Trump Picks DeSantis For 2024 Running Mate According to Robert Barnes

Constitutional Lawyer and Attorney Robert Barnes said the “agreement has already been made” on Infowars yesterday, telling host Alex Jones that Donald Trump has chosen Florida Governor Ron Desantis as his running mate for 2024.

Aidan Duncan, Friend of Nick Fuentes, Threatens Ben Shapiro With Gun

Watch Eco-Fascists Smash Windows at News UK

In my opinion, we need to lock up all the climate change activists that engage in the destruction of private or public property, with no exceptions. Why? Because as long as they travel around doing activism, they still exist as carbon-superspreaders. The sooner we lock them down, the sooner we mitigate the damage they inflict upon private and public property and the environment itself. Any climate activist NOT locked down right now, voluntarily or not, is a hypocrite. The same can be said for Covidiots not locking down. They tell us to “trust the science” while they blatantly ignore and contradict it.

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