Are Tik-Tockers Faking MonkeyPox For Clicks?

Some Tik-Tokers will do anything for clicks. Faking Tourettes apparently isn’t the lowest. There’s been a recent outbreak of Tik-Tokers showing off what appear to be skin lesions. Others show off what could be pipe-burned lips and dermatitis from excessive vaccinations, but nothing to me indicates actual monkeypox.


monkey pox is not a std ! i did not catch this thru sex ! once again

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Search chief crow in the flat earthworms. You can also find links at infinite plane dot radio, but you have to see the videos and download them. While memes are still legal, I mean they may not ban them, but they might block you or take down your social credit score for some of these memes, even repeating some of the phrases and some of the lyrics. But the concept of it is accurate, I think. I think it’s probably the truth that the devil’s greatest trick wasn’t convincing the world he didn’t exist, but it was swapping out the letters s for the R, which confused everybody, and we all marked ourselves with the mark of the beast, which was the mask of the beast. Anyway, we lost. Game over, world end. You’re still here. You can be happy about that. So let’s see. Today I wanted to talk about a few things I reviewed or I watched. Alex Jones is Alex’s war and kind of review that. But I also want to take holds and the numbers on the screen. Infinite Plane Radio. Hey, what’s up, caller? Can you hear me? Okay, yes, so I can to him. Awesome. Is this? Let Me Guess? No, actually, based on the chat here, I’m guessing it’s spongebob. Am I correct. No, this is fenders on chained. Fenders on chained. Okay, that’s who it is. Awesome. What’s going on over there? Are you keeping up with all of the concurrent programming? Do you pay attention all that stuff as we do here? Of course, beyond concurrent program yeah, I think that’s a big advance. We’ve been looking at people for years saying, Um, predictive programming, false flag, and I’m like we’re kind of past that. Now we’re looking at concurrent programming and this metascripting thing, which is pretty evident now. Yeah, yeah, I I. You know, I noticed a lot of things from my childhood that seemed to be repeating today. So and that made it real I think, easy to uh, you know, when you notice the past, you can kind of guide yourself into the future. Sure you know, I was noting even today there’s a lot of things in two that seemed very reminiscent of seventy three, almost like there are things that are repeating. Um, and something else too. You know, the Watergate. The Watergate was Elvis being broadcast with a billion plus people. Was venty three. We just had the elvis movie. We have a new Watergate with one six, but also the Roe v Wade leak this year wasn’t the first. Do you want to guess when? The last Roe v Wade leak was seventy three. So there’s a bit of rhyming to our history which which suggests to me that it doesn’t end exactly, you know, like like, like you’ve auto hoaxing was probably the best thing I ever found. You know, it gave me a chance to actually kind of put some things together and, like you said, I think I’ll be a better person for it. I think that just taking a pause and assessing facts and having time to make the appropriate amount of really inquiries questions. I mean, people are being rushed to judgment and I think that that’s generally because of Um, they’re being triggered and if you are looking at things the way that we do here, you’re not really triggerable because we’re that objective and some people still find that offensive to be objective about the news. But what we’re doing is the opposite of what the media says, that so called conspiracy theorists do. They show you the big conspiracy theorists who tend to overreact, and we kind of do the opposite. I think we just deconstructed and it diffuses the emotionality of these things. When you find out, you know it’s even in a question. Is this even as real as they say? And this thing with Ukraine showed me that. I think they can only get away with whatever the gullible public will accept. Well, I think you have a fantastic approach to what’s going on to him and I appreciate it. And you know you’ve lifetime listener here. Awesome. Well, I don’t plan on stopping this because I think what we’re doing is significantly different from alternative media and I think that a lot of people see the value in it, because auto hoaxing is a bad rap, because it was a derogatory term, suggesting we were rushing to judgment. But it’s like no, we already called out the pathological liars. Now we’re dist lies. So we don’t even waste time. Yeah, I mean, when you kind of see it’s all lies, where do you go from there? That’s that’s up to, you know, the individuals, it seems. Yep, exactly. And you know, I don’t believe that tuning out is advisable today, given that everybody who believes in it has a direct impact on your own life and show us that we all have to play alone. So, but yeah, I I turned in my back, I’ll admit it. I wanted nothing to do with any of this, you know, until I went down enough rabbit holes and sell into the right one. You know, I was. I was skeptical enough even on the day happened. I was very skeptical about the official stories. And the thing is, the information to really figure out what was going on wasn’t available until after like twenty twelve. It’s just so many layers had to be peeled back, and so we’re rushing to judgment if we think we have the answers, and right now the answers we have is that we were overreacting most of the time. Yeah, exactly. Um, I noticed I was spending a lot of time jumping to conclusions that maybe needed to be thought thought through a bit more. Sure, I mean this is such a mind game. But now we’re finding like we talked about the deep fakeery and it’s it’s all in the news frequently about deep fake technology using C G I. But the fact is the special effects makeup depart ments have perfected deep fakes long before digital. So we’ve had deep fakes in real life and there’s no telling how for how Um many people in the media are actually toldly manufactured in fake. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on, is we can’t take anything for granted. And if you’re taking sides, it’s like are you following a puppet? And at this point it seems like it’s a big puppet show and it’s kind of grotesque at times. Did you see Joe Biden’s eyes the other day? I saw him on discord. Yes, I did. It has gotten so surreal. You know that, that you realize that’s exactly how it was the whole time. But maybe we didn’t notice it because of where we were at our age and growing up or whatever. I’m not sure. I just know since it got worse and worse or worse, and now it seems to be kind of balancing out. Yeah, twenty, yeah, I can see that. That was an eye opening year and it gave a lot of people time to reflect and it gave me, it’s a lot of time just to see where people were in their ability to assess things, because people fall into these categories that I lump them into now. MSM like the mainstream, mediated mind, the person who just goes with whatever is on TV, the general public. Then you have the MSM plus. These are the ones who add stuff on like, oh no, this was a China virus, or it’s Um it’s being done by this other group, so that the conspiracy theorists, and I’ve always I’ve been taking the position of MSM minus, meaning we can’t take it at face value, we have to fact check it. So we’re underreacting if anything, and I’ve been chastised for this. You know, I’m not running for the hills, but I’m like, you know, the people who were freaking out about y two K, freaked out about Nebreu, freaked freaked out about they were flipping out about and whatever they’re worried about now. I’m just like you guys should have enough ammunition and storable food items to last you through whatever apocalypse comes around this time exactly. I’ve gotten tired of even, you know, trying to warn people about anything. You know, Um, it is bad enough trying to figure it out on my own. Well, you know, something too is you know, I think that there’s enough out there that ignorance is mostly an option and you can you can’t tell people what to believe, but you can maybe show them a different methodology here, and that’s what we’ve been doing, where philosophically approaching things differently. It’s it’s a different approach to how we consume media and I consider what we’re doing to be parallel to the media, not the same thing. But I’m not investing my time and energy into the people who are still in the cult because they have to be deprogrammed and that’s mostly that’s mostly something internal. So I’m looking more towards Um, not catering, but for the most part our messaging here are re search is at cutting edge level. So if you’ve already stepped off the world stage, Um, that’s who we’re reaching out to. I’m not trying to convert people or let them know, hey, by the way, your media is just the pageantry of your global religion and you can’t trust it to do your news because it’s basically just reality TV. They won’t get it. There’s a paradigm shift they missed somewhere. Yeah, yeah, I had a terrible time of my father in you guys are this now. I don’t have a terrible time. You know about it. I do need to give him a call and, you know, see how he’s doing. But he’s got his own life also, you know, and and I don’t want the one to so much invade other people’s lives with with stuff that maybe I know, maybe they don’t know. I mean, let them, let them live their life at this point. is where I’m at, sure. I mean there’s a free market of ideas and there’s ways to more, you know, to indicate, and people will go when they’re seeking it. Proselytizing isn’t easy anyway, and there is that impulse to try to get people to see it your way. But no, there’s a frame of reference change that’s occurred. So I kind of too, have kind of for the most part, back to off of that. I’m very entertained by the mainstream worldview, but I recognize that in many ways it’s supplanted religion and I’m not trying to pull people out of their religions. It’s their world view, their safe space. I’m sorry, I I agree with you completely. Um, I may not have agreed this whole past couple of years. I’ve worked to save everybody I could, but they have to save themselves. Yeah, exactly, definitely, and I think that people are smarter than the media gives in credit for and if they hear the arguments for why we arrive at certain conclusions, they cannot argue it away. Um, you know, they a lot of people don’t even have it within their realms. They don’t even have it in their universe of ideas that, oh, the news could be lying. Oh they catch a liar, it’s Jesse SMOLLETT. They expose it. It’s like, no, that was a hoax to disguise the fact that hoaxing is the rule, not the exception. But, like I said, it’s just such a paradigm shift and how do you pull something through that? I don’t think you can. I mean for me it was simple. It was already being skeptical combined with very bad acting when I started paying attention, and maybe that’s what it is. People just aren’t paying attention. Busy now and and now. I know they’re busy, but I’m busy also, and you know, like I want people to mind their own business. So it doesn’t always happen and I’m it’s okay, I’m just gonna let them mind their own business from now on. Well, it’s it’s also the fact and should we ever intercede, you know I’ll be pleasant. Well, we got this massive media apparatus that gives us forty eight hours of news every hours. There’s too much and they’ve been blending the stories where it’s Oh, look, Parkland, high highland, Park, Benjamin Parkway, everything is just blending together so that, I think, they leave people in a position of not having time to figure out what’s true or not. So they’re forced to choose their sources and believe the source. So the media is creating media believers, and that’s the goal. And so I think we’re in this brave new world place where, yeah, we have so much information that people are just left kind of well at the mercery of whoever they trust, which is the big mistake, because who can you trust? Alternative Media, as puppeteered by the MSM from my observations. Yeah, I spent the last three years not even knowing if I could trust myself. Yeah, and because of it, but because of it also, I learned I could totally trust myself. Yeah, I find yeah, I think that you should be the ultimate arbitr of what you accept as Um, real or not. 

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