake events, is not independent and does not count. Thanks everyone for joining. Will likely be back later. Subscribe to the news letter. I put the link below. This is all. I might fly auto hoax featuring DJ ready roll. I’m going back to the seven right after all, CIA belking, I’ll be in the turbant ones. Take her serious. All the ones out working combat like can bed youkation streets are always thank you. Thank you. To speak is playing. Do really hear what they say? And you know what that mean. Are you down with the team? Basically, through signs and symbols, you can learn them about these things by nine eleven, lay club at twenty seven. Once you think that, they get head the NAMA, it’s a leg. It’s all lookcording to the cold and Illuminati or my mom body and my soul. Is Why they step your bodies. Everybody, and not highly grows. Option is the hobbies with your rose. If the auto clothe called that, and I doot hopes. What you trying to prove, don’t you know? We then around the globe and into the moon. What about the shootings that they always cover on the new we will make the way. Let it spring right the reality like any let him know we don’t okay to live like likes a party, but it readily like a bake away. Then say, focus your retention on your bed and days. You know what I’m Tom Bad. I don’t let the slimy narcessists, anti price, had to turn your ass bread on my speaches actuality. That’s why the truth must spread by word a manth word a man. It’s allccording to the cold aluminati. Hit My mom body in my soul, by they snatching buddies every in my Holli grossption is out. He switching rolls with the IDO. Come me turn on myto holds. Even a proven thank the floor comes to to a skating ball, and you can test for that. U S S. so, basically, then give them about thirty more seconds to show up. Here. Thanks. Everyone is shown up early, by the way, thanks to all the bought killers, we’re being overrun. These are the bought wars. SKYNET has taken over. I think there was some chief crow. Let me go in a this is where’s the curve? Little more chief crow. And then, of course, share, tweet, and otherwise we’re no longer in twitch. We’re and we’re in exile from twitch forever

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